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I want the peace of God. The peace of God is everything I want. The peace of God is my one goal; the aim of all my living here, the end I seek, my purpose and my function and my life, while I abide where I am not at Home. (ACIM Workbook, Lesson 205)

The above quotation from the Workbook of a A Course in Miracles will seem far off the mark to the many people who are mostly preoccupied with practical issues and urgent dilemmas. Yet the peace of God, once found within ourselves, would resolve all the urgencies and everyday problems that constantly crop up in our everyday lives.

The Peace of God is the "Peace that passeth all understanding." (Php 4:7)

It is also the Stillness of, "Be still and know that I am God." (Psalm 46:10)

Every Spiritual Path and Master recommends some form of meditation* or spiritual contemplation* as the way to find this inner peace, also called stillness, tranquility, or a quiet Mind.

Why? Because, for most of us, being centered in inner peace is a major key to our Waking Up to the full Consciousness of God. This peace is inside each of us and therefore it cannot be found outside by just organizing or rearranging our external relationships, affiliations and environment--which is how most of us try to achieve "peace of mind." We always work on the false assumption that next month, next year, that sometime in the future, we will find peace and happiness by re-arranging our surroundings, relationships and financial affairs. 

We imagine our peace will come when we have enough money, when we meet our soul-mate, or when this or that person in our lives changes and treats us better, etc. Even if one or more of these events happened, any resulting feelings of pseudo-peace would soon dissipate as our egos fixated on another unfulfilled want or need. I am not saying it is wrong to pursue these practical solutions to everyday problems if you are moved to do so, and some of them may be necessary. Nonetheless, seeking for the inner peace that passeth all understanding is absolutely essential to ending our self-imposed dissociation from God and Awakening in His Consciousness.

When we find True Inner Peace we will Wake up into God-Consciousness, Light and limitless Love.

The Meaning of our lives is to be found in Loving everyone, everywhere, just as God does. This Love occurs as we forgive everyone. By understanding that everyone who is dissociated from God (by their own deep choice) is also dissociated from Love and Loving one another, we then have Compassion for the difficulties those people are experiencing, and, when they ask for help, we do what Spirit tells us is the best way to give them that help; note that this help may differ from any demands they are making from out of their egos. For example, an alcoholic may ask you to run down to the store and buy him or her a bottle of whisky or wine, but this is hardly the help they need.

Even though being Loving and Compassionate does not mean being a doormat or slave to the egoic wishes of another, it does mean that an explicit call for Real help can be answered whenever you have a Real answer or recommendation. Sometimes even a genuine hug will do the trick.


*See Page G01 on Methods of Meditation.


Raj Excerpt -- Pacific Palisades, California--1990

Listening for Guidance can be misconstrued as giving one's power away. But Divine Guidance always leaves you standing more clearly present as the embodiment of God's Purpose, and doesn't leave you feeling like a piss-ant mortal, [feeling] inconsequential. It helps bring you into your sense of the tapestry of life, as well as everything else--so that you know that nothing is left up to chance. And [so you know] that there is such Divine order that you can let go of your attempts at control, and surrender into the active experience of the Movement of Creation [Now]. And what I mean by this, is that when you are not holding yourself separate, as a puny little mind, or a puny little ego, attempting to be something important. As that defense mechanism [of an ago trying to be important] is released, you begin (at the point of conscious experience) to come into an experience of what God is consciously experiencing while God is in the act of Creation [Now]. And this is the way in which you find yourself, literally, your Self, with a capital "S." Because [then] you come into the direct conscious experience of the act of Creation, so that you experience being inseparable from the act of Creation and the action of the Creator [Now].

But the only way you come into that experience is when you let go of trying to be separate--a separate, affective, 'creative' human being, or personality [ego]. Your movement into that conscious experience of being inseparable from the act of Creation comes as a result of beginning to listen. Listening [first] with the inconsequential things, so that you become more comfortable and more confident with that process, and [so you] are then able to maintain your equilibrium and your peace and listen [to Divine Guidance] when you are faced with, let us say, "more strenuous dynamics [issues]."

This is the way you begin to discover that you are not a [physical] body. You are not a personality. But you are that pure Conscious Awareness in which everything is embraced, and in Which your security and stability and your invulnerability is present for you to experience.

(G-1990D/R-101) through (G-1990D/R-103)

Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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