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It was Carl Jung (1875-1961) the eminent Swiss psychiatrist/psychologist, who first discovered the major Archetypes of the human psyche (mind) and defined them. Some Jungian Archetypes are: the Mother, the Father, Mana (spiritual power), the Shadow, the Persona, the Anima and Animus, and the Child. He also investigated the many Symbols we humans have which represent these and other Archetypes. One such symbol is the circular Mandala (Completeness) seen in many cultures and religions. (For a definition and metaphysical explanation of Mind see the end of this paper.)

Although I mention Carl Jung here at the beginning of this Page, please do not think this investigation of archetypes is merely a recapitulation of Jung's work, or of the Jungian point of view. On the contrary, I will present a very much wider and deeper treatment of this topic, one that will also incorporate the results of many of my own explorations, investigations and original ideas.

Jung extensively studied mythology, religions, cultures, etc., and traveled to Africa, India and America to do research on his psychological Archetypes among the native populations of those countries. He also observed the Archetypes operating in his clients. An Archetype is a psychological term describing idea-patterns, universal images and symbols, or specific "over-arching types" of mind-sets which appear to be universally common to all human beings, almost regardless of culture, education or religious philosophy. As will be seen, most of Jung's Archetypes are symbolic humans (e.g., the Child Archetype), or aspects of humans (e.g., the Persona or Façade Archetype). However, it is very important to remember that all Archetypes are somewhere within your own mind—they are not just "out there."

I wish to point out here that Jung, like William James of Harvard (1842-1910) before him, explored and defined the whole of the presenting human mind, and did not arbitrarily ignore ubiquitous religious, paranormal, anomalous or spiritual material just because it was taboo and "politically incorrect" scientifically speaking—as appears to be the case among most of the psychological establishment since 1950. However, this very unscientific bias is gradually disappearing, especially as more major universities add parapsychological departments to their list of offered disciplines, and as the irrefutable scientific research evidence continues to pile up. (Please see the list of books and sources in Pages Q2 & 3)

The presence of these common Archetypal symbols and universal mind-sets around the world caused Jung to postulate the existence of the collective unconscious as the part of our minds which contains them. (In popular psychology, the unconscious mind is often called the "subconscious mind.") Nowadays this collective "unconscious" is not only becoming much more conscious but is also being recognized as a shared mind within which we all participate and intuitively communicate. Not all communication is physical and/or through the voice. There is a considerable amount of published, valid, replicated research (some of it double-blind) which demonstrates that telepathic communication, the power of prayer and many psi phenomena are real. Of course, the Masters all confirm this fact as well; in fact they say that much of what we call paranormal spiritual phenomena (think miracles) is perfectly normal and natural, while what we call "normal" (think disease) is not only unnatural but is also unnecessary and unreal.

The Shadow Archetype is our dark side, mostly unconscious (unconscious in the psychological sense, not the physical sense). Actually our Shadow, as we will see, is a loose composite of the dark aspects of several other Archetypes some of which are more conscious than unconscious, such as the Trickster Archetype aspect of the ego (see below). As psychological concepts, "consciousness" and "unconsciousness" are always a mixture of degrees of both, and this "conscious/unconscious" mix often changes through time; thus, we tend to gradually become more "conscious" and less "unconscious." This is particularly true in terms of our conscious awareness of our inner Archetypes. Perhaps a more useful definition of the Shadow would be that it contains all the dark, negative material and characteristics that we would never display or admit to in public. For example, the Trickster-ego will consciously lie, hoodwink or swindle, but rarely publicly admit to these deceitful tricks.

The Archetypes often appear in our dreams, and even our day-dreams (e.g., the "soul-mate" characters of our Animus/Anima Archetypes). We also habitually project them out onto our relatives, friends, bosses, authorities, children and others. We can define projection as, "the unconscious process or act of ascribing to others one's own ideas, impulses or emotions especially when they are considered undesirable or cause anxiety" (from the New World College Dictionary). Most derogatory name-calling and blaming is projection-based. Of course, when we do this psychological projection outwards we are no longer in a state of mind to mature or release our own archetypal material internally. (To learn about projection see Page R12.)

Again, let me say that, although very loosely based on Jung's initial work, the following definitions and approach are my own interpretations, and must not be regarded any kind of guide to Jung's work. Rather, I have used some of Jung's Archetypes as a framework on which to present my own material and ideas developed over sixty years of study and work. Incidentally, at London University's Institute of Psychiatry I did my doctoral research dissertation on Jung's theory of Introversion/Extraversion. In addition, for more than fifty years, I have learned a tremendous amount from my numerous clients (ages 5 to 75) and students (5 years up to doctoral candidates).

Please note that the contents of this paper are non-linear (not sequential) and therefore, if you wish to truly understand their implications, it is necessary to read it several times.


It is very important to realize that Waking Up to Wholeness is not a matter of learning to be spiritual, or acquiring wisdom, of climbing up a metaphorical ladder to God, or of getting a higher spiritual degree. Why? Because Waking Up is solely a matter of undoing, uncovering, unraveling, and above all, unlearning all the useless mountains of nonsense we, as independent egos, have acquired in the past. To put it bluntly, our Real God-created Selves are buried underneath a huge pile of acquired ego-trash, indoctrinated crap and learned garbage which we have to dismantle, dissolve and vaporize.

If you want to be enlightened, dig down deep through the nonsensical beliefs of the human race with a "dis-integrator" (not an "integrator") and find the metaphorical Pearl of the Real Self underneath it all, in the Pure Stillness of Mind-Being, of IS-ness Now. This dismantling of all your firm beliefs, sacred cows, revered dogma, distorted ideas, and cherished opinions will be work, because your jelled ego will resist the dis-integration and vaporization process at every turn. It has already started a self-preserving knee-jerk reaction of protest to the contents of this section.

The Three Aspects of the Process of Psychospiritual Therapy and of Psychospiritual Growth: 

The first aspect is to gain a practical understanding of your own personal dynamics of the ego including the key conditioned behavioral patterns acquired during pregnancy, infancy, childhood and even adolescence. Note that your inner ego-children (see below) are important here, and during Altered State work these inner ego-children can be conversed with. You can also talk to them yourself. Letting go of all traditional and conventional beliefs is a part of this first aspect, but do not fear that you will become an amoral, iconoclastic, rebellious, licentious anarchist, because Real Love, Knowledge and Joy gradually take the place of all past beliefs and dogma. Look at the lives of Jesus (D1) and the Buddha (D2) in order to understand how you will be when you let go all past beliefs.

The second aspect of the process is to bring the deep undeveloped emotions of these previously buried ego-children into everyday consciousness and release those emotions to a Higher Power. This will allow them to mature (grow-up) into more developed feelings; for example, anger can be refined into a mature determination. Releasing (without projection) your repressed, raw, undeveloped  emotions to a Higher Power (i.e., God, the Holy Spirit, your Higher Self, Jesus) is one of the major keys to psychospiritual growth.

The third aspect of this process is to be introduced to your Guides so that you can converse with them and partake of their wisdom and advice in a variety of ways. You can also be introduced to your Higher Real Self and eventually come to identify with him or her.

Note that these three aspects of Psychospiritual growth and therapy are not sequential stages or steps. All three may be occurring concurrently at different times and in different life-circumstances depending on the current dynamics of your own psyche. Some people may even gain contact with their Guides, or even God, during the first three sessions. A few clients can already converse with their Guides. Persisting with spontaneous automatic writing or typing may allow you to achieve this now; this process is very easy to do—just scribble in the Now without premeditation and let the words form spontaneously.


What follows is only intended as a catalyst, a pathway, to help you dismantle your ego and thus find your Real Self.


Archetypal figures and imagery often appear in dreams, symbols, literature, drama, opera, films, music, folk-lore, and festivals, and they are used in children's stories very frequently. Indeed, a wide assortment of archetypal characters and situations can be found in such sources as Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz, The Magic Flute, the Star Wars movies, and in all religions. The Lord of The Rings Trilogy is stuffed full of Archetypes and archetypal symbolism.

Therefore, I have given a variety of archetypal examples in the discussions below. It is necessary for you to understand that any specific Archetype can be expressed or symbolized in many different ways or forms. For example, the Father Archetype can take many different forms in religions, in folk lore, in families, and in festivals, and he comes in lots of positive (e.g., Santa Claus, Gandalf) and negative (e.g., the Ogre, Darth Vader, Sauron) aspects.

Remember you only appreciate and "recognize" (relate to) these Archetypal figures and people because the Archetypes already exist within you, even if you are initially unaware of them.

Releasing Archetypal Emotional Charges: The strengths and types of emotional charges initially associated with any one person's Archetypal mind-set patterns, almost always stem from that person's family and environmental experiences from conception to young adulthood. Archetypal emotional content, ideation and imagery is resilient, but it can be released by several means. One of these can be therapy or support of some kind. Another means of release is to relinquish all of one's belief systems including religion, politics, life-philosophies, science, nature, humanity, relationships, education, commerce, economics, money, survival, emotions, wants, family, race, nationality, as well as all beliefs about oneself! (Don't stop—keep reading!) Note that all our beliefs have been indoctrinated; that if you had been born to a family in Tibet, or the Amazonian Jungle, or Pakistan you would have acquired a very different set of beliefs.

Eventually all beliefs, including all core beliefs, have to be relinquished and replaced with individually revealed God-Knowledge. A Course in Miracles says: "Nothing the world believes is True. It is a place whose purpose is to be a 'home' where those who claim they do not know themselves can come to question what it is they are. And they will come again until the time At-one-ment is accepted, and they learn it is impossible to doubt your Self, and [impossible to] not to be aware of What You Are." (W-#261/268-pI.139.7:all) (Annotations and emphases added)

Your release from your archetypal emotions and content can also be brought about (a) by regular self-aware introspection, meditation, (b) by activating a spiritual path or journey, as well as (c) by reading, studying, absorbing and applying the content of psychospiritual books and materials wherever you find them. By studying and truly absorbing the full meaning of the contents of this paper and by applying them in your life, you can progress a long way along your road of psychospiritual development. Do not "run away from" your Archetypes, because by being fully aware of them in consciousness, you weaken their power over you—which helps with your psycho-spiritual maturation and with accelerating your Awakening.

Watch out for the pseudo-spiritual Ego: There is one important point to make here to all those who are on a serious spiritual path, and it is this: You have to be very careful to watch out that your ego does not jump onto the "spiritual bandwagon" and blow its own trumpet once it realizes that its previous un-spiritual way of life is being dissolved. This is a case of the ego saying, "If I can't beat Spirit then I will join it and become a spiritual ego!"

A "spiritual ego" is a contradiction of terms, an oxymoron, but it is a common survival tactic of the ego. One clue to detecting a "spiritual" ego is when you hear the words, "My way to God is the only way. Our group are the chosen ones; if you don't join us you cannot get into Heaven." Another clue to a pseudo-spiritual front is the ego's adoption of all the external, correct postures, rituals, symbols, ceremonies, mantras, clothing, pious mannerisms, etc., to put on a "good show." These devices can be useful at certain stages of one's journey if they are sincere—and if the seeker can let them go later along his or her spiritual Path. In other words, do not get stuck on form.


Not all Archetypal mind-set-patterns or characters are mentioned below, because my purpose here is to present those particular universal Archetypes which have to be worked through, resolved, and "transcended" in the psychospiritual transformational process (as a part of one's own spiritual Path) if one is to uncover, and be, the Christ/Buddha/Higher SELF.

The following explanations of the Archetypes begin with the surface levels of the human mind (the psyche) so the topmost entry (the Persona) is mostly concerned with your present environment. As we move down the list, the successive levels lead us into deeper and deeper layers of the human mind. The ego-associated human Archetypes are polarized into their "good" and "bad" aspects—for example: The Fairy Godmother (the good mommy) versus The Wicked Witch (the bad mommy).


Whenever we interact with anyone in our present family, or in our work, social, religious, sports, school, etc., situations, we often "put on" a persona, a façade, a public personality, a presenting role which we think will be to our best advantage in dealing with this particular person or group. This persona or façade may be either "positive" or "negative"—or a mixture of both. While some persona behaviors may be prompted by unconscious emotional attitudes many are semi-conscious acts we have trained ourselves to present to others. For example, like an actor (usually as teenagers) we may have practiced our smile in front of the mirror, our athletic posture, our hearty laugh, our habitual gestures, our face of disapproval, or even our intimidating look; or we may not have needed to practice them.

Quite a few habitual persona behaviors were "forced" on us when we were young because we learned that a certain persona reaction on our part, such as smiling, crying, or looking upset, would immediately change the unwanted negative behavior that others (such as parents or siblings) were foisting onto us. We cried and the yelling stopped! We laughed and the yelling never materialized! We smiled and people smiled back, so nowadays we have a fixed smile on our faces.

Our personal clothing and appearance in any presenting situation is usually a physical statement which visually summarizes for others the behavioral persona we wish to present to that person or group. Thus our suits, sports gear, military clothing, casual wear, shoes, hair styles, tattoos, make-up, and even plastic surgery all contribute to the personal persona we wish the world-of-the-moment to see and understand. Most of us have a variety of façades/ personas for different, people, groups and locations. At work we may present an industrious façade, while in church we strive to look pleasantly pious and compassionate; in the classroom we may appear diligent and studious, but at a party we become lively or flirtatious. I will use the capitalized term Persona to denote the whole Archetype, and persona(s) to indicate the various situation-related personas we all possess.

By now it will be apparent that the main purpose of the Persona is to impress others and to manipulate them into behaving in ways which feed our needs. After all, parents and teachers and bosses and even friends will be more inclined to give us what we want from them if we are always smiling and overly pleasant. This is manipulative because it is all part of the "games people play" with one another. Note that one person's array of personal personas may differ from another person's. Check out how you switch personas in various situations, and from person to person.

In the following polarized (positive/negative) lists please note that these persona roles are superficial attention-getters and, by definition, do not arise from any deep convictions. Rather, they are learned shallow behaviors by means of which we interact with others on a relatively regular basis. For example, while we all usually laugh at a good joke, the person with a Laugher persona usually laughs throughout any friendly conversation; while most of us can be unconventional at times, the Rebel persona regularly flouts convention solely for its attention-getting shock value.

Positive Persona: This is the "good" façade we present outwards onto the world to get acceptance, praise, affection, admiration, recognition, acknowledgment, appreciation, etc.

E.g: The "Do-good" Pollyanna, the jovial Clown, the Cute Sweet Little Girl or Boy, the Macho Male, the Attractive Siren or Hunk, the Humorist, the Prince or Princess, the Lady or Gentleman, the Student, Teacher or Professor, the Charmer, the Seducer, Don Juan, the Cool Guy, the Talker, the Stroker, the Laugher, the Serious One, the Flatterer, the Placater, and so on. We may utilize several of these facades simultaneously, or we may alternate them for use in appropriate situations.

Negative Persona: This is the "not-so-good" façade we present outwards to hold off others, to resist them, or to pressure them—especially in terms of (a) not wanting to accept them, (b) not wanting what they are offering, or (c) coercing them into compliance.

E.g: Grumpy, Sleepy, the Mysterious Loner, the Tough Nut, the Unconventional Rebel, the Bully, the Confronter, Contrary Mary, the Smirker, the Contradictor, the Wheedler, the Fawner, the Put-Downer, the Organizer, the Tough Mommy, the Stern Daddy, and so on.

Notes: Remember that all these are superficial personas (façades) and not aspects of "deeper" Archetypes such as the Trickster (who usually has a Charming persona), or the Shadow Rival. Also note that we may utilize several of these facades simultaneously, or we may alternate them for use in appropriate situations.

A major symbol for the Persona Archetype is the Mask. In ancient Greece, actors wore masks to represent the type of character the were playing. In the modern theater heavy make-up takes the place of a mask. Costumes at parties or at Halloween also represent personas. Even our choices of everyday clothing, ornaments, make-up and grooming can advertise the persona we wish to project at any given time. This is so, from the streets of New York to the tribal highlands of New Guinea, from the Supreme Court to the Riviera. All full dress military uniforms and decorations represent personas.

It is important to realize that all personas are fundamentally a first line of defense because they protect us (as egos) by nullifying any attacks we might receive if the person we are interacting with could actually see our hidden private or anti-social characteristics.

All personas are unadulterated ego and, as such, all of them have to be dropped; all these habitual ego-façades and acts and statements must be unlearned and erased if you are to move more quickly along your spiritual path of simplification, simply because they are not the Real You. Some people say, "What you see is what you get!" But they are deluding themselves because no one is allowed to see (initially) the whole other angry, fearful, depressed, confused Shadow side hidden inside them. Therefore, just strive to be your Natural Self without any affectations or personas.


Strictly speaking this is not a Jungian Archetype, but a Freudian Psychoanalytic component of the overall psyche (mind). However, I am including it here because the various aspects or levels of the Freudian ego interlace into some of the Jungian Archetypes, and vice versa. The term ego is from the Latin word meaning "I"—the first person pronoun. In this paper I use the term Ego to include everything in the psyche except the Child, Higher Self and Avatar Archetypes (described later below).

The three Psychoanalytic components of the ego are roughly as follows (note that these descriptions are much wider, broader and deeper than the standard Psychoanalytic definitions, and do not include definitions of Freud's oral, anal and sexual phases of early childhood, phases that I have found to be of narrow therapeutic use):

1. The ego as the everyday functioning Identity: The everyday-ego-identity is perceptually attuned to our external environment and especially to the people in our environment. This everyday-ego-identity which is ego-self-aware, has common sense, tries (in a seemingly unpredictable world) to maintain "sanity" and emotional balance, and automatically defends both itself and the body from all inner and outer threats. The everyday-ego-identity does all this, even as it seeks to attract from other individuals and the environment all the sustaining supportive fulfillments of its own needs and wants. In this sense, the everyday-ego-identity includes the Persona Archetype as its interactive boundary, frontier, or interface with other people and the environment.

The everyday-ego-identity includes much private personal content, ideas, habits and behaviors and feelings which are not openly admitted to in polite public circles—such as sexual activities or personal addictions.

In actual fact, we do not have one ego but a collection of different egos (ego-personalities or ego-children) which "come out" and function in various situations, but these are not façades; they are our everyday-ego-identities, each geared to specific activities such as our work, our sport, our recreational pursuits, our family, our religion, our sex life, etc. For example, a very different ego-personality comes out in church compared with the one that comes out in a pub or when in a traffic jam!

The Trickster Archetype is one major aspect of the manipulative everyday-ego-identity which appears in most cultures around the globe. This Trickster, who is in almost every person (including children) in some form, is the Liar, the Deceiver, the Con, the Cheat, the Practical Joker, the Illusionist, the Leg-Puller, the Perjurer, the Libeler, the Insinuator, the Turncoat. The Trickster in us is a kind of very private but usually conscious Shadow aspect of the everyday-ego-identity which we use to "get our egoic way," usually when we think other more straightforward open tactics will not work. The Trickster is sometimes the main character in numerous movies and stories around the world. He or she is often the Lovable Villain, the Charismatic Thief, of whom the most famous example is Robin Hood. No doubt you have your personal favorite. The Trickster Archetype is the ego's second line of defense against incoming attacks.

However, the personal everyday-ego-identity and all the Archetypes associated with it have to be dissolved if we are to find our God-given inner Peace, Love, Joy and Freedom.

2. The Super-ego: I define this particular aspect of the overall ego as the Parental Authority System (the PAS), but the PAS is a much wider Authority system than Freud's Superego. This Parental Authority System in humans is programmed into us by authorities, through many kinds of indoctrination, from before birth to mid- or late adolescence, and its consequent ingrained effects usually last for a lifetime. During one's infancy, childhood and adolescence, the Parental Authority System is like a sponge, just waiting to receive, soak-up, install, and rigidify the authoritarian input, indoctrination, programs, beliefs, and disciplining patterns of parents, care-givers, teachers, religious authorities, secular authorities, governments, and the cultural mores of the local society and/or country. [That sentence is worth reading several times.] The Parental Authority System is a specialized "area" or section of the human psyche. It is present from before birth as an unprogrammed area just waiting to absorb authoritarian information and responsive behaviors. Many educators, sociologists and psychologists call the PAS acquisition process in childhood and adolescence "socialization." 

Almost all this PAS programming is designed to control and manipulate the behaviors of the individuals who are on the receiving end for the rest of their lives. Domination through "negative" or "positive" control is the key function of the PAS (think "Big Brother"). Most PAS methods of domination are based on inducing fear in us during infancy, childhood and adolescence. As a metaphor we could say that the programming of the PAS during childhood and adolescence is akin to the programming of a computer's hard-drive so that the subsequent incoming experiential data "slides" smoothly into the pre-established PAS program-formats. For example, if I have been PAS programmed during childhood by adults or peers to hate the people of another specific religion, then later in life as an adult, if I see a member of that religion (even on TV) my PAS hate-program will kick in, and the automatic projection of my hate will tend to occur.

But the worst super-ego PAS domination programs are directed inwards (into the child's everyday ego itself) in order to control the individual's behaviors by instilling obedience—by means of inducing guilt, shame, fear, pain and belittlement. Drives such as sex, aggression, crying and fear are frequently the target behaviors to be molded, modified or crushed by the PAS domination (see "id" below). Without some kind of therapeutic intervention or powerful self-analysis these PAS programs and patterns usually continue unabated throughout adult life. Strangely, many people accept their inner PAS without question, while others are even unaware they have a PAS. Almost all neuroses and psychoses are caused by the PAS, including rebellion against it.

As mentioned above, sociologists tell us the Parental Authority System is a "built-in" aspect of the mind (our total psyche) which, when imprinted in childhood with our "obedient" adherence to cultural traditions and social customs, is essential to the continuance of our gradually evolving society as a national heritage. After all (they say) we would have chaos and anarchy in the country if it were not for PAS-engendered social conformity, and very few of us question this belief. However the PAS is almost entirely fear-based in both its positive (control/obedience) and negative (control/ obedience) aspects. No one seems to get it that if we gradually substitute Real Love training in place of the PAS, the latter would disappear into uselessness. Once we all Compassionately Love one another (as the Avatars all recommend) we obviously have no need for fear-based control and enforced obedience. All human laws are founded on fear because we do not Love one another. 

Most religious groups believe that conscience is a God-ordained "implant" in the human mind put there by Him to keep us wayward sinful children on the straight and narrow path so we can be "saved." But conscience is only another term for the PAS because, when we examine the people of different human cultures (even local ones), it is obvious that what is a sin in one culture may be a desirable act in another. This is especially true in the many forms of people killing people; consider human sacrifice, terminal euthanasia, pulling the plug, legal execution, war, self-defense, burning at the stake, terrorism, crucifixion, lynching, hunger-strikes, and the world-wide deaths of children at the rate of 200,000 per week due to sheer neglect. Which are right and which are wrong? Individuals have different opinions, and so do groups and countries; in other words un-Loving customs, morals and ethical practices are quite arbitrary.

Not infrequently, the PAS has as its polar counterpart we can call the Victim Archetype. As children we gradually may come to see ourselves as the victims of our parents who may discipline us with a variety of verbal and physical punishments. These may range from severe to mild. Therefore, the negative PAS archetypal input and our corresponding Victim Archetypal ego-response get introjected (taken into our psyches as fixed mind-sets) as an inseparable pair (PAS and Victim) —which we often unwittingly seek for and repeat as our experiences "out there," in later life situations.

Any subsequent teenage and adult addictions and substance-abuses embraced by the victims of the PAS are mostly futile attempts to temporarily escape from, or numb, these PAS-caused miseries. For example, food, anti-depressant drugs, or alcohol can be a temporary comforting solace. In cases of an abusive PAS, the everyday-ego-identity and id (see below) of the child/adult can suffer from chronic rage, psychoses, depression, dissociative disorders, or severe anxiety and panic states. Even praise and kindly PAS reinforcements during childhood can result in success-driven, adulation-seeking adults. "If I win that gold medal or cup, get those college degrees, be the CEO, become a multi-millionaire, be a star, achieve fame and fortune, then my Mom and Dad will truly love me."

Note that the super-ego PAS is somewhat difficult to remove from the psyche by using only traditional talk therapies. Psychospiritual therapy, including altered state work, can usually eliminate the PAS because the therapist and client can bring the various Archetypes into consciousness, and then, by working down through them (and eliminating them), uncover the Real Higher Self We Are. The PAS has much in common with the Mother and Father Archetypes (see below) and is usually a major aspect of the Shadow Archetypal Parent figures as well. Remember that only children need parents, and that if you are no longer a child then you no longer need even inner PAS parents--so let them go!

However, the super-ego and all the Archetypes associated with it have to be dissolved if we are to find our God-given inner Peace, Love, Joy and Freedom. (More on this theme will be discussed later below.)

 3. The id aspect of the Ego: Freud relegated to the id all the "passions," emotions, and drives that the ego does not want to own, or own up to! The id is a kind of closed-off dark basement of our psyches (minds) in which forbidden behaviors and eruptive emotions are hidden away and, if possible, dissociated (walled off), even though they may spontaneously burst through from time to time in spite of our efforts to repress them or hold them off. We usually relegate to the id-basement all our deep panic states, our overwhelming rage, our stark terror and fears, our violent murderous emotions, our forbidden shames, horrible guilts, and our very traumatic dissociated memories. The contents of the id are, by definition, almost entirely unconscious throughout our lives—unless they are brought to light (consciousness) through some trauma, or therapy. Although we may experience intense emotions such as panic or rage "consciously" their underlying causes usually remains unconscious, and it is these core causes that that have to be dug out and evaporated.

Much of this id content is a direct result of super-ego Parental Authority System domination in the form of PAS aggressive punishment by their actual parents, or caregivers (such as babysitters or nurses), during infancy and childhood which represses (inhibits) any displays of childhood aggression or other prohibited displays of emotion. Some infants are even forbidden to cry when in pain or when punished. Others are stopped by the PAS from displaying any anger or aggressive acts. Still others must never show fear—especially boys. Some have all or most of their sexual impulses inhibited, although, unlike Freud's era, there is far less sexual repression nowadays. And a few are never allowed to get dirty. In some families, particular swear words and gestures may be curbed by punishments and relegated to the id-basement of the ego. In many homes and societies public nakedness is nipped in the bud at an early age and then given a psychiatric name of "exhibitionism" together with its counterpart "voyeurism," and, of course, this is the cause of much so-called "pornography." In these ways the id is one of the mainstays of the Shadow Archetype figures and their content. As explained in the above section (2), the id is often (but not always) the basis for what many therapists call the fearful or suffering Victim, and this, too, is an archetypal pattern that pervades many cultures.

However, the id aspect of the ego and all the Archetypes associated with it have to dissolve, and all the locked-up energy (called libido) associated with them has to be released into more genuinely mature levels of functioning if we are to find our God-given inner Peace, Love, Joy and Freedom. The id's libido contains both emotional (affect) and motivational (conative) psychological energy, and the great power locked-up in the id can be seen, for example, when someone trashes their house in a tremendous rage. This constantly repressed (by the inner PAS) locked-up energy in the id may account (in part) for symptoms of lethargy, tiredness, guilt, unworthiness and apathy in a person who is otherwise healthy.

Nowadays, sadly, many conflicted id and PAS "neuroses" and "psychoses" are treated by prescribing a wide assortment of brain-damaging, counterproductive long-term medications. I have worked with many diagnosed schizophrenics, multiples (dissociative disorders) and severe bi-polar patients and gotten them off all medications by first making the contents of the id, PAS and ego  conscious, and then, second, transferring the resulting energy into "higher" archetypal forms such as the Child or Self (see later below).

However, breaking up the constrictions of the id-in-the-dark-basement along with the concomitant dismantling of the super-ego PAS is a very delicate business. As a society, what we really need to do is eliminate the entire egoic system by replacing it with an enlightened view of Life—a new Way of Living and of rearing children at home, in schools and in the community, one that includes loving positive training, active gentle parent-child participation, and only brief, very rare, minimal deprivations and reprimands. This applies to teachers as well. Love is the answer.


The Hero and Heroine Archetypes are also aspects of our egos, and both exist in both sexes, although usually the opposite sex Archetype is, naturally, almost always projected out onto that opposite sex. Thus, women project the hero out onto men (as do men, too) while men project the heroine outwards onto suitable women (as do women as well). In other words both sexes see heroic men as heroes, and both see heroic women as heroines. Examples of this would be Gandhi and Superman who are perceived as heroes by both men and women, while Joan of Arc and Pocahontas are seen as heroines by both sexes. It is important to note that, although in both history and modern mythology many heroes and heroines are powerful warriors, some, like Gandhi and Mother Theresa, are not.

However, almost all heroes and heroines, from the ancient British Queen Boadicea (who fought the Romans in AD-62) to Spiderman, vanquished (or tried to) the Parental Authority System which was persecuting "helpless" underdogs. The children's story, "Jack the Giant Killer" is typical. When we, as egos, read about or watch this vanquishing of the Parental Authority System, we identify with the heroes or heroines and cheer them on as they destroy the Super-ego monsters and their lesser henchmen. We love our heroes and heroines from James Bond to our latest TV heroines who may have supernatural powers. Sitting safely in our armchairs, we do this vicarious identification with our particular heroes and heroines because our own inner ego-children feel weak and helpless, i.e., the Victims. In this respect, it is interesting how many of these heroes and heroines appear to be ordinary citizens (like Superman's Clark Kent) until, by donning their superficial hero/heroine persona-clothing, they are fantastically transformed into omnipotent beings with superhuman strength and magical powers.

Do we have, and enjoy, these fantasies of omnipotence and magical powers because most of us feel we were so crushed by the Parental Authority System in childhood that we became powerless Victims and meek underlings who fear to question Authority—despite Authority's long societal history of child and adult abuse and neglect? We much prefer that our heroes and heroines challenge Authority on our behalf, and so we love our Joan of Arc's, our Christs, our Gandhi's, our Supermen and Superwomen who will save us from the bad Authoritarian mommies and bad daddies. We even invent Super Children to kill off the bad parents! But this is all just fantasy. Some people even see themselves as heroes or heroines who "save" others.

When clients explain to me how, as children (Victims), they were indelibly mistreated and emotionally contorted by their mean, abusive parents, I will ask them, "And how old are you now?" After further discussion, they soon see that they are still being the helpless five year-old or ten year-old victimized child decades later—when, in fact, they are now older in years than their parents were when their parents abused them! Almost everyone firmly believes they are their parents' child for life, and that they must remain so! They think little or no change is possible; that the damage is relatively permanent. In no way could they be even the more mature equals of their parents. So, once the folly of this belief is realized, we can search for and find the Power-full Child (see later below) who got buried during childhood and quickly grow that child up to the client's actual age today. We all have to reach the point of self-development where we deeply realize that we are much more mature now than the parents of our actual childhood were—parents who were the product of a past generation with far fewer advantages and resources that we have today. Each generation moves on (believe it or not) to superior levels of psychospiritual development than the less-fortunate previous generations. If this were not the case we would still be back in the caves. Yes, I do agree that for many people the degree of maturational movement during their lifetime is slight. But it need not be so.

Our inner Parental Authority System Superego has to be vaporized, because it is a memorized habitual relic, a non-existent present fantasy from the past that we, ourselves, are still superimposing on the present moment—right now. Victimhood, too, is only an habitual memory. Let it all go. You have long forgotten thousands of useless memories, so why not these? Your PAS and your Victim-Child is only a useless memory, not a now-reality. Get it? Even so-called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is mostly just an excuse to cling to useless memories which can usually be removed with psychospiritual altered state work. 

Thus, not only all our useless memories, but also all our projected "wishful-thinking" heroes and heroines who "save" people like us, have to be vaporized as we become mature, quietly powerful adults in our own right, mature adults who have no fear of any Parental Authority Systems—inside or outside. They have only the power we give them! No organization (e.g., a church, a prliament) or individual (e.g., an authority, a boss) can claim the right to God, or to your God-given Freedom. Always remember that every PAS "out there" is only composed of individual human beings just like yourself, and that is true for churches, teachers, gurus, Congress and the Supreme Court. That is also what Freedom in a democracy is supposed to be all about—it is about elected public servants, not public parents!


The Animus: This Archetype is the "unconscious" masculine aspect of human females. Most people do not realize that they are psychologically, and even physically, composed of elements of both sexes. All females then are "unconsciously" male and "consciously" female. Traditionally, females have always projected their "unconscious" masculinity out onto males and then tried to unite with that masculinity externally. All romantic literature, plays, movies and even music expresses this desire to search for and bond with a soul-mate. Thus, Juliet wants her Romeo, Isolde loves her Tristan, and in a Maori legend a maiden named Hinemoa swims across a large lake to be with her lover, Prince Tutanekai. In more modern times women may hope to find "Mr. Right."  In almost all these cases much of the perception of the "external" man is colored by the characteristics of the woman's "unconscious" animus figure which are projected out onto him as if he were a movie screen. Later in the romance, as his actual personality overrides these animus projections of the woman, the mismatch is seen and the relationship usually loses its glow or falls apart. For many people these successive, fateful romances are one of life's merry-go-rounds or up-and-down Ferris wheels.

The best way for females to eradicate these "unconscious" Animus Archetype projected externalizations onto men, is to develop their inner masculine side. When females mature their own inner masculinity they perceive men much more accurately and realistically and become much wiser in the ways of gender differences and sexual bonding. Of course, this is what the women's liberation movement has been all about for the last hundred years. This conscious maturation of the masculine in females can begin at an early age by encouraging girls to pursue and share "traditional" male roles even as they embrace their femininity. It is worth stressing here that woman who develop their inner opposite sex aspect actually increase their femininity.

One of the most attractive, feminine, sexy, mature, fascinating young women I ever knew had her doctorate at 24 years of age, and was running her own large company by 28. She also married successfully and had several children. She was very feminine with loads of intuition, sexuality, caring feelings, and empathy, but at the same time she was rational, power-full, very innovative and a great organizer who could hold her own in any company boardroom. Other more famous examples of mature feminine women who have developed their masculine side would be Mother Theresa, Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, and dozens of women CEO's, legislators, and justices.

Note that men consciously tend to organize, and women consciously tend to relate, but all the above-,entioned women did or do both—very well. Note that you, as a woman, do not have to become a Prime Minister, CEO or scientist to develop your Animus male aspect, but you do need to become organized, be logical and stand in your own power as peacefully as possible.

When I say men primarily organize I am not saying they necessarily organize well—you only have to look at Congress and other male institutions and businesses to see they often don't. I am also not saying men do not relate, feel and emote—they obviously do, but usually in less-than-subtle ways. Also when I say women primarily relate I am not saying women do not organize—they obviously do and (as mentioned above) some organize well—but usually (not always) this organization is based on and around how they feel about relationships.

If you rightfully expect the man in your life (see: Anima below) to be, or become, tender, loving, considerate, intuitive, gentle and caring (all feminine traits) without losing any of his fine masculinity, then you must grant him the equivalency in yourself of developing your masculine traits without losing any of your femininity.

Spiritual psychotherapy helps women develop and mature their masculine side quite quickly (as well as advancing their feminine traits to a higher order), especially if they are teenagers or in their twenties and thirties. Of course, ideally females will be nurtured from babyhood to develop their masculine Animus aspects (as well as their femininity) and to possess their power, but it is important to ensure this developmental process is a drawing out of mature masculine traits and not macho characteristics. I would just like to add that to accomplish this mature masculine/feminine integration, any sense of victimhood, depression, angry confrontation, withdrawal, or timidity has to be dissolved.

The Anima: A very similar male-equivalent archetypal pattern exists for almost all boys and men who are "unconsciously" female and "consciously" male. Traditionally, males have always projected their "unconscious" femininity out onto females and to want to unite with that femininity externally. In this undeveloped state, most males perceive that external union as primarily (though not wholly) physical and sexual. All romantic literature, movies, etc., capitalize on this projection of the Anima Archetype by males (onto females) by making their heroes tough, resourceful, powerful, intelligent, worldly wise, like James Bond, Robin Hood or Winston Churchill.

Most males (but not all) hope to find a female soul-mate, even though (as previously mentioned) their projected image of a desirable feminine soul-mate is usually somewhat more physically and sexually oriented than are the Animus-male projected images of females. This subjective emphasis by males on female physical qualities, rather than on personality, maturity and character can lead to couple-bonding mismatches which, mixed in with the Animus misperceptions of females, can result in much mutual misery and literal disillusionment in those relationships in the long term. Many women, knowing about this male penchant for the physical attractiveness, strive to present themselves very attractively—and the beautiful, sexy females often portrayed on the covers of almost every popular female-oriented and male-oriented magazine attests to this fact.

The best way for males to eradicate these "unconscious" Anima Archetype projected externalizations onto females is to develop their own inner femininity. When males mature their own inner female aspect, they tend to perceive females much more accurately and realistically and become much wiser in the ways of gender differences and sexual bonding.

The male "liberation" movement, that has steadily increased over the last fifty years, has been much less observable because it has taken place within family, personal and private relationship situations rather than in public organizations or the public arena. More and more males have been quietly developing their feminine intuition, subtle feelings, tenderness, romantic sensibilities, loving care, empathy, warm helpfulness, thoughtful consideration, sexual sensitivity, tactfulness, gentle receptivity, and are sharing life actively. These maturing feminine feelings of men are directed not only to partners, but also to their children, friends and colleagues. Of course there are still millions of unsubtle males out there whose feminine sides are dormant, and these macho men with their unrefined, raw emotions still think women are only impressed by muscles, dominance and cocksure attitudes.

It is difficult to give example of well-known men who have developed their feminine sides because this happens privately rather than in the public arena. Therefore you will have to look at the mature modern young married couples in your personal environment in which the males are happily helping change the diapers, do the laundry, cook the meals, hug the kids, cherish their wives (who may also have a job), rather than adhering to the old Victorian family roles and family set-up. The "Big Man" and his "Little Woman" (the power behind the throne) is almost a thing of the past. Examples of powerful men who have consciously developed their caring, intuitive, compassionate Anima aspect would be Jesus, Father Damien, Shakespeare, Carl Jung, and Gandhi. It is important to note that the development of the Anima Archetype in males enhances their masculinity.

Spiritual psychotherapy can help men develop and mature their feminine aspect quite quickly, especially if they are teenagers or in their twenties and thirties. Of course, ideally males will be nurtured from babyhood to develop their Anima aspects and to acknowledge their inner femininity. However it is important to ensure this developmental process is a drawing out of mature feminine traits and characteristics. Remember that almost all males have initially been raised by a mother as well as a father, but that the time for boys not to dance, not to play with dolls, not to be poets, etcetera, is over. I was very fortunate that along with my two sisters my mother taught me to sew (by hand and machine), knit (pearl and plain), crochet, darn, cook, vacuum, draw and paint. My younger sister and I played with dolls houses and dolls, and no one ever told me this was sissy! With my father, my younger sister and I did gardening, carpentry, fixed equipment, played monopoly and chess, made electric flashlights and built tiny radios. At school I played rugby, soccer and took up boxing. My eldest sister became a CPA in 1941, and the younger one a Town Planner, while I was the one who became the therapist!

A Note to Women about Males:  It is important for women to realize consciously that the primary drive in males is power, while sexuality only comes in second. This is why most women (the ones who really like men) admire, and are drawn to, assured, successful men in all walks of life. This male drive for "power" usually manifests itself in struggles for supremacy (like bulls) over Rivals (see below) all the way up the corporate, sports and other ranking ladders. Most men are totally unaware of the unconscious reasons why they struggle for dominance and control (however mild) over other men. Often wives and families take a close but second place to this dominance struggle over Rivals.

However, the men who bully and abuse their women, families and workers do not have the developed mature inner power to challenge equal Rivals or the Parental Authority System (Father). Hitler's SS men were all in this bully category, and so are some policemen in every country. Even seemingly mild-persona men who snipe at subordinates and put down colleagues fall into this bully category. Bullies almost always curry favor with the Boss onto whom they project their PAS. It is always a tragedy for the world when a super-bully, like Hitler, grabs power and indulges in ethnic cleansing and induces a pervasive fear of bullying dominance in his country. Inside all bullies is a fearful, inadequate (power-bereft) little boy whose "crude" aggression needs maturational development to a much higher psychospiritual level.

A Note about our inner Union with our opposite sex Archetype:  It is important to realize that we can not unite with (i.e., uncover) our Higher Selves, until this inner re-unification of our male and female aspects has been completed. Carl Jung postulated the Hermaphrodite Archetype which is that reunified combination of male and female in a single person. Although pictures of hermaphrodites show humans with both sets of sexual organs, be reassured you do not have to grow the organs of the opposite sex, or become bisexual in order to accomplish this mature psychospiritual state.


These two Archetypes are primarily associated with one's peers (same generation) as are the Animus and Anima Archetypes described above.

 The Friend: Almost everyone is very familiar with this Archetype, which could be renamed the "My Best Friend" Archetype. Usually the close friend of any person is of the same sex, but this is not always the case. The archetypal need for a close friend, a confidant, is deep and tends to be projected outwards onto another individual who is roughly in one's own age group. Close friend archetypal bondings occur in all age groups but appear to be strongest and most stable during late childhood, adolescence and young adulthood. "Buddies" is another common term for "best friends." In times of war, anxieties tend to consolidate buddy friendships, in which the partners "look out" for one another.

It seems that when one or both of two best friends independently marry, or settle down with a sexual partner, the need to maintain the buddy/best friend relationship diminishes, but sometimes  the married partners themselves become best friends to each other—quite apart from their sexual relationship. This is not a merging of the two archetypal categories, but rather that the two Archetypes (Animus/Anima and Friend) "run in parallel." Before 1950 married couples tended to continue their same-sex platonic best-friend relationships outside the marriage, but increasingly since that era married couples and long-term partners have tended to discover their partner is their best friend. Incidentally, best friendships can last from only a few months to an entire lifetime.

The Archetypal foundation to have a best-friend stems from our need for a close confidant with whom we can share our intimate joys, problems and secrets. Literature and history is littered with accounts of the loyalty of best friends. Even two siblings may become best friends, especially twins. We think that sharing our happy experiences (either at the time of the event, or later conversationally) doubles the pleasure, while sharing our fears, burdens and unhappiness halves those problems. Modern pop psychology calls the latter "dumping." We "dump" or "share" our negative emotions about a disliked third party, onto our friend or spouse, but unfortunately this "dumping" rarely makes the third party problems go away, even though we may experience a little short term relief. Some people "dump" their angry, fearful or depressed negative emotions about a third party on a personal friend for many years without any therapeutic change to any of the persons involved. By substituting a therapist or support group for a personal friend or buddy, therapeutic healing may occur.

Also, psychospiritual therapy, or other spiritual developmental processes, can raise the projected Archetypal need for a single close friend into consciousness where it can eventually be expanded to include an actual close relationship with numerous people and a potential close Loving relationship with every member of the human race. More on these themes will be discussed below as we examine other Archetypal patterns.

The Rival: The Rival Archetype is the projected (usually peer-level) Shadow who, we feel, is stealing our rightful pleasure-providers away from us, and consequently we dislike or even hate them. The Rival is also the notorious third party in the eternal triangle who is busting into our relationship and seducing (stealing) our love-partner away from us. Obviously, in almost all our relationships, everyone sees ego-love as being in short supply. Rivals, who are usually of the same sex as ourselves, are (in our view) actually emptying our partner's "love-bucket" of all the pseudo-love we righteously claim as belonging to us. (See G03 for information on love-buckets)

I often say to people that God, from the ego's point of view, is the most unfaithful Being around, because He Loves everyone equally and to the maximum. But for us human's, loving more than one person at a time is a jealous "no-no," and commitment becomes a high-fenced excluding corral! And I am not talking just about sexual relationships! People even get jealous of their own children and best friends, let alone spouses. Definitely the ego has determined "love" is exclusive and in very short supply. Almost all of us think we possess (have ownership of) those we love, and once we have "branded" them as ours with our mark (or gold ring), no one else can share affection with them. "Don't you dare look at another man/woman!" We even think that NOT loving others is an infallible indicator of the strength of the love (the devotion) between us and our partner. 

Real Love is an active verb, which means that unless it is expressed in some practical action (including speech) it is non-existent. Every Avatar has said we must all Love one another, and that means Extreme Love—just like God's Active Love in every Now moment of unfolding Creation. Real Love is sharing, caring and healing. Did Jesus, the Buddha or the other Avatars love only a few people, or only one person? None of this has anything to do with sex, except that, in some circumstances, sex may express love in an active symbolic union. Don't misunderstand me—I am not saying sex is wrong—any more than eating food is wrong; we can even unite with one we love by sharing an enjoyable meal together. It is the Loving Togetherness, not just the physical act of eating, or sex, or watching a gorgeous sunset together.

Another area of human activity in which the Rival Archetype occurs is in all competitive situations. Two candidates competing for the same job, a gold medal, a prospective girlfriend or boyfriend, lover, or object of value such as a rare painting, perceive each other as Rivals. In earlier centuries many duals were fought by rivals and in more recent times these rivalries may still erupt into physical fights. Even some scientists may consider another scientist in the same field a rival. Whole armies will fight each other because their Kings or Presidents perceive each other as evil rivals. When groups of people with the same Rival attitude get together and team up, they see the other group or team as their Rivals and this archetypal pattern, which includes all the fans (i.e., almost the entire nation), has been institutionalized in team sports. Much more deadly are the neighborhood street gangs or criminal organizations like the Mafia who see Rival gangs or organizations as enemies, who all struggle for "turf" or a larger "piece of the pie."

Obviously while most males tend to compete like Rival bulls in every competitive arena, women also compete as Rivals but usually in less overt ways, and mostly by engaging in vituperative verbal duals and undermining tactics—not that men are above these stratagems either. However, with the increasing advent of women's liberation, they are moving more and more into what were, a century ago, mostly male arenas such as sport (e.g., wrestling), business and frontline warfare.

Rivals are often competing for the attention and affection of their "Parents" (the PAS). This type of rivalry is not limited to siblings because colleagues can compete as rivals for the attention of their boss, and students can be rivals over getting praise from their teacher. Even gurus notice devotees struggling with each other for recognition as the favorite disciple! In Freudian terms, this means that if you cannot kill father and take his place with mother, you can at least fight your "siblings" to be his favorite son or daughter. Of course you still have to contend with your mother who may be your biggest rival of all for Dad's affection. And speaking of mother, the Freudian Oedipus situation in which a boy's father becomes his Rival as a competitor for his mother's affection only applies as that son begins (in early childhood) to perceive his father as his "equal." While Oedipus was a grown man (or teenager) in the Greek legend, even a boy-child can be sufficiently self-aware to see his father as a competitor for his mother's love.

It seems that the vast majority of the human race can not live without finding a Rival to dislike or even hate. Once we vanquish one Rival we actively search for the next one to take aim at and defeat (render power-less). Our fear of loss of a source of ego-love, applause, adulation, markets, power, money, or turf turns the perceived offender into a Rival, and then dislike, anger, rage and hate become the ego's solution, even when that dislike or hate is thinly disguised behind a "cool" persona. For every triumphant winner there are dozens, or thousands of sad, depressed losers. Think on that. The life-long losers, then, are in a permanent depression, so-much-so that we have become a pill-popping antidepressant nation. Our competitive rivalries for success and pseudo-love cause most of our dramas, neuroses and discordant life-situations.

Watch out, too, for the tendency to become the Victim of a Rival or Rivals. There is always a tendency for the losers to see themselves as the Victims of the winners of the battle or conflict situation, especially if seemingly unfair "dirty tricks" have been used. All too often we get into an habitual mode of perceiving as "unfair" all rivalry conflict situations in which we are involved.

Although most of the two people who see each other as rivals are of the same gender as in love triangles or boxing matches, it is quite possible for the rivals to be of opposite sexes. Two parents may compete as rivals for the affection or custody of a child. As business women move up the corporate ladder they may be perceived as rivals by threatened male executives. There is an old "South Pacific" WWII song, a duet between a female lieutenant nurse and a male lieutenant soldier, that demonstrates this is not such a recent trend: "Anything you can do, I can do better…"

All Archetypal Rivalries are based on the almost universal human belief that there is a shortage of almost everything and that most of us have to competitively scramble to acquire our lion's share before our rival (or rivals) rip it all off for themselves, leaving us, at best, with a few leftovers and a sense of failure. "Love," especially, is always in short supply. This is all a vast ego-trip founded in a profound belief in scarcity even when the people involved sit in the middle of their own abundance. Millionaires want to make their next million, actors long to get more adulation from their next film or play, members of the military or corporations desire that next higher rank, and academics chase after esteem, sometimes in the form of Nobel Prizes, by racing each other to "publish or perish."  This listing of Archetypal Rivalry situations could continue almost indefinitely.

In any jealousy or competitive situation, it is very important to realize that when we make someone our rival, at that moment we become their rival and they will tend to see us as negatively as we see them. Therefore, make no one your rival, because automatically that is what you become, and this happens no matter how much you try to whitewash the situation in your own righteous favor. As the saying goes, it takes at least two to tangle.

Rival groups and organizations tend to polarize their belief systems into extremes of right and wrong. This is especially true of political parties. I often wonder why individual nations do not regularly send teams of sane experts around the world looking for the highly successful policies of other countries which could be adopted (and adapted perhaps) at home with great benefit. Is it too difficult to find sane wise men and women? All too often good policies and obvious answers get buried under political clichés, sound bites and myopic personal ego-interests. Why is there not free universal health care for all the children in the USA? We have universal free education!

A major factor in rivalry situations is the ego-need we have to be right! Most of us will throw harmony and peace out the window if this deep ego-need to be right is threatened. Our petty lives become an endless turmoil-ridden effort to prove we are right, even over insignificant issues. In fact, almost all these issue-laden circumstances are totally unimportant, and can be dropped without any challenge over who is right. For rivals and couples, a good rule is to let the person who is most involved in the job or act, do whatever it is, the way they want to do it. If you both decide advice is advisable, the person on the job has the right to regard it as only input which they are free to accept or reject—after any questions of clarification (not contention) have been answered. A Course in Miracles puts it succinctly: Do you prefer that you be right or happy? (T-#573/617-29.VII.1:9) 

From our infancy, in honor of the Rival Archetype, we are taught to do better than the other kids, to be the best (not our own best without any comparisons), to be a great success, and these competition-driven attitudes are hammered into us at home, at school, in all sports and in many recreational activities. Everyone is compared with everyone else. We all love the "high rush" we get when we win, when we are a great success. This is one time our parents always  "love" us. As mentioned above, when we applaud the winners, few of us stop to realize that for every winner, there are lots of losers who are weeping inside and depressed because they failed. The Rival won and is now the "King of the Castle" and the failures are "dirty dismal rascals." To change the metaphor, the Rival Archetype contains the universal Rat Race in which all of us are blind (i.e., unconsciously driven) rats. Always remember that we, too, are being a rival to those we see as rivals.

But, as A Course in Miracles says: Some of your greatest [spiritual] advances you have judged as failures, and some of your deepest [spiritual] retreats you have evaluated as success [the ego won]. (T-#357/382-18.V.1:6)  Think long and hard about that rich insight.

Transforming the Rival into Friends: If we would be happy and peaceful, all our inner Archetypal Rivalries must be healed and all Rivals turned into non-competitive Friends. First we must own the entire contents of the Archetype by withdrawing all Rivalry and "enemy" projections that we have placed onto Rivals. Competition of any kind is unnecessary and must be dropped--it is a false incentive. All the negative feelings and emotions associated with any rivalry must be owned because nothing can be done about them when we think their cause lies in the other person, our Rival, the enemy. Secondly, once the Archetypal contents, including all fears and angers, are all owned, there must be no attempts to deny them, censor them, repress them or control them; nor must they be released outwards onto anyone else; in other words, no blame. Do all this while alone, or with a knowledgeable friend or therapist. Thirdly, bring all the negative feelings and emotions (and their aversive content) up into the Light of Consciousness and give it to a Higher Power, to the Holy Spirit, to the Higher Self, or to God. Release it all so that it can be "vaporized" into the egoic nothingness from which it came. This is called "True Forgiveness." Then finally, see the former Rival as a Son or Daughter of God and bless them as a Friend, even if you do not verbally communicate with them, because the Christ or Buddha in everyone is our Loving Friend. Every time we, as egos, attack another individual we crucify the Christ (who is in them) all over again.


These four egoic Parental Authority System Archetypes are as follows: The Good "Positive" Mother, The Bad "Negative" Mother, the Good "Positive" Father, the Bad "Negative" Father.

These four Parental Authority System Archetypes play a huge role in everyone's life from before birth to death. They color, influence and permeate all our emotions, feelings, relationships, reactions, attitudes, health, beliefs, ideas, stereotypes, education, religion, culture, politics, life-styles, friendships, careers, family life, efficiency, sports, recreations and leisure activities, sex-life, entertainments, and even our pets!

Note here, that each of the "positive and "negative" PAS Parents of one gender are a horizontal (same ego-level) polarity and equally valueless. Many people think of "positive" parents as superior to "negative" ones. However, if the "positive" parent is manipulating the children (of any age) in order to condition them, through "loving" control, into obedient compliance (i.e., "good"  behavior) then the result is often as damaging as negative punishment. I once had an unmarried 30-year-old anxiety-ridden client whose very loving religious parents, whom she adored, had always told her it was a great "sin" to have sex; her neurotic resolution in adolescence and adulthood was to have vaginismus spasms which made sexual penetration impossible. Millions of people in countries around the world unthinkingly accept the wide variety of dogmatic beliefs they were taught by loving parents—beliefs which can cause pain, terrorism, wars and all kinds of illnesses. (See Note on Parenting below.)

Let it be said, right up front, that all four Parental Authority System Archetypes and their influence on (and in) all the above areas of our lives have to go if we wish to find Peace, Love, Happiness, Knowledge and Freedom. And this total relinquishment of the Archetypal PAS must include all our inculcated PAS Archetypal beliefs about God onto Whom we constantly project them (more on this topic later).

From before our births we equip ourselves with a mind that is compartmentalized into Archetypal Sections much like, by analogy, a house with its persona-façade, a protective roof, an attic, bedrooms, private bathrooms, family rooms, a kitchen, some workrooms, a garage, a dark basement, and connecting passageways, stairs and doorways. Some of the doors may be locked. Rather than a house, some people's minds are like a castle complete with drawbridge, fortifications, keep and cannons! A few seriously ill minds are more like a fairground (Archetypal) House of Horrors. But do not carry these kinds of "house" analogies too far or you will be misled.

The Good Mother Archetype:  When growing up almost everyone experienced some aspects of their actual mother that were "positive." Perhaps she occasionally hugged us, gave us gifts and cookies, helped us, praised us and let us know we were liked, or better still, loved. These "good" acts and feelings we happily accepted from her, and then introjected (we took them in and installed them in our waiting psyches) into our Good Mother Archetype "room" in our PAS. By the time we were 16 this mental installation of the Good Mother Archetype was pretty complete—all ready to be re-projected out onto "good mothers" who subsequently appeared in our lives, or will yet appear. 

However, always remember the "good" Parent Archetypes can sometimes cause as much psychological damage in adolescence and adulthood as the "bad" ones, especially in those of us who do not question the ideas and beliefs we were indoctrinated with. Question all beliefs and ideas because if they are True they will easily survive any penetrating re-examination!

In mythology, stories and history this Good Mother Archetype is imaged as the Fairy Godmother, Bountiful Goddesses (Artemis with multiple Breasts), Mother Nature (in her bountiful aspects), female Angels, the Good Witch, the Benign Queen, some female Saints, and countless Loving Grandmothers. Through our projections we love all these images of Good Mothers. However, if you are over 18 years of age you no longer need parents, only Loving relationships with equals, no matter how much older and wiser they may be.

The Bad Mother Archetype:  When growing up almost everyone experienced aspects of their actual mother that were "negative." She occasionally yelled at us, took things away from us, insulted us, punished us, perhaps struck us and let us know we were disliked, or worse yet, unloved. These "bad" negative acts and feelings we promptly introjected (we took them in and installed them in our waiting psyches) into our Bad Mother Archetype "room" in our PAS. By the time we were 16 this mental installation of the Bad Mother Archetype was pretty complete—all ready to be re-projected out onto "bad mothers" who subsequently appeared in our lives, or will yet appear. Every time I hear someone say, "Well. I was probably a naughty child, and needed some punishment," I think how cleverly their parent anchored their child's PAS firmly into place. Any, "This hurts me more that it hurts you," statement by parents is another PAS anchoring tactic. The Bad Mother is another aspect of our inner Shadow.

In mythology, stories and history this Bad Mother Archetype is imaged as the Wicked Witch, the Old Crone, Mother Nature (in her frightening and harmful aspects), Demonic Hags, the Hateful Queen, the Nasty Stepmother, the Evil Enchantress, the Destructive Goddess, znd bad Witches. Through our projections we dislike or hate all these images of Bad Mothers.

The Good Father Archetype:  When growing up almost everyone experienced aspects of their actual father that were "positive." Perhaps he occasionally hugged us, gave us gifts, played with us, helped us, praised us and let us know we were liked, or better still, loved. These "good" acts and feeling we happily accepted from him and introjected (we took them in and installed them in our waiting psyches) into our Good Father Archetype "room" in our PAS. By the time we were 16 this mental installation of the Good Father Archetype was pretty complete—all ready to be re-projected out onto "good fathers" who subsequently appeared in our lives, or will yet appear.

However, always remember the "good" Parent Archetypes can sometimes cause as much psychological damage in adolescence and adulthood as the "bad" ones, especially in those of us who do not question the ideas and beliefs we were indoctrinated with. Question all beliefs and ideas because if they are True they will easily survive any penetrating re-examination!

In mythology, stories and history this Good Father Archetype is imaged as Santa Claus, the Benign King (Old King Cole), Noah, Moses, the Sun-God, the Kindly Wizard, the good Stepfather, Obi Wan Kenobi, many Saints, Enlightened Masters, Merlin, some Prophets, and countless Loving Grandfathers. Through our projections we love all these images of Good Fathers.

The Bad Father Archetype:  When growing up almost everyone experienced aspects of their actual father that were "negative." He occasionally yelled at us, took things away from us, insulted us, punished us, perhaps struck us and let us know we were disliked, or worse yet, unloved. Some fathers I have heard about in my practice were insanely negative, and these men were themselves the victims of insane fathers. Need I quote, "The sins of the fathers..."?

All sexual abuse by fathers falls into this Archetypal Bad Father category, and I am not talking only about recovered memories so much as abuse that went on well into adolescence as a fully conscious, but unpreventable activity. Killing the family is a not uncommon threat by fathers to instill silence in their young victims.

These "bad" negative acts and feelings we promptly introjected (took in and installed in our waiting psyches) into our Bad Father Archetype "room" in our PAS. By the time we were 16 this mental installation of the Bad Father Archetype was pretty complete—all ready to be re-projected out onto "bad fathers" who subsequently appeared in our lives, or will yet appear.

In mythology, stories and history this Bad Father Archetype is imaged as the Devil, Satan, the Ogre, the Evil Wizard, the Bad Giant, Angry Gods, the terrible King, Big Brother, the Spiteful Sorcerer, the Wicked King (Ivan the Terrible), the Dictator, the Big Bad Boss, Destructive Gods. Through our projections we dislike or hate all these images of Bad Fathers. The Bad Father is another aspect of our inner Shadow.

A Note on Contemporary Parenting:  If you have children or are likely to have some it is important to realize how crucial it is to accept your children's natural sexual, aggressive and fear drives in a loving atmosphere of positive training. Most parents think there are only two ways of parenting children, namely firm discipline or "let-them-do-as-they-like" liberalism. The higher level is Loving positive training with full parental participation. Discuss all topics openly with them at every age (from birth on) in terms they can understand, and teach them to think for themselves and so they can come to wise decisions. If we are all to Wake Up, children have to be trained to handle the Freedom to decide for themselves (with constant understanding parental help) what their beliefs and attitudes will be. This does not mean that as a parent you should hide your own beliefs, but always point out that others may think differently. Openness is the key to happiness because, "The Truth will set you FREE." This paper is not a book on parenting so I have to leave this topic now, but if anyone wants further input just let me know. Incidentally, this whole Archetypal paper is about upbringing.

Dissolving your Parental Authority System Archetypes: If we would be truly happy and peaceful, all four of our inner Archetypal Parents must be dismantled and dissipated.

First, we must own the entire contents of these four Archetypes by withdrawing all our projections that we have placed onto mother and father figures of every kind, including God—Who is not an Archetype. All the negative feelings and emotions associated with any of them must be personally owned (i.e., all projections onto others must be withdrawn) because we can do nothing about dissolving them while we think their cause lies in other persons. Even the egoic "positive" feeling and emotions of our bondings and attachments with our parents (or parent surrogates) have to be included in this dismantling process, because, as mature adults we no longer need "good mommies" and "good daddies." We Love them as equal fellow-Beings, not parents. It is very difficult for most individuals to understand this point.

Secondly, once the Archetypal contents including all fears and angers are all personally owned there must be no attempts to deny them, censor them, repress them or control them; nor must they be released onto anyone else. Even all our ego-love needs for parents (and any scarcity-based greediness we might have) must be unequivocally owned if we are to free ourselves from these four Archetypes. Do all this while alone or perhaps with a knowledgeable friend or therapist.

Thirdly, bring all this useless Archetypal PAS content up into the Light of Consciousness and give it to a Higher Power, to the Holy Spirit, to the Higher Self, or to God. This may require deep forgiveness. Release it all so that it can be "vaporized" into the egoic nothingness from which it came. This is called "True Forgiveness" which is really only a matter of arriving at the point of Loving the other person or persons (including "parents") as Children of God.  See all people as only Children of God and stop categorizing them, at which point all Archetypes will have disappeared from your Mind-as-such.

For much more on the Ego-dismantling Method see G04.


These two Sage Archetypes are found in almost all cultures. Strangely, they are sometimes represented by people who are not necessarily old in terms of great age. I once knew a sixteen-year-old Buddhist girl who could intuitively tap into the Universal Wisdom. Wise Shamans such as Don Juan in Carlos Castaneda's books are excellent examples of the Wise Old Man Archetype. Some might classify such historical figures as Moses, Socrates, Hermes, and Lao-Tzu as male representatives of this Archetype. Yoda in the Star Wars series of movies is also an example of a Wise Old Man.

Sophia, the virgin Mother of All, who is the Goddess of Wisdom, is the Guiding Wise Spirit in the collective unconscious—the female counterpart to the masculine Holy Spirit. The word Mother crops up regularly in mythology and symbolism, and the Goddesses or Beings endowed with that title are usually very wise. Even the hieroglyph alphabet is said to have been invented by the Goddess Isis in Egypt. And Kwan Yin, the Chinese Goddess of mercy, compassion and forgiveness could also be said to typify the Wise Old Woman Archetype.

In Psycho-spiritual therapy it is usually not too difficult to contact female and male Ascended Masters and Spiritual Guides who are readily available to give of their wisdom and advice in order to help clarify and heal the problems and illnesses of clients. All it takes is a willingness on the part of the client to go into a deep altered state and allow their Guide to speak through them and to them giving sage advice about what to do and say. Many have been helped to heal through this simple procedure. The practical advice and spiritual wisdom they regularly impart "certify" them as Genuine Masters or Guides. I say this because many people ask me how can one know the difference between sages and tricksters; well, it is as easy as telling the difference between polished jewels and polished sandstones.

While these Guides and Masters are Wise Men and Women in there own right, it is only a matter of our own spiritual development (Self-Realization) before every one of us becomes enlightened, at which point we, too, can tap directly into the Collective Wisdom of the Universal Mind—just as they do. Once we accomplish this (as a simple uncovering of what is already deep within us), we become our own channel of the Universal Wisdom. As a result of the process we have Consciously Realized our Old Wise man and Woman Archetypes, and so they cease to exist in us as theoretical conceptualizations or Archetypal projections. Meditation in deep silence, without ego, is one way to allow this to occur. (See ACIM quotation at the end of this paper. You may also wish to study the ENLIGHTENMENT papers -- F1, F2, &F3)


 There is much confusion in the self-help and psychological literature about the nature of the "inner child" which has, in fact, become a Huge Boot full of kids just like the archetypal "Old Woman who lived in a Shoe, and who had so many children she knew not what to do!" Therefore it is useful, at this point, to clarify the difference between, (a) multiple inner ego-children many of whom are "buried" or suppressed, and, (b) the Christ or Buddha Child Archetype.

Ego-children:  If you have ever read about people with multiple personalities (now officially designated as a dissociative identity disorder—DID) you will understand that that they are a loose bundle of identities who are mostly unconsciously walled-off from each other. These dissociated personalities take over that person's consciousness (almost always only one at a time) when appropriately stimulated (and sometimes inappropriately) by their environment and personal relationships. I once found up to 17 dissociated "entities" of one kind and another in a DID client, which took about two years to integrate or relinquish—with the help of several of her Guides. As is now well known, a dissociative identity disorder is often caused by severe sexual and/or physical abuse by an adult during the client's early childhood. I call these identities ego-children because, even though they may appear in grown-up trappings and act through an adult body, each is usually an undeveloped pre-adolescent child—even when sexually or intellectually "sophisticated."

Now the truth is that we are almost all "multiple personalities" but in so-called "normal people" (like us) those not-mature ego-children know of one another, and can, when appropriate, even collaborate with each other to fulfill the overarching ego's needs, desires and wants. (To examine a long check-list of ego-children see E5). The more obvious ones are the guilty child, the fearful child, the angry child, the depressed child, the stubborn child, the sad child, the sexual child, and the placating child. Some of our ego-children have a superficial façade (see Persona Archetype above) to show the world, but this face is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg—the hidden under-part of which often reaches deep into our unconscious minds.

These ego-children are mostly held in place by the Parental Authority System which represses or suppresses most of them in one situation or another. Of course, the original process of suppression/repression mostly takes place during infancy and childhood. The PAS may also give some of these ego-children permission to emerge when conditions are considered by it to be "proper" and "appropriate" (e.g., sex is okay only in private). Many PAS-indoctrinated "conflicting mixed messages" may occur between our inner ego-children as when young teen children are told to look "sexy" as the persona-child, but "sexual abstinence is best" for the sexual teen-child.

Note that the relationships between your various ego-children, and each of their individual relationships with your PAS can be quite tangled. In each of us, this is especially true of the Guilty ego-child who is comprised of three emotions: (1) fear of the PAS, (2) love of the PAS, and (3) an "up-down" ego-child-anger/PAS punishment arrangement. As adults we often punish ourselves, through our inner PAS, in a variety of ways including accidents and illness. We may also sabotage ourselves in the name of our PAS by staying "failed" because becoming a mature adult is not only too fraught with danger, but also because in a failed fallen state (unlike prideful Humpty-Dumpty) we cannot fall anywhere. Those at the bottom of the heap (or barrel) may not have much but, at least, there is no high wall of success to fall off, and no one to push you off it!

One development we have to watch out for occurs when we become parents ourselves at which point, whenever we interact with our external offspring, our inner Parental Authority System takes hold of us (we identify with it) and we tend to lay on our children all the behavioral control, obedience and dominance methods that our parents used with us. It is thus that the abused now become the abusers. Alternately, we go to the opposite reactive extreme and become "do-as-you-like" parents because we were heavily disciplined and obedient. The right answer here is to adopt an interactive Loving positive training of, and full participation with, your children.

Almost always, some of our personal inner ego-children have to be rapidly grown-up during Psychospiritual Therapy (e.g., the angry "problem-solving" ego-child can mature into adult positive determination and dedication -- see E3). Therapists should note that the rageful-ego-child needs very skillful releasing, especially when the client starts to blow up more frequently. But most of the other ego-children have to be dissolved—because they are illusory ego-forms or constructs (e.g., the Macho Male ego-child or the Pretty Doll ego-child). Eventually, all our "valuable" ego-children must be seamlessly merged (not integrated) into our Higher Selves.

The Pure Child Archetype:  Every human being is born with a natural, perfect, Spiritual Child within him or her. This Spiritually Pure Child is almost always quickly buried under a whole slew of ego-children who are generated in each of us by our PAS environment, including parents, relatives, religion, teachers, older siblings and others who do not know this Pure Child exists, even though almost everyone sees that Child in the newborn baby and Loves it.

This whole birth and babyhood mind-situation needs further simplified explanations and clarifications to be understood by most people. When we complete a human lifetime, and our bodies die, we take our ego-experiences with us in a metaphorical briefcase and store them in our between-lives metaphorical locker-room, along with many other previous significant ego-experiences we have had in still earlier lifetimes. Then (usually in consultation with our Guides) when we decide the time has come to experience (reincarnate into) a new lifetime, we select only those specific sets of ego-characteristics and ego-conflicts that we wish to deal with and resolve this new time around. Then, with these ego-sets in mind, we choose our parents, get ourselves conceived, and we are on our way to another round of Waking up! Some sages, gurus and authors call this Karma. Always realize, however, that all our Karma and Karmic experiences no longer exist in the past, but only in our present psyches and each Now moment, and Now is where they have to be re-solved.

However it is important to realize that, along with this baggage of ego-material, we also bring our Pure Child—who we Really Are. Let me reiterate here, that before conception we choose our parents, family and culture in order to get the best match with our baggage of ego-material. We do this because we will spend the first 16 years of our new lifetime acquiring all the internal ego-children from our parents (even if we were adopted), family and culture. For example, if we have (in our new lifetime ego-baggage) a rageful child which we wish to resolve and dissolve this time around, we will choose parents and caregivers (sometimes foster parents or adopted parents) who will mentally, and perhaps physically, abuse us during infancy and childhood to the point of extreme frustration and anger. Of course, we came in with our rage in our metaphorical briefcase, all ready to go. In case you think this an outrageous postulate, have we not most of us (not all) experienced some explosive rage during this lifetime; and (by analogy) do we not come in with an intelligence all ready and waiting for the input of learning at home and at school. As Shakespeare had Hamlet say to his friend Horatio: "There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." And that is true for all of us. Jesus made a similar statement to his disciples. Even in A Course in Miracles Jesus unequivocally states (here he uses the first person "I" to represent each of us, not himself):

          I am responsible for what I see.

 I choose the feelings I experience,

   and I decide upon the goal I would achieve.

 And everything that seems to happen to me

 I ask for, and receive as I have asked.


 Deceive yourself no longer that you are helpless in the face of what is done to you.


 (ACIM TEXT-#417/448-21.II.2:3-6)

The Pure Child, who waits contentedly, without any pressure or coercion, in all of us, must be released from underneath the ego-children and its PAS "depressor." This usually happens only after much of our ego-garbage has been gradually resolved and released through giving it to a Higher Power and through our forgiveness—which is only the rediscovery of our Love for everyone. This inner Christ (Buddha, Krishna, etc.,) Child is your potential, and that Christ Child potential is within everyone you see, even the so-called criminals, those who are ill and all other unhappy humans.  Once released into consciousness the Pure Innocent Child is free to grow and mature openly in all manner of Loving and Light-filled ways. Would you not want that?


The Higher Self is, in Reality, the Mind-Being Identity God created when each of us was originally conceived by Him as an Individuated Mind within His Own Mind-Being—where we still exist. Nothing can exist outside the Mind-Being of God because then there would be two Gods, and then we would need a third "higher" God to encompass them as ONE.

To create each of us as Individuated Mind-Beings (no bodies yet) God encapsulated a "piece" of His Own Omniscient Absolute Mind-as-such Being in His Love, and Thought each of us into Being exactly like Himself in every way, except that He created us and not vice versa. Thus we were created "In His Image" and, in Reality, we still are. God gave each one of us all His Attributes. But if this is True, then, considering our present sorry human state of being, where did these Attributes go? Well, they got buried deep within our unconscious minds by denial, amnesia and separation. The following explanation is vastly over-simplified because it has to be explained in (and from) a human egoic context, but it will give you an idea of what happened.

This denial of God-in-us-as-us happened when, as Individuated Loving Mind-Beings within His Mind-as-such, we asked God if we could create our own "kingdom" apart from His, simply because we wanted to test the extreme limits of our God-Given Creative Powers by creating without Him. We wanted to dispense with God's (Loving) Authority and "do our own thing independently of Him. Of course, God explained that this was impossible because it was (and is) impossible for us to get outside His Singular Mind-as-such Which includes All-That-Is. Why (God asked) could we not just enjoy the Universe of His Manifested Ideas He had created within His Own Mind-as-such? We had even helped Him make this Universe of quantum-realized Ideas. (See next paragraphs)

But we insisted on our own "kingdom" and so God said, "Well my Children, I gave you My Freedom to do whatever you will, so the only solution is for you to fall into a deep sleep and dream that you are operating in your own imagined dream-world, which will have to be artificially superimposed on My Universe—as a distortion of My Universe. In your dream you will make imaginary ego-identities, with which you will micro-manage the dream. Your powers of idea-manifestation will continue in your dream but you will not realize they are operating in the Now continuously, but will see them as a "solid" past, present and future that you will call "time." What you make and manifest in your egos' dreamworld will be inter-mixed (but not blended) with My Reality. However, all the Ideas of Love, Light, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Oneness, Knowledge and Freedom will have to be left outside the dream, simply because any Consciousness of them would shatter your egoic dream-world instantly. Therefore you will have to invent false emotions and concepts (such as fear, anger and "solid" material matter) to replace My Real Ideas of Love, Light, Spirit-as-substance, etc. Moreover, although those of you who want to do this nonsense will all, in fact, share the dream, you will each imagine you are in separate dreams, because all Oneness and Real Communion will be believed to be absent. You may even imagine you are sleeping and dreaming within your separation-dream (dreaming within the dream) because there is no limit to imagination. Mind you, imagination is wonderful as long as you realize it is imagination; but when you believe what you imagine in the dream is Reality you will become constantly confused and ignorant."

So, here we humans exist in our self-made loveless dreamworld full of turmoil, confusion, misery, fear, anger, and temporary pseudo-loves. We seem to exist in what we think of as physical bodies in a physical universe, which, in Reality, is being re-created anew (as Ideas of form within Ideas of energy—even Plato knew that fact) in every Now-moment. Note that nothing exists a nanosecond into the future, and nothing exists a nanosecond into the past; the future has not yet been created and the past is only a now-memory in mind (see: H2). In our egoic dream-world we interfere lovelessly with Real Creation churning out unreal diseases, handicaps, disasters, pollution, pain, misery, suffering, war, accidents, scarcity, cruelty, crime, hunger, death and other nightmares.

The Answer to all this monstrous, bogus belief-system lies in our Higher Selves who remain patiently outside the dream waiting for us to Wake Up! Whereas our Pure Child is our Life-line within the loveless dream (a dream we continuously fabricate) our Higher Selves are still as God created them, and they desire to help us Awaken from our ego-identifications. However, within the dream we are egoically addicted to innumerable thrills and satisfactions which are inherent in the nightmares we manufacture. We are fascinated by disasters for weeks. We love our food to excess and, in some countries, to starving shortages. We endlessly discuss our illnesses, physical pains and medications with relish. We pollute Mother Earth and enjoy the "joyride." We kill one another non-stop and then decorate and admire our Heroes on both sides. We soak up numerous films and stories which usually arrive at pseudo-happy endings after portrayals of agonizing conflict and human suffering. We cheer our side in the tribal warfare of football, basketball, and other sports while the losers cry, or scream revenge. We watch and weep as millions of our human children die from hunger and disease and do very little to help them. Certainly, it is rare for us humans to try to prevent hunger and disease from happening in the first place.

Is it not time we Woke Up from this insane nightmare into our Higher Selves right here, right now and lived the Love, Peace and Happiness we all say we really want? Will we find Love, Peace and Happiness in a bigger house or apartment, a bigger car, a fantasy soul-mate or a promotion to a higher position with a bigger salary and more "power?" Answer honestly! You can have all these unimportant things; just do not allow them to preoccupy your mind and lure you away from Waking Up to God's Love, Light, Peace, Joy, Freedom, Happiness and Knowledge and to God Himself. The following is a quotation from A Course In Miracles.

All that is needful is to train our minds to overlook all little senseless aims, and to remember that our goal is God. His memory is hidden in our minds, obscured but by our pointless little goals which offer nothing, and do not exist. Shall we continue to allow God's grace to shine in unawareness, while the toys and trinkets of the world are sought instead? God is our only goal, our only Love. We have no aim but to remember Him.  (W-#413/423-pII.258.1:all)


Strictly speaking this is not an Archetype, but we dream-ridden humans perceive it as one because we all revere some past or present being! Some even revere their ancestors or bloodline. An Avatar is a Being who, long ago, has experienced the dream separation, and who is now not only fully awakened from it, but is also completely One with God—Now. Our Higher Selves will all fully awaken, one day, into Avatarhood.

The word "Now" is very important because the Avatars do not live in the past as historical figures in a holy book, but live only right Now as Mind-Beings who are ready and happy to participate in two-way communications with us right Now (see: H2). For billions of people around the world, Avatars such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, etcetera, left the Earth long, long ago and are only thought of as dusty-robed figures walking around in sandals in ancient times. This is an extreme living-in-the-past of historical memory. The past events in the Earth lives of the Avatars happened many centuries ago but they only exist as memories now.

Jesus never left us. It is ludicrous to believe God and Jesus (or anyone who has Woken Up) have left us in the lurch, that they have deserted us, while they play in some distant Heaven that is unconnected with humans, the Earth and the Universe. Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and all the other Avatars are in constant communication and communion with us—even in our ego-state. However, the crucial question for us is, do we desire to communicate with them? Do we really want to hear them? Jesus has always been more than ready to communicate directly with anyone who really desired to ask for and receive his wisdom. (Read the ACIM quotations below dictated in the 1960s and 1970s; could these thoughts/words have been written by an ego?)

Why not communicate with the Avatars right now? Why not be an Avatar? All you have to do is rejoin God's Oneness, Now. We are all Avatars masquerading as human beings who are pretending to ourselves that we have forgotten God. Everyone has their own Avatar inside them, including you—in fact your Real Self is an Avatar. Always strive to see the Avatar inside another person, especially your Rivals, rather than their recalcitrant, hard-to-handle egos. Egos see only egos, but Avatars know all egos are only non-existent identities fabricated by the separated ones. How to do that? Well, why not try


For that matter, because you exist as a Mind-Being within the Mind of God why not have a two-way conversation with Him, right Now. In other words: "Be still and Know I Am God, and have a meaningful chat!"

Each one of us must come to realize that God does not coerce and He never controls us in any way whatsoever; otherwise we would not have total Freedom just like His. But we are Free! We only coerce ourselves and one another. God is totally Open to be Known and we can be in constant Communion with Him if we relinquish our belief in our self-imposed loveless separation from Him and one another.

There is nothing stopping each of us from being an Avatar right Now—except our insane desire to continue with this ridiculous ego-centric dream we imagine we are superimposing on Reality. "Be you Perfect, even as your Father in Heaven is Perfect," because, in God's Reality, you are Perfect, right Now. The ego is nothingness, imagined to be something! As an Avatar you will have a Perfect body, if you want one, within a Perfect mind.

Here is a Mediation from Jesus, from A Course In Miracles, and every word and phrase is worth not only deep contemplation but also total application—in the Now:

Simply do this: Be still, and lay aside all thoughts of what you are and what God is; all concepts you have learned about the world; all images you hold about yourself. Empty your mind of everything it thinks is either true or false, or good or bad, of every thought it judges worthy, and all the ideas of which it is ashamed. Hold onto nothing. Do not bring with you one thought the past has taught, nor one belief you ever learned before from anything. Forget this world, forget this course, and come with wholly empty hands unto your God.

Is it not He Who knows the way to you? You need not know the way to Him. Your part is simply to allow all obstacles that you have interposed between the Son and God the Father to be quietly removed forever. God will do His part in joyful and immediate response. Ask and receive. But do not make demands, nor point the road to God by which He should appear to you. The way to reach Him is merely to let Him be. For in that way is your Reality proclaimed as well.

And so today we do not choose the way in which we go to Him. But we do choose to let Him come. And with this choice we rest. And in our quiet hearts and open minds, His Love will blaze its pathway of itself. What has not been denied is surely there, if it be True and can be surely reached. God knows His Son, and knows the way to him. He does not need His Son to show Him how to find His way. Through every opened door His Love shines outward from its home within, and lightens up the world in Innocence.

[Prayer] Father, we do not know the way to You. But we have called, and You have answered us. We will not interfere. Salvation's ways are not our own, for they belong to You. And it is unto You we look for them. Our hands are open to receive Your gifts. We have no thoughts we think apart from You, and cherish no beliefs of what we are, or Who created us. Yours is the way that we would find and follow. And we ask but that Your Will, which is our own as well, be done in us and in the world, that it become a part of Heaven now. Amen.

(W-#350/360-pI.189.7:all) & (W-#350/360-pI.189.8:all) & (W-#350/360-pI.189.9:all) & (W-#350/360-pI.189.10:all)


MIND: Note that in this paper the term mind is synonymous with the whole psyche. This is the way most psychologists use the words. However, Mind-as-such is defined as: Conscious Beingness or Is-ness. In many popular books the word mind is synonymous with the term ego, which can be very confusing, because your ego (as a false fabricated identity) is a tiny fiction within your infinite-within-God mind. I use the terms mind and psyche to mean: That Which contains all consciousness and unconsciousness; thus mind/psyche contains the attributes or powers of thinking (cognition), reasoning, willing/motivation (conation), observing, perceiving, attending, experiencing, focusing, feeling, experiencing emotions (affect), memorizing, remembering, learning, organizing, calculating, assessing, creating, etc. Mind is not to be identified with the brain, because the brain is only the physical interface mind uses to receive "physiological" stimuli and activate "physical" action—all of which is actually in the Mind. Mind Creates within Itself by appearing to manifest its Ideas as "objective" Substance popularly called "matter and energy"—Now. This is advanced Quantum Knowledge. All space, time, substance (energy/matter) and "objectivity" exist only subjectively as Real Ideas (in the widest possible sense) and as Ideational experiences within Mind-as-Creator. Without mind to experience anything that thing doe not and cannot exist. Mind and what it experiences are inseparable. There is nothing outside your Mind-as-such or God's; your Beingness (Is-ness) contains All-That-Is. So-called "time" is only the seeming Movement of Now "moments" as each singular instant Creative Act by God manifests the Universe of Universes as infinitely detailed synchronicity of ideas within ideas and idea-systems within idea-systems (e.g., God-level Principles)—Now. As Mind-Beings within God's Mind-as-such (Is-ness) we, in part, can consciously contribute to this Creative process only when we are Wholly Awake. This all means that you should stop thinking like a human and begin thinking like an Avatar!

Here are two key quotes from Raj/Jesus (there are many more available):

God is the Infinite Mind, the Infinite Intelligence that Moves, and the Movement is the Movement of Mind. That Movement is experienced by Mind as ideas. We are talking about God. The substance of those ideas is the Mind that Moved creating the experience of ideas. And that experience, that truly Self-experience of Mind, is an experience of substance and meaning. And so the ideas in the Mind of God, we will say, are perfectly tangible to that Mind, perfectly Real. And that really is what this [chair] is and the body is. It is really an idea, right here and right now. It is not matter. It is an arrangement of energy patterns stabilized and held in place, you might say, by the intent of the Mind that Moved and had the idea called chair, or body, etc.

(G-1993A/R-305)  Raj Excerpt -- Melbourne, Australia--January 1993

Mind, meaning God, moves, and the movement is what can best be described as the creation of ideas. The substance of those ideas is the only substance there is, the substance of God. The ideas, and the substance of those ideas constitute direct expressions of what God is. There is nothing corporeal, nothing physical, nothing material about it. But, it is experienced as conscious experience, let us say, by God. The ideas and the conscious experience of those ideas is what is described as Creation—not creation in the past, but, for lack of Fourth-dimensional words, creation in the Now.

(N-0405/R-41)  Raj Excerpt -- RAJ NEWSLETTER Volume 4 Number 5--May 1987


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