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Here are the key Ideas and Principles of Life, or Being, as far as I have been able to understand them in terms of my multi-dimensional interlocking jig-saw of acquired inner and outer knowledge. These key Ideas or Principles will be elaborated in more detail, using less formal language, on other Pages of this website. On this Page I am using Philosophical and Psychological terminology (dictionary definitions) as precisely and as unambiguously as the English language will allow -- for those readers who desire such precision. While this approach may seem abstract, it is in fact, very concrete. Most humans are just not used to understanding MIND-AS-SUCH and its attributes as Concrete Reality, or thinking of "concrete reality" (e.g., atoms, photons, planets, bodies, etc.,) as MIND-AS-SUCH. The philosophy of mind/matter dualism has been around for so long that it rarely occurs to anyone that matter/energy (as it appears to each of us) could be an incredibly sophisticated, hyper-synchronous, universal manifestation of "substance" objectively projected NOW within both Absolute Mind-as-Such and each of our individual Minds-as-such. For more on this, see below, and also see: H4, H5, H6, R12.


Absolute MIND-AS-SUCH is the only Ultimate Reality, and It CONTAINS All of everything within Itself. 

Absolute MIND-AS-SUCH is Absolutely CONSCIOUS, and AWARE of MIND-AS-SUCH. 

Absolute MIND-AS-SUCH is therefore experiencable to Itself as Self-Awareness, which means It may Subjectively experience Itself Objectively, i.e., as an Object of Its Own Consciousness within that Consciousness. This is a Key Primary Attribute.

Absolute MIND-AS-SUCH is Singular, but has many Absolute intrinsic Attributes or Qualities within Its Singularity. These Attributes may be "active" or "inactive" in the NOW (see later).

The major Absolute Attributes or Qualities of MIND-AS-SUCH (using human psychological terminology) are collectively labeled THINKING -- which would include the Ability to Reason (cognition), the Ability to Emote/Feel (affect), and the Ability to be Motivated (conation). Thus, MIND-AS-SUCH Reasons, Loves, and Wills Purposively and Teleologically. 

Absolute MIND-AS-SUCH is infinite, limitless, eternal, and uncircumscribed in the MIND sense of those terms, which, incidentally, are IDEAS within MIND-AS-SUCH -- Ideas which MIND-AS-SUCH may use to "portray" Itself to Itself within Its Self-Awareness. 

Absolute MIND-AS-SUCH Thinks IDEAS, and the contents, varieties and types of Ideas MIND-AS-SUCH Thinks are absolutely unconstricted, uncircumscribed and unlimited (those are the best words I can come up with).

Absolute MIND-AS-SUCH is capable of Thinking Subjectively and Objectively within Itself, and both types of thinking are able to occur simultaneously. For example, I can be subjectively aware of myself thinking about myself objectively.

Absolute MIND-AS-SUCH is also capable of Thinking It is Subjectively perceiving Its own Objective Thoughts in a composite Perceptual System -- which itself is also an Idea. (As examples, human "parallels" would be nighttime dreaming, or mental mathematics, especially geometry. (Einstein utilized this type of thinking when doing his "thought experiments.")

Absolute MIND-AS-SUCH only Thinks NOW, which itself is an IDEA of NOW-ness within MIND-AS-SUCH. All-That-Is exists only in Consciousness NOW within MIND-AS-SUCH as Ideas. Even "potential" thoughts are only being thought of as potential thoughts together with (i.e., in parallel with) a particular dominant thought NOW.

Absolute MIND-AS-SUCH is capable of Memory, in the sense that MIND-AS-SUCH is able to Remember all or any of Its Thoughts NOW. Memory-as-such is a Systems IDEA. All Memories exist only NOW. All Memories of All-That-Is are Remembered as Ideas only in the NOW. Just because a prior thought has been previously stored does not mean it is "in the past" because the storage system exists only NOW. (As a human-made computer parallel, all the stored material on a hard disc only exists NOW.) Memory access is also only NOW.

Absolute Singular MIND-AS-SUCH is capable of procreating (for want of a better word) Itself within Itself innumerable times, and each of those MIND-AS-SUCH Living Creations is also capable of procreating itself, and so this procreation process goes on and on in the NOW. However, all procreated MIND-AS-SUCH Created Beings Live only within Absolute MIND-AS-SUCH. This System Process of MIND-AS-SUCH Creations within MIND-AS-SUCH Creations could (in human language) be called a continuing process of a "procreative holographic fractalization" of Absolute MIND-AS-SUCH, (holographic only in the whole-in-part and part-in-whole sense). Each and every MIND-AS-SUCH Creation has "eternal" Individuated Being/ Life/ Existence as an Idea NOW within Absolute MIND-AS-SUCH, but only the Individuation is an Idea, because each Created Being is in essence only MIND-AS-SUCH.

Absolute Singular MIND-AS-SUCH, in terms of generating (thinking) IDEAS, functions Consciously in three (for want of a better word) modes (a) as Itself, (b) in unified (but not uniform) synchronistic conjunction with the Mind-as-Such Beings It has Created within Itself, and (c) by allowing Its Created Mind-as-Such Beings to think by themselves (in an Idea of isolation from other Minds-as-such) if they wish to do so, but the latter "isolated" thoughts or ideas are usually partially or wholly unreal (see later below).

All Created Ideas of Absolute MIND-AS-SUCH and Its Created MIND-AS-SUCH Beings exist only in the moment-by-moment apparent movement of CREATION which occurs only in each successive NOW moment.  In each NOW Moment a new version of the Creation occurs. Thus the past and future, and time itself, do not actually exist. Apparent time is a misinterpretation of the "Flow" or "Movement" of CREATION through the NOW-POINT. All past memories and any future potentials exist only as Ideas in MIND-AS-SUCH right NOW. They are NOT "out there somewhere" in the "past" or in the "future" like, by analogy, a movie film stored somewhere else in a can (past) waiting to be reactivated, or (when that movie film is running) waiting in the projector (as the future) to be revealed. 

Thus, all physical and mental "MOVEMENT" in us, or anywhere in the Universe of Universes, is only a series of singular successive instant new synchronized creations by MINDS-AS-SUCH occurring NOW; "Behold, I create all things anew."

As Created MIND-AS-SUCH Ideas (i.e., MIND-BEINGS) we, too, only exist (i.e., have Beingness) right NOW, both individually and collectively. Put simply, we can say, there is no other time than NOW; we do not exist one nanosecond into the past, and we do not exist one nanosecond into the future.

Absolute MIND-AS-SUCH is capable of unlimited CREATIVE IMAGINATION as Ideas, as a class of Ideas, or as hierarchies of classes of Ideas that Absolute MIND-AS-SUCH may Subjectively THINK. Within Absolute MIND-AS-SUCH, selected "compatible" Imagined Ideas may be organized in Objective-Thought Hierarchies of Systems and living "Taxonomies." We see these incredibly complex synchronized Arrangements throughout all Nature from nuclear particles to Advanced Mind-Beings.

Within Absolute MIND-AS-SUCH MIND-AS-SUCH all Ideas of all kinds are "eternal-in-the-Now," but that does not mean they are all REAL. The only REAL Ideas are Ideas which have Absolute Love as their emotional Purpose. Therefore, for example, discord as an Idea is not REAL, but Loving Oneness is REAL. It is possible to eradicate war or smallpox because they are unreal Ideas, whereas Loving Oneness can NEVER be eradicated because it is an Intrinsic Attribute of Absolute MIND-AS-SUCH. Note that, in this context, the word "Real" does not necessarily mean "physical."

Any imagined ideas of MIND-AS-SUCH that are NOT based on REAL LOVE are NOT Real, but once "erased" these unreal ideas are stored in NOW-Memory as un-real ideas, where they may be used as a kind of "error-checker" to detect NOW-Ideas that "do not work." Understand, however that Real Ideas and unreal Ideas can both exist within Mind-as-Such. To reduce this to an everyday human situation we can say a lie-as-such exists, but that it is not Real; in this literal sense, death is an unreal lie, whereas Life-as-Such is a Real Truth.

The REAL Ideas of MIND-AS-SUCH include Systems, Processes, Forms, Energies or (often Hierarchical) Syntheses of these Ideas.  Conceptually speaking, all Systems, Processes, Forms, Energies and their Syntheses are also subjective Abstract Real Loving Ideas in their own right. 

REAL Ideas may be subjective, or subjective and objective. NO objective idea can exist "objectively" within MIND-AS-SUCH without a subjective idea to support it. Within MIND-AS-SUCH, subjective REAL Ideas may, or may not be, objectively Thought. Inasmuch as MIND-AS-SUCH-Caused "concrete" objective Ideas are observed and experienced in the NOW, they occur simultaneously and instantly with their subjective causal Idea in Mind-as-Such. In other words a subjective Idea and its "concrete" objective counterpart (if that Idea has one) are the same single simultaneous Idea NOW, and both aspects of that Idea may be replaced "consecutively" (as Creation changing) with very similar Ideas in each "consecutive" NOW-Instant. In this manner, for example, your current human life unfolds (changes NOW-moment by NOW-moment) from conception to "letting go" of your (objectified) physical body.

Within MIND-AS-SUCH, because a subjective Idea and its "concrete" objective counterpart (if that Idea has one) are the same single simultaneous Idea NOW, the objective aspect may be the instant stimulus in that NOW-POINT for a "consecutive" similar subjective Idea; however, "consecutive" Ideas are never perfectly identical -- even if only because each one is newly Created NOW.

All MIND-AS-SUCH Beings have subjective access NOW to all Real and unreal Ideas. Absolute MIND-AS-SUCH has no interest in actively thinking about what is NOT REAL, but It does Know unreal thoughts to be unreal thoughts.



Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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