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As I have previously pointed out, Absolute Mind-as-Such has the Absolute Attributes of Perfect Intelligence, Perfect Love and Perfect Will and Purpose. The latter (Perfect Will and Purpose) gifts us all with Perfect Freedom.

Absolute Perfect Intelligence is coalesced with Perfect Love and therefore all the Ideas that Absolute Mind-as-Such has, must be Harmoniously organized within all four Categories and across all four Category Levels (see previous page for these four Categories). 


This Idea or Principle of Absolute Harmony is a fundamental Attribute of Absolute Mind-as-Such, which may come as a surprise to all those humans who believe disharmony is an intrinsic part of not only Minds and their contents, but also the Universe of Universes. 

However, apparent disharmony results from the limited and limiting point of view of humans, who do not take into account their own Freedom, their own Power, their own Decisions, and their own ability to invent artificial, separated layers of dissociated experience whenever dissociation from Absolute Mind-as-Such is their Intent. Some of this disharmony is caused by the distorting ideas of humans, which are mostly beliefs of the ego, false beliefs that we superimpose on Perfect Reality. This distorting effect was discussed on the previous Page (H2).

When Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote "Emile" (published in 1762) he stressed that children should be allowed to suffer the positive or negative natural consequences of their own actions and behaviors, and that gradually, and eventually, those children would understand that the "negative" feedback from their own "negative" behavior would cause them discomfort and thus they would learn to be behave "positively." In the twentieth Century A. S. Neill, an open-minded Scottish educator, wrote in a similar vein, and adopted a similar policy in his school "Summerhill." This "natural consequences" behavior modification paradigm was the forerunner of "operant conditioning," wherein B.F. Skinner turned it into a "human-designed consequences" paradigm of programmed positive or negative reinforcement. 

However, my concern here is only with "natural consequences" in the broadest automatic sense of those words because that is the overall situation in which we humans find ourselves. If we humans never suffered the natural consequences of any of our actions as a corrective feedback (NOT as a punishment and NOT as a blaming) we (as egos) would never want to end our voluntary, but now largely unconscious, dissociation from Absolute Mind-as-Such. If we never suffered pain, discomfort, or misery, but rather stayed in a permanent contented pain-free state no matter what we experienced, we would have no incentive to change our human limitedness or to aspire to Waking up to Who We  Really Are. We would all be like (by analogy only) those invulnerable characters in some video games in which the people cannot be killed, suffer no pain and always return to fight another day because that is what they like to do. We humans "love" our fights, our wars, our illnesses, our crimes, our accidents, our losses, our enemies, and our tragedies because we cannot stop talking about them, watching them, returning to them and, not infrequently indulging in them! Even our humor and comedies are full of sarcasm, verbal abuse and pratfalls. To us, all this human negativity is fascinating.  If you don't believe me, see if you can throw out your TV and do not watch any movies, cancel your newspaper, do not read any novels or play any competitive games. Also note that much of what the ego calls "positive," such as being on the winning team, is actually negative because the other team is disconsolate

Harmony is at a much "higher layer level" and within that Harmony the egoic ideas of pain and suffering as the "natural consequences" of an imaginary egoic dissociation from Absolute Mind-as-Such are a necessary, but unreal, part of that Universal Harmony. We might say that the "natural consequences" scenario is a temporary result of our Love-less, dissociative, egoic "willfulness" which ensures we will eventually Wake Up individually and collectively. Like the Prodigal Son, sooner or later we are bound to get tired and disillusioned with our foolishness (including our elations and successes) and decide to do something about remembering and rejoining Absolute Love. I would just add that Harmony is, in fact, all around us, but we do not know it because we perceive through loveless, separated egos. We "love" to hate, and we all constantly climb back into the metaphorical ring to have yet another shot at conquering our enemies! How many people in the world "love" some kind of competitive football either as spectators or players--not to mention competitive businesses, academia and relationships. Fortunately, all this egoic nonsense is not real even though we humans are both fascinated by it and addicted to it. It all falls into the realm of egoic fantasy, and the scope of those ubiquitous fantasies in our everyday lives and beliefs is much, much wider that we all think. Almost all human beliefs, dramas and fabrications are unreal ideas we have superimposed on Reality. Pollution is a good example; disease is another; competition in all its myriad forms is yet another because competition is conflict, no matter how playful some of it seems. Let us put away all our meaningless "childish toys" and Wake up to our Universal Consciousness in God.

Blaming God: Many humans blame God for their miseries, diseases, afflictions and disasters, and many religions, out of ego, suggest that God is punishing us as a Parent for our voluntary sins. This is an incorrect scenario of beliefs which is full of contradictions and inconsistencies not the least of which is reconciling a Totally Loving God with God-inflicted pain and suffering. I once treated an eight year-old boy with an anxiety disorder, who had been taught by his fundamentalist teachers that he would burn in hell for ever if he was not a good boy. He asked me very seriously how long his body would last in a burning hell, and how could his body last forever there without getting all burned up. Ask yourself: Is this fundamentalist religious doctrine all about a Loving God, or all about a belief in "cruel and unusual punishment" which even our Constitution considers unethical? 

Harmony allows us our Freedom, including our freedom to dissociate from God in our imaginations into a Love-less dream or nightmare. Yet, at the same time, at a higher level, Harmony ensures that we humans will not have to continue to suffer from this self-imposed pain, death, misery, illnesses, losses, dramas and crimes endlessly -- in that other parallel fantasy we call "time." 

In the ever-present NOW, when we Wake Up to it, we will know only Love as an emotion, and we will be that Love in perfect Harmony with All-That-Is in Absolute Mind-as-Such. Most of the Beings in the Universe of Universes are already in that state of Harmonious Love and Light, and they await us NOW. It is our choice to Wake up if we wish, because God has given us perfect Freedom for eternity.

Limits and Limitations: In our voluntary dissociated loveless state, we humans are largely powerless and ignorant, not because God has taken them away from us, but because, as egos, we have dissociated ourselves from Absolute Power, Knowledge, and Love. These Attributes are inconsistent with human dreams, nightmares, delusions and fantasies. This limitation on our Real Powers (the kind of Powers Jesus had) is very fortunate for us, because, if we still had Real Power in the human dream, whenever we said "Drop dead!" to someone they would! If we had Real Power whenever we cursed someone or wished them harm that curse or wish would be immediately effective. With Real Power our egos would have already destroyed the Earth, the Solar System and probably the Milky Way Galaxy. Just look at our Star Wars movies and Sci-Fi dramas to see how human egos would handle meeting other Beings in this Universe. Just thank God we are so Powerless! As it is, even with only physical powers, we are destructive to almost everything we touch, from our children and neighbors around the world, to Mother Earth herself.


So, what should we do about all this?  

Love everyone and everything, and do no harm.



Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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