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PURE ABSOLUTE MIND-AS-SUCH:  God is Pure Absolute Mind-as-Such which is without limits of any kind whatsoever. Pure Absolute Mind as Such, is a Mind-Singularity, that contains within itself All-That-Exists as innumerable Ideas which are perfectly organized, interlaced and interrelated by means of complex Idea Systems within complex Idea Systems in an unfolding Living dynamic flow of Ideational Creation that occurs only in each singular quantum-instant NOW -- which is also an Idea. 

MIND-BEINGS:  Absolute Mind-as-Such contains all the Minds of all Conscious, intelligent Beings who are identical to the Absolute Mind-as-Such Who Created them out of, and within, Absolute Mind-as-Such. All the innumerable Created Perfect Mind-Beings permeate all of Absolute Mind-as-Such. All Conscious Mind-Beings are Created as individuated Identities who are "guaranteed" ever-NOW Beingness (existence) within Absolute Mind-as-Such. While the individuated Identities of Mind-Beings are ever-NOW Ideas of Absolute Mind-as-Such, their Mind-as-Such Beingness is identical to Absolute Mind-as-Such and within It. Therefore each human can say, "I am not all of God, but God is all of me." This latter statement does not include any unreal ideas. A poor analogy would be, that a lump of ice is made of water, but all water is not this lump of ice; also water can be in other states such as liquid, steam and vapor, each of which may take some form such as snow flakes, clouds, lakes, distilled water, rain, fog and dew. Moreover, no two lumps of ice, or two snowflakes, are identical. Nor are human bodies -- each is unique only within any given no-time instant NOW!

THE UNIVERSE OF UNIVERSES:  The entire physical mass/energy (i.e., Love-Substance) contents of the Universe of Universes are also Living Conscious Ideas with varying degrees of freedom, awareness, fluidity/rigidity, form and evolving structure within the flow of Ideational Creation NOW in Absolute Mind-as-Such. These Love-Substance Ideas can take the structural objectified forms of Nature and local examples would be, all particles including the fundamental Higgs Boson (Love-Substance/mass-giving), the electromagnetic spectrum from beyond radio waves to beyond gamma rays, plasma, protons, atoms, molecules, elements, water, gases, dust, rocks, cells, all plants, all animals, humans, brains. Of course, all content is ordered in infinite hierarchical organizational arrangements which we label physics, chemistry, psychology, biology, astronomy, etc. It is worth adding that our perceived versions of these sciences are woefully inadequate, especially when they deny the essential roles of the Mind-as-such Observers. We Mind-as-such humans are very active co-causer Observers, even more than we are passive descriptive deducers. There is no such thing as Objective Science and that is the truth according to the "objective findings" of science itself! Everyone in high school and college should study the work of John Bell, Alain Aspect, Warner Heisenberg, David Bohm, John Wheeler, and all the implications of non-locality, entanglement, information and consciousness.

LAWS AND PRINCIPLES OF NATURE AS IDEAS:  All Laws and Principles are higher order descriptive Ideas mostly concerned with processes, relationships and functions at the theoretical level--usually lower order Ideas of Substance. For example, all mathematics (in the widest sense of that term from simple counting to fractals and multidimensional geometry) is an abstract higher-order Idea used by human Minds-as-such to discover and define the theoretical operational frameworks and systems of physical Nature. Yet we human beings, who have egos in our seemingly separated state, are finding that this discovery of the Laws and Principles of Created Nature that we call Science is itself a constantly evolving mental discipline in which specific discrepancies and mysteries are seemingly resolved only to reveal more mysteries and discrepancies; just trace the evolving history of science and scientific methods from Aristotle to Einstein. Then why do scientists think that what they know today is True. Did not Newton have physical experimental proofs of his physical theories long before Einstein? Therefore testable, experimentally proven hypotheses are insufficient evidence of "Truth."  Even our human abstract theories about the nature of Nature constantly "evolve."  Objectified Nature exists as Creation NOW, whether we humans describe it or not (all pure science is description), and it exists whether we describe it accurately or not. All too often, when we do discover how bits of Nature work, we use our very limited knowledge to screw things up (a) by distorting the Earth's natural order and ecology, (b) by polluting the Earth's entire environment, and (c) by destroying the Creations of God from coral reefs to each other! It seems that applied science is at least a fifty-percent disaster on a global scale! (See Implications Section for more.) 

TIME:  We humans (whether scientists or not) in our separated, dissociated state of very limited knowledge, imagine that the past "causes"  the present and that the present "determines" the future -- even if, in the case of evolution, random mutation plays a part in genetics as most biologists seem to believe. However, this deterministic indelible linkage of past/ present/ future as the arrow of time is without foundation. The only Real "time" is this no-time NOW-point, and in the NOW an entirely new Creation takes place by Absolute Mind-as-Such and the Minds-as-Such within that Absolute Mind-as-Such. Each new NOW Creation consists entirely of synchronized Ideas (some objectified) in accordance with the intent or Purpose, or Will, of the Co-Creating Absolute Mind-as-Such and the Minds-as-Such within that Absolute Mind-as-Such. Remember it is Creation that "flows" through the NOW-point, not time. The NOW-point is still, while Creation is constantly renewed and replaced.

HUMAN BEINGS -- OUR SEPARATION INTO DREAMING:  We humans are the Prodigal Sons who have not returned Home again -- yet! Before "human time" existed, we were Created as Individuated Mind-as-Such Beings by and within Absolute Mind-as-Such. Because we had Absolute Freedom, we decided that we wanted to operate independently of Absolute Mind-as-Such in order to experience what it would be like to be God-in-our-own-right, and to create separately from God. Absolute Mind-as-Such gently pointed out that this was impossible because all Reality existed only within Him.

However, being very ingenious, God (as Absolute-Mind-as-Such) explained that we could imagine we were freely independent in a dream world, a  very limited, false "virtual reality" superimposed on His genuine Reality. This genuine Reality we would not recognize as such, because we would constantly confuse it with the false "virtual reality" of our dreaming. When we agreed to experience this independent delusional dream idea of a false "virtual reality" which is superimposed on genuine Reality, we did not realize that to be fully independent we would have to leave behind all our Attributes of Absolute Mind-as-Such, namely, Love, Peace, Freedom, Joy, Knowledge, Perfection, Beauty, Non-local Omnipresence, Idea-Creativity, and Full-Consciousness. As replacements for these Real Attributes, in the dream we invented (respectively to Peace, Love, etc.,) fear, worry, conflict, extreme limitation, pain, depression, sadness, ignorance, learning, ugliness, local confinement, manufacturing/ making, and limited awareness including low intelligence in everyone. Of course all these very human ego-attributes are dream-qualities that are not Real Ideas and they will all disappear once we decide to re-Awaken fully -- and that is a choice. No BEING is responsible for our false "virtual reality" ego-state except ourselves  -- because we CHOSE it!. We are still very fascinated with our false "virtual reality" dream and decide to remain "separated" right NOW. Remember that God never coerces because we are still, in Truth, FREE. In fact, though most people are puzzled by the following statement, the very fact that, of our own free will, we still choose to put ourselves into this dreamlike fantasyland (as an objectification) proves just how FREE we are.

WAKING UP AND REMEMBERING REALITY OF ABSOLUTE MIND-AS-SUCH: When we Wake Up from our limiting dream and our fictional ego-identities, as Awakened Observers we will actually see, and co-create, this world we call Earth very differently. Although it will continue to unfold (in each no-time NOW instant) for eons to come, we will soon come to see it as filled with glowing Light because all energy/ radiation is the Idea of Real Light in one objectified form or another, and our Awakened Minds-as-Such will perceive that Light -- both subjectively and as an objectification. We will also be able to telepathically (a poor word for Real Communication) communicate with all physical, biological, and psychospiritual beings/ Beings. We will also remember how to communicate with the Love-Substance/ mass particles (Higgs bosons) with pure Love and "command" them to assemble, as objectifications, into mass-form or disassemble mass-form in accordance with the Will and Purposes of Absolute Mind-as-Such (God). This will be the big breakthrough into every kind of beneficial healing and miracle. (See: Q2E and Q2T for the beginnings of all this.)


Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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