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GUILT is a composite of our three basic ego-emotions, namely, pseudo-love, fear and aggression and the triangle below illustrates how this combination operates. Of course, guilt is associated with behaviors that our families, religion and society condition us to believe are wrong, bad or sinful.

All this neurotic childhood and early adolescent fear-based arbitrary conditioning is in the PAST and it no longer exists except in memory. So, give it all up; let it return to the nothingness from whence it came. The only REAL Laws are the Laws of God which are Laws of Real Love, Peace, Joy and Life.


1. pseudo-love

Ego's Parental Authority System [PAS] Withdrawal of "love" by PAS is its weapon which is feared by our inner 'ego-children."

Our respectful inner ego-children regard Parental Authority Figures with awe, respect, love, and authenticity. If respect (fear linked with "love") is absent we do not feel guilty, just afraid.  






The Parental Authority System uses pseudo-love combined with a child's fear of parental aggression (however mild) to ensure control and obedience. We have to love the one we fear in order to feel guilty.

2. fear

When feeling guilt we fear incoming PAS aggression in a wide variety of forms ranging from beatings, yelling, put-downs, cold-shoulders, groundings, etc. This fear of Authority is continued (as a projection) throughout our adult lives, even though we may object. 


3. aggression

This is mostly in the forms of PAS punishment, penance, abuse, threats, shame, etc. It is usually internalized by age 16 and then we punish ourselves in the name of the PAS. Some forms of PAS aggression may be very mild, e.g., a frown or a waving finger.


NOTE:  Truly, every human is a Perfect Divine Being, a sinless Expression of our Father/Creator. When we Awaken from our dream of separation we will Know Who We Really Are as Children of God.


Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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