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Right at the outset I wish to acknowledge that the key Ideas on healing expressed on this Page have largely come from Raj/Jesus and, through him, from God. Raj/Jesus has been channeled by Paul Norman Tuttle since 1982, and before that by Helen Schucman to whom Raj/Jesus dictated A Course In Miracles (ACIM) in the late 1960's and early 1970's. (See later Section and Pages titled: Raj/Jesus Information P01

However, because I have reworded and abbreviated much of his material on healing, I take full responsibility for any misinterpretations of what Raj/Jesus actually said. There are a number of  transcriptions of original Raj materials are presented in Raj/Jesus Information P01 - P28.


The essence of healing is very simple. Healing is the result of Knowing that the only REALITY (the only REAL something-or-anything that is happening anywhere in the Universes of Universes, including bodies and minds) is the Perfection of God's continuous Creation NOW, and it is both Singular and flawless

Therefore all else, including sicknesses of mind, body and our planet are only unreal false definitions, unreal insane beliefs and unreal ego-projected misperceptions which, in our Perfect Freedom to do whatever we like (a Freedom denied by our egos) we have fictitiously overlaid on God's Perfect Creation. This leads us to the ultimate question everyone-in-ego asks whenever they hear the previous sentence: 


The key Ideas we have to Truly, fully Understand in this context of Real healing are as follows:

1.  God created each one of us as Perfect Eternal Minds within His Own Mind-as-such. So, "Be ye Perfect, even as your Father in Heaven is Perfect!" 

2.  Our Perfect Eternal Minds in God have all of God's Attributes as His Eternal Gift, but always remember that God created us, and we did not create God. He is our Creator/ Father/ Mother. God created us in His Own Image, in His Own Likeness. 

3.  Some of these Perfect Attributes (of our Eternal Minds-as-Such) given us by God are Perfect Love, Light, Life, Peace, Joy, Knowledge, Perfection and 100% Freedom.

4.  Thus we have the Perfect Freedom to imagine (as thoughts and beliefs) without any limits whatsoever. If there were any limits on our thinking we would not be Perfectly Free. But we are Free because God does not want His Children to be limited "androids" or "robots." He wants only Free Beings like Himself, "in His Own Image." If God wanted us to be constrained bio-psychological androids or robots or puppets, He would have created us unlike Himself. 

5.  Some of us Beings had (and still have) the thought of thinking, doing and acting independently of God, but because that is impossible in Reality, we had to invent (and still do invent) an unreal, imaginary overlay of beliefs and ideas contrary to God's Ideas of Perfect Love, Light, Life, Peace, Knowledge, Perfection and Freedom. These unreal contrary fantasies that we still superimpose on Reality are, respectively, dislike/hate, darkness, death, conflict, ignorance, imperfection (including ubiquitous sickness) and limitations of all kinds. 

6.  This unreal imaginary overlay we have invented is popularly called the separation. The key imaginary idea underlying and supporting the separation is the emotion of fear. We dissociated  Love and then buried that Love (which is our only Real emotion), underneath our  fabricated emotion of fear. It is very important to realize that our fear-based delusional separation from God, and one-another, is still on-going right NOW. (See C10 Summary)

7.  We usually name the unreal core belief system of our separated selves "the ego."  Our egos, then. are founded in, and on, the emotion of fear and its concomitant defense, anger/ aggression. Popularly this is sometimes described as "fight or flight." The ego is not a coherent entity but, rather, a conglomeration of fragmented ego-children (sub-personalities) and parental authority systems (PAS) we have made up over many lifetimes to micro-manage the fear-ridden unpredictability of our personal dream-world; in other words, our egos are the overlay with which we buried God's Reality. (See Pages on Layers of the ego  E04; List of inner ego-children E05; Polarities, etc., E07). 

8.  In our state of unreal separation, the invented emotion of fear (which has anger as its flip side) has become our safety, our defense system which we designed to counteract any and all incoming aggressive attacks -- attacks also based on fear and anger. These incoming or outgoing attacks/ defenses can be personal, group, national or allied. The perceived attacks may range from very mild ("get lost") to very traumatic (torture and murder). (See Page on Aggression E03)

9.  Note that the unreal separation and our delusional egos use the past, present and future (all of which we call time) to keep the ego securely functioning as the controlling entity in our limited lives. Our ego-future expectations are determined by and predicated on our ego-pasts, and we mostly use the ego-present to plan and prepare for (or to defend ourselves against) those future expectations. The ego's memories, together with our present ego-perceptions based on those negative and positive memories, determine what happens in our limited ego-controlled lives. 

10.  Thus, on the foundation of our ego's ingrained memories, any incoming attacks or outgoing defenses are often re-directed against our own minds (such as guilt-making and self-recrimination), or against our bodies, (illness, handicaps, infirmities, aging, and so on). Our conflicted ego-minds and less-than-perfect ego-dominated bodies are even considered the norm on this planet.

11.  All illness, handicaps, infirmities, and even aging, are caused by the ego "dropping" fear, panic, anger, conflict, and guilt into the body "supposedly out there" in an attempt to rid your mind of it by means of a symbolic displacement or false objectification. During the last thirty years there have been lots of publications that list and link the symptoms of physical illnesses and infirmities with their psychological causal equivalents. For example, when a woman asked Raj/Jesus why she had malfunctioning knees that required her to use crutches, he replied, "Perhaps there is something you need to look at in terms of your under-standing." While the ego often resists any kind of healing, it will sometimes allow traditional allopathic healing to occur when, (a) the illness or infirmity has already served and achieved its ego-purposes, (b) the illness or infirmity is now impeding a new, desired ego-development, or, (c) the ego can switch to a new illness or infirmity that "looks like" a fresh, unconnected development. "Oh, no," you say, "I just got over my cold and now I've cut my finger -- doesn't it ever stop?" 

12.  However, the root fear-based ego-cause of the physical illness or infirmity remains in the mind where it maintains the physical condition, shall we say, through a kind of mental "remote control."  An important aspect of this entire psychosomatic-like "dropping" process is the dissociative mental rift which not only causes the person, (a) to become unaware of the mind-to-body causal connection that is taking place, but also, (b) to deny that there is any connection. At the present time many allopathic medical people and scientists are a party to this denial. Thus does the ego preserve its devious psychosomatic-like (ego-to-body) "remote control" mechanisms away from any psychospiritual interference or healings. Not infrequently the physical illness or infirmity also carries within it some reinforcing "pay-off" usually in the form of receiving pseudo-love (e.g., sympathy, coddling, all kinds of services, center of attention, rest, no work). There may also be "pay-back" involved, such as getting-even with others, passive revenge, and making-others-guilty.

13.  Obviously then, before any physical illness or infirmity can be healed, the ill or infirm person, through some kind of recognition or insight, must become aware that the illness or infirmity is a kind of bodily "reflection" of an unresolved and unadmitted psychological problem. They must then be willing to consider the possibility that once the denied and feared ego-problem is consciously faced, illuminated and dissipated, the concomitant illness or infirmity will also quickly (or slowly) disappear. This is why those ill or infirm persons who do receive healings have usually reached a point in their psychospiritual growth where they have decided to let go the traditional allopathic and scientific beliefs about the inherent separation of mind and body. Almost always, some notion of a "Higher Power," even if it is only a "Right-Minded Self," must be acknowledged for denial to be lifted so healing can occur. I am not saying here that anyone should refuse to receive allopathic medical help, because God can heal through any kind of medical help including allopathic doctors and surgeons. Remember God is a Singularity Who never coerces His Created Beings. We are all 100% Free to do, think, believe, act, limit ourselves and even deny Him if that is our wish. How many of us truly say, "Thy Will, Father, not my ego's?" -- and unequivocally mean it.

14.  One key determinant of a continuing or chronic mental or physical illness is that the sick or infirm person wants to retain the disease or condition until the ego's neurotic need for it (mentioned above in #12) is finally fulfilled, or personal circumstances change, so that its prolongation is pointless, whilst getting better is more ego-rewarding. Not infrequently, relevant psycho-spiritual insights can cause this switch to wellness. But note that healing of any kind (especially by psycho-spiritual healers) is very difficult whenever the person to be healed is heavily ego-invested in their illness or infirmity. This is the case even though the ill person may express an earnest conscious conventional desire to recover. Anger, guilt, fear and unworthiness can be buried very deeply in the unconscious mind. Most people steadfastly refuse to even consider the possibility of physical diseases originating from deep psychological causes. This in no way contradicts the fact of viruses, bacteria, genetics, poor nutrition, etc., as supplementary factors. Many studies support the connection between mental problems (especially that vague term stress) and physical ill-health. In the "final analysis" it is our own minds-as-such that create and determine everything that happens in our lives, and a negative separate personal mind-as-such (especially when in a state of psychological denial) can influence our genetic make-up, our immune systems, and all our environmental choices. Even DNA can be changed because Creation occurs only right NOW (see H2).

15.  What then is the True nature of healing and how does it occur? This is a tricky question because the answer can easily be misinterpreted and the "blame" or "responsibility" for illnesses, infirmities, and other misfortunes placed on God. We are always in a state of Perfect Health, because such a state is a part of God's Permanent Gift to every one of his Created beings. We cause the ill-health of ourselves and others by separating ourselves from God's Perfection and denying it. However, by first removing the many hindrances, fears, denials, obstacles and arrogant machinations we, as egos, have put in place to block it, we are deciding of our own Free Will to allow His Perfection to come through -- unimpeded. We are like recalcitrant Prodigal Sons who refuse to return Home because we enjoy the fascinations, dramas and thrills of a far dream-world full of intriguing disasters, wars, diseases, deaths and distractions which we habitually participate in on a daily basis -- 24/7 (see: K08). We say, "My will Father, not yours -- but if You don't heal me of my sickness or infirmity I will call you out on it, blame You, and label You a bad Father! And while I'm asking for something, please, Father, turn my personal ego-ridden-world into a 'heaven' of material abundance and good health, so I can really enjoy my little ego-dreams on my own terms, as I give a little lip-service to You (especially on Sundays) and to returning Home."

16.  God, when allowed by every aspect of the "sick" individual, is happy to heal directly or through any other individual who is a clear channel, i.e., the healer. Obviously, both the sick person and the healer have to have some Faith (a sure belief or knowing) that God wants everyone to heal. There no need to utilize healing stones, hands, crosses, sacred water, or other devices and rituals; in fact the more the healer and sick or infirm persons get their own personalities out of the process and allow themselves to be clear-minded receivers of the Loving Healing the more effective will the healing be. All placebo healings, even when temporary, attest to the power of psychological belief. Note of course that allopathic medicines rarely heal (sometimes they do); they mostly alleviate a condition, but usually the healing will eventually occur naturally anyway. That is why most of us have a healthy immune system and other recovery resources. Placebo healings demonstrate that healing requires the sick or infirm individual to contribute some form of belief, faith or assuredness that such a healing is possible, and that Mind can transform physiological matter. Note here that the stones and rituals I mentioned above are often belief-boosters that may act as psychological placebos. Does anyone seriously think that the Masters need physical or mental props to heal us? Of course not, but the patient may! Much allopathic medicine (but not all), such as pills, and lotions, consists of them acting as placebo props, as devices in which the patient's faith is implicit. If allowed God can "heal" through any device or person, but He does not need them, even though the healer or doctor and/or patient does. In colloquial terms, let us say that, "God grabs every occasion to heal us through any mechanism we give Him that, in turn, gives Him the opportunity to heal us -- but, of course, these mechanisms are not necessary (philosophical definition) for Him to heal. To say the least, God Knows what He is doing! However, our deep non-blocking allowance of healing is necessary, because God has given us His Own Freedom to erroneously choose egoic dreams and nightmares, and to live out our lives as we see fit.

17.  As His Sons and Daughters, God withholds nothing from us. However we, in our willful autonomous ego-state of being dissociated from Him, deny ourselves Perfection, a denial of Loving Oneness that is the root cause of every problem of the human race. Those human beings to whom it may seem strange that an omnipotent, Singular God would ask His Children (Minds within His Mind-as-Such) for their permission to heal them, have not understood our God-Given Freedom to dissociate (unconsciously separate) from Him if we wish to do so. God wants us to return Home as volunteer Free Christs, not robotic slaves.


There is more on HEALING on the next Page -- J05.

To read key Raj/Jesus Excerpts on HEALING and THE HEALING TEAM of MASTERS see P09.



Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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