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Much has been written about healing over the last four millennia but when one examines the books and observes various kinds of healers, including the allopathic fraternity, the processes underlying healing are still very much a mystery. Of course many of the biochemical and neurological processes are, physiologically speaking, somewhat understood. Although I am very familiar with the literature on healing written by materialist physicians, biologists and skeptics this is not the place to make a point-by-point rebuttal; I will leave that to other well-qualified physicians and scientists.

Rather, I wish to present my own overview and conclusions about healing based on a lifetime of study, observations and personal experience. In the following two paragraphs please note that I am referring to actual total permanent healing, NOT to treating symptoms, pain-palliatives, partial "bit-betterment," homeopathic and naturopathic remedies, prosthetic aids and devices, most acupuncture, long-term improvements, etc.

I will use the term "allopathic healing" to refer to total permanent healing which may sometimes occur through some medicines and physical interventions of the types prescribed by or used by allopathic physicians and others. In this context it is wise to note that many common illnesses will eventually disappear of their own accord through the body's own immune system and its other natural functions (e.g., blood clotting). Also note that symptom relief through the use of allopathic medicines and applications is not curing or healing. 

I will use the terms "spiritual healing" and "spiritual healers" to denote any and all instant or very quick healings that most often occur through the agency of another person who does not use any "orthodox" physical medicines, measures or methods. The terms "spontaneous healing" and "spontaneous remission" may be also used to denote any quick healings of diseases and conditions that occur through no outside agency, intervention or medicine. I use the term "quick healing" because although I have no doubt that non-allopathic healers can heal many diseases and disorders over days or weeks, we have no way of knowing if the healing outcome was caused by the healer or the natural healing functions of the body. Incidentally, the latter can be dramatically enhanced and speeded up by the spiritual beliefs and expectant attitudes of the ill person.


In all that follows on this Page, it is important to keep in mind that God creates only Perfection and He does that Perfectly. Therefore any imperfect manifestations such as sickness, diseases, infirmities, and other physical and psychological disorders are caused by those Children of God (us humans) who have decided to dissociate (separate mentally) from Him to the point of developing "independent" ego-identities that fabricate an extensive array of imperfect manifestations on this planet. These imperfections, from pimples to pollution, are all fear-based.

Miracles of healing have been defined as, "a collapse of time." For example a broken leg may normally take a month to heal, but a miracle occurs when a complete healing of that leg occurs within a few minutes, or even a day, after the accident.


This may seem a strange topic to begin with. It is a question infrequently asked, because there is a taken-for-granted assumption that healing is all about some obvious disease or disability of a physical nature. But when we stop to examine "what is cured" we discover there are several different classes of conditions that may (or may not) have been healed, and their causes may be much more complex and deeper in origin than is generally supposed.

Please note that the following groupings are not intended to be definitive, but rather merely rough categorizations; moreover, many diseases, disorders and handicaps may fit into more than one group, for example, poliomyelitis, AIDS, meningitis, schizophrenia. One such case is poliomyelitis in which partial paralysis may follow the infection. Thus, the disorders relating to groups may follow one another in linear time. Also note the lines (division demarcations) between the following groups are very blurred, especially as we get more knowledge of unknown viruses and newly discovered genetic predispositions.


Modern medicine has found ways to prevent (e.g., vaccination, inoculation) or cure many diseases and, even though some viral and bacterial diseases still elude our best efforts, they too, will no doubt be remedied in the course of time. Unfortunately, new serious diseases keep appearing, some from birds and animals, therefore we have to keep our research facilities working overtime to come up with effective countermeasures. Spiritual healers, or specific events, such as near-death experiences (NDEs), have sometimes quickly cured individuals of diseases caused by bacteria and viruses, but these kinds of viral and bacterial disease healings seem to be less frequent than are cures of other types of human disorders such as non-viral/bacterial cancers. The reason may be that almost everyone knows they will get better in a short while and therefore an instant healing of viral/bacterial disease is unnecessary. Mostly, it is the body's immune system that heals viral and bacterial diseases, even when an assist is given with allopathic medicines such as antibiotics. 

I strongly suspect that all allopathic and natural healings are actually occurring within a vast framework of our intentions, our egos' fictitious antics, and our continuing unfoldment within the Universal Plan of All Life, an unfoldment in which we play an important role.


Modern medicine has also found ways for ameliorating many hormonal and other biological disorders, such as allergies, thyroid deficiencies, arthritis, functional heart disorders, diabetes, etc. Almost all of these are not cures, because when the treatments are stopped the disorder usually returns. Unfortunately, these medication treatments often cause the body to stop producing its own hormones, anti-bodies, etc., and so increased doses become necessary. 

Spiritual healers have had varying degrees of success with these kinds of disorders. Diseased and malfunctioning organs have been known to spontaneously regenerate through strong intent, both quickly or over a period of time.


Under this heading I include missing limbs and body parts, broken bones, severe paralyses, permanent sight disorders, hearing disorders, congenital conditions, and assaults such as burns, wounds, and the like. Allopathic medicine has had considerable success with helping and sometimes "curing" these kinds of disorders mostly with extensive treatments and/or special devices such as artificial limbs, joint replacement, hearing aids, lasik eye surgery, skin grafts and plastic surgery. To my knowledge spiritual healers have had almost no success with these disorders and handicaps, although some Spiritual Masters are said to have healed some of them. Jesus healed blind people. Note that arthritis in either form does not fall in this category. I have never heard of a person with a missing arm or leg to have it physiologically replaced by any kind of healing procedure, but this does not mean that such a healing is impossible. However, I have heard of a set of new teeth spontaneously growing in to replace extracted ones, or more frequently, for bad cavities and old fillings to be replaced with new white or gold fillings.

Many fast surgical healings have been carried out by human beings who are channeling higher beings. One such famous one was Arigo of Brazil, a modest clerk through whom an entity named Dr. Fritz worked, even carrying out complex operations of many kinds. These were not psychic surgery; they were genuine surgery, and some of these operations were recorded on film by US medical teams. Arigo and Dr Fritz healed many thousands of people. After Arigo died in an accident Dr Fritz continued his work through other people. Some colleagues of mine experienced healing from Dr. Fritz through an MD at a Conference in Brazil. There is also a group of higher beings called the "Healing Team" who do physical healings when they are appropriate.


Under this heading I include almost all mental retardation (still the official term), known brain damage, neurological handicaps and other central nervous system disorders from known genetic or other physical causes. This category would include epilepsy, radiation damage (including X-rays), congenital CNS/brain defects, head injury outcomes, asphyxiation outcomes, stroke outcomes, some types of autism, and the like. I have worked with these kinds of patients in compensatory therapeutic settings. However, as a word of caution, I was once shown a preserved autopsied brain of a sane, healthy 50-year-old male accountant who had lived a happy life, raised a normal family, driven a car regularly and who had been a pillar of his community, but who had half his left hemisphere missing from birth. He had died accidentally. There are many other examples like this on record, and not all originated in infancy, or childhood. And some amazing neurological recoveries have been made in adult life. I read many years ago of one such case of a young woman musician who suffered severe brain damage in a subway accident. When the neurosurgeon opened up her skull he found one hemisphere (the right, I think) was mostly mush and there was no hope for her. In desperation, he scooped out a handful of mushy brain to relieve pressure and told his assistant surgeon to finish up the procedure. To everyone's amazement she gradually recovered (over a period of months) and finally resumed a normal life without impediments! It is very difficult for materialist neurologists and psychologists for whom there is only a brain to explain how such a recovery can happen. Vague terms such as "compensatory pathways," and "the opposite hemisphere taking over" do not EXPLAIN anything. If I tear out a large chunk of my computer's mother board and other circuitry and then put the cover back on, I assure you it will never work again! Perhaps, as the Masters say, there is a Mind-as-Such "in there" after all; as ACIM Workbook says:

LESSON 92Miracles are seen in light, and light and strength are one.

The idea for today is an extension of the previous one. You do not think of light in terms of strength, and darkness in terms of weakness. That is because your idea of what seeing means is tied up with the body and its eyes and brain. Thus you believe that you can change what you see by putting little bits of glass before your eyes. This is among the many magical beliefs that come from the conviction you are a body, and the body's eyes can see.

You also believe the body's brain can think. If you but understood the nature of thought, you could but laugh at this insane idea. It is as if you thought you held the match that lights the sun and gives it all its warmth; or that you held the world within your hand, securely bound until you let it go. Yet this is no more foolish than to believe the body's eyes can see; the brain can think.

It is God's strength in you that is the light in which you see, as it is His Mind with which you think. His strength denies your weakness. It is your weakness that sees through the body's eyes, peering about in darkness to behold the likeness of itself; the small, the weak, the sickly and the dying, those in need, the helpless and afraid, the sad, the poor, the starving and the joyless. These are seen through eyes that cannot see and cannot bless.

While traditional therapies and medications can give a little help to some of people with all kinds of neurological disorders, neither allopathic medicine nor spiritual healers have been able to come up with extensive cures which result in relative normality. On very rare occasions, some Masters may have healed epilepsy, but these healings may have been depossessions. Also, it should be noted that very occasionally patients who have had concussive head injuries resulting in comas or other severe symptoms, may (later) spontaneously recover on their own, or as a result of another (usually mild) blow to the head. Spontaneous healings which occur as a result of near death experiences (NDEs) or death experiences are not uncommon. Read Mellon Thomas Benedict's account of his miraculous death experience elsewhere on this site (Q3). It should also be noted that I am not including under the heading of "healing" all those persons who miraculously did NOT suffer brain damage as a result of prolonged drownings or asphyxiations -- a condition that never happened can hardly be healed, even if that non-occurrence is a remarkable miracle in itself. We now know that chilling of the body may delay neurological damage.


Under this heading I include almost all neuroses, psychoses and symptoms which are NOT caused by detectable brain damage from known physical causes. It is important to understand that in many types of psychological disorders, physical symptoms may occur as a result of the psychological disorder, not the other way around. Allopathic medicine almost always uses medications to ameliorate these psychological disorders with the result that many people end up with serious side-effect CNS disorders, such as the schizophrenics who had CNS tardive dyskinesia from prolonged exposure to anti-psychotic medications. One such was a misdiagnosed dyslexic. It is also important to note here that many of the so-called allopathic "official" causes of some psychological illnesses, such as "chemical imbalance" or "attention deficit disorder" can be a resulting symptom of the deeper psychological problem. Also, some apparent disorders, such as inherited dyslexia are actually quite natural and normal because it is the high artificial educational demands of modern society that cause the condition. If everyone, by law, had to learn musical notation and compose symphonies by age 16, how many musical dyslexics would we have? Five hundred years ago there were no dyslexics because almost no one could read, not even most monarchs. So, nowadays in our inefficient schools, millions of perfectly normal, restless poor readers and spellers are dosed with prescription amphetamines. I have taught many to read and spell well using skillfully designed educational programs.

Psychological stress (i.e., "worry/anxiety"), anger, resentment, unworthiness, rejection, perfectionism, etc., can all be mentally "pushed down" and "dropped" into the body to reappear as physical symptoms or apparent illnesses. For example, some "heartless" individuals have heart problems. Another individual I worked with was riddled with osteoarthritis because he was equally riddled with "stiff" resentment, but when the resentment was healed by his forgiveness the arthritis promptly disappeared.

Psychological disorders and handicaps of the types just described are rarely healed overnight through exposure to one spiritual healing session. Usually weeks or months of continuing psycho-spiritual therapy are required to heal such individuals, and then only if they are willing to give up many cherished ego-beliefs and work through some emotional turmoil in the process. Unfortunately few want to do this -- they just want a "quick-fix" pill.


Placebo effects are fascinating because they demonstrate the power that human psychological belief systems have over our bodies, and sometimes even over other psychological beliefs. All kinds of illnesses, in some people, have been cured by placebos, even illnesses such as terminal cancer.

This whole area of the role of psychological "suggestion" is not only largely uninvestigated (although "mountains" have been published on it), but it is an area that is poorly understood. Why? Because most of it involves the ego on both sides of the equation -- the health professional and the patient. We humans need to examine this whole ego-arena of human life in some detail. I would suggest that those permanent healings of physical illnesses which occur as a result of placebos, happen because the individual involved is in a state of psycho-spiritual readiness to be healed. They have "unconsciously" decided to lift the illness back up out of the body into the ego-mind and deal with the etiological problem there. Those who are only temporarily healed by placebo are not really ready to let the physical illness go, so the illness eventually (and often quickly) returns as a bodily dysfunction. Read some more on the topic of readiness later below. This is also why hypnotic suggestions are rarely permanently effective unless accompanied by some kind of maturational psychotherapy and ego-dismantling.


Isn't it strange that we humans think of perfect health as an impossible ideal that can perhaps be approached, but never fully attained? I mean, there is always something "unhealthy" going on in every human body, even if it is only a pimple or a sensation of tiredness. Every body has something "wrong" with it, and the same is true for our psychological state. Every mind/psyche has at least some conscious or unconscious anxiety or other troublesome emotional state bothering it, even on the most "carefree" days. Most of us realize that, even when we experience "happiness" or "bliss" temporarily, our everyday cares and a variety of problems will return to perturb us once the happy-making event is over. Most of us mental health professionals recognize mania, ego-inflation, euphoria, and other "lala-land" disorders when we see them (e.g., mild manic states) and we do not mistake them for Eternal Love or a permanent "Peace that passes all understanding." Sooner or later, even if it takes 100 years, all ego-inflation crashes into depression; all our egos are bipolar! 


ALL ill-health is in the ego-mind and caused by our ego-minds, because we separated from God's Perfection long before we had physical bodies. In God's Reality it is impossible to separate from Him, therefore we could only achieve an autonomous pseudo-separation by falling into an illusory un-Knowing dream state which was (and still is) apparently (to us egos) devoid of His Love, Light, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Knowledge, Freedom, Beauty and Grace. Within this dark autonomous dream we invented fear and its flip-side anger to be our security as a replacement for the Love and Light we have buried deeply under mountains of fearful ego-trash. These are the allegorical mountains we really need to move with our faith even if it is only the size of a mustard seed! All ill-health begins in the ego-mind and much of it stays there as mental ill-health of one kind of another. However, some of these psychological disorders, especially those we cannot cope with or do not want to cope with, we drop into our bodies where they are mostly dissociated by, and from, our more conscious psyches so that we can then label them as "physical diseases, handicaps, and disorders." This ingenious course of "unconscious action" (we imagine) absolves us from any responsibility for healing the psychological cause. "Oh, I have this physically-caused arthritis and it is utter bullshit that anyone could suggest it is stemming from my resentment of so-and-so." "Oh, I have heart disease, and it is ridiculous nonsense for anyone to suggest I am hard-hearted or un-Loving -- I help everybody, don't I?"


The short answer to this question is that the illness, disease, disorder or handicap is lifted or taken back up out of the body into the ego-mind from whence it was dropped in the first place. Most of us will then have to face, and deal with, and heal, the psychological problem because if we don't, that emotional problem is likely to drop back into the body again and the "analog" illness or disorder promptly reappears; the psychological resentment reverts back into physical arthritis, or the emotional anger becomes cellular cancer again. You may ask if this applies to common aliments like colds which are "caught." Well, I know of an elderly woman who has never had a cold or the flu throughout her life, and of quite a few people who rarely get them. Frequent colds and/or allergies can be a sad-hurt ego-child "crying inside."

Of course, some overly-conscientious people unconsciously develop or catch minor illnesses to legitimately take off a few days from a stressful job without feeing guilty! Their strict inner Parental Authority System recognizes "genuine" illness as a valid excuse!


People who are in a state of psycho-spiritual readiness to relinquish the physical analog of their psychological ego-problem, and who are now also bored with the disorder or illness, are the most susceptible to healings, whether these healings come from healers, allopathic doctors, placebos, hypnosis, or a wide variety of alternative medicines or procedures, such as homeopathy or acupuncture. Most of those who are not ready, usually experience a return of the physical illness when a "healing" has been temporarily "successful" as a result of some powerful form of "suggestion." The "suggestion" may be a new medication, a new kind of treatment, a new healer, or a new kind of therapist. Healings which result from traditional hypnosis may fall into this category. The concept of readiness is very important and was mentioned above in the paragraph on placebos. In the final analysis we all heal ourselves when our state of entrenched ego-mind dissolves sufficiently in key areas causing us to be ready to let the illness or disability go.

Eric Pearl (whom I have watched heal someone) mentions that people who are on disability payments, and who do not want to give them up, are resistant to healing procedures (See: Q2K & Q3E). I agree, because it is also a problem with some clients in therapy. This raises the question of the dozens of psychological reasons, conscious and unconscious, that may cause people to have a vested interest in NOT being healed, physically or psychologically. It would take up too much space here to list all these reasons, but most of them are connected with some kind of ego-payoff or ego-advantage (such as receiving money, or being cared for) that the individual receives from remaining in a state of illness or disablement. Psychologically speaking, we can add into this "payoff mix" a need the sick person has to control others in subtle ways in order to receive sympathy, personal services, constant attention, pampering and even "enjoyable" reassuring medications -- all of which behaviorally reinforce the condition and relationship situation, at least until boredom sets in. I was very fortunate as a child in that my genius mother had little sympathy for my illnesses, or even cuts and bruises, with the result that, without any gratifying payoff, I quickly learned that sickness and injuries were a waste of my time and energy. Of course, I did receive any necessary medical help or treatments, most of which were foul-tasting or uncomfortable! If I was too sick to attend school I had to lie in bed in the dark until I was better. My mother did hug me and cuddle me at other times. 


The whole of Sections E and G on this Website are mostly devoted to discussions and explanations of the many facets of psycho-spiritual healing. See also J04 and J05. As a first reading I especially recommend G6 titled PSYCHOSPIRITUAL THERAPY. Of course, specific spontaneous and quick healings can occur during the process of psychospiritual therapy because, as the ego and its many facets are dismantled and relinquished, the need for particular "analog" physical illnesses and disorders are also given up. Note that it is extremely rare for a Whole Awakening healing to occur in which the entire ego and all illnesses and all disorders vanish quickly or instantly. Most Masters, while in their human bodies, suffered from some diseases and disorders. Legend says that even the Buddha is supposed to have died from cancer in his eighties (see: D2). Ramakrishna died of throat cancer. 


We egoically-oriented humans mostly maintain a very distorted, myopic view of Life. Everyone should read the "Urantia Book" among others. At the higher spiritual levels of existence, including physical existence, perfect psychological and physical health is perfectly normal because Perfection is of God. I am sure that when the Himalayan Master Babaji occasionally manifests his physical body for himself so he can teach his followers, his body is perfect. He also has no need for food. 

Therefore all healing is actually only a return to our Natural God-given state of Perfect Being, whether physical, psychological or spiritual. All physicality is within the psychological, and both are within the Perfect Spiritual Oneness of Absolute Mind-as-Such.


After decades of study, of receiving healings, and of helping myself and others to heal to a modest extent, I have come to the inescapable conclusion that, even when a human healer in a body is present, almost all quick healings are powerfully mediated by "ascended" Guides and Masters who are ever-ready to assist with or master-mind those healings. Almost all genuine healers fully acknowledge the presence of "Spirit" Guides or Masters whenever they are working with clients or patients. These healers (and the Masters) also understand that ALL these healings come from God's Grace. Of course, the person receiving the healing needs to be in a state of psychospiritual readiness (see above) for such a healing, but even that degree of readiness, it seems, is evaluated by Guides and Masters as a result of listening to God. 

When working therapeutically with clients I am usually asking for inner Guidance on a NOW basis, and then receive the desired input "intuitively" as to what I am to say, or what direction the therapy should take. In Altered State Therapy I work closely with the Guides and Masters coming through (channeled by) my client, and they, in their turn, have many resources they can turn to for specialized information. Some Guides and Masters are highly specialized in their functions as was, for example, Dr. Fritz who operated surgically through Arigo (see Q2K). When a person's Guide tells me that some specific area of specialization is not in his or her repertoire, I sometimes ask if they can find me a Guide who is a specialist in that area, and, more often than not, they do! Note that in my work little of this has to do with physical body healings; almost all of these Guidance communications are received by me in order to facilitate the dismantling of the client's ego, as well as my own -- in other words, to help us Awaken. Occasionally I will ask my client's Guide for personal advice about myself because it is beneficial to receive input from other Sources in addition to my own Guides. Raj/Jesus says he will help anyone who asks. With one of my clients, Babaji came through with needed assistance and advice for that client. There are other Guides with whom I am very familiar. Note, too, that anyone can ask The Healing Team (see below) for a healing, but first it would be wise to read the Raj/Jesus excerpt mentioned below.

There are three other Pages (J04, J05 and J09) on HEALING on this Website. Also read G6 on KEY TECHNIQUES.  

To read key Raj/Jesus Excerpts on HEALING and THE HEALING TEAM of MASTERS see P09.


Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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