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Vigilance is a psychological faculty, or rather, practice that is somewhat different from discernment. Once a person who is on a Spiritual Path has discerned what is not Real in life (see J01), he or she then needs to be consciously vigilant to recognize its appearance (both meanings: its image and its happening) and let it dissolve back into the nothingness from where it came.

All the items mentioned in the right-hand column of the lists on the previous Page (on DISCERNMENT J01) are the unreal ego-illusions we must be vigilant for, so that when they appear we can promptly let them go, or, in some cases utilize them as known illusions for the purposes of Waking Up to Reality. This calls for a more detailed explanation.


Vigilance is defined in the dictionary as, "staying watchful and alert" usually about dangers or the threat of danger. Vigilance also means "on the lookout for specific things." Thus, in the broadest context of Spirituality, we need to be vigilant for:

(a) useless illusions, 

(b) useful illusions, 

(c) temporary spiritual processes that help us out of our self-imposed separation from God and Loving Oneness, and, 

(d) God/Self experiences and revelations. 

We need to be "on the lookout" for each of these, but each category has a different reason for our being aware of it. A few examples of what is in each of these categories should clarify what they mean (and what they include) so we can be vigilant for the occurrences of each, and know what do do about these occurrences.

Useless Illusions

Note that in this category we are usually unaware of the fact that the following examples ARE illusions while we continue to remain in a state of ego-ignorance about them. Actually, as egos, we usually believe these things are "real" and live out our ego-lives under their influence. However we need to be "on the lookout for" these useless illusions so that, with the help of Spirit, Self, and God we can dismantle them (G04), and willingly let them go back into the nothingness from which we originally made them up.

Examples of useless illusions:  sickness, addictions, gold medals, pollution, punishment, abuse, politics, crime, insanity, superfluous possessions, pseudo-love, conflict, death, guilt, ego-elation, righteousness of the ego, fear, anger, enemies, vanity, dominance, submission, self-denigration, propaganda, meaningless distractions. (See also Right-Hand List on Page J01)

Useful Illusions

Note that in this category we have become aware of the fact that the following examples ARE illusions, but that we can make use of them in spiritual ways that can assist us and others to Wake up. These useful illusions are analogous to many of the toys we had in childhood which (as Jesus said) in mature adult life, we dispense with because they are no longer useful to us. As earthling humans we are still in our spiritual childhood and the following human "toys" are useful to our spiritual learning (and unlearning) processes. Once we Wake up we will no longer need them because we will communicate our thoughts telepathically. We will teleport anywhere in the universe of universes (i.e., in the Mind of God), never need sleep or unconsciousness. we will be able to manifest all things physical and never need education because God's Knowledge will be instantly available to us. We will be perfectly healthy in mind and body (whenever it is manifested), and so on and on.

Examples of useful illusions:  reading skills, writing skills, some beneficial music and art, talking meaningfully, driving safely, walking and running, reasonable exercise, sensible eating, sleeping, cleanliness, congenial open-minded schooling, manufacturing useful things, a very few spiritual rituals, most spiritual books, etc.

Temporary Spiritual Processes

Note that in this category we are aware of the fact that the following examples are in one sense "spiritual illusions" but that they come from a higher Source. For many people this is a contradiction of terms or ideas, in that they think everything God Knows must automatically be present eternally. But all temporary spiritual processes as events (at other times during which, for the present, they have no practical usefulness) may be stored away as Ideas to be re-activated in the future if and when necessary. A good parallel would be the words in a dictionary which you only access as they are needed for meaning or spelling, but almost all the words in the language remain "passively" stored (listed) in the book. Another human analogy would be crutches that help us mend a broken leg, and which, after the healing is complete, we throw away. In a similar way miracles, as events, are totally unnecessary in Heaven where Perfection reigns. Miracles are only for the purpose of correcting imperfections and misperceptions while we decide to remain separated from God.

Examples of temporary spiritual processes:  formal meditation and prayer while in a separated state, healing of all kinds, spiritual learning, miracles, resurrection, ascension, the process of Waking up, channeling Real Guides and Masters, partial spiritual insights

Experiences of God

The following examples need no further explanation if only because they have to be deeply experienceduntil then they are only "academic" superficial intellectualized meanings -- which I do recognize can often be quite valuable as stepping stones to an eventual Waking up. I never belittle "spiritual" intellectualizing as long as it is regarded as a preparatory forerunner of full experiential Realization. Furthermore, our deep knowing of these experiences must include not only their intrinsic value to all human beings, but also the desire to share them with anyone who asks for such a meaningful sharing. This is the Way of the Bodhisvatta

Examples of Experiences of God:  Genuine Revelation of Knowledge, Infinite Love, Loving Oneness as the Answer, My Father and I are One Mind-as-Such, Creation NOW, Light, the Perfect Peace of Mind-as-Such, Uninterruptible Joy, Total Loving Freedom, Universal Communion, Ideas-as-Such, Mind-as-Such Beingness, Universality within Singularity


Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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