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I saw a cartoon many years ago of two fish in the sea, one with a mortar board and gown and the other obviously a pupil. However, the following description is my own, because I have modified the content considerably and added a commentary.

The guru fish, complete with turban and loin cloth, is standing on his tail deep in the sea as he looks quizzically at the young novice fish who is asking him a question.

"Yes, Master," says the novice fish, " But just where is this ocean you keep talking about?"


Every being and every thing in the universe of universes exists only in the Mind of God, "outside of Which is nothing." (ACIM)

We are "swimming" in the Ocean of God's Loving Oneness, something we may tend to give lip-service to, or even disbelieve, because we think that God's Creation exists outside His Mind-as-Such much like a garden exists outside the gardener. Not only are we in error about that "externalization" of Creation, but we also believe that God's material Creation took place long ago, as either the Garden of Eden 5000 years ago or as a Big Bang some 14 billion years ago, and that it's material content of atoms and energy continued to exist and endure from past to present and that it will endure into the future. For example, the hydrogen atom that exists now is the identical atom that existed yesterday, and it is the identical atom which existed at the time of its original creation however many years ago (3000 or 14 billion) that was. It is also the identical hydrogen atom that will continue to exist in the future. Even the space in which it exists endures through time. In other words, almost all humans firmly believe that matter and energy exist, endure and flow through space and time, from the past to the present and on into the future, at the very least for trillions of years.

True Creation occurs continuously only NOW (see H2) and it exists only as a infinitely complex flow of Present Ideas within the Absolute Mind-as-Such we call "God." These Ideas include time, space, matter, energy, Love, Light, Joy, Freedom and all Knowledge. All of us are, in Truth, eternal NOW infinite Mind-as-Such Beings, who are continuously Created and re-Created by God out of His Own Mind-as-Such NOW. We have all God's Attributes and full access to, not only all of God's Mind, but also to the Minds of all other beings. Remember that we have all of God's Attributes and Freedom (see I03) as you read the next paragraph.

Unfortunately, in our unlimited imaginations, we humans have decided (of our own free will) to pretend we are very limited beings who live inside material bodies with which we identify, bodies that appear to be born, age and die. We have done this weird, but extremely ingenious, act of separation (see C10 & E01) from God (and our fellow human beings) for so long that we have become addicted to bodies, so much so that we truly believe in our own fantastic theater of the dreamtime as well as the insane dramas we stage within it.

However, like the little fish, we are swimming in the limitless Ocean of the Absolute Mind of God in a state of willful ignorance, mostly unaware that, in Fact, we are immersed in Love, Light and Supreme Consciousness. To change the simile, like the Prodigal Son, it is time for us to return Home by Awakening to our Universal Christhood as we remember we are all Sons of God.


Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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