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These are the questions everyone asks, unless perhaps they are a convinced skeptic, an atheist or possibly a scientist who believes the material world is all there is to life.


Each of us is really an eternal Mind-Being within the Mind of God, and that Fact can never be changed no matter what we choose to believe in our limited world of ego on this planet.


The most essential concept to understand is that we are really Mind-Beings in God's Mind, and that the idea of bodies came much, much later. Even though most of us, in our human phase, are identified with our material bodies, it is important to understand that, in Reality, we are not physical bodies.

God creates us by sharing Himself-as-Mind. He continuously "encapsulates" a piece of His Mind with Love, and endows it with an eternal individualized Identity within His Mind-as-such. The resulting individualized Mind-as-such Lives in God's Mind, has Being in God's Mind, has all of God's Attributes as a God-given Gift, and has open unlimited access to all of God's Mind—as well as to all the other individualized Mind-Being-Identities within It. Note that the original "piece" of God's Mind-as-such that He "encapsulated" as our Mind-Being-Identity already existed as God's Mind before it was individualized, therefore it is truly Eternal.

Mind-as-such Creates only in the Now. Creating Ideas is what Mind-as-such does within Itself—Now. Although we are made of God's Mind-as-Such, through His Grace we are each "held" in our "encapsulated" individuated state of Mind for all "eternity"--the ever-Present Now. In our Perfect State of Creation (God always creates Perfectly) God flows through each of us, as us, and that is our True Identity.


This is a long story and it you want a detailed account you will have to read the Science Sections on this website. Suffice it here to present a very brief version. but do not base any criticisms or evaluations on this version on this Page, especially if you are a scientist or skeptic.

In a general, loose kind of way my account is based on the Anthropic Principle which states that the evolution of the Universe and of physical life-forms has not happened by chance or accident but by deliberate teleological (purposeful) design, which in turn was (and is being) directed, orchestrated and played out by Mind-Beings (and through God within Whom everyone exists). The full story also involves Quantum theory and Time theory (see Science Sections).

The nearest analogy on this earth would be a car factory. Please remember this is an analogy and is only for the purposes of illustration, and so the analogy cannot be stretched as (or into) an argument. In Logic 101 we learned never to argue by analogy or rhetoric.


Architects and engineers originally designed the factory many decades ago, and the original factory was then built by builders (an analogy for the initial universe). Eventually, the first very simple cars were also designed and hand-built. Then assembly lines were invented, designed and put into operation. Over the following decades the factory expanded steadily as more models (solar systems, planets and species) were designed and produced. Gradually robotic systems (genes) were designed and developed to replace many of the workers and their tools. While these robots were also designed, they also evolved in accordance with the creative needs and functions of the factory--as seen by its engineers, designers and managers. 

Whenever cars (bodies-as-vehicles) were produced Beings would get inside them to check them out as viable, and if they worked reasonably well, each car of that model would be given to a Being to use for the life of the vehicle, because each vehicle had built-in obsolescence. The reason for this was that, as each improved design and enhancement appeared, it was more efficient to bring out a new model rather than try to up-grade the older models. How could you get a working computer chip inside a Model T? (How can you get a human brain inside a fish?) Gradually, almost all of the older models became extinct because they served no purpose any more, although people could go to museums to see these mechanical "dodoes". You could even find the "bones" of these old models buried in old car dumps. 

Of course, the Beings (from bacteria minds-as-such to mammal minds-as-such) who owned and drove any succession of improved cars (all kinds of bodies) over many years did not decease with any of their acquired vehicles. The vehicles were merely useful and enabled the Beings who owned them to interact with their physical environment in much more efficient, speedy and playful ways. Besides, it was great fun to play with matter from the inside, and some Beings had all kinds of excitement by racing and swerving. Others simply used their vehicles to work or enjoy recreational activities. Not a few loved their deteriorating vehicles (bodies) and identified with them, often to the point where these Beings forgot who they really were. When their current model "died" they could not wait to choose a new one (reincarnation). END OF ANALOGY

NOTE that there is a more scientific version of this anthropic evolution theory in my novel, Lovers of the Dreamtime. (See: Page L1)

Also note that the version given in Lovers of the Dreamtime is a far more sophisticated, higher-level version Anthropic Principle, inasmuch as it states we all, as prodigal "Sons of God," had (and have) an active role in the whole evolution of this universe, the galaxies, the planets, the earth, and the formation of all physical "living" bodies; this is so because All-That-Is exists in the Mind-as-Such of God. (See: Page L1)

Of course, the Real version of Unfolding Creation is incredibly more complex than a relatively simple novel can ever portray. Yet Unfolding Creation (which includes a new anthropic account of the Darwinian version of evolution) is, itself, only a part of the multidimensional jigsaw puzzle of all Knowledge.


Raj Excerpt -- ACIM Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2003-07-27

The big question that all of you have that plagues you throughout your life is, "Who am I?" And the second biggest question is "What am I?" And the third question is, "Why am I here?"

It should be becoming obvious to you why you have these questions. The simple fact is that if you have denied your Father, if you have denied your Source, you have denied That Which gives you your Identity. Isn't that simple? And so, of course, you're going to say, "Who am I?"

The minute you said, "Father, I'd rather see it my way," and you dissociated yourself from your Father, you dissociated yourself from the Experience of Who You Are. And so everything that has followed that decision has occurred to one who has no identity, he doesn't know who he is, doesn't know what he is, and doesn't know why he is where he finds himself.

Many, many, many of you have the feeling of being a stranger in a strange land [a fantasyland of ego]. You feel like you don't really belong here. But when you say you don't belong here, you mean in the world, in this life-experience that's going on all around you-- when the "real" place that you are, and I use the word "real" loosely, when the "real" place you are is in the middle of the definitions you have given to everything you're experiencing and the definition you have given yourself.

You are a stranger in a strange land. It's the land of nod. It's the land of imagination [i.e., of fantasy-definitions]. It's the made-up world and the made-up self [called ego]. And instinctively you know that such an experience of ignorance [I know not who I am] is not natural to you. And yet you persist endlessly trying to find the [ego's] answer to the question, "Who am I?" And you try to find the answer by refining your definitions, refining your definition of who you are and trying to improve it and trying to convince others of it so that they can give support to your newer and better [ego] belief about who you are, without realizing that the answer to the question lies in abandoning your definitions and [in] reaching out to your Source again, and connecting with your Source so that your Sonship, your Daughtership, can register with you once again. And in registering with you, providing you with the Experience of your Identity so that there's no question about Who You Are or What You Are.

Isn't that simple? It really is that simple.

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Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright © 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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