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This is the question many people ask themselves, especially after they find they are on a spiritual path, a path that seems to render their current life and job somewhat meaningless.

My answer usually contains these three parts which are closely interrelated:


Everyone on a spiritual path is seeking Knowledge, the kind of Knowledge that is the "opposite" of worldly knowledge, however erudite the latter may be. A person's worldly knowledge may be very extensive and complex, but almost always it is a thick comfort-blanket (made by the ego) which covers up that person's ignorance of Real Love, Light, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Freedom, etc., which is Knowing or Knowledge. Note that this Knowing is not simply the acquisition of numerous ideas; it is much more to do with internally experiencing the Ideas of Real Love, Light, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Freedom, etc.  Pure Mind-as-Such Knows all that there is to Know. Usually, this Ultimate Knowledge of God is revealed (actually it is remembered) bit-by-bit to each of us on a "need-to-Know" experiential basis, not because it is forbidden in any way, but because we cannot handle anything more than incremental snippets without going insane as a result of extreme ego-mind-boggle.

However, anyone who has a genuine willingness (intent, desire, purpose) to Wake Up to God's Knowledge will eventually do so, even though the process may be incremental and on a need-to-Know basis. That Knowledge is not a secret, any more than calculus is kept secret from a three-year old child. It comes down to: (a) your readiness, and (b) your willingness to let go of your established ego-beliefs and habitual ego-mind-chatter. So, meditate, rediscover inner silence and listen to Spirit.

God's Knowledge includes experiencing Real Love, Beingness (IS-ness), Creation and How Everything Really Works as Ideas within Ideas.



The undoing or dismantling of the entire ego is the key to reaching the threshold of Waking Up to God's Knowledge. The ego is based only on the fear/anger polarity and it can gradually (sometimes quickly) be undone by a combination of, (a) regular application of the Ego-Dismantling Method for all major and minor emotional crisis situations -- described elsewhere on this website (G04) -- and (b) by disregarding the ego and its numerous preoccupations at all other times. All egos are false nonsensical beliefs about one's self-concocted identity, and they are always composed of a large number of disparate polarized concepts such as success and failure, fear and safety, degrees of health and sickness, and not least, unhappiness and pseudo-love (see: E01 through E10).  


After we have dismantled our un-Real egos sufficiently to experience a degree of Spiritual Clarity founded on the Love of God (that is our True Identity) what do we do? Note that spiritual work is not confined to one's job; it is also a part of every aspect of our lives from eating to sleeping, from observing to exercising, and from relating to organizing. Of course this "work" does not have to be heavy and concentrated; it should be a very relaxed Divine Attitude to Life which is actualized lightly and naturally 24/7.

To find out what kind of everyday job you came to do, stay in your present job for the time being (unless the situation is making you ill), and then keep, (a) asking Spirit for guidance, and (b) asking Spirit to cause the necessary synchronicities to occur. Also, if you like the work itself, consider whether or not your present job situation can be transformed by changing your own negative feeling into positive Loving communications. I know of people who have changed a grumpy boss or antagonistic colleagues into warm friends just by changing their own attitudes to those people and their workplace. One person can sometimes change a whole company in this way. Deliberately bless everyone morning, noon and night. Unhappiness at work is often caused by negative relationships, rather than the tasks one has to do. All too often we change jobs and discover we have taken our unhappiness with us to the new location. However, do move on to another, more compatible kind of work or situation if and when Genuine Spirit Moves you!  

Service, in the widest sense of that word, is a key to happiness in one's job. True service means happily helping people; it does not mean sacrifice and servitude! Although few people do seem to realize it, most people on this planet are giving service to each other, be they farmers, factory workers, clerks, airline attendants, or whatever. Thank everyone for the caring service they give you (even when they are grumpy). Without all the numerous services we humans give each other, we would all still be cave-people! The point is to be loving, happy and caring about the service you give because, on the bottom line, service is about being Loving to everyone. And accept the gift of money when it is given you -- a gift many people call wages or salary!

Deep in all our human Minds (though sometimes well buried under ego-nonsense) is our desire to find out what we can do to help those who are synchronistically "sent" to us, and this includes everyone with whom we come into contact. We can divide these friends, relatives, acquaintances, and those whom we dislike, into three imprecise groups:

(i) Those who are disinterested in spiritual paths and pursuits. With this group we work silently. Usually, this is not done in their presence, especially if they have any inkling of what you are doing, because it will rightly be seen as patronizing. Truly understand that help and healing are not a way of getting back at people! The best way to genuinely help and heal disinterested people is to utilize the Ho'oponopono technique of Dr. Len which I have posted elsewhere on this Website (see: J05).

(ii) Those who are vaguely interested in spiritual paths and pursuits but for whom spiritual matters are a low priority because they "have more important things to do." This group are mostly preoccupied with the ego-polarities mentioned above, to which we can now add all kinds of entertaining distractions. While the Ho'oponopono Technique can be usefully applied here as well, we can also utilize more direct methods of communication while always being careful not to arouse any unwanted antagonism. If you are currently reading spiritual books, magazines and papers you can leave them lying around for other to notice and perhaps even read, but do not mention them. Be as genuinely friendly, appreciative and loving as you can without artifice. Whenever a show of spiritual interest arises, say what you want to say succinctly, and never argue. As A Course in Miracles (ACIM) says, "It is not up to you to change your brother," or sister or other people, unless they ask you to. It is up to their Inner Spirit to change them. However, small children may enjoy discussing simple spiritual information as long as you do not have a serious agenda or dominating ego-need to indoctrinate them with rules, rituals and dogma. Keep it light and free.

(iii) Those who come to you for spiritual information and who ask you (in so many words) for spiritual advice and assistance. Because I have always been open about my profound interest in spiritual work and philosophies, most of my clients have known about my psychospiritual background before they arrive on my doorstep. This is also true for my relatives, friends and acquaintances. I always mention my broad interest in all spiritual Paths and Masters and how I have integrated the key information into my own personal version of the Multi-dimensional Jig-saw Puzzle of Universal Truth. But I will only explain it to them if they have a desire to listen. Of course, even if they listen, it is always their free choice to adopt and ingest any of this personally oriented Knowledge which I never "force" on them. Remember the saying (origin unknown) "A man persuaded against his will is of the same opinion still." Be reassured though, that millions of people "out there" are now actively seeking spiritual Knowledge, but when they approach you for help be courteous enough to allow them to make their own decisions about what Path they want to adopt -- even though you personally may know your own to be the Integrated Essence of numerous Paths and Masters, all of which are founded on a Loving Mind-as-Such God within Absolute Mind-as-Such. Essential externally-learned, but internally-integrated spiritual knowledge, can resurrect in us our own subjective experiential Knowledge of Singular Beingness. "My Father and I are One."



Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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