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In spiritual circles, the frequently heard analogy that we human souls are each like a drop of water in the Ocean of God's Mind begs many confusing questions, such as, "Then why do we all not just coalesce and disappear back into God and cease to be?"

Perhaps it is a little easier to understand if we use the "colored drop" analogy. Imagine that God is the Ocean and that when he creates a new singular "Soul-Being" he takes a drop of Himself, colors it a unique color (let us say red) and then allows it to permeate the Ocean of His Mind. The red atoms stay red, but are in direct communication with every atom of the Ocean of God. The next Soul-Being God creates is a new drop of Himself which He colors green and, when it is released, it is also in contact, not only with all of the Oceanic Mind of God, but also with the entire red Soul-Being. In this analogy, let us understand that God had created an almost infinite number of Soul-Beings, each a unique color, and that every individuated Soul-Being is not only in communion with all of the Mind-of-God but also in union with all the other Soul-Beings in His Mind.

Okay, let us drop the water/ocean analogy now, and understand we are Real Soul-Beings created by God of Himself.

Of course, when we humans (like the Prodigal Sons that we are) imagined we had separated ourselves from God, we blocked off the Love, Light and Knowledge we shared with God and other Soul-Beings and so almost all communion stopped, and fantasies of fear and anger took over. Slowly, we are now Waking up from the darkness of this delusional dream-state as separation gives way to re-Unification with God and one another.

What did Jesus actually mean when he said, "My Father and I are One?" Jesus obviously had (and still has) his own distinct individuality, so how do we reconcile that fact with his (and our) Oneness-in-God? Jesus-as-Raj has given us an explanation of how this "many-in-One" state of Mind is possible in the following quotation:

Raj Excerpt -- Seattle, Washington -- May 1987 

I'm going to give you an example [analogy] here which cannot be used absolutely to describe Reality:  The sun is shining, there are rays of light coming out from it -- identifiable rays of light. And yet there really are no gaps in that radiation, there are not spaces between the rays, so to speak. The sun is the equivalent of the infinite Life Principle or God, the infinite Mind, the infinite Intelligence, which expresses Itself infinitely -- meaning without any finity to it, without any limit to it.

You speak of Souls because you see yourselves like individual rays of light, which somehow are separated from each other. But there is just One Infinite Soul, God, Self expressing in a way that is not finite, but infinite.

There are not multiple Souls. Each one of you is the Father in expression. The Father, Self-expressed, is what constitutes you. God is indivisible, therefore you are not divided from God. And you are not divided from any other Individuality. And yet, just as there are identifiable rays of light, you are individually identifiable. This is difficult for the three-dimensional mind to grasp the full meaning of.

You do not have a Soul of your own [in isolation]. You are Soul being Soul. And God is the Source, the Substance, the Wholeness of that Soul. Why do all of the Masters speak of joining with the Godhead, when they are referring to going within yourself? Because that is where you find God being All-That-Is. And that is where you find your greater capacity to be aware as the Mind-of-God experiencing Himself infinitely, without any sense of division between that which is perceiving and that which is perceived.

God has been infinite forever. And that is a statement that only seems to make sense from within the three-dimensional frame of reference. Therefore, His infinite Self-expression has been complete and yet not limited, forever. Souls have not come and gone. The infinitude of the Father has not fluctuated in any way, at any time.

And again, I will state that it is absolutely impossible for any "Soul" to be left behind in the process of Awakening or enlightenment, because that would mean that God would become less than infinite. And although there may be those who resist Waking up, it will become increasingly difficult to resist, because there will be fewer and fewer personalities around to support the sense of [ego] personality that the one resisting is holding on to; because the others will have been willing to make a shift to the clear experience of their individuality as the very presence of the Father in expression. And it will become very difficult to continue to dream in the bright radiance of illumination, of enlightenment. And everyone WILL wake up. At different levels of perception this shift will be experienced differently.

                              (G-1987D/R-88) through (G-1987D/R-93) Raj excerpt Copyright 1987, Paul Norman Tuttle


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