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In the following list, I will start with the lowest, or most least aware type of consciousness and end the list with the highest. The use of a lower-case initial letter on words indicates they have a non-spiritual meaning, whereas words with a capital initial have a Spiritual meaning.




The ego is not really Conscious at all. Rather, it lives in a state of Spiritual ignorance, an ignorance that perceives this world and daily events only very superficially. This very limited ego-perception is mostly based on verbal labeling and our everyday practical personal "usage" of things (e.g., the car, the kitchen, computers, one's workplace). Ego consciousness mostly uses oversimplified popular verbal definitions as well as rote-learned "book meanings" to look out on a world of unrelated material "objects." The ego's superficial, very limited consciousness is not only founded on ignorance, but also on distorted perceptions, which, in turn, stem from indoctrinated beliefs, trained prejudices, conditioned attitudes, stereotyped judgments, inculcated habits as well as numerous distracting addictions—such as, for example, television and games. Note that the ego itself is a fabricated, false, personal identity which is composed of a loose conglomeration of sub-personalities (I call them ego-children) as well as a "Parental Authority System" (PAS). We have absorbed our ego's PAS from all the authority figures around us from birth on up, until the age of late adolescence. Eons ago when we separated from God and His Reality, and from one another, we invented our spurious loveless composite ego-identities as a substitute for our Real Selves—Selves we buried in the deepest recesses of our Minds.




As we first begin to become dimly aware that "there has to be a better way," or that "there has to be more to life than competition, distraction, acquisitiveness and success," we start searching outside the ego's 'little box' for what that more might be. As Raj/Jesus says, "Your eyelids begin to flutter as the first signs of your Awakening to Reality."


It is not the ego's pseudo-consciousness which initiates this quest for "something more." It is our own (buried) stirring, inner Higher Self that does so, because we, as egos, have finally decided to no longer "go it alone." Our emergent Higher Self re-emphasizes to us that our egos are both a dream and a sham. So, once we reach out for Guidance and help, our Guides, Masters and God Himself, seize every little opportunity we willingly give them, to download to us the necessary specific Knowledge we each need in order for us to take the next step (or two) along the Path of our Journey Home.


This emergent Consciousness is gradually accelerated until we reach half-way along our Path—and that is the point-of-no-return. This is not the time to look back in nostalgia, as did (in the legend) Lot's wife which caused her ego to snap back and consolidate. This transitional half-way point is a time to be both vigilant and discerning because our opportunist egos will use every deceptive trick to fool us into a relapse. One of the ego's favorite tricks at this time, is to identify itself with our Spiritual traveler and say, "Great! I love this spiritual stuff, and now I will climb onto this 'spiritual bandwagon' and I will blow my spiritual trumpet for everyone to hear, so they will realize what a spiritual person I am. I am excellent at playing and acting the role of a devout personality so that everyone can see my 'purity' and façade of holiness." Of course the term "spiritual ego" is an oxymoron of the first order.




As our Genuine Consciousness increasingly unfolds, it merges with our Observer Consciousness which has also been called Self-Awareness. In order to truly understand the Nature of this Observer Consciousness we need to realize that the Mind-as-Such of God is fully Aware of Itself in every way. God, in Whose Mind we Are (in Which we Exist Now), shares with us His Attribute of Self-Awareness. Our God-given Self-Awareness is therefore an aspect of our emerging Awakening Consciousness which we can now call "Our Observer Self." For eons we have kept this God-given Observer Self buried under layers of ego-denial and projected judgments and distractions, including numerous addictions.


It is our Awakening Observer Self which is vigilant and discerning. It is the Observer Self who is very aware of the difference between what is True in us, and what is ego-false, and then asks us to ego-dismantle the false; to relinquish all that is not Real. Our Guides and Masters are always more than happy to help us to accomplish this ego-dissolution process—which A Course In Miracles calls "The At-One-Ment process."


But please do not think of this Observer Self-Aware Consciousness as some kind of monitor of "good" and "bad" behavior, or some kind of inner conscience which will tell us when we need to be rewarded or punished by some PAS god; that is all ego nonsense. Our Observer Selves are the Loving facets of our Real Selves which give us Spiritual feedback about what we still need to do to hasten us along the Path that leads directly to Home. Our Observer Selves also inform us when we have been truly Loving and truly Helpful, not for the purpose of ego-aggrandizement, but in order to share the Joy and Peace of our helping in the process of Waking everyone up.




I am inserting this Buddhist idea here because Self-Aware Mindfulness is another function of the Observer Self, a function which can help us stay in the NOW-moment, which ACIM calls the "Holy Instant." All genuine Spiritual Paths and Masters tell us to let the past go, and to yield our future to God's Plan. Of course, we have to realize (in full Self-Aware Consciousness) that the only time we Really Live is in the Present Moment, a Present that, in Fact, is devoid of not-Now-existing past and future events. [I cannot expand here on this idea of "the only time is Now" because it would take many pages to do so. You can find deeper explanations on my Website LovingOnenessNow.org,   Pages H2 and P15]


Ideally, our Observer Selves are vigilantly keeping our attention focused on each NOW-moment, even as we allow God to Create our Moment-by-Moment unfolding Lives in accordance with His Plan for each of us. Admittedly this is not so easy to do, because most humans think there is a cause-and-effect consecutive sequence between our immediate past, the present moment and out immediate future, but this is NOT true—unless that is the sequence of ego-events we desire and believe in. It is as we agree to show a willingness to accept God's Plan, that "non-consecutive" Miracles can occur and beneficial events can abruptly happen to us and others. Why? Because Real Creation is only a flowing, infinite, Loving Matrix of synchronistic patterns of events occurring right NOW in the Mind-as-Such of God—Whose Mind we all Universally share.




It is easiest for me to list the Attributes and Facets of our God-Level Consciousness, even though most of us will find some of them difficult to believe. Strangely some of the hardest to believe are already proven [in laboratories] beyond a doubt in Quantum Mechanics, even though most scientists studiously ignore them. Also, many Masters have attested that the following are True.


1.  Instant communication across the universe. Even photons, electrons and other particles do this.

2.  Direct thought communication through non-verbal telepathy.

3.  There are no secrets, even though our egos erroneously believe there are. All Awake Beings know all that goes on everywhere in the universe of universes.

4.  Everyone who is Awakened Loves all Beings everywhere in the universe of universes.

5.  In Reality there is no fear and nothing to fear.

6.  Each Being has an eternal individuated Identity that is Eternal in God's Mind, and each Son or Daughter is always Free to do whatever he or she likes, Lovingly, when Awake in the Mind of God.

7.  The opportunities for Awakened ones to Lovingly Create whatever they like in the universe of universes are limitless.

8.  The Mind of God and our Real Awakened Minds are eternally full of Love, Light, Peace. Joy, Happiness, Freedom, Knowledge, Beauty, Harmony, Ecstasy, Fun, Laughter, and Universal Loving Intimacy.


These Attributes only become remembered and realized in us after we fully Re-Awaken. I say "Re-Awaken" because we were originally Created in an Awakened State by God and remained Awake—until we decided to separate from Him in our Minds and fabricate false ego-identities for ourselves.



Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright © 2009 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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