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INTRODUCTION:  All my life, for three generations, I have heard the pessimists lamenting that the world is "going down the drain" and that we need to "return to the good old days." There are many flaws in this type of negative outlook concerning the present. 

The first flaw is that our memories of the long-gone past are highly selective in that most of us who were not severely abused or invalidated, tend to remember the "good stuff" and forget the "bad stuff." 

The second flaw is that most of us love to blow up current negative events into huge dramas, but when compared with the events of World War II (1939-1946) these current events are, relatively speaking "storms in a teacup." While these current events must be dealt with promptly and effectively (see my paper on Aggression -  E03) the exaggerated trauma/drama emotionalism surrounding them tends to cloud not only effective action but also our wider vision of beneficial change. 

A third flaw is the inability of the pessimists to perceive, let alone understand, the processes of beneficial change as the people of Earth and their societies unfold in a multiplicity of complex ways. Many do not see the (metaphorical) caterpillar turning into the butterfly, nor do they see how, sooner or later, negativity, repression and fear of any kind bring about the eventual demise of that specific negativity, repression and fear. A examination of many of the items on the list below will demonstrate this process of beneficial change, for example, civil rights in the U.S., and the ending of apartheid in South Africa. 





Note that the following list is not in any particular order, and nor is it intended to be a complete or final list. 



The Berlin Wall came down and Russia became democratic. The Cold War ended, and almost all of the former Soviet Bloc countries are also now democracies and half of them are members of the European Union. Some are even members of NATO.

The Civil Rights movement gradually changed the face of racial, religious, and gender prejudice and inequality in America between 1954 and 1991, a process of change which continues to unfold.

The European Union was first formed in 1957 and the number of countries that are members steadily increases. This is a wonderful example of unification and mutual cooperation between countriesórather than separation and making enemies.

In South Africa apartheid was eliminated in 1991 and the country became a true democracy. Nelson Mandela and President de Klerk shared a Nobel Peace prize, and South Africa was welcomed back into the Commonwealth.

PRACTICAL, spiritual individual people like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and numerous less-well-known compassionate humans have done much to change the world's constricted thinking and negative prejudices.

China began a continuing transformation of its economy from communism to capitalism in 1978 when Chairman Deng declared a new policy of allowing private businesses, private capital and the eventual development of stock markets. This continues to unfold. 

Almost all South and Central American dictators and military juntas fell from power between 1960 and 2000, and were replaced with emerging democratic governments.

From 1950 to 2000 almost all British, French, Portuguese, Spanish and German colonies were freed to form their own governments and colonialism has become a thing of the past around the world.

After WWII Germany and Japan were restructured as democracies and have remained so. Both have become firm allies of the USA and both now witness for peace.

The United Nations was formed and Founded by Winston Churchill (UK) and Franklin Roosevelt (USA) after WWII, and this Organization has done much to maintain peace by manning borders between fractious nations. Through many UN associated organizations, such as UNESCO and WHO, much good work is done around the world. This is a wonderful beginning.

Spiritual awareness has dramatically increased in the USA since the Beatles (in India) persuaded the Maharishi to go to the West (in the late 1960's), who then introduced Europe and the USA to Transcendental Meditation and yoga. Other influential Gurus followed. Buddhism also came West. The "flower children," the sexual revolution, and the Vietnam war did much to bring down the traditional hypocrisy of the Parental Authority System (PAS) in America. Many of these beneficial changes have now become mainstream, although there are still pockets of people clinging to earlier authoritarian beliefs (e.g., God condemns and punishes His sinful children, and may eventually judge them and consign them to hell). Note that I realize many Gurus came to the US before the Maharishi but they did not have the widespread popular impact of Transcendental Meditation. The Dalai Lama has also had a tremendous spiritual impact on the Western world.

Since around 1985 a new assortment of wise children, who are old souls, has been steadily coming back in to help with the Spiritual Awakening of humanity during the next few decades. Corporal punishment and other abusive disciplines have largely been abolished.

Since 1980 the Internet has crossed borders and boundaries in terms of uncensored person-to-person communication around the world and this open interaction is expanding every day. Let us all ensure the Internet is kept free and clear of all PAS interference and control.

Channeling by Ascended Masters has been under way throughout the Twentieth Century, and it is important to realize that his has increased exponentially right up into the present. There are hundreds, if not thousands of genuine Guides and Masters now available to us if we care to search them out and listen with astute discernment, especially in terms of the spirituality we are attracted to.

Although many find it hard to believe, Jesus has been also been talking to people and through people since 1965. First, by channeling through Helen Schucman, who was helped by Bill Thetford (both former professors at Columbia Medical School in NY City) he has authored the most profound book in the world, "A Course in Miracles" which has sold millions of copies around the world (Q2E). Artist Glenda Green painted his portrait from life when he appeared to her and also spoke with her over a period of months. (Read: Love Without End; Jesus speaks." 2nd Edn. See Q2E)  Jesus has also spiritually instructed many of us through the NWFFACIM since 1982 and now illuminates ACIM for us once a week on the Internet (P01 and Q3).


Loving Oneness Now-- Copyright © 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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