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We are Absolutely and eternally Free in every possible way in the Reality of Absolute Mind-as-Such. The key word in that sentence is "Reality." 

God's Reality is wholly Loving, Joyous, Peaceful, All-Knowing and Omnipresent NOW in His Absolute Mind-as-Such. All fully Awake Beings Live in that Loving, Joyous, Peaceful, All-Knowing and Omnipresent state of Consciousness (see I01) NOW, and as wholly Loving Beings they are Free to do whatever they like. The key word in that last sentence is "Loving." Obviously, wholly Loving Beings are unable to do anything unloving.


Imagination is an inherent Attribute of Absolute Mind-as-Such and consequently of all Minds-as-Such. Our entire physical Universe, as a subjective objectification of what we call energy/matter in accordance with God's Master Plan (see I02), is the outcome of His Imagination NOW. While God's Imagination is limitless and multi-layered it is always Loving, reason-able and synchronistic. Yet Creation is also infinitely malleable because it is Creatively renewed in each and every successive NOW-moment. This perpetual Creative renewal NOW is participated in synchronistically by both God and all Awake Mind-as-Such beings who wish to do so.


We humans, who are dissociated from God through our own free will, have very limited, circumscribed "imaginations." This is because, in separating from Him into a dream world of our own making, we "left behind" all our Real Love, Light, Peace, Joy, Knowledge, Reason, Freedom, Omnipresence, and Communion. In our egoic dream world we invented (in our imaginations) fear to replace Love, darkness to replace Light, conflict to replace Peace, depression to replace Joy, ignorance to replace Knowledge, irrationality to replace Reason, limitation to replace Freedom, locale to replace Omnipresence and alienation to replace Communion. Apart from rare imaginative spiritual insights our egos' imaginative flights of fancy are embedded with conflict, fear, horror, war, put-down comedy, illness, dysfunctional relationships and clinging pseudo-love. Watch any film, listen to any song, read any novel, or turn on the TV to see an endless ego-preoccupation with all these themes of very myopic Love-less separation. Even much of our great art and music down the centuries has these ego-themes embedded in it. Our religious emphasis on Jesus' crucifixion at the hands of egos, rather than on his Resurrection, is yet another example of our on-going egoic fascination with pain and horror -- even after two millennia. 


Sometimes I have been asked to give an example of total free will operating here on this planet, and I usually reply, "The very fact that you are living here in this ego-ridden, separated-from-God state is a perfect example of you continuing to exercise your God-given extreme free will. You would never have been able to separate from God, even in imagination, if He had not endowed you with His Perfect Free Will." But it is a kind of paradoxical situation in which we now find ourselves because we left Perfect Free Will behind in Reality (along with Love, Joy, Light, Peace, etcetera) and we are now shackled by our egos' limited willfulness as we try to blindly struggle with the insane mess we have made. We are like non-swimming people who, of our own free will, have jumped into a swirling Love-less river and now find ourselves unable to get out. Many of us don't want to get out; all we want to do is learn to swim successfully. Yet what we have made is an imagined dream world which we have artificially superimposed on the Natural World ruining its ecology in numerous destructive ways.

Another more accurate analogy is Jesus' parable of the Prodigal Son. In our Prodigal Son imaginations we decided, of our own free choice, to leave (reject) the Father and His Estate, and go off and create our own dissociated-from-God, ego-contorted dream-world which is founded on multiple fears, conflicts, pseudo-loves and thrills. We are all still here NOW of our own free will (perhaps "desire" would be a better word) until we voluntarily choose, of our own free wills, to Wake Up. Waking Up is mostly a matter of letting go our false ego-identities as well as our puerile pursuits, meaningless meanderings and neurotic relationships so that, like the Prodigal Sons we are, we can return quickly to the Father Who will greet our voluntary Home-coming with Joy and much celebration. Note carefully that, as Prodigal Sons, we fell asleep in Reality and only dreamed a dream of separation, which has never been Real.


Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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