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All the Masters say that the human race, and indeed all those who are spiritually "asleep" in the entire Universe of Beings, will Wake Up* within a decade or two to full God Consciousness. This means that, in the Awakening process, those of us who are still (of our own free will) spiritually dissociated from Universal Consciousness will also end our separation from one another, and rejoin Loving Oneness.

In actual fact we never really left God or His Oneness; we merely fell asleep and dreamed a very long dream that we were nothing more than physical beings with limited little minds destined to live short lives in a physical universe, then forever cease to be. In this material world we usually feel that, during the brief time we are here, our survival depends "on the survival of the fittest" and that those of us who are competitively successful, who live healthy lives, and who procreate children, cause the species to continue evolving. After all (we tell ourselves) the genes in our cells are being caused to mutate by stray electromagnetic radiation or other random physical effects, and any rare beneficial changes (along with a few not-so-good neutral ones) which cause better adaptation and survival are automatically passed on to future generations. (For more on this theme see the Science Section.) But the theories of Darwin and his neo-Darwinian followers need a much more enlightened interpretation in a Universe of Universes created by Minds-as-such in every Now quantum moment.

The Universe of Universes is an infinitely more incredible place than even our most knowledgeable scientists, philosophers, psychologists, science fiction writers and theologians ever imagine. Those who are separated from God's Knowledge and who believe in their space-time-energy/matter viewpoint (even if it includes string theory) cannot begin to appreciate the boundless complexity of a multidimensional Mind-as-Such-caused Creation of which the "physical" is only one among many aspects. 

Are any humans Awake yet? We are told that more than half of the all the Beings who comprise the human race are Awake--but, almost all of that more-than-half are not in dense physical bodies. They have already "ascended"** to higher dimensions and their present enlightenment in Oneness is accelerating the Awakening of those of us who are still in physical bodies on Earth. This means, of course, that the total number of humans who exist as Minds is well in excess of 14 billion. In the Universe of Universes there are Beings without number, and some of them, including you and I volunteered to be human eons ago. I need to add a note here that, by my definitions, there are degrees or stages of human enlightenment (expanded spiritual awareness) while one is still moving along one's Path to Oneness within all Mind-as-Such; however, there are not degrees or stages to being fully Awakened in God-Consciousness. 

It is very important to realize the each human being must decide to Awaken of his or her own free will, without any forceful coercion from anywhere by anyone. This does not mean that forceful coercion by external sources (mostly zealots) does not occur--in fact it is everywhere. Rather it means that coercion-per-se is not a factor in any person's decision to Wake up. Of course, the intent to Wake up, and the Event itself, are dependent on many more factors than only a simple verbal declaration of that desire. For one thing, there has to be a complete willingness to vaporize one's ego including all its polarized "good" and "bad" aspects. (For more on this see: KEY TECHNIQUES FOR WAKING UP --  G06.) You may also like to read the Story/Analogy entitled "Pulling up the Spiritual Net" -- K09)


*Please understand that my use of capital initials on some words is not to make a word "sacred" or "not-of-this-world" but rather to indicate its meaning here, is somewhat different from what that same word would mean in its mundane everyday usage. Obviously, for example, "waking up" and getting out of bed after a good night's sleep, has a very different meaning from "Waking Up" as an abrupt developmental movement through a threshold of experiential consciousness from a dissociated state. 

**As much as possible I am striving to avoid traditional religious terms, not because I have anything against them, but because religious terms trigger emotional knee-jerk reactions, and differing fixed belief systems in almost all human beings from sincere atheistic scientists to sincere traditional believers. 



Raj/Jesus Excerpt -- Carmel, California--1986

The Christ Consciousness that each one of you fundamentally is, is going to emerge. Because mankind is waking up. And even though each one of you is having a tug-of-war, where part of you is desiring your Awakening, and part of you is resisting it, the fact is that the Awakening process is winning. And it is winning because there is a very great number of individualities who are already totally Awakened. And as a result the general consciousness of the Brotherhood of Man is less dense. And so it is easier to spontaneously experience one's enlightenment.

There is not as much ego structure or strength in the entire Brotherhood and as a result each one's ego structure is weaker. And each embracing of your further integrity, or experience of integrity, each willingness to own your divinity, each allowance of greater self-appreciation lessens the density further and, as I said yesterday, compounds the growth. Things will be moving quite rapidly, and the ego will be frightened, but your Soul will be so happy.

(G-1986B/R-285) through (G-1986B/R-286)

Raj/Jesus Excerpt -- ACIM Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2003-04-10

So, you must be willing to listen for the wisdom that comes from within to tell you when it is not appropriate to persist with a Brother who is absolutely committed to his dream. And you bring your attention to those who, like you, are beginning to wake up and who are curious and interested, who are having problems but are not insisting on their problems, and want to hear the Truth that will actually relieve them of their problems. Those who are in the process of Awakening, those who are stirring, who are becoming Conscious, with a capital "C," are the ones to bring the extension of Love to, because their Awakening, which will happen more easily than those who are committed to their dreams, will constitute their withdrawal from the mutually-agreed-upon definitions that constitute the dream everyone else is in, which is going to weaken the dream everyone else is in and cause them to spontaneously begin to stir as well.

Yes! You all have free will and that free will is Absolute. The key lies in the fact that once your choice, once your expression of your free will is to know what the Father's Will is, you begin to Wake up out of your dream. Once your commitment to your ability, so-called ability to authorize things [as an ego] on your own, once that has been called into question and you have a curiosity about something more than that, then movement of Awakening begins. And that is where those who are Awake can meet you and where their Presence can be experienced by you.

(C-030410/R-69) through (C-030410/R-70)

Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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