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The following "story" was told me by a psychologist from India many years ago and the deeper message it contains embedded the tale permanently in my mind.



There was a very devout Guru, named Narada, who lived on the bank of a tributary of the Ganges. Many people consulted him on both practical and spiritual issues and he never failed to give them wise advice. He charged nothing for these kind acts, even though people often gave him spontaneous gifts. Narada, who had long ago relinquished all ego, loved to meditate in God while sitting on the bank of the wide, placid river which he saw as a symbol for the Universal Flow of Life. 

Like most Indian Gurus, Narada had married when a young man, and now his only son who was named Saroj was 18 years old. This young man fervently wished to be a famous guru like his father, but his proud ego pressured him to seek a path to enlightenment quite different from the one his father had followed. So, with his father's blessing, Saroj left home and wandered far and wide until, within a year or so, he found a teacher to his liking, one who would train him to levitate and walk on water.

One day, just over ten years later, Narada was momentarily startled to see his son Saroj waving to him from across the river. Narada called out a loving greeting and then signaled his son to walk down to the dock of the boatman who ferried people across the river.

Saroj shook his head and shouted, "Watch this, Father!" And without the slightest hesitation he stepped onto the water and proceeded to walk confidently across the surface of the river until he stood once again on dry land beside Narada.

"What did you think of that performance, Father?" asked Saroj proudly.

Narada smiled and replied, "Very impressive, my son, and how long did you spend learning how to walk on the top of water like that?"

"Father, it took me ten years of constant study with my guru, ten whole years."

Narada pointed to the ferryman resting in his boat on the far bank of the river. "Son, how much does that ferryman over there charge to row you across the river?"

Saroj looked puzzled. "Oh, not very much at all, probably about five rupees (a nickel)."

"Well then Saroj," Narada commented quietly, "You spent ten years of serious study learning to achieve something that can be purchased for five rupees!"


While on our Way Home, many of us are tempted to become preoccupied and sidetracked by the ego's pursuit and achievement of impressive skills and abilities which will demonstrate how "spiritual" we are to those around us and to the world at large. However, the only way to genuine enlightenment is for us to divest ourselves of our egos until they have vanished into the nothingness from whence they came. As our fictitious egos dissolve and disappear, the infinite Attributes with which God endowed us (as Perfect Minds within His Perfect Mind) will again emerge from the Light of Universal Knowledge -- with the result that the egoless Christ in each of us is once again able to carry out any miracle or task that serves the Purpose of Loving Oneness.


Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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