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The traditional beliefs of both scientists and theologians have been embedded, and still are embedded, in the doctrine of cause and effect, although in very different ways. But what IS "cause and effect" from the human point of view? 


(Note that in this Section the terms "Absolute Mind-as-Such" and "God" are interchangeable; "Absolute Mind-as-Such" is a succinct "definition" of God -- Who is, of course, is limitlessly indefinable by humans or other Beings. I say this because both materialists and religious/spiritual people all tend to have idiosyncratic, very limited, biased conceptions about God.)

But let us further investigate Aristotle's Doctrine of the Four Causes (from D5) which states that any object, article, concrete situation or thing, including the Universe of Universes, has FOUR discrete causes, not one. The following discussion is my own development of this Doctrine, a Doctrine that is essential to our understanding of what is going on in our Universe. By way of illustration, let us take a house as an example, but it could equally well be Higgs Boson or a tree.

It is important to note that, although it is possible for one person (or being) to fulfill all four causes (e.g., the pioneer who plans and builds a log cabin for himself), the four causes are still quite separate motivations in the mind of such a person. In a sense, the four causes lead into one another to form a circular set because the final cause (in this case the need for some family to have shelter) is prior to the efficient or initiating cause. Thus, the final cause need initiates the efficient cause! An immense implication of this circular causal process is that all material things from Higgs Bosons to Universes are initiated, planned and manifested with an overarching teleological (purposive) Idea, which is the ultimate final cause within Absolute Mind-as-Such. 

In a sense that statement is the logic underlying the scientific Anthropic Principle (see later below) of all physical and biological evolution. In its simplest meaning this Anthropic Principle states that because we are here, the Universe is here for the purpose of evolving human beings. It is interesting to note that the Anthropic Principle has only had to be hypothesized in Science relatively recently, after the advent of rational scientific agnosticism, and the scientific belief that only the physical (in the widest sense) really exists. Before then, it hardly ever occurred to anybody to deny the primacy of Mind-as-such, and of self-aware humans as the teleological purpose for the existence of the universe. Copernicus, Newton and Darwin quite rightfully expunged the earlier mythological beliefs that the Earth and the humans on it were the center of the universe. 

Returning to the Doctrine of the Four Causes most arguments throughout history have arisen from one party "hammering" at the topic in contention in terms of their one favorite cause, while the other party "thumps the table" by looking at that topic from one of the other four causes. For example materialistic scientists will limit themselves (by their belief systems) to material causes and may not even acknowledge those, while fundamentalist theologians will mostly emphasize the Genesis account of Creation as an efficient cause. The old/new "scientific" theory of Intelligent Design (with the implication of God-as-the-Designer/Architect) heavily emphasizes the formal cause of the Universe and its contents but seems to also adhere to a materialistic evolutionary process, hence the emphasis on simultaneous genetic mutations in place of a relatively recent "Biblical creationism."


Aristotle did not seem to understand that the plan or design called for a planner or designer, probably because for natural objects there was no apparent planner or designer. Aristotle "envisioned" God as a kind of Supreme Unmoved and Unmoving Mover Who set the  Natural universe rolling and left it at that. I could get into all this much deeper here, but this is not a treatise on Aristotle, and anyway, the Masters (especially Raj/Jesus) have explained to us how it all works. Where (a scientist like Aristotle might ask) was the on-going planner or designer of a tree or a human body, or of evolutionary change over time? We could say "Mother" Nature, but in the minds of most scientists "Nature" is just a generic abstract term (like the word "furniture" for example) which includes all natural objects such as rocks, trees, animals and humans. 

There is this discrepancy between human causation and natural causation. Human causation proceeds through a process of (a) someone's perceived need, such as, for example, a shelter, (b) plans/designs by planners and designers, and (c) construction and manufacturing by builders using physical materials, and (d) someone occupying the house. But when it comes to natural causation (occurring anywhere in the universe) the materialist scientist states there is no explanation necessary beyond the material objects themselves, nothing in the way of teleological perceived needs, nothing in the way of preconceived plans or designs, nothing in the way of external creators, builders or manufacturers, and nothing in the way of a separate being occupying the house, body, etc. For example, a human being is only a body and nothing else is there, nothing else is present. Even Darwinian survival is not a need in any foreseen teleological sense because biological survival is determined, (a) by a process of purely physical organisms being in the "right" place at the "right" time for "beneficial" random mutations to occur, or (b) in some animals and humans by means of informational memes to be communicated socially. Materialist scientists now state that any rapid growth structure that appears to be designed in physical objects from crystal to humans is caused by "inherent properties" (presumably physical) in those crystal molecules, or the informational genes of the living organisms. From this materialistic point of view the entire physical universe, from before the Big Bang to the present moment, has evolved from chance events, inherent properties, genetic biology and informational memes, without any need for other causes or explanations. (Did I get that right?)

The main flaw in all this materialist philosophy (and it is a philosophy) is that, while there is a gigantic amount of physical scientific evidence to legitimately support Darwinian evolution, there is also solid scientific evidence to support the philosophy that there is such a thing as Mind-as-Such which causally operates on matter in a wide variety of ways. This scientific evidence for the independent existence of Mind-as-Such has been published by scientists such as Robert Jahn, Frank Tipler, and Dean Radin (in his detailed meta-summary of psi research). When reading this research one should understand that we humans, as Love-less ego-ridden beings, have severely limited our higher Creative powers. This sorry state of Powerlessness has come about because, being temporarily fear-based, we would do great damage to the universe if fear and aggression could be Real. For example, if whenever we thought or said "Drop dead" to another person they promptly did so, there would be no human race left by now! 


MATERIAL CAUSATION IN MATERIALISTIC SCIENCE. Most scientists have incorporated cause and effect within a linear timeline from the Big Bang to NOW, inasmuch as present events are, or have been, determined by linked causes in the past. These prior causes may be both multiple and sequentially cumulative. The evolution of the Universe and of life on Earth, they explain, is just such a process of expanding linear physical causation. Of course, in terms of the Four Causes almost all materialistic scientists only acknowledge a material (physical) cause which, in nature, is limited to space, time, gravity, particles including plasma, radiation, fields, and forces; and these last five are all aspects of energy/ mass. In materialistic science, causation is, at best, only a pragmatic concept that is handy to describe physical interactions between succeeding physical events in time, or simultaneous physical cross-influences between co-existing physical events. Therefore, for example, in our physical computer brains we utilize formulas in chemistry as a physical electro-chemical paradigm for interactive physical chemical events. 

Even information, as in the DNA code for protein-building is said to be essentially physical. The instantaneous transmission of information about changed spin in one electron to its coupled (entangled) counterpart across the universe is claimed to be a physical process which has yet to be theoretically explained, even though tentative theories have been "voiced" by some scientists' electro-chemical brains. For most materialists the phrase, "its only information" seems to suffice as an explanation.

Although such scientists, themselves, make use of something which most people call a conscious mind, both that mind and its consciousness are arbitrarily determined by these scientists to be physiological/neurological in origin. Neurologically, this means a physical brain can be investigating its own neuro-electro-chemical self-awareness, with its own physiologically-determined, neuro-electro-chemical self-awareness. As an aside, while attending the University College, London, I once had a discussion with neuro-biologist J. Z. Young (of octopus fame) for whom the conscious "mind" was actually the physical "ghost in the electro-chemical machine" -- except that, for him,  the "ghost" was not real.

Within that physiologically-determined, electro-chemical self-aware brain (materialist scientists state) can exist languages, imagination, mathematics, deductive-inductive logic, experimental design, past theories, theoretical speculation, methodologies/ procedures, knowledge of measurement, equipment design, hierarchical taxonomies, integrated control systems, serendipitous intuition, problem-solving abilities, instinctual behaviors, autonomic feedback regulation, and some kind of electro-chemical curiosity/ motivation -- all of which is in the interests of survival, which in turn, is a genetically-determined electro-chemical/ neurological, more-or-less continuous, "selfish" state which may be modified by "socially" transmitted "memes" which are explained in the next paragraph. 

Physical self-preservation in living things, materialistic scientists explain, is electro-chemically built into the genetic code from viruses to humans, with a presently increasing "assist" from the social transmission of survival information (in the widest sense) through "memes" which are transferred through complex electro-chemical biological/ neurological processes in combination with physical communication based on audio-vocal sound waves and a wide variety of electromagnetic waves. None of this, we are assured, requires any postulation of non-physical phenomena such as Mind-as-Such, non-physical Consciousness, non-physical Ideas, Teleological Causation, Higher Intelligence, God, Life-after-death, telepathic communication, spontaneous remissions, mind-influencing-matter -- all of which these materialistic scientists explain as physically-based social information memes said to be based on blind trust or faith for which there is an absence of scientific (or other) evidence. The only Reality supported by scientific evidence they claim (which must be physical by definition) is the physical universe. All cultural/social memes can only be physically-based information communicated from one or more physical brain-computers to other physical brain-computers by physical media of one kind or another.

Non-physical/non-material ideas, then, (the materialists say) such as Self-Aware Consciousness, Absolute Mind-as-Such, Mind,  Philosophy, Mind-Psychology, Design, Spirituality, Religion, Music, Art, and Abstract Mathematics, are all the result of electrochemical, physiological, non-purposive states of brain functioning which are mostly culturally determined memes passed on from generation to generation in the interests of group survival. We are told (by materialists) that the modern physiological human brain, which (it is explained) has the capacity to produce Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, Picasso's Guernica, Plato's Republic, Einstein's e=mc squared, Shakespeare's Hamlet, Newton's Principia Mathematica, Darwin's Origin of the Species, the Bhagavad-Gita, and probe the Solar System. This physiological human brain is simply a very sophisticated, highly complex, electro-chemical-based computer, the non-purposive reason for which is genetic survival. Even communicated informational cultural/social memes are for the non-purposeful, but physically predictable, survival of the human species in our likely ecological future. All education would be such a survival-ensuring meme. Teleologically based goals, purposes, and will, are only mythological memes

Strictly speaking, for materialistic scientists, causation-per-se is a non-starter, because before any biological life arose in the universe there could only be classical- quantum- relative "physical-mechanistic" sequential sets of events. "Causation-per-se" is an idea superimposed on material events by biological human observers who are only sophisticated bio-computers. We could probably conclude the "idea of causation" is a useful social/cultural meme.

Note that I have endeavored to state the materialistic position of the materialist scientists as carefully and clearly as possible to show I have read their books thoroughly and understand their position. 


It is very important at this point to state (to materialistic scientists) I am NOT denying the events of physical evolution, or the accuracy of the materialist scientists in almost all of their scientific accounts and well-founded theories of physical and biological evolution. By and large, at the physical level, Darwin was and is mostly correct, and so are almost all the physical and biological concepts of subsequent evolutionary Neo-Darwinians. There is a tremendous amount of physical, astronomical, archeological and biological evidence that the evolutionary progression from the so-called "Big Bang" to the present biological fact of the human body and brain did occur in much the way scientists describe it. Nevertheless, I wish to claim that physical events and physical facts are not necessarily causes; more usually they are the outcomes or effects. I would also point out that there are other scientific theories by top scientists besides the ones that are popular and commonly accepted as valid today. (See Q2)


As I understand their philosophy as a result of reading numerous books on evolution, materialistic scientists deny the validity of what was once called by Gilbert Ryle the "ghost in the machine," namely Mind-as-Such, and this philosophical position is held on the basis that the postulation of any kind of hypothetical non-material non-biological mind-as-such is un-testable,  subjective, unnecessary, purely speculative, and hence metaphysical fantasy. But this philosophical position is also true of matter/ energy because if there is only matter/ energy you cannot prove, scientifically or otherwise, the existence of matter/ energy by means of matter/energy including the electrochemical brain-computer and its sensors which are made of matter/energy. Physical existence cannot prove physical existence. And once you claim, quite unscientifically, that it exists because it is self-evident, anybody can claim anything is an undeniable self-evident fact, solely on personal experience. Even "democratic" majority votes on "what are the facts?" within groups (e.g., scientists, philosophers, theologians, psychologists, metaphysicians, magicians) only lead us deeper into uncertainty and logical circularity -- all of which brings us back to philosophical beliefs and subjectively evaluated evidence in terms of our personal experiences. The hypothetico-deductive "scientific method" of "proving" factual theories by future event prediction and experiment-replication is (from the materialists point of view) all based on physical brains, physical communication, physical organization and physical information. Physical hierarchies of information are still physical, and that includes mathematics, statistics, all theories and all experimental designs. You cannot use a computer to PROVE the existence of a computer. You cannot use a physical brain to PROVE the existence of physical brains. Anyway, from the materialistic point of view, all scientific (and other) knowledge is only a socially-transmitted informational meme.

However, that said, I and many other highly educated, non-hallucinating, sane and intelligent people in many disciplines, including science, would add that there is hard scientific evidence for the statement that this physical and biological evolution is taking place within a much wider, Absolute Mind-as-Such (or Conscious Mind-Field) meaningful context which, one way or another, is its primary causation -- past, present and future. 


At this point, I can only reiterate my own personal solutions to this ultimately solipsistic situation which, I frankly admit, underlies any monistic philosophy, namely, that it can neither prove its own existence as reality, nor can it prove it is the only reality. One solution is deep meditation/ contemplation, and sudden revelation which even some famous scientists have experienced. Reading about, listening to, observing, and striving to understand the experiences of all other philosophical systems (as put forward by their believers) is another. Intuitively seeking serendipitous interlocking insights about systems-within-systems is yet another, one which Einstein used. These are not mutually exclusive solutions, so employ more than one.


My own approach is to use them all -- sometimes together and sometimes singly. However, I can only understand Truth as (by analogy) an almost infinite multidimensional jigsaw puzzle, the unique pieces of which fit together and interlock meaningfully to form a vast picture or tapestry of Truth in all its many facets and many hierarchical, interlaced levels, myriad forms, intricate patterns and systems of systems. This was explained in more detail near the beginning of this website. This multidimensional jig-saw puzzle of ultimate Truth even has to include a place for, and explanation of, fantasy, imagination, illusions, suffering, limitation, etcetera.

Science (as a an ever-changing human discipline, philosophy and repository of "facts") is a small part of this almost infinite multidimensional jigsaw puzzle of Knowledge or Truth but, when materialistic scientists restrict themselves to the investigation of only matter/energy and arbitrarily deny the existence of non-material Mind-as-Such, I realize this is the point where I part company with these sincere friends who make many valuable contributions to our knowledge of how energy/matter works. There is as much "solid proof" for the existence of Mind-as-Such (including Mind-as-such phenomena) as there is "solid proof" for any other scientific hypotheses. Not only that, but Mind-per-se is as self-evident to most people, (including most highly educated people) as is matter and energy. 


Introduction to Causes and Effects

It is very useful in any discussion of causes, to examine the Anthropic Principle (first described by John D. Barrow, Frank J. Tipler and John A. Wheeler) on a much broader basis, in order to understand how it interlocks with the other aspects of our infinite multidimensional jigsaw puzzle of Truth and Knowledge. From here on out I am going to describe my Truth as a Top-down System of systems beginning with Absolute Mind-as-Such or GOD.

Actually, causes and effects-per-se are unnecessary concepts at the Absolute Mind-as-Such "level" because the whole Universe of Universes is being continuously Created by Absolute Mind-as-Such within Absolute Mind-as-Such only NOW -- that is, in each successive no-time instant. God is a Singularity of Mind-as-Such that contains All-that-is. However, for the moment, let us continue to use the words "cause and effect" in the popular sense of an action or intent causing a resultant effect in the next moment of time, or even after a delay, as when an explosion causes a bullet to fly, or a mother bird builds a nest in which her eggs will be laid.

Causes and effects are themselves a multidimensional hierarchical system of systems which, while they cascade "outwards" from the "Center" in all directions, are all within Absolute Pure Mind-as-Such. For example, cause and effect would not only be meaningless, but impossible (in the sense of chaotic randomness) without such Universal Physical Constants as the Speed of Light, Plank's Constant, Gravitational Constant, Boltzmann's Constant, Fine Structure Constant, Avogadro's Number, Atomic Mass Unit, Electron Rest Mass, Electron Radius, Electron Charge, etc. For us intelligent reasoning humans all these abstract mathematical Ideas (which are implicitly embedded in physicality) are synchronized to function together in a hierarchical system of systems by constraining causes and their effects in such a way as to abolish chaotic randomness (or nothingness) and permit this Universe to exist and work the way it does. One could say that the hypothesized Big Bang when it occurred, intrinsically possessed the "inherent properties" of its own subsequent unfoldment in order to cause this Universe to eventuate, but that would only move the question back to, "How did these near-infinite in number "inherent properties" (think of all physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology just for starters) of our Universe get into the Big Bang Singularity to begin with -- especially as one of the current materialist theories is that this entire Universe arose from NOTHING as a cyclic quantum fluctuation which is allowed by quantum uncertainty. Did Plank's Constant physically evolve?

Absolute Prime Cause

Absolute Pure Mind-as-Such is not only the Absolute Prime Cause of all Mind-as-Such Beings (Created of Its Own Absolute Mind-as-Such and encapsulated in Love), but also All-that-Is in the Universe of Universes. It has to be realized that only Mind-as-Such can be a genuine cause because, (a) there is only manifested Creation NOW, and so the past does NOT cause the NOW-Present even though events make appear to be "causally" connected and consecutive, and (b) physical events cannot originate/ initiate/ create, or plan, or materialize , or have a purpose; they all just HAPPEN NOW. It is loose thinking (as the materialistic scientists correctly point out) to say one billiard ball causes another to move in a certain way when it is merely two consecutive NOW events each obeying the Laws of Nature. Because these Principles and Laws of Nature exist in Absolute Mind-as-Such (as Minds we only know about them, we do not originate them) therefore all four kinds of Real Causation also exist only in Absolute Mind-as-Such.

All Mind-as-Such Beings (including some, who, like humans, also happen to possess objectified physical bodies), along with objectified All-That-Is exist within Absolute Pure Mind-as-Such. (Think:  Copenhagen interpretation, Casimir effect, all Aspect-type experiments, spin-entanglement, mass-forming Higgs Bosons, etc.)

All-That-Is includes space-time, dimensionality, all forces, all fields, and all energy/matter within the Universe of Universes.

In the Mind-as-Such multidimensional hierarchical causes and effects system of systems, a "higher" cause can override or modify a "lower" cause in any NOW moment, much like by analogy, Federal Law can override State law, and State law can override County law, etc.

Thus, Absolute Mind-as-Such has the inherent capacity to causally override any other causes at any lower level (as in some miracles). This does not mean that that Absolute Mind-as-Such does necessarily override other causes. In fact, because all Mind-as-Such Beings have Freedom, their causal wishes are almost always granted, especially when their activities are totally Loving and do no harm. But, it would seem that any serious interference with the smooth running of the Universe would be an occasion for Absolute Mind-as-Such to override that interference. For example, serious interfering with the entire Law of Gravity or any of the universal Physical Constants would obviously be a "no-no" -- even though specific, local, contained, anti-gravity levitations are all right.

Absolute Mind-as-Such as the Final Cause (Purpose in a Teleological sense)

Pure Absolute Mind-as-Such, then, is the Final Cause of the Universe of Universes, and of Human Beingness in the Mind-as-Such sense of Beingness -- as well as of our physical bodies NOW. Indeed, the Universe is being continuously created NOW for all Beings to enjoy as a personal and as a collective objectified environment. Note that as Mind-as-Such Beings we have a limited causal influence on our biological bodies as, for example, when we induce illness or wellness, often "unknowingly," on them. While the Ultimate Final Cause may be infinite eternal Unfoldment, there may be many developmental thresholds to pass through, such as Waking Up, which might be called "semi-final" causes! Note that, as humans who appear to be dissociated from God, we Wake Up mostly through a process of unlearning and undoing all that the ego has taught us for eons of "time."

Absolute Mind-as-Such as the Efficient Cause (Initiator of the Movement of Creation)

Pure Absolute Mind-as-Such, then, is also the Efficient Cause of our Human Beingness in the Mind-as-Such sense of Beingness -- as well as of our physical bodies NOW. God initiated all the causal Movements and Processes involved in "kick-starting" this Universe with a so-called Big Bang, and these Movements and Processes were, and are, all within His Absolute Mind-as-Such. God, as the Efficient Cause of All-that-is, operates as a Creator by creating All-that-is in a consecutive continuous Flow of Movement, only in each NOW- no-time instant. For example, the Big Bang was supposedly created by God 14.7 million years ago in its own NOW-moment, back then but it no longer exists NOW. Note, that even if you replicate a past experience flawlessly, you are doing it NOW because the actual past has gone, never to be recovered, except NOW. We humans, as Mind-as-Such beings, co-create our lives NOW (in a very limited local way) with God Who has given us the Freedom to do so. This gift of Freedom means that we and the Universe are not wholly deterministic, but have increasing Freedom to co-create with God as we become more and more Loving.

Absolute Mind-as-Such as the Formal Cause, which we might call God's Master Plan (Architect/Designer's Plan for Creation)

Pure Absolute Mind-as-Such, then, is the Formal Cause of our Human Beingness -- in the Mind-as-Such sense of Beingness -- as well as of our "physical" bodies NOW. Everything in the Universe of Universes is unfolding NOW in accordance with God's Universal Master Plan of which He is the Prime Architect and Designer. This is a malleable Designer Universe which is always in a process of unfoldment NOW. But do NOT be naive about this incredibly complex Plan which includes Free Beings who are endowed by God with all His Powers including the ability to Create like Him. This does not contradict what I said in the previous paragraph because we human beings deliberately dissociated ourselves from God in order to "do our own thing" as fear-based egos (like Prodigal Sons).  As a consequence of this "act of independence," we severely limited our God-given Freedom (see: E01). God has obviously and deliberately built-in Freedoms, and even specific "areas of Designed chaos and randomness" such as the so-called "Uncertainty Principle," into His extremely complex multi-level, multidimensional Master Plan. God's Master Plan is harmoniously flexible and can accommodate variations that do not disrupt its ultimate goal or purpose (its ultimate Final Cause). As humans dissociated from God we currently have extremely limited, myopic, distorted "knowledge," but the fully Awake Masters do not! 

Absolute Mind-as-Such as the Material Cause (includes God-as-Builder, and God-as-Cause of the Objectification Process within all Mind-as-Such)

Pure Absolute Mind-as-Such, then, is the Material Cause of our Human Beingness in the Mind-as-Such sense -- as well as of our "physical" bodies NOW. All "substance" including matter/ mass/ energy/ fields/ and virtual space is being manifested as the Universe of Universes by Absolute Mind-as-Such NOW. Note that all substance/ matter/ energy is created out of "solidified" Love. Moreover, Absolute Mind-as-Such is the Builder who assembles this multiplicity of materials in synchronous instantaneous harmony with His Master Plan in a continuous flow of Creation NOW. This is so for everything, from a Higgs Boson to the Universe of Universes, all of which have existence within Absolute Mind-as-Such NOW. Note that all Mind-as-Such Beings (such as our Selves) who have been, or are being, created by God as Minds within His Absolute Mind-as-Such, are not material/ physical -- even though we sometimes possess objectifications we call our material/ physical bodies (temporarily, between conception and death) as a "biological" adjunct and false identity. This may be difficult to understand, but no more so than Relativity or Quantum Theory.


Material Cause: Because Absolute Mind-as-Such is the Ultimate Source of all four Causes, including the Material Cause, we can now understand why God and All-that-is is a Singularity, and why subjectivity internally, and objectivity externally, are two sides or aspects of ONE Reality. All physicality, including all sensing, within the Universe of Universes is ultimately the "projected" objectification of subjective Ideas within the Absolute Mind-as-Such of God and all Creation is made of "solidified" LOVE through an on-going NOW process of objectification. (To learn about projection see Page R12.)

Efficient Cause: Because Absolute Mind-as-Such is the Ultimate Source of all four Causes, including the Efficient Cause, we can now understand that all that happens, all events and all movement in the Universe of Universes is harmoniously synchronistic NOW. Even apparent "chaos" and "randomness" are synchronistically and appropriately programmed into all-that-happens in the flow of Creation NOW. All Individuated Mind-as-Such Beings within Absolute Mind-as-Such synchronistically help create, contribute to, and share in, that "material" objectification/physicality with varying degrees of Freedom, depending on the extent to which they Love everyone and everything and do no harm.

Formal Cause: Because Absolute Mind-as-Such is the Ultimate Source of all four Causes, including the Formal Cause, we can now understand that Absolute Mind-as-Such, Who is the Architect/Designer of All That Is, has a Master Plan for the ever-expanding Universe of Universes which are only in His MIND. This Master Plan is unfolding continuously as Creation NOW in an incredibly complex hierarchical System of layered systems which is both subjective and objective (two faces of the same coin) NOW. This Master Plan has many degrees and ranges of rigidity, constraint, flexibility, and freedom built into both its complementary subjective and objective aspects, and it is this aspect of the Master Plan that our naive egos find most confusing. As Einstein said, "The Lord God is subtle," and that was the understatement of that century!

Final Cause: Because Absolute Mind-as-Such is the Ultimate Source of all four Causes, including the Final Cause, we can now understand that Absolute Mind-as-Such has a Final Cause Purpose which is to unfold Life and the Living of Life in infinite ways and forms in the ever-expanding Universe of Universes which are only in His MIND (and in all our Minds -- if we can re-member them). This infinite Life and the Living of Life are the reason for, and Purpose of, the existence of God's Master Plan as a Synchronistic Creative Happening of All-that-is NOW. 


Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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