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A Novel of the Timeless Universe

[ Please note that the Chapter List below is not "clickable" but is only for information purposes. To access the Chapters please go to the PREVIOUS Page (blue button above left): Page L - LOVERS OF THE DREAMTIME - A NOVEL ]

 Chapter 1           Origin And His Realm Of Reality

 Chapter 2           Minimind Diversions

 Chapter 3           The Need For A Theater

 Chapter 4           Preparation For The Big Bang

 Chapter 5           The Theater Expands

 Chapter 6           The Mission

 Chapter 7           The Stage Is Set

 Chapter 8           The Seeds Are Sown

 Chapter 9           The Script Is Outlined

 Chapter 10         Rehearsals Are Held

 Chapter 11         Costumes Are Created

 Chapter 12         The Costumes Are Donned

 Chapter 13         Holocausts Galore

 Chapter 14         The Team Takes Stock

 Chapter 15         The Teachers

 Chapter 16         Greeks, Romans And The Master of Love

 Chapter 17         The Twentieth Century覧Act One

 Chapter 18         The Twentieth Century覧Act Two

 Chapter 19         Intermission

 Chapter 20         The Twentieth Century覧Act Three

 Chapter 21         The Twentieth Century覧Act Four

 Chapter 22         The Twentieth Century覧The Finale

 Chapter 23         The Twenty-First Century覧Act One

 Chapter 24         The Twenty-First Century覧Act Two

 Chapter 25         The Twenty-First Century覧Act Three

 Chapter 26         The Fourth Millennium佑irca 3500 AD.

 Chapter 27         The Homecoming


Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright ゥ 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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