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The Theater Expands



The group of seven formed a circle for the countdown. The Natal Singularity, containing numberless programmed Living Spirals, lay in the center of the circle as an invisible point. The members of the circle had melded their Minds-as-such into a single Mindfield inside which these events were taking place. The Living Spirals, who were Real Mind beings, were also actively creating, and participating in, the communal Mindfield within which they had each originally been encapsulated by the team.

Ring decided to check through a short list of major Big Bang requirements one last time.

“We have made the positive “mass” energy equal and opposite to the negative gravitational energy so that together they equal zero, right?”

“Right, so we will shortly manifest the whole dense Theater energy system out of nothing but Mind——of Living Spirals. That’s quite a trick isn’t it,” replied Wave.

“True,” chimed in Oval, “and it can all only happen because we conscious Mind-beings observe it. And my mathematics are quite impeccable, right?”

“Right you are,” agreed Apex, “and I have made sure the lower dense domain will eventually be ‘closed’ and have an almost flat space-time curvature. This will be so because you and I have ensured the Omega critical mass density ratio is the tiniest bit more than 1.”

Oval confirmed this. “In fact, Wave and I have set the Omega ratio to be 10-60 of 1, exactly 10-43 seconds after our ‘Now’ zero-point. Right?”

“Correct,” replied Wave, “but we have also programmed the Living Spirals to emerge initially from the Natal Singularity at vibrations much higher in frequency than gamma rays and at outward velocities much greater than the speed of light (c). Only at 10-43 seconds will the dense universe measure 10-33 cm, and only then will the speed of ‘light’ equal ‘c’ and the vibrational frequency of the Living Spirals reduce to that of the tiniest gamma rays. Are we all in agreement?”

“Certainly,” Ring answered, “however just to cover all the bases, please confirm that the dense domain will eventually consist of the correct amount of matter versus antimatter.”

“We have taken care of that too,” Wave continued. “Initially, slightly over half of those Living Spirals destined to become matter will be composed of vibrational energy that will later become regular matter. Slightly less than half of them will become antimatter. At the right moment, after the inflationary period, the two aspects will coalesce thus leaving behind just enough energy/matter to form the dense universe. Some of the coalesced Living Spirals will return to our Mindfield to be held in the zero vacuum of ‘space’ along with the others already there. Others will be emitted as background radiation photons.”

“Precisely, my friends,” declared Cone, “but did you factor into the initial expansion the necessary inflation so we generate a lumpy, clumpy, bumpy structure? Otherwise our dense Theater will not eventually coagulate into strings of galaxies——or so the veterans said.”

“Yes, we have all that inflation stuff correctly programmed,” confirmed the Living Spirals who were waiting patiently for the group to proceed. They were all crammed into an ultra compacted mind-ball which was much less than one Planck length (10-35 meters) in diameter and it was so psychologically tight in there, they were bursting to get out.

“Please wait a moment longer and we will be ready to go,” Ring reassured them. And then turning to Wave and Oval he asked, “Are you two sure that once we get this operation through to the atomic and molecular stage that the resulting material forms will remain stable and will neither explode or implode in any but the most extreme conditions of gravity or electro-magnetism?”

Oval answered first, “Yes, I assure you that all the electron orbits and energies are mathematically correct so that almost all substances made of matter will remain stable and not collapse or explode atomically under so-called ‘normal’ conditions. And we have made water so it will be virtually incompressible in its liquid state. That should eventually allow hydraulics and hydrostatics to become useful.”

Arch was getting restless. “Can you guys cut the techno-babble and let us get this thing rolling?” he exclaimed. “Your equations Oval, are neat, elegant and beautiful, and we have complete faith in their accuracy, and so do the Living Spirals, so let’s move it, Now.” Arch realized that his job description would be wider than just artist, architect and aesthete, inasmuch as he would have to keep the group on track. “If it will speed things up,” he continued, “let me assure you the forms of our future Theater are also elegant, awe-inspiring and beautiful, at least as far as the galactic formation era which is about as far as I can see at this stage. And I might add that the fireworks will be spectacular. I think you will all enjoy the show because the Living Spirals and I have linked a full spectrum of mind-visible color to a wide band of the electromagnetic wave frequencies from above heat down through x-rays. We may have to trim this range later, but for now I want us to see our creation in all its glory.”

“All right,” said Ring and then he paused as if momentarily prescient about the ultimate Pandora’s Box they were about to open. “Let us Mind-meld with each other and our Living Spirals and on my mark launch ourselves as miniminds, together with the Spirals, into our imaginary ten-dimensional Mindfield.” Ring paused for a few more moments then telepathically he said with rising emphasis, “Let our Theater, our Universe, be created . . . NOW!

*   *   *

The vibrating Living Spirals ejected themselves from their confinement in the white hole Natal Singularity much faster than the speed of light and by 10-50 seconds had unrolled their Mindfield into three domains, each of three spatial dimensions. The first to unravel in that split second was the Causal Domain into which the seven group members promptly projected their Minds, with an “outward” focus. The next three-dimensional “world” was the Mutable Domain which was, as yet, devoid of any imagined content. The third and final three-dimensional “world” to unfold was the Material Domain and it was within this physical plane that the Living Spirals went to work. The Eternal Now was dropped straight down through all three domains so that sequential time as a common fourth dimension now operated moment by moment in the densest domain from the past, through the present, to the future.

The temperature of the Material Domain is now 1035 degrees Kelvin and approximately 85 percent of the Living Spirals promptly form themselves into minuscule “dark matter” black holes. This act keeps the Omega ratio to within a 10-60 deviation from one, which will ensure an almost flat, closed universe with very little curvature of space. The Living Spirals, being fully aware of these details, implement them appropriately in accordance with the overall anthropic plan; they know from Apex that each tiny evolving step of the first few minutes is essential if the Material Domain is to fulfill its eventual purpose of supporting living forms.

At 10-40 seconds and around 1033 degrees Kelvin all the Living Spirals begin their inflationary phase which expands the Mindfield of the Material Domain dramatically. During the initial phase of this brief inflation most of the residual Living Spirals form the nearly infinite “zero” polarized energy-pool called space. The inflation process, by means of quantum mechanical fluctuations, has also broken the original unified symmetry of the remaining Living Spirals which soon form themselves into gluons and quarks. These gluons glue the quarks together in several patterns to make protons, neutrons and pions. Another set of break-away Living Spirals forms electrons, neutrinos and other particles. At this point, when the Material Domain is a hot plasma of radiation and particles, a slight force of gravity begins to slow down the inflationary phase. In approximately 10-34 seconds after zero the baby universe is now a lumpy, ten-meter wide sphere.

Ring and the other six members of the group happily observe these initial events from the Causal Domain. Wave, the scientist, and Oval, the mathematician, are especially intrigued and delighted to witness the perfect blossoming of their complex planning. It is a miracle that so many diverse and intricate details could be physically manifested so precisely in a minuscule instant of time. Thus far the group can see no need to interfere with the first flowering of their infant Theater in their collective Mindfield. Even the gravitational Living Spirals are beginning to warp space-time within the Mindfield thus causing clumps of matter or energy to move towards one another in an apparent falling together. By 10-12 seconds this increasing warping-influence of gravity combined with the clumping of particles causes those primordial clumps to begin to group into larger clusters. These clusters will form the patterns for galaxies and groups of galaxies in the distant future.

All the while, more and more protons, neutrons and other particles are being formed by other Living Spirals in the cosmic soup. At 10-5 seconds matter and antimatter particles “annihilate” each other by returning to zero space as polarities. This leaves enough Living Spiral matter behind to compose an entire material universe. When that infant universe is one second old the neutrinos cease to interact with the protons and neutrons which leaves the latter free to combine together as the nuclei of heavy hydrogen, some helium and a little lithium. Over the next few seconds the surplus neutrons begin to decay and it takes about 15 minutes for them to disintegrate into radiation. By 20 minutes the physical universe is made of approximately 75 percent hydrogen nuclei and 25 percent helium nuclei, all soaked in a sea of electrons and intense radiation. It is, as yet, far too dense to allow microwave light-photons to pass through it. It takes many, many thousands of years for this dense soup to expand, thin out and become relatively clear.

By 300,000 years almost all the free electrons have been bound to the nuclei to form atoms of hydrogen and helium, and radiation can pass by them through space. The universe has stabilized as atomic matter and light, and space has now become transparent.

From the Causal Domain the group look out on their fledgling Theater with happy satisfaction. The thought-programming of the Living Spirals has been perfect. Their “thought-genes” have unfolded the detailed cosmos exactly as planned without any need for on-the-job tweaking. The group do realize, however, that they will be more and more personally involved in its creation as it evolves in the future.

But at least they have come this far, and so, in a state of happy optimism they return to the Realm of Reality. The Living Spirals, being unobserved, relax by collapsing their physical attributes into quantum wave-form fields. After all, there is no need to put on a show when the cosmic Theater has no sentient audience.



The Mission



His Happiness, King Origin The Serene, was very pleased to see his children had returned to Reality. He greeted them with Joy and flooded them with Love which they reflected back to him.

Politely the King inquired about the progress of their Theater, but, while the group knew he had no real interest in their flights of imagination, they could not resist letting him know what was happening.

Ring spoke for all of them. “The unfolding of the Theater has gone flawlessly, Sire. The Living Spiral pieces of our Mind-as-such which we programmed with the help of the veterans have proceeded through all the initial anthropic gateways of the emerging Theater without a hitch.”

“And at what state is your Theater Now?”

“Well, as you know, Your Happiness, ours is a very dense universe because we like to play games involving solids. Our Theater is now poised ready to manifest large masses of matter in the form of galaxies of stars, and clumps of galaxies.”

“Interesting concept,” commented the King. “Very few of my subjects go in for massive, material worlds. Most like to keep them light and airy.”

Apex felt this was his cue to speak. “We do have a much lighter Mutable Domain as well, Sire, because we needed a level to which we can escape during our games. The Mutable Domain, which has many multiple uses, will also enable us to pop in and out of the Physical Domain thus facilitating instant communications as well as travel from point to point in the physical. We will be able to switch between these two levels at will.”

“Clever, clever. Such a level-switch, disappearing act should make your games much more interesting. I can imagine numerous uses for such a pair of domains of quite different densities. As you know, usually I am not interested in imaginary forms because they are all meaningless, but your organization of a three-level theater brings to mind a potential problem which I would like a group such as yours to explore for me.”

“We will be happy to carry out any task you assign Sire, and I know I speak for the whole team,” said Ring who had telepathically registered everyone’s immediate assent.

Origin reflected for a moment as to the best way to explain his proposition to this enthusiastic group of his children. The concepts involved would be so foreign to their current way of joyful thinking that they might not grasp the full import of his communication. Nevertheless this particular project was becoming more and more urgent because increasing numbers of his subjects were nudging at the limits of their limitless powers of imagination. It was definitely time to go ahead, especially as this adventurous troupe seemed ideally suited to accomplish what he had in Mind.

“First of all this task must be carried out by true volunteers. Each of you will join of your own free will so I will ask for your agreement again after I have explained the operation in some detail.

“As you know imagination is without limit and your thoughts can manifest anything you wish. Mind-as-such must be limitless because, if it were not, there would be something outside it making a duality. Then we would have to find a higher Oneness to encompass those two. The highest Oneness already exists and it is my Mind-as-such which encompasses All There Is. As I have repeatedly said, my Mind-as-such and its attributes of Love, Peace, Happiness and Thought are both absolute and infinite. Note well that time, dimensionality, space, form, content, structure and all organization are temporary creations of Mind-as-such, and being temporary they are not Real. Nothing that comes and goes can be Real. Even an abstract system such as mathematics is neither absolute nor complete. We must clearly distinguish between Real Mind-as-such with its power to think, from the processes and contents of thinking. Thus, for example, your Living Spirals inasmuch as they are made of your Mind-as-such are Real, but their thought programming, their activities and the manifested products they combine to make are just as unreal as your multi-dimensional space-time Theater within which they perform. None of it Really Exists.”

“We do understand, Your Happiness,” said Oval meekly. He felt that he, as the mathematician, had been singled out.

“Good. All I have just said is very pertinent to what I am about to say because I want to emphasize that none of it will be Real. Some of my more enterprising subjects are using their limitless imaginations to probe beyond and below Love and Happiness. Thus far these edge activities have been only playful but I foresee the possibility that they well drop off that edge into not-Loving states, and that is where you can help. To put it bluntly, I want you to explore the dark side of imagination——the unloving aspects.”

“Is that possible, Sire?” Apex interjected, looking around the group. “We don’t really understand what you mean. How can Love and Light have opposites?”

“True. In Reality they do not, but in limitless imagination anything is possible. I do not even know where it will lead you, simply because the unloving, dark side has never been thoroughly explored before, and, of course, I personally have no need for any kind of fantasy.”

As the psychologist, Cone was puzzled. “But tell us, Your Happiness, how an exploration of this unknown ‘dark side’ will be of psychological benefit to you or your subjects?”

“Well, it could be called a preemptive operation. What I need are some courageous volunteers like yourselves who will undertake to carry out this experience of darkness to its deepest limits, and then subsequently report back to all of us here on what you discovered. Once bold-spirited beings like yourselves have gleaned extensive knowledge of extreme darkness we can all share that knowledge in the One Mind. Then there will be no need for anyone ever to explore directly the dark side again. Should any naïve subjects get an urge to do so, we will persuade them to rerun the appropriate replays and that should definitely nip it in the bud.”

“Sounds easy enough,” said Cube who had the intuition his ethical skills were going to be in serious demand.

“There’s just one more thing,” pronounced Origin rather solemnly. “You will all have to drop into a deep sleep!”

“Right now?” exclaimed the whole group in amazement.

“No, not immediately, and when you do the process will be gradual. The reason for the sleep state is that no one in the Realm of Reality can experience the dark side while fully conscious here——it is an impossibility. It is a direct contradiction of two ideas which, if it could happen, would wreck the Serenity and Happiness of this Realm. I cannot allow that to happen because only Love and its derivatives are possible here. All my children do have free will, however, so the only solution to the dilemma is for dark side adventurers to go deeply asleep——into a sort of coma, if you will. Then the exploration will proceed only in dreamworlds and a dreamtime of their own making.”

“I think we can all agree to falling asleep because we would not dream of disrupting Reality,” Ring declared quite firmly.

“There are two more considerations for you to take into account, my friends.”

Arch was startled. There’s always a catch somewhere, he thought, this idea of dreaming in the darkness may not be much fun.

“In the dream you will suffer from almost complete amnesia; you will not remember anything much about the Realm of Reality, not even me. A set of veils will seem to fall between this Land of Light and your domain of darkness cutting you off from direct contact with us until you have a single united desire to return Home.”

“And the second consideration is… ?” asked Wave who was a little overwhelmed by the implications of the first.

“It is that, if you decide to go along with this mission, I cannot rescue you unless you unambiguously ask me for my personal help. If I were to rescue you without your unequivocal active permission the purpose of the whole venture would be invalidated. The operation will only be of value to us here if you ‘bottom out’ completely within the deepest darkness. Furthermore you will seem to lose all your present omnipotent powers during the dream because, if you kept them, you would probably destroy everything you will imagine, including yourselves. You will, of course, have those powers operating unconsciously in the background in order to keep your Theater and its unreal contents continually manifested when you observe them, but you will be unaware of the operation of those powers.”

Cube was mystified. “Sire, what does ‘destroy’ mean. I have not known of that idea prior to this meeting.”

“It means to cause something to cease to exist. Of course that ‘something’ can only exist in the mire of illusion, but it will seem real while you are immersed in illusion. In Reality, here, you exist eternally so the concept of ‘destruction’ is meaningless. It is only in the dream of darkness that your Knowledge of Reality will be forgotten, to be replaced by seeming ‘truths’ which themselves will be based on individual belief systems. But all this will only eventuate during the adventure. Now, if you all consent, I will need each of you to agree individually.”

Each member of the group telepathically communicated his assent to King Origin including Arch and Wave who were a little less sure than the others.

“Excellent. Try to remember that you will be doing a wonderful service to the rest of my children here in Reality, who, because of your willingness, will not need, hopefully, to explore the darkness again. Remember, too, that you will have your Call Home communicators with you and that, if necessary, I will send Teachers to offer advice and assistance if and when you request them. I also wish to point out that, in fact, you will never actually leave the Realm of Reality because you will have fallen asleep Here. The exploration of the unloving darkness will only be a dream in the Theater of your own collective imagination. And the Living Spirals you create in your Mind-as-such field will also participate in that Theater of the Dreamtime by carrying out your every wish. You will not need to try to force the darkness to occur. Just let it unfold as you move away from Love and into limitation. Your agreement to experience a dream of darkness will cause it to unravel of itself. Mind-as-such will always causally manifest what it wishes to effect, be it Love and Joy——or darkness. Mind-as-such, remember, is the Causeless Cause of All.”

In that instant Oval saw himself traveling around a strife-filled planet on which three superpowers (on three, separate continents) were on the brink of nuclear war. Their disgruntled populations, who lived in labyrinthine, underground shelters, were filled with hate, always blaming their enemies for their benighted predicaments——never themselves. Even their elected leaders projected images of “evil empires” and “worshippers of Satan” onto their adversaries. Oval did not understand why he had been sent as an observer to this wretched rock in space, nor did he know what this scene meant, so he pushed it aside as the King continued to speak.

“Now, there is something else, a very important issue, that your journey into the shadows of lovelessness will prove, but at this juncture, I cannot tell you what it is. If I did so, my information would unduly influence the possible outcomes of your dreamtime explorations. So, for now, this ‘something else’ must remain my secret. Suffice it to say that, behind the thick veils of darkness, you will have total freedom of choice to make, manifest, or do whatever you wish, without any restrictions on your desires, actions or interactions with one another——all of which will be based primarily on something you will call ‘fear.’ While this may sound unloving, you must always remember none of it will be Real.”

The group then Mind-melded with the King to receive his blessing on their mission, a blessing to which he added his Love-filled thanks for the roles they would play in bringing the darkness to the Light.



The Stage Is Set



Ring and his associates put the King’s mission to the back of their minds as they became preoccupied with what to do about their 300,000 year old evolving universe composed of radiation and matter. They wanted to be sure that, eventually, they could play in the stuff, but were not too confident that mistakes would not be made. So, to make certain the Living Spiral programs were all right they decided to enlist the direct help of an experienced Theater Builder. Several veterans recommended Elohm to them.

They found him in the baby universe nursery where he was tidying up emission leaks from the rear ends of pre-natal singularities. Elohm readily agreed to be co-opted into the team, especially when he heard the King had asked them to investigate the darker aspects of imagination.

“Although I have helped in the construction of a couple of dense Theaters this is the first time there has been an assigned purpose. I mean, other than fun and games, that is. Can I go all the way with you?”

“Certainly,” agreed Ring, “if only we knew what, or where, ‘all the way’ is.”

“But that is the challenge.” Elohm was becoming animated. “Venturing into unexplored, unknown territory is very exciting, my friends. I’ll help you tweak the system so we get it just right.”

Wave, the scientist, was intrigued but somewhat skeptical. “Fine. Then you can start by tweaking all this dark matter, this atomic matter and the radiation as well. Our universe is on hold at 300,000 years and it is already more than half a billion light years across. The ripples in the hydrogen and helium are ready to go. All you have to do Elohm is tell us what to do with the stuff!”

“Just let it loose! The Living Spirals know all about the combined bottom-up/top-down scenario for clumping the gases in just the right way. The hydrogen and helium atoms, at 6,000K approximately, are now free of any interference from electromagnetic radiation which itself will now slowly cool as it traverses and bounces around your ‘transparent’ universe.”

“Great! Then let us all return to the Causal Domain and let it rip!” exclaimed Arch who was anxious to get on with it.

Once re-established in the higher level Causal Domain, the group, which now numbered eight, communed with the “atomic” Living Spirals so releasing them from their non-local holding state. The minuscule dark “matter” singularities, which comprised about 69% of all mass, now begin to exert their gravitational influence. Together with the 30% dark matter particles, they quickly begin to coalesce the one percent of atomic gas (mostly hydrogen and helium) in the Theater’s total mass into denser, foamlike clusterings. The gravitational influence of all the dark matter also now begins to pull the gas-matter within those foamlike clouds into nebular clumps dense enough to begin star-forming. And all this complex organization is happening by the time the universe is one billion years old.

Elohm was ecstatic. “Can you see,” he exclaimed, “that it is the Living Spirals who comprise the cold dark singularities who fine tune the whole gravitational warping process of forming the Theater. These dark singularities constantly thin out or congregate to just the right extent in any given place in the Mindfield in order to coalesce the hydrogen, helium and a few other gaseous elements into these strings of coagulating mass. It all looks like an amorphous, randomly happening mess but I assure you those dark Living Spirals, with a little help, know exactly what they are doing. They nudge and pull, so to speak, so that down the road every kind of element with all their necessary properties will be produced in exactly the right quantities, at the right time and in the right environment. And, moreover, it is happening everywhere in our Mindfield Theater, so as to create a perfect scatter of the future intricate conditions for physical life-forms throughout the universe. Ring, you and your associates here will eventually be able to play everywhere and anywhere!”

“Thanks for the reassurance, Elohm,” said Apex with a sense of relief that their imprecise purposes were likely to be fulfilled in the future.

“And now for the fireworks, my friends.” Elohm laughs delightedly as the first simple star is born. It ignites quickly and the team hardly has time to zoom in for closer observation before millions of pinpoints of brilliant light begin to pepper the Theater. Just previously the universe had been dark because free photons as radiation are invisible unless they have something to reflect off. The hydrogen and helium gases had, until recently, been too thinly dispersed, even as ripples, to reflect light. But now, as much of the gaseous matter condenses and clusters, it begins to randomly reflect radiation in color. Furthermore, as new stars begin igniting within these colorful nebula clouds the overall effect is one of a myriad twinkling lights studding many convoluted veils and billows of pastel hues. Of course, the group could “see” the entire spectrum of electromagnetic radiation whether reflected or emitted, because it is Mind that sees, even in the dreamtime——literally.

The temperature of the dense Theater at one billion years is 18 degrees Kelvin. As the numerous nebula clouds of gas, nascent with first generation stars, jostle each other within the webwork many merge to form larger clusters which are already becoming the primeval galaxies of the universe. Some of the numerous groups of these first clumps and clusters are sufficiently close to form giant quasars. Quasars are made of innumerable early star clusters in the process of merging. They become incredibly big, dense super-galaxies of galaxies, each with a giant black hole at the center, but they also contain innumerable numbers of even the largest of stars. These massive super-stars have a very short lifetime before they compress into the largest possible neutron stars which promptly explode as type II supernovas. Their violent explosions are indirectly aided and abetted by the vast compression environment provided by dark Living Spiral singularities. With innumerable type II supernovas continuously happening these immense quasars light up the Theater magnificently. But the supernovas also have another purpose, namely, that of manufacturing the first generation of new elements heavier than hydrogen, helium and lithium. These elements, such as carbon, silicon and oxygen, are either thrown out into intergalactic/quasar space or reincorporated within the quasar into yet new star compressions to form a second generation of still heavier elements.

Not all of the first galaxies merged into quasars. Many were sufficiently isolated to remain independent of quasar formation. Even so, much galaxy mixing and clump consolidation does take place, events which also stir up the Theater environment. In these colliding early galaxies both type I and type II supernova explosions frequently take place spewing more and more complex elements into their surroundings. Only the concentrated gravitational presence of the dark Living Spirals singularities prevents the quasars and galaxies (the matter and energy of which is also comprised of Living Spirals) from entirely self-destructing into rich intergalactic dust. It is the spectacular quasars, which bathe the infant cosmos in an ultraviolet glow, that dominate the first few billion years of the evolution of the universe. Slowly they will die out as space continues to expand and their energy/mass is dispersed through the wider webwork by supernova explosions. This dispersion is further assisted by the dark Living Spirals who can fine tune the concentrations of mass/energy through gravitational influence at any time. To accomplish this they simply warp the local fabric of space-time because in a sense they are space-time. This fine tuning prevents most of the matter from disappearing into the great black holes at the center of the quasars and most galaxies.

It is in the middle of this fiery display, during which most of the intergalactic clouds are being swept into star-forming quasars and galaxies, that the Living Spirals call for a telepathic conference.

“We can only go so far in this process,” they tell the group. “We can, at our level, cope with every function from the Big Bang emission to the structuring of atoms and simple molecules. We are also able to form, control and evolve simple stars, quasars and young galaxies. But from here on out evolution is going to get much more complicated and so we will need ‘vertical,’ hierarchical layers of Mind to help us organize ourselves into higher forms and complicated structures. These ‘higher’ Mindforms will not be overlords but rather, helpful systems engineers who will help design, structure and keep in place complex chemical and organic ‘stuff.’ We will still be the only content of this complex ‘stuff.’ We would also add that any future biological beings will need not only designers and engineers, but also psychological ‘cement,’ ‘bolts’ and ‘welding’——like instincts, for example.”

“What in Heaven are they talking about?” asked Cone, the psychologist.

“Devaminds,” answered Elohm who had heard this request several times before. “We have to Mind-meld with the Living Spirals and create a hybrid variety of Mind which will happily perform all the functions they mentioned as well as some they haven’t.”

Oval, the mathematician was intrigued. “But why are these Devaminds necessary? After all, Wave, Arch and I can design and calculate the inherent organization and structure of anything.”

“You mathematicians and scientists are all the same,” Elohm replied. “You naively think that when you have mathematically defined something, described all its attributes and discovered the laws on which it operates, that you have stated what its Being is. You think things are held together or pushed apart by ‘force fields’ such as magnetism, but you haven’t the faintest idea what a force field really is, or, for that matter, what Life is.”

“Yes we do!” exclaimed the group. “All Life and its forces in this Theater are Living Spirals operating in specific ways within a greater Mindfield. Even gluons are Living Spirals holding other Living Spirals together in imagination. And a gravitational wave or warp is no more than an imaginary ripple or dent in our dream of space-time, which is also made of Living Spirals.”

Elohm chuckles. “Very good! I just wanted to remind you, forcefully, that all this content, structure and form is taking place in a Theater of the Dreamtime and only occurs in our collective imaginations, which includes the imagination of the Living Spirals. Now let us get on with the game. We must Mind-meld with the Spirals and create a large number of Devaminds who will handle the natural hierarchy for us. No one can create higher level organizations out of lower ones without higher Mind-input. If higher complexities could evolve spontaneously out of the lower, simpler ones you would have to believe in anti-entropic magic. All evolving systems are created from the top down, not the bottom up, and Mind-as-such is not only the creator but also the manifested material and energy.”

Ring felt a little put out by Elohm’s speech until he realized that he and the group had been becoming emotionally involved with the building of the Theater. Perhaps they did need Elohm’s timely reminder that this was not Reality. He said nothing, however, and the others were too preoccupied to catch his thoughts.

As usual, Arch was the one who wanted to get the universe rolling again. “Then let’s Mind-meld now and manufacture as many Devaminds as the Living Spirals will need.”

“For the moment we should only make them on an ‘as-needed’ basis with a slight running surplus,” countered Elohm. “After a while the Devaminds will also learn to self-replicate whenever the Living Spirals call for additional support. These Devamind beings will have to manage a wide variety of specialized tasks and functions all the way from galaxy evolution to genetic mutations so it is preferable to devise and ‘manufacture’ them specifically as we proceed.”

Apex chipped in. “Then the Devaminds can monitor and control a much wider range of functions than the Living Spirals?”

“Yes, as I said, all the way from running a galaxy to organizing mutations; from maintaining a live planet to master-minding a single cell. Devaminds can work alongside each other, within each other, through each other, or around each other in any complex combination. Devaminds are never the content of material objects though. Material content, in terms of actual matter, radiation or other energy, is always made of the Living Spirals. Get it?”

“Got it!” echoed the group as they settled their minds for the joint purpose of mind-melding with the Living Spirals to create a large batch of Devaminds. Within no time at all myriads of Devaminds flooded the Mutable Domain which was to be their principal seat of operations. From there they could instantly overview the entire Material Domain and insert themselves, at will, into it, or out of it, as necessary. This was not a ruler-to-subject situation, but a mutual, cooperative interaction with the Living Spirals which would enable complex, living systems, from galaxies to cells, to function and evolve.

The Devaminds, which were operating from the Mutable Domain into the material level, could be cooperatively managed by the team, if necessary, from the causal plane. As the Theater evolved in complexity, the group, with Elohm playing a key role, became more and more involved in this benign management process. Thus all three domains in the Mindfield were engaged in constant, creative communication in every way.

The Devaminds began by supervising the early stars in both the independent galaxies and the conglomerates of nascent galaxies within quasars. Their main objective is to ensure that the elements spewed out by those early supernova star explosions are recycled into new stars to be made into still heavier elements. As Elohm had explained it to the group, long before the first star exploded, the team had to ensure that the weak force was just the right strength to allow neutrinos to contribute their energy to the blasting supernova shock wave.

“This neutrino/weak-force ‘gateway’ maximizes the outward thrust of the shock wave thus scattering elements and radiation far out into interstellar space,” he told them.

“Stars are born as large sections of the clouds of hydrogen, helium, lithium and dust contract and then collapse under their own gravitational influence. These are nascent stars which suck in more and more matter as their cores further contract under their own weight so creating a solid sphere which ignites the nuclear plasma in its core. This makes them shine with light. The new stars may continue to acquire matter from the cloud, but gradually they generate their own outward-thrusting radiation and this ultraviolet ‘wind’ gently blows away the surrounding dust and gases so they shine in relatively clear space. But most retain a wide circumstellar disk of dust conglomerates which, for stars in mature galaxies, may eventually become planets.”

As the scientist Wave was curious about the role of the Devaminds in all this. So Elohm continued, “All this, the Devaminds have to coordinate with the Living Spirals and it gets even more complicated. I could give you a detailed, scientific lecture on the many successive tiny ‘gateways’ through which carbon-12 is produced from two fused hydrogen nuclei in a star’s nuclear furnace, but you would be bored. Suffice it to say the entire process is a very delicate and incredibly complex one, which leaves enough stable carbon-12 to be distributed later around the universe for the formation of complex chemicals. And, furthermore, sufficient oxygen is left, even after heavier elements are formed, to help with these processes. The carbon, oxygen and heavier elements are blasted throughout galactic space when stars explode as supernovas. All this the permanent Devaminds must coordinate for the Living Spirals as scientific, meta-mind organizers.”

Apex, the teleologist, was intrigued by the ingenious complexity of the evolving cosmos including the intricate convolutions of the anthropic process through which the Living Spirals had to pass.

Elohm paused, then went on with his talk. “Many of these massive stars are second (or later) generation stars which have sucked in some of this previously ejected interstellar material recycling it into various very heavy elements. This physical creation process goes on and on solely to ensure plentiful supplies of almost every kind of chemical material in our cosmos. And, my friend Apex, it all evolves by deliberate design through that maze of millions of anthropic gateways, each step of which is masterminded by the team, the Living Spirals and now the Devaminds. These mind-linkages in the Mindfield are the ‘invisible’ integration which holds the universe together. In fact the universe is multilevel Mind operating on Mind, within Mind-as-such, and nothing else.”

Cube, the ethicist, and Cone, the psychologist, were suffering from mental overload, but Elohm had made them realize that their Theater called for a far more complex, engineered evolution than they had ever dreamed of.

“You will remember,” Elohm said, “that the first embryonic galaxies to emerge from the ripples by one billion years, were numerous veil-like filaments and globular clusters. These cloud-strings and clusters quickly gave birth to first generation stars. In time, many of the star clusters merge with one another and, under the influence of both dark singularities and Devaminds form spiral arm galaxies which become very efficient star reproducers as the Devaminds, in concert with us, fine tune them through many gateways. As these galaxies slowly rotate, their spiral arms ‘mother’ many second and third generation stars which, on exploding as supernovae, disperse into galactic space a wide variety of higher elements and chemicals. Much of this valuable debris is again compacted behind the spiral arms and recycled into subsequent star generations which produce even more and richer conglomerations of matter. As is the intention of the team some of this enriched material eventually coalesces as disks of organic chemicals, dirty ice and dust circling around all kinds of sun-stars in the galaxy. In turn, this matter often coalesces into planetary systems of every size and diversity.

 “It is neither an accident, nor the result of a fortuitous physical evolution that some of this wide variety of star-made substances will finish up as components of life-forms on living planets. It is all being deliberately planned by us Theater builders,” concluded Elohm.

“We know that, Elohm,” said Ring. “Why are you telling us something we are obviously participating in?”

“I don’t know,” Elohm answered, looking puzzled, “I just had an intuition that sometime in the future you might forget.”

*   *   *

Arch, who was impatient to get back to creating kaleidoscopic panoramas with strings of galaxies, felt a sudden mind-switch to another time. He was now an attractive woman, a gifted artist-designer, who was visiting San Francisco with her close friend, Tel Apex. Tel’s parents owned a popular Greek restaurant there. He was, in fact, a professor of philosophy back East, in Washington, DC. She and Tel were in the middle of making energetic love on a large bed when he paused to ask her to marry him…. Before she could reply Arch was wrenched back into the Causal Domain where, he noted, Apex was telepathically grinning at him in amusement.

Arch wanted to know the reasons behind these episodes which he and other members of the team were experiencing, and Elohm was the one to ask.

“It’s all a matter of time,” he explained. “Here on the causal plane we have equal access to all the past, present and future events of the Physical Domain even though, as you told the King, you decided not to look into the future. That future is, however, on occasions, bleeding through from another part of our collective and individual Mindfields because in Reality all is known.”

Cone, the psychologist, was mystified. “How can we know a future that has not yet happened——that's impossible.”

“Only impossible in imaginary time which is the kind of linear time we are inventing right now as we evolve this material universe. Matter has to appear to function sequentially in one direction within the ‘arrow of time,’ or there would be chaos. You have just had a taste of that chaos in your bleed-through from the future, Arch. Just ignore them and as we establish sequential time more firmly these phenomena will go away and you will forget them.”

“Well, it was fun,” smiled Arch. “At least it seems as if we will take a little of the Ecstasy of Reality with us into the future and inject it into physical forms.”

*   *   *

The universe was now six billion years old. Some of the spiral arm galaxies had already collided forming giant elliptical galaxies. These unions would initially produce one last great fertile flurry of star birth before finally settling into a dormant, sterile phase, literally caused by running out of gas. Unless, of course, another nearby gassed-up galaxy was close enough to be captured and “mated” with.

Around the trillions of long-lived sun-stars in the cosmos, a wide diversity of planets formed relatively quickly. Once such a main sequence star has settled its core into a steady state of hydrogen-to-helium burning, it could live ten billion years or more, which allows plenty of time for many types of planets to form and mature. The gas, water, ice, dust and debris not absorbed into a sun-star, initially swirls around it as a flattened disk. This material soon cools and coalesces into chunks and rocks made of many elements and compounds. With the help of the Devaminds and some dark matter Living Spirals, the spinning clumps of miscellaneous matter continue to combine into larger units until one or more planets are created. The complex spinning and swirling within the disk system often causes eddies which, in turn, form natural satellites or moons. These then rotate around their respective planets.

“The variety and combinations of stars, planets and satellites in all the galaxies of the universe is almost infinite,” concluded Elohm, leaving the group with a sense of awe at what mere imagination could do.

“I think we should now report back to King Origin and let him know what we have done thus far,” said Ring.

“Most of us are much too busy with the Theater to leave at this point,” declared Oval, the mathematician.

Arch agreed with him. “The King will have to wait. We are right at a crucial transformational phase of the program.”

“Listen,” interjected Cube, the ethicist, “Why don’t Ring and I return to see His Happiness while the rest of you continue with the work here. That way everything will be taken care of.”

Ring was a little doubtful, but the others pressured him to go along with Cube’s idea.

Just as the two team members were departing for the Realm of Reality, Elohm called after them, “And Ring, don’t be away too long because, soon, we have to seed the entire Theater of the Dreamtime with Living minimind Beings. So hurry back!”



The Seeds Are Sown



As Ring and Cube re-entered the Realm of Reality a surge of Love swept through their Minds taking them by surprise.

“Did you feel that?” asked Cube. “How could that happen? Aren’t we supposed to be full of Loving Oneness all the time?”

“I believed that too, but somehow, while we have been away in the Theater, we must have gradually become somewhat depleted. And now, on our return to Reality, we have been recharged to capacity with Love by the Source of Love.”

“That is True,” boomed the King within Whose Mind they had Being. He had registered their Mind-shift from the Causal Plane back to Reality and read their thoughts on the open communion network. Ring was overjoyed.

“Our Loving greetings to you, Sire, we are glad to be Home again, but please tell us how it is possible ever to have less than maximum levels of Love.”

“You cannot,” replied the King, and he paused briefly as they registered bewilderment, “except in imagination. Whenever you are focused outward in imagination, you become so preoccupied with your projections, such as for example, your Theater, that you temporarily and to a degree, forget our inward Loving Oneness. What happened on your entrance to Reality was only your reawakening to the Love that was always there in this Oneness. Love is subjective Oneness!”

“Yes, we forgot,” murmured Ring and Cube who both felt quite contrite at having to be reminded of their eternal attributes.

“But where are your friends?” inquired the King, changing the subject.

“They are very busy with Elohm because our Theater building is at a very decisive phase of construction, Your Serenity.” Ring now felt faintly embarrassed by his overemphasized, shallow excuse.

“Yes, I understand their concern,” replied King Origin magnanimously. “However, it is always surprising how preoccupied my subjects can become with the objects of their own theatrical fantasies.”

“Why do we need to do that, Sire?” inquired Cube who, now that he was back in Reality, also wondered about their increasing addiction to their project.

“It is all due to the direct contrast between subjective Loving Oneness and the false externalization and diversity of projected sensory objects.”

Cone caught on quickly. “You mean, Sire, that the inner Oneness of Reality is the exact opposite of an outer variety, such as our constantly changing Fantasyland?”

King Origin smiled softly at Cube’s quick insight. “Yes, your statement would be true except for one important fact.”

“Which is?” asked Ring rather bluntly.

“The fact that Reality has no opposite because the things of imagination do not exist, and ‘nothing’ cannot be in opposition to anything,” the King explained. “Not even itself,” he added cryptically, “because zero cannot be in opposition to zero; Oval will tell you that. Everything in terms of matter, energy, space and time within your Theater adds up to nothing——zero!”

Ring was puzzled. “Then how does it exist? I mean, there are the Living Spirals. They are something and they are Real!”

“True, they are extensions emanating from your Minds, who conform to your plans, designs and above all, your wishes,” explained King Origin.

“We understand that, Your Happiness,” responded Cube, “but how does Mind in the form of projected Living Spirals make itself visible and tangible to the Mind that projects them?”

“Well, its very simple in Reality. Projected imagination as experienced in dreams, even without the presence or aid of Living Spirals, is an inherent quality of my Mind and hence, of all Minds-as-such. Pure Mind-as-such is the Creator. As I have said before Mind creates ‘other’ Minds, or Mind-Identities, by encapsulating ‘segments’ of itself within itself in pure Love. That is pure Mind creation. Also, each ‘segment’ permeates the Whole and the Whole is in each ‘segment.’ Eventually, you will mimic this with DNA but don’t be concerned with that for Now.”

“Thank you for reminding us of our origin in you, Sire,” Ring answered patiently, “but what about those Living Spirals?”

“Oh, that is just rotation. All apparent manifestation caused by Living Spirals is nothing more than seeming spin. I say ‘seeming’ spin because even that is not Really there. It is still an imaginary projection, but by a psychological agreement Living Spiral spin or rotation, when embedded within imagined objects, manifests them as ‘visible’ or ‘tangible.’ In other words external things are composed of only swirling Mind within Mind including the senses themselves. If you stop the spin it all vanishes. Be still and know that I am only Mind-as-such. This spinning occurs at many physical levels from Living Spiral strings to particles, atoms and even galaxies, stars and planets.”

“That makes sense, or rather no ‘senses’,” grinned Ring. “But why do you say what is manifested through the agency of spinning Living Spirals is not real. In the Theater those galaxies, quasars, stars and planets all seem real enough.”

“Yes, Ring, it would appear so, but even the spin and rotation itself is only apparent. In pure Mind-as-such the only ‘time’ there is, is Now. Nothing exists, not even Mind, other than in this instant, Now. Therefore even spin is only a series of infinitely tiny instants each of which frames a still picture. The imagination alters each succeeding still picture just enough to give the appearance of both spin and grosser movements. It is quite literally imaginary wheels within wheels within wheels all ticking to the same Now moment, which, incidentally is not the same as your imaginary time in the Theater. Imaginary time is merely scene-shifting in the sense that the movie of the past, present or future which you wish to run is run Now. The Living Spirals and Devaminds will run, Now, any scenes you wish to experience from any imaginary time——past, present or future. Even in your most dense Theater this is so. Of course, when you, as miniminds, are immersed in that dense domain and living in imaginary time you won’t believe all this. If you did believe it truly, the ‘reality’ of the Theater would just disappear. Poof!”

Ring and Cube were impressed by the King’s deft explanations of Real time and imaginary time. They remembered they had used imaginary time after the Big Bang to survey the progress and phases of Theater construction. Their telepathic musings were interrupted by Origin.

“I wish to re-emphasize to you that you and your theatrical activities are all taking place in your imaginings while you are here in the Realm of Reality; that it is impossible for you to exist elsewhere because there is no elsewhere. You may fall asleep and dream whenever you wish but you cannot exist outside this Reality.”

“We do understand that, Sire, and we thank you for refreshing our memories as to who we really are. Now we would like to return to the Causal Domain. The others are waiting for us so we can join our Minds and seed the Theater.”

“Yes, you have the power to create Beings, a power you received from me,” responded the King gently. “Use that power wisely and Lovingly because all Mind-as-such Beings you create, all of whom are identical to you and me, will also have Eternal Life, Now.”

“Thank you again, Your Happiness. We’ll be back to see you in a little while.”

The King smiled. “Is that ‘while’ in Real time or imaginary time?”

Ring and Cone were startled for a moment, then replied, “It would be in imaginary time, Sire, because in Real time we cannot leave you or your Loving Oneness.”

“Very good, well said! Now go and play even though I will miss your Consciousness as you sleep. I will never cease to Love and Care for all of you and I will send you Teachers when you need them.”

*   *   *

The others were waiting a trifle impatiently when Ring and Cube reappeared in the Causal Domain. The others in the team did not even want to hear what King Origin had said about time, material manifestation, spin and stillness. Elohm assured Ring and Cube he knew all about them anyway, and that after the seeding he would elaborate further on the King’s discussion.

The seeding of the universe with trillions of Mind-as-such Beings was a very simple procedure. The group, including Elohm, joined in a silent mind-meld of Love which first encapsulated minute ‘pieces’ of their individual Minds, then released them into the wider Mindfield. These created Mind Beings were already in a minimind state which mirrored that of the team, but these new Beings also possessed all the attributes of King Origin’s Mind. They were as much his children as the team no matter how many generations of Mind creation occurred and they, too, had the instant power to create Mind children. Furthermore, they did not have to grow up, or to acquire Knowledge. The King’s Infinite Wisdom lay in their Minds, and, although they could deny and bury that Knowledge, it was impossible to extinguish it. In actual fact, of course, nothing new had been created. All Mind-as-such that ever would exist already existed. Anyway, imaginary time and space were made by Mind-as-such and not vice versa. New Mind-Beinghood, even from generation to generation, was only the encapsulation in Love, of Mind that had always existed; Mind which, in the final analysis, only existed in, and as, the King.

The group’s birthing of almost numberless new Beings took no time at all. They poured forth countless miniminds with all the characteristics of artists and ethicists, scientists and psychologists, mathematicians and teleologists, coordinators and builders all built in. These newborns, who were able to switch domains easily, showed little immediate interest in exploring Reality. They were children of the Theater, born with such an intense curiosity that they spread far and wide to explore this cosmic home, and to play, of course.

“What shall we call them,” asked Apex, the teleologist, who felt that names were linked with destiny.

“Mindkins, because that is what they are,” suggested Cone who liked to be literal, especially about kinship births.

The Mindkins penetrated every part of the universe. They befriended the Devaminds and Living Spirals so familiarizing themselves with how the cosmos worked. Whether it was black holes, quasars, spiral arms, dark matter, gluons, or star-core fusion, the Mindkins scrutinized every detail to discover how it functioned.

“Do we just let them loose to do whatever they like,” asked Ring as the amazed team watched their offspring investigate every corner of the Theater.

“Why not?” answered Elohm. “This is what Theater creation is all about. The Mindkins will create the infinite diversity of form, process and content that this Dreamland is all about. Call it ‘creative play’, or, ‘evolution-at-work’, or, ‘what you will’, it is the reason that all this exists in our mutual imaginations. Within the psycho-physical laws, constraints and boundaries inherent in the nature of the dense domain there are no limits on evolutionary diversity. If it can be imagined it can be manifested somewhere, somehow and at some time. Every little niche can, and probably will, be filled once the Mindkins, Devaminds and Living Spirals collectively roll the evolutionary ball. But, even as we observe them, so we, too, can continue to roll our ball and see where it takes us. Remember that you guys made this Globe Playhouse to play in and thus far we are still only in Act One, Scene Four!”

“Then let’s move it along,” agreed the team.

“Where shall we go from here?” asked Arch who felt at a loss as to what they should do next.

“We can play games just like the ones we used to play in our minimind imaginations in the Realm of Reality,” suggested Wave, the scientist.

“That would be nothing novel,” Ring replied. “Elohm, do you have any ideas?”

“No. It is your Theater and your play. I just came along to help you achieve what you desire——and for the ride.”

“Anyone else have any bright ideas?”

“I do,” Apex chipped in. “Do you remember how we used to play ‘Hide and Seek’ in our games? We could build multidimensional tunnels through space, time and domains as a kind of maze in which to hide, chase after and find each other.”

“You mean ‘wormholes’,” Elohm said, “Some exist already and it would be quite feasible to expand them into a more elaborate system. The Devaminds would help us with that.”

“And we could ride inside cylinders through the wormhole maze for extra thrills,” Oval added.

Ring was excited by the concept of time-space-domain wormhole mazes. In no time at all the group, in collaboration with the Devaminds and Living Spirals, laced the cosmos with an intricate labyrinth of wormholes. Soon the group members, each one within an imaged cylinder, were riding the network. All kinds of games and activities were invented. For most games to be possible all telepathic group communication had to be shut down. The team also had to disconnect from the minds of the Living Spirals because all these were in perfect communication with each other throughout both the universe and all domains.

Gradually, boredom set in as the members exhausted a wide variety of playful pursuits. The games lost their novelty leaving the team dispirited and empty. That kind of excitement was proving to be short lived. Arch and Wave had even crashed through a couple of E-R Bridges into neighboring universes until Cube explained that this was an unethical interference with the Theater-building of other Beings. It was not too long before Ring as coordinator requested a meeting.

“We all acknowledge that we are losing interest in these meaningless types of activity,” he said, “so I am suggesting we start looking for something more meaningful.”

“And more lasting,” added Arch, the artist, who became jaded quite easily.

Elohm felt unused. “It seems I will have nothing more to accomplish in this Theater if all you wish to do is play games. I may as well return to Reality as waste time racing around endless corridors that lead nowhere.”

“Wait!” exclaimed Cone, the psychologist. “I think I have an idea which will resolve all our problems and if it works it will keep you employed for billions of years, Elohm.”

Elohm was perplexed. “But Cone, the Theater is more or less fully formed now that nine billion years have passed. Certainly it will continue to evolve until it eventually collapses into its own Big Crunch but the team, the Living Spirals and the Devaminds can coordinate all that. You don’t need me.”

“I think that what I have in my mind may test even your first-rate capabilities as a builder, Elohm.”

By this time Cone had got the unwavering attention of the whole group. “And it might also enable us to find a way to incorporate the King’s mission into the project. The more I think about it, the more I can surmise it may be the ‘unconscious’ dreamtime reason behind why we wanted to build this Theater in the first place.”

“Well, don’t keep us hanging here,” exclaimed Ring dryly. “Reveal this ‘marvelous’ plan which will keep us all occupied for eons to come. Let’s have it, now!”

“Fine, I will spell it out in detail because I have been giving it considerable thought. So hear me out before you comment, okay?”

“Sure,” agreed the team. So Cone began to elaborate on the ideas he had been incubating while he had tooled around in the tunnels of the dreamtime.



The Script Is Outlined



“We have to get inside this stuff,” Cone declared a little dramatically.

“What do you mean, ‘inside it’,” Wave countered. “We can move into matter, jump through it, or swirl it around us any time we wish. What’s so new about that?”

“I don’t mean just that sort of being inside. What I am suggesting is that we find a way to operate it from the inside. You know how we get inside our cylinders and racket around? Well, what I have in mind is the ultimate cylinder, or sheath, or set of sheaths, over which we each have total control and maneuverability.” Cone felt that his exposition of his idea was inadequate.

It was Arch who reassured him. “I think I am beginning to catch your drift Cone. You don’t want just to play in matter, you want to be matter, in a manner of speaking.”

“Yes, in a sense you could put it that way. If we are to participate truly in this Theater we need to get right into its substance. We need to be in there with the Living Spirals and Devaminds in an almost indistinguishable union of ‘matter’ and ‘mind’ at every level from the quarks out. I must admit I haven’t the faintest idea as to how, where, or when we can achieve such an enmeshment with the physical but I have a deep intuition that it is not only what we came here for, but that it also has something to do with the King’s mission.”

“Which was to explore the dark side,” Apex, the teleologist, informed them quietly.

“Whatever that means,” added Oval. “But even if we can just play games in these material suits I will be happy to go along.”

Elohm smiled. “I’m sure you will all play lots of games in them my friends. This will be new territory for me to build in. I have not come across such a proposal as Cone’s in all my years of Theater building. It sounds like a real challenge to pull it off, and I don’t even know where to start!”

Apex had a question. “We need some kind of objective here. What would be our purpose in doing this project?”

“I didn’t have any specific aim in mind, Apex, but now that you have mentioned the ‘dark side,’ we could make that our goal.”

“If only we knew what it meant,” reiterated Oval.

Cube, the ethicist, felt he had something to contribute here. “If King Origin and the Realm of Reality are only about Love, then we can assume that the ‘dark side’ is unloving.”

Elohm grunted. “I’ve never heard of such a concept… .”

“’In all my years of Theater building,’” the group chimed in, laughing.

Cube was not to be deterred. “Because the Love of His Happiness is so all pervasive, even here in our Theater, we would have to construct a ‘dark world’ in order to explore a lack of Love.”

Ring latched onto Cube’s notion. “Then along with the material costumes we are proposing, perhaps we should manufacture a miniature Theater dedicated to our exploration of darkness, or ‘not-Love’.”

“This is insane,” interjected Cone. “How can we create costumes and a world of darkness when Everything, Everywhere is Love, Light and Joy?”

“That is a challenge,” said Elohm again. “It will take a lot of pretending and acting to eliminate the Light.”

“We will need several buffer zones,” ventured Wave, to preserve this ultimate illusion, this darkness.”

Arch was mystified. “Buffer zones? Fill me in on buffer zones!”

“I’m hazy myself,” Wave replied. “I thought that, maybe, we could work this whole physical thing from the Mutable Domain level rather than the Causal. That would place our miniature world two domains away from Reality. That means there would be two layers of buffering between it and the King’s primary Source of Love and Light.”

“Great idea,” agreed Elohm. “We may even be able to layer the Mutable Domain itself and intermingle several of its lowest strata with the dense domain. That would interpose still more buffers between Reality and our make-believe mini-theater.”

“What will this mini-theater look like and where will we locate it?” asked Arch who knew he would be intimately involved in its architectural planning.

“Obviously, it has to be physical if we are to be clothed in physical costumes,” replied Cone, “and we will want to interact with it primarily in physical ways. There can be none of this passing right through matter or willing it away. Our interaction will have to be as dense as the hard walls we used to bump into in our imaginations, back in Reality.”

“That is heavy, Cone,” commented Arch. “But won’t that degree of density spoil all our fun? Surely we will get tired of crashing?”

“No, I think not, because I imagine we will invent many other things to do once we immerse ourselves in matter. If the dark side is as extensive as the infinite Light there will be no shortage of areas and events to explore.”

Ring, as coordinator, felt the team now had enough information to put the project to a vote, one which was carried unanimously even though all of them had inner, unidentified misgivings.

*   *   *

Once the team had made the decision to forge ahead they were faced with many practical problems each of which needed to be thought through. As this was a top-down creation by Minds, each step downwards had to be deduced from an immediately higher one. In other words each particular “item” or “thing” had to emerge from higher, wider parameters which would determine its nature and attributes.

Apex suggested the group clarify and summarize the basic principles and concepts——the parameters——within which they would have to work. In short, they needed blueprints.

“I agree,” said Ring, “so let’s call the matter we each intend to immerse ourselves in, our ‘costume’. Now, if these costumes are to last for any length of imaginary time not only must they be durable, but also they must exist in an environment which will not vaporize, impair, or freeze them.”

“That means we will not be able to reside on stars, or out in space, or in a wormhole,” said Wave who thought that, as the scientist, he should play a major role here. “I suspect we will also need to have every kind of material resource that the anthropic principle has produced. Every element, every molecule and every compound, including those produced by supernovas, should be available to us in case we have to use it to construct our costumes and our environment.” The others in the team concurred that these assumptions sounded very reasonable.

Arch was the next to come up with yet another key parameter. “This environment business, it must be relatively finite and limited, not just because of material resources, but because we have to isolate ourselves from Love and that means from our Mindkins. Also, if we are to operate in isolation from Mindkins and Reality, then our environment must be self-contained in the sense that it has to be tucked away in a tiny corner of the cosmos and yet be self-sufficient in every way.”

“This sounds like a miniature kind of setting,” responded Ring. He turned to Elohm and asked, “Do you know any environment which is tiny, limited, isolated, self-sufficient, which possesses every element and compound, and which will not vaporize or freeze us in our proposed costumes?”

“The only place like that,” Elohm answered slowly, “would be a small planet orbiting a long-life sun-star in a spiral galaxy which is not merging with another. Such a star and planet might have a life of up to ten billion years——would that be long enough?”

“I don’t know,” replied Ring, “because this is all new to us. But a planet! That’s not tiny, that’s microscopic!”

Elohm laughed. “Then let’s make the costumes tinier. It’s all a matter of proportions. Did you expect to inhabit a whole galaxy or perhaps a spiral arm?”

“Something like that,” smiled Ring, “not just a little lump of dusty dirt.”

“But, surely, that is where our creative talents will come in. Anyway, if you want sophisticated physical costumes which will be neither consumed by nuclear fires nor frozen solid in deep space, then there is no alternative——a planet it has to be.”

Ring was reluctantly persuaded. “All right. A planet it is, so let us all go and look for a nice piece of real estate.”

“I think you mean un-real estate, Ring,” laughed Cube, “it seems I already have to remind you the only Real things are in the Realm of Reality.”

“True, but now we have to forget all that,” replied Ring. “Our venture into darkness must distance itself psychologically and spiritually from the King and his Land of Light.”

“You know there is no way to do that, Ring. Our Minds-as-such must always be inside Origin’s Mind-as-such wherever we are.”

“I know, I know, so we will have to pretend we are separated from him. Once we find this minuscule planet Elohm thinks we must live on, we have to set it up as if the King and Reality do not exist. It must be totally independent.”

Cube and the others were dumbfounded. Apex recovered first. “The pretense has to be that complete? How can any Mind-Being be alive without being aware of the Mind of the King and of the Love with which he encapsulated us? He is all Life! Surely there is no degree of pretense that can obliterate that fact.”

Ring acknowledged Apex’s logic with a wan smile. “Nevertheless, anything is possible. Even His Happiness said we would suffer from amnesia if we decided to embrace the darkness. These is no other way because dreams of darkness and Real Light are totally incompatible. Thus any life we have or create on our planet of darkness will have to not know its Origin and deny its constant Source of Beingness.”

“That is incomprehensible,” replied Arch, the architect. “How can we build any form or living structure without the aid of the Living Spirals as matter and energy, and without the help of the Devaminds to organize and maintain their hierarchical, synchronized systems? We must remain aware of the Living Spirals and Devaminds and their Mind-functioning in our schemes to form costumes. To what will we attribute all these material, formal, efficient and final Causes?”

“I don’t know, other than that we will probably use vague terminologies such as, ‘nature’, ‘nature’s imagination’, ‘evolution’, or ‘God’, without defining the essence of them. And we can also invent several simplistic creation stories with just enough truth in them to convince us of their complete authenticity.”

“I’m beginning to catch on, Ring,” interjected Cone, the psychologist. “We will need to invent multiple, diversionary, belief systems. Then we install ‘make-belief,’ per se, as the cornerstone of each individual’s minimind. ‘Belief’ will have to be so powerful that even those who believe they do not believe will be convinced they are right. In fact, everyone must believe they are right and those who doubt must believe it is right to doubt.”

Elohm was pleased about the way the group had begun to devise ways and means to blind themselves to their own Reality. He, too, had given some thought to the overall set-up required, if this darkness project was to work. “There are two more proposals I would like to put forward. First, I think I should remain on the Causal and Mutable Domains because someone has to coordinate and manage this undertaking from the higher domains. Once you get into your final costumes you will be out of touch with Mind and Reality so I will be needed to ensure you, as Life, remain fully ‘maintained’, so to speak, even without your awareness of me, or what I am doing for you.

“Second, in order to facilitate that maintenance, the costumes and the planet will need to be almost entirely automated in every way possible. This integrated automation must include almost every physical, physiological, psychological, evolutionary and interactive facet of life there, including the planet itself. While inhabiting this planet you will be moderately intelligent, fully programmed, costumed creatures with only a very few degrees of freedom in your limited lives. We will have to devise all this very carefully and no doubt we will make many evolutionary mistakes along the way. This is new scientific territory, Wave, and we will look to you for lots of input.”

Wave was happy to be singled out. “I will do what I can. But, Elohm, where will we get our sustenance from, our energy, our ongoing nourishment if we are cut off from the higher domains and the King?”

“We will have to invent a self-contained method of apparent nutrition on the planet itself.” Elohm sighed. This was all becoming incredibly complex even before they had found a planetary home. How would it be possible to support life there without obvious manna from Reality. Any system of sustainment would have to be very subtle indeed. Nutrients would have to be well disguised in solid form and they could not just appear out of ‘nowhere’. And everyone there would have to believe that matter and energy were reality——even the only reality. Elohm related all these thoughts to the group who agreed with what he outlined.

“But how will we ever achieve such a total seeming independence, Elohm?” asked Ring.

“I don’t know yet,” Elohm answered. “However, if any of you think of a possible solution to this nutrient/energy puzzle let me know. How can we plug these costumed creatures into Life without them being aware of it?”

“They could regularly sleep in a manner mimicking of our own present ‘sleep’ in Reality,” Oval proposed. “Then they could be plugged into Reality whenever they are in a very deep sleep!”

“Great idea, Oval,” said Ring delightedly.

“Any other good ideas?” asked Elohm. “We may need several methods of maintenance to keep these costumed beings energized. Remember, here, that these android costumes will be your own identities once our plans are materialized.”

For the moment no one in the group could come up with additional solutions so they let the matter drop, and, instead, began the search for a viable home world.

*   *   *

Cone experienced an abrupt time displacement. Now he was a psychotherapist listening to a hypnotized patient who was relating to him how she had been cut up into pieces by Jake when she lived in New York. But, strangely, it was Jake himself who was telling this grisly tale, not the woman lying there… Jake seemed to be using her voice.

“I cut off her head first.”

“Where were you?” asked Cone.

“In the room.”

“Jake, why did you cut Maria into pieces?”

Before Jake could reply the scene shifted first to the patient’s childhood family, then dissolved into the nothingness from whence it came.


Loving Oneness now -- Copyright © 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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