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Even here on Earth an enlightened Master like Jesus can manifest fish and loaves out of infinite Spiritual-Idea-Energy/Light in an instant. In fact, even all unawake Beings, unknowingly, are manifesting every thing their perceptions are sensing, including their bodies and their environment. We humans do this because we are all still Mind-as-Such Observers who co-Create Now, even though we do not realize we have that co-Creative Power in our state of egoic separation. These statements are quite compatible with quantum physics, particle theory, and an ever-expanding universe, but to my knowledge no human has ever tied it all together as a Complete Unified Theory of Ideas, and the Masters only tell us snippets here and there so that we do not get sidetracked from our main task of Waking Up from our distorted dreams, and our delusions of separation from Reality. Today, there are a few people on Earth who can manifest objects and/or  physical healing. 

I shall have to repeat some of what has been said in previous Pages (please read H1 through H3 first) in order to bring it all together. I will also try to assemble the material in a top down linear fashion even though, in Fact, it is a multi-dimensional harmonious unified system of True Ideas in Absolute Mind-as-Such.


ABSOLUTE-MIND-AS-SUCH:  God's Absolute Mind-as-Such, which is the MIND of God within Which everything has Being (Exists). There is nothing "outside" Absolute Mind-as-Such because "space" and the "no-time-instant NOW" are entirely Ideas within Absolute Mind-as-Such. Strictly speaking, the definition of Pure Absolute Mind-as-Such does not include the Ideas which It contains or generates, even though these Ideas are always within it. A crude inaccurate analogy here would be to say that when we define a lake we normally do not call the fish, weed or pollutants in it as pure lake-per-se

MIND-AS-SUCH BEINGS:  These Beings are Mind-Beings Created by Absolute Mind-as-Such (God) within Absolute Mind-as-Such as Individuated Beings whose Minds are also Absolute Mind-as-Such. Each Individuated Mind-as-such has access to all Absolute Mind-as-Such and to all other Individuated Minds-as-such. However, all humans are created Mind-as-such Beings who usually do NOT realize they are Mind-as-such Beings because they have chosen to live in imagined autonomy as fictional egos with manifested bodies. While reading this definition do NOT think in terms of bodies. A Mind-as-such Being is only Mind and NOT a body, even though that Being may wish to occasionally manifest a body of substance within itself-as-Mind-as-such.

IDEAS (Capital I)God's Thoughts, Ideas: These include (but are not limited to) Ideas of Systems, Dynamic Systems, Evolving Systems, Principles, Functional Hierarchies, Designs, Operational Procedures and Processes, Structures, Syntheses, Organization, and the Universal Flow of Continuous Creation NOW including all the energy/material content manifested NOW. And that is the least of IT. All-That-Is (the Universe of universes) is an Idea containing complex Ideas (Systems, etc.,) in the Idea of NOW, in Absolute Mind-as-Such. Nothing exists that is not Ideas. (See: OBJECTIVE below)

NO-TIME INSTANT NOW-POINT:  [Note that I am avoiding the word "quantum" in this definition because it implies an interval of so-called Planck-time, even though an orbital quantum-leap of an electron, or an instant non-local particle communication takes NO time at all.]  In our local world an instant is the point (in what humans call "time")  that is analogous to a point in what humans call "space." A point in "space" has no volume (no dimensionality) but it has position and place (location) and that point exists as an Idea in Absolute Mind-as-Such. Similarly, a no-time instant is NOW, as a point which is without any dimensionality in the Einsteinian  dimension of the flow of relativistic "time." Also understand that a no-time instant or NOW-point is not the same as time stopping. Any physicists reading this should not equate a no-time-instant with Planck time (10 to the power of minus 43 seconds) because the latter, by definition, has magnitude. Points, by definition, have NO magnitude in any context. Incidentally, scientists should note that it is unnecessary to propose an infinite speed of light or "transactional interpretations" to resolve "spooky action" particle-entanglement information-carrying signals, when we understand there are only no-time instants Now within an Absolute Mind-as-Such, the content Ideas of Which are all in Universal Instantaneous communication. This content includes all Mind-as-such Beings and all instant objectifications of substance (see below). Even all light (photons) exist in Mind-as-such as ideas only NOW, and their instant re-creation in each no-time instant NOW gives us the impression they are traveling at 186,000 miles per second (almost 300 million meters per second) in a vacuum. 

OBJECTIVE, OBJECTIFY, OBJECTIFICATION:  The Collegiate dictionary defines "objectify" as "to give objective form to." Within Absolute Mind-as-Such and Minds-as-Such, some subjective Ideas can be objectified as "Ideas." By way of illustration, examples of humans experiencing this objectification of Ideas within our Minds-as-Such are to be found in our night-time dreams or when an abstract artist imagines the picture mentally before he or she paints it as an object. But this Universal objectification of subjective Ideas applies to Everything that exists. The entire objective Universe of Universes in all its "concrete energy/matter forms" is only composed (i.e., created NOW) as an objectification of matching equivalent subjective Ideas in Absolute Mind-as-Such and all or some of the individualized Minds-as-Such within It (such as us humans). The subjective Ideas may (or may not) generate their objectified counterparts (also as Ideas) in Mind-as-Such in any given no-time NOW-instant. It might be a useful, but poor parallel to describe this objectification of Ideas as an "internal non-local psychological 'holography' imagery process." In this context it is obvious that the term "psychological" does not refer to our extremely limited human dissociated mental states or to our restricted egoic world-views. Nor is the objectification process externally "holographic" as the term is used in physics. 

SUBSTANCE (AS AN IDEA) IS LIGHT/ENERGY (AS AN IDEA) AND THAT LIGHT/ENERGY IS LOVE OBJECTIFIED: Subjective Love, whenever it is objectified, is the Light/Energy "Substance," out of which all types of particles and/or waves (quarks, leptons and boson force carriers) are made/ manifested NOW as Ideas-of-Substance. Thus all the electromagnetic wave energy (photons), all the free particles, all the atoms and all the molecules in the Universe of Universes are Ideas of "Love objectified as Substance" which are NOW being instantly assembled objectively within Absolute Mind-as-Such (almost always co-Creating in intrinsic communion with Mind-as-Such Beings). There are no limits to the complexity of the Subjective Ideas and the Objectified Ideas of Absolute Mind-as-Such in the Creative manifestation of the Universe of Universes which occurs only right NOW. The most fundamental particle of Substance is probably the Higgs Boson. 

MANIFESTATION: Where does SUBSTANCE come from? Does matter/ mass/ energy/ space really exist? These questions, strange as it may seem have already been answered in part by quantum physics, not religion. However, almost all the top physicists of the twentieth century left Absolute Mind-as-Such and Mind-as-Such Beings out of their quantum and cosmological theories. Sometimes physicists introduced a mysterious undefined (human) conscious awareness whom they called "The Observer." (Read on.)

The Copenhagen interpretation states that all quantum entities such as electrons, photons and other particles exist as wave formations (in a superposition of mixed attribute states, such as spin) presumably permeating all the universe as "quantum foam" (or some equivalent), and that it is only when they are observed or measured by human beings (and presumably other existing sentient beings including animals and possible "ET aliens) that they instantly "collapse" (manifest) into specific particles in a specific location as an observable/ measurable object or thing. The word "collapse" is important, because it is really a synonym for "manifest"--the dictionary meaning of manifest being, "to appear to the senses." Apparently it is the Observer (call him/her "A") that causes this collapse, i.e., manifestation, of the objects, but who is collapsing/ manifesting Observer A? Is there an Observer B of Observer A who collapses/manifests Observer A? Or does Observer A collapse/manifest Observer A spontaneously through self-awareness, and if so, how can A be sensorially self-aware of A before A is collapsed/manifested? Note that in this discussion Observers A and B are being defined as physical bodies, not as Conscious Minds-as-such! In FACT, it is their Minds-as-such which are causing the collapse/ manifestation (Idea-objectification) of their physical bodies.

Eminent Princeton physicist John Wheeler (1911-NOW) applied this  Copenhagen interpretation (experimentally and theoretically viable) to the entire universe which means, in effect, that the universe we NOW see, experience and measure is the one we get! The implication of this is that there must have been sentient conscious observers before and during the time of the Big Bang to materially observe it. Moreover, the entire evolution of the universe at any NOW-instant must have been continuously observed for it to have materially happened as Ideas-as-substance. There are other scientific interpretations beside the Copenhagen version but all of them, including the Copenhagen interpretation, have "physical" wave/particle paradoxes associated with them. These paradoxes are most easily demonstrated by a series of double-slit experiments but the explanations of these are too lengthy to describe here. (See: The Reality Program, Chapter 2, by Ross Rhodes, www.bottomlayer.com/ )

Suffice it to say that, until very recently, very few quantum physicists (still less other physicists) have explored the "conscious observer" aspect of all these experiments as a major influential cause, because traditional experimental science excludes all Mind-as-Such -- except to believe it is a composed only of electrons and chemicals coursing around in an extremely sophisticated biological computer called the brain. For these materialist scientists the evolution of the universe and/or biological organisms is explained in terms of a bottom-up physical "quantum foam" (John Wheeler's term)/ plasma/ energy/ matter processes and systems. The latest version of this bottom-up evolution is called "emergent properties" based on "information processing" which can be seen in say, raw chemicals which inherently "communicate and form bonds." Atoms inherently -- this bottom-up version states -- have the built-in capacity to "communicate" with each other to form molecules without any outside cause or agency being involved. In a sense what these scientists are describing is accurate as far as it goes, but it does not go as far as the "conscious quantum observer" without whom those atoms and molecules exist only as universal waves in superimposed states that are called "quantum foam" by some quantum researchers. The word "inherent" requires a scientific explanation if the physicist adheres to a materialistic philosophy. In science all information must have a carrier (a medium) like DNA or human speech-in-air as sound waves. 

The term "it is only information" as an uncaused unexplained medium-less concept is nowadays being used in many branches of science by materialistically-minded scientists. By this reckoning all mathematics, equations and formulas are only "emergent properties" of the evolving material human brain. In this circular situation the term and idea "inherent emergent properties" itself is only an inherent emergent property of evolving material brains. We, as emergent Observers who collapse substance (established experimentally by quantum physics) therefore must come to the conclusion that, solipsistally, all science is subjectively evolving under its own undefined steam! That term "subjectively" is valid in any system that defines itself as singular including materialism and my own. Materialism states that All-That-Is in the universe of universes is only physical energy/ matter/ substance, whereas Mind-as-such states that All-That-Is in the universe of universes is only Ideas as objectified Substance within the Minds-as-such that observe them. Both systems are necessarily subjective and singular. Dualism as a divided system only complicates the issue horrendously because with dualism there can never be a singular Unified Theory of EVERYTHING. Even E8 must include the Ideas of Garrett Lisi! (Search: Garrett Lisi.) But at the least, a singular System of subjective/objectification collapse/manifestation by (and within) Conscious Observer Minds-as-such accounts for apparent dualism in a singular Unified Theory of Everything.

What then is manifestation (Minds-as-such collapsing substance NOW) and how does it occur? Absolute Mind-as-Such, in each no-time instant or NOW-point, consecutively creates the Idea of universal "quantum vacuum" full of non-local, randomly distributed, "virtual" wave-particles in superimposed states (perhaps called "quantum-foam" by John Wheeler, and "vacuum energy" or "zero-point energy" by others) which are instantly ready to manifest (i.e., assemble as objectified Ideas) NOW in accordance with the subjective Ideas and Purpose of that Absolute Mind-as-Such and the Mind-as-Such Beings within IT. These Absolute Mind-as-Such (including all Minds-as-Such) subjective Ideas are the "hidden variables information" hypothesized by Heisenberg and Louis de Broglie, and developed by David Bohm (Implicate Order/ Subtle Non-manifest) and others. The so-called universal "pilot wave" of the "undivided whole" which is said to be directing the wave particles (e.g., photons, electrons) is, in the top-down scenario, an Idea in the Mind-of-God (Absolute Mind-as-Such). The entire incredibly-complex, literal, objectified appearance of the universe of universes directs every single wave/ particle as an Idea to assemble instantly as manifested "physical" ideas (e.g., forms, objects, stars, galaxies, gravity, brains, bodies) only NOW; this means All-That-Is is being created (manifested) as Ideas out of the Idea of "quantum foam" in each no-time instant-NOW by Absolute-Mind-as-Such in conjunction with each Mind-as-Such Being within Absolute Mind-as-Such. In a nutshell the Subjective Ideas of Absolute-Mind-as Such are the current "hierarchical implicate order" as well as the Idea of non-local quantum foam/ Higgs bosons/ zero-point energy, which in turn is objectified (by the Observer) as Ideas of local Substance which we instantly perceive "out there" as manifested objects and things, right NOW.

The paradoxical difficulties most materialist-physicists find in quantum physics and its deeper implications, all stem from the denial (I am using this term in its dictionary meaning of "a refusal to accept") of Conscious Mind-as-Such -- including their own Mind-as-Such Observer (other than saying it is only physical brain). As mentioned above how can the physical Mind-less (I am not being derogatory) BRAIN collapse/manifest (instantly assemble) ITSELF from "quantum foam" as its own Observer NOW? Like the chicken and egg, which comes first, (a) the material brain that is collapsing/manifesting itself as the Observer-brain, or (b) the actual Observer-brain that is collapsing/manifesting the material brain-that-it-is? The only solution to all these physical "mysteries," (quantum or otherwise) is to acknowledge the existence of Absolute Mind-as-Such (containing individuated Minds-as-Such) within which all physicality is taking place as IDEAS NOW, and that "taking place" is, in general, mostly (but by no means all) along the lines described by scientists, including quantum theory and the physical evolution of the universe and living creatures. Absolute Mind-as-Such Creates the Ideas of so-called space, time, gravity, ever-expanding universes, bodies, scientists, galaxies, virtual particles, non-locality, mathematics and music, within a hierarchical System of systems none of which happens at random or by chance, unless randomness is a necessary part of a specific idea (such as a software-driven random-number generating computer). Even so, we know from the work of Robert Jahn of Princeton University (just to mention one researcher) that human minds can significantly influence the output of random generators in non-random ways. (See: Q2-A; also Dean Radin Q2-A)




Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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