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Recently, I was reading a page by P'Taah in Dr. Joni King's book, "Transformation of the Species," [see Q2G] when I realized that the Higher Self is the Ultimate Lover of All-That-Is, including all the aspects of oneself. P'Taah is always saying we need to accept and embrace our emotions, including our inner childhood angers, fears, and guilts, and then they will be transformed or transmuted into more valuable mature aspects of ourselves.

This is like doing a Ho'oponopono Healing [J05] on oneself.

This parallels my own Ego-Dismantling Method.  P'Taah's "embracing" and "accepting" of the childhood patterning of our polarized emotions is akin to my suggestion that we own and re-experience those ego-emotions (i.e., ego-children) of fear, anxiety, anger, guilt, etc., then give them to the Holy Spirit (aka the Higher Self) to dissolve, i.e., to transmute their energy into higher forms such as awe, determination and free-flowing joy. [To read about my Ego-Dismantling Method see my LovingOnenssNow.org Website, Page G04]

It was at this point that I realized this accepting, dismantling, dissolving, transmuting process involved Loving the ego-children; in other words it was the Higher Self that was now Loving the fearful ego-child, the angry ego-child, the guilty ego-child, the jealous ego-child, the depressed ego-child, the lonely ego-child, etc., and causing all of them to mature Sanely through caring, nurturing and compassionate embrace. [For a list of dozens of ego-children and aspects of the Parental Authority System (PAS) see my LovingOnenssNow.org Website, Page E05]

A part of this insight came from explaining to a client (we will call her ASA) that she must nurture and compassionately care for her inner, sad, neglected ego-baby who was given to the disinterested hospital at birth (which code-named her Baby Irene), and then not adopted for many weeks. This client has, throughout this lifetime, always tried to distance herself from Irene (or anything that reminded ASA of those early experiences) because emotional memories of Baby Irene caused ASA to "feel deep grief."

ASA had previously told me that she has had a dog, named India, from the day it was born. Now ASA has lovingly nurtured and psychologically healed India from a state of being aloof and socially anxious, to a much more mature and calm state. ASA says that, "Once I understood India's deep-seated fundamental belief that some kind of attack was always imminent, it was a profound revelation to me. Otherwise, I (ASA) could not understand why India would not want love--when in fact she did; yet she was so incredibly afraid, and this blocked her from receiving love--although love was always all around her."

India can now play safely with other puppy-dogs and even usually lets strangers pet her.

The principles ASA used to heal India were:

        Identifying India's hidden fears (i.e., investigating what is causing the fear and lack).

        Acknowledging the feelings (i.e., naming the feelings and recognizing how India misunderstood--misinterpreted--what was actually going on).

        Seeing what is really true (i.e., genuine reassurance; and whether or not a situation actually merits alarm).

        Finally, just as we humans are to release our worries to the Holy Spirit (Higher Self), ASA reminds India that she has no need to fear, and that "everybody's safe"--including India.

I (Alex) strongly recommended that ASA now do the same Loving, nurturing healing with her inner ego-child "Baby Irene."

Later, ASA added the following insights:

"The common belief is that if we acknowledge our fears or the urges of our Shadow side, they will only become larger and more unwieldy. Yet paradoxically, this is diametrically untrue; this is like saying, 'If I bring my darkness out into the Light, it will only get darker' and that does not make any sense. Thus, in the very same ways that you, Alex, have helped me to lovingly invite my fears out into the Light for honest inspection, so naming India's fears and struggles has coaxed her True Self out from her shadows into the Light as well. I have found this ego-dismantling process to be identical for India and myself because, unlike our humanized, judgmental versions of who deserves love or kindness and who does not, Real Love flows to All as the vital Life-blood of the Universe. Moreover, Truthful Intent is the artery which carries Real Love to everyone and everything -- regardless of species. Love is the Holy Grail of Truth for which all of Life insatiably thirsts. Drink deeply my Dear Friend."


This, then, explains that the old adage "Love Thyself" literally means that the Higher Self is the compassionate healing Lover of the separated unwanted parts (ego-children-emotions) of oneself, and that it is this expressed Love that reunites and transmutes these disparate ego-child emotions into, not only the Self, but also into the Universal Wholeness of humanity and All-That-Is.



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