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Definition of Psychospiritual Therapy:  Psychospiritual therapy, while it utilizes most established therapeutic techniques, squarely places inner spiritual growth at the heart of its practice, goals and philosophy. Much, but by no means all, of the psychospiritual work is done with the client in altered alert trance states, a condition which facilitates therapeutic verbal inner contact with sub-personalities (ego-children), body parts, past-life egos, incorporeal entities, the Higher Self, and with Spiritual Guides and Masters. 

An awareness of the functions and functioning of all of these aspects can contribute to the increasing psychospiritual wellness of clients. Ultimately, the objective is that clients come to know they are an eternal Loving Mind (not an ego-body) within the Universal Mind, Now.

Introduction:   Many of my clients (past and present) are somewhat spiritually-minded normally-functioning people who want to grow psycho-spiritually, but who seem stuck. The others are of all kinds: anxiety states, psychosomatic disorders, severe neurotics, people with illnesses (e.g. cancer, AIDS), manic depressives, manic aggressives (a classification of my own), multiple personalities (DID), and schizophrenics. They almost always know the psychospiritual kind of work I do before they come to me. They are Really all Children of God who do not know Who they Are, but who are struggling to find out.

I use a very comprehensive variety of integrated techniques in my practice of spiritual psychotherapy, including the more usual ones. I do direct and indirect counseling, guided imagery, relaxation, dream analysis, rational therapy (eliminating cognitive dissonances and distortions), emotional flooding (catharsis), developmental growth (drive differentiation and Jungian archetypal development -- see E02), and regression therapy (to babyhood.)

But, even more important, I may also do past-life therapy (especially for trauma cases), as well as regression to womb-state and to the birth process. In working with multiples (DID) and even regular clients I sometimes carry out depossessions of other entities of several kinds, and often speak with Guides and Masters and even the client's Higher Self -- always through the actual mind and voice of the client. In all my altered state work with clients I "lean over backwards" not to make any suggestions of any kind. I totally avoid making any suggestions so that the content of any recalled material cannot be attributed to memories induced by the therapist. Most of the recalled material and content is just as much a surprise to me as it is to the client.

All the above-mentioned techniques are used appropriately to the client's needs at any particular moment. This many-faceted therapy is not hit or miss, nor doctrinaire; it is an integrated system of therapy which is often implemented while the client is in a deep altered state. Frequently my therapeutic work is done on a spiritual plane called "The Land of Light" which acts as a kind of contextual backdrop.

Spiritual Paths:  Throughout this work the client is encouraged to be on an everyday spiritual path and I find many clients already are on one (e.g., A Course in Miracles, Yoga, Zen or Tibetan Buddhism, Tao, Sufi, Cabala, etc.,) but no coercion is used. Without the spiritual aspect, therapy is far less successful. As for my own present path, I teach "A Course in Miracles" but not in any doctrinaire or rigid way. Nevertheless, in past decades I have immersed myself successfully in many spiritual paths, all of which lead us to God-Self. The core technique of all these paths is meditation; the core Idea is Truth; the Way is Self-Knowledge and Self-Awareness; and the Task is to uncover, remember and experience our Loving Oneness within Absolute Mind-as-Such. Therefore I do all I can to facilitate this Process of Waking Up in those who come to me for such an understanding. This facilitation is mostly a mutual removal of the psychological blocks, erroneous beliefs, and interference patterns.

Case Histories:  (All names, locations, etc., have been changed to preserve anonymity.)

The easiest way for me to present this wide variety of material is to illustrate it through selected case history summaries. Each case history presents one or more facets of psychospiritual therapy. You may find much of this hard to believe because it seems so strange to humans who are "addicted" to matter and everyday conventional thinking, but I assure you it is psychologically genuine--and it works!

Past Life -- Greta:  Greta was a young social worker who had a beautiful trained voice and a wide range of styles. But, whenever she went on stage, she got severe colic and choking sensations  In a regression to early childhood she uncovered the forgotten choking problem--her aunt listening to her older brother singing--then Greta sang too--G. given dime by aunt--G. put dime in mouth and then choked on it--stuck in throat--G. taken to hospital--all remembered and emoted. Then at another time we went to a past life, circa 1900 when Greta was married to an entomologist (bug scientist). She was bathing in the river when she was caught by a crocodile across the waist and killed. She screamed and screamed for several minutes. The full memory of this specific event (together with its catharsis or flooding) cleared up the problem. Six months later Greta was on a successful singing tour in Europe. She also continued on her spiritual path.

Past Life Relationships and Possession -- Alan:  Alan was a priest with the inquisition in Southern France, especially the town of Carcassonne. He tried, and put to death many in the heretic sect called Cathars, or Albigensians, who believed in meditation and reincarnation. Alan was drowned when his coach turned over while fording a shallow river. Through extreme guilt, Alan stayed an earthbound spirit and roamed Europe for 200 years. He went to London and found a street urchin, Ron, aged five years, and struck a deal with him. Alan would bring Ron up safely if they could share the urchin's body together. At 15 years (Ron's age) they went to sea.  Caught by one of Captain Morgan's pirate ships and put to service on board. After two years or so, Alan complained about the brutality of a flogging (atonement).  He was hanged from the yard-arm at dawn, but did not die.  So he was thrown overboard and he drowned (again).  Alan then agreed to separate from Ron and go to the Light.  In their present lifetime, Ron is Alan's son, and again Alan has helped Ron through his young life into adulthood. Alan's path, during his adult life has always been spiritual.

Multiple Personality (Dissociative Identity Disorder), Ego-Children, Past Lives, Guides, Entities, etc. -- Mary:  This multiple personality, who was a brilliant student, was a "gift" to me from the Powers-That-Be so I could learn about all the different beings, Higher Beings and part-personalities who could share one person's life. The following is a short list of the entities and Beings spontaneously uncovered while Mary was in deep altered states. However, Mary could hear her Guides at will, at any time of day.

I spoke to these various "aspects" of Mary's mind for some 18 months during treatment. We also explored numerous past lives. In one Mary had been raped in the 16th Century by her school headmaster at age 12 and had afterwards become a schizoid nun.

Then during one momentous key session we discovered (and Mary relived) that in this present life, as a child of five, Mary had been raped by a man of 25 but, because of his threats, she had never told anyone. Instead, at that age of five, she shattered and became a dissociated multiple. This key session did not end her present day problems because, in such cases, the ego-children have to grow up, and mature and integrate and this can be a gradual process. We held several integration ceremonies for all the ego-children orchestrated by Satinka and John the Shepherd. 

Between Lives, in the Womb Experiences, Birthing, Childhood Memory of Rejection -- Anita:  Anita's main problem was a confusion about life and a continuous deep anxiety which at times turned to panic.  She was losing her faith in ACIM when she came for therapy.

I took her immediately to a between-lives state, where she described herself (as a Higher Self) picking out (choosing) her parents because they would indirectly, eventually lead her to a spiritual life -- but first she had many lessons to learn in her new life as Anita. Intuitively, she knew she would ultimately carry Peace and Love to all the people with whom she would come into contact.

After her loving supervision of the implantation and development of embryo and fetus, Anita, as her new ego-self, went into the womb around the fourth month of pregnancy. I asked her what her parents were saying. "This is our 13th child and we already have too many. This unborn baby will be yet another mouth to feed, etc." Imagine the feelings of rejection and dejection of Anita on hearing this, even before she was born!  Then I took her through her birth, which was very easy and peaceful -- her mother had had a lot of practice! During the first year Anita slept a lot.  As I took the "scanning" process up to between 2 and 3 years of age we found the main trauma.  (Note: I proceed from between lives to conception, and from conception to adulthood in my scans which is the natural progression of life. I do this even during re-birthing therapy.) 

Anita said: "My mother wanted to give me away -- to a lady so the lady could take care of me. I was afraid to go and didn't want to go. My father didn't want to give me away." My mother felt she would be punished by God if she gave me away, but it took her a whole month to decide not to do so. This memory opened up numerous negative events in Anita's infancy and childhood. They thought her intellectually retarded in school because all the adults in her life told her everything she did was wrong -- her parents, her teachers, and the priests and nuns.  But, deep down, Anita's Higher Self knew she had a destiny and so by age 30 Anita was already a senior executive in an international company and deep into ACIM. And her spiritual progress continues.

Experiencing the Mind of God -- Miriam:  Miriam, who was a chiropractor, was not particularly religious, but she went into deep altered states easily. In one session after discussing their anxiety and pain with some of her ego-children named Donny, Len, and Becky, Miriam slipped spontaneously into a limbo state she called a void. The void was dark, but she was not afraid, -- "Because my ego is not there.  But it feels good without an ego ... like floating ... there is something out there I still can't reach. Its incredible, huge, beautiful, peaceful but exciting. I'm just a little piece, and there are many, many pieces. It is white, pure Knowledge, and parts of it twinkle." [I said, "JOIN IT"]

"I have joined it, a tiny piece. It is trying to send Knowledge, but I don't have the key to understand.  It wants to become Whole. It is as if it is searching, but it is not. There is so much more, but I can't understand all of it. It is the past, the present and the future. It is Everything.  It is saying I have to go back [to the human condition, as if this was a Near Death Experience]. But I can have the connection with it -- even though I cannot stay. [Miriam came back to the ego-state at this point, but did not wake up.] But what a nuisance the ego is ... it is like a mosquito in the night, because you cannot catch it -- only chase it away for a while."

Then she said, "But what an incredible high..."

Miriam saw life in a much wider focus after this experience of the All-That-Is. She realized that Mind-as-such has many dimensions -- and many mansions.

Possession, Murder and Mayhem -- GABRIELLA:  Gabriella was only 19 years, but she had already had a discharge from a Psychiatric Hospital as a full-blown paranoid schizophrenic who heard voices and also wanted to commit suicide -- after she had killed all the doctors! She was constantly plagued with vivid inner hallucinatory "VCR tapes" of rape (mostly happening to a girl-friend.) The psychiatrists had her on Loxitane, Elavil, Cogentin and occasional Ativan. She was now in a halfway house but was quite unable to work because she was very befuddled by her medications. I saw her for one 2-hour session weekly. In an early session she told me that she had been abused sexually by her uncle who had enjoyed sexual parties with Gabriella and his own daughters. This had gone on for years and was not a forgotten memory. Gabriella had liked this activity, but even as a child felt guilty. Her parents never knew. During her teens she had many sexual encounters with men "for the price of getting drunk." But, in the present, the schizophrenia continued unabated; it had developed during adolescence.

After some initial difficulty I managed to begin a dialogue with George, who was the entity or "person" in Gabriella that wished to kill all the doctors. He kept saying his head hurt and he added that Gabriella belonged to him. He said he would kill me too. I tried to depossess Gabriella of George, but in the next session he returned.

I managed to get George to tell me that his body had died in an automobile accident when he was 26 years old in the year 1945.  He had found Gabriella when she was 3 years old. George had a continuous, chronic headache all the time so I told him I would cure it for him. I touched his (that is Gabriella's) spiritual Chakra on her forehead, counted to 10 -- and his headache was gone.  At this point I depossessed Gabriella of George again by getting him to agree to stay in the Land of Light, but he was to return!

For several sessions Gabriella, always in deep altered states, investigated her childhood and all the sexual and emotional abuse she had suffered. Both parents had beaten her often. Her brothers had tormented her with hard slaps and nasty names. Her main ego-child was named Tony, and he was very afraid. I got Gabriella to put all her angers and fears in a spiritual bubble and to give it to the Holy Spirit (she was raised Catholic). I also told Tony, aged 5, he would grow up two years for each week that passed. But the inner VCR rape tapes continued...

In a subsequent session I asked Gabriella to go to a past life which was associated with killing. She became terrified and begged me not to send her there -- but I gently persisted, comforting her that it would heal her. At one point she put both her hands tightly around her neck, so I asked if someone were strangling her. After further resistance even though in a very deep trance she abruptly sat up and said... "I can see myself cut up in pieces...  It was real." 

Then George suddenly came back. He spontaneously explained that his father, Antonio, had brought this prostitute ("slut" was his term) Maria, back to their apartment in New York in 1943 and had sexual intercourse with her. Antonio left her alone there and went out, but George came home and found her, and he had intercourse with her too. Then (to Gabriella and I) he admitted has mother had been a "slut" and that, he, George, had previously had intercourse with his own mother too. He hated his mother for being a "slut" who had been eventually killed by a cop. Then George confessed, "I killed Maria... later, that night... I cut her in pieces... I cut off her head first..."  Perhaps this was why Gabriella had placed her own hands tightly around her neck. George had then left the apartment, and when he returned Maria's body had disappeared. He felt his Father, Antonio, may have removed it. George also felt the cops would still be looking for him. Gabriella and George both spontaneously said that Gabriella had been Maria and that he had cut her head off first.

Gabriella was again depossessed of George and, after that session, he never came back from the Land of Light.  Gabriella and I continued to work for several weeks on her childhood relationships and on her forgiveness of her parents, brothers, George, and her uncle: "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do." We also went into other significant past lives.  Gabriella released a tremendous amount of hatred and fear centered around males, including George, her brothers, her uncle, and her father. Much emotional catharsis was done to process the clearing out of all this fear of males. By now Gabriella had long ago taken herself off all medications after my friendly psychiatrist friend had mapped out a voluntary withdrawal program for her.

From beginning to end Gabriella's total time in therapy was less than one year. One year later she happily wrote to me that she was 95% cured, and several years later she came to see me to say life was great. Gabriella is still studying ACIM and is a long term member of both A.A. and N.A.  She has worked at a job continuously since her therapy ended -- and says she is in a happy loving sexual relationship. 

"A Defiant Child" Meets Her Own Higher Self:  Kay was 40 years old when she came to see me. During childhood and adolescence her mother had severely abused her, physically and emotionally. But Kay was a bright child who became an overachiever. Although professionally successful she was very angry, unhappy, confused and self-destructively hedonistic. She married four times, drank alcohol, smoked heavily and resorted to medication drugs such as Valium, Xanax and Lithium. Her one attempt at suicide was almost successful. Kay was adept at going into a deep trance, and in the Land of Light we discovered her Guide's name was "Paul." 

It was during the fourth session that we explored her smoking habit. Her ego-child (sub-personality) who loved to smoke informed me that smoking was an act of defiance against her mother and had been since she was 14. I explained that, even in defiance she was under the control of her mother in reverse. Kay agreed and we explored all the ways people controlled Kay by pushing her buttons. Kay admitted she was tired of this upside-down control system and then said she wished to give up smoking because she, Kay, no longer wanted to smoke. It hurt her and those around her. I then took Kay deep inside herself to meet her own Higher Self.

This Higher Self was named Sara, who said she (i.e., the Sara entity now called Kay) was much more than a million years old. She identified herself as Peace, Love and Gentleness both for Kay and others. Sara agreed she had been shut out (in Kay) by all the animosity, grief, anxieties, hate, conflicts and fears, but that now she (Sara) could come out step by step. Kay would have to make adjustments in her ego-mind as this step-by-step emergence occurred, so that gradually Kay could come to accept Sara's Love and Peace as her own. Sara indicated she was both sexes unified, and agreed that Kay had to forgive her mother and everyone else, thus ending the separateness for which human beings are notorious.

I then arranged for Kay and Sara to meet personally, right there in the Marble Grove of Love and Light. After they gave each other a big Loving hug, I asked Kay to describe Sara to me. Kay used these words to describe Sara:

"Sara is hard to describe. She doesn't look exactly like me. She doesn't really have a face. There's a sort of... there's a... she is my height! There's a... quality about her that is not form. It's not like us, as we know us. It's more like energy, but its there. She is warmth, incredible warmth. She has hair...  Her eyes...  Looking into her eyes is like looking Beyond... She is quite beautiful, but not in the sense that I perceive human beauty. It is the Light... She has a glow...  She radiates... That is what she does... She radiates... "

I asked, "LOVE and LIGHT?"


I pointed out to Kay that Sara was Kay, the Real Kay, and that gradually Sara would emerge within Kay, until one day Kay would slip inside Sara and become Sara, be Sara. In the meantime Sara said she would be close behind Kay all the time in her everyday life, helping her, and backing her up, all the way. I also told Kay (as always) she would remember every detail of this session when I awoke her, which I then did on a count of 1-10.

Kay has continued to feel contented and happy over the ensuing months, even during an extended visit by her mother... who did not know what to make of this transformed daughter, one who no longer responded to her button-pushing. To date, Kay has held on to her sunny disposition -- while Sara, Kay's Higher Self, continues to emerge.

A Human Sacrifice, and a Trickster Entity -- CLAIRE:

The main problem Claire experienced was deep anxiety, and a feeling that at times she was, "Out of it. I do not know what is going on." This was a kind of fugue state. Claire, aged 25, worked as a pharmacist in a laboratory. Her first altered state regression into a past life uncovered one source of her anxiety. Claire was in a natural park-like place with many animals and birds. There were also women present who were dancing as a group holding hands, and Claire was dancing with them.

Then Claire and the group went into a cave where they covered her with their bodies so she could not move. Then there were men outside who were screaming "AOLALIA" over and over. Then others put birds into the cave. It started to rain and she felt very cold. Later, Claire goes out of the cave where she is hugged by one of the women. Nearby is a rose and beside the rose is an abyss, an opening in the ground. The men and women ask Claire to jump into the abyss but she is terrified. The group push her to the edge, although the woman she had hugged tries to save her. Claire resists jumping, but in the end she is pushed over the edge and falls... She does not die instantly. But after a while she walks away from her body into a beautiful Light of many colors.

Next Claire went to another more prosaic life as Aolalia on a farm complete with husband, two children and a big, black dog. Then I decided to investigate as to whether there were any earthbound entities in Claire. Three were found, but the first two were minor ones and Claire was soon depossessed of them. It was the third being who was interesting.

The name of this third entity was Juan and he had lived near Madrid in Spain. I asked Juan how long he had known Claire and he answered, "Since she was Aolalia in two lives." Juan had gone into Aolalia in those lives too. I asked him what job he had had back then, and he told me he had been a Mexican ALCHEMIST who had lived one block from the church in a town named Moralia. Back then he had experimented a lot and accidentally poisoned himself. In this present lifetime Juan had entered (possessed) Claire when she was 13 years old. 

Juan explained Claire was scared of some of his thoughts, and got very anxious. Sometimes he used her to do alchemy experiments in the lab where she now worked, but he said, "She does not know about it," presumably because Juan took over Claire's consciousness, much like a multiple sub-personality would. 

Juan also said, "I sometimes play tricks on her. Several months ago I hid her little radio, the one she likes to listen to, where she could not find it. She still has not found it." I asked where it was. He replied, "I put it in one of the empty cardboard cartons in the back part of the lab, near the bathroom door. It is still there."

Juan agreed to allow me to depossess Claire of him so he could stay in the Land of Light and continue his own spiritual growth and eventually get a new body (through a normal human birth) all of his own. Of course, that is not the end of the story. Claire and I patiently waited out the weekend until she went to work on Monday, and YES, the little radio was right there in the cardboard carton, by the bathroom door, at the back of the laboratory.

After this ONE two-hour session Claire's memory blocks disappeared and her anxiety levels returned to a normal minimum.


I could include dozens of additional case histories but these are fairly representative and will have to suffice.



This summary is mostly intended to help professional therapists understand the wide range of techniques that can be used, and topics that can be explored, during psychospiritual therapy. These techniques must NEVER be used by anyone other than an experienced state certified psychological or psychiatric therapist who is also a certified hypnotherapist. 

  1. Special induction techniques: Using (a) the stairway, (b) the Crystal Tunnel of Light, and then, (c) transferring both client and therapist to the Land of Light.

  2. The use of symbolic features in the Land of Light:  The Scenery and the Guides, the Sacred Forest, the Marble Grove of Love and Light.

  3. Obtaining the name of the client's principal Guide.

  4. Deepening the client's altered state.

  5. Conversing with client's principal Guide to obtain the names and functions of other helpful Guides.

  6. Using a special Guide to scan past lives and to identify particular lives pertinent to a specific problem.

  7. Special Guide use to identify all possessing entities, their functions, etcetera, with a view to depossession.

  8. Special Guide use to scan client's first twenty years for trauma (from conception to adulthood.)

  9. Obtaining specific advice from different Guides for the benefit of the client.

  10. Obtaining specific advice to the therapist from each Guide for the enhancement of the client's therapy.

  11. Personal advice by Guides to the therapist for the therapist's own benefit.

  12. Special Guide use to identify the client's part-personalities and ego-role "children" by their names.

  13. Conversing with these ego-children for the purposes of maturation, healing and fusion.

  14. An aging method for the rapid maturation and fusion of ego-children and part-personalities. This also involves explaining the differentiation/growth of the basic drives, especially aggression, into more mature forms.

  15. The effective use of the client's Higher Self for discussing and resolving a wide variety of client-centered topics. Unification experience with Higher Self by High Master.

  16. Discovering the client's Life Plan for this present life while in-between lives (with Guide's "Planning Committee.")

  17. Listening to comments by client's parents during mother's pregnancy with client.

  18. Rebirthing experience from pregnancy side of birth (not regression to the birth.)

  19. How to use therapist's own specialist Guides for many of the above procedures.

  20. Speaking directly to client's childhood parent's (Mom and Dad) and other key Parental Authority System figures.

  21. Conversing with crucial body-parts of client for psychosomatic symptom insights.

  22. The essential role of the Spiritual Path to healing, which involves the elimination of all ego-children fears, thus allowing a re-unification with God from Whom most of us are presently separated, is crucial to successful therapy.

  23. The six types of beings or entities I have discovered in people's minds/bodies:  

  24.     (a) parts of themselves such as ego-children (sub-personalities), or Higher Self, 

  25.     (b) earthbound, discarnate entities,  

  26.     (c) Guides, Masters, Teachers, many of which are ascended human beings working from the "Land of Light," 

  27.     (d) intact past-life personalities still operating as "ego-children" (most of these had horrendous lives,) 

  28.     (e) created beings (I call "imps") who have been fragmented off from client's mind under excess stress; they may also be created thought-forms, not real beings,

  29.     (f) dream people who emerge when a dream is re-entered; these dream people may take many forms, and are sometimes (Jungian) archetypal, for example, animus/anima, shadow, etc.


These discussions are done when the client is not in an altered state. I usually give the client the corresponding handout paper. (See the appropriate Pages on this website.)


Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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