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Put very simply the Masters are Beings who are fully Awake in God's Mind-as-Such. Strictly speaking every Awakened Being who was once asleep as a separated ego, is a Master. For the purposes of clarity we need to distinguish between those Mind-Beings who have never been asleep (which some might like to call "Angels"), and those who decided to separate and fall into an ego-sleep from which they also eventually decided to Wake Up.

From our human point of view we could say the Masters are those Awakened Beings who have decided (with God) that it is their "job" to actively assist the human race in their process of Waking Up. Masters have usually, in their final life as a human being, had a considerable Loving spiritual impact on lots of people in their country, an impact which has been expanded far and wide after their "ascension." Examples would be Jesus (see D1), Buddha (see D2), Krishna (see D3), and Babaji.

However, those Beings who have Woken Up on other (enlightened) planets and who now help the human race are also called Masters, and an example of this would be Bashar who lives on the planet Essassani in another star system. Bashar communicates telepathically (see Books Q2).

The reason that it is almost always Awakened Masters who help us on our path Home is because they have had the experience of being in a separated state of ego as physical embodied beings on a planet and have "succeeded" in Waking Up. Those who have this experience behind them are always the best Teachers of those still desiring such enlightenment.


For many traditionally raised humans, concepts such as channeling, hearing internal voices, telepathy, thought transference, revealed knowledge, teleporting and out-of-body-experiences are weird, spooky, far out, and downright unbelievable. Yet almost all of these same people believe their Sacred Book was largely revealed to receptive humans, and they often believe some of those revelations came directly from God; but who received them? God communicated them to somebody, or rather somebodies! The receivers or scribes were clearly human; even Moses had to carry the Tablets to his followers.

Many very sane human beings from Joan of Arc to Mother Theresa, from Socrates (see D5) to Carl Jung (see E03) have been directed (or dictated to) by voices they said were internally heard, but which were not their own. Penniless Arthur Edward Stillwell built the entire Kansas City Southern Railroad and founded Port Arthur in Texas -- becoming a millionaire in the process -- all on the detailed instructions of inner voices. The whole of "A Course In Miracles" (ACIM) was taken down in shorthand from Jesus by a Jewish atheistic professor of psychology at a New York Medical University and it was voluntarily typed by her department head, Professor William Thetford. Were these two distinguished professors, who held their highly responsible jobs for many, many years, psychotic or blatantly dishonest -- quite apart from the fact that the material in ACIM was of a profound spiritual nature far beyond (on their own admissions) their own capabilities or their personal and academic interests.

Nowadays, channeling by all kinds of very sane, very intelligent individuals is commonplace. In fact, it always has been commonplace, but the opinions, threats and ridicule of various religious, "scientific" and secular Parental Authority Systems (see E01 through E09) down through the ages squelched any mention of such widely distributed attributes. Jesus got himself crucified for performing miracles, depossessions, talking to God, reading minds, materializing food, revitalizing dead bodies, and for teaching Universal Love. This Authoritarian trend of banning, ridiculing or killing off all kinds of "psychics" has continued for 2000 years or more and, given the chance, some hard-liners (who call it blasphemous, fraudulent, or simply insane) would still like to do ban it. Certainly, a few are frauds and need ignoring, but we do not close down all businesses just because a few are dishonest, just as we do not stop all scientific research because a few scientists falsify results.

Much channeling initially occurs spontaneously after the person receiving the material has stilled their mind during a meditation. There is no real mystery in all this once the (already proven) fact of telepathic communication is accepted. Note that unwieldy, unnatural, physical verbal communication is necessary to us separated ones, because we have temporarily forgotten how to communicate telepathically using thought transference, not words. Nevertheless, many of my clients on a spiritual Path soon learn to communicate with their personal Guides. 


We each have a personal Awake Guide whose main function is to offer advice, guidance and information whenever we are willing to listen. Although our personal Guide is mainly concerned with our well-being, no coercion or persuasion is used because we are as equally Free Children of God as are our Guides. Our Guide may help other people as well, but is not the personal Guide of those others. Guides may have a specific expertise, such as being able to scan past lives, identify illnesses in people, or even heal illnesses and disabilities in those who are ready for such healings. 

Many people have used automatic writing or typing to make initial contact with their personal Guides. I personally know of cases where this contact has been made spontaneously, just as it did with Helen Schucman. Some Guides are also Masters, as for example, Jesus was the Guide of Helen Schucman, while still being available to all humans who contact him through prayer. While the difference between Guides and Masters is blurred, we can say that Masters are more spiritually advanced than Guides because the former Woke Up sooner. We are told that spiritual growth continues to expand in infinite ways throughout the process of eternal Creation. There can be no limits or boundaries of any kind to God's Mind, because a limit or boundary implies some real "created thing" outside that limit or boundary which would be not-God. Nevertheless there are thresholds we must pass through during our spiritual development, and Waking Up is one such major threshold.


The identity of the Holy Spirit as an Idea is one of the most difficult to understand, in that He seems to be everywhere; in God, in the "Sonship," in the Christ, and even in all our "human" minds!

Although the Holy Spirit is personified as "He," a close study reveals that the Holy Spirit is not an independent Being-as-such. Traditionally, the Holy Spirit seems to operate in a some kind of Self-autonomous way alongside God and the Sonship, and the term "Trinity" would seem to suggest such an "independent" status. However, hundreds of quotations in "A Course In Miracles" (ACIM) and a few in the New Testament, affirm that the Holy Spirit is a One Unified Spiritual Thought (Idea) of God. As this Spiritual Thought System, which is the Holy Spirit, is equally shared by God and all His Mind- Creations—who are the Sonship within God.

In understanding God's Spiritual Thought concept of the Holy Spirit we first have to distinguish clearly between the Mind-as-such Beingness (Existence-per-se), and the Thoughts which that Mind-as-such not only generates, but also contains and holds. The Holy Spirit, then, is an Idea System, or Communication Network (as a Thought) joining God's Mind-as such with all the other Minds (the Sonship) who exist within God's Mind-as-such. If this is hard to understand, please read on.

To assist with this new understanding, we will use an inexact analogy borrowed in part from John 14:2 in the Bible; "My Father's house has many rooms;" as well as, in part, from Jesus' use of the symbols of house, room and telephones in ACIM. In this inexact analogy, God is the House (i.e., God's Mind-as-such) and His House contains innumerable rooms, each room representing a Mind-as-such Son. God (as the House) provided each room (a Son) with His built-in "furnishings" (God's Gifts of His Thoughts) of pure Love, Light, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Freedom, Reason and Knowledge. All these built-in Gifts (Thoughts or Ideas of God) are, collectively speaking, Spirit, and they are eternal Attributes of God—shared by Him with Everyone.

Now every room (each a Son) and passageway (some Sons are intermediaries) in this House (God) is also equipped with a cell-phone which, when voluntarily picked up and appropriately dialed, is able to communicate simply and easily with any other room (a Son) and with the House Itself (God's Mind-as-such). In this House, conferencing communications are very common, and always open.  This perfect, interconnecting cell-phone Active Communication System (or Inter-Mind Communication Principle) is the Holy Spirit operating in God's Mind-as-such.

Some rooms (prodigal Sons) wanted to leave the House (God's Mind), which was of course quite impossible, and make their own individual separate worlds by mis-creating themselves differently in fear and darkness; that is, without Love and Light, etc. So, (we are still using this imperfect analogy) each of these renegade rooms (prodigal Sons) decided to shut themselves off from the others and the Main House (God) by locking their doors and refusing to use their cell-phones. These, then, became the separated ones, each of whom promptly proceeded to fill himself-as-a-room (his Mind-as-such) with "robotic" biological bodies, many toys, fancy trinkets, imagined relationships, defensive devices, projected nightmare "movies" and lots of other sundry ego-junk, all of which was quite unreal, even though it seemed real. These accumulating possessions, imagined relationships, false treasures, projected images and outright junk (i.e., all ego ideas, thoughts and beliefs) soon buried the built-in Love, Light, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Freedom, Reason and Knowledge (the original Gifts of God) so they became hidden, lost and inaccessible.

Nevertheless, on a high shelf, the unused cell-phone (the Son's part of the Holy Spirit) still lay visible, patiently waiting for the room (now a prodigal Son) to pick it up and dial G-O-D, or even H-E-L-P. If and when, after eons of false time and considerable disillusionment, the room (Son) did finally dial H-E-L-P, the Interactive System Operator (one essential function of the Holy Spirit's Communication System) would wisely connect that locked room with the best un-shut room (e.g., open-Minded Awake Sons such as a Christ, another Master, a Guide, an Angel, or a Brother) who would instantly and Lovingly communicate the correct Answer of the Whole Open House—even if that closed room (prodigal Son) was no longer bothering to listen. These freely available Answers, transmitted through the Holy Spirit, always tell the locked room (wrong-minded, ego-ridden, prodigal Son) how its unreal accumulated junk, relationships, beliefs, etc., can best be recycled into something valuable-to-learning (e.g., into a holy relationship through forgiveness), or be relinquished back into the nothingness (deranged, meaningless imagination) from whence they came. During this self-initiated spiritual healing (which is the At-one-ment Process) of any locked room's (Son's) ego-purification, no coercion was (or is) brought to bear, because any room's "clean-up" is always entirely voluntary. 

Once the undoing, letting go and return to Sanity (with lots of communicated Help) are under way, that newly transforming room (now a teacher of God) can itself become an essential link in the House's (God's) cell-phone Communication System (the Holy Spirit) to facilitate the healing of any other locked rooms (separated prodigal Sons) with which, on request, the Wise System (the Holy Spirit) deliberately connects it. This accelerates the teacher of God's (as the room) own uncovering of the buried Gifts (of God) which now shine up through the decreasing layers of debris and useless material that are still being truly changed or disposed of. Thus, the Holy Spirit mediates the whole At-one-ment Process of Spiritual Healing. 

Then, one day, when the room (Son) wanted only total Loving Oneness for Everyone, the House (God) takes the Final Step and springs the locked door wide open, flooding the purified room (the resurrected Son) with yet more limitless Thoughts of Love and Light, Peace and Joy, Freedom and Knowledge. This Final Step by the House (God) reunites the room (the Son) with every other room (i.e., Everyone) in the Whole House (the Mind-as-such of God) including Itself. This complete reunification (or Awakening) takes place through the Spiritual Communication System of God (the Holy Spirit) which permeates God's Mind-as-such, interconnecting every Being in God's Mind with one another and with God; and all of this At-one-ment Process of Completion, including the Holy Spirit, is initiated and maintained by (and as) God's Thoughts—as a Loving Idea.


All of the above is the reason why, in ACIM, Jesus can say that not only is he the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, but also that the Holy Spirit abides in the part of our Minds-as-such that is part of the universal Christ Mind. Because ACIM, itself, has come from Jesus (as he says) he is the Holy Spirit communicating God's Wisdom and Knowledge to us, intertwined with much practical ACIM curriculum content, lessons and exercises.

In our everyday lives here, in this world, we are able to open our closed ego-minds if that is our only wish. Then we have to choose to act on that wish. To facilitate this At-one-ment healing process, we have to meditate, pray, study and learn by connecting and communicating through the Holy Spirit with Jesus, other helpful teachers, our brothers and sisters and, above all, God Himself. The Holy Spirit within us links all our Minds within the Absolute One Mind of God. Through His Holy Spirit, God actively shares His Spiritual Gifts of Love, Light, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Freedom, Reason and Knowledge with Everyone.

But in order to empty our closed, cluttered minds of their meaningless junk-beliefs and useless accumulated past errors of learning, we must (with continuous guidance and help through the Holy Spirit) dismantle our egos totally, and change all our relationships to Holy ones. When that "sweet transition" is completed, and the desire to Wake Up is all we want or desire, God will Take His Final Step in our Awakening so that we experience Him directly as One. 

We, too, can then say, "My Father and I are One."


Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright © 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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