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There is currently a lot of discussion among scientists of every discipline and every belief system as to the fundamental nature of Consciousness. The materialist scientists, who include many research psychologists and neurologists, are looking for it as a biological phenomenon in the functional areas, neurons and electrochemical activities of the brain. However, they will only find hypothetical physiological interfaces, such as microtubules and feedback control loops, which if they exist, are in Reality, only objectified Ideas of Consciousness.

Consciousness is the supreme attribute inherent in Absolute Mind-as-Such. All individuated Minds-as-Such Beings within (and of) Absolute Mind-as-Such also possess Consciousness as an inherent attribute. Thus, Absolute-Mind-as-Such is Consciousness, in addition to other inherent Attributes such as Love and Will.

Consciousness as a subjective awareness in Absolute Mind-as-Such is not intrinsically an Idea. Note that Absolute Mind-as-Such is never unconscious because Absolute Mind-as-Such (i.e., God-per-se) has no polarities or degrees.

Self-awareness is not an Idea. It is an intrinsic subjective characteristic of Absolute Mind-as-Such Consciousness. All individuated Awake Minds-as-Such Beings within and of Absolute Mind-as-Such are wholly Self-aware.

Self-awareness may also be an objective Idea whenever Self-awareness becomes the object of its own Self-aware observation(s). However, all those Ideas that are intrinsically understandings about Consciousness, including Self-awareness, are not amenable to manifested objectification as seemingly external objects. 

Self-awareness (as an intrinsic subjective characteristic of Mind-as-Such Beings) is subject to a range of awareness of Self-awareness in all Beings when it is mentally dissociated to a greater or lesser extent from Absolute Mind-as-Such. Thus almost all humans experience a lesser degree of Self-awareness than do Awake Beings. Of course, dissociation does not mean that full Self-Awareness does not exist somewhere in the Mind-as-Such of human Beings, only that it is not "consciously"  available in its entirety. The ego-polarity everyday experiences of "consciousness/unconsciousness" as in awake/sleeping are all dissociations.

Self-aware Consciousness subjectively manifests seeming physical and biological phenomena through the process of an objectification (in Mind-as-Such) of Ideas of form which are assembled anew (created afresh) instantaneously in each quantum-instant Now-point out of Higgs Bosons and the other fundamental particles and force-carriers which are also Ideas. This process is described in more detail on other pages. Suffice it to say here that this instantaneous objectification assembling process of Ideas by Self-aware Consciousness allows for the tremendous complexity and variety of the contents of the Observer-perceived physical and biological Universe.

The Self-aware Consciousness of Absolute Mind-as-Such subjectively Creates All-That-Is NOW, within Itself as Ideas within Ideas, and the substance of seeming physicality is the Idea of Love Objectified.

Thus Self-aware Consciousness contains Everything-That-Exists within Itself as Idea-Creations, not the other way around. Explained in more popular language, All-That Is exists in God as His Created Ideas NOW, and "evolving" Creation is the sequential Movement of God's Ideas within Him NOW. All Creation is only NOW. One must remember here, in this context, that matrices of Ideas (for example, ecologies), and hierarchies of Ideas (e.g., atoms to trees and humans) can sequentially and perfectly evolve.

[There is more on Movement and Unfoldment on the next page.]


Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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