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Over the years, during A Course In Miracles classes, I have sometimes used the analogy of a fishing net in an attempt to explain several key elements in the Collective spiritual process of Waking up.

Why a fishing net? Well, did not Jesus say to Simon and Andrew, "I will make you fishers of men?" Then again, as a boy, I would wade out up to my neck into the water with one end of a fifty-foot sprat net while my friend Jack held the other end at the edge of the beach. The top edge of the net had cork floats and the bottom had lead sinkers. I would then circle round in a wide arc and head back to the beach, finishing up beside Jack. At this point we would both, hand over hand, pull in the bulging net until all of it was on the sand. Usually we netted a couple of dozen silvery sprats and young mullet which served as bait for our subsequent fishing trip out on the harbor where we would catch large red snapper for dinner.


However, here in my spiritual analogy, the vast net initially lies flat all over the bottom of the ocean that symbolizes the collective un-consciousness of the human race. Each knot in the net represents a human being, while the connecting strings stand for the various kinds of close emotional relationships that bind us humans to one another. One more belief is required of you to make this net analogy spiritually meaningful, namely, that no human (as a Mind-Being) ever actually dies, even though (objectified) physical bodies may seem to do so. In other words, at least for the moment, please accept both transitory reincarnation and our eventual re-Awakening to Full God- Consciousness as given Facts. As God-Created Beings no human Mind-as-Such ever dies. Nor, for that matter, does anything else. Transformations and transfigurations may be occurring non-stop, but Mind-as-Such is indestructible.

Over many millennia quite a few Spiritual Masters, Guides and Teachers (we can call them Wise Knots) have been pulling the spiritually un-conscious net of humans upwards out of the dark depths of separation and spiritual ignorance towards the surface of the ocean where Light and Freedom await. As these Wise Knot Masters, Guides and Teachers pull up the net they "drag" the emotionally-attached human-knots around them up into a peak. Some of these follower-knots then choose to pitch in to help raise the collective net out of the depths towards the Light.

Those ego-ensnared human-knots who are still in a state of spiritual ignorance ("forgive them Father for they know not what they do,") are like lead sinkers and so they tend to weigh the net down keeping it near the dark bottom. They are so preoccupied with their polarized ego-pursuits of success and failure, recognition and rejection, fear and anger, elation and depression, physical life and death, as well as excitement and boredom, that they almost never look up and wonder about what may be above. Some of these heavy-laden ones even deny the existence of the Collective Mind-net by adamantly claiming that only physical matter and energy exist. These human knots, in their "ego-honest" ignorance, deny there is a Christ-Mind, Buddha-Mind, or Krishna-Mind within them ("The Kingdom is within you,") who is Collectively connected with all other Minds -- including the Universal Mind of God.

Nevertheless, during the last 3000 years the combined efforts of all the Masters, Guides and Teachers, along with some of their follower-helpers, have gradually lifted the human net off the darkest bottom of the ocean, and, even though some of the net still remains pretty much in the dark, a few of the highest peaks are already through the surface and in the Light. The net's upward rate of acceleration is now increasing because more and more humans-as-knots have joined the rising spiritual momentum. Curiously, some of the human-knots near the bottom are in such a reactive panic state about being dragged toward the Light-filled surface that they concoct all kinds of disruptions -- from protestations denying the existence of Mind-as-Such, to outright terrorism and violence. But, however sophisticated some of these reactions of ignorance (not evil) may appear to be, they are but the last struggles of desperate dying egos. What they are really calling to us for, is our Collective Ho'oponopono healing Love (see J05).


Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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