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The term "Spiritual Vision" does not mean seeing only with the physical eyes, even though regular vision might also be involved in Spiritual Vision. Spiritual Vision can include hearing, touching and tasting. We are really discussing Spiritual Perception.

Spiritual Vision, in a nutshell, is the ability to see God in everyone and everything. Because we are egos (i.e., personalities) human perception is mostly determined by all our past thoughts, definitions and belief systems that are in our minds. Thus, one individual can look at a forest and see it as being full of wood to make paper, while another person (who has Spiritual Vision) and who is walking alongside the first, will see the same forest as a Now-Creation of God through which one walks with great Joy and Wonder. One person will look at a flower and say, "That's a pretty rose," while a second person (who has Spiritual Vision) says, "What an incredible Gift of God that Beautiful Rose is--right Now." The ego will see a drug addict as a sinful person who needs punishment, whereas someone with Spiritual Vision will see the addict as a prodigal Son of God who needs, and gets, Love, help and healing.

In other words, Spiritual Vision is seeing what you are experiencing through the "eyes" of Spirit, through the eyes of Christ.

Spiritual Vision sees Perfection everywhere in Real Nature, while egos impose projected imperfection on everything they look at.

Spiritual Vision may also include any combination of the following factors, but they are not essential factors in the process of Waking up to the Consciousness of God. While the possession of them does not necessarily mean you are Awake, it does suggest you are on the right track. However, do not let your ego jump on the "spiritual bandwagon" (see excerpt below) by focusing your ego on the accomplishment of the following items, because they are a result; they are the result of the listening to Guidance process which is described in the quotation by Raj/Jesus at the bottom of the previous Page.

1. Seeing light around objects, especially living objects, and people (e.g., auras).

2. Having Spiritual Visions of Masters, Guides or other Beings who manifest themselves to you.

3. Seeing the environment, and everything in it, as insubstantial glowing energy that is only apparently solid.

4. Seeing the atmosphere in any environment as misty white--which is Spiritual Light permeating that area even though others may not see it.

Above all else, Spiritual Vision looks out continuously through eyes of Limitless Love.


Raj/Jesus Excerpt -- RAJ NEWSLETTER Volume 2 Number 2--February 1985

The ego would just love for you to go on an inner "spiritual" trip and never discover the Oneness of That Which Is AND Its manifestation, because in this way you will never escape from the ego-sense of life. It [the ego] will always present to you that the spiritual life will be had at great loss, and it completely denies you the opportunity of seeing that as long as you are viewing things with partial vision (seeing through the ego's eyes), you ARE experiencing loss!

There cannot be any such thing as God or a Universal Life-Principle that is unmanifest. Without anything to identify It, It would be nonexistent. Without any object of perception, Mind would be unconscious. Therefore, there will always be the infinite manifestation of the Universal Life-Principle, or God. To attempt to separate the visibility [of Life] from its Source by calling it material will bind you in conflict and [into] the absence of your experience of the fullness of Being. Be willing to tackle THIS with gusto, and open yourself up to the potential of observing the Harmony of the Wholeness of Being, of the Source AND Its manifestation, in your experience.

The simple Fact is that YOU are the direct expression of the Life-Principle. You are the Life-Principle in action. Therefore, that of which you are aware (meaning the world) cannot be separate from that which is aware of it (meaning your mind). Its Oneness and the Harmony of that Oneness can only be obscured by the adoption of a belief structure which demeans the world OR, on the contrary, demeans spirituality and honors the world on the world's terms. Either one is equally myopic and deprives one of experiencing the Reality, which is going on at all times [Now], regardless of the belief structures indulged in.

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