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 Alexander Bannatyne, Ph.D.

The following account of the nature of our Real True God-Self, the Separated Self, and our ego/body identification has been deduced from A Course in Miracles as well as from many subsequent statements by Raj/Jesus and other Masters.  However, these are my own understandings of these ACIM concepts (as a psycho-spiritual therapist), and other people may interpret them slightly differently. These ideas are successively linked in a downward progression, which I hope is self-explanatory. This paper is not a "quick read" and it should be read and studied several times.

Definition of Mind-as-Such:  The ACIM Workbook says: "I am not a [physical] body, I am Free, I am still as God created me." Note that Mind-as-Such is pure MIND and has NO physical attributes or physical content whatsoever. In other words Pure Mind-as-Such is formless. Pure Mind-as-Such creates the "physical" (as well as other non-physical phenomena) within itself, not vice-versa. Our Pure Minds-as-Such may be thought of as Pure Consciousness, Pure Conscious Being, Pure Spirit, or Pure Soul, all in the absence of our egos, physical bodies, physical energy, and the physical universe.

GOD is Absolute Pure Formless Mind-as-Such within Whom all other Minds-as-Such (like us) have Real Being. The word Absolute means, "uncaused, complete, timeless and beyond which is nothing." God's Mind-as-Such contains within It the Perfect Thoughts/Ideas/Attributes of Love, Life, Reason, Will, Light, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Knowledge, Freedom, Imagination, Creativity, and of Sharing (Gifting) Himself and His Ideas.

TRUE GOD-SELF:  This is the individuated Mind-as-Such/Real Self (i.e., each one of us as a Eternally-Now Conscious Mind-Being) as Created by God when He took a "piece" of His Own amorphous Pure Mind-as-Such Being (or Is-ness) and, after encapsulating it in His Pure Love, then endowed it with Eternal-Now Life within His Own Mind-as-Such Being.

As you read this paper, always remember that God's encapsulating emotion of Love is also our Mind-as-Such Love and, because Mind-as-Such is absolutely permeable, this means we are all in a Loving Oneness Union with God and each other and All-That-is. This Loving Universal Union within God's Mind-as-Such allows all individuated Beings to have continuous, Conscious Communion with Him and each other; it also facilitates the instant (so-called "telepathic") direct communication of Thoughts, Experiences, Feelings and temporary Mind-meldings whenever we wish, and with whomever we wish. However, as egos we humans have chosen to block all this; in technical terms we "dissociate" from Universal Communion—see more on ego below.

Note well that our individuated True God-Self has all the Attributes of God, such as limitless Love, infinite Intelligence, absolute Freedom, and all God's Knowledge. Our individuated True God-Self can never leave (i.e., be outside of) the Mind-as-Such of God, which is the only Absolute Ultimate Reality. However, God's permanent Thoughts/Ideas (including our individuating "encapsulation" by Him in Himself) such as Love, Truth, Joy, Freedom, Innocence, Creativity, Peace, and Knowledge, etcetera are eternally Real in Him. Therefore they are also eternally Real in each of us. Thus, our Pure Minds-as-Such (which are our True God-Selves) have eternal Life within God's Mind-as-Such.

Therefore we can say: "I am not all of God, but God is all of the Real Me." Of course, this last statement excludes all the illusions and delusions that we, as dissociated-from-God egos, erroneously believe about ourselves, about God, and about the universe of universes. But do not confuse the words illusion and delusion with Imagination; the latter word may have genuine or false content. Imagination, as a cognitive capacity/capability, can be creatively beneficial or destructive. God, and all his encapsulated-in-Love Mind-as-Such Beings, possess the God-given Attribute/Capability of Imagination. Of course, God uses His Imagination only Beneficially.

Apart from God's Mind-as-Such and His Real Thoughts, Attributes and Ideas (mentioned above), all else consists of imaginative Ideas (which can be a Very Good thing) that may, or may not, be permanent within our Minds-as-such, individually or collectively. An example of a beneficial permanent Idea would be Beauty, while an impermanent unfortunate idea is punishment.

Note that neither the True God-Self, nor God, resist any imagined dissociative separation from Him (see below), because all God's Individuated Creations (including us) have both perfect Freedom and all God's Powers; neither God nor His fully God-Conscious-Beings ever coerce or use coercive force of any kind because that contradicts and negates Limitless Love and Perfect Freedom. (But please do not view this last statement from the ego's point of view—see later below.)

Within His Absolute Mind-as-Such, God is continuously Creating (only Now) the ever-extending Universe-of-Universes as interlocking Systems-within-Systems Ideas (this includes a System of creative subjective-objective Observer-Awareness in the Now) which all Beings can co-creatively enjoy within God, only Now. Within this infinite plenum of Universe-Ideas all Mind-Beings can, if they wish, have something "to do." Also note that each Being's subjective Now is differentially individuated; it is Mind-as-Such that Creates and determines (as ideas) time, space, all energy, matter, nature and all forms, within Itself—not vice-versa. And we each have the God-given Freedom to co-Create together with each other (if we wish to do so), and with God, in God, Now. ALL this co-Creation happens as an infinite arrangement of interlaced synchronicities in the NOW. As ACIM says, nothing happens by chance or accident.

THE SEPARATION occurred when some God-Beings (guess who?) had the (erroneous and impossible) idea that they would like "to do their own thing—independently of God," with the result that they seemed to "split off" from God. Like the Prodigal Son parable, this was our "Declaration of Independence" from God. Of course, this was (and is) an imaginative illusion of the first magnitude because all God-Beings only have existence within God's Mind eternally. When we first explained to God that we would like "to operate outside His Jurisdiction" He gently pointed out that this was impossible because nothing exists outside His Mind-as-Such, nor can it. But, as pointed out above, God gave all His Mind-Children absolute Freedom—even to "separate."

God then explained that the only way we could seem to operate independently of Him and "do our own thing on our own authority" would be to fall into an imagined un-Conscious dissociated state of dreaming, and then (in that dream) imagine we were in a kind of vast (theatrical) drama, fun-fair, fantasyland, or holodeck, complete with thrills, rides, food, shooting galleries, and houses of horrors! We accepted this "solution" and then each of us promptly fell asleep by forming a kind of bubble-mind within our individuated Minds-as-Such. In our imaginations each of us then (metaphorically speaking) "painted" the inside of the bubble-mind of separation with battleship-gray paint to stop any Real Love, Light and Joy from penetrating through the dream-bubble's shell of limitation. This led to the formation of the false identity we call the…

SEPARATED SELF:  This Separated Self had the ability to dream dreams (erroneous ideas) which we continuously superimpose on Real Creation without realizing it. Over time, our Separated Selves (collectively) "used" the Earth to evolve (as "creative" ideas) biological cellular forms (fauna and flora) into which these Selves projected little bits of their own minds. Eventually we, as Separated Selves, evolved human bodies; bodies which almost all of each Separated Self could (as mind) "get inside." Note that all the species of the Earth we evolved, had to have fear/aggression polarity built into them so that (in our dream-world) the whole food chain could operate independently of God's sustaining "Love-Manna"—or so we delusionally think.

Our Separated Selves (individually and collectively) now came to fear (and thus hate) God and our unacknowledged True God-Self, because both God (and our unacknowledged True God-Self) now become the "threatening Authority" Who (the dreaming Separated Self imagines) have the Power to eradicate our Separated Selves and our bodies, and might use that Power. In other words (the words of traditional religions), God in His punishing "wrath" may wipe out His disobedient children, destroy their painted-out bubble-self, and eventually consign them to burn in hell! All this is, of course, utter insane nonsense! So, we invented

EGO AS A PERSONAL IDENTITY:   As a security move (to distance itself further from such an imagined threat and possible attack) we, as our Separated Selves, then made an EGO BELIEF SYSTEM of tiny false ideas (we label it "the ego") to "go with" the body, and to "run" it.  Ego, then, is an ever-changing loose conglomeration of illusory beliefs and ego-self-attitudes (that I call ego-children) which constantly shift and adapt in varying situations in order to preserve the illusions and delusions of the dreaming Separated Self. This continuing sense of ego/self-preservation is solely fear-based. Note that the Separated Self is able to psychologically project itself "downward" into this dysfunctional stress-laden EGO SYSTEM, identify with it, “enliven” it, and maintain it as a constantly adapting ego-personality which is contingent on the shifting circumstances of its un-Real dreams. The preservation of this fabricated unstable fear-laced ego is an unremitting wary and weary struggle for all un-Awake humans.

THE PHYSICAL BODY:  To distance itself even further away from God and the True-God-Self, the Separated Self (now in its ego-identification mode) continuously manifests the body and identifies with that body.  In other words the ego now thinks IT is the body, and that any person only exists as a physical body. Thus, for example, after exercise the individual will say, “I am tired” when it is the body that is tired. Incidentally, almost all our ego-activities are solely for the purpose of maintaining the body. To this circular end, we earn money to feed the body, to shelter it, to keep it warm with clothes, to groom it and to wash it, to keep it healthy, to medicate it, to rest it, to reproduce it, to give it pleasure, to entertain it, to enjoy it, to protect it and keep it safe, to heal it, to transport it, and so on and on—all for maintaining our body-identifications.  Thus the mind is almost entirely used to serve and maintain the physical body which usually becomes our major purpose in life, even in a "helping" mode.

SPIRITUAL HEALING is not primarily for the physical body although many people, as egos, (erroneously) want to take their solid dense biological bodies with them as a physical resurrection (read on…)

Jesus has stated that the body he had after his resurrection was less dense than his previous physical body, even though it could be touched. Bodies-per-se can be at various levels of density, and popular names for them are: physical body, etheric body, astral or emotional body, mental body, causal body, Light or Spiritual body. In a sense these various "density-levels of bodies" objectify the state of Mind/minds with which we currently identify. For example, in an ego-state we identify with our physical/etheric/astral bodies. Note here that bodies are ONLY an effect or end-result, and are NOT the cause of anything, not even disease, defects and illnesses. Note well that Mind is the only cause of everything and anything. However, bodies and body-identifications as objectifications of states of Mind/mind are another topic to be investigated elsewhere. In Truth, all bodies at every density level, are an effect, not a cause, and are neutral—in the sense that they can be used by us for any motivational idea-purpose our Minds/minds may come up with.

  WAKING UP THROUGH TRUE SPIRITUAL HEALING: True Spiritual healing is all about dismantling the ego, dissolving our separated self, rediscovering our True God Self, and reuniting our egoless Minds-as-such with the Absolute Mind-as-Such of God in Perfect Loving Universal Communion. We chose to separate and dream, and equally, we have it in our power right now to choose to Wake-up and rejoin God of our own Free Will. Why? Because, in Reality, I am still as God created me!  I am not all of God, but God is all of the REAL me.

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Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright © 2005 2008 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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