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A Koan is a Spiritual Puzzle traditionally used by Zen Masters to help their students concentrate during meditations. Koans call for intuition, reflection, contemplation and "aha!" insights. The most famous traditional Koan is, "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" (Spiritual answer: "Silence,"  because silence is zero decibels within the sound measurement continuum.)

 The Koans

          1.        How can I stop thinking by thinking about stopping thinking?

          2.        What is in an empty Mind?

          3.        What does not exist Now?

          4.        What is Real Love?

          5.        What is the opposite of Real Love?

          6.        What is Creation?

          7.        How long has Creation been going on?

          8.        What exists outside your own Awareness?

          9.        What is absolute Freedom?

         10.       Is Stillness still? Is Emptiness empty?

         11.       Where are you one minute ago?

         12.       What is pure Mind-as-such?

         13.       Why is a flower beautiful?

         14.       Where does the past exist?

         15.       What is the Light of Understanding?

         16.       Who understands?

         17.       If God is One, what is outside God?

         18.       Where does instant insight come from?

         19.       What is an idea per se?

         20.       Define Spirit per se.

         21.       When is eternity?

         22.       What and where is Peace?

         23.       Where does God Live?

         24.       Was nothing-per-se created?

         25.       What happened before God was?

         26.       Who thinks about my entire ego?

         27.       Where is space?

         28.       What are Joy and Happiness a byproduct of?

         29.       When is infinity?

         30.       Where is "outside" You?

         31.       What is inside You?

         32.       Where is time?

         33.       What is Beingness?

         34.       What and where is meaning?

         35.       Where is next week's sunrise?

         36.       Who and where is my Real Identity?

         37.       What medium allows one atomic particle to communicate instantly with another across 13 billion light-years of distance? [Scientifically they do!]


Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright © 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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