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Note:  These key techniques are not mutually exclusive, and some or all may be used on a daily basis if desired; the motto is, "The more the better."


MEDITATION: Meditate at least 20 minutes a day, longer if feasible . Silence the chatter of your ego-mind. Then drop down into the Silent Peaceful Stillness of the Mind of God in you. Listen with curiosity for the Voice of Guidance.  If you can meditate twice a day, so much the better. (See Section on Methods of Meditation G01)

JOURNALING: Each day try to write at least one pertinent sentence, insight or quotation in your Journal. These may come from other sources. Read over what you have written for more insights. You may also wish to try "stream of consciousness, now" spontaneous writing, especially as a preparation procedure for learning to channel your Guides (see F3).

FORGIVE SOMEONE, INCLUDING YOURSELF, NOW: If there is anyone currently in your life, or perhaps someone from the past, that you feel you need to forgive, withdraw any negative judgments and projections from them. Realize, however dimly, they are a Child of God (right Now) just as you are, and so you can Love one another and laugh together at the ego's antics. Forgiveness (see J08) is all about Loving the persons you forgive, and of coming to the understanding that, in Reality, they are not their ego any more than you are your ego. All egos are fictional identities (see Sections E1 through E8). (To learn about projection see Page R12.)

EGO-DISMANTLING: The fear-based ego is not Real, but while you fear it or its fictional contents you cannot dismantle it easily. Therefore own all of it, especially its emotions, feel it as yours without projection or blaming yourself or others, then give the ego and its contents to the Holy Spirit to return it to the nothingness from whence it came. You cannot release to Spirit what you do not own. Uncover the Pearl of the Self underneath the ego-garbage. (See: Ego-Dismantling Method G04)

LET GO ALL PAST EVENTS. BELIEFS, IDEAS because nothing this ego-world believes is True, and because it is all determined by our continuing choice to remain separated from God. The past (see H2) has gone, and it was wrong. The past only exists in our heads as memories and conditioned habits all of which are now erasable. Anything of True value or beauty in our Minds-as-such will be kept intact forever.

READ SPIRITUAL BOOKS (Q2), READ A Course In Miracles (Q2), READ RAJ/JESUS (P02 through P25), LISTEN TO RAJ/JESUS (P01) AND OTHER SPIRITUAL AUDIOS: Reading spiritual material from an Awake Master is as good a practice as meditation (but not a substitute for meditation), so listen intently to a CD or tape, or read and ponder on at least a page a day; listening to tapes or MP3s can be done in your car or while exercising or walking. Note that, in this spiritual context, reading means studying intently in order to extract the deeper meanings of what you read, listen to, or see.

SPEAK WITH YOUR GUIDE/JESUS/GOD: Even if your Guide/or Raj-Jesus/or God does not seem to reply, have at least one short conversation with him or her a day (apart from Meditation). Listen quietly for the answer to come into your head—perhaps as a thought that is both spiritual and practical. You may wish to be ready to write down what your Guide says. At first you may wish to ask questions that can be answered with a Yes or No. (See F3)

GREET SOMEONE HAPPILY AND SHOW GRATITUDE: Even a smile will do. Thank someone daily, even if they are not present to hear your thanks. Most people are helping you, and genuine gratitude is Love. So, openly, or silently, bless everyone you meet—even strangers. Love them all for Who they Really Are--a Mind within the Mind-of-God, Now. [ACIM quotation: When your forgiveness is complete you will have total gratitude, for you will see that everything has earned the right to love by being loving, even as your Self. --- See W-#363/373-pI.195.8]

ALLOW GOD TO UNFOLD YOUR LIFE NOW—MOMENT-BY-MOMENT: Whenever possible bring your thoughts into the present moment which is the only time you are actually Living. Whenever possible let go thinking about the past and cease speculating about the future. As an ego, "I need do nothing."  God is only Here Now! NOW is the only time there is! God is waiting for you to allow Him to unfold you perfectly moment by moment. The past and future do not exist right NOW. Let God determine what happens next!

REALIZE YOU ARE IMMERSED IN THE LOVE OF GOD RIGHT NOW: The ego, with all its emotional shenanigans, is not Real. Only God is Real and you are literally immersed in His Limitless Love right here, right Now.  

UNDERSTAND THAT, BY DESIRING TO WAKE YOURSELF UP, YOU ARE HELPING THE WORLD TO WAKE UP: In the Collective consciousness/ unconsciousness of the human race (see E2) our individual thoughts merge and influence the thinking of everyone. Because Loving thoughts are the most powerful thoughts in the Universe, your Loving thoughts help change everyone else's thoughts to Love and Peace. The Parts (Sons and Daughters) of the Whole (the Mind-as-Such of God) can individually (and in groups, collectively) decide of their own Free Will to be Harmoniously Unified in Spirit, OR disparately dissociated in a fragmented separation. (For a parable on this see K09)


Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright © 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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