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A Meditation Procedure for Receiving Help from your Guide for both everyday advice as well as for the purpose of Waking Up in Reality  


(Note: for more information on Guides, Holy Spirit, etc., please see G08)

Here is a procedure recommended by Raj/Jesus for getting in touch with one's own Guide in order to receive personal advice about the most rapid way for you to Wake Up to Reality. (Paraphrased from G-1989B-Princeville, Hawaii.)


1.      While in a meditative state (see G01) quiet your mind (i.e., let go the non-existent ego) and become still (even in a hot tub!).

2.      Then mentally express your desire to have dialog with your Guide. Express this desire only once and immediately go on to #3.  Keep the gentle feeling of desiring communication.

3.      Now listen by yielding up any willfulness about the desire. Just quietly and attentively listen. Allow your Guide to approach you in his or her own way. Have no expectations about how your Guide will present himself or herself. Listen by being fully present in the moment.

4.      Expect an answer. This expectation is important because without expectation you will not hear the answers that will be given. Listen for the answer with an absence of impatience (have infinite patience, and understand the answers may not always be in actual words; you may receive non-verbal thoughts or pictures).

5.      Always keep in mind that you are also fully worthy of experiencing communion not only with God, but with all those who are Awake, with Raj/Jesus and with your own Higher Self. It is humility to know this fact. There is nothing outside the Presence of God, including you.

6.      Enjoy meeting with and communicating with your Guide, or with God directly expressing Himself through (and as) your Higher/Christ Self. All this is normal.


Elsewhere, Raj/Jesus has recommended that the questions you initially ask your Guide about should be phrased in a way that allows for "Yes" or "No' answers.


Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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