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Absolute Mind-as-Such Definition

The Mind-of-God is Absolute

Absolute in this context means:  Ultimate Reality which is uncaused, unmodified, uncreated, time-less, unified, perfect.

Mind-as-such is defined as: Conscious Beingness, or Is-ness.  The initial capital "M" indicates Mind is a word with a spiritual connotation.


In many popular self-help and spiritual books the word "mind" is synonymous with the term "ego" or "everyday personality" which can be very confusing, because your ego (as a false fabricated identity) is a tiny fiction within your infinite-within-God Mind. Our ever-changing egos are not actually mind-as-such, but rather an artificial, temporary thought/belief construct generated by the mind.

I sometimes use the simple analogy of a cup. Mind-as-such is analogous to a cup which can be filled with an almost infinite variety of substances from water to a mouse, from sand to vegetable oil. The cup-per-se is not its contents, but rather the  container of those contents. Or the cup can be completely empty, containing nothing. So it is with Mind and its contents; but that is as far as this cup analogy can be stretched. The contents of the Mind are thoughts (I use the term thoughts in its widest psychological sense) which can change, appear or disappear, be accumulated, be believed or disbelieved, etc. A categorization of thoughts is given in the next paragraph. 

I use the lower case terms "mind" and "psyche" to mean:  That which, in each of us, contains all consciousness (in the sense of awareness) and unconsciousness (in the sense of presently unremembered, or unavailable to consciousness). Thus mind/psyche contains the attributes, or powers, of (a) reasoning and thinking logically/illogically (cognition), (b) inner motivation and willing (conation), (c) observing, perceiving, attending, experiencing, focusing, feeling, experiencing emotions (affect), as well as (d) such 'across-attribute' skills as memorizing, remembering, learning, organizing, calculating, assessing, creating, etc. The ego--that each of us has fabricated as a false identity--is partially involved with all of these functions.

Mind/mind is not to be identified with the brain, because the brain is only the physical interface that mind uses to receive "physiological" stimuli and, perhaps, to activate "physical" action—all of which is actually contained within the Mind. In other words, the brain is within our Minds, not the other way around.

Mind Creates, within Itself, by appearing to manifest its Ideas as "objective" Substance—popularly called "matter" and "energy" —Now. This is advanced Quantum Knowledge. All space, time, substance (energy/matter) and "objectivity" exist only subjectively as Real Ideas (in the widest possible sense) and Ideational experiences within Mind-as-Creator. Without mind-as-consciousness to experience anything it cannot exist. Mind and what that mind experiences are inseparable. There is nothing outside your Mind-as-such or God's; your Beingness (Is-ness) contains All-That-Is. So-called "time" is only the seeming Movement of Now-moments as each singular instant Creative Act by God manifests the Universe of Universes as infinitely detailed synchronicity of ideas within ideas, and idea-systems within idea-systems (e.g., God-level Principles)—Now. 

As Mind-Beings within God's Mind-as-such (Is-ness) we, in part, can consciously contribute to this Universal Creative process only when we are Wholly Awake. This all means that you should stop thinking like a human and begin thinking like an Avatar! Since all Mind-Beings are Awake within the Mind-as-Such of God they can freely communicate telepathically with each other and with God. This resolves any false ideas of solipsism, which only egos-as-egos that embedded in their delusionary separation, can possess.

If you do not immediately understand some of the above definitions of Mind-as-such and Mind/mind, etc., do not be too concerned because we have much more to explain about them yet. You may prefer to read the Lives of the Avatars (D1-D5) first.


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