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Many people as well as some students of A Course in Miracles, say that they are dubious about going Home (or, if you prefer, going to Heaven) because it sounds a boring place of Love and Light with not much going on and with little excitement to get the juices flowing. And, they continue, even if our lives as ego-ridden humans are sometimes miserable or painful, at least we have the stimulating excitement of thrills, competition, relationships and the many pleasures that we are heir to. 

But is it true that Home, Heaven, the Kingdom, Nirvana, Paradise, the Realm of Light, or whatever you personally like to name it, is without excitement, creativity and genuine enjoyment? 

Please note that the following account is very much simplified because it is difficult for us separation-minded humans to understand Mind-as-Such and Creation (or All-That-Is) as an infinite, timeless, multidimensional unfolding of seemingly objectified Ideas, while we are viewing it from our limited, time-dependent, distorted, 3-D human perspective.


"The Kingdom of Heaven is (literally) within you," because All-That-Is (Creation) only exists within Consciousness, within Absolute Pure Mind-as-Such, which is, in turn, the Original Cause of Everything. In other words, there is nothing outside You-as-Mind-as-Such. Just because we humans have dissociated (temporarily forgotten) our Creator and All His continuing Creativity, in no way eliminates What we choose not to believe. 

God shares His Mind-as-Such with each of us, and once we remember (re-member) Who We Really Are and Wake Up to our Love-based God-Knowledge we will again be the Creators that God intended (and still intends) us to be.

The fully Loving Awakened ones have the God-given power to create universes and there are no limits to their creativity. 

Real Imagination itself is an Attribute of God ("Behold, I Create all things NEW") and thus also an attribute of all His individuated Beings, including human Beings. Because of our dissociation from God we humans, however, are very limited in our imaginations. This is not so for those who are Awake -- whose imaginations are as limitless as God's because they are all One with Him. Even right here on Earth, if you want to see imaginative creation run riot, look at all the incredible varieties of different creatures in our oceans (using numerous on-line videos). For this exercise the causes do not matter; just gaze in AWE through the eyes of the Artist in you.

Creation is our real function when we Wake up. Currently, we humans do everything the hard way, laboriously shaping and assembling materials by hand or using tools. Almost all of our time and energy is painstakingly spent on maintaining, not only our bodies, but also (wheels within wheels) everything we make for the purpose of maintaining our bodies. Even our "creative" art mimics, commemorates or symbolizes human ideas that already exist. We tend to confuse novelty of content or presentation to be "creative," be it the paintings of Picasso, the sculptures of Henry Moore or the minimalist music of Philip Glass.

Therefore we must understand that we are deluding ourselves whenever we think Home is a boring place. On the contrary, it is our little contracted myopic human ego-lives that are so restricted, boring and shut down. 

Our infinite multidimensional Universe of Universes within the Mind-as-Such of God, is a place of infinite Ideas, infinite Creations, infinite Life, infinite Beauty, infinite Imagination, infinite Love, infinite Freedom, infinite Knowledge, infinite Variety, infinite Joy, infinite Being and infinite Intelligence, in which we all share. 

What more do you want? It is ALL waiting, right here, right NOW.

All we need to do is:  Love everyone and everything, and do no harm.


Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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