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In the first three paragraphs (immediately below) I am presenting the standard view of time as a flow coming in from the future through the present and then off into the past which is usually referred to as the "arrow of time." Some people think of the "arrow of time" the other way around; time-past, flowing forward through time-present, and now awaiting time-future with all its possibilities and probabilities. Either way, we regard time as REAL.

Almost all humans who have ever lived, from Zeno (circa 465 BC) to Einstein, have believed that there is something Real out there and also within our bodies and minds, called TIME. Didn't Einstein determine it is the variable fourth dimension along with the three dimensions of space? Is it not obvious (we all say) that speed and acceleration demonstrate that objects (not to mention photons, cosmic ray particles, solar wind. etc.,) move through space over periods of time? Do we not grow old and, in time, die?

After all, we say, we know there is a past, a present and a future and that objects and things composed of matter and energy, such as rocks and light, have already existed for billions of years. Do we not dig up dinosaur bones? Has not that real dinosaur bone been there in the ground for 190,000 years? Through our telescopes are we not seeing light today that left distant galaxies 12 billion years ago? If 12 billion years is not time, what is? We know light (those photons again) in a vacuum travels at 186,000 miles a second. We all know time flows. Furthermore, my physical computer was here yesterday, it is here right now, and I have no doubt it will be here tomorrow so I can finish this page. For that matter I will be here too! Is not all of this self-evident confirmation that time is Real, that time flows steadily while material objects and energy "stay put," move, and change gradually over time? Are not our physical bodies and their aging processes excellent examples of the movement or flow of time during our lifetimes? Did not Einstein determine (a) that the speed of light (i.e., the movement of photons in space during a period of time called a second) in a vacuum is constant, (b) that time slows down when an object moves faster, until, at the speed of light, time actually stops for that object? 

In the current standard model scientific theory of time, it is the dimension of time which is flowing. It is usually referred to as the "arrow of time" and in (Einstein's) theory it is reversible. Matter, mass and energy move and change in time but they are considered more or less permanent phenomena; yesterday's stone is the near-enough identical stone to the one we perceive today and it will be the same one we will see tomorrow. Is there not a conservation of energy and matter that is permanent and which is constantly recycled over time. Yesterday's Universe is today's Universe somewhat modified, and it is also the same Universe that will be here tomorrow and next year. Our massive Sun-star is going to be here at the center of the Solar System for a few billion years yet, as time flows inevitably onwards. After all, we are told, protons will probably last in time for eons because they have a half-life in years of 10 raised to the power of 32. Time flows while protons stay! This is the conventional (almost universal) scientific view, which is also the common sense view! I claim this conventional view is incorrect.

What I am explaining on this particular web-page is the context of HOW the evolution of our physical Universe, of biological phenomena and of our bodies occurred as consecutive new Ideas of singular Acts of Creation occurring in "NOW-instants" that, like orbital particle "quantum leaps," are  literally instantaneous. Note that NOW instants take NO-time at all! 

The best English words I can find to define this Creation-NOW phenomenon are: that it takes place "in no time at all."

This consecutive "flow" of individual new synchronistic ACTS (events) of CREATION NOW, not time, is a much simpler hypothesis (we are using Occam's razor) about the nature of time than is the current one -- which has all kinds of scientific enigmas associated with it, such as the paradoxes of time-travel or that Relativistic time can slow down and presumably stop. 

The simplest hypothesis (and the one which accurately dovetails with all the evidence, including Relativistic astrophysics and quantum physics), is that there is only an ever-new Universal Creation NOW. This means that time-per-se as a flowing movement does NOT exist. Each new Creation of the Universe of Universes takes place in a "quantum" no-time instant" of consecutive Ideational Mind-as-Such experience (each experience being singular) called NOW. This explanation also fits neatly into quantum mechanics. Note however that by my use of the word "Ideational" I am not excluding energy/matter, as did (and do) Idealistic/Ideational philosophers, past and present. Energetic particles and their concurrent wave phenomena (also energy) only exist NOW and NOW and NOW and NOW as Creations NOW! Each Act of Creation NOW takes NO time and there is NO time in between them!

As an aside on Relativity it is very interesting that the three spatial dimensions expand in an expanding universe. The three spatial dimensions also warp (under the influence of what we call gravity) in the presence of mass. But what is the universe expanding into; does this space- mass- gravity- time system warp itself with no reference field, no medium, and no cause -- other than itself?

There is only an entirely NEW singular Act of Creation of the Universe of Universes NOW which replaces the previous Act of Creation instantly, with NO time-interval in between.

MOVING FILM ANALOGY  (To learn about projection visually, see the illustration on Page R12.)

A very poor analogy for this entirely NEW singular Act of Creation of the Universe of Universes NOW would be the old-fashioned moving films that run through the film projector which is constructed to illuminate a single picture frame and project that complex picture on the white screen in a tiny fraction of a second (let's say it is one-thirtieth of a second). The incoming frames are coiled on the reel above the lens-shutter, and the outgoing frames are bring wound onto the reel below. Now, with this whole projection situation in your Mind, just do the following:

1. Replace the upper reel and its film with an infinite number of probable, possible next-frames (including the individual picture-content of each frame) that the shutter may expose as the next singular creation (a la Heisenberg uncertainty, and Feynman's sum over histories). There is only a statistical probability prediction as to which frame will occur in the next NOW. This is because Minds-as-such without number which are integrated with Absolute Mind-as-Such will synchronistically unify to instantly select and display that new universal frame. The frame that has the highest statistical probability of occurring is a slight variation of the current frame.

2. Realize that the current singular picture frame being exposed by the shutter is NOT moving. It is STATIC on the white screen for that one-thirtieth of a second instant, so you can see it with NO blurring NOW. The whole purpose of the projector is to provide an illusion of movement by presenting a succession of individual separate STATIC frames (pictures) which stop and start in synchronized harmony with the opening and closing shutter, and its permanently shining light. So it is with Creation NOW, except that the NOW exposure is infinitely small--like the quantum leap it takes no time at all, not even a Planck time duration (10 to the power of minus 43 seconds). 

3. The film projector shutter's own mechanical opening speed and closing speed is extremely brief; that speed is a minute fraction of the thirty-second frame exposure time. Therefore if Universal Creation's "exposure time" is infinitely brief, we would say the between frames rate of transition is ZERO; it takes place in NO-time, like a quantum leap or "spooky action at a distance." (As a comparison, our digital camera shutter at its "fastest" speed, takes a little more than one two-thousandth of a second to open, register the scene, and close.)

3. Replace the lower reel and its past-frames (including the already-seen picture-contents that were previously projected) with a NOW-existing memory recorder (think of a hard-disk) that can only be re-accessed (if need be) in a current NOW no-time instant. That remembered frame or succession of frames will then be selected by Mind-as-such as the next frame and be re-projected NOW. (There is no time travel involved--it is a NOW "re-run" except that this Now re-run is never exactly identical to the original.

4. Realize that the screen is not the actual picture, but merely a projection of the actual image which exists on the film-frame (like the shadows of Reality on the wall of Plato's cave). The "objectivity" of the screen image is only a "realistic perceived impression" that is projected out from the source-film-frame inside the projector. Those inner frames in our Minds are ideas -- in our analogy, visual ideas. You do this kind of "objectification" of perceived images every night when you are dreaming. You also do it all day.

5. Understand that the movie and the equipment that "runs and shows" the film, only exists for the entertainment, edification and enjoyment of the audience, one of whom is operating the projector. In Life, every Mind-as-such Being is the "operator" of his (or her) own "projector" and he has a personal viewing point of his own objectified screen which is synchronistically meshed NOW into the infinitely complex matrix of the Whole. However, my eyes never see what your eyes see because I can never get into your brain NOW and look out through your actual eyes. Thus each person's objectification is unique.


Creation (in the widest sense of the term) obviously exists, and none of the discussions by scientists, theologians, philosophers, educators and even lawyers, challenge the fact that the Universe exists NOW -- even though some may not wish to use the term "Creation" because they consider it too loaded. All the discussions revolve around how long ago, in TIME, was our Universe created (past tense). Was it 13.7 billion years ago at the time of the "Big Bang" or was it created in 4004 BC as the Irish Bishop James Usher once calculated from the Bible? The concept behind all this conventional view of TIME (whether it is the Big Bang, or the Genesis version, or the Bishop's version, or your own) is that God created the Universe (choose your own set of created components from pre-quantum foam to the Garden of Eden) long ago, and then set it ALL rolling within something called TIME-SPACE (also a part of the creation) so that it could continue to change or evolve or unfold with very little, if any, input or interference from Him. This "rolling unfolding" (all the experts tell us) follows immutable Rules and Principles such as gravity, electromagnetism, DNA, evolution, etc., which can never be interfered with by human Minds-as-such (including Masters), or by God, Himself. Thus, to many scientists and skeptics, any appearance of interference with the Rules of the Universe (such as levitation and miracles) can only be trickery of the sort magicians do, or outright acts of dishonesty.

It never seems to occur to any of these gentle people, including almost all the scientists, philosophers and theologians, that All Creation may be taking place only at this moment NOW. Admittedly, it is a difficult Idea to wrap one's Mind around, especially when you realize I am affirming that all evolutionary change (cosmological as well as biological) DID occur as a successive "unfolding" of Creative Ideas within MIND-AS-SUCH only in the NOW. However, yesterday's NOWs no longer exist and tomorrow's probable NOWs are not yet here, so they do not exist NOW. In other words, whatever its history or future, Creation exists only NOW. But before you have a knee-jerk reaction of "what nonsense" to only-Continuously-New-Creation-NOW, consider these facts:

PAST: Where is the actual body you were in, say, one year ago? And, if you could find it somewhere, would it be absolutely identical to the body you are actually in right NOW at this quantum-instant? Obviously, the actual body you were in a year ago had lots of different cells, and was a year younger than your present body NOW. That actual material body of a year ago no longer actually exists. It may be a NOW-memory of sorts, but physically speaking, it no longer exists, because it had been replaced by the one you possess NOW in this current no-time instant. You do not have two bodies, or 365 bodies all physically existing side by side, or one inside the other, at the same moment NOW.  Nor are 365 actual physical bodies spread out "behind" you following you around! You only ever have ONE physical body, your present body, that exists only NOW, and hopefully, will continue to exist only in the NOW. All those "past" bodies that did exist have NOW ceased to be? 

Also ask yourself this question: Is the entire Universe physically stored somewhere in every single one its former physical infinite manifestations since (or before) the Big Bang (or the Biblical Creation) so that, when we invent a time-machine or find the right Kerr's wormhole, we can, in our present bodies, visit any one of those infinite-in-number physical manifestations?  Which body would we be in: the one we had back then or our current one NOW. If we go back in time 365 days do we re-manifest the cells we had back then, and, if so, have all our memories for the past year disappeared because our brains have physically retrogressed. [All these paradoxes apply to future time travel as well. If we advance 365 days into the future where will all the new cells and physical structure of our bodies and brains come from? See FUTURE below.]

Naive scientifically-minded people may say we can see these earlier versions of the universe through our powerful telescopes, but the truth is that we are only seeing the light (including infra-red and X-rays, etc.,) NOW here on earth, after that light has traveled for billions of miles (in my view being constantly recreated) at approximately 186 million miles per second. Right NOW those "primitive" galaxies have probably already evolved to look something like the Milky Way or other types of local galaxies. 

FUTURE: Which brings us to the future. Where is your actual body one year into the future? It does not exist anywhere in the future; in fact you have NO body even five minutes into the future, or even one trillionth of a nanosecond into the future. You may say it is there potentially, but "potential" is hypothetical speculation and not physical fact. In 1945, one split second before the atomic bomb exploded, many people in Hiroshima would have predicted in their minds that they would continue to possess active, live physical bodies in the foreseeable future, but, lamentably, they did not. Even if we do continue to live in the immediate and foreseeable future we will do so in a series of different consecutive bodies, simply because it is a fact that our bodies are in a process of continuous NOW changes -- one no-time-instant by the next no-time-instant. No body actually exists a Planck instant into the past, or a Planck instant into the future. Like the instantaneous no-time quantum leap of the electron from one orbital-energy level to another, change takes NO time. Creating and Creation IS only NOW. All Creation is within Absolute MIND-as-Such NOW. All change, such as evolution, or a muscular movement, does not occur through any flow of something we call time; change, throughout the Universe of universes, occurs only as a singular newly-created new manifestation each no-time instant NOW. It is Creation which manifests instantly NOW, not time. 

Even in the case of light, we can say that each photon is recreated in its new point-location (which is an objectified Idea) every no-time instant as an Idea in Mind-as-Such. This is true whether we observe them as particles (an Idea) or wave forms (an Idea) NOW

PRESENT: Which brings us to the question: How long, then, is NOW? In the dialogue above I have used such terms as no-time instant and nanosecond (to facilitate my introductory explanations) but now I want to emphasize categorically that there is NO such thing as time. Or, to put it another way, all concepts of time and of units of time are a misinterpretation of consecutive NOW-creations by Mind-as-such (both Absolute and individual). In conventional physics a Planck unit of time (10 to the minus 43 seconds) is the smallest unit-time there is, but even that is erroneous physics. The nearest that current thinking in physics gets to continuous, consecutive unit creation by Mind-as-such is the concept of the "quantum leap" which occurs, for example, when an electron "leaps" INSTANTLY (in no time at all) from one energy level (or orbit) to another energy level in the atom, as it releases or absorbs a single quantum charge. In fact, that singular electron, is simply recreated in its new orbit location in no-time; there is NO "traveling" or "jumping" involved. The Universe of Universes is non-local within Absolute Mind-as-Such and our individual Minds-as-such. John Wheeler's "participatory universe," and David Bohm's "implicate order," and Rupert Sheldrake's "formative causation," and the "violations of Bell's inequality," while correct are the least of it! 

I wish to point out here, that each successive Universal Act Of Creation itself takes NO time at all. Each successive singular Act of Creation occurs instantaneously and there is NO interval of time between these successive singular Acts of Creation. Therefore we can say that (as is the case with the so-called quantum leap of the electron), neither the individual Acts of Creation, nor their successive replacement take any TIME at all. If scientists have to take unwilling refuge in the infinitely "small" and infinitely "large" to resolve their equations, then so be it.


I want to explore some more of the ramifications of Continuously Successive New Creation only NOW for science and those numerous professions more or less based on science. Let me state that I regard myself to be in the overall broad category we label "scientist." Let me also hasten to add that while almost nothing said on this Website negates the factual findings of almost all past and present valid scientific studies in all scientific fields, it does negate or call into question the opinions, philosophies, interpretations and declarations of almost all scientists. Scientists collectively take for granted the self-evident validity of numerous "fundamental objectivities" such as energy-mass, space, time, motion, measurement, predictability, as well as the collective validity of human senses, life, and mathematics. We have to include in this taken-for-granted basket the conscious thought (of the experimental scientists) which observes, plans, measures, calculates, etc. Only a few courageous scientists look behind the nature of all these assumed-to-be fundamental "objectivities" on which almost all U(1) Gauge symmetry science is based.

With reference to the minds and thoughts of scientists, I remember watching a scientific documentary on Einstein and his various proven theories. Immediately after it was over, a friend of mine asked me what I thought about the content, and I replied, "Einstein left out of his formulas the most important piece of the puzzles he was solving -- his own mind-as-such that did the thought experiments and calculated the mathematics. I find it incredible that the physical sciences almost uniformly leave out not only themselves as observers, but also the part played by mind-as-such consciousness in every aspect of science from the formulation of hypotheses and experimental design, to the mathematical calculations and the conclusions drawn. Is it any wonder Einstein could not find a Unified Theory of Everything when he left himself and his consciousness out of the equations, and everybody else's consciousness too. Einstein was right as far as he went, but without the Idea of Minds-as-such as active participating Conscious observers he could go no further. From his many statements, Einstein seemed to believe his "God" (who did not play dice) created a purely physical universe the operations of which could be discovered through mathematical theory without reference to any conscious observers. It would seem appropriate at this point to mention that scientific theory and research results still evolve steadily, with the result that more and more tight experimental findings are emerging which validate the relationship between mind-as-such (consciousness/ information/ knowledge and matter/energy. (See: Books Page Q2)

The youngest-ever (aged 25) Nobel Prize laureate, physicist Lawrence Bragg almost got it right in 1970 when he stated: "Everything that has already happened is particles, everything in the future is waves. The advancing sieve of time coagulates waves into particles at the moment 'now.'" By my reckoning, Bragg should have added, "But nothing still exists in the past, and the future does not yet exist." If what I have just said is true, (and it is) then WHAT is causing those particles (corpuscular wave-forms) to manifest (i.e., to "coagulate") instantaneously NOW

The only other "thing" around in the NOW that can manifest (i.e., "coagulate") those particles (out of wave forms -- which then cease to exist) is Absolute Mind-as-Such and the individualized Minds-as-such within it (as observers). This would mesh  completely (in my jigsaw puzzle of Truth) with Heisenberg's matrix mechanics, his Uncertainty Principle, and his undivided whole theory. I am in good company, and I have not even mentioned David Bohm, Bell or a dozen other top scientists! When are traditional physicists going to include themselves AS conscious Minds-as-such within their own theoretical formulations. Calling ourselves biological machines, as atheists do, does not rid us of the conscious observer problem, namely the observer who consciously alters the path of a particle after it has been emitted from its source.

Here are the implications of Consecutively New, Instant Creation NOW:

Absolute Mind-as-Such creates Pure Mind-Beings of Itself, within Itself.  (See C4)

Absolute Mind-as-Such also creates only Ideas within Itself NOW.

Absolute Mind-as-Such has infinite Intelligence and infinite Creative Capabilities in terms of Ideas within Ideas, so we must not apply our self-limiting human standards of intelligence to Absolute Mind as Such and to what follows.

Absolute Mind-as-Such can think both Subjectively and Objectively simultaneously in the NOW, and so can all the Pure Mind-Beings created by Absolute Mind-as-Such within Itself.

There are several kinds of Categories of continuously created Ideas about which scientists and others may THINK. Note that, while I have separated the Ideas into a Hierarchy of Categories, they are, in Reality, Ideas within Ideas within Ideas. Just to complicate matters further, one Idea can seem to occupy several Categories. For example, the Law of Gravity (inverse square, etc.,) as an Idea is not Gravity itself (warped space, etc.,) as an Idea, and when a scientist thinks about Gravity it is yet a third Idea about the first two. Wheels within wheels within wheels! Note that the following list is the minimum one.

Category 1: Some of these numerous Ideas-within-Ideas are (in human language, called) Hierarchies, Principles, Laws, Systems, Mechanisms, Organizations, Designs, Pure (abstract) Mathematics, etc. (Note that the word "theory" is too vague in meaning to be included anywhere here. Also note that Pure Mathematics does not exist outside, or apart from Consciousness. I have yet to find or pick up a natural quadratic equation in the ocean or forest.)

Category 2: Others of these numerous Ideas-within-Ideas are (in human language, called) Dimensional Space, Now, Fields, Forces such as Gravity/ Electromagnetism/ Strong/ Weak, etc. 

Category 3: Still others of these numerous Ideas-within-Ideas are (in human language, called) Energetic Particles and/or Wave Forms called Quarks, Fermions, Leptons and Bosons, etc., including the Higgs Boson and dark matter particles. It is a curious synchronicity that just now I read in a Cambridge University Institute of Astronomy research study of 12 local dwarf galaxies, that Dark Matter particles (probably WIMPs of some kind) seem to move at an unexpected speed of 9km/sec, and have an unexpected temperature of 10,000 degrees Celsius, and that these two figures would help explain why larger galaxies do not fly apart. It would seem that dark matter is a Good Idea! 

Category 4: All the Idea "levels" of these four Ideas-within-Ideas Categories are fully integrated subjectively within Absolute Mind-as-Such to "OBJECTIVELY appear on (subjective) demand" as observed Thought Forms by any Mind-as-Such Being in the present no-time-instant NOW. As a handier label in English we can call these objectifications, "Ideas of Substance." Presumably even cows and crickets observe the complex of substances we call grass!

More will be said about these four Categories in subsequent pages.

Here are more implications of Continuously New Creation NOW:

Change, Movement, Process: All apparent movement, change, process, continuity, transformation, etc., is only the created replacement Idea for the previously created placement which no longer exists except, perhaps, in memory as an Idea NOW. In other words "change" is an Idea of Process in which one Idea-image is instantly substituted for the completely new Idea-image. This is a very important Idea for your Mind-as-such to comprehend because, in any quantum-instant, the newly created replacement Idea necessarily need NOT be a sequentially similar near-replica to the Idea it replaces NOW. If MIND-AS-SUCH Purpose calls for a very abrupt shift or instant dramatic Idea-change, an event "non-sequitur" occurs--which may seem miraculous. For example, a storm may instantly cease, water can turn into wine, a terminal cancer can abruptly go into remission, or I can determine right NOW the outcome of a double-slit experiment that was completed weeks ago and which (operationally speaking) no longer exists. Nevertheless, when there is no Purposive reason for a "non-sequitur" event, MIND-AS-SUCH organizes each replacement Idea to be only a miniscule variation of the Idea it replaces. Humans feel safer in a "predictable" environments, even though, in terms of Creation NOW, "predictable consecutive continuity" is itself only a higher-order Idea NOW.

Time-Travel Paradoxes: The past does not exist in any Idea form, except in terms of Memory-Ideas which cannot be used creatively except in the NOW as a newly Created Idea in this quantum-instant. Thus any so-called time-travel would only be a simulation of a past-event Created as a new Idea NOW. And because it can only be a NOW "Idea-simulated-replication" it cannot alter the past and thus cause all those paradoxes. Of course, one could imagine as objectified Ideas in Mind-as-Such that one was traveling "back in time" in a time-machine, or through a wormhole to an Idea of an (identically replicated) "past" but those seemingly "past events" would, in Reality, be happening sequentially as newly created Ideas in quantum instants NOW

Instant Physical Healings and Spontaneous Remissions: There are now many, many thousands of documented cases of very rapid "spontaneous remissions" recorded from around the world for which the traditional medical and scientific establishment have no biological explanation as to how millions of diseased cells can "spontaneously" regenerate or transform themselves into healthy tissue. But, if Creation NOW is no more than a succession of objectified Ideas "emanating" NOW within Absolute Mind-as Such in collaboration and concert (see later) with the Minds-as-Such within It (especially those involved in the situation or illness-event), a major abrupt shift to an apparently non-sequential replacement healing Idea that serves Purpose is both possible and desirable. (See: Q3 Sites to see)

Placebo Effect: The placebo effect has puzzled physicians, scientists and psychologists because it means that a psychological belief can have a powerful healing effect on illnesses and wounds, and sometimes cure them. Materialist doctors and scientists are hard put to explain how this is not mind over matter. There is even evidence that varying degrees of the success of genuine pharmaceutical medications and treatments can be attributed to the placebo effect. The efficacy of placebos is easily explained when we truly understand that beliefs are merely egoic ideas of conviction having an effect on equally egoic ideas of illness or injury, and that it is all taking place in Mind-as-Such. Once it is realized that the body itself (including the brain) is no more than an Idea of Substance which responds to other ideas we call beliefs, then all healings of all kinds stem from shifts in beliefs. Anyway, illnesses themselves, are only "too difficult to handle" negative egoic emotions and feelings that have been dropped into the body, a conclusion that quite a few health workers have arrived at in recent years.

Synchronicities:  Everything that happens in the Universe during a single no-time-instant of continuously new Creation NOW  is a Synchronicity of Ideas because nothing could ever happen by random chance or accident, even though a CHOICE of the NEXT objectified event by each of the Mind-as-such observers (us) is always in operation. This is so because all happenings and events are only Ideas being Created by and organized in Absolute Supreme Intelligence in collaboration and concert with the Mind-as-Such Beings It shares Its Mind with within Itself. This does not mean "determinism" is the rule, or that everything is predetermined, because each and every Mind-as-Such is free to determine (within limits on earth) what its own replacement Idea is (and choose it over other possibilities) in any given NOW no-time instant. This leads to what humans would call the seeming "unpredictability of extremely complex systems" that even our best super-computers cannot yet meaningfully resolve (an analogous complexity would be our global weather patterns, including the so-called "butterfly effect"). Categories 1--4 above are interlaced in hypersynchronistic systems which is a term used by Jesus in Glenda Green's book "Love without End: Jesus Speaks" (see Q2). All the Masters affirm that everything is a synchronicity. and even random events or situations are random by design. They also affirm we make the choices about what eventuates next. Which leads us unto...

Quantum randomness, Quantum non-locality, Entanglement, Double-slit experiments, Aspect experiment, Einstein's "Spooky action at a distance,":  All of the problems of quantum non-locality melt away when the Universe of Universes and all their contents and components are harmonious systems, and hierarchies of harmonious systems, of consecutively Created New Ideas by Absolute Mind-as-Such, some of which are subjective Ideas observed objectively only NOW by Minds-as-Such. (That statement is about the best I can do to explain this infinitely complex Idea of Creation occurring only NOW.) Anyway, if, in any given no-time-instant, the Newly Created All-That-Is Universal Idea system exists within Absolute Mind-as-Such NOW, then instant communication of information non-locally between particles (or any other objectified Ideas) is a routine Idea. The entire Universe of Universes is non-local NOW as Systems of Ideas in Absolute Mind-as-Such. Schrodinger's cat, as an Idea in Absolute Mind-as-Such, is a self-aware being and that cat observes himself in that box in each no-time instant. Potential human observers in their limited dissociated state may not know whether the cat's body is alive or "dead" but all Awake Mind-as-Such Beings do, and so does the cat who is still alive (or physically "dead") as an Idea NOW. No Created Being or Thing ever dies- only physical bodies "die." Mind-as-such Beings who are Awake in full Consciousness can (by willing it) be anywhere in the Absolute Mind-as-Such Universe of Universes instantaneously in no-time and objectify a body, right there, right NOW. In Absolute Reality there is no such thing as time, and objectified Substance is solely determined as an effect by Mind-as-Such.

Miracles:  I realize that atheists, skeptics and most agnostics will maintain that all miracles can be explained by trickery, dishonesty, coincidence or by natural causes. However, there is nothing mysterious about miracles once we understand that all creation is happening only in consecutive no-time singular event-frames NOW -- as described earlier above. Numerous modern miracles occur all the time (see Q2-L Books about genuine miracles). Two, or several, consecutive no-time singular event-frames can be created as physical objectifications in Mind-as-such which are very dissimilar thus manifesting what we humans would call "a miracle." Thus eyes that were blind can suddenly see, or a body that has been dead for several days can be reanimated and healed. On the other hand, around the world, there are several dead bodies lying in tombs for many many years, some even for centuries, that have never decayed. Most miracles are quite normal and natural once you know that all Nature and natural events occur within Absolute Mind-as-Such and individual Minds-as-such, and are mediated by those Minds as such, many of whom may be Devas. Thus a storm will cease when the willing weather Devas are commanded to stop that storm by an innocent Mind-as-Such. Manifestations, such as a bowl of fruit (Sai Baba Q2-F) or even manure (Machaelle Small Wright Q2-T), will be manifested by the appropriate Devas when requested by Loving humans who have a wider need that serves Purpose. Miracles are never of the ego or for the ego. Spirit Guides mediate many rapid healings, some of which are medically deemed to be impossible. When we understand that MINDS command energy and matter to serve Purpose the explanation of miracles is simple and natural.

Continuously ever-New Creation NOW IS the Movement, of God (ie., Absolute Mind-as-Such) NOW. There is NO time except NOW -- and NOW is only an instantaneous NO-TIME created event-frame.

We humans have to understand very clearly that what we call "time" in the sense of a past, present and future does not exist. There is NO "flow of time," but there is a Succession of ever-new Continuous Creation which appears to move through the no-time instant of NOW. NOW is the only focal point of Conscious Mind-as-such, no matter where it is NOW and no matter on what dimension (or integrated vertical dimensions) it is observing NOW.

This no-time instant Idea of NOW is "STATIC," and it is the apparent perceived Movement of Ideational "objective" Creation that is being (using human language) "injected" or "manifested" as single consecutive Ideas which disappear (except in NOW memory) when replaced by the following new single consecutive Idea. Of course, in the Universe of Universes an infinite number of "manifested" Ideas occur simultaneously in Absolute Mind-as-Such in a consecutive order as they flow through the "STATIC" quantum instant we call NOW. Successive instant Creations (which take no-time) appear to "flow" or "move." However, there is no such thing as "time" which "flows or moves."  

When you raise your arm you are actually experiencing a whole series of ever-new replacement arms in a successive, sequential set of NOW (no-time) instants. That consecutive objectified set of individually manifested arm creations, and the perceived environmental space it occurs in, are what so-called "movement" actually is.


ABSOLUTE MIND-AS-SUCH Creates Perfect Ideas Perfectly NOW. This means that if there are perceived ideas of imperfection by human Minds-as-Such (for example, disease, war, death and accidents) then those humans are interfering with those Perfect Ideas by distorting them erroneously NOW. These distorting human ideas can occur because in our imagined dreamlike separation from Absolute Mind-as-Such we are dissociating ourselves NOW from the Attributes of Perfect Love, Harmony, Joy, Light, Peace and Knowledge and are replacing them with fear, dissonance, depression, darkness, death, conflict and ignorance. Thus we invented the human ideas of fear, dissonance, depression, darkness, death, conflict and ignorance to replace the Absolute Attributes of Perfect Love, Harmony, Joy, Life, Light, Peace and Knowledge, respectively. 

It is this distorting interference caused by the very limited and limiting unreal idea-beliefs of our egos that now keeps us dissociated from Absolute Reality, even though that Reality is all around us in both Nature and the other dimensions of Absolute Mind-as-Such which permeate this one. These distorting ideas and idea-beliefs are a CHOICE -- just as surely as the observer chooses the destination of a particle after it has left the emission "gate"

However, because ABSOLUTE MIND-AS-SUCH Creates Perfect Ideas Perfectly NOW, we only have to totally remove our egoic interfering (entering fear into) human ideas along with removing the ego itself, and willingly desire to end our deluded dissociated state, in order for that Absolutely Perfect Reality to re-establish Itself in a quantum-instant NOW. This is what Waking up to Absolute Reality is all about. (To dismantle the ego see G04)

(With apologies to John Lennon:)  Imagine the Earth as a perfect planet with Nature fully restored, a planet without pollution or conflict. Imagine the Earth as a harmonious planet in which everyone Loves everyone else joyfully in an atmosphere of perfect peace. Imagine the Earth as a planet of abundance in which we would all immediately manifest our simple needs in any no-time instant. And this would be just the beginning of an ever-expanding Conscious Life in the ever-present NOW in which each one of us could do whatever we wished as long as it was done in Harmony and with LOVE. (Such planets exist NOW -- see book BASHAR Q2-V)


NOTE: For more implications for scientists see H6 


Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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