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Many Guides and Masters have communicated a variety of versions of the following summarized procedure which is all about Waking up.

For a very detailed set of definitions and descriptions about meditation, contemplation, prayer and the like, please see METHODS OF MEDITATING on Page G01.


1.   Have a deep yearning to re-unite with God, Now.

2.   Still the mind by constantly ignoring, and quietly "ejecting," the ego  and focusing on #1. The ego is only a chaotic, jumble of nonsensical beliefs, attitudes and emotions. The ego is a fear-based hindrance to Waking Up, so let it go!

3.   Then, with lots of practice and perseverance doing #2, you will experience a deep Peace in the Now moment.

4.   Next you will experience an influx of feeling and Knowing that you are not only profoundly Loved, but that you are also that Love. Having Love, Sharing Love and Being Love are identical facets of the One Self—and God.

5.   These experiences of Peace and Loving Oneness will be accompanied by an inner Joy. Peace is the state, Love is the action, Joy is the feeling.

6.   Finally the Presence of God floods you subjectively as a Universal Oneness in which God "runs" your Life Perfectly as the Real YOU.  YOU are the Christ, eternally—and always have been—before, during and after the imaginary separation.  


Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright © 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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