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Origin And His Realm Of Reality



Eons ago, before time was, an infinitely wise King, Origin The Serene, ruled over his limitless and beautiful kingdom, the Realm of Reality. His innumerable subjects who were all his descendants through many generations were ecstatically happy. King Origin The Serene denied them nothing. As his family each one enjoyed not only total Freedom, but also all the powers of the Monarch which he had graciously given them.

This gift was possible only because everyone unconditionally Loved the King——and each other. This Love is so abundant and so available to all, that the whole Realm of Reality was immersed in it. Much of this Love emanated from His Happiness, King Origin, who had the ability to channel it through the Mind of every one of his subjects. He thus made sure that no one ever had less than maximum Love.

This constant mutual union was possible because in the Realm of Reality no one lacked for anything. Perpetual Peace, Love, and endless Joy filled each person equally to such an extent that everyone had an excess to give away. This universal overflow of Happiness could only be coped with by the creation of new "Mind Beings"——which was what the inhabitants of the Realm of Reality called themselves, for that is what they were. His Happiness, King Origin The Serene, had given this power of creation to all his subjects, along with all his other attributes. But while the King could spontaneously create Mind Beings on his own, his subjects could only create these new Beings by joining two or more of their Minds in a joyful Mind-meld. This ecstatic union of Minds generated new individuals who were perfectly developed and identical to the others, including the King. The only difference between the King and his subjects was that he was the all-pervading Origin from whom all Mind flowed; his was the infinite Mind-as-such within which all other Minds had Life. This was so because the King’s Mind-as-such was the Realm of Reality; his Mind was his Kingdom outside of which there was nothing and never would be anything.

King Origin The Serene proclaimed only one law in his Mind-Realm, namely, the Law of Loving Oneness. This was not a guideline commandment that could be broken, but a universal Truth which had no opposite. Each and every subject of the King could be only totally Loving of all the others, because anything less than perfect Love would limit the perfect Freedom of those involved. And perfect Love also resulted in perfect Peace, for the presence of each of these two qualities was dependent on the other.

Thus the inhabitants of the Realm of Reality lived eternally in the ever-present Now as Mind Beings in a perpetual state of Love, Peace and Joy, wanting for nothing because they all had Everything through the Grace of His Happiness, King Origin The Serene.

*   *   *

Timeless eons passed while the Mind Beings of the Realm of Reality mutually enjoyed their Love and Happiness in the tranquillity of the eternal Now. Then a delegation of his subjects approached King Origin with a strange request.

"Your Happiness, while we live in an endless state of Love and Joy as Minds within your Mind creating more and more Mind Beings to enjoy your gifts, we would like more to do, to experience."

Momentarily the King was puzzled because to him it was strange that his subjects who had Everything were not perfectly content. "To do?" he first exclaimed then added hastily, "Ah yes, I understand… you want to be able to exercise your imaginations."

"What is imagination?" chorused the delegation.

 "Well, it is a latent quality of Mind-as-such which up to Now has not been activated because there was no need for it."

"Please explain, Sire, what imagination is and how we can use it."

Now this whole conversation took place telepathically because the King's Realm was composed of only Minds within Mind-as-such. The King paused. He never had any need to use imagination himself. To him it was a less efficient way of thinking since it depended on form and, even worse, form as metaphor. He preferred the abstract. But Freedom was Freedom, and so his subjects had the primary right to explore undeveloped, unused facets of their unlimited Minds if they wished.

"Well, all right," said the King a little reluctantly. "I will demonstrate imagination by placing in your minds an image which is composed of thought-forms called colors." Of course up to this point in the Realm of Reality there were no things to have labels so this term "colors" was itself a symbolic innovation. And with that thought the King flooded the minds of the delegation with bright rainbows containing millions of sparkling colors. This vivid display delighted them.

"Perhaps you would enjoy this too," remarked the King softly as he poured sequences of harmonious musical chords into their open minds. The members of the delegation were enthralled as the colors cascaded synchronously with the flow of complex melodies.

King Origin waited until their excitement over these induced impressions began to wane before he manifested in their minds new images, this time within another new Mind-concept, namely, three dimensional space. Immediately mental pictures of simple, solid, holographic cubes, cylinders and spheres revolved slowly on the existing background of colors and music. This inner mindscape mesmerized the delegates as the forms gradually changed to pyramids, rings and coils. These images then abruptly shattered into beautiful bursts of iridescent stars, which soon settled into scintillating colored lights against a royal blue backdrop. Again the King waited for the group's attention, before continuing the demonstration. This time he induced fluctuating sensations of hot and cold as well as textures of rough, smooth and prickly——all within their mutual Minds within Mind-as-such because nothing physical existed.

"I just wanted you to know," cautioned the King, "that there are no limits to imagination, nor to the variety of forms and experiences it can conjure up. You must realize our Universal Mind-as-such can fabricate anything in any context and with any accompanying feelings or qualities. And always remember that whatever you make happen, or invent, is an illusion which exists only in Mind-as-such."

"But experiencing those illusions is such fun," exclaimed the delegates without realizing they had just imaged a brand-new, temporary emotion called "fun".

King Origin almost winced. "That brings me to the next attribute of imagination to which I must draw your attention. It can dull your Real Self-awareness to the point where you no longer know which is which——imagination or Reality. The further you go into imagination the farther away you will seem to get from Reality. You may even forget what Reality is!"

"Oh, that would never happen to us," the delegation assured him.

"But it just did," murmured the Monarch without bothering to explain what "fun" was. "You must always endeavor to remain aware of who you Really are; that you are Minds-as-such within my Absolute Mind, and no-thing else. Furthermore, only my thoughts, which we all share in my Universal Mind, are Real——thoughts of Love, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Knowledge and so on. Imagined ‘things’ are unreal."

"Your Happiness, we will never forget that we are your Mind-children and that we are gifted with your powers and attributes. Above all, we will never forget we have eternal Being within the Light of your One Mind——never!"

"Well," said the King dubiously, "you should note that imaginative play is addictive, which means it can take over your Minds by burying my Formless Reality under immense quantities of false forms and manifestations. If you decide to go with it, just mind you don't get hooked!"

"We won't," the delegates replied, "but just in case, do give us some criteria by which we can know the difference."

"An excellent idea," agreed the King, "but will you be sure to remember them?"

"Definitely, most definitely," the group assured him.

"All right. Reality is eternal, while illusion is temporary; Reality is permanent but all forms are always changing. The timeless Now is one aspect of Mind-Reality, while the illusion of time is a variable flow of only past and future——both of which do not exist. Is that enough or shall I continue?"

"Please go on, Sire."

"Reality, then, is tranquil but illusion is always noisy and ruffled. Only Mind-Being is Real, while all other forms of existence are manifested delusions, and they, too, will always pass."

The members of the delegation were mystified by this last statement and said so.

"Never mind," replied His Happiness, "it will not happen unless you do forget who you Really Are."

The group was even more mystified.

"How could Mind Beings living in your Mind-as-such Realm ever not be aware of their own Identity as your Children?"

"Yes, it would seem impossible, and in Reality it is, but in the field of imagination and its illusions any thing can be made——or rather, manifested——even false identities."

"We will never allow that to happen to us."

"You are using that word 'never' quite often," mused the King almost to himself, though the group received the thought quite clearly. "Well, for now, that list contains a sufficient number of guidelines except for the most important one of all."

"Which is?"

"Perfect Love," he answered. "As long as you Love one another perfectly and without conditions or judgments you will always be conscious of what is Reality and what is illusion. Imagination is harmless, and fun is fine while you remain totally Loving. With Love in Mind you are Free to explore without limit."

"Thank you, Your Happiness, thank you. We will investigate illusion but we will never forget you, or the criteria you have given us so we can always distinguish what is Real from what is not."

"Never…?" echoed the King.



Minimind Diversions



The jubilant delegation now went off to play. They were gratified they had something to do in addition to Loving one another. They shared their new insights on imagination with all the other Mind-Beings in Reality many of whom had already tapped in telepathically to the earlier thought exchanges between the delegation and King Origin. This telepathic listening-in was fully acceptable because the idea of secrets or privacy was ludicrous in the Land of Love and Light. This did not mean that all the subjects of the Realm always thought in identical ways. They were, in fact, individuated Mind-Beings within the King’s Mind-as-such, each of whom had their own gentle inclinations and proclivities, but these could never interfere with the Loving Oneness which they all enjoyed. Thus, many of the King’s subjects were uninterested in this new-fangled characteristic of Mind called imagination. They were blissfully Happy with Everything in Reality and could see no point in pursuing non-existent forms, temporary states and passing sensations.

A few Mind Beings, however, did decide to join the original delegation. Their decision was more a matter of being drawn in, than one of deliberate decision. One by one they had tuned in to the display of colors, music and translucent thought-forms, becoming entranced by its novelty.

This individual experimentation with images and sensations continued in the Now as each member of this larger group exchanged picturesque thought-forms with the others. This sharing of conjured-up, magical, mental images brought them all great elation, which was itself a new feeling quite different from ecstasy because this sensation of elation did not last very long.

Neither did their interest in individual imagery last, even though they each investigated numerous new avenues and areas of illusion. Certainly, it was wonderful that all one had to do was wish for some new variation on a fanciful theme and instantly it was there, in one’s mind, complete with all its amazing spectacle. It was even possible, they found, to interweave kaleidoscopic colors, music and light-shapes in rapid succession, as dazzling displays of their personal ingenuity.

“Wait a moment,” interjected one member of the initial delegation into all this diverse mind-activity. “Perhaps we can do some of this imagining together as a group.”

“How? What do you mean?” the others inquired.

“Because we can share each other’s thoughts telepathically we should each be able to transmit our individual images into everyone else’s mind simultaneously. Then we would each be sharing a composite sound and light show generated by our combined contributions.”

“That would be quite a trick,” commented another participant. “Each of us would have to send and receive images at the same Now-moment, but the single unified Minds we each have, cannot do that. For example, I cannot send thoughts to you telepathically at the identical instant I am receiving your thoughts telepathically.”

“The King told us there were no limits to imagination so why should we not split our individual Minds in two, so we each have one to send and one to receive,” the first delegate suggested. “Actually, it would be best for everyone to make a miniature mind within each of our Minds.”

“Can each unified Mind be compartmentalized like that?” asked another.

“I think so,” replied the delegate, “but we have to invent a new, temporary mind attribute.”

“And what is that new attribute?” asked several of the others in unison.


“What is a projection and how do we do it?” The group was intensely curious now.

“We pretend that the images we are mutually generating and sharing are not in our Conjoined Minds, but are outside them.”

“What does ‘outside’ mean, and how can anything ever be outside the One Mind that thinks it?” several said. “That is ridiculous!”

“I know, I know,” admitted the first delegate, “that is why I used the term ‘pretend’. We have to imagine that the imagery inside our Mutual Minds is outside in an imaginary, three-dimensional space which will also seem to be outside us. Remember King Origin insisted there were no limits as to what can be imagined. Anyway, it will only be an illusion of the moment.”

“We can give it a try,” said another of the group rather doubtfully.

“Good! First, we have to image a three-dimensional void and place in its center a seemingly solid sphere. We can do that both from our knowledge of abstract mathematics and from our new-found ability to image shapes in our joint Mind. Let’s concentrate on that now.” Almost instantly the group telepathically manifested in Mind a jointly held image of a large, golden sphere which appeared to be floating in the middle of an imaginary space——a “void.”

“So far so good. Hold that golden sphere in the three-dimensional void and at the same time imagine that a small part of our Collective Mind is way out to one side of it. To accomplish this we each have to pretend we are that miniature mind within our individual Minds-as-such, and that our tiny, separated bits of mind can ‘see’ that sphere from one side. ‘See’ is just another word for the directional imaging we are doing right now.” The group concentrated intently on this imaginary shift into “pieces” of their minds which they then projected out to one side of the sphere. One by one, each was able to achieve this psychological trick of pretending to be a much smaller mind within their own Minds——all of which existed in Origin’s universal Mind-as-such.*

Then one exclaimed, “Where have you others gone? I’ve lost contact. What is happening here?”

The delegate was surprised too. He seemed to be alone in his miniature mind as he viewed the golden sphere from one side. “It seems that this process of pretending we are pieces of Mind divides us into separate identities even though we can still communicate through telepathy. Never mind though. It is all illusory and we can reunite in our common Mind-field any time we wish.”

“Time? What is time?” asked the curious one.

The first delegate threw him a telepathic thought. “Don’t you remember that the King explained time briefly to all of us as a flow of the Now-moments into something called the ‘past’ and the ‘future.’ Apparently in order to maintain this solid sphere as an image in space seen by our miniminds we have to further imagine it has existed in the past and will continue to exist in the future. This past and future existence gives the sphere an imagined external stability and continuity which helps keep it outside ourselves as a projection.”

“But we know we are manifesting that sphere moment by moment,” one of the others reminded the group, “so how can anyone ever delude themselves that an externalized image has a past, present or future separate existence? That is absurd! There is only Now!”

The delegate was very patient. “You are quite right, but what we are now doing is not Reality, it is imagination. As I understand it any concept, or anything else that can be imagined, can be manifested. And as the King said, that means anything and everything we can ever imagine, without any limits whatsoever. If we want to imagine a continuous past, present and future existence for images-as-objects in a void, all we have to do is project it in that way and there it is. Then, when we also simultaneously project ourselves out into our miniminds, there we are too——out in space-time, viewing those objects as if they were real. Let’s do it again with new images and try to keep it moving.”

Quite quickly the group was able simultaneously to see several, solid, geometrical objects not only turning slowly, each on its axis, but also circling one another in space-time. Whenever the members of the group projected out of Mind into their respective miniminds they discovered that they could move around and through these objects just by imagining their individual miniminds were in motion. This active participation, which went on for some time, amused them greatly.

“I have just had another idea,” said the delegate, so they all stopped to listen telepathically. “If we manifest many, many, solid shapes that we cannot ‘see’ through we will be able to hide our projected miniminds behind them. All except one of us can hide and that one has to find the rest of us. The idea is to hide and seek.”

“That sounds like fun,” another said, “ why don’t you try to find all of us?”

So they manifested hundreds of solid spheres, cubes and pyramids continuously in space-time, giving them an illusion of permanence. Then the group, after projecting out into their miniminds, took turns being the seeker. After everyone had had a turn they stopped for a while.

“That must be what ‘fun’ is all about,” said one member gleefully, “but what is that procedure we participated in called?”

The delegate was mystified. “Perhaps we have to invent new labels for each of these new imagined procedures. Let us call all these enjoyable activities ‘games’ and what we do, in fact, is ‘play games’. We can call this game, ‘hide and seek’ so that whenever we want to play it we can use that telepathic label to suggest it. Okay?”

And so projected play and games were born to mind——and miniminds.

*   *   *

The delegate was about to suggest they all return to the Kingdom of Reality when, without warning, a bizarre scene cut across his projected field of vision. He was now running down a hospital corridor beside a gurney on which lay the comatose body of his son. They were headed for an operating theater where a neurosurgical team readied itself to insert an emergency shunt into a hematoma compressing the lad’s brain….

Then, as quickly as the bleed-through episode had arisen, it disappeared with only a nebulous memory remaining, one which made no sense… so he let it fade into the mists of the unfathomable.

*   *   *

King Origin The Serene had been following the imaginary activities of the group within his universal Mind-as-such. It was not only possible for him to be in constant contact with each of his subjects, but also necessary for their continued existence. After all, the King had created each individual Mind Being by taking a piece of his own infinite Mind-as-such and encapsulating it within a “spherical” field of his Love. Thus every one of his subjects was a Mind within the King’s universal Mind and identical to it in every way, except two. First, the King had created them but they had not created the King, and second, the King was still continuously creating all of them as individuals by maintaining each one’s Love-field in each Now-moment. If King Origin had ever stopped this continuous Love-field maintenance that particular Mind Being would have dissolved back into his Mind-as-such. This continuous, creation maintenance by the King was also vital for any Beings created by pairs of his subjects-as-Minds, in a similar fashion. Fortunately His Happiness had guaranteed that each and every one of his subjects would be perpetually created in the Now, and would always remain identical to him. That was the King’s Will and his Will held, no matter what his Mind Being subjects might imagine was happening to them in projected minimind states.

The King’s Love-field encapsulation of Beings was totally permeable in every way. It permitted complete and open communication between the King and his subjects as well as between subjects. His Mind-as-such was the Realm of Reality. It was the only Reality there could ever be because anything and everything else that might seem to exist could only be a fantasy imagined within Mind, including projected miniminds.

King Origin then directly communicated with the group which, by now, had developed several more games to play. “Are you enjoying yourselves now that you have something to do?” he inquired.

“Yes, Sire, very much,” replied the group, “and we wish to thank you for giving us this power of imagination.”

“Oh, you had it all the time, just as you have all my other limitless powers, but until Now you have not needed to indulge in fantasy.”

“Your Happiness, are you sure it is all right for us to do this imaginary projecting and to play these games?” asked several of the group. This was the first time some of them had felt a slight premonition that all might not be well.

“Yes, it is fine for you to exercise your imaging capabilities but may I make two comments, one of which I have mentioned before?”

“Of course!” they exclaimed in unison.

“Well, as you play do not forget that our shared Love is the only emotion there is and that it is Real.”

“We won’t,” they all interjected before the King could make his second suggestion.

“Good,” said His Happiness, “and I wanted to add, that whenever you project into your miniminds and become preoccupied with your games of ‘doing’ you should always maintain some direct contact with me because I will always keep open a channel for that purpose. And that is my promise.”

“We will certainly maintain some degree of continuous communication with you, Sire. How could it ever be otherwise when our very Being depends on your Grace?”

The King agreed. “That is true and in Reality it can never be otherwise, but because there are no limits to imagination you might project unreal circumstances which would seem to separate us.”

They were astonished at this inconceivable possibility and at once dismissed it. The King went on, “Remember you have no limits on your Freedom either, and so anything is possible in imagination if you will it to happen.” Almost as an afterthought, the King added, “After each playtime you should come back totally into your Real Minds and reunite with me in Peace, Joy and Love.”

And there the telepathic conversation rested as the group members pondered on these puzzling utterances by the King.

*   *   *

The group went back to play, this time accompanied by many others who had become intrigued when they had telepathically listened in to the games. There were no private thoughts in the Realm of Reality because universal Love in Mind-as-such was totally open and transparent to all communication.

Soon the play-group members were again focused out into their miniminds “seeing” the imagined, solid, three-dimensional shapes continuously existing in space-time. Each individual experimented with a wide variety of shapes, colors and textures. Some added melodic backgrounds and backdrops of patterned lights. Still others experimented with combining shapes, colors and textures eventually finishing up with quite complex, beautiful structures. Several managed to “engineer” touching rings which rotated in opposite directions so giving the appearance of linked causal motion. One member of the group piled several solid geometric shapes one on top of the other in a vertical column which rested on a flat plane thus achieving an imaginary sense of balance.

After they had preoccupied themselves with these activities for quite some time, the first delegate quietly suggested that they all return into Mind-as-such in the Now and reunite in the Loving Oneness of the King, and this they did.

The enthusiasm of the group for imaginative activities never waned because they were always eager to explore new avenues of expression and new activities whenever the current ones had played themselves out. Furthermore, it was impossible for Minds, or even miniminds, to “tire” or get “bored” because these two concepts could not exist in consciousness in the Realm of Reality.

“Let us move ourselves as miniminds through the center holes in the rings and hollow cylinders,” suggested the delegate to six of the others. “We will then be truly inside ‘solid objects’ rather than simply mind-merging transparently through them.”

They did this, playing follow-the-leader for a while until one of the seven stopped in the middle of a hollow cylinder and stayed there. The others cheerfully nestled in alongside by interlacing their miniminds as a team.

“As we can move both solid objects and our miniminds around in time and space why don’t we move this cylinder from the inside and ride around with it?” proposed the group member in the middle.

“Fabulous idea,” the others whooped and immediately the hollow cylinder, with its seven passengers inside began to take off. The speed of travel slowly accelerated as they managed to pilot the cylinder around and between the other seemingly solid objects.

“Cool!” chuckled the delegate (telepathically) who was at one end of the cylinder. Then, abruptly, they were all tumbling through “space” while the cylinder careened out of control nearby.

“What happened?” asked the bewildered members of one another.

“I think some of us began to steer the cylinder in different directions from the others,” the first delegate offered as an explanation, “because we sometimes find it difficult to keep our miniminds melded in sync.”

“All right then,” said another member, “but if that is the case we should each make our own individual cylinder to drive——one cylinder, one pilot!”

The group proceeded to manifest custom, tailor-made, individual cylinders. Two imaginative members decided to design pointed cones which was all right because miniminds could, if they wished, see right through “solid objects” making mind-navigation quite easy. In no time at all, several cylinders and cones were racing around weaving in and out amongst the other geometrical objects and one another. Occasionally, to their amusement, they would pass right through each other since minds and imagined “solid” objects are completely permeable. These antics continued for a while until the novelty wore off whereupon the group returned to their own Mind-as-such states. King Origin welcomed them with showers of Love and Light.

“You are becoming very inventive,” he commented as the group basked in Bliss.

“Yes, Your Happiness, but the exhilaration of darting around in space-time can never compare with the Joy of being Still in your Peaceful Love,” the group said as One. They only felt fully alive when unified with Origin within his universal Mind-as-such.

Originally, the King had decided to create other Mind-Beings like himself within himself because infinite Love, by definition, had to be shared. This unitary emotion of Love was an inherent attribute of his One Mind-as-such, but, as his was the only Mind-as-such, it was impossible for him to create Beings who could be outside that infinite Mind. King Origin had supreme intelligence and so the dilemma of how to create Love-sharing Beings while still retaining his universal state of Oneness was easily resolved. He would create them within his own Mind-as-such from (as previously mentioned) chunks of his own Mind. This ingenious solution of encapsulating pieces of his own Mind with Love had many advantages. A major one was that he did not have to make anything truly new. Another benefit was that the Beings he made would be identical to himself, within himself, so they would be totally Loving too. In one sense these newly encapsulated Mind-Beings would always have existed previously as his Mind in an undifferentiated state, and thus they were as eternal as he was. Encapsulation was merely an innovative restructuring of his Mind by means of Thought, not the creation of something entirely different. Moreover, because these “internal” Mind Beings were identical to him in every way, he and they could Love and appreciate each other as equals without any hierarchy. As his Mind-as-such was without limit so also would his encapsulated Mind Beings be without limit, and their descendants, too. Even the term “without limit” was somewhat inappropriate because it implied that Minds-as-such existed in space-time but this was not true. Of their own Free Will, Mind Beings invented space-time in their imaginations as a holographic illusion. Within this “space-time” equally imaginary objects could subsist——along with the group’s projected miniminds if necessary. In Reality, however, there is nothing but Mind-as-such.



The Need For A Theater



“We each need labels for our own miniminds so we can quickly identify one another,” stated the first delegate flatly. The group looked a little mystified.

“But Minds are instantly and automatically identified as specific individuals, so why do we need labels?” inquired one of them.

They were once again out in their imaginations playing with illusions in more and more elaborate ways. Most of their games now consisted of flying around one another in fabricated “solid” vehicles made of nothing but projected “dream” images. One of the group had devised an exciting activity they called “tag” in which one of them was designated as the chaser. His task was to endeavor to fly right through one of the others while they tried to avoid this fate. If he was successful, the one passed through became the chaser. It was this game that had caused the delegate to see a need for individual labels.

“If as the chaser, I pass through you, I want to be able to tell you personally you are now the chaser and I need a quick label to do that. Let’s call them our ‘names’.”

“Are you saying we need to use one imaginary thing to designate another imaginary thing?” asked another member of the group.

“Yes, I am.”

“But that just makes it all much more complicated. I not only have to identify you as a mind-being, but also remember your ‘label’ as well!”

“True,” agreed the delegate, “but we already do that in abstract mathematics when we use symbols for groups of objects. All I am doing is extending the principle of labels-for-numbers to miniminds.”

“Let’s do it, then,” two of the others interjected. “Which symbols will we use as our labels?”

The first delegate had already thought this through. “As we all know about geometry shall we name ourselves after graphic shapes, and I’ll start by adopting the name (£) Ring?” The others were greatly amused and began selecting the names of shapes for themselves. The six individuals who had stayed with Ring from the outset chose the names:   (L) Apex, (h) Wave, (V) Cone, () Arch, (q) Cube, and (0) Oval. When communicating their names telepathically they actually used the geometric symbols as images because verbal symbols were, as yet, unknown and unnecessary. They decided to give King Origin a name symbol, too, which was a rimless circle. This was in keeping with the universality of his limitless Mind-as-such as the Source of all Mind Beings.

Ring and his friends returned to their games of illusion which they could now play more easily by using their shape-names when communicating with specific individuals.

“You are ‘it’, Oval,” yelled Cone telepathically as he shot right through him in a game of “tag.”

Oval did not even pause as he quickly shifted sideways right through Ring who was caught off-guard. “Gotcha, Ring!” he gloated as he disappeared into the distance.

In the Realm of Reality there was, of course, no gender either -- in the King or his subjects. All Mind-Beings were complete, whole and perfect in every way and apart from minor mind interests and inclinations there were no individual differences.

Ring called a halt to the game. “I think we need a bigger and better backdrop,” he explained in answer to their obvious puzzlement. “Here we are in an open 3-D void with rippling colors and gentle melodies but it is all too limitless, don’t you think?”

“I don’t mind the lack of limits,” countered Cube who tended to prefer the status quo, “but I will go along with the rest of you.”

Cone was curious. “Did you have anything in particular in mind as a different kind of backdrop?” he inquired.

Ring hesitated as if trying to formulate a novel idea. “Yes, well, it all needs to be finite in some way.”

“Finite?” chorused the others.

“Yes, finite!” Ring emphasized, “and solid.”

“Solid?” they chanted as one.

“Definitely finite and solid,” reiterated Ring as if making up his own mind on the matter, even though the concepts of ‘finite’ and ‘solid’ were unknown in the Realm of Reality. After all, both Mind-as-such and imagination were infinite, transcendent and nonlocal, and so was any image in those Minds and imaginations…. “And local too,” he added as if rounding out his ideas.

“Local?” Some of the group were beginning to get a little exasperated with these strange new terms.

“You lot are beginning to sound like an echo,” Ring laughed.


“Never mind, what we need for our play is an imaginary, finite environment which I suggest we label the ‘Theater’.” Ring threw into their miniminds a huge spherical image composed of myriads of translucent, but visible, colored dots. “Of course this environmental Theater will only exist in fantasy in those Now-moments when we need it. We will always activate it simultaneously with our projection ‘out’ into our miniminds when we want to play games.”

“But how do we know what kind of Theater to fantasize?” inquired Cone.

“We experiment,” replied Ring. “There is no limit to the types of environment we can try out. If we don’t like one, we can scrub it and try another.”

Apex thought about this for several seconds (because they were Now in minimind-time). “Could we each manifest our own Theater of action?” he asked.

“Of course,” answered Ring but it would be such a mish-mash mess if we were to play in seven intermingled environments. Therefore, when we play together, we need communal surroundings which we conjure up in unison.”

Apex was persistent. “That I understand, but what if I do want my own Theater?”

“No problem, as long as you play alone. If you go into your own minimind to play alone and make a personal environment you will be doing something that I will label ‘dreaming’,” said Ring. “I’ll try to explain it more later,” he added because he, himself, was still not sure what dreaming might be. “Anyway, let’s stick with the communal concept of Theater right Now,” he added. “We can each contribute individual images to the 3-D backdrop as long as they are compatible and merge.”

The group experimented with all kinds of fantastic images which they jumbled together in incongruous juxtapositions. None of the scenarios made sense because the images available to them were geometric while their mathematical placement ranged from precise to chaotic. They even tried playing various games within some of the Theaters but none of them was comfortable.

“There has to be another better way to do this,” complained Arch after the umpteenth fiasco. He had crashed his cylinder into a “solid” rectangular wall which Cone had determined as one of the dimensional boundaries to their play area.

“I agree with Arch,” said Wave who had forgotten the walls were supposed to be there and had found himself to be out in nowhere.

The group expectantly focused their attention on Ring. He seemed to have emerged as both the innovator of ideas and the de facto leader, even though there were no leaders in the Realm of Reality——not even the King. Only in minimind states, apparently, could leadership emerge.

“All right,” sympathized Ring, “let’s take this matter of the Theater up with His Happiness, King Origin. I am sure he will be able to advise us on how to construct a wonderful environment for us to play in.”

And, as if on cue, they all simultaneously expanded back into their Whole Minds-as-such so as to be able to approach the King with this appeal for help.

*   *   *

“So, you want to play with fire, both literally and figuratively,” exclaimed the King after he had listened to their request for his assistance in planning the proposed Theater.

“We don’t understand what you mean, Sire, what is fire?” the group asked as one.

“A Big Bang of imaginary energy which is also the ultimate fire. It is also what you need to lay the foundation for your Theater.” King Origin paused as if considering what he should explain next. “You are getting deeper into the mire of illusion, and while I will never impose my will on you, for your own sakes you should again be cautioned that you can become lost in that mire and forget Reality.”

“Your Happiness, be assured we will never allow that to happen,” Ring said, speaking for the group. “But please, Sire, explain more about this Big Bang beginning because we want to get started on our Theater right away.”

Then the King was silent for a while. Why do so many of my children get drawn into their own self-manufactured Dreamlands? he wondered, even though he knew the answer. It was all a necessary part of the exploration process within Minds which held infinite possibilities. Many Free Mind Beings had meandered down this imaginary path of play before. Eventually they all awakened again to his Real Mind-as-such, once they realized the path of illusion led nowhere. And they were very much wiser afterwards!

“All right,” said the King as if reconciled to the prospect, “I will explain the theory of how to set up the Theater initially. After that you have to develop it on your own, which is what you want to do anyway. Only you as a group will know which of the limitless possibilities of illusion you will wish to manifest. Besides, as I told you previously, I have no interest in imaginary forms. They always lead away from Singular Perfection into polarities——as you will find out. I not only never play dice but I also never play any other games either.”

Again it was Ring who spoke for the group. “We are aware of that, Your Happiness, and we repeat our promise that we will return Home to you regularly by switching our attention totally onto your Consciousness, because you are the Source of all Life-as-Mind, and we know that in Reality there is nothing else, and that nothing else can ever exist in the Now.”

“Be it as you say,” murmured Origin, and then he threw them a sample thought-ball which contained all the energy of an exploding Big Bang.

The Minds of the group seemed to explode too. “That is the fire of illusion you wish to play with,” smiled King Origin as his Mind registered the astonishment and awe in theirs.

“We have to do that?” they stammered in unison.

“Oh, yes! It is the way almost all dense Theaters are started. You can devise any kind of Theater you wish——the possibilities are infinite because Mind-as-such and its imaginary thoughts are truly limitless. My Real Thoughts and True Knowledge such as Love, Peace and Joy are limitless too. As you know, you are all Real as well——but only the Mind-as-such part of you, together with my Real Thoughts which you received as a part of that Package. All you invent or will ever invent in your imaginations is unreal, including your projected forms of miniminds and their formed environments. All form is not Really there, it is only fantasy. So, you want a dense material Theater do you? Most Theater builders opt for models of lesser density.”

Ring and the others waited for the King to end his drawn-out restatement of Knowledge which they already knew so well——if only because it had come with their Original Package at their Conception in His Mind. They were impatient for more information concerning the construction of their Theater. The King sensed their desire to proceed with this playground; the demo of the Big Bang had whetted their inventive appetites and they wanted to get on with laying the foundations.

“You will pardon me if I become a little scientific for a few Now-moments but it is necessary so you know your options both before and after you start. What you decide at this prior stage will determine what you will get as a Theater as well as the contents of the Theater down the Line.”

“Yes, Sire. Please lay out for us the alternatives associated with Theater-building.”

His Happiness could not refuse their request without over-riding all Free Will which he and his subjects all possessed because it was one of the basic thought attributes of all Mind-as-such. “All Theaters of Play are built from infinitesimal strings of Mind-as-such because Mind-as-such is all there is in Reality. These minute pieces, or strings, are actually Living Spirals of Mind-as-such each of which you will encapsulate within the field of your collective Mind-as-such. Have I explained that clearly enough?”

“No, Sire. Please explain in more detail where these Living Spirals of Mind-as-such exist and how we create them?”

“That is what I was coming to. As this will be your group Theater all seven of you as a team will have to do a Mind-meld. This will establish a Unified Mindfield and it is within that unlimited Mindfield that you will encapsulate the Living Spirals you will need to build your Theater.”

“We will do as you have suggested Your Happiness. Can you inform us how many of these Living Spirals we will need to lay the foundations for our Theater?”

“As many as you need to make a very Big Bang!” Origin responded, happy that they had completed the circle of his explanation.

Wave, however, was perplexed.  “While I realize, Your Oneness, that our Unified Mindfield could quickly create Living Spirals without number, how do we define the characteristics of our Theater before the Great Explosion?”

Origin smiled in his Mind. “You will build all the necessary fundamental parameters of the Theater you want into each Living Spiral. Of course, you will have to do a considerable amount of tweaking and fine-tuning after the Big Bang.  But all the basic properties of the Theater, such as the number and levels of the dimensions built into it, are to be determined by you as a group before you detonate the Natal Singularity. You will have to build into each and every Living Spiral all the ‘thought-genes’ necessary for building the particular Theater-universe you wish to manifest, together with the necessary processes and procedures for its evolution.”

“Just a moment, Sire, you are going too quickly,” complained Oval. “Can you elaborate in some detail how we induce these primary characteristics into the Living Spiral before the Bang——and what is a Natal Singularity, please?”

“It’s my pleasure,” said Origin comfortingly. “The Living Spirals can be created with as many inherent dimensions as you wish your Theater to possess. Because these Living Spiral strings will be composed of, and encapsulated by, Mind-as-such within your Unified Mindfield they can communicate instantly in the Now with one another and with all seven members of your group. Not only that, but any macroforms you eventually construct out of them, such as an atom, a galaxy, a planet or organic forms, will be in instant Mind communication with one another and everything else——through the medium of your enwrapping Mindfield. Well, my friends, that takes care of all nonlocal communication.”

“You speak in riddles, Sire. We know nothing of these so-called macroforms and how can any communication be only local?.”

“Yes, yes! I keep forgetting this is your first run on this Theater business. Forgive me, but I have participated in the initial planning of such a wide variety of Theaters….” The King drifted into his own thoughts momentarily. “And I also know everything that happens, has happened or will happen because it all occurs Now in my Mindfield. Not only that, but I can access any Now-moment that ever was, is or ever will be, because past, present and future are Mind inventions. Time exists only Now within Mind-as-such as a thought-construct and not vice versa. We can run the Now-moments backward, forward, round in loops, stop altogether, or just jump around. Therefore I can access any “time” at the drop of a thought! So, I know what you are going to achieve in your specific Theater in the future. You can too if you wish, but that will eliminate most of the fun, and such a preview might discourage you from going ahead with this venture into fantasy.”

“Then we shall not look. We want it all to be an exciting surprise.” It was Ring who spoke for the team.

“Very well. You have made your first choice and you will find that life in the stringworlds is just one choice after another. But let us get back to those Living Spirals. How many dimensions do you want in your Theater? Most Theater makers choose ten because more will give you too many level-switches.”


“Yes, level-switches. The trouble is, that everything in this Theater-game is interdependent with everything else both vertically and horizontally so to speak. Dimensions, domains, level-switches, time-frames, density, communication, and many other variables all interact in any given Theater. Now, how dense do you want the end-product to be. If we start at that end we can define the parameters of this beginning. And all this depends on what you want the Theater for.”

“We just want to play, Your Happiness, and we would like the playground to be quite solid. In our imagined simulations we enjoyed bumping into walls.”

The King winced. “That is about as dense as you can get,” commented His Happiness dryly. “In which case I suggest ten dimensions with three domains which incorporate three level-switches.”

“If you say so, Sire,” the group concurred, “but please elaborate some more on these domains and level-switches.”

“All right. Let us start from the bottom up. The lowest densest domain will consist of Now-time as the first dimension and you will add to it three spatial dimensions making four in all. Let us call this the Material Domain or level, which can get as solid as you wish. Time, including an apparent past, present and future is the first ‘dimension’ because, while the other three spatial dimensions cannot exist in Mind without time, time as ‘Now’ can exist in Mind without them. Once time is established, length, width, and height are then added simultaneously to the Mindfield as a space-time Theater within which you will manifest material objects at will. All these objects will be made of Living Spirals which will totally fill that space-time Material Domain Mindfield, including space itself. Actually, the Living Spirals will have unraveled space-time and all potential materials from their Spirals——which is why we are planning those Living Spirals right Now. You cannot get something out of nothing——you can only get it out of Mind-as-such.  And what you insert initially, you reap later! However, we will get back to that one at another time.”

This is beginning to be a long, drawn out affair, thought Arch, who was striving to keep up with Origin’s difficult discourse on Theater building. He wondered if the others were in a similar predicament. The King was still rambling on, and Arch made more of an effort to concentrate on what he was saying.

“So, my friends,” continued the King, “your whole Theater with all its Mind-malleable potential is actually built from the top downwards, not from the bottom up as some of you will eventually come to believe in the mire of illusion. Creativity, in terms of the differentiation of imaginary forms, has to be realized from what is mostly already in the seed, and your Living Spirals are the seeds of your Theater-to-be.”

“We get the idea,” acknowledged Oval for the group. “You are saying, Sire, that everything we will make and give form to in the Theater has much of its potential design built into every Living Spiral as ‘genetic mind-seeds’. That would mean there will be an incredible number of Mind-made ‘genes’ or ‘seeds’ packed into each infinitesimal Living Spiral.”

“Oh yes! Do not forget, however, that Mind-as-such is limitless in every one of its attributes and powers, so there is no ‘Mind-gene’ packing problem. Also the Living Spirals are in (and of) Mind-as-such and they form all dimensions as well as all formed, projected objects in those dimensions. Thus, three-dimensional space is in the Living Spirals’ Mind-package and not vice-versa.”

“Okay, I get it.” This time it was Wave who interjected. “Now please tell us more about these dimensions, Your Happiness.”

“Certainly. As I said earlier, beginning from the bottom up, Now-as-time is the first dimension and it runs upwards through all the sets of space dimensions. As I said, the second dimension is length, the third width, and the fourth, height. These four collectively comprise the lowest, most dense, Material Domain of your proposed Theater. In that bottommost dimensional setup you will continuously Mind-manifest so-called physical material, composed of particles-within-atoms, out of Living Spirals. The Living Spirals will instantly coalesce and ‘collapse’ into any Mind-manifested physical ‘stuff’ and shape-form you wish (as their observer). That is how lower-level quantum mechanics works. It is all achieved by Mind-as-such operating on Living Spirals (as Mind), within a multidimensional Mindfield for Mind’s wishes or Will. Of course, all these processes must obey the physical laws which are an inherent part of creating a made-to-order dense domain, but the Living Spirals will see to that. Quite simple, really! In other words, ‘what you want to see is what you get!’”

“Oh, very simple,” muttered Arch, who had barely managed to catch the general drift of the King’s explanations.

King Origin continued, “Now let us explore the next domain up——the one just ‘above’ the bottommost dense one. Shall we call it the ‘Mutable Domain’ of your potential Theater? In many ways it is much like your bottommost material level except that it is much less dense——more ethereal. It, too, is comprised of ‘condensed’ Living Spirals but is much more malleable and manipulable in terms of both form and content. You will come to think of it as a kind of conscious dreamworld, for that is what it is. Like the bottommost level this middle domain is three-dimensional in terms of length, width and height. The same time dimension also runs through it, although now the distinctions of past, present and future are somewhat less obvious and more malleable. In fact they tend to be somewhat confused or mixed up. It is not that Now-time-as-such has changed, only that the Mind fantasy projections at this level can tap more easily into past, present or future events and experience them Now. Not only that, but these past, present and future ‘events’ can be re-morphed, that is re-formed into changed, modified scenarios at will. There is one more important aspect to this middle, Mutable Domain, namely, that it is much more directly and immediately susceptible to modification by emotions, feelings and desires than any of the other levels. Do you have any questions?”

“Yes, I do,” interjected Cone before the others could marshal their thoughts. “How do these two domains interact? I mean, how is the middle, Mutable Domain interlaced with the bottommost, physical level?”

“Intimately,” answered Origin, “but the traffic is mostly downward. By-and-large so-called ‘higher’ levels of the Theater can communicate much more readily and easily with ‘lower’ levels than the other way around. However, the lower domains must give permission for that interaction to occur. You will discover all this much later in the play. You should know that the middle, Mutable Domain does, partly, act as an emotional safety-valve for the dense plane. That will also become clearer to you later on when you begin to dream in your sleep.”

“Is there another higher three-dimensional level, Sire?” asked Cone.

“Yes, and it is much closer to our Home here than the other two. It is the layer which mediates between this Mind-Realm of Reality and the others. We can call it the ‘higher level’ or ‘Causal Domain.’ It is much more conscious in the true sense than the two lower domains of the Theater. The lower you operate within the Theater the more limited will your consciousness be. Only on our present Home-Realm level of pure Mind are you fully conscious of Complete Being and, as you know, time and space as dimensions do not exist here in the Mind-only Now.” The King paused to let all this sink in.

“The higher Causal Domain,” Origin continued, “which is three-dimensional within Now-time, is even more rarefied than the middle, mutable level. It is composed almost entirely of light. Not the Light you know in this Realm that is an attribute of my own Real Mindfield, but a light made of coalesced, collapsed Living Spirals which mimics my Mindfield Light. Incidentally, much of what you will eventually create and do in your Theater will palely mimic aspects of this Now-Reality but with an appropriate density-shift. Anyway, whenever any of you decide to take up residence in this upper, Causal Domain you will appear as beings of light within the lightfield. But it is all part of your Theater.”

“And what is the use of the higher, Causal Domain, Your Happiness?”

“It is at this higher level that you will do most of the causal fine-tuning of the Theater by way of manifesting the two lower domains. You will find it will take quite a while to get the entire Theater to be the way you will eventually want it. Not that you will necessarily know in advance what you want it to be. All Theater manufacturing is as much a matter of unfolding the interlaced designs bit by bit while you gradually manipulate and maneuver your objective manifestations, such as air or organic forms, along the lines or patterns you feel are intuitively correct for you. You seven have already followed that unfolding process here, before in your games, when your vague, initial, projected images slowly evolved, or rather, changed into imaginary, semi-solid cylinders and walls.”

“We did? Was that what we were doing?”

“Yes, but in the Theater-making process you will, in your imaginations, devolve from this Mind-as-such Realm and become involved with the Theater, wherein you will evolve Living Spirals into the projected forms you desire. In spite of their ‘gene-seeds’ the Living Spirals will also contain innumerable, flexible procedures and processes for you to utilize. They are there to manifest your wishes ‘externally.’ Nothing is written in stone!” No one bothered at this point to ask what “writing” or “stone” was.

“Will we really devolve, involve and evolve as you say Sire?” asked Ring.

“Yes, you will——if you remain true to form!” responded the King with a rueful laugh. “Are you ready to roll?”

“Don’t we need to know what is a ‘Natal Singularity’ first?” asked Apex who had been listening with riveted attention to the King.

“Right you are! After you have created a seemingly infinite number of Living Spirals in your overall Theater-to-be Mindfield and seeded them with the general coded thought-patterns you will wish to evolve, you have to ‘concentrate’ all of them within a single ‘infinitesimal’ thought which is called the ‘Natal Singularity’. This is easily done here because, in this Realm of Reality, thought ‘compression’ and ‘concentration’ is within timeless, spaceless Mind-as-such.”

“And then what do we do with that infinitely concentrated Natal Singularity of Living-thought-Spirals?”

“You ‘detonate’ it into your collective Mindfield imagination as zillions of programmed Living-Spiral ‘baby’ Minds-as-such. These ‘babies’ will help you unfold and evolve the Theater in accordance with the general patterns and programs you collectively inserted into them as ‘genetic seeds’. The Living Spirals will instantly uncurl ‘downwards’ as the three domains, and each domain will be complete with its three spatial dimensions. First, they will instantly uncurl themselves as the higher Causal Domain of light. Next they will instantly unfold much of the middle domain of potential mutable fantasy and then, finally in the same instant, they will begin to unfold the material, three-dimensional space of dense ‘objects’. Of course these dense domain ‘objects’ will take time to evolve and it will be your task to supervise and fine-tune that material evolution in space from the Causal Domain. Note that all three levels, the Causal Domain, the Mutable Domain and the dense, Material Domain, will each be directly connected with the others, something like three ‘spheres’ firmly touching each other in the shape of an equilateral triangle. Thus the upper causal ‘sphere’ can directly influence the two below it, while they in turn can interact ‘sideways’ with each other. You realize this is an explanatory analogy, of course. In actual fact, these domains will be superimposed on each other in different sets of dimensions. That is, the three 3-D ‘spheres’ will be ‘inside’ each other in terms of ten-dimensional space-time. Remember, time is one dimension which runs through all three domains. [(3x3)+1=10] After all, on every level, it will still all be in your collective Mind-as-such. It is your Mind-Theater and the Living Spirals are your programmed ‘Mind-babies’. Now, before we discuss this further may I suggest you go off and, in imagination, run a simulated programming of the Living Spirals, one which will eventuate the kind of dense Theater you say you want. And you may wish, at various points, to consult with some of our retired Theater-builders because there is no need to reinvent a lot of this Theater stuff.”

“All right, we will do that now, Sire,” agreed Ring and they went off to discover which would be the best thought-programs to insert in their Living Spirals.



Preparation For The Big Bang



It was a busy period for the seven. They held consultations with other veteran Theater builders throughout the Realm. They found, as the King had said, that most Theater-builders did not go in for the very dense kind of physical Theater such as they intended theirs to be. But the few who had, were most helpful and supplied numerous ready-made subroutine and modular programs to insert into their Mind-Spirals.

The group found that there was too much for them to work on as a unified group. After all, they had to devise the necessary workings of an entire universe and cram those systems into numberless Living Spirals. This meant sorting through hierarchies of systems and cross-referencing them with one another. There were systems within developmental systems all cross-related with “vertical” and “horizontal” links. But behind all these complex intricacies and entanglements lay the principles which had to govern the dynamic processes of the unfolding evolution of the Theater from the Big Bang outwards. Any miscalculations of these systems and their principles and who knows what kind of distorted Theater would result. And what the authors of any universe wanted to finish up with, (that is, what was its ultimate purpose,) contained the causal keys to its evolutionary formation. One typical problem, for example, with which they wrestled was deciding how much future freedom would they allow themselves to change and modify the entire “Solid System” once they were actually in it as involved, projected miniminds. If the limits or degrees of freedom were set too tightly the inflexibility of the “Whole System” might lock them in with rigidity and spoil the fun. On the other hand if it was all too freely modifiable and easy to manipulate there would be no interesting Theatrical challenge.

So the group decided to divide up the responsibilities of Theater-forming. They elected Ring to be the overall Coordinator of the project. Apex took on the clarification of the intermediate and long-term goals, and in this role became the Teleologist. The understanding of the principles of the dimensional levels, time and physical density intrigued Wave so he decided to be the Scientist. By contrast, Cone was curious as to how their projected miniminds would best work out in that eventual solid environment so he volunteered to be the Psychologist. Arch, who had been fascinated by holographic colors, musical arrangements and the designs and relationships of shapes, chose to be the Artist who would develop the aesthetics of the Theater. Early on, the group had realized that miniminds-at-play could be at variance with one another and that game-participation required some guidance and regulation, and so Cube took on the job of Ethicist. He would look into behavioral standards and the rules for games. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Oval would be the Mathematician and he agreed willingly. All the principles of the bottommost domain had to be mathematically reducible, if only to probabilities in some cases, and it would be Oval’s task to ensure this was so. Therefore he and Wave, the Scientist, would need to join forces in order to synthesize, perfectly, material science and mathematics. Fortunately most of this synthesis had already been accomplished by a previous dense Theater builder so large chunks of pre-programmed scientific and mathematical knowledge could be inserted into the Living Spirals without much alteration.

It was an exciting time for the group. They had inadvertently discovered the principle of division of labor to expedite the carrying out of large complex tasks so Cone, the Psychologist, suggested it be incorporated into the minimind System, and so it was. The most complicated aspect of the overall Design of the Theater was establishing the correct succession of crucial events during the evolutionary unfolding of all three levels of the Theater. While the highest dimension domain of non-physical light was relatively easy, the middle, mutable level and the material plane called for intricate integration both within each layer and between them. All through this simulated developmental process Apex insisted that the group must not lose sight of their main goal which was to support and define minimind life on every level of each domain.

“Moreover,” Apex added, “Wave and Oval will have to determine for sure that our universe will evolve successfully through millions of ‘anthropic gateways’ to its rich Life-supporting destiny. Nothing can be left to chance except when we deliberately insert random events into our Living Spiral programs.”

 “Tell us about these ‘anthropic gateways,’ Apex, and why are there so many?” asked Cube.

“Okay,” agreed Apex. “They are part of the incredible complexity of evolving a very dense Theater in which Life has four roles, so let me describe these roles first. The first role is our own primary one in which we live eternally as Minds-as-such Beings in the Realm of Reality. The second role is this present one in which we are preoccupied causally with the creation of the Theater as overseers with an orientation ‘outward’ into our imaginations, including imagined objects, all of which is within our collective Mindfield. The other Theater-formers tell me that, eventually, we will even do this object-making in our sleeping dreams on the Mutable Domain but don’t ask me what that means. The third role of Life we will express is the manipulation of the Living Spirals within our own collective Mindfield. We will form them into myriads of imagined objects within our Mindfield so that those seemingly solid objects appear to have a temporary existence as life-as-form. The Theater-formers we have consulted say the Living Spirals will coagulate or coalesce in myriads of ways to form every aspect of the Theater from light to atoms and from galaxies to living cells. They will, however, always exist only in the Now-moment and will only be materialized in the two lower domains by the quantum observer effect of our Minds. In actual fact they say the Living Spirals will mirror our desires, wants, needs, neuroses, etc., as ‘objects-out-there’ in our collective Mindfield. What we will think, we will get! When I asked the other Theater builders what ‘neuroses’ were they told me I didn’t want to know! Because the Spirals are Living bits of our Minds the so-called ‘objects’ in our Mindfield will have a life of sorts, but remember the Spirals will only assume any desired form when we wish for, or expect, that form to materialize. That is what the whole quantum system is all about. By the way, the Theater-formers also told me that the term ‘wish’ has to be interpreted in the widest sense.”

“Well, it all sounds very complicated,” interjected Arch, “and perhaps we will understand it more clearly once the Theater is under way. But Apex, what is the fourth role of Life in the scheme of things?”

“Why, our miniminds of course. Is not the whole aim of this project to play in the Theater, to romp around within it? So we will project ourselves out into our miniminds whenever we wish, and have lots of fun——isn’t that the whole idea?” Apex was becoming repetitive in his excitement.

Ring summed it up. “And we can only accomplish that objective by faceting our Minds into those four different roles or ‘flavors’, so to speak?”

“That is correct, but do remember that those four Mind ‘flavors’ (our individual Real Minds, our causal minds, our quantum-observer minds and our minds-as-players) are all thought systems within our single, mutual Mindfield. We Really are all One Mind. It is Mind-as-such which is infinitely flexible, not only in the forms the Living Spirals will manifest for us, but also at the minimind level——as I am told we shall see.”

“Fine,” said Wave, “and I am sure Cone will remember all that Mind stuff, but you still haven’t explained what the other Theater builders divulged about ‘anthropic gateways’. As the newly elected scientist in this team I need to know how to program the Living Spirals in terms of dense ‘physical’ evolution.”

Apex hesitated because he did not know where to begin. “There are so many ‘gateways’ of all kinds you had better discuss it with them yourself, Wave, and I suggest you take Oval with you to figure out all the complicated mathematics. They threw so many equations at me my Mind is still reeling. As I understand it, an ‘anthropic gateway’ is a very narrow, limited set of chemical or physical conditions and necessary events through which the evolution of the universe must pass if we are to finish up playing in it as minimind beings.”

“Then can you give us some examples of these gateways? A few examples will help us understand what they are,” asked Wave who was intent on keeping Apex on track. These teleologists, he thought, always fan out the content of their discussions in multiple directions.

“Yes I will, but you may not understand it all yet. Here is a good example. Apparently in the Theater itself we will need to manufacture inside stars an abundance of an element called ‘carbon-12’ from which something called living forms are primarily made. Let’s skip the intricate details and just get to the main point that the ‘gateway’ to the manufacture of carbon and the other heavier physical elements in stars is very, very narrow and quite outside chance. If the nuclear chemical reactions involved in either the first or second gateways are allowed by us to be only one percent higher or lower in terms of energy, carbon will not be produced and there will be no living forms possible in our universe.”

Wave was beginning to get the general idea of the anthropic principle and the millions of narrow gateways that they would have to nurse the developing Theater through if it was eventually to support living forms at the material level.

“Do you have any more examples of these gateways?” he asked Apex.

“Lots of them. The Big Bang itself must ‘whoosh out’ at exactly the right acceleration so the Living Spirals neither collapse back together, nor disperse too rapidly——which would prevent them from ‘coagulating’ into material forms like atomic particles, such as quarks and gluons, the building blocks of our Material Domain. We must also ‘stir’ the initial expansion just enough to disrupt its uniformity so that, eventually, it will clump nicely into galaxies. And all this has to take place in a split second!”

“Then I will look into all that carefully, Apex. Now let’s have one more example of your ‘anthropic gateways.’”

“Okay, and it has to do with a substance called ‘water’. All substances in our dense Theater-to-be other than water will, in their solid form, sink into their own liquid form, but water itself will need to be ‘programmed’ by us so that its solid form, namely ice, will absorb air and float on top of its liquid form. If we don’t make this happen all ice will sink to the bottom of large masses of liquid water called oceans and lakes, and they will all then freeze entirely. As a result all water worlds in our dense Theater would always be frozen into solid ice and no lifeforms would be able to evolve. Therefore if we want to develop lifeforms on a suitable waterworld, ice must float on water and allow the liquid water under it to stay relatively warm. Moreover, water must be able to evaporate into a gas and condense back into water within a very narrow temperature range if rain and snow are to occur so our water-dependent lifeforms can live. In addition almost all other substances must be able to dissolve in water so that lifeforms will be able to take up nutrients from it. Water when it turns into ice must also expand (and not shrink) so that it can crack open crevices in mountains and rocks to break them up into soil. Then the water will be able to erode them to carry soil and silt downhill to make fertile plains. Yet in spite of these wonderful properties (and many others I have not mentioned) water must be a very stable and difficult-to-destroy substance, chemically speaking. Water must contain these numerous ‘gateways to living forms’ which must be pre-programmed into the Living Spirals if carbon-based life is to emerge on planets.”

“Great. Thank you Apex,” said Wave for the group. “Oval, you as the mathematician and I as the scientist have a lot to do to ensure all the millions of ‘gateway’ programs will be exactly right before they are inserted into the Living Spirals.

The members of the group now went about their allotted tasks, with Ring inserting the resulting mind-genes into several prototype Living Spirals. In this regard he and Cone, the psychologist, worked closely together. The Living Spirals being made of Mind were fully self-aware and within their specialization, brilliant, so they, too, were able to internally engineer and integrate much of the programming inserted into them. All Living Mind had, and has, this learning capability along with innumerable other capabilities such as reasoning, memory, perception, creativity, and instant direct thought-communication.

The group also continued to have frequent consultations with other retired Theater builders. One pair of very experienced Theater builders offered them a fully engineered, ready-to-go, recycled, dense universe which had only been used twice before. The pair explained to Ring that closed dense universes could only fully expand after their Big Bang to a certain point at which stage the force of gravity (caused by a very slight excess of matter) would pull them back into a final Terminal Singularity smaller than a dot, which could be temporarily stored if the Living Spirals in it agreed. Otherwise it would be dismantled so the Living Spirals comprising it could coalesce back into their parental group Mind-as-such none the worse for wear. After consultation the group decided they wanted their own unique Theater even though they were not yet sure of the detailed form it would take at its widest, creative flowering. That flowering would take a great number of deliberate, intricate adjustments by the team during the Theater’s development.

*   *   *

Wave, the scientist, was idly wondering what the final, projected environment of their Theater would look like, when instantly, he found himself walking through a fire-pit hand in hand with Cube who was now a female being. A smiling girl with arms outstretched was running toward them across the red-hot coals….

The image then dissolved leaving Wave with the distinct impression his momentary vision of the Material Domain had been quite accurate.

*   *   *

At last the group got to the point where they felt they had incorporated all the major principles and programs into the Living Spirals who would always remain in constant communication with one another and with the team. The prototype Spirals then set about a very rapid self-replication by division, or mitosis, a procedure later mimicked for cells on the material level. As this “reproductive” increase was exponential it was not long before there were a sufficient number of identical Living Spirals all ready and set to evolve and form the entire Living Theater. Only the forms in the Theater would be temporary illusions, and the Spirals had the power to group and regroup any number of themselves instantly in any desired variety of simultaneous forms including space and time.

With everything all set to go the group decided to confer once more with King Origin before they detonated the Big Bang.

*   *   *

“You are quite sure you wish to do this Theater project? Because, you know, if you do, it will get you nowhere!” King Origin emphasized the idea of “nowhere” very explicitly.

“Nowhere, Sire?” Ring echoed on behalf of the puzzled group.

“Yes, and I mean nowhere. While you are here with me perfectly content and happy and with everything, you are in Reality, Now. All you will ever want or need——Love, Life, Ecstasy, Joy, Peace, Knowledge, Truth, Freedom, Union and True Creation——it is all here Now.”

“That is True, Your Happiness, but we wish to exercise our Freedom to do our own thing. After all, through your Grace we have inherited all your attributes so you cannot blame us if we wish to explore their potential in worlds we, as a team, imagine——worlds which we will make.”

“I have never blamed anyone in any circumstances and I never will,” the King countered quietly. “There is no blame anywhere in the Realm of Reality. I was only emphasizing the futility and meaninglessness of these flights of fancy which so many of my subjects want to indulge in. In the process too many of you become temporarily lost in the mire of illusion. Do you realize that all you will seem to accomplish or do in this Theater of yours will never Really happen? The entire Theater of forms and all that occurs in it will only exist as fantasies in your Minds. And don’t be fooled by the seeming complexity or the mathematical riddles you will create. Reality, here, is simple, uncluttered and clear; it is only dramas, dreams and delusions which twist and tangle into complicated, perplexing mazes and problems which you will waste time trying to solve. For example, time, as you will come to know it, does not exist except in fantasy. Oh, you will stretch it and stop it, warp it and waste it, but it will always be imaginary time and it will be no more Real than the square root of minus one! Always remember that Mind-as-such, right Now, is the only Reality.”

“We know, Sire. All we wish to do is play, and to have a little fun,” Arch replied. “We don’t intend to get lost or make our theatrical life too complicated.”

“Well, just in case I already have a rescue operation organized, one which I have sometimes had to use before. It comes in three parts. First, I will give you this indestructible Light which will always shine in your Real Mind. It will even project outwards into your miniminds as a reminder of who you Really are. You will always have it with you wherever you are and whatever you do. You may hide the Light or pretend it is not there, but you can never be without it as a reminder of your Real Home and my Love for you.”

At that moment there was a great burst of incredible white Light from Origin which then separated into several individual Lights. These settled gently into the centers of the Minds of the group members as tiny super-intense radiant Lights which were far brighter than their own ongoing Mindlights. The brilliant incandescence took them by surprise but an instant later a Loving glow suffused through each of them bringing with it supreme Joy. They were still in that state of Joyous Love when the King began talking again.

“Second, I am giving each of you a specialized thought-system device known as a Call-Home communicator. This device will allow you to communicate directly with me, or with one of my Teachers, if you so wish. It is entirely voluntary and in no way violates your Free Will, because from your miniminds, you will have to initiate the first contact——a contact which must be very sincere to succeed. Incidentally these Call-Home communicators will work best in a mind-environment that is as free as possible of confusion and noise.”

“And who are these Teachers you referred to just Now?” asked Cube, the Ethicist who suspected the topic fell into his growing field of expertise.

“The Teachers are of two kinds. They are the third part of my rescue operation. One group are experienced subjects of mine who are ex-Theater veterans. They know their way around many varieties of labyrinth-like universes as a result of their own previous Theater experiences. They will teach you how to extract yourself from the morass of illusion if you want them to do so. They, too, will never force themselves on you so your Freedom of choice will always remain intact. But if and when you care to listen, they will get you out of there by the shortest, easiest route. The other Teachers will come from among yourselves, especially from those of you who will be amongst the first to become not only disillusioned with playing in the Theater, but also begin to feel they have had enough and want to return Home. Naturally, as a result of feeling more and more Loving these local Teachers will wish to bring everyone else Home with them.”

Ring spoke up for the group. “Well, we won’t be needing any Teachers either veteran or local because we will return Home regularly to see you, Your Happiness. But I am intrigued by this ‘imaginary time’ you mentioned, so perhaps you wouldn’t mind explaining it in more detail.”

“Delighted to do so. Here in the Realm of Reality you live as Minds-as-such within my Mind and in my Reality together with my eternal Thoughts of Love, etc., and that is all there is. In this Reality you can (in my Mind) ‘move anywhere’ and meld with any other Mind in a Loving Union, and perhaps create ‘new’ Minds-as-such to share our Loving Oneness. This ‘moving’ is non-spatial and is only a thought-shifting which is without dimensionality. Anywhere in Mind that your thoughts are is where you are Now as a Love-encapsulated Identity. So ‘Now-as-such’ is a Mind-based aspect of ‘This thought Now’.”

Ring interrupted for a moment. “You mean everything Real Now takes place in your Mind on this ‘plane’ of Reality which is the only plane there is——all other planes being imaginary.”

“That’s correct.” Origin was pleased they understood. “But when you build a Theater in your mutual imaginations, you as miniminds, drop down a timeline, at ‘right angles’ to the plane of this Realm into what is Known Here as imaginary time. As you descend in minimind form, you establish a past and anticipate a future all of your own making. When I use the term ‘dropping downwards at right angles’ I am speaking figuratively to indicate it is imagination; I am not referring to actual angled vectors in abstract mathematical space. So, my friends, any Being or group can ‘drop down’ into any imaginary timeline from any Real Now-moment, but that time is always a dream-time. I should explain that only within the lowest level of dense universes is any given timeline linear in its steady past-to-future progression. On the middle and upper domains most timelines can be accessed at will allowing you to re-experience the past, or have clear visions of the future. But that will do for Now.”

It was Oval the Mathematician who spoke for the others. “I understand, Sire, that we will figuratively drop downwards from our own ‘Now’ into our own particular timeline in order to create the Theater, and that the same ‘time’ will then continue within the Theater itself. What I am unclear about is whether or not that linear timeline descends forever, and if not, what happens to it?”

“A very insightful question, Oval. No, the timeline for any given dense Theater only descends for as long as it takes for the majority of the group——which by this time may number in the trillions——to bottom out. That means that the great majority of the participants will have come to realize the meaninglessness of their minimind lives away from their Real Home. At that point the timeline begins to ascend rapidly back up the ‘vertical vector’ until you are all ready to re-enter this Realm in a state of total Love and perfect Peace. You will bring everyone in your Theater with you.”

“Is time reversed then?” asked Oval.

“Not at all. Although the Home/Theater direction is reversed, the timeline continues from past to future throughout the process. But the nearer you get to Home-as-Reality the less importance you will attach to the concepts of past and future. After all they are only fantasies.”

“Does it take as long to get back Home as it takes to descend to the ‘bottom out’ state?”

“Not normally. The return is almost always much faster because everyone wants to accelerate the process in order to reach Home quickly. I should add here that you do not replay any of the past events of the descent on your return Home and you may not even remember those events. But I do assure you that you will ascend Home to exactly the same Now-moment as the one you originally left. It will be as if you had never been away.”

“What happens to the Theater, Sire?”

“That depends on those involved. Some groups shrink their universe into a ‘Big Crunch’ which can sometimes be recycled if necessary. I understand you were offered one of these. Other groups just ‘Wink Out’ their Theater at a given stage by ceasing to observe the Living Spirals so returning them to the Minds from whence they came. The ‘Big Crunch’ and ‘Wink Out’ are the preferred methods for very dense universe such as you intend yours to be. Still others prefer the ‘Past-Erasure’ method which simply dissolves all past events, objects and memories as the ascent continues, so nothing is left behind. Thus, when Home is finally reached not one imaginary thing is left and by then all the Spirals have been gradually diffused back into their original Minds. Yet another technique is the ‘Piece-By-Piece’ one. If you designed your universe to be composed of lots of miniature Theaters, that is, baby universes, the actors in each can come Home independently by bottoming out and then returning Here as a subgroup so to speak. The Living Spirals in that section would immediately return to Mind, with the others following later as their subsection populations each decided to reverse the process. This piece-by-piece method is not suitable for very dense Theaters, though. You should know that this list of Theater dismantling methods is by no means exhaustive. Now, if you are all prepared and ready to release those Living Spirals to form a Theater please go off and do so in your own group imagination because, as you have said, ‘it is your own thing’. I cannot participate directly in any of it because, if I did, it would become irreversibly Real.”

“Thank you for all your advice and the information on our options, Your Happiness. And we will be returning regularly for more consultations as our Theater expands.”

“Be that as it may. Now, always remember you have my Free Will as your own, even if you come to bury it under masses of imaginary limitations and blinded Vision. And never forget your Lights, your Call-Home communicators and that Teachers will be available to help you——but you do have to ask.”

“Yes, Sire, we will be sure to make use of these ‘rescue’ gifts if we ever need them during our adventures, but that is not likely.”

“Then go Now with my eternal Love and Joy. And remember that wherever you are, and whatever you do, your Minds-as-such are within my Mind-as-such and you will be forever part of me, because it is impossible for it to be otherwise,” said Origin as a blessing as they left his immediate presence.

As they withdrew Cube had a startling vision of himself inside something called a female body dressed in a robe. He-as-she was presiding over a solemn courtroom and passing judgment on another physical being who had blown up a federal building just to make a political point.

Immediately Cube dismissed this hallucination as a weird minimind game, a mirage of imagination….

* If the reader has difficulty visualizing this discussion of the projection of images, the process described is almost identical to the one we humans have when dreaming, in that the dream content all appears to be outside us in an external environment, but is, in fact, all taking place within our minds. Also, shared, mutual dreams have been documented.


Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright © 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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