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In June, 1987, at our Tuesday A Course In Miracles meeting we had a very moving experience.

About ten people showed up and we sat in chairs placed in a circle in my living room. After a very moving ACIM reading about Real Love, we decided to put into action two of the major principles of the Course, namely to see everyone as a Child of God and to Love them unconditionally. Therefore, at the end of a guided meditation I explained that each of us would, in turn, kneel in front of each member of the group and take both their hands. Then, making full eye contact, the kneeling person would say quite slowly, "I Love you Holy Child of God and I will Love you for all eternity." The seated person would then reply using the same words. I started this process by kneeling in front of the person on my right, and then repeated the Loving procedure by working my way gradually around the group. When I was back in my seat, each of the others, in turn, did the same. It was a very powerful spiritual experience for all of us and lots of loving tears flowed.

One forty-year-old woman, named Margaret, was so moved by this profound experience that she decided to repeat this activity with her husband when she arrived home. She liked him a lot, even though he was mostly rather withdrawn and a little grumpy. They got along together in an habitual tolerant way, but there was no longer any life in the marriage. Because he was watching television, Margaret gently asked if she could turn it off to say something, and he agreed.

Then she knelt in front of him and taking his hands in hers, looked him in the eyes and quietly repeated the words, "I Love you, Holy Child of God, and I will Love you for all eternity." Just as she finished saying this he burst into tears and began sobbing his heart out. They clung together for some time and he told her he loved her too. This week she told us her story, and that their marriage is now transformed.

There is a sequel to this true story. This couple moved to another state shortly after this event and settled there. About two years later Margaret wrote to me to say their marriage was still transformed and that they were very happy. Her husband was gradually getting interested in spiritual matters and this had brought their relationship into an even warmer state of shared intimacy.  


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