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Each of the following topics (Singularity, God is Love, etc.,) are, in succession, necessary Steps of Realization along anyone's Spiritual Path Home. These Realizations may start out as intellectual understandings, but each topic must be experienced as Real Knowledge, as a deep experiential Knowing, for it to be a stepping stone to one's full Awakening as an individuated Mind-Being within the Mind-as-Such of God. This information comes from Raj/Jesus, but as I have put it in my own words, I must take full responsibility for the content and for any errors of interpretation.


God is a Singular, Absolute Pure Mind-as-Such Beingness within Whom, All-That-Is is newly created continuously as Ideas in the ever-present NOW instant. 

Usually, God may seem to create sequentially, in this "Movement" of His Ideas, in order to give the impression of cause and effect, but He may also create non-sequentially as in the case of instantaneous miracles. Of course, all continuous Creation (as sequential or non-sequential Ideas) occurs in accordance with God's Intent. Therefore, Creation flows from one instant to the next in harmonious concordance with God's Plans and Purposes, which are both local and non-local, constant and changeable, predictable and non-predictable.

Each Mind-Being (each of us) is an individuated Idea in God's Mind, but that individuated Idea "encapsulates" a piece of the Mind-as-Such of God. Consequently, each Mind-Being is truly a "Child" (offspring) of God who has all the Attributes of God. In an Awakened state we have access, not only to the Whole of the Mind of God but also to all the individuated Minds within His Mind-as-Such.

Understanding the Singularity of Absolute Pure Mind-as-Such, and that we are each individuated Mind-Beings within the Mind of God, provides a metaphysical context for comprehending the Ideas which follow below.


Understanding that God's only emotion is pure, limitless Love is essential to Awakening. For many religious people who adhere to the ancient belief that God is both Loving and wrathful, this Idea that God is infinitely Loving and never angry, punishing or damning is hard to understand. The erroneous belief in a punishing vengeful God is a projection from our ego-state of separation that we humans project onto God. (To learn about projection see Page R12.) We lay on Him the whole human egoic Parental Authority System, without understanding that when the Prodigal Son decided to return Home after his separation from his Father (God) He came out to greet His Son and welcome him with Joyous Love, not judgment, condemnation, or punishment. In fact his Father (God) promptly ordered a "banquet" to celebrate the Happy Homecoming.

In Realizing God is only a Loving Father to His Children, we come to understand that all the negative miseries, pains, conflicts and afflictions from which we seem to suffer are only caused by the fact that we left Love, Light, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Freedom and Knowledge behind us and dissociated them, when we separated from God as Prodigal Sons, and invented an unreal dream-world in which fear (NOT Love) became our security, and anger our defense. Human fear, anger and pseudo-love are not Real; psychologically, they are artificial thought constructs within the egoic nightmare, constructs which are no more real than the dream of separation itself. There are no limits to imagination, but we have to discern clearly what is Real in imagination, and what is unreal, because it is the content of a dream.

We could go so far as to say that we, as Prodigal Sons and Daughters never really left our Father's Home; we merely fell asleep in Heaven, and the "distant city" is merely an imagined fear-based dream or nightmare which, when we realize how futile it all is, we will elect to Awaken from.

Then we will again Realize that, "God is only Love and therefore so am I." (ACIM)


Understanding that God is universally and infinitely immanent in All That Is, within His infinite Mind-as-Such, is an important metaphysical realization in the process of Awakening. In other words, God as Infinite Mind-as-Such is continuously in All-that-is, and All-That-Is is continuously in God's Infinite Mind-as-Such. Once this realization is deeply understood we begin to think clearly and intelligently about the true nature of Consciousness; that Consciousness is a pure Self-Aware experience. Also, each of our Self-Aware Consciousnesses are continuous with each other, as well as continuous with the Whole Harmonious Mind-Consciousness of God.


We can only allow ourselves to trust God after we understand He is only Love and that He is never judgmental, wrathful, condemning or punishing. Nor does God ever desire us to be sacrificing, to be imperfect, to be in pain, or to suffer in any way whatsoever.

Almost all of us separated humans find it difficult to trust God because, in our religious traditions, we believe Him to be untrustworthy, capricious and arbitrarily judgmental. God is very much to be feared (from the points of view of the traditional religions) because, after our "single" inconsistent, bewildering lifetime here on Earth, He may judge us to be incorrigible sinners or deserving saints and cast us into hell or heaven accordingly.

Incidentally, it never seems to occur to traditional religionists that if the Devil (Satan) is in charge of Hell then the Devil is God's buddy- henchman who is doing God's dirty work for Him since God is responsible for the judgment, condemnation and punishment. In other words, the Devil serves God as God's torturer and tormenter of the Souls of condemned sinners. With this in mind, it is obvious why many of us live in a state of neurotic fear. Once an eight-year-old boy attending a religious school asked me, "Dr. B. how can a body burn eternally without being all burned up into ashes?" I was treating him for his severe anxiety state!


Once we have a crystal-clear understanding that God's Mind-as-Such is a unified Singularity that is infinitely Intelligent, purely Loving, and universally Harmonious, we can have the confidence and trust to let go our imagined ego-separation from God and then yield into what God has in His Mind for us to Be and do. We say, "Thy Will Father, not mine," and "My Father and I are One."

What does all this imply? Well, when I (you) am One with God, I (you) allow Him to express Himself through me (you) as me (you). This voluntary state of being a willing conduit for God's expressing of Himself as each of us (as His individuated Selves) is what the terms "Christ" and "Buddha" really mean. This is the Awakening, the Enlightenment, that every separated one is seeking -- consciously or unconsciously. 

Therefore, our prayers and meditations need to focus exclusively on offering our whole Beingness to God for Him to utilize, in the sense that we passionately desire Him to flow through us perfectly without impedance, without any ego whatsoever. Once this happens we understand what the following statement by Jesus means: "Be ye perfect even as your Father in Heaven is Perfect."

Some will say, "But that state of spiritual perfection is an impossible state to achieve here on Earth, while we are still full of ego-independence and fear." Well, would Jesus have made the statement if he had believed it was impossible?

Finally, we can say: I am not all of God, but God is all of me.


Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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