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That dinosaur bone only exists NOW in this quantum-instant. For that matter the Earth, the Solar System and the Universe of Universes only actually exist in this no-time-instant NOW -- the no-time-instant that each of us is individually observing with our Minds as Such, whatever the current object or scene may be or seem to be. It is impossible for two or more people to register the "same" object, scene or situation in identical ways because their eyes are in different places and the shapes, hues and shadings will depend on each individual's location, eyesight efficiency, neurological processing and past sensory experience. Even proprioceptive touch and hearing will register differently for different people. The point I am making in this discussion of sensory perception is that the assumption that there is an independent-of-mind real physical object (or world) out there existing in something we call space-time when it is unobserved (i.e., unsensed, unperceived) is impossible to prove or validate.

Note that, in the passages below, the word "physical" is defined exactly as materialist physicists define it, i.e., without recourse to any non-physical or meta-physical concepts or postulations. For example, from this materialistic viewpoint, our thinking processes and "consciousness" are purely physical and originate only in the brain as a physical organ with the cooperation of the physical body solely through electrochemical and electromagnetic processes.


Einstein said (Quote 1): "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."  I presume here that Einstein is referring to reality only in the physical (physics) sense, and NOT to NON-physicality.

(Quote 2): "On such things as matter we have all been wrong; what we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter!" 

I wish to add to Einstein's statements, in that, as a whole, they apply equally to the very human senses he is referring to, in terms of our sensory perception of energy-as-apparent-matter; in other words, our sensory organs that see, hear, feel, taste, etc., as well as our nerve pathways and our neuro-electrical-chemical brains are themselves only energy composed of "lower vibrations" observing (perceiving) equally "low vibrations." And Einstein says (and many others also say) all solid matter is an "illusion," because it is really composed of energy at lower vibrations, even when it is physically mediated by energy at higher vibrations such as heat or light photons. In other words, senses made of vibrating- energy, perceive and observe vibrating- energy; or, energy observes energy within energy, and that, physically speaking, there is nothing but energy in the universe -- as in E=mc2 (energy equals mass multiplied by the speed of light squared). Seeming mass/ matter are only very dense forms of energy which we perceive and observe.

I would add to Einstein's worldview (and all materialist scientists' worldviews) by affirming that there is nothing externally solid "out there" for us to perceive, because ALL our senses and their physiological sensory systems depend on sensory input (and throughput) by means of electromagnetic wave/particle phenomena (i.e., vibrating-energy) both "externally" and internally, including our retinas, ear mechanisms, proprioceptors, neurons and brains. So, I repeat, in this materialist's worldview, only physical energy observes physical energy and understands physical energy, because there is nothing "out there" or "in here," that exists other than physical energy. 


Materialist physicists know the above statement is correct, and therefore the actual mathematics and ideas and personal consciousness they have used to build the body of information we all call "Physics" (or "Science" for that matter) is only physically self-organized electrochemical processing in their physical brains where it is also stored in physical memory cells and circuits, and often communicated through physical organs and media.

Moreover, as materialists would claim, this all-one-level-energy-based, physical system was, and is, all organized by itself by random chance "causal" events occurring over a period of some 14 billion years from the Big Bang (and perhaps prior to that event) right up to life on Earth and its DNA codes. Of course, this includes physical natural selection and the physical transmission of genetic genes and social memes. On the basis of this energy-based organization of physical energy by physical energy, we must logically assume that time, space and energy itself, either came out from literally nothing at the time of the "Big Bang," or they are mysteriously physically "eternal" -- perhaps through some physical recycling (perhaps an expansion/crunch system).

In actual fact, our physical biological visual system is only registering to a variety of physical wavelengths in the electromagnetic photon spectrum which are not "visible" until they hit the rods (black and white registration) and cones (registration of colors) on the retinas of our eyes. A totally blind person does not register the various wavelengths of the scene even though those wavelengths are actually impinging on his or her eye area. A dog does not see color. If all humans had no eyes those electromagnetic wavelengths of "visible" light (approx. 380 - 740 nanometers) would be just that -- meaningless unsensed physical wave phenomena (photons). Of course, in the materialist's world view, even after the rods and cones of sighted people have done their job, it is only electrical impulses that race through nerves to the occipital lobes of the brain (and some perhaps also to the parietal and kinesthetic-motor areas) to register in cells there as "vision." All this is just Einstein's physical "energy." In other words physical energy sees physical energy and all physical energy is either self-created or "always existed." There is nothing else!

Therefore, in this view, we have a physical energy universe composed only of, and from, originally randomized physical energy which has then physically organized its own physicality as physical energy in increasingly complex physical ways and (late in this physical "process") physically observes its physical "self" using physical senses made of its physical "self," and then, using physical instruments and physical electro-chemical energy activity (including the physical CNS and physical brain), proceeds to physically "discover" that physical organization using a physical scientific method organized by a physical brain that is physically aware of itself as a physical object. All of this physicality (in each of its descriptive physical functions in the preceding physical sentence) is just physically organized energy -- and is nothing more, or less. Physical MEANS physical. All ideas, thoughts, organizational ideas, theories, plans, goals, etc., are just physical energy moving around in physical things (including physical space and physical time) in randomly evolved physical ways that have "spontaneously" organized themselves purely physically. If this is your worldview and philosophy of life, then so be it. This is not even a reductionist viewpoint because its physicality is all on ONE plane or level which does not allow the existence of any other planes or hierarchical levels. In set theory the introduction of a hierarchical organization of a purely physical world would introduce higher and lower organizing planes of physical existence, each of which has the independent power to organize those below it; which would mean physicality was not (logically speaking) SINGULAR. 

From the materialist's point of view here is not even Gilbert Ryle's "ghost in the machine," because even all consciousness must be only the activity of electrochemical physical processes in the physical brain/body system.


However, neurologically intact sane people who are in a state of deep hypnosis, and who have their eyes open do not see the actual external environment when it is suggested to them they cannot do so. Also, open-eyed people under hypnosis, as well as those people with open eyes who hallucinate or who have visions, see and describe detailed objects which are "physically" not there. Even in night-time dreams this visual objectification occurs in the absence of any external "physical" objects. Even when neurosurgeon Wilder Penfield prodded certain points in the open brains of his awake patients they hallucinated people and situations that were not there. These are good examples of human minds subjectively perceiving objects and scenes they observe only through psychological (Mind) objectification. If we say, "It is just hallucination, or suggestion," or some other non-descriptive undefined word, the anomalous perceptual phenomena itself has not been explained. In this regard, even sophisticated physical brain scan images are, for the observing materialist doctor, just physical energy electromagnetically colored pictures being perceived by physical-energy brains of physical scientists who are physically coming up with physical words to describe physical electrochemical "explanations." In other words, HOW does the physical brain neurologically at one time see a real tree out there (which is okay), and at another time (under hypnosis) see a "real" tree which to the subject is out there, but which the rest of us know is NOT out there. [I want genuine neurological explanations, not verbal conjectures please.]


Once the Reality of Mind-as-such and Consciousness (combined with the Copenhagen Interpretation) are acknowledged as part of our multidimensional jig-saw puzzle of the Truth, then hallucinations, visions and suggested perceptions under hypnosis become explained -- as I have done in this paper. Actually, our Minds-as-Such manifest everything we perceive in Mind through the psychological process of objectification, including our bodies and brains; there is nothing "out there" that is independently "physical" outside Mind-as-Such -- including the entire hierarchy of intertwined Universe of Universes.

For instance, how is it possible that a whole night sky full of stars be recognized and interpreted instantaneously by a Mindless experienced astronomer through a deterministic mechanism of physical electromagnetic nerve (energy) impulses to the physical brain and sets of physical electrochemical cells in that brain? (Please do not offer me the "computer analogy" because WE humans invent and manufacture computers and they do not and did not evolve independently from their makers; anyway analogies are not valid scientific descriptions -- they are teaching tools.) Moreover, there is much solid evidence that numerous people who have been heart, lung and brain dead for half an hour or more and who recover have been consciously seeing in full color not only their surroundings here, such as the operating theater they are in, but also on other planes of perceived existence. The point I am making is that brain-dead people are seeing normally

Materialistic scientists are having to reach more and more for complicated purely physical explanations and hypotheses for a wide variety of scientific evidence which contradicts their materialist philosophy (and a philosophy it is) a philosophy which, on the scientific evidence, many non-materialistic or dualistic scientists do not share, and not a few of these non-materialistic or dualistic scientists have been, or are, eminent in their fields of study. 

But this commonly accepted hypothetical purely physical basis for materialistic science gets "curiouser and curiouser."

The arrow of time (forwards or backwards) is a fiction which tends to imply material things still exist in the past and also somehow, somewhere, exist in the future as time passes by them. For example, that dinosaur bone will exist tomorrow, just as it exists now and existed in the immediate past.  Part of the cause of "time" problem is the speed of light, especially in astronomy. We look at galaxies through the Hubble telescope and think we are looking "back into the past" some 12-billion years ago, but that is not true. We are seeing photons (usually visible light) on our retinas NOW (or a camera or other instrumentation is registering them), light that the telescope is focusing onto those receptors at that quantum-instant of registration right NOW. The 12-billion year-old galaxy we "see," no longer exists where the telescope registers it to be in the universe. The actual galaxy (which we can NOT see) only actually exists NOW 12-billion years later, but, because of the speed of light across the universe, we (humans) cannot observe it as it appears NOW. 

Even red-shift data and findings of orthodox cosmology (not to mention the data from other measurements) is portraying past events which no longer exist in the NOW Reality. For example the Cosmic Microwave Background radiation (detected by NASA's WMAP) is said to be the oldest light in the Universe, but we are observing it NOW; even the latest polarization signal indicating the scientific validity of Alan Guth's inflationary theory is based on WMAP observations NOW.  I am NOT implying the historical data as perceived here NOW is historically inaccurate, nor am I denying its usefulness (even though both Wallace Thornhill and Halton Arp Q2G would); I'm just saying that the data is long out of date insofar as informing us what is going on at the edge of the expanding Universe right NOW in this quantum instant, or what happened right after (or before, for that matter) the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago. 

An even bigger "mystery," if we accept the Copenhagen Interpretation, is WHO observed the Big Bang and the inflationary expansion of the physical universe a tiny fraction of a second after it, and did the Big Bang also cause the quantum foam or did it arise out of the quantum foam? If the Big Bang as space/ time/ energy happened and inflated into an expanding unfolding Universe what is the nature of the "physical" field that it "exploded" and expanded into -- which field is not the space/ time/ energy it brought with it? Did the material Big Bang itself (within its own contents) have a ultra- super- electro- chemical material "brain" manifesting and organizing all the myriad processes, events and physical matter/ content that occurred within the 'first three minutes' (as described by Steven Weinberg in his book of the same name). Scientists postulating either the existence of (a) an infinity of physical universes that came out of nothing (we, as its material product, "got lucky") or, (b) a single universe happening, and continuing to happen, by random chance (we, as its material product got luckier still) the odds against which are one to googolplexes high, explains nothing -- scientifically speaking. Besides, how do you scientifically test and replicate those "hypotheses" in a strict scientific experiment. As Carl Sagan said, "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof" and that dictum applies to cosmology as well. Multiple universes as a hypotheses is an "extraordinary claim." Also, conjectures and speculations in science are not hypotheses, let alone testable hypotheses. Yet science abounds not only with highly speculative "hypotheses" but also with the consistent refusal to examine numerous cosmic contradictions, and very testable hypotheses from equally viable theories. (See: Wallace Thornhill and Halton Arp Q2G)

Paradoxically (also according to the Copenhagen Interpretation), we can claim that the Hubble telescope itself, the Universe and the astronomers' bodies (let alone Schrodinger's cat AND its observers) are only being manifested from the Higgs Boson "quantum foam" of zero-point energy virtual polarized particles as they are observed or measured right here, right NOW by these astronomers whose bodies are also here NOW only because their bodies are being observed -- perhaps by themselves. WHO is the Conscious Self/Identity that observes his or her physical body and collapses it out of "quantum foam"? Can a "piece" of "quantum foam" observe so as to collapse itself into a specific physical body. This leads to a nightmare of physical paradoxes.

However, if we acknowledge Mind-as-Such as a limitless non-spatial Mind-"field" in which the objectified "foam" (of vacuum energy Higgs bosons) exists as an Idea NOW, we have our subjective Observers of that objectified Higgs boson "foam" who can materialize (manifest) their "physical" bodies as objectified Ideas NOW if they wish to do so. Actually, this procedure is HOW all things "physical" in the Universe of Universes are materialized/ manifested as specific objectified Ideas. Absolute Mind-as-Such is extremely ingenious to have devised such a simple, Mind-Observer/ Higgs boson "foam" objectified Idea system of (what we call) materialization/ manifestation which is, in turn, initiated by subjective Ideas within Minds-as-such, only NOW. (To learn about projection see Page R12.)

Because all "material" Creation of the Universe of Universes is composed only of objectified Ideas in Absolute Mind-as-Such which flow (move) through the Idea of a singular quantum-instant NOW-point, all the paradoxes of time and of linear Creation-in-time, disappear. Any seeming backward arrow of time (i.e., reversing back into past events) which in Reality no longer exist except in mind-memory, would only be a new flow of newly Created Idea-events NOW which were being Created NOW to appear exactly like those "past events" in apparent reverse order NOW. By way of an inaccurate analogy of forward and backward "time" we can use the example of watching a movie which is the flow of separate frames (photographic stills) of singular events through a projector lens in each "NOW-moment" at the rate of 24 frames per second. Each frame is stopped momentarily "NOW" by an intermittent sprocket, and it is the film which flows through the aperture gate, in each projector-controlled "quantum-instant." Let us assume that the movie takes an hour of "time" to view and the clock says this viewing time is from 8 to 9 pm. You then immediately decide to rewind the film and put it in reverse mode at 24 frames per second, and you sit and watch the whole movie (frame by frame) play backwards, ie., in reverse. Eventually, the rewind you are viewing ends, and the clock says it took another hour which is, let us say, from 9:05 to 10:05 pm. Thus we can see that, while the flow of event-frames were newly played in reverse order, human "time" actually went "forward" one whole hour. Human "time" itself did not reverse, it only went on ticking away forward, though the events appeared to reverse in terms of our experiences of them.. 

Now, we can continue our film analogy to understand how the apparent arrow of "time" seems to speed up or slow down; or even stop in a black hole singularity (if such exist). If we view the same film at 48 frames per second, as we watch "time" seems to speed up, but it is actually the NOW flow of the frames of events (Creation) through the shutter which has speeded up, not "time." The film projector itself is sitting there in regular human clock "time" the speed of which has not changed at all. Similarly, if we set the film projector to run at 12 frames per second, as we watch "time" seems to have slowed down, but it is actually the NOW flow of the frames of events (Creation) through the shutter which has slowed down, not clock "time." But what if we stop the projector motor (or open a clutch) while leaving the lamp on and leave the film in the projector fixed on a single frame-event? As we watch "time" seems to have stopped, but it is actually the NOW flow of the frames of events (Creation) through the shutter which has "stopped," not clock "time." Let me hasten to add that Creation does not actually vary the pace of its flow because that would imply "time" within that the quantum-instant NOW simply because the quantum-instant itself could be stretched or shrunk. While such an Idea is obviously not beyond Absolute Mind-as-Such, and could just possibly be the case below Planck time (10 to the power of minus 43, seconds), it seems much more likely that the Created events within their quantum-instants are themselves "numerically" compressed or expanded much as computer compression or expansion programs work-- by systematically deleting or adding unit-material. In our movie, if every second frame is cut out (i.e., not created) and the film rejoined and it is still run at 24 frames per second the movie will appear to be running at twice the speed in "time," when it is not! Similarly we could add an identical frame to the one above it (for all the movie's frames) and at 24 frames per second, the movie will appear to be running at half the speed, when it is not! If one single picture-frame was replicated (created) throughout the movie, which was then run at 24 frames per second, it would appear to viewers that the movie had stopped! Yet in every case the movie was actually running at 24 frames per second. From the Absolute Mind-as-Such "point of view" an infinite number of variations on this event-Creation theme are possible. Without changing the still-point quantum-instant NOW, apparent "time" could seem to be varied anywhere throughout the Universe of Universes (in keeping with "relativity") merely by adding, duplicating or deleting created-event-"frames." This would seem a very simple process for Absolute Mind-as-Such to handle and, in keeping with the Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum mechanics for Observers, each Mind-as-Such Being could also be synchronously involved with Absolute Mind-as-Such in this universal process of Idea Creation NOW. All it requires is an acceptance by materialistic scientists that Mind-as-Such exists. i.e., has Being.


Materialistic scientists require extraordinary proof that Mind-as-Such exists on this earth in human beings, even though, from my point of view and the point of view of many other scientists, Mind-as-Such needs no more proof than matter does. No one has scientifically proved to me that physical energy and matter exists; materialistic scientists regarded the existence of physical matter and energy as obvious and self-evident. I can make an equally good hypothesis, with a lot of valid evidence and logic, that the human race are only Minds-as-Such who are "hallucinating" a projected dream world of their own making! Here are some of the reasons:

You cannot use energy-matter to prove energy-matter exists in, and as, energy-matter. In accordance with the materialistic belief that only energy and matter composed of energy is all that exits in the universe of universes, the detection and measurement of energy-matter depend on energy-matter (eyes, ears, rulers, hands, measuring instruments, particles, photons, telescopes, microscopes, particle colliders, human brains, electrochemical processes, et cetera) and this is a tight singular circular logical argument. "Self-evident" statements about energy and matter are not proof. Taking something for granted is not proof. Physical proofs of the physical are not proof. 

You cannot prove that energy-matter can manifest itself out of nothing as polarized energy- matter (e.g., as virtual particles), when nothing is defined as nothing, absolutely nothing: no void, no mind, no Mind-as-Such, no quantum foam, no implicate order, no Higgs Field, no vacuum, no space, no energy, no time, and no absence of. 

There is ample scientifically irrefutable evidence in the scientific literature for the influence of Mind-as-Such on physical matter and a brief search on Amazon Books will bring forth a number of books in which it is scientifically presented. Just for starters read, "The Conscious Universe" by Dean Radin PhD, and "Conscious Acts of Creation" by William Tiller PhD, Walter Dibble PhD, and Michael Kohane PhD. Also read, "The Biology of Belief" by Bruce Lipton PhD. Denial by individuals of the validity of replicated highly significant statistical research by credentialed experimenters is not acceptable unless the deniers have done as much genuine negating research as the original experimenters, and that negating research has been declared valid by the original investigators. In experimental science the rules of the game apply equally to both sides! 

The Casimir (1909-2000 ) effect demonstrated that vacuum space is not empty (empty does not mean nothing) but is a sea of potential so-called "virtual" particle/ antiparticle pairs which "erupt" into space, exist for a brief instant as quantum fluctuations, and disappear again. This sea is a kind of the "quantum foam" in the Universal Higgs Field, out of which objects come into existence through manifestation when any Mind-as-Such observes them with an expectant Idea of form. In this observational context Mind-as-Such assembles mass in the massless fundamental particles of the quantum foam by means of the even more fundamental Higgs Bosons which "obey" Mind-as-Such. All fundamental particles are composed of objectified "solidified" Love within Absolute Mind-as-Such (the Mind of God). Please bear with me because words are a poor means of describing Mind-objectified assembled data within Mind-objectified quantum fields in accordance with subjective Ideas of form and substance within the same Mind-as-Such. At a more "rarefied" level of Universal Beingness this also happens in our night-time dreams, our Visions and hallucinations, our out-of-body experiences and our "Near" Death Experiences (NDEs).

Eventually, all science and scientists (and many other people too) will have no choice but to open up to the fact of Absolute Mind-as-Such, to Mind-as-Such Consciousness, to Universal Love, and to Ideas within Ideas. [There is more on the nature of Consciousness in the next Section I01.]


It may sound as if I am relegating materialist science to some reductionist scrapheap but this is not true. Our knowledge of the physical material universe has expanded and deepened exponentially during the past three centuries and this has caused many humans to look at material objects, living things and our universe in new ways and with new insights. But, by limiting the scope of science to energy and energy fields, by denying the existence and the presence of Mind-as-Such as the Observer, and by refusing to recognize valid psi research (that is based on the hypothetico- deductive method and replication), materialistic scientists do themselves and everyone a great disservice. 


Strangely, materialist scientists utilize mathematics, statistics, theories, principles, intuition, consciousness, reasoning, ideas, and even the concept (idea) of Science itself, none of which, as factual ideational topics, are "allowed" to be the experimental content of scientific experiment. These abstract ideas do not exist as material energy or atoms out there in the universe. Show me a quadratic equation out there in material Nature among the plants or in a galaxy. Show me the actual abstract fractal mathematics of a fern leaf within that fern leaf.

Where IS this abstract thought (the idea) that, "The sum of the areas of the squares of the two sides of a right-angle triangle opposite the hypotenuse equal the area of the square of that hypotenuse" to be found in the physical material universe of energy and energy fields. and where IS all abstract mathematics, wisdom, and the Idea of abstraction-per-se? Where, out there in Nature, are the numerous abstract conceptual Ideas we call the Principles and Laws of Nature? 

The materialistic scientist has to reply, "They are all in some human brains and, over a few million years, our material human brains evolved  from making stone weapons to making CERN, from counting objects with the fingers to utilizing integral calculus abstractly, from eating wild animals and fruit to unraveling their DNA codes, from looking at the moon to photographing the surface of Titan, and all this happened within a material human brain as a result of natural selection based on neo-Darwinian survival caused by chance material mutations originating from the random impact of some electromagnetic radiations, some chemicals, and mistakes in DNA duplication. Mind you, by means of random chance events the DNA managed to selectively modify its own DNA to make special DNA-repair proteins that fix the DNA mistakes by detecting the incorrect DNA base and changing that DNA base to the correct DNA base."  Please note I am NOT necessarily arguing against evolution-per-se, or whether the Darwinian theory is valid or not; I am only arguing against the materialistic philosophy on which it is based. God could easily operate the creation of physical biological forms on the basis of Darwinian evolution -- except that all the so-called "random events" causing mutations would have to be synchronistically planned.  Another possible evolutionary version is outlined in my novel, "LOVERS OF THE DREAMTIME."  [See L1 -- L8]

Was Einstein's formula e-mc^2 (as an abstract idea) only an electrochemical/ neurological "epiphenomenal pattern" in Einstein's brain, which has subsequently been "transferred to" other scientists' electrochemical brains by means of physical communications through space-time? Was the abstraction-idea not anywhere -- as an Idea -- before Einstein abstracted it.

"It is only information!" some scientists say.

And in DNA "only information" is responsible for the existence and structure of all living things on this planet.  Think on that!



Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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