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IDEAS*: God's Absolute Mind-as-Such contains the infinity of all the Ideas that comprise All-That-Is within His Oneness or Singularity. It is an absolute attribute of the Mind of God to generate and hold an infinity of Ideas in each Now-moment, which we think of as Creation.

Everything, then, is an Idea of God and All Ideas exist (have being) only in His Mind-as-Such. This includes everything in the Universe of Universes, including all force carriers from gravity to gluons, and all particles such as quarks and leptons. In this Creation we can include trees, birds, planets, galaxies, photons, bodies and brains. All these so-called "physical things" are composed of an incredibly complex system of Ideas we can call (in our limited language) Ideas of Substance.*

Therefore we can say that there are two kinds of Ideas: (1) Ideas involving Mind Itself, and (2) Ideas involving Substance. However, it is important to realize that all Ideas of Substance are only Ideas and are not physical energy or matter as we perceive them to be in our belief systems, including the belief systems of our sciences. It is very intricate to explain this Truth using linear language with its limited vocabulary but I will try to do so elsewhere on this site in the Science Section rather than use up lots of pages right here.

BEING, BEINGS: Are we humans no more than a sophisticated "physical" Substance? The fact is that only our bodies are Ideas of Substance, but our Minds are individuated Minds within the Mind-as-Such of God. Our Minds are continuous with God's Mind and, although identical to His Mind-as-Such, are not all of His Mind-as-Such. God shares His Mind with all Beings, all of whom have Being within His Beingness. In our individuated Creation God encapsulated a "piece" of His Mind-as-Such (which is permanently in the flow of Now-Creation) and individuated it as a Mind-Being. In a fully Awake state we have all of God's Attributes and access to all of His Mind-as-Such and its Ideas. We did not create God but we do have the ability to Create like Him. Even on this planet, usually without realizing it, we continuously participate (with God) in the creation of our personal and collective environments and bodies as Observers (not egos) in each Now-moment. This on-going participation process of integrated Now-creation is very, very complex.

LIFE: All Life, as we know it from single cells to human bodies, is simply individuated Mind-as-Such (i.e., Minds) and it appears to operate "within" Substance; but the Truth is that Substance "operates" within Minds. All biological Creations, such as bugs or our bodies, are made of Substance but they are living because they are livened by individuated Minds; all of which have Being in the Mind-as-Such of God. This complex process is described in approximate detail (on this site) in my novel, Lovers of the Dreamtime.

REVIEW OF MIND-AS-SUCH POSSESSING THREE CATEGORIES OF THOUGHT: Even in Psychology 101 we are taught that there are three kinds or categories of thoughts. These are cognition, affect and conation. 

Cognition is better known as intellect, reasoning and logicality, but it would also include false reasoning and erroneous logic. 

Affect is better known as emotion, finer feelings, and sensitivity but it also includes raw emotions and twisted emotions. 

Conation is better known as drives, motivations and urges, but these drives and motivations can be straightforward or distorted. 

In human "thinking" all three categories of thinking are mixed together in varying amounts; they are not only mixed, but are also almost always in a tangled, chaotic, swirling, smeary mess constantly stirred by our egos.

God's Mind-as-Such also has these three categories because His Mind-as-Such is where they originated. However, in God's Mind all three are Perfect, in that God has Perfect Reason  (His only Cognition), Perfect Love (His only Emotion), and Perfect Will (His only Conation).

IMAGINATION is also a Quality of God's Mind-as-such, as well as of all the Minds within God's Mind. Imagination involves and utilizes all three categories of thought: intellect, emotions and motivations. Unlike ours, God's Imagination is limitless and contains all Ideas, even though this does not necessarily mean that He Activates all of them Creatively. In other words, His Ideas can be given Creation-Idea status by Him, or remain as non-activated Potential Ideas. The entire Universe of Universes is composed of God's Activated Ideas, which we know as Creation Now. Do not equate the definition of Imagination in this paragraph with human fantasy, illusions and fiction, even though these may comprise a very small aspect of Imagination--in the widest sense of that term. 

God gives us the power to Freely use our imaginations for any purposes we wish to "create" such as, for example, peace or conflict, health or disease, purity or pollution, music or madness--there are few limits. In our dissociated state of current humanness, we almost always choose to exercise our free will choosing conflict, disease, pollution and madness. The reasons for our strange state of dissociated insanity and our distorted imaginings will be explained in detail in later Sections.


* I wish to thank Raj/Jesus for the terms IDEAS and SUBSTANCE and his current input on them, but my descriptions of them may vary slightly from his, and so I take all responsibility for my interpretations. Of course, I first learned of Plato's Theory of Ideas in my NZ University Philosophy courses many decades ago. Numerous IDEA philosophers, from Plato to the present, have used these terms. There are separate Sections on Raj/Jesus (P), and Jesus (D1) and Plato (D5).



I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.  [Albert Einstein]

Now, I want to correct a misconception on your part [Paul]. Your ability to reason and think is not the equivalent of the three-dimensional frame of reference. Your thought processes and reasoning processes are not to be ignored. We would not be communicating at this very moment if you did not have the means to translate the meanings I am communicating into words and phrases. It is only by virtue of the fact that you have imagination, reason, perspicacity--all of the various capacities and functions of Consciousness--that you are able to correctly translate that which unfolds to you [from me, Raj/Jesus]. This is true whether it is coming from me, or from that Place wherein you directly experience the Reality of Being. ...

You see, Being unfolds Itself as meaning, not as language. It is through the function of Reason and Imagination that language is brought into play, for the purpose of verbalizing these infinite meanings which Being is unfolding.

You do have a right to answers which will identify the Absolute Oneness of Being throughout your entire experience of Being.

[Raj/Jesus Excerpt -- Book: You Are The Answer (Paul Tuttle)]


Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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