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The Twentieth Century——The Finale



As Joan Cubero drove along the Parkway to Baltimore she had her usual misgivings. In the past, paradoxically, she had dealt with romantic relationships by choosing not to have them, which made her life somewhat isolated but uncomplicated. Now she had met a man who fascinated her, one to whom she was greatly attracted on several counts. He was a gentle person, very tolerant and highly intelligent, all qualities she needed in a man. Physically, Sean was fit, healthy, and though slim quite tough, even hard-bodied. It was a pity he lived forty miles away because, she thought, it would be great for them to exercise regularly together. Then there was this familiarity thing——she hesitated to use the pop term, “soul mates,” but what she felt was something like that. Way down she had an inkling that if anyone could awaken her in a sexual relationship it would be Sean, yet that explicit thought made her quite anxious, almost panicky. Joan began to realize that, already, she was getting into an emotional bonding with Sean that was almost beyond the point of no return, one which was as much a need, as it was love.

His diagrammed directions to his serviced apartment were scientifically precise right down to the correct visitor parking space, and she appreciated that, even though it made her smile. Sean greeted her with a warm hug, then carried her overnight bag into the master bedroom. A “guided tour of my bachelor flat” followed, which included the very large open living, dining and kitchen area, the guest bedroom in which he suggested she could change if she wished, and his study completely lined with books. The large wooden work table, which held a lap-top color computer and printer, was almost buried beneath neatly stacked piles of papers.

“Those are mostly student’s work I still have to evaluate, as well as lots of photocopied journal articles I still have to read. It seems as if theoretical physics generates more paper than the IRS! But this weekend, my dear, I will close this door so I can spend every NOW-moment with you. Wouldn’t Gordon love me for that?”

“And all my ‘NEXTS’ this weekend will be spent next to you, Sean.”

“Then I have much to thank Gordon for. Tomorrow we can buy all the ingredients you will need to make your Mexican meal, but for tonight we can eat in the restaurant here, or I can make a soup and salad snack. It’s up to you——which is it to be?”

“Soup and salad please… I always eat too much when I go out. No-fat dressing would be nice.”

“Then everything’s already prepared in the fridge——we only have to heat the soup and put it all on the table.” After eating they watched an old movie on the large screen TV while each wondered privately how they would manage bedtime.

As it happened it all flowed easily. While Joan was putting on her new silk pajamas in the bathroom, Sean got into his quickly, scrambled into bed and turned off the lamp on the bedside table. Joan switched off the bathroom light, climbed into bed alongside him and snuggled close. He took her in his arms and kissed her eyes and lips which she liked, then they lay quietly against each other. Joan felt very safe, and strangely this feeling did not leave her when, after a few minutes, she could feel his penis stiffening against her. It was caught in the folds of his pajamas and consequently stuck straight out pressing against her leg. Several more minutes went by before Sean gently released her and made a move as if to roll out of bed.

“I need to go to the bathroom,” he murmured, vaguely embarrassed by their situation. It was Joan who was much more matter-of-fact and who understood.

“Are you going to give yourself an orgasm, Sean?” she asked.

“Well, er, yes, I was. It won’t go away.”

“Do it here, Sean, alongside me. Long ago I told you I wasn’t prudish, and that bathroom is much too clinical. Besides, I want to feel close and share your mind and actions, okay? Do it just as you would as if I were not here.”

“You mean it, really?”

“Yes, I want to know all about you, so go ahead now.”

Quickly Sean went to the bathroom and grabbed a small towel. He left on the bathroom light but partially closed the door to dim it. After taking off his pajamas he lay on his back on the right side of the bed close to Joan and held her hand with his left hand. After placing the towel across his body he began caressing himself, at first quite gently. As he began to stroke more quickly he became aware that Joan had disengaged her hand from his and had propped herself up on her elbow to watch, and this further excited him. His whole body began moving in unison as he focused on the mounting acute sensitivity in his tight pubic area.

Joan had never witnessed a man giving himself an orgasm before and, perhaps because she felt so secure, she experienced a faint arousal growing around her own genitals. She pushed her free hand down inside her pajama bottoms to feel if she was wet and, surprised to find some moisture there, she began to caress herself softly. These movements made her more aroused as she fixed her gaze on Sean’s bursting erection. She noted he was thrusting upwards as well. When he began to flow with heaving spasms, she felt herself pulse just a little as if in sympathy. Sean continued to ejaculate until he was spent.

When he had been still a while Joan took the towel and, folding the wet side inwards, mopped up other drops of semen.

“That was very exciting, Sean. I loved watching you and even became a little aroused myself. And I want you to always give yourself a lovely orgasm like that whenever you get stiff because of me… okay? It’s very exciting and it helps me.”

“All right, but I’ll get erections often when I’m with you.”

“Good!” she exclaimed, “because I’ve just become a confirmed voyeur, so promise me you’ll do it always.”

“Wherever we are?”

“Yes, as long as we don’t get arrested. What a scandal if Judge Cubero was to be caught in a sexual situation in a car!” Joan laughed. “I can see the tabloid headlines already. But, just by being here with you, I am beginning to realize how ridiculous it is to prosecute any consensual sexual acts or nudity when no one is hurt and there are no complaints from the general public.”

“All right, my dear Joan, I’m convinced. I’ll have an orgasm in front of you any time I’m really aroused if you will do something in return for me, and it’s not intercourse.”

“What is it, I will if I can.”

“Then, if we are alone together in your apartment or mine I want you to be completely naked for me. You have such a beautiful body I want to admire it all the time.”

“You would get bored with it after a while. Isn’t it more interesting covered up a little?”

“No, I love you naked even though I haven’t really seen you completely nude yet. Are you shy?”

“Not really. It’s more vanity than shyness or modesty, because I think my breasts and bottom are a bit too big. Here, let me show you and you decide for yourself.” With that Joan slid out of bed and took off her thin pajamas. She switched on the lamp and walked slowly around the room, clowning a little like a runway model, somewhat self-conscious but unembarrassed.

One of the first things Sean noticed after admiring her “splendid figure,” was the minimal amount of body hair which came from her Mayan heritage.

“Your body is my ideal form,” Sean said. “A woman’s physical beauty lies in her proportions and yours are exactly right. Full breasts, narrow waist, curved hips, firm bum and longish legs, all with a goddess face and hair to top it.”

“I love to hear that from you, Sean. Most women like to be praised for their intelligence, helpfulness and maturity but that is the only kind of praise I’ve had all my life. It’s time I let someone praise me for my physical features. I’m delighted you like my body. Naked I will be while we are alone.”

Joan lay down beside him on her back but Sean did not touch her sexually other than to move close and cradle her head in his arm. Half turning to face him she saw he was getting another erection and said, “May I fondle him now?”

“Any time you wish because he belongs to you.”

“Then you must show me how best to caress him because I want to keep him very happy.” With a feather touch she ran her finger the length of his shaft which stiffened visibly on contact. A little later she grasped him with her soft hand around the middle as she had observed him do earlier. Her gentle to and fro movement became a little awkward from a lying down position so she sat up alongside him with crossed legs, leaned forward slightly and moved her hand more quickly. Sean became even more intensely aroused when he saw her ample, rounded breasts swaying with her rhythms.

His mounting pleasure resulting from her attentions, excited her a second time, and Joan began to realize, even as she worked on Sean, that her emotional outlook and sexual attitudes were already changing. Much of this new view had to do with the successful psychotherapy she was receiving from Gordon Koan. As a result of his counseling she had realized she had a bunch of frightened, guilty and angry ego-children within her from an abused childhood, and that now she was in the process of finding them, owning them, feeling them, and of releasing them openly to Spirit. She now saw that her ability to run around naked with Sean was the outcome of acknowledging outwardly her inner, naked, carefree, innocent child who loved to be naturally spontaneous. She knew how Eve felt when, without ever wearing a stitch of clothing, she made love to Adam in the Garden of God-The-Mother. Joan was beginning to realize that if sex was always associated with naked love from birth and never repressed or made dirty it would always be openly free, symbolic and beautiful. And with such loving nurturance and instruction it would naturally mature of its own accord. By contrast, she had realized in therapy that both she and the rapist were a duo of inhibited, twisted ego-children tangled up in an arrested development of fear, sex and anger. All that fear-based stuff was loosening in her now, and so Joan could begin to release her rapist in a fuller understanding of forgiveness, one that saw in his perverted action a warped, repressed ego-child’s desperate need for an unrecognized Love which he knew not how to find or get. He, like her, needed extensive ego dismantling therapy if he was ever to be cured.

Another reason for her immediate shift towards a more sane, sexual perception was Sean’s hands-off approach. Joan knew he was doing this deliberately. Because Sean was handing over all control to her she felt very safe. This in turn, in an upside-down way, freed her from fear thus enabling her to move forward much more rapidly in terms of sexual play. Joan’s mind flashed to Frank’s story of Hinemoa’s joyful love-making and, to her chagrin, Joan became aware that what she was discovering at forty, Hinemoa had reveled in naturally at sixteen.

Joan’s arm muscles were tiring. Although fit she was not yet used to this particular repetitive movement which, she decided, she must practice regularly for Sean’s sake. When she slowed down Sean took over with faster movements that further aroused her. Her fingers now moved to her own wetness as she changed to a kneeling position with thighs apart. Watching Sean’s hand move quite rapidly she felt her own clitoral caresses increase her mounting excitement. When she saw him convulsing in ecstasy she felt a very intense tingling of her own combined with a series of shivery spasms. “My God, that was an orgasm,” she whispered to herself in disbelief. “Now I know what all the fuss is about!” Joan was as much delighted with her sexual success as with her sensual exhilaration.

After a shared shower and late naked breakfast, they dressed so Sean could show her around all the amenities of the apartment complex, including the indoor pool, spa, gym, meeting rooms and restaurant. Next they went out to the supermarket for supplies, all the while enjoying each other as lovers do, who are close friends. As they liked romantic movies Sean stopped at Blockbusters to rent a recent R-rated release.

After a quick swim and a late lunch in the restaurant they snuggled up on Sean’s sofa over which they had draped a queen-sized sheet. The video was running and as Joan lay back against Sean to view the film she moved his hands to cup her bare breasts from below so that his thumbs were against her cocoa-colored nipples. There were several fairly explicit scenes of sexual love-making in the story, which further aroused Joan’s own feelings, especially along with Sean’s soft caressing of her nipples. By now she was sufficiently confident of Sean’s approval, to play casually with herself as she watched. It occurred to Joan she was much more stimulated by visual sex than she had ever admitted in the past——in fact, she decided she enjoyed watching others moving excitedly in a sexual embrace.

Later, while working in the kitchen, Joan discussed these thoughts with Sean. “I’m beginning to realize how ridiculous it is not to show genitals on R-rated sexual movies when their bodies and actions are fully displayed. Why is everyone so scared of explicit sex and sexual arousal? Why is sex a sin when God is supposed to have created it and our naked bodies? Did God make a mistake in giving us these sexual feelings and orgasms to revel in——as He so obviously did?”

“Gordon would say that, because God knows nothing about form or temporary events He did not create sex and knows nothing about it. As for myself, I believe that it evolved for reproductive purposes and pleasure in accordance with Darwinian theory. Sex has been around for eons and it is as natural as anything on this Earth. In a poetic moment I might even say Mother Nature, herself, blesses all natural, harmless, sexual activity.”

“Then why are so many people, especially many so-called ‘God-fearing’ ones, so condemning of sexual activity and why do they want to repress it, hide it and sweep it under the carpet?”

“Beats me!” answered Sean. “It’s something that has puzzled me since I was three years old and my disapproving mother caught my cousin, Dorothy, and me examining each other’s bodies. Perhaps mother thought I would get her pregnant! Nowadays we would both be accused of sexually abusing each other. When it comes to controlling sex, the human race is not only insane, it is also very, very hypocritical. Almost everyone publicly disapproves of or even forbids what almost everyone not only does very frequently but also watches quite often——even on TV soaps.”

“Some groups advocate abstinence from sexual intercourse for teenagers,” said Joan. “Right here in DC there is a school program called, ‘Best Friends’ which teaches sex is not love and that teenage girls do not have to have intercourse, or even mutual sex-play, until they become adult. Apparently the program has cut teenage pregnancies down to almost nil. What do you think, Sean?”

“That’s great if they can achieve that result without repression, fear and inhibition. Such a program must be enlightened enough to abandon religious moralizing and any mention of sin. It should encourage masturbation and also provide contraceptives to those who cannot hold out. There are many young people with powerful sex drives and of course ‘true love’ is not uncommon amongst teenagers. Some couples go on to marry as adults. All contingencies must be provided for to prevent teenage pregnancies without using repression——which has never worked anyway!”

Joan was nodding in agreement as she diced the chicken breasts into small pieces. “Do you know, Sean, that if we make love in DC we will be breaking the law there which still forbids fornication? And from what I hear about the private lives of Senators and Congressmen many of them break it as well. Maryland and Virginian laws forbid adultery so that means many of our law-makers are double hypocrites. Virginia still has laws against almost all sex acts except orthodox, genital-only, marital sex. Even cohabitation is forbidden there so we had better not migrate to Virginia! Every person in Michigan, Virginia, Idaho or Florida who has ever had oral sex in those states has broken the law, big time. It makes the law an ass, and I mean a donkey as well as a butt.”

Sean was impressed. “You seem to be very well-versed in sexuality-related legislation for a Judge in the field of International Law.”

“Right you are. After I was raped I looked up all the sexual statutes to see what was allowed and what was not. I got curious so I found an up-to-date, state-by-state summary.”

“I think you put your finger on the reason for all the laws against adult consensual sex when you mentioned orthodox marital sex. In ancient Israel, and in most other B.C. countries for that matter, baby production was of paramount importance. The larger the population the bigger the army and the more mothers there were to produce soldiers. Large armies allowed the kings and despots of many Mediterranean and Mesopotamian lands to expand their territories and to enslave their neighbors. Therefore any sex act which ‘spilt the seed’ anywhere except at the top of the wife’s vagina was prohibited by the monarch and his loyal priesthood. Even polygamy was usually okay back then because it produced more children for the state. But masturbation and homosexuality were out, except in Greece where they and their gods enjoyed the lot.”

“You seem well read in history, Dr. Waverley.”

“Physics is my work but history is my hobby, madam, though I shouldn’t call you that in the USA. Anyway, speaking of ‘madams’ makes me think that all so-called consensual ‘crimes’ should be legalized around the world as long as minors and children are not involved. And while we are on the job let’s make the ‘age of sexual consent’ one’s sixteenth birthday——everywhere.”

Joan agreed. “I bet Gordon would say that the reason the United States is sex-obsessed and has so many crimes such as rape and child abduction is because of all our repressive sexual laws, hypocritical beliefs and puritanical attitudes here. Didn’t Alicia say the puritans wanted an engaged girl to be pregnant before the marriage so as to prove she was fertile——imagine that.”

“Survival again. The puritans here needed a population explosion, therefore large families were important not only for defense but also to have more ‘hands to the plow.’ Unfortunately we still have similar outdated fertility philosophies all around this crazy, overpopulated planet.”

But Joan had not finished with the need for sexual reform and new attitudes to sex in society. “I’m sure all those people who think sex has to be hidden or repressed in order to control it, genuinely think this is the only way such a powerful drive and emotion can be mastered. And it is the same with anger and natural aggression. I’m beginning to understand that most modern humans see morality in terms of ‘real sins,’ repression through fear, and vengeful punishment, and that even those in opposition to that viewpoint are still thinking about those concepts. What we need are new alternatives to ‘sin’ and punishment. Didn’t Gordon say that if these emotions are positively trained, acknowledged and accepted they will flower into very mature feelings and sane attitudes. That is the Loving, nurturing way. I think Alicia, herself, is a fine example of that, whereas I and my rapist ‘friend’ are the outcome of sexual silence and repression——‘the original sin’ as they say. Incidentally, I am beginning to realize the rapist and I are really complementary twins, two shadow yang and yin.”

Joan had borrowed Sean’s barbecue apron to wear while she was cooking. As she worked he could admire her bare back and bottom with a golden skin most sun-lovers could only find in a tanning studio.

“Tell me about your ancestry and childhood, Joan. Were you born in America?”

“Yes, I was born in San Antonio, Texas and my father was also born there. He was an American Air Force pilot at Randolph Base. My mother was born in the Yucatan. Her father was a Spanish businessman who married my Mayan grandmother. Mom came to Texas when 18 to train as an English language teacher but she never made it back to Mexico because Dad married her almost on sight as she was quite a beauty. He was half Spanish too, so I am two quarters Spanish, one quarter Irish-English and, from my mother, one quarter Mayan. Quite a mixture, yes? I inherited my mother’s linguistic abilities and so I speak and read English, Spanish and college Japanese, all fluently. They help me in my work.”

“You speak fluent Japanese? I’m impressed!”

“Good! Well, I did go alone to Japan a couple of times to get ‘total immersion’ as they say, and I do have some Japanese legal friends here who keep me in practice. You’ll meet them, if you like.”

Over their supper of peppery baby burritos and Spanish fried rice Sean recounted his own background and upbringing in London, his bookworm habits as a child and teenager, followed by his breakout into a world of parties and sex at university. Joan cross-examined him to find out all the details of his earlier relationships, including his sex life. This surprised Sean because he had found most women did not want to hear about previous liaisons. Joan, however, seemed aroused by his descriptions and he realized that for her sex was safe and exciting as long as it was happening vicariously to someone else. He also understood this was just a stage in her on-going transition from no interest whatsoever to full sexual maturity.

Once the dishes were done they showered again and lay on the bed beside each other. When Joan asked for more of his stories Sean said he had run out.

“Then make up a nice fanciful story about a couple like us. No one told me stories as a child so you can make up for it now with sexy adult romances. I want one a night like a reverse Sheherazade.”

“I’m a scientist, not a novelist, but I do have a good imagination. If you will ask leading questions and prompt me I’ll do my best.”

“You’ve got a deal. I’ll lead you on, and you can be as corny as you like… you know, tropical islands, mountain streams in summer, Camelot.”

“All right here we go. ‘Once upon a time long, long ago a maiden lived on a tropical island by a blue lagoon surrounded with a coral reef…’ not very original, am I?”

“You’re doing fine. Can you also caress my nipples as you talk?”

Sean obliged and continued his tale, “The girl, whose name was Joanne, was just 17. She and her loving carefree parents lived alone by the white-sand beach. They despaired she would ever experience love because no visitors ever came to their remote island. Joanne’s whole body was tanned golden brown as she spent most of her time walking the beach and swimming naked with two friendly dolphins in the lagoon….”

By the time Sean got to the shipwrecked young sailor washed up on the beach Joan asked him to take over playing with her wet clitoris.

“So Joanne and her family adopted the sick sailor and within a week he was being nursed back to health. Joanne had already made it her job to bathe his entire body twice a day paying especial attention to his penis which usually stiffened. Once when she thought he was asleep she kissed it and it soon became hard causing him to awaken. He had smiled and asked her for more…..”

“Just stop the story for a moment, Sean, so I can kiss you——like Joanne did the sailor. I want to do what she does.” Joan leaned over him and began caressing him gently. “Go on with the story,” she said.

“So after a while the sailor asked her to kneel astride him and carefully take him inside her but only if she was quite ready….”

“I think she is more than ready, Sean,” whispered Joan as she moved across him and enfolded him into her warm opening.

“Once Joanne had all of him deep inside her she moved gently and quite slowly on the sailor, who wanted Joanne to make love her way….”

Joan sank all the way down until Sean was completely inside her, then she began to move on him at an easy pace. This allowed her to press down on him and excite her clitoris. Gradually, Sean responded with almost imperceptible upward motions as he continued to speak.

“As she moved Joanne became very hot and much wetter. She could feel his full length filling her inside each time she took him all the way in.” As Sean kept on talking Joan leaned forward so her firm nipples just brushed his chest with each movement. He responded with firmer thrusts in a steady, continuous succession until she began groaning and then collapsed on him, trembling uncontrollably as waves of ecstasy engulfed her. Sean did not stop moving until he was certain Joan’s climax had run its full course.

As she lay on him Joan was overjoyed. “Sean, darling, that was cloud nine. My first genuine orgasm. How wonderful. It was magic and you’re the magician.”

“Not really. You were ready and able to relax and let the fear go.”

“What am I thinking of? You haven’t come yet, have you?”

“It’s okay. Let’s enjoy the moment, now, my lovely goddess. We have the whole night yet. Did you like the story?”

“I loved it. It made me hot all over. We were entangled in the story with them and I found it very arousing. Do we ever get to swim with the dolphins?”

“That’s the sequel because dolphins are very sexual, like humans. Did you know our nearest chimpanzee relatives also have sex very frequently?”

Joan, who was still lying on top of Sean laughed, then slid down to one side facing him. “No, but I’ll settle for the sexy dolphins. Tell me more. Now I’m not only a voyeur but into fantasy as well. I feel so free. I’m opening up and I love it.” And she kissed him hard on the lips as if to affirm her newly liberated passions.

Sean had deliberately held back his own orgasm in order to make sure Joan could have her own all-important ecstatic one. He was an experienced lover who knew that, while he could at most, only come twice in an evening, Joan might be able to have several climaxes. In the future, perhaps, if she became very uninhibited she might even sometimes experience multiple orgasms. As for himself, Sean knew he was no longer ego-bound into having an ejaculation every time he penetrated a woman. It was more important to him to ensure his partner was kept happy.

“You know, Sean, I have suddenly realized I had not thought of that rapist once today and even now that I have thought of him, I feel only sorrow that he will probably never experience real love-making like this.”

“You’re right. It’s incredible what we, as the human race, do to our children to screw them up into tyrants, control freaks and accepting victims. Gordon says that one day, soon we hope, we will come to understand that all humans are mentally ill, one way or another, even the most ‘mature.’ Compared with ‘Perfect Love’ we are all nuts. My father said that during World War II when he was dropping thousands of incendiary bombs on German cities to burn children he knew the whole human race was stark staring bonkers. But why am I off on all this depressing shit? This is our love-nest, so away with these iniquitous, dark thoughts, my darling, and let the sun shine in——again.” This time Sean kissed Joan firmly on the lips, then he sucked her nipples gently which made her arch her breasts against his nuzzling face.

They made beautiful, sensuous love twice more that Saturday evening and twice again during a lazy Sunday morning.

As she drove home in the late afternoon Joan knew she was transformed and that the changes were real and permanent. After the flower had opened, she mused, it could never be stuffed back into its own, now non-existent bud.

*   *   *

On the same Friday evening that Joan had driven to Baltimore, Alicia Archer sat alone on her bed reading a slim book Gordon had lent her. It’s title was simple, Meditation. Alicia had decided to try it out because the house was empty. Her mother had gone off with Tel to a concert or something. Alicia had already read the volume once and was now going back over it to put it into practice.

With a straight back she sat up on the firm mattress with a pillow under her bottom and crossed her legs in the lotus position. The book said this last was not essential and that a chair would do, but as she was something of a gymnast at school, she was quite flexible. After switching off the reading lamp attached to the headboard, Alicia closed her eyes in the darkness and concentrated for a few minutes on regulating her breathing pattern. Once that was established, she focused on the dim light behind her eyelids and cleared her mind of everyday thoughts. Gordon had explained to her that the goal of meditation was to commune directly with God and that she should not be sidetracked into anything less. Furthermore, he had said, she must want nothing else but full union with God. “Meditation,” Gordon had added, “is like a cellular telephone, a ‘Call-Home communicator’ as Elohm described it to me, through which (when we make the right connection) we can receive direct teachings and instructions from Spirit about our true Reality as Children of God and about Loving Oneness.” The book had confirmed this single-minded desire for Oneness, adding that all human ego needs and wants must become insignificant, not because they were “bad” or “wrong,” but because they were barriers and distractions to Real Love.

Alicia had felt very spiritual and Loving during the short closing meditations on Wednesday evenings and, wanting more, she had asked Gordon for advice. When he gave her the book he had also suggested that she remain very alert during meditation. “God is supremely conscious and therefore it is best to stay in a beta-wave state.”

“What’s a beta-wave?”

“That’s the brain wave which operates from the parietal-frontal regions of the brain. Alpha waves dominate the brain when you are relaxed, theta occur when you become semi-conscious like when going to sleep, and delta waves take over in deep sleep or an unconscious state. Some teachers of meditation suggest dropping into semi-conscious states but while that is okay for channeling Guides, ETs, etcetera, the most direct way to conscious enlightenment in God is full consciousness. So stay wide awake, Alicia.”

“Without mind-wandering though. I should focus only on wanting God, NOW. Is that right?”

“Absolutely correct. Do that, and wait patiently because God knows only too well the best NOW-moment to open you up to Him again. Have Faith He will do that Gracefully.”

“Okay, Gordon. I’ll report back next week on my progress.”

On most Friday evenings Alicia was out with her friends, or baby-sitting for the Ovaltons. She and Bill were fairly evenly matched at chess now and both were scrambling to improve their game. Alicia did not know why she felt this strong, insistent impulse to meditate, but no longer could she push it aside.

Whenever her mind wandered onto everyday thoughts of this and that she would push them aside gently, and refocus on both the faint light behind her eyelids and the mantra Gordon had taught her, “Loving Oneness.” At first Alicia had to do this frequently but after some minutes these extraneous ego-intruders interrupted only occasionally. At this stage she began to see a faint bluish light in the center of her vision, one which slowly intensified into a bright, iridescent, royal blue.

In spite of her intention to remain alert, Alicia sank into a drowsy state which abruptly shifted to a vivid scene.

She was standing on white sand under a hot sun wearing a full-length oatmeal-colored tunic of coarse silk. This white planet, which was smaller than Earth, was her real home where she lived as a middle-aged male. Behind him stood a simple, though large house constructed of white stone blocks, its pitched roof covered in white slate tiles. Silvery trees and bushes dotted an unpaved, natural landscape of low hills and rocky outcrops. The man’s indigo eyes were set in a dark-complexioned, longish face which, incongruously, was situated on a spherical head topped with crinkly blond hair. Only a minute had passed when a small egg-shaped craft appeared silently from over the hills and hovered in front of him. A seamless door opened for him to enter and then closed behind him. From inside, the shell of the whole vehicle was transparent. As it took off and flew at high speed he could see a variety of similar pilotless vessels criss-crossing the sky. His little craft came down and hovered beside a huge, domed amphitheater and, after allowing him to exit, promptly flew off to another destination. Inside the circular, central room some five hundred Truthseekers were seated, three-fourths of them female. They were in the process of choosing twelve delegates who would attend the Federation of Worlds Parliament for the upcoming sessions during which the colonization or genetic seeding of many viable planets would be considered. There was one additional way to put life onto planets, namely, by terraforming them from scratch while guiding the genetic patterns form more or less “spontaneously,” as on Terra. This method, however, took eons to evolve and even then usually needed more than an occasional tweak from outsiders. The man volunteered to attend the F.O.W. Parliament, an offer which was accepted immediately, and because he had been once before, he was appointed Communicator for the group. Eight of the twelve delegates were females because the gender ratio on the White Planet was four to one….

As the vision faded Alicia grabbed her journal and pen from the bedside table and recorded “this weird episode” in detail. She knew she had been that man and that the incident had actually happened to her. Intuitively, she seemed to know all about everyday life on that White Planet. For example, it was a very Loving place where everyone deeply cared for everyone else. There were no families-as-such because the whole population was One Extended Family who lived happily together in perfect harmony. The White Planet had no laws, rules or regulations simply because, with only Love operating, there was no fear, selfishness, or ego to legislate about. Power-seeking, control, and boundaries did not exist. In such a situation anyone could manifest or unmanifest anything at any time, therefore possessions for their own sake were meaningless. Even little children did not “belong” to those who parented them, so, after two years of age they were free to seek the wise teachers and guides who would best help them fulfill their own spiritual destinies. The two unlimited types of energy which fueled their Planet came directly from either the Living Spirals or the Central Source of all Life, originating in the Causal Plane or the Spiritual Plane, respectively. The ecology there did not depend on a food chain or interactive biosphere. The fauna and flora were sustained automatically by their species Mind-Spirits. “Death,” which was known to be only the shedding of a physical “shell,” the temporary “body,” was eagerly embraced as a wonderful release when the destined fullness of that particular lifetime was complete.

All this and much more Alicia remembered and recorded in her journal. Once the entry was concluded she pondered for a long time as to its significance and the numerous questions it raised. Why, for instance, would she have decided to live out a life on such a primitive, ego-riddled, limited planet as Earth when the White Planet was near-perfect? Had she volunteered? If so, what was she supposed to do——to accomplish——here? Did it have anything to do with the F.O.W.? Was the Wednesday Group anything to do with her being born to her mother? Perhaps she should ask them about all this at the next meeting. One thing was certain. Alicia now knew what a Mindkin was, or at least, one variety of Mindkin——the White Planet kind!

*   *   *

Rob Ringly was the first to speak at the next meeting. “You will all be pleased to hear that the hit-and-run driver implicated in our son Donald’s death was arrested. The van’s headlamp had been repaired and traces of paint from Don’s bicycle were found on the van’s bumper. Confronted with the evidence the man confessed, saying he was scared at the time of the accident and, on seeing that Bruce was there to take care of things, he drove off to avoid involvement with the police because he had a record.”

Mary wanted to add something. “Strangely, we now feel sorry for the man, especially because we know Donald is still alive and happy. I know this will sound bizarre to conventional ears but we now want to forgive the driver and, even though he must stand trial, we would like all of us here to send him Love and Light at the close of the meeting tonight. He needs help and healing more than punishment——and punishment does not seem to have changed him in the past.”

“I agree,” said Gordon. “Fear and insecurity underlie all crime, and while this fact does not do away with responsibility, it does behoove us to help replace the fear and hate on this planet with Love. Such a course of action, I believe, will eventually eliminate not only crime from our planet but also pain, poverty, sickness and suffering.”

Alicia could not believe her ears. Without knowing it, Gordon was defining what her White Planet was already like. So she asked if she could recount her visionary experience during meditation.

“Apparently I came here to Earth from another world which is my real home. My home world is called the White Planet and it is exactly like the way Gordon was saying he wishes Earth could be. My planet is one of Love, Peace and Joy where everyone is very Happy. They are all permanently in telepathic touch with God and each other, and their every need is instantly manifested, including food. Some things they like to make and do themselves such as art, music and many other enjoyable, non-competitive activities.”

“Before you go on with this, Alicia, I would like to know if you have had any foreknowledge of this extraterrestrial past-life?” asked Tel who had just remembered Alicia has said many weeks ago that she had had a “secret” experience as a child.

“Yes, as a little girl. When I was five a bright Angel came into my room one night while I was still wide awake. He told me, ‘Alicia, when you grow up you will Know God, and then you will help people here on Earth to Know God. You are not a reincarnated earthling and you already Know what Love is, because you lived on a Loving World last time.’ Being only five I took all this in as True, but, even though I did not fully understand back then, I always remembered the Angel’s words exactly as he said them. When I told Mom, she explained it away as a beautiful dream.”

Elizabeth smiled tenderly at her daughter. “I don’t remember anything about it. Probably it left my mind soon after you told me. You were an angelic child, albeit a precocious, strong-willed one… and you still are!”

Alicia poked out the tip of her tongue at her mother which made Tel laugh. He felt a rush of love for these two women who had so recently entered his life only to become its central focal point. At that moment Tel decided he wanted to marry Elizabeth if she would agree.

Gordon asked Alicia to continue with her description of the Loving White Planet and once she had completed her account he commented, “Yes, that is how some of us feel the Earth should be, namely a world of Love, Peace and Happiness but until each and every human can let go all the darkness, all those inner shadows of fear and hate and separation, we are doomed to suffer much pain and unhappiness. So, if you all agree I would like to continue with the Steps of how our universe got here. Just to recap, Step One occurred when we, as Mind-Beings, wanted to do our ‘own thing’ independently of God. Step Two happened when after experimenting with projected geometric forms and making our own miniminds to run them, we decided to manifest a Theater, a universe, within which our miniminds could play. For Step Three a Mind-Being called Elohm, who knew how to make ‘artificial’ universes, joined us. We were the ‘First Group’ who then created innumerable Living Spirals as the basic ‘material’ stuff from which to evolve the Theater. To do this we ‘set them off’ in a Big-Bang Whoosh which allowed the universe to expand along a linear arrow timeline from past to future. In the Theater the miniminds of the First Group mind-melded to create trillions of additional miniminds identical to themselves called Mindkins. One of these first Mindkins is now here as Alicia. Mindkins can also create additional Mindkins so our universe-Theater teems with Living Beings all of whom are identical in Mind to the originals created by God. Step Four involved us in various collusions about fixed, illusory beliefs one of which is arrow-time. During the initial forming of the universe we also needed to make and agree on three operational planes, or levels, or domains below the Spiritual Realm. The highest of these three is the Causal Domain (sometimes called the Fifth Dimension) from which our Master Miniminds, in collusion, can maintain the Theater as an ongoing evolving manifestation. The next layer down is the Mutable (also psychological in essence) Domain out of which our ego-minds, emotions and lower miniminds can play within the Theater and manipulate it very locally in very limited ways. These limits are also agreed to by all of those in any single given group such as humans, Greys, or White Planetarians. The lowest layer is the Physical Domain which is composed of the Living Spirals who form the forms which our ego-minds and miniminds wish to manifest NEXT at any given moment. We, as miniminds, have also created specialized minds such as Devaminds and corporaminds to help the Living Spirals with the automatic maintenance of the Physical Domain Theater. For example, Devaminds control such complex phenomena as the weather and plate tectonics, while collective corporaminds will help organize structured hierarchies as in a beehive or slime mold. Note also that there is much interaction constantly going on between all the domains, including the Spiritual Realm.”

Frank had a question. “Why did we evolve these physical bodies? I mean, wouldn’t we be happier as free Mind-Beings unhampered by this great weight of physical matter? Why not Light-Bodies?”

“Good point, Frank! These material bodies are a burden but one we chose deliberately to invent and climb inside. You see, at one point during the evolution of the Theater, a.k.a. ‘our physical universe’, the First Group decided it would be fun to get inside the physical matter they had created and operate it like a vehicle from the inside. The intention to do this must have been in the First Group, consciously or unconsciously, right from the Big Bang Beginning because the evolution of the galaxies and stars had to be designed to produce carbon and the myriad other chemical elements and compounds, such as water, of which our bodies and other biological forms are made. In other words we designed and evolved biological matter, more or less deliberately, so that eventually we, as Mind-Beings, would be able to climb inside it and don it like close-fitting costumes in order to play nefarious games in our Theater. All this complex evolution took much more than ten billion years.”

Sean could not let this pass without comment. “You have been extremely cunning, Gordon, to tie in the Standard Model of the evolution of the universe, this biological planet and human beings with all your teleological Mind mumbo-jumbo which turns the Model upside-down, back-to-front and inside-out. You make even the scientifically discredited Anthropological Principle seem good to my eyes! But, seriously, the formation of the universe and the biology of Earth are best explained in accordance with current scientific principles and random ‘coincidental’ selection whether its super-novas spewing out heavy elements or birds mutating changed beaks in the Galapagos Islands. All your Mind-Being stuff is not only unnecessary, it is also non-existent. Mind is only the epiphenomenon of bio-neurological circuitry in the brain and the brain is at the current end of our present evolution, not at its beginning.”

“I agree the brain is the current pinnacle of human physical biological evolution, Sean, but it is only the bio-computer through which we (as Mind-Beings) run our physical vehicles, our bodies. As for the Truth about the designing of the universe and the creative evolution of all that is in it by Mind-Beings for the purpose of enlivening matter from the inside——I leave that to each individual human to decide. Some will opt for my Mind-as-such explanation which comes from Elohm, and others will opt for Traditional Science. Well, that about sums it up. Any questions?”

“What about Adam and Eve?” asked Cloesha. “Are they really the first humans?”

“Elohm says there is an element of truth to the ‘Tale of Eden’ inasmuch as once the First Group had almost evolved homo erectus as a prototype human some other Mindkins who had already engineered a superior primate species (using relocated earth stock on another terraformed planet) brought us a few of their key brain genes to splice back into the DNA of homo erectus and thus form homo sapiens, i.e., Adam and Eve. Then the Group had them reproduce rapidly and seeded several parts of this planet quickly. But it was homo erectus we engineered genetically. At one time homo sapiens sapiens, homo erectus and Neanderthals were all existing on this planet at the same time. Erectus finally died out in the East some 40,000 years ago and the Neanderthals disappeared about 30,000 years ago.”

“And what about ‘The Fall’, Gordon?” Cloesha wanted to fit each piece of the Biblical story into place. “Did God really throw homo sapiens sapiens out of some proverbial Eden?”

“No, He did not, because God is only Love and He never did anything un-Loving to any Mind-Being. The so-called ‘Fall’ occurred in gradual stages, all of them caused by the First Group of Mind-Beings whom God created within His Own Mind. The parable of the Prodigal Son is a much more accurate account of ‘The Fall’ than is the Genesis story. The First Group of Mind-Beings, as I said in Step One above, wished to do its own thing separately from and independently of God so, in imagination, they left Home or Heaven like the Prodigal Son and decided to explore the illusory worlds of form and substance, especially those involving darkness, fear, anger and hate. They left all Love at Home and having done that, they, like the Prodigal Son, had to ‘bottom out’ in terms of pain, misery, darkness, separation, scarcity, ignorance, suffering, torture, murder and mayhem. Once they realized the utter pointlessness and futility of this excursion into a Loveless, illusory existence in a dreamworld separated from God then they decided, like the Prodigal Son, it was time to give up the illusions of darkness and try to find their way back Home to their Father-Creator. And that is just about where the human race is right now. We humans have ‘bottomed out’ in terms of darkness during this Twentieth Century, and we are beginning to realize the pointlessness and futility of humanity’s empty existence with its poverty, diseases, wars, disasters, holocausts, famines, terrors, violence and rapaciousness. Now we need to look for the Light and for Love. We need to rediscover we are Eternal, Loving Mind-Beings, not ego-besotted physical humans living in a nightmare of avaricious self-centeredness. All of us Prodigal Sons have to Wake up from this Theater, this world of dreams and head for Home.”

“Gordon, I know you consider this material world to be a solid holographic illusion,” said Sean, “so how would you define Truth? We traditional scientists, as you call us, say that a phenomenon or process is only ‘true’ when it can be proved to exist as a replicable result of several related experiments or controlled observations. Furthermore the result must be predictable in terms of the hypothetico-deductive scientific method.”

“If you are right, Sean, then all of Newton’s ‘billiard ball’ physics was and still must be absolutely true, because for hundreds of years it was proved many, many times in replicated, watertight experiments,” countered Gordon. Sean saw he was now caught in a no-win argument.

“Well, scientific theory, scientific methods and the scope of science changes and evolves with time. Newton did not know about subatomic particles and quantum theory.”

Gordon jumped on him. “So your ‘scientific truth’ is relative, and never Final or Absolute. In two hundred years, say, will Bohr’s quantum theory and Einstein’s relativity have gone the way of Newton’s billiard ball physics, superseded by new scientific ‘truths’?”

“I suppose so. There are minor anomalies in the Standard Model which most scientists ignore, but that’s something we science guys have to live with. Science is empirical and does not pretend to be Absolute. It is simply the best we know now and will never be Final.”

“Then I wish to propose a wider, more comprehensive view of Truth. Let us regard Truth, and the Knowledge of which it is composed, as a nearly infinite, multi-dimensional, ‘jigsaw puzzle’ into which we must constantly fit pieces of knowledge from all sources, including traditional science. At the end of this Twentieth Century, right now, there is a vast body of ‘factual’ knowledge lying around in science, psychology, philosophy and a dozen other disciplines, all waiting to be pieced together into a comprehensive whole. But this Whole Truth must include ‘proven’ theories, facts and phenomena including quantum effects, EPR, the Uncertainty Principle, virtual particles, telepathy, possession, ‘Shakti’ or ‘Chi’ power, dreams, evolution, God, ego, Mind-as-such, the physical universe, black holes, viruses, genetics, meditation, the power of prayer, etcetera.”

Sean was intrigued but decided it was he who now held the tactical advantage. “And who decides if a piece of so-called ‘factual knowledge’ qualifies for inclusion in this multi-dimensional jigsaw puzzle of Truth? You have thrown out replicability, predictive hypotheses, and sensory observation as criteria for proof, so who will be the judge and jury?”

“No one! The sole criterion for inclusion would be, does the piece in question lock into place harmoniously without violating any other parts of the Universal Comprehensive Truth.”

Tel interrupted. “This Universal Comprehensive Truth of yours, Gordon, sounds very much like Georg Hegel’s ‘System’ which he presents in his book, Encyclopedia. Hegel stated there is nothing in the universe of mind and matter which the human mind cannot know, i.e., the unknowable cannot exist.”

Gordon agreed. “Hegel’s ‘System’ is an excellent, foundational starting point for our Universal Comprehensive Truth because it includes all the sciences, being, essence, mechanics, philosophy, logic, psychology, art, morality, religion, society, anthropology and Spirit or Mind-as-such. We just have to keep inserting the relevant pieces into their correct locations in our Comprehensive System. If a piece does not fit we merely lay it aside for future reference, perhaps to try again later on. It is the overall Comprehensive Picture of Truth (even the Truth about illusion) which our multi-dimensional jigsaw puzzle yields or produces, which is the key to Truth. Sometimes a piece in the Picture, which seemed correctly placed, is not, and thus that ill-fitting piece will either have to be refitted somewhere else, or temporarily put aside.”

“I get the Picture,” joked Tel who felt his Hegelian vision of Life was finally, with Gordon’s help, coming into its own. “But most people are already convinced they know ‘the truth’ whether they are philosophers, scientists, doctors, religious people or atheists. Aren’t you wasting your time ‘pushing’ all this psychospiritual philosophy stuff about the Whole Picture of Truth? Nobody’s really interested in your multi-dimensional jigsaw puzzle of all Knowledge. It’s all too esoteric and complex for most people. Keep it simple, Gordon.”

Gordon laughed. “Okay, is this Picture of Truth simple enough? ‘God is.’ Or perhaps you prefer, ‘Loving Oneness’? Or maybe, if you like something more philosophical, we could sum Truth up as, ‘Absolute Essence or Beingness is only Mind-as-such Oneness’?”

“I understand that,” said Alicia quietly. “You must write a book on all this stuff for my generation, Gordon. We need it, but you will have to write it in a popular format, otherwise no one will bother to read it. A snappy title will help.”

“How about, ‘Theater of the Dreamtime’? Does that have the right ring to it?”

“Yes,” agreed Alicia, “as long as you have a supplementary title to explain it. Otherwise people might think it is about legitimate theater. Not everyone knows of Australian Aborigine Dreamworlds. You grew up there, we didn’t. How about ‘Lovers of the Dreamtime’?”

“Smart girl, Alicia. That one’s nice and ambiguous. I like it. Now, shall we change the subject? Does anyone have outstanding questions?”

“I do,” chipped in Mary. “What’s the difference between possession by so-called entities and listening to one’s Spiritual Guides. How can we know who’s talking? I mean how can one tell which is which?”

“Entities will suggest, or even force you to do, negative acts by putting negative thoughts in your mind. Of course it could be your own ego-children who are doing this and I admit it is difficult to tell the difference. However, negative entities, like Jake, can only get a foothold, so-to-speak, in ego-minds which are already receptive to them. Ego-minds addicted to alcohol, drugs, sex, or anything else attract entities who have similar addictions because the entity can share, or participate in, the bodily effects of the addiction. To rid yourself of entities just become a spiritual person who is anchored on a solid spiritual path like A Course In Miracles. Entities become bored with spiritually inclined minds and soon leave. Otherwise, seek help from a psychotherapist who specializes in entity depossession. As for genuine Guides, they will give only helpful, uplifting advice. To get in touch with your Guides learn to meditate deeply and ask them to communicate with you. But beware of trickster entities who may pose as Guides, or even God, in order to remain attached to your ego. Then there are some entities, especially macho males like Jake, who like to dominate the woman they possess, literally regarding her as their ‘possession.’ This is frequently a carry-over from past lifetimes. Your Guides can usually tell you if any entities are attached to you or hanging around you.”

Joan had a different kind of question. “Gordon, if I get on a spiritual path and totally dismantle my ego until it is non-existent, what will replace it?”

“Your Higher Self, your Christ or Buddha or Krishna or Divine Self. You will become a hollow channel, a clear transparent Mind-as-such through whom God can flow unimpeded. This has nothing to do with bodies one way or another. You become an enlightened Son or Daughter of God who is One-in-Mind with the Creator. You become a unique Child of God through Whom God expresses Himself as You. You are also united in Loving Communion with all Children of God in God, that is all Creation, whether they are enlightened or not. Anything other than total, Loving Communion with God is not Real, but imagined.”

Rob Ringly thought it was the appropriate moment to close the meeting with a silent meditation.

*   *   *

That long weekend Elizabeth and Tel flew to San Francisco on Thursday evening to visit with the Apex family. Elizabeth was accepted by Tel’s parents as if she were already their daughter-in-law, a state of affairs which was confirmed when Tel proposed to Elizabeth during some passionate lovemaking on the Friday night. The announcement triggered a huge celebration dinner at the restaurant on the Saturday evening.

Alicia, who had stayed in Rockville did sleep over at a girlfriend’s house for two nights and another was spent at the Ovalton’s looking after the children. Even with all this activity Alicia found time each day to meditate at home for at least an hour. Over the weeks Alicia found her sex-drive was lessening and even her desire to eat was falling off. She was finding it easier and easier to “still” her mind and observe the inner lights of blue, or sometimes white, “behind her eyelids.” Her final goal, however, was to feel God’s Love pouring through her in the way Gordon had described and so she kept asking Him to flow through her from the Center of her clear Mind. Alicia believed Jesus when he had stated categorically that the Kingdom of God and Heaven was within her own Mind-as-such. All she had to do, Gordon had told her, was to make her I-Self single by relinquishing all the dualities of illusion which the voluntary separation from God by humans had manifested on them, including her. Alicia’s determination to Wake Up in God grew steadily as the weeks went by.

*   *   *

Joan and Sean spent every weekend together alternating between Washington DC and Baltimore. On Wednesday evenings, after the meeting, the couple usually went back to Joan’s apartment to make love before Sean drove home. She had been transformed into an open, passionate woman who loved to love Sean as frequently and with as much variety as possible. It was as if her sexuality had turned upside-down, which is exactly what had happened. Sean had found his soul-mate and for the first time in his life was truly “in love” with his “gorgeous goddess.” None of his many former women friends had had this mesmerizing effect on him, only Joan. She was his anima, his lover, his feminine counterpart who reflected back to him his own unconscious womanhood. They had decided not to marry in the foreseeable future because both felt the magic might disappear by formalizing their relationship. Sean had noted often that romantically inclined couples who lived separately or who, even if married, were separated for short intervals by their work, tended to maintain their attraction for each other on each reunion.

*   *   *

Six weeks later during the regular Wednesday meeting Elizabeth and Tel announced they would marry the following Easter.

“We have decided on a traditional Greek Orthodox wedding in San Francisco and you are all invited. Bring all the children, too. Alicia will be the Maid of Honor and Gordon, Best Man, because he brought us together.”

“Where will you go for your honeymoon?” inquired Cloesha.

“We intend to cruise the Greek Islands visiting Mykonos, Delos, Thera, Crete and Rhodes, all of which I’ve always wanted to see. And I’ll have the best guide in Greece, Tel, who will explain everything to me.”

“That’s wonderful,” said Gordon who knew about the wedding, but not the honeymoon. “Now I’ll tell you something about Mykonos which Tel does not know. Not long after World War II my aunt and her friend who were fine arts graduates fresh from Melbourne University went by sea to Athens and thence to Mykonos. They found work on the island in one of the home cloth-weaving shops which used giant, hand looms. But the Greek women weavers at that time still stuck to several traditional patterns which sold mostly to traditional Greek women. So the two girls began varying these old patterns with new subtle colors and designs, without losing the Greek flavor. These fine, woolen cloths were picked up by local boutiques and soon the tourists were buying up these unique Mykonos dresses and skirts. These innovative materials were soon acquired by couturiers in Paris, London and New York and long after the girls had left Greece for London orders for the cloth were rolling in from around the world, even to this day.”

“That’s a charming story,” said Tel. “Did your aunt and her friend get anything out of it?”

“Only a deep satisfaction at having helped bring prosperity to the island weavers and shops.”

“Then I shall buy Elizabeth a Mykonos skirt to celebrate the gift your aunt gave to the island, and to honor her contribution to Greek art.”

“Gordon, on quite another topic, do psychic powers indicate a person is spiritual?” inquired Mary.

“No, there is no correlation between psychic powers and levels of spiritual development. Spiritual people do develop psychic powers, but then so do many non-spiritual people. Psychic powers can even be used negatively. There is one exception to all this which involves the use of Chi or Shakti-power. Only enlightened people can channel God’s Power directly in unlimited quantities.”

“Okay, I understand. The other night I had a dream that this spiritual being asked me to become pregnant because she wanted me to become her mother. I think it was the girl Donald said wanted to reincarnate. She told me she had Loving work to do on the planet and would I ‘please get pregnant a.s.a.p.!’ Isn’t that peculiar?”

“Very unusual, yes,” answered Gordon, “but not peculiar for the changing spiritual times we live in. Many advanced souls want to incarnate soon in order to help wake up this planet. The next two or three decades are crucial to this spiritual transformation.”

Rob was intrigued by this possibility. “But, Gordon, if we are going to end our separation from God on Earth, the First Group must be very pleased that their mission is almost accomplished. So where is the First Group now?”

“Right here, Rob,” replied Gordon somewhat dramatically. “Last night, while in meditation, I asked Elohm that very question and he said quite bluntly that this group was the Original Group. He also mentioned that Alicia, Frank and Mary were among the first Mindkins we created to help us with our mission. But we do have quite a way to go, Elohm said, before our task here is completed.”



The Twenty-First Century——Act One



Gordon had put Alicia into a light altered state of consciousness during which she was still aware of him and her surroundings. He was working with her in the spiritual Land of Light with Jesus and other Guides and Masters.

“Alicia, you are lying comfortably on the white sofa in the Marble Grove of the Land of Light and you are very Peaceful. Now, I want you to swing your legs down and sit up on the edge of the sofa… have you done that?”

“Yes, I’m watching Jesus.”

“Good. Now, Jesus is bringing someone over to you, and it is your Higher Self who lives in the Land of Light within your Mind-as-such. Do you see her?”

A number of years had passed since Alicia had told the Wednesday group about her past life on the White Planet and how, as a child, she had been visited by an Angel. Now, in her early twenties, she had recently graduated with a bachelor’s in psychology from the University of Maryland where, also, she had just been accepted into the four-year doctoral program in clinical psychology. Although the Wednesday Group had ceased to meet regularly they did keep in touch by occasionally throwing parties at each other’s houses, especially around Christmas. Alicia had continued to visit with Gordon about once a month because he had enthusiastically endorsed her strong inclination to become a clinical psychologist. He had become a surrogate father in whom she could confide with trust. When she needed counseling about her course work, or her personal relationships, he offered sage advice. Alicia had experienced three affairs in college which, though sexually satisfying, had seemed hollow. None of the eligible guys seemed interested in paranormal or spiritual pursuits except, perhaps, as “Star Trek” or “X-Files” type fiction. Gordon had also helped her work through the abandonment issues she had with her real father even though she had long since realized no one was to blame. Tel was a wonderful and sensitive person but he did not have Gordon’s psychospiritual insights. Anyway, Tel and her mother were still so engrossed in each other that Alicia felt a little left out. This thrust her into adulthood, where, with Gordon’s ongoing guidance, she matured quickly.

“Yes, I see her,” responded Alicia. “My Higher Self looks a bit like me, but she is made of Mind-Light. She radiates golden Light, and Love too.”

“Great. Now ask her what her name is,” Gordon prompted.

Silently, Alicia asked her Higher Self her name. “It is Joy,” she said out loud, “because, she says, she is full of Joy all the time.”

“Okay, now stand up and walk over to Joy until you are right in front of her… are you there?”

“Yes, we are facing each other, up close.”

“Now turn around so your back is to Joy and almost touching her… have you done that?” asked Gordon.

“I have. Joy is right behind me now and Jesus is standing alongside us.”

“Good. Now Jesus is placing one of his hands on top of each of your heads, yours and Joy’s. Can you feel a gentle pressure there from his touch?”

“Yes, I feel his Love flowing down into me.”

“All right, Alicia. Jesus is going to bring his two hands together and as he does so, you will take one step backwards and merge into Joy who is waiting to receive you. Step back… now!”

There was a brief pause then Alicia laughed. “Joy and I are one, and it’s awesome! Jesus is smiling and he is still blessing us with Love.”

“How do you feel?”

“Ecstatic. I am literally filled with Joy… with indescribable Happiness.”

“What do you see?”

“I can see Everything, and understand it as well. I see all humans, and other Mindkins too, as Real Beings of Light and Love who happen to be immersed in a fake maya of their own continuous making. Joy is who I am in Reality when I have not projected out my identity into minimind and ego states of being. From this vantage point of my Self it is all so obvious what the problems of humanity are, and that this Love I am experiencing is the complete Answer. Humans don’t know What Real Love Is. They think pairing off and excluding others from their union is love, but Real Love must include everyone to the maximum like they do on the White Planet. Jesus is adding something telepathically… he says, ‘And that must include every enemy. Forgive them as I did for they know not what they do. Forgiveness is the key to healing. As we forgive, we learn to Love, which, he says, is the permanent cure.’”

Alicia paused, so Gordon said, “You and Joy are One Being united in Love with God and all other Mind-as-such Beings. I will now wake you up in the Land of Light and I want you to remain in your Joyful Higher Self for as long as possible… okay?”

“Right on! I want to be in this Ecstasy of Love forever. Can I take it with me to the University of Maryland?”

“Sure, but most of them won’t know what to do with it and they will label you as ‘weird.’ But do it anyway. Just be discrete and try to sow it on fertile soil… give it to the ones who are ready.”

“Okay. Jesus just explained I can do a more broad-scale scattering of Love sometime in the not-too-distant future, but that I have some forgiving to do first.”

“Can you identify who you need to forgive?”

“I do realize that, before conception, I chose my parents as an environment in which I could reacquire my crucial karma by the age of sixteen.”

Alicia paused, so Gordon asked, “But do you understand fully that we choose our parents, and manifest all our childhood and teen experiences with them, including any abuse, so that we can resolve that reacquired karma during the remainder of our current lifetime? We even manifest our own experiences of childhood terror and torture, severe illnesses and accidents, so that in adult life we can HEAL both ourselves and the separated-from-God human race. Karma has nothing to do with an ‘eye for an eye’ or ‘a tooth for a tooth.’ The whole purpose of karma, which some might call ‘codependent negative destiny’ or ‘reaping sown seeds,’ is to heal all our relationships with everyone by forgiving them, abolishing blame and learning to Love them as Children of God——including ourselves.

“Yes, Gordon, I do understand we must heal all our relationships——that that is the purpose of karma——even if we don’t have to live with people physically. Have I got that right?”

“Quite correct, especially in the case of abusive adults. What about your parents? I know they were never abusive to you but have you forgiven them truly?”

“I have already forgiven my mother and father for separating, and now I Love Mom and Dad and all of the group——Tel, the Ringlys, Joan and Sean, the Ovaltons and you, Gordon. I feel very close to you. The people I have problems Loving are the abusers, serial killers, child molesters and all past and present dictators who caused misery for millions. Why do they do the cruel things they do, and how can I handle thoughts of actual tortured, raped and mutilated children? How can I forgive such monsters? Why does God allow it?”

“Why don’t you ask Jesus,” Gordon suggested. “He is right there. Perhaps he can explain our human fondness for torturing, abusing and killing one another. We all do it, you know, often in the name of justice, deterrence, ‘fair’ punishment and ‘righteous’ wars. For example, Alicia aren’t you hating the haters?”

“Very much so. I want to rid the earth of all the evil people, but there’s always more evil ones with each successive generation.” Alicia stopped talking for a moment, then continued, “Joy and I just separated again and now I feel I’m all ego again.”

“That’s okay, just stay with that ‘evil ego-stuff.’ Ask Jesus about it.”

Alicia went silent again as she asked Jesus for answers. “He is saying that the so-called ‘evil’ is part of the darkness we humans came here to explore and experience when, of our own free will, we decided to separate from God and do our own special thing. God knows nothing about ‘evil’ because He is ONLY Love. Whenever Mind Beings separate from God into illusion they make a Loveless state-of-mind that is based solely on fear and its counterpart, aggression. Evil is simply Loveless fear and aggression in action. Those in a Loveless state come to think there is a shortage, a scarcity of everything, especially of ego-love, and that the only ways and means to get what they want (to try to fill their love-buckets) are to fight, struggle, yell, compete, persuade, kick, strike, manipulate, punish, corral, abuse, frighten, kill, hound, enslave, nag, placate, invade, deprive, etc. Today’s aggressor is tomorrow’s victim and vice versa. For example, even in one lifetime an abused victim-child often grows up to become an abusive parent. The distorted complexities of ego-roles and emotional states involve all of us humans in numerous, shifting, opposing dualities of ‘good’ and ‘evil,’ of ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes,’ of ‘ego-love’ and ‘hate,’ of ‘truce’ and ‘war,’ of ‘freedom’ and ‘restriction,’ of ‘pleasure’ and ‘pain,’ of ‘caressing’ and ‘hurting,’ of ‘opening-up’ and ‘closing-down,’ of ‘elation’ and ‘depression,’ of ‘clarity’ and ‘confusion.’ All of these, and more, Jesus says are our Loveless ego-plane polarities between which we all swing like pendulums. Some swing quite slowly and others quickly. Furthermore, he says, our lives mostly consist of continual judgments about people, our close relationships and our personal circumstances in terms of all these polarities. But three stand out above the others, namely, ‘good’ and ‘evil,’ ‘like’ and ‘dislike,’ and ‘pleasure’ and ‘pain.’ We traffic in these ego-level polarity judgments through accusations, blame, revenge, punishments, praise, and approval, all wrapped up in a huge package of projection. Every human characteristic we pass judgment on in other people, Jesus says, we possess inside ourselves. Each of us contains every human emotion and attribute however much it may be hidden or denied.”

“Ask Jesus how we can rise above this polarized-ego, projected-judgment, fear-based level of thinking and operating in our daily lives,” suggested Gordon, even though he already knew the answer because he had asked before.

“Jesus heard you and he says to use the Ego-Dismantling Method on a daily basis whenever a positive or negative situation arises. The emotions and situation must then be released to Spirit. We must also meditate in silence, and open our hearts and our stilled Minds-as-such to God and His Love. Especially let go of the polarity of ‘goodness’ and ‘evil.’ By choosing to think God’s Thoughts and by allowing His Love to flow through us we will end our separation from God permanently, at which time all polarity swings, fear, judgments and other illusory projections will cease. Once we become clear channels for God’s Light and Love we will see every human only as an eternal Child of God, created in His Mind. And that is the only Answer. We all have to Wake Up in the Reality of God’s Mind.”

Gordon saw Alicia had finished speaking so he asked her if she understood all that Jesus had said.

“Mostly I do because much of it you have told us previously. But what did he mean when he said that every human attribute is in each of us? Am I a murderer?”

“Yes. As long as a person hates the haters, condemns the condemners, abuses the abusers, and kills the killers, we are doing what ‘they’ do. We all delight in revenge. Watch any movie or newscast. We may whitewash these practices as socially necessary or simply call them ‘justice,’ but killing is killing if it happens in the living room, on the battlefield, or in a gas chamber, and abuse is abuse whether it occurs in our homes, in our minds, or in penitentiaries! Anyway almost all humans have wanted someone dead during their lives, even it was only a Hitler, a serial killer, or Sadam Hussein. We must find that aggression deep within ourselves and put it through the Ego-Dismantling Method as often as necessary.”

“I understand why the killer is in all of us, especially in wartime, and that we must dismantle him or her within us. Right now I prefer to join with Joy. I know that once we are all completely Loving every human problem will cease. Can Jesus fuse me with my Joy again?”

“I’m sure he will. Let’s ask him.”

Once Alicia was reunited with her Higher Self Gordon brought her out of the altered state while she was still in the Land of Light. Although she saw the physical environment of Gordon’s office, Alicia looked out through eyes of Loving Oneness, a spiritual state which lasted several days. Even her academic studies seemed much lighter and more easily assimilated.

*   *   *

Cloesha Ovalton opened the Carousel microwave to retrieve the steaming cup of mid-morning coffee she had just reheated. The centerpiece of their large, farmhouse-style kitchen was a great, solid-oak, slab table, large enough to seat ten people. She plumped herself down in the sturdy carver chair, sipped warily at the too-hot coffee and surveyed her current life. As she stared at the table’s nicks and scratches, its permanent stains and ink marks, she felt she and the table had a lot in common, stressed but supremely strong and serviceable. Her friend, Mary Ringly, was on the way over to visit and chat and Cloesha very much enjoyed their open, intimate conversations.

Had so many years really passed, she reminisced, since Frank had his Maori vision? Time must be accelerating with every passing year. Bill was away at Vanderbilt University where he was majoring in computer science and mathematics because he had inherited the talents of both his parents. Jeff, who was a year younger, wanted, “to be a teacher like my Mom,” so he had enrolled at local Georgetown University where Tel Apex still taught philosophy.

The front door chimes cadenced through the house. After a big hug and fresh coffee Mary and Cloesha settled in the south-facing conservatory filled with ferns, palms, exotic plants and white rattan furniture. As they sat down they looked out through the 3’ by 3’ glass panels onto the large lawn, the banked flower gardens and, farther down, a copse of tall trees.

“I have always envied you your beautiful, comfortable home, Cloesha. It breathes relaxed love wherever I look. You have more than achieved your goal of a healthy, happy family, you know.”

“Thank you, kind lady,” Cloesha said, faintly self-conscious at the praise. “Frank has made it easy for me and the children to love him, and I admit having money helps. But the keys to raising a happy family lie in positive training, lots of praise, recognition and encouragement, constant parental participation, and in teaching the kids to think freely for themselves. Frank and I have always rewarded tolerance, promoted problem-solving and we have kept dogmatic authority, including punishment, to a minimum. How’s that for homespun wisdom?”

“Child-rearing in the proverbial nutshell. You should write a book, Cloesha.”

“No need to. There are hundreds of books advocating these ideas. People buy them, few study them and very few apply them.”

“Why is that?”

“Old ingrained habits. As parents we tend to bring up our children the way we were brought up, although some new parents do exactly the opposite to their parents by way of reaction. But as you said a moment ago, warm, relaxed Love is the answer. Abuse, strong discipline and dictatorship, however benign, ruin both countries and families. I can’t wait ‘til everyone Wakes Up to Love.”

“I’m with you there… which reminds me of this ‘Miracles Retreat’ Gordon is organizing for next month. Are you going?”

“Frank is trying to arrange that weekend off. My mother can mind the kids here. We’d like to see everyone again. It sounds like fun. What is his ‘surprise event’ though? Do you know?”

“No. I’m as curious as you are. Do you think Ruth is too young to attend? She’s only six but very mature for her years.” Mary loved her gifted daughter who had been born with several siddhi powers including telepathy, universal clairvoyance and conscious communication with three Masters. Cloesha knew all about Ruth’s talents.

“She can stay here if she wishes, but why don’t you ask her if she wants to come to the Retreat?”

“Good thinking. No doubt she’ll consult with the Masters and let me know.” Mary looked at the trees in the distance, aware that Ruth, who was in school, would have already received her mother’s message and be working on it. Although Ruth would always do what Mary asked, the need to make decisions for her wise child grew less frequent each year.

Mary pulled her attention back to Cloesha. “I feel Ruth will become my mother in a few years and that I will go to her for guidance.”

For a moment Cloesha sipped thoughtfully at her coffee, then said, “That will be true for most of us old, ego-ridden fogies as this turn-of-the-century generation grows older. All my children are spiritually inclined because they got it from Frank and me by osmosis, but Frances at ten is more advanced than the older ones.”

“Do you think Frances would like to come to Gordon’s Retreat as a companion for Ruth?”

“Perhaps. I will ask her. I’m sure Alicia will be happy to help us look after them. Over the years she and Frances have really bonded.”

Mary and Cloesha talked a little longer, then lapsed into a comfortable silence until Frank came in to join them for lunch.

*   *   *

Elizabeth Archer switched on her printer, monitor, amplifier and computer in that order. She was a little late getting started this morning because she and Tel had decided to make love before he left for Georgetown University at 10 AM. On the days he had evening lectures to give, Tel sometimes left the house around midmorning. Alicia usually departed before eight to catch her early classes which left them free to be noisy, and sexually uninhibited. This morning they had experienced surging, simultaneous orgasms….

When the computer finished booting Elizabeth first selected the Corel Draw program symbol, then she opened a fresh “page” on which to begin a new project. She was about to switch to a landscape layout when the screen flickered and the word “COMMUNICATE” appeared across the page in 32-point, bold, italic caps. Elizabeth chuckled. It had been several weeks since she had contacted Spirad and now, it seemed, he was desirous of more frequent interaction.

“All right, Spirad,” she explained internally. “I have been a little lax about getting in touch with you recently because, what with my work load, Tel and Alicia, there are not enough of those proverbial hours in the day——or night. Too much to do, O, Master Mine!”

“Quit the razzmatazz, O, Child of God,” Spirad responded telepathically. “It is that overload of preoccupation with naught but illusion that I wish to discuss with you, O, Daughter of the Absolute.”

“All you men are the same. You think sweet talk will make us pliant and playful——which it usually does, O, Voice from the Void.”

“I like that appellation from Elizabeth Archer, who happens to be the Designer of the universe of forms and space which exists in the Void of empty Mind-as-such——which, by the way, is Where I Live.”

“Stop mocking me, Spirad.” Elizabeth said impatiently, her bantering mood broken. “If you want to communicate, at least talk sense.”

“I speak the Truth, Elizabeth. You were, and still are, a member of the First Group within which your role was the architect of all physical form. You even designed that beautiful orchid millions of years before I showed it to you onscreen.”

“That’s too difficult for me to believe or comprehend. How can a limited human being who has to struggle to design something as prosaic as a kettle fashion the forms of the cosmos? God did that.”

“No. You have been told before that God knows nothing of form except in the abstract sense of universal ideas. Let me use a computer analogy here, one which you can understand. God’s Mind is the analogous equivalent of Corel Draw and Dream 3-D digital programs which contain only binary codes. These will yield, that is, manifest, any form, shape or color on the screen, but the codes themselves are not those actual forms, shapes and colors. The codes are symbolic abstract analogs of all the component bits and pieces of forms, colors, lines, shapes, textures, and so on, which can be assembled and then manifested as any object onscreen by your creative input.”

“I get it. God has the ultimate abstract Leggo and I assemble it concretely any way I want——in or out of the computer!” Elizabeth was pleased with her pithy summary of Spirad’s drawn-out description.

“That’s right as far as it goes, but there’s more. Your Mind-as-such has every content and attribute of God’s Mind so the ultimate ‘Leggo’ is all in your Mind as well. Let us go back to the computer analogy, though. Once you have decided on the forms, shapes, colors, dimensions, etcetera, you want to create from the ‘bits and pieces’ primary codes, the programmed pixels will assemble to form the pictures of the objects you desire on the screen. Now, understand that, by analogy, the monitor’s pixels (with their individual programming) are equivalent to the Living Spirals who assemble themselves into physical objects in accordance with your specific ‘coded’ thoughts and wishes as their observer.”

“So, are you saying I was the team member who thought up the designs and colors of the physical universe and that, as I did this, the Living Spirals then manifested them?”

“I am,” asserted Spirad. “The other team members also contributed in terms of physics, chemistry, mathematics and other systems, but you were the artist who made the universe so beautiful, shapely and colorful. Mind you, it took a huge, concerted, team effort to engineer the perception of electromagnetic color wavelengths and frequencies by the eyes and brain. Mind-as-such always sees color, as when you dream at night, and it took considerable ingenuity for the united Group to evolve, biologically, the physical mechanisms for seeing color. It took billions of years of effort to get it just right so that ‘normal’ humans can appreciate the physical beauty of, say, a flower. Without the cones of the retina everything out there would be only grayscale. Physical light radiation is only colorless radiation without those cones. Of course you have to have the brain and mind of the observer to help process it. But strictly speaking it is the Mind that perceives color.”

“Spirad, why are you telling me all this?”

“Several reasons. The scientific information may help you in your work, but my main reason is to let you know your True Identity. Then, I hope, you will develop a desire to return to your true heritage as one of the makers of the physical universe. You are wasting time, Elizabeth, as the designer of ‘shoes and ships, and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings.’ You need to realize Who you Really are.”

“Who am I really?”

“You are an original Mind of Spirit within the Mind of God, and so is Tel. We need both of you to help us awaken the world from its dream so everyone can experience God directly inside themselves. You are too preoccupied with meaningless, busy work which in ten years time will not even be remembered.”

“Well, we have to live, to put food on the table.”

“When you awaken to the Kingdom of Heaven ‘all else will be added unto you.’ Don’t you realize that?”

“Spirad, in the past I have always believed you, but now I am beginning to think you and Elohm and Jesus are conspiring to perpetuate a new myth of creation and renewal, of enlightenment and abundance. What say you, O, Master of Myths and Miracles?”

“What did you have for dinner on Saturday evening a month ago?”

“I don’t know. I can’t remember. It’s unimportant and irrelevant. Let’s get serious.”

“Those are just the comments I was going to make about almost everything you do in your life——they are unimportant and irrelevant, so let’s get really serious, shall we?”

“Okay, convince me!”

“Do you realize that ninety-nine percent of your time, attention and energy is devoted to the maintenance, care, grooming and entertainment of your physical body. Even the designer work you do is done to bring in money to maintain your body, shelter it, etc. Would you work like this if you were not paid?”

“I see what you mean, but in this physical world the physical body is thought to be what Life is. I am this body, the one I have to maintain, groom, exercise, feed, and entertain. Also, sex is physical, orgasms are physical, and sport is physical because, in the final analysis, it is the body that wins. Without a body none of these things would happen, therefore all my activities are ‘perfectly natural’ as the saying goes.”

“And without meaning. You live out your ‘seven ages’ in one lifetime, die, and the body you so carefully cared for is dead and decomposed and soon forgotten like all the other human bodies of countless previous generations. You revere a chunk of flesh and bone, and devote a lifetime to cherishing an animated corpse which gets sick, tired, low and suffers pain?”

“You make it sound horrible and sordid, Spirad.”

“Oh, I haven’t even touched on the really sordid aspects of living for and through the body. You may be one of the more fortunate ones. What about the addicted-body people and the miseries they suffer whatever their psychophysical addiction is? Then there are those physical bodies maimed and torn in painful accidents and operations. How about menstruation and childbirth? And I haven’t even yet mentioned the pain of physical crimes like murder, torture, physical abuse, rape, burnt flesh from set fires and the kidnapping of the bodies of children. Many people even enjoy pain masochistically. Isn’t there a human saying, ‘No pain, no gain’ which everyone believes in, not just for exercising, but in the achievement of any goal? Every body who has been to college and studied relentlessly into the night soaked in coffee, knows what I am talking about. You, too.”

Elizabeth cracked up with laughter. “Spirad, you old Prophet of Doom and Disaster, what about all the pleasure, the love, the happy times?”

“Tell me about them! Those are fleeting moments of false pleasure, almost all of them associated with a body. You humans even think of your treasured, new baby, after it arrives, as a body, when it is an eternal Mind Being in fact. But I digress. Do not confuse the ego-pleasures of bodily sensations like eating, or physical contact like sex or hugs, with True Happiness. Almost no human beings have an inkling of what Real Happiness is. Listen well to this: if any pleasure does not last continuously for ever then you are not Happy. Since very few bodies last longer than a century, no one is Happy. Humans can only total up their isolated moments of temporary pleasure which are their ‘ego-highs,’ and balance them against their everyday ‘blahs’ and miserable lows. Like the Ringlys, how many famous or not-so-famous people have lost a child during their lifetime? How many people have cancer, heart disease or AIDS, worldwide? How many are starving right now?”

“Must you continue with this depressing catalog of pleasure and pain?”

“Only to teach you that, at the ego-body level of 3-D existence, it is impossible to have pleasure without balancing it with pain at the other pole. Pain and pleasure are an inevitable polarity like evil and good, night and day, north and south, or death and animated ‘living.’ Your so-called physical ‘life’ has death built into it as an essential and inevitable, negative counterpart. In order to really Live you must mentally transcend the physical universe (even while in your body), a universe that you continuously manifest moment by moment.”

“Spirad, what about peak spiritual experiences like Tel seeing the Light? They do not last, so are they not Real?” Elizabeth was delighted to have placed Spirad on the defensive for once.

“Those Spiritual Instants you speak of are glimpses of the Eternal Reality of God. It is as if you see the sun once in a while on a cloudy day. The fact that your ‘clouds of confusion’ block out the sun does not mean the sun is not continuously there. Transcend the dark clouds of ego or fly above them and the sun will be present all the time.”

“Spirad, I do understand your symbolism of how some of us may glimpse the Reality of Light and Love once in a while, but are miracles of healing and manifestation also aspects of Eternal Reality?”

“No, they are not, even though they may be performed by Spiritual Beings as well as by other psychically talented humans. Miracles and even the process of waking up could be called ‘higher aspiration illusions.’ There is no need for miracles or ‘salvation’ in Heaven with God. Also be advised that when the Prodigal Son eventually decides to return Home it is because the pleasures of the state of separation from God are discovered to be valueless. They are not ‘sins’ or ‘evil,’ just meaningless. A Home-seeking identity begins to emerge and operate within the wider personality which, to avoid verbal confusion, we do not call a higher aspirational ego (even if that is what it is). This emerging, Home-seeking identity gradually becomes stronger, especially when its owner comes to realize that forgiveness, ego-dismantling, willingness and wanting God are the main keys to rapid progress along the Way.”

Elizabeth started probing around inside her own patchwork personality. “Do I have a Home-seeking identity yet, Spirad?”

“Yes, my dear. A newly nascent one who paradoxically has always been there inside you. It is a spiritually inclined child, who, if allowed to develop will carry you all the way to Heaven’s gate where God Himself will welcome you with Infinite Love. At that moment you will Awaken fully to your original True Identity of being One with the Father within His Mind-as-such, and all your other identities will have vanished.”

“Spirad, if I clear an hour a day for God what do you suggest I do with it?”

“Meditate morning and evening, of course, and spend time conversing with me. Each day I will explain the steps to take along the Path which will be the quickest way Home for you. If he wishes, Tel can join you in these meditations and conversations, then you can reach ‘Heaven’s Gate’ simultaneously. It’s inside your Minds, by the way.”

“All right. I’ll first consult with Tel, and start tomorrow with twenty minutes meditation before breakfast. Can I have a cup of tea first?”

“Certainly. Wash your face and neck in cold water, have a pee, drink your tea quietly with no distractions and then spend your time with God, preferably in silence but wanting Him to commune with you.”

“Okay. Anything else?”

“Yes. Both of you should sign up for Gordon’s Retreat. You’ll enjoy the experience, especially the surprise event.”

“Will do! Sounds intriguing. Any hints? No? Oh, well, we will go and see for ourselves. Love you, Spirad. Call again on the morrow, my Grand Master of Reality.”

“Goodbye, but it is you who is the Grand Master of Reality——as well as of the Theater of Illusion. Always remember, God is Reality.”

“Why don’t we now remember who we Really are, and Where we came from, Spirad?”

“Because you once chose to forget Reality. Even now, every second, you humans still choose and prefer to live in the darkness of your egos and your separation from God! But it does have a Grand Purpose which you will have to discover.”

*   *   *

Judge Joan Cubero and Dr. Sean Waverley were out shopping for guest room furniture. After many years of commuting between D.C. and Baltimore they had decided the social mores of the U.S. had finally caught up with Europe and become sufficiently tolerant for even a federal judge to live with her lover full-time. After a long search involving a dozen real estate agents they had found their ideal house near the town of Columbia not too far from both the Little Patuxent Highway and the Columbia Pike.

Sean had been made a full professor in recognition of his brilliant work integrating string theory with quarks, subspace, and virtual particles. Ever since Gordon, years before, had described the characteristics of Living Spirals, and the notion of time as “NEXT,” an endless flow of new ideas and insights had poured into his mind “from somewhere.” While, even now, he still sat on several philosophical fences he did admit, if only to Joan, “that these innovative theories had to be coming in from an outside source.” There were far too many “Aha’s!” for them to result solely from his own limited powers of deduction and inference. Sean knew that most well known scientists were blessed with one or two wholly novel insights or discoveries during their lives and spent the remainder of their careers elaborating on the details of those ideas. Yet here he was, witnessing the particle/quantum physics section of Gordon’s multi-dimensional jigsaw puzzle assembling itself, piece by piece, before his eyes. “I must have been a physicist in a former lifetime,” he had joked. “Or, perhaps, I have time traveled in the ‘NEXT’ back to this one from a future life and brought my scientific knowledge with me.”

Within two weeks the closing on the house took place and they moved in. It took two more months to furnish and decorate the main rooms to their liking with lots of color and snow-white walls. More than one hundred people attended their house-warming party showering them with enough kitchenware and knick-knacks to supply several homes. Cloesha and Frank presented them with two superb computers.

Joan and Sean truly loved each other as soulmates, and now, living together, they could consummate their affection on a daily basis. Joan had continued to expand her passionate desires and techniques. She sometimes marveled at the contrast between her prim professional life and her unreserved sexuality when with Sean. Their new residence was sufficiently isolated from the neighbors for them to stay naked even in much of the back yard. The house wrapped around three sides of the pool, spa and screened patio which allowed for frequent skinny dipping. Joan still enjoyed Sean’s ongoing fantasies which sometimes included uninhibited orgies. Sexual movies still satisfied their honest need for watching bodies in action but the films they selected, even if sexually explicit, had to have an entertaining plot.

A week later on the Friday evening Joan parked her car in the double garage and let herself into the main part of the house through the inside door. Even though Sean would not get home for another hour she went upstairs to the master bedroom and, out of habit, took off all her clothes. Wandering into the bathroom to pee her glance fell on the huge, whirlpool bathtub and she decided to wash away a week full of worries. While the warm water filled the tub Joan studied her body in the plate glass mirror which covered the opposite wall. My years of regular exercise have paid off very handsomely, she thought. At forty-seven her figure was not visibly different from what it had been at thirty-three. After first lowering herself deep into the churning water Joan stood up again and lathered her body. That done, she slid under the surface and let the bubbles do their massaging work. Twenty minutes later, fully rejuvenated, she stepped out onto the white carpet, dried off, then went back downstairs to the kitchen.

Joan was busy preparing a light meal of tacos when Sean came up behind her, hugged her from the rear and then, as usual, ran his hands gently all over her bare breasts and torso. She turned in his arms and kissed him hard as her hand rubbed his penis through his trousers. Laughing, he pulled away and trotted upstairs for a quick shower before they ate. Life was stupendous, he thought, as several minutes later, he rejoined Joan for a naked supper. He knew many people believed that constant nudity resulted in an eventual lack of sexual interest or even arousal, but Sean knew this was not true. Tonight he was just as intrigued by their bare bodies as he had been the first time Joan had stripped off to parade before him. She was still his beautiful goddess.

The tacos, each one smothered in salsa, had all disappeared. They each polished off a bowl of fresh tropical fruit salad with whipped cream. The CNN newscast on their enormous HDTV screen chronicled the usual dismal clips of current celebrity murders, riots, chicanery, terrorism and miscellaneous angry international confrontations. Around eight o’clock Sean loaded the built-in DVD video player with an explicit sexual movie, which, as Joan knew, was not illegal in Maryland. It was about two attractive couples who, meeting on vacation, fell in love with one another and immediately began reveling in each others’ bodies in every feasible way. The huge high definition screen was so realistic, especially with close-ups, Joan could imagine the four lovers were in the room sharing the sexual action with them. The combined HD television set and digital video player were voice controlled by key words. For example, “freeze” caused the still image of the current frame to stay onscreen until the single word “play” was said.

The erotic movie soon excited Joan into playing with her moist clitoris until she almost had an orgasm at which time she suddenly had a bright idea.

“Sean, darling, let’s take turns at ‘freezing’ the movie whenever we see any two of the actors doing what we would like to do. When I freeze it, you have to do to me exactly what is happening in that picture after I shout ‘play’ and we keep watching them doing their thing. Then it will be your turn, and I hope you pick the far out, fun stuff.”

“An ingenious and inventive mind you have, my dear. I like it. You go first, but try not to cause me to ejaculate, or it may all come to a grinding halt. We must keep him erect.”

For two hours Joan and Sean were engrossed in their fictional love-making until near the end of the onscreen story Sean, who had waited a little too long to withdraw, thrust himself into Joan as far as he could, so she could have yet another orgasm.

After showering together they cuddled up in bed contentedly. Joan snuggled close so Sean could curl his arm around her back, his fingers reaching to the side of her left breast.

“Sean, my love, do you think we are over-preoccupied with sex? I mean we spend most of our free time making love. What a contrast with how I used to be, before I met you.” For emphasis Joan squeezed his limp penis which she liked to hold loosely as they were falling asleep.

Sean, who was on the point of dropping off, struggled to marshal his mind. “No, we are not addicted to sex, because sex-play is merely our personal form of leisure-time relaxation and entertainment. For us it is a harmless, enjoyable activity which offsets the long hours of effort we put into our professional work. I rarely think of sex at work, do you?”

“Oh, hardly ever. Much too much to do reading briefs, hearing cases and handing down judgements. Once or twice a day, though, I may wonder what amusements we will get up to that evening.”

“Then we are not obsessed with sex. Some people collect stamps or children to preoccupy their time, or simply watch endless television. Others play sports, or chess, or cards. Some read libraries of novels, or sit at a surfing computer every evening. I could go on and on with the list of innocuous pastimes most people indulge in, and sex is near the top. And let me climb on my soapbox and add that legislating any harmless, consensual adult sex into a crime is about as sensible as banning all boating and swimming because a few people drown, or prohibiting football because some players break bones.”

“Okay, you’ve convinced me, so what will we do on the morrow, my insatiable lover?”

“Find some hay to roll in——it’s as American as apple pie! Go to sleep now, my chili-pepper.”

In a few moments they had dozed off, and Sean was dreaming he was the senior officer on a vast starship hovering over a green planet with two golden moons. There was a problem down on the surface he had to resolve and Cloesha Ovalton was helping him with it….

Abruptly Sean came awake, but stayed motionless. He realized his fingers were pressing against a rubbery lump inside Joan’s full breast. He lay there a long time before reassuring himself it was probably nothing. In the morning he would idly ask her how long it was since her last mammogram. Then, eventually, he fell into a disturbed sleep.

*   *   *

“Gordon, I need some more clarification on the big picture,” said Alicia, “so, can you summarize the evolution of the human ego-mind from the single cell to our modern competitive, success-oriented society?”

“I hope you have nothing to do for the next couple of weeks, as I reckon that’s how long it will take.”

“Okay. Well, just the highlights then. I know most of it from our previous conversations. For example, I know that you seven, as Minds, popped in and out of creatures to sample living in their bodies as you groped your way up the unknown evolutionary tree finding your way by trial and error to our present state. It’s not so much the evolution of the physical bodies I want to know about, as the evolution of the ego and our guilty consciences.”

Gordon laughed. “The story of the ego from single cell to prison cell, all crammed into a nutshell! All right, just butt in if I’m not making sense.”

“You know me, I’ll do that.”

“Here we go then. In the beginning there was a single cell who survived better by eating the debris of other dead cells. In time, a mutant cell survived better than his fellows by devouring one of them alive and at that moment in that tiny cell’s mind the predatory instinctual program was written. It was also written into the DNA mutation, of course——we saw to that. In passing let me say that all DNA instinctual behavior programs are also imprinted on the sensory awareness or consciousness of the species involved. In other words, for example, a predatory cell, a tiger or a human, at some level of consciousness, is aware that it is eating flesh for lunch.”

Alicia needed clarification here. “You mean this only applies to flesh-eating predators?”

“Oh, no. Except for most plants and a few of the lowest levels of bacteria and archaea, such as the ones that live inside and consume rock, almost all organisms dine on other living organisms or their products——alive or dead. Bison graze on grass, birds eat fruit, seeds and insects, while fish eat plankton or one another——and so it goes, up and down the food chain.”

“Fine, all that I know. Let’s cut to the chase, or rather, to the evolution of the ego.”

“Aggression and fear, attack and avoidance, fight or flight, hunt or hide, ——that’s what life on earth is basically all about, Alicia, but you know all that, too.”

“And I know aggression and fear are conscious, instinctual emotions in almost all species… even worms learn to turn away from threat.”

“Then they do teach you something at university! Did they teach you about the ‘territorial imperative’ which we human predators have developed into the finest of arts? Only now we call it business, football, etc.”

“Only in passing,” Alicia answered. “Is it that bad?”

“It’s worse. What started out as defending our tribal territory quickly developed into aggressively grabbing everything we could lay our hands on until we finished up with the Roman Empire——and later Hitler and Stalin. Ego-might was right and led to an abundance for the powerful elite.” Gordon held two thumbs down to indicate death as had the Roman Emperors in the ancient arena.

“That was quick,” Alicia remarked. “From caves to Colosseum in one large leap, then another giant jump to the Twentieth Century! You are saying, Gordon, that the egos who survive successfully, grab what they can from ‘the enemy’ who are seen as a source of ‘sustenance’ to be drained or displaced.”

Gordon grinned. “You’ve got it! But we call it competition in polite society, and we praise those competitors who are successful calling them ‘winners,’ whether they are Olympic gold medalists, Nobel Prize winners, bright young CEO’s, or the superstars of entertainment. Even in elementary schools we reward the winners and down-grade the losers. It’s all to do with victors and losers; we tend to see life in terms of success and failure, winners and wimps.”

“Don’t most people see happiness as the outcome of being successful?” asked Alicia. “Even many mothers strive to raise a ‘successful’ family——which they interpret as being a successful parent.”

“That’s only too true. But what is success in emotional terms? What is winning the prize, the gold medal, the diploma, the college degree, the promotion, the status or rank, the wealth, the most toys, the fame?”

Alicia could see where Gordon was going. “They are all to do with false love-getting by the ego at the expense of others?”

“Right you are! We are back to the filling of ego-love buckets. This time, however, they are being filled by the adulation and applause of the crowd, the social group, the audience. But it is not so much the winners with full buckets I want to discuss as the so-called losers who, after many years of hard work, don’t win their medal, don’t receive their prize or don’t make it to the top. We can include here everyone who has not had their fifteen minutes of fame. We can also include all those fans, who, having less talent themselves, identify with the winners in order to glean a little pseudo-love vicariously.”

“You make it all sound quite pathetic, as if most humans are hooked either on winning or on winners——or both.”

“They are! The tragedy is that so few see through the fake, yet destructive, nature of the ego. None of its ‘winner’ gratifications last, and sooner or later the ‘loser’ polarity has to take its place. The house of cards comes tumbling down one way or another and suffering ensues. Divorces  become battles, children commit suicide, someone is a drug addict, a plane crashes, cancer sets in, a venture fails, a disaster hits, a crime is committed. Ego polarities such as ego-love and hate are built into each other. The ego is the archetypal trickster who will always pull the rug from under you.”

Alicia smiled ruefully. “’You win some, you lose some,’ as the old saying goes, and it’s all because we are competitive, ego-beings living in a conditional, give-and-grab ego-world of our own making.”

“And we don’t see through the veneer of our socialization,” added Gordon, “past our spurious cultural beliefs to the ‘predator’ in all of us. That predator in us will do anything, good or bad, to fill his or her ego-bucket with pseudo-love of some kind, not infrequently as a victim-in-collusion.”

“You mean most of us just don’t get the big picture about the way the human ego operates——that almost all our activities consist of ego-love snatching, even the seemingly positive ones?” asked Alicia.

“Sure. It’s easy to understand a thief is stealing a bizarre kind of ego-love in the form of, say, money or jewels, but it is more difficult to see the ‘positive’ manipulations of a lover who wants to be hugged and kissed.”

“And do we try as well to manipulate God to fill our love-buckets?”

“Yep!” Gordon replied. “Every prayer that asks for material goods or advantages is an attempt to persuade God——to cajole Him——into manifesting for us some form of ego-gratification.”

“Should we not pray?”

“Of course, but rather as a meditation wherein we ask God to reveal His Plan for us, knowing He will always provide us with the necessary wherewithal to fulfill it.”

“Will He supply us with Love, too?” asked Alicia.

“More Love than we could ever need or cope with once we end our deliberate separation from Him. To do that we must want nothing but God.”

“So single-minded devotion to God is the key?”

Gordon nodded. “Once we receive God’s Love and let if flow through us, we need no other love. Others will love us, of course, but we can throw away our ego love-buckets for ever once we reconnect consciously with the Source of all Love and Life and then we will Love everybody equally.”

“Thanks, Gordon. I’ll do that.”



The Twenty-First Century——Act Two



Fifty-five participants gathered two weeks later on Friday evening at the Spring House Retreat Center near Sandy Spring, Maryland. Every member of the Wednesday evening group of the late nineties had signed up for the weekend. While the others were mostly Gordon’s A Course In Miracles students of all ages, everyone attending the retreat was on some sort of active Spiritual Path except, perhaps, Sean and Joan. Several of those present were on two Paths, such as the “Miracles Course” and “CoreLove,” gleaning complementary Truths from both.

Alicia had agreed, quite happily, to share a small cabin with Ruth and Frances, and to keep an eye on them all weekend——although sometimes she was to wonder who was looking after who! Cloesha and Frank, thus relieved of parenting, had a room in the main house, along with most of the middle-aged couples. Younger people had opted for the log cabins which were dotted around the acres of wooded grounds. The white manor house stood elegantly amid park-like lawns, joyful flower beds and ancient, wise trees. Inside the old mansion, great stone fireplaces, high ceilings and polished hardwood floors partially covered with oriental rugs, held the attention of visitor’s eyes with past-life familiarity. “Whether servant or family, friend or foe, you have been ‘here’ before,” whispered the walls to those with ears to hear.

At 8 PM, after an optional, light dinner, everyone assembled in the main room where an assortment of comfortable chairs, with floor cushions in front, had been arranged in two concentric circles. Many people hugged one another, happy to be reunited in a spiritual setting.

“I welcome all of you here to our first Spiritual Retreat,” said Gordon, “which, I will tell you right away, I hope will become a yearly event. We all need annual renewal, like Mother Nature, and each year I hope to have a special surprise as a focal point. But I will not fill you in on this year’s surprise until tomorrow evening, because some of you may get cold feet!”

“Although many of you already know one another, we will spend this evening introducing each other. Most of us have had a long day at work or school, and no one needs even a short speech from me or anyone else. So I want each of you to find someone in the room who you do not know, or about whom you know little. Once you have paired off I want each of you to interview the other with a view to introducing him or her to the rest of us. Each of you has ten minutes to gather enough relevant information from your partner so you can let us know who they are, what they do, their background, their interests and their views on life. Be sure to respect their privacy, however, so do not relate anything your partner wishes you not to reveal. If you need a pad and pencil for note-jotting there are stacks on that table. Any questions?… No? Good! Each introduction is to last only two minutes or less. While humor is encouraged, sarcasm and put-downs are not allowed. Go to it, be like Oprah! Ruth, you come and interview me. We will go first.”

After the rushing around to pair off had ended, the room settled into a steady hubbub of chattering voices occasionally interspersed with laughter. At the ten-minute mark Gordon asked them to switch roles, then the babble picked up again, this time even noisier. When the twenty minutes were up, any “ice” had not only melted, it was bubbling lightheartedly.

“This man, Gordon, is well known to you all and so he needs no introduction from me,” announced six-year-old Ruth confidently as she stood beside her floor cushion. “So I will tell you things about him you do not know, nor does he, and he says that it’s okay with him. Gordon is training to be a Master in his next lifetime. He will live in Africa and be an African. People will love him and listen to him because he will heal them with Light and Love. In his last life Gordon helped a lot of poor people as a school teacher. Then he was killed on a beach in France in 1944 during the big War. Long, long ago he helped make the earth, sky, sun and all the stars. Some of you helped him with all that stuff. In this life Gordon helps lots of people like us here. The Masters and God’s Spirit always tell him what to do and say. They tell me as well. We all must listen to them. Their message is always, ‘Love one another.’ Now I will stop talking, but this weekend we must all Really Love one another as Children of God.” That said, Ruth sat down on her cushion.

The group, filled with awe that such information could come out of the mouth of a small child, remained silent until Gordon rose from his chair. Then they began clapping Ruth for a full minute until Gordon held up his hands.

“I could not have found a better keynote speaker, and I only hope I can live up to the spiritual destiny Ruth has predicted for me. As you can see she, herself, is already an enlightened Master who has voluntarily reincarnated again to help heal this and the next generation with Love and Light. You have all heard of musical prodigies like Mozart, so why not a prodigy of Spirit? Tonight, at age six, this is her first foray into the public arena, so-to-speak, so we are privileged to share her debut. You will be intrigued to know her mother, Mary Ringly, sitting over there, was asked by Ruth, one year before her birth, to conceive, because she, Ruth, needed a genuine spiritual family to nurture her. Ruth has several psychic powers such as the abilities to heal and to manifest ‘whatever’ for herself and others. Besides being telepathic she also possesses all-round clairvoyance. What you heard her say earlier about me was a demonstration of her clairvoyant skills since I had told her none of that and did not know most of it. Ruth has no ego, and no self-aggrandizement, therefore we must not read into her any of our own preconceived notions about precocious, talented children who love to be on center stage. Ruth is a crystal-clear, empty, egoless channel for Spirit and none of what I am saying about her, as she listens, will change her in any way. Well, my two minutes is more than up, so let’s do our introductions round the circle, starting on my left.”

By the time everyone had finished the huge, wood-framed wall clock read 9:50 PM. Several people were stifling yawns, and Frances Ovalton, half-curled up on her cushion, was deep in sleep.

“There will be an optional hour of meditation in this room at 6 AM in the morning, during which young Ruth will help you still your ego-minds and find Peace. Breakfast is served from 7 to 8:45 AM. Then please assemble here for the first session which begins at 9 AM.”

The Saturday morning dawned mild, sunshiny and clear so the meditation group moved outside to a grassy grove between half-a-dozen, original-growth oak trees. During breakfast several meditators commented that their experience of silence, as they all sat in a circle holding hands, had been profound and filled with infinite Peace. “Now you know,” Ruth had said, “what Jesus meant by, ‘the Peace that passes all understanding.’”

“Did you know Jesus personally?” someone had asked.

Ruth’s face had shone with Joy. “Oh, yes! We talked all the time in the Land of Light, and we still do. I also know the Buddha, and Krishna, and lots of other ascended Beings. You can, too, if you just tap into the Oneness of All Mind. They don’t hide from you, you know. Humans hide from them! Did you know Krishna is in a body on Earth right now? He is an old Avatar in India. You can visit with him if you like.”

The theme of Gordon’s morning talk was that the Earth with its humans was like a large combined fairground and theme park that contained every kind of person, sideshow, ride, diversion, competition, food, entertainment, workplace and action movie, as well as several houses of horror.

“Some people’s lives swing up and down from elation to depression like the Ferris wheel, while others move round and round in meaningless circles like the carousel. Still others will attack constantly, or avoid others defensively, as if they are in bumper cars. Many come to this fairground to try to win as many ‘toys’ as they can at sideshows, using their skills to advantage. Most try the tunnel of ego-love and, sooner or later, are disappointed. The thrill-seekers in life ride the roller coasters over and over so they can experience fear as a ‘high.’ Family-oriented people gravitate to the exhibits and demonstrations in the ‘Home Show’ section. Those with pets or farms love to visit the penned animals, and watch the horses and other field trials. Numerous restaurants and fast food stands make sure all food-lovers (and who isn’t) are stuffed to capacity with sugar, fat and fizz. Gamblers gamble, con-men con, while pickpockets, well, pick pockets. In the waxworks the crowds point and ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over famous people, bloody murder scenes, infamous criminals and instruments of torture. Most go through the fear-filled House of Horrors crammed with skeletons, lightning, shrieks, mind-dead zombies, and grotesque monsters from our nightmares.

“We are all participating in this play of make-believe with the Earth as our theater. We invent our individual roles, write our personal dramas, paint our own scenery, co-opt our fellow actors, find an audience and then, as Shakespeare so eloquently said, we play our parts in seven ages. Our first problem with the play we write is that we think it real. We are convinced beyond a doubt that this play, this fairground, this dream, this house of horrors and pleasures, is life! Even those who do believe in God and Heaven equally believe this world is just as real as They are.

“The second problem with our scripted play is that we feel it is unalterable except in minor manipulative ways. In other words, our freedom to act otherwise, especially in enlightened ways, is severely limited, therefore we soon settle for apathy and more or less resign ourselves to the confines of our scripted fate. All of us then seek distraction, addiction and sedation in myriad forms.

“The third problem with our theater of dreams (which we love dearly) is our entrenched belief that one or more of the other actors is to blame for the negative things that happen to us in our play. Whether we act out the role of victim or tyrant, of abused or abuser, we think we know beyond a doubt that someone else is causing our unhappiness. ‘Blame’ is the name of the ego’s game, throughout the run of our play. Even when we blame ourselves, and wallow in guilt, we try to haul in others who, we claim, somewhere, somehow, share the blame——often our parents. Assigning blame during or after judgment is the major theme of every plot that has ever been written in all the lifetimes of every human being who has ever lived.

“This brings us to our fourth theatrical belief which is the problem of ‘good and evil.’ We assign blame to those whom we, personally or collectively, judge ‘evil.’ We assign blame because they have ‘sinned,’ committed ‘evil.’ We judge them the guilty party (in our play) and if we can, we set about, quite ‘righteously,’ the ‘just’ business of punishment, revenge, or receiving retribution. All this we see as normal and necessary whether it be a play involving our family, some strangers, or an international conflict. And we love to watch these ‘dramas of blame and judgment’ again and again in films and on television. We are obsessed with blame. And those of us who ‘run away’ from evil are equally obsessed with being ‘goody-good’——not Loving——but goody-good. But we do not realize good and evil are a polarity as tightly linked as the poles of a magnet; one always pulls the other around with it.

“Which brings me to our fifth problem which is that none of it works! In spite of all the blame, judgment, deterrents through fear, punishment, assignment of ‘sin,’ revenge, defenses against ‘evil,’ and goody-good ego behavior, not to mention millions of laws that drown us in verbiage, there is no less pain, misery, suffering, addiction, abuse, ‘sinning,’ or insanity than there ever was and this is as true at home as it is in the wider dramas of society. It is not working; it never has, and it never will. At best it sometimes holds the line in the play’s never-ending ‘war of fear’ and the ‘battle of good and evil’ from which viewpoint our salvation is seen as more accusations, more judgments, more blame, and still more punishing pain. All our beliefs on this planet are founded on fear. Fear is our savior on the bottom line, but hidden away far below that line is the Truth that nothing we believe here on this benighted world of dreams is True.”

Rob Ringly had a question to ask. “If this is all a dreamworld, Gordon, and our conventional remedies for social and personal relationship ills do not work, how do you suggest we fix it? As a politician I always thought that more laws, more law enforcement and more effective punishment would do the trick of solving our society’s problems, though I must agree they are getting worse.”

Gordon nodded his head in agreement. “The only viable solution to our social and individual problems is at ‘right angles’ to all the usual legislative and charity-oriented ones. As long as we continue to ‘treat’ the problems at the ego-level of good and evil, on the level of ego-opposites, not only will ‘the poor always be with us,’ but also the criminals, abusers, sick people and mentally ill. This means that the legislators, law-enforcers, courts, doctors, therapists, social workers and charitable organizations will also be with us in perpetuity. Good and evil as ego pursuits will always continue to exist in a see-saw balance. The ego is rooted in fear and anger. At best, good limits evil a little; at worst, evil overruns good for a while. The pendulum always swings back and forth at the ego level.”

Tel interrupted. “Gordon you said the only viable solution to all this ego-polarity stuff was at ‘right angles’ to it. Please explain that idea.”

“All right. Think of the good/bad, positive/negative polarity as a horizontal line on which our egos run backwards and forwards, like that pendulum, from end to end. Now think of a vertical line, at right angles, rising straight up from the middle of the horizontal one——all the way up to Spiritual Love. It is Spiritual Love which is the Answer to every problem on this planet, or in the universe for that matter. Our Spiritual Love for everyone, once it is sought and established within us will abolish all polarities, such as good and evil, because it is singular and of God.”

This time it was little Ruth Ringly who was nodding her head in agreement, although she did not speak.

“Please explain how Spiritual Love will solve all our problems?” asked a young man who was a new client of Gordon’s.

“Okay. Some of you know what I am about to say so please be patient. The reason why Love will be the panacea for all ills lies in its intrinsic nature. Love of the Spiritual kind only gives of itself and never takes because it does not need to take anything. Love has, and gives, everything which is Loving. Love knows all its needs will be provided for and that there is an abundance for all. Spiritual Love is the only way out of this vast ego-mess.”

“How can we find that Spiritual Love?” Frank Ovalton asked.

“We have to Wake Up,” replied Gordon. “We have to realize we cannot change other people unless they ask to be changed, and very few do that within personal, polarized ego-relationships. We all expect the other person to change and then everything will be all right. We expect and even demand that our children, at home and in school, change their negative behaviors constantly, when we adults cannot even begin to change our addictions or alter our negative attitudes. I am reminded of the mother who was spanking her son’s bare bottom hard while she shouted, ‘I’ll teach you not to swear and hit people, you little bastard!’ Someone invented the term ‘tough love’ as a euphemism for abusive punishment. Very brief time-outs——I mean a few minutes——are the only discipline needed for children, together with lots of real Love and some form of adult participation in almost all their activities——from birth. Ask Cloesha later, she will fill you in. Too many parents and teachers still believe that giving Love is a sign of adult weakness, that children ‘will take advantage of it’ and that children who are Loved ‘will be spoiled,’——whatever that means. These people are confusing Love with extreme permissiveness, parental detachment and non-participation in their children’s activities and up-bringing. Also, all daycare must be centered on each child being cared for by one Loving Caregiver year after year who participates fully with the children in every enriching activity. But I am digressing again. The Real Answer is for each one of us to Enlighten himself or herself and reunite with God’s Mind as quickly as possible. Only that will truly save the human race from thousands more years of darkness and pain.”

“Can you fill me in again on the steps we can take to reach Enlightenment and Love?” Alicia requested. “I’m getting rusty.”

“Sure. In a nutshell. Stop blaming and judging others. Cease projecting ‘causes’ outside yourself and attributing ‘fault’ to others. Own your own negative emotions and feelings as parts of your own ego-system which you want to dismantle. Let the emotion or conflict flood through you in private, when alone, as intensely as possible. Don’t back off; face it. Walk right through any and all fears and out the other side. Then, as the emotions begin to die down, examine the two polarities (ego-negative and ego-positive) of each emotion or conflict from a central position. From this central observer position search for the positive ego-child need you think you lack such as emotional security, affection, sentimentality, recognition, and so on. Next bundle all the negative (bad) and positive (good) ego-child stuff together and mentally tie it up with a string if you like. That done, give the entire ego-bundle of ego-stuff to Spirit, to the Holy Spirit, to God or to your Higher Self——whichever you prefer; this is a key step. Lastly, realize you are an Eternal Child of God, a Mind-Being within His Mind-Being and that That Loving, Spiritual Being is all you are, because all ego, and bodies, and other identities are meaningless, insane, false illusions. You are an Eternal Child of God within His Loving Oneness and nothing else is true.

“That is the main path to Enlightenment, to union with God, and you should also meditate regularly as best you can. You will probably have to use the Ego-Dismantling Method or Process hundreds of times. Do it every time a negative conflict or emotion arises. Even if you have to use the Ego-Dismantling Process thousands of times, it is better than going through hundreds of future lives of pain and misery.”

After answering a couple of questions of clarification Gordon saw that it was time for lunch.

“Take two hours to eat and relax, then be back here by 2 PM. This afternoon we have an interesting activity for you to do and enjoy.”

Sean and Joan decided to go out for lunch, mainly because they were depressed and did not want to engage in small talk with others. The clerk at the front desk gave them directions to the nearby Spring Bistro where they found a quiet, corner table. Once the thick ham and Swiss cheese sandwiches were in front of them Sean picked his up. He was poised to take a hefty bite when he noticed Joan was not about to eat.

“Are you all right?” he asked tenderly. “Would you rather go home?”

“No, I’m okay. Just depressed about the operation this coming week. Will you be able to love a goddess with one breast?” She smiled ruefully.

“My darling Joan, our love is far deeper and broader than that! We each love one another for the whole person, not just our physical bodies.”

“When I went to see Gordon last week,” Joan went on as if she was preoccupied only with her own thoughts, “I asked him to explain point blank what breast cancer symbolized and he said it was my unconscious ego-anger of some kind eating away at the nurturing, giving, nourishing aspects of my psyche, my soul. What do you think he meant——specifically I mean?”

Sean turned his palms upward. “Beats me! More of his psychobabble, but, hey, if it helps, go with it. I’m always the pragmatist and we scientists know that placebos and suggestion sometimes work. I heard of one guy who was cured of cancer by placebo pills which his oncologist falsely told him were a sure cure. But when the patient discovered the ruse he lost his belief in the fake pills and the cancer came back.”

Joan still was not really paying attention. “I wonder if I have cut myself off from my own nurturing love? I don’t really give anything loving to anybody in my line of work. The Law is hardly nurturing, like a fond mother or kindly nurse or teacher. We attorneys are notoriously aggressive and competitive by nature——attack, defend, judge, that’s us.”

“But most female attorneys don’t get breast cancer so that squelches Gordon’s theory.” Sean was angry with, “he knew not what,” because he, like most humans, tried constantly to find a cause for all misfortunes somewhere on the outside of the ego-self. Usually it is God who gets the blame (‘It is God’s Will’) but Sean did not believe in a Creator. However, he did not want Joan blaming herself psychologically for some aberrant cell disorder, which in his belief-system, had a physiological cause.

“Forget Gordon’s nonsense now and let me take you back home,” he said. “You love it there.”

“I need distraction, Sean. I do believe in what Gordon says and I know you respect me for holding to my own beliefs and viewpoints. Maybe because of my own mother’s abuse and neglect I am denying the motherly aspects of my own femininity, which are symbolized by my big breasts which I never really liked. So now I am trying to rid myself of this denied motherliness by means of this destructive breast cancer. What I am trying to say is that, because of you I can now accept my feminine sexuality symbolized by my clitoris and vagina but that I do not accept my nurturing-mother, feminine breasts.” Joan paused, but Sean did not interrupt her train of thought.

“Anyway, Sean, I find the spiritual atmosphere at the Retreat comforting, okay?”

Sean grinned. “Darling, ‘your slightest wish is my command’——how corny can I get? I love you so much. Now, let’s finish up our sandwiches and return to the shepherd’s fold!”

“All right. I love you, too, but I think I need to stop excluding others from our love. I feel that is what Gordon was telling me the other day——and this morning, too. Our twosome love excludes others, and, Sean, the kind of love I’m talking about has nothing to do with sex. I need to expand my love to all other people and nurture others——anyone I meet——even if it is just a smile or a warm greeting.” Joan felt a sense of deep relief at finally working out what Gordon was talking about in terms of dammed-up loving nurturance.

*   *   *

“Because a few people have not yet arrived back here,” Gordon was saying to the assembled group, “I am going to give you a puzzle to solve, a kind of Zen koan because my name is KOAN! Collect a pad and pencil from that table and write your one word answer at the top of the page. An infinitive verb using ‘to ___’ as in ‘to learn’ counts as one word, but your answer need not be a verb. Then explain your one-word answer in one sentence no longer than thirty words. Here is the question: What single thing do we have to learn in order to become fully enlightened? If you wish to put your name at the bottom of the page you may. When you finish, put your hand up and Alicia will collect your paper. Meditate quietly after that. I will tell you the correct answer this evening. Incidentally, this koan is related to our activities for the rest of the day. Okay, go to it.”

As the stragglers came in, Gordon explained the task and told them the question so they could join in.

When almost everybody had finished Gordon called a halt to the activity and explained to those who had not finished they had until dinner time to do so. Once that was out of the way he announced a new activity.

“Keep your pad and pencil because you will need it for our next event. The idea is to write down on one sheet of paper up to five specific ego-characteristics——as polarities——you would like to release to Spirit. Please ponder on these ego-characteristics for a few minutes before you write your final list down. Each one should be a polarity pair such as depression/elation, inhibited/reckless or victim/tyrant. Use a sheet or two as scratch paper first to help you compose the final list. Then rank them with the most important at the top and the least important at the bottom. You can list fewer than five ego-polarities, but not more. It is important to remember you are going to release them completely to Spirit, so be certain you do not want any residual stuff left of any one of them. Be quite specific, and be careful not to throw out any babies with your ego bath water! You have half an hour to do this. When you finish sit quietly and meditate until we are all done. Okay, go to it.”

While everyone was working on their list Gordon and Alicia laid out several hanks of differently colored yarns cut to a length of two feet. They also placed a shallow box on the table filled with shorter pieces of narrow ribbons in a variety of pretty colors. Alongside the ribbons Gordon laid a small tray containing some four dozen fireplace matches about a foot long.

After half an hour had passed everyone except Sean was meditating, although he was sitting quietly with his eyes open. After some indecision Sean had composed his ego-characteristics list because he enjoyed joining in the fun and liked to analyze himself as a person.

Gordon whispered loudly so the deep meditators would not be startled. “Open your eyes and stretch, and then I will outline the next step.”  Once everyone was alert he continued. “Now I want you to stay silent please, and go outside into the grounds and find a sturdy dead stick, or twig or natural straw about twelve inches long and bring it back here. Take your time. Try to find a stick you like, but do not take any green or living ones. If you cannot find a suitable stick don’t worry because we have some taper matches here which will do the job nicely. After you return here with your stick pick out several pieces of these colored yarns and any bits of ribbon that appeal to you. Fold your paper with your list of dual ego-characteristics, and wrap it around the stick. Next, tie the paper to the stick using the colored yarn mingling the ribbons with it. Throughout all this be as artistic as you can with the folding, decorating and tying. Use pretty bows and knots. Dingle-dangles and streamers are encouraged. A little macramé or plaiting looks great if you know how. Remember, this is a gift to Spirit for the releasement of your very own ego-characteristics, therefore think about its importance as you work. You have roughly one hour to find your stick, wrap it and decorate it. When you are done, meditate some more while the others complete theirs. Do not hurry——take your time. Okay, go to it.”

The room was soon empty because even Gordon, and Alicia who was acting as his assistant, went off to explore the five acre estate in order to select their sticks. Gordon found a nice knobbly one he liked, whereas Alicia chose a crescent shaped stalk from under a tulip tree.

The majority had returned to the meeting room within half an hour and were busy wrapping and colorfully furbishing their bit of dry wood. Little Ruth and Frances giggled frequently as they wound yards and yards of yarn and shiny streamers on their twigs until no paper could be seen.

The hour went by quickly. Many of their creations were highly original works of art with fringes and even tassels. At 4 PM Gordon asked them all to follow him outside for the final dramatic part of the afternoon’s exercise. He led them to a part of the grounds where two local volunteer firemen had built and lit a huge, crackling bonfire for him.

With everybody gathered around him, Gordon explained the ritual. “Each of you has the option to state to the group what ego-characteristics you wrote on your list (which you have tied to your stick) and why you selected them. Keep it to under a minute please. But if you want not to reveal it, okay. Then say to the Great Spirit or God that you are relinquishing these ego-characteristics to Him or Her. Following that, with due ceremony, throw your decorated stick and ego-list onto the fire and watch it be consumed. Observe the smoke rising symbolically to Spirit, then say a very brief prayer of ‘Thanks’ that the request is granted. Have faith that these things will be taken from you now and in the near future because you wish to release them. Alicia will go first to demonstrate this Fire Release Ritual which has been done for centuries, I believe, by some Native American groups.”

Holding her gaily decorated stick out in front on the slightly cupped palms of her two hands Alicia moved as near to the fire as the heat would allow, then she turned and said, “I selected three polarized ego-characteristics to release——blaming others and ‘pardoning,’ my envy and adulation of others, and my ambition and self-belittlement. I chose these because they are quite situation-specific in that I blame others when driving, I am envious of, yet also admire, elegant women (like my mother) who have fine clothes and cars, and I am very ambitious to get my doctorate as a title——to be Dr. Archer——to give my inferior ego-child a boost.” Alicia then turned to the fire, knelt on one knee and added, “Take my blaming ego, my envy, and my ambition, Father, which I now release to you.” With a backhand flick of the wrist Alicia tossed the stick and its ego-list into the nearest flames where she watched it be consumed almost instantly. “Thank you, Father,” she murmured “for taking these ego-characteristics from me.”

Gordon went next. “I thought for a long time which characteristics to put on my list, but in the end I decided it was my whole identification with ego that I wanted to relinquish, so in the end I wrote only my name, Gordon, (which on Earth symbolizes the ego-me) on the paper and bound it to the stick.” Walking closer to the huge bonfire, Gordon threw his stick high up on the blazing logs. “Take my whole ego, Father, I surrender myself to You.” After the stick had disappeared in a burst of flame he raised his arm high and quietly added, “Thank you, Father, for dissolving the special ego-self I made to keep myself separate from You.”

When Tel’s turn came he stated quite bluntly that he wished to relinquish to God, “my intellectual arrogance and inferiority, my dislike of certain colleagues and my friendly use of others, my doubts about Reality, and my fear of death——and life.” He had chosen a big stick which took a couple of minutes to burn, and while it did he knelt and prayed for his gift of ego-traits to be received.

Cloesha asked to be less smothering and unloving, less intolerant and indulgent, and less anxious about the future of her children; whereas her husband, Frank, requested that God take his worries and super-optimism about the business, his guilt over not having spent enough time with his growing children, his occasional financial fudging, and his grumbling and grousing about employees. Their daughter, ten-year-old Frances Ovalton, had written a veritable essay on her sheet asking God to take her spitefulness (she spelt it “spit-fullness”) with schoolmates, her dislike of some teachers, her “B” and “C” grades, her feelings of being shy when presenting stuff to the class, and her skinniness just for good measure!

Rob Ringly offered to God his high ambition to be President one day, along with his political duplicity, his impatience “with fools,” and his fear of illness, especially heart attacks. Mary listed her tendency to be both bossy and ‘gushy’ first, and her fear of the unknown, second. The final secret ego-trait she wished to release to Spirit was her carefully covered-up feeling of vulnerability, of being taken advantage of. Ruth Ringly, being clear of all ego, had a piece of blank paper tied to her stick which was beautifully wrapped and decorated. After she had flung her Love-offering to the top of the bonfire she stood with bowed head and silently said, “I have come here to carry out only Your Will, Father, and so I dedicate my earthly Life to Your Plan for me. I Love You, Father. Amen.” At no time during her turn had Ruth spoken out loud.

When Gordon had first announced the “stick activity” earlier in the afternoon, Sean had been undecided about participating. Not that he was unaware of his ego short-comings——far from it——but surrendering them to God in a semi-religious, fire-ritual went against his scientific grain. When he noticed Joan was busily working on her list, he determined to play along with the game for her sake. Sean was gracious enough not to be a party pooper, especially when his “darling wife” was under so much stress. Once Sean got into the task he approached it with academic zeal. After some quick cogitation he jotted down his four deepest fears in rank order: a fear of losing Joan, fear of pain, fear of brain deterioration and fear of failing. Joan took time to select her ego-list carefully. She gave priority to her newly-discovered lack of all-inclusive nurturing love, then, in parenthesis, added a rider asking God to fill her with Real Love. The only other negative trait Joan mentioned was to relinquish all the resentment she still harbored in connection with her mother and father for their abuse. Sean and Joan approached the bonfire together and, after relating to the crowd the content of their lists they held hands and threw their sticks up into the highest flames. Joan cried out to the Great Spirit of her ancestors for release from all ego for Sean and herself. Sean did not know why the tears were trickling down his face.

By 8 PM, after dinner, everyone had returned to the meeting room to hear the answer to the koan, and to find out the nature of the Special Event.

“You will remember, no doubt, that the koan I gave you to solve was: What single thing do we have to learn in order to become fully enlightened? Now there are several correct answers to this puzzle but they all stem from the same key idea. To become fully enlightened we have to learn NOTHING! In fact, we have to UNLEARN EVERYTHING! We must UNLEARN all ego-content, all fears, all beliefs, and all ego-attachments, and thus CLEAR THE MIND for God to take over with His Love, Light, Peace, Joy and Knowledge. This is very important for spiritual growth. Spiritual growth is unloading, letting go, relinquishing, dropping, emptying out, discarding, releasing, tearing down and, not least, dismantling all ego-content of any kind, whether positive or negative. I would also like to point out that we do not have to seek and find God’s Love and Light in places other than in our own Minds-as-such. God’s Love, Light and other attributes are buried deep within us——His Kingdom is within us. All we have to do is CLEAR OUT from our Minds all the ego-junk, the mental toxicity, the rigid barriers, the ego-nightmares and the ego-idols we worship, so that the Love, Light, Peace, Joy and Knowledge can freely resurface into full consciousness. THAT is full Enlightenment, or Salvation, or Self-realization, or God-consciousness, or Nirvana, or Kaivalya, or Oneness, or whatever other name you care to give it. I apologize for the long lists of words I have just used, but please realize they are all necessary to a wider understanding of these concepts, especially to this audience of diverse people.

“Now we have come to the Special Event which is intended to help you put into practice the main spiritual theme of this Retreat which is to let go of fear, relinquish ego and place all your trust in your Self, in Spirit and in God. You are going to walk on fire with bare feet and not be burned. This is an entirely voluntary exercise, of course, and there is no pressure to do it if you do not feel you can. No one will think any the less of you if you choose to watch the others. Only you can decide whether this activity of fire-walking is for you——or not. Everyone experiences some degree of fear before their first walk, so please do not think you have to be fearless to do it. The act of fire-walking requires enough spiritual faith and trust to do the walk in spite of your deep fears. You literally have to place, not only your hands, but also your feet in the Hands of God. Ego-bravado will not suffice. Nor will fears of being thought a coward by others be sufficient protection. On the other hand, many, many thousands of spiritual people around the world have fire-walked successfully, both nowadays and in centuries past. Today, when you threw your sticks on the bonfire, you burned your egos in the flames and now, tonight, you will walk on the red hot coals of that same bonfire to demonstrate to yourself your fears are sufficiently dissolved to put your Trust in God. Now let us go outside and form a large circle at one end of the fire pit.”

Earlier, during dinner, the two local volunteer firefighters had spread out the great pile of blazing logs to fill a foot-deep rectangular pit some forty feet long. They had timed the formation of the glowing coals to reach approximately 1300 degrees Fahrenheit or 705 degrees Celsius by around 8:45 PM. These temperatures would normally cause severe third degree burns. The firefighters were aghast that any sane person would walk the length of the pit in bare feet and had repeatedly warned Gordon of the appalling consequences.

Once the circle was formed with everyone holding hands, Gordon said a short prayer. “Father, we place our Trust in You, knowing that Your Power is the only Power there is and that so long as we have Faith in You no harm can come to us this night. We abide only in Your Mind and know that there is nothing to fear in this world of illusion. We Love You, Father, as You Love us. Amen.”

Then Gordon, now speaking to the group, added, “Let us meditate for ten minutes, One in Spirit, as we focus together on our implicit Trust in God.”

When the meditation was over Gordon reiterated that no one should attempt the fire-walk out of bravado or for other ego reasons.

“I will go first to demonstrate and then you others can do the walk, one or two at a….” His sentence was never completed because little Ruth skipped out onto the glowing coals and began to dance in the center of the fire pit. Her mother, Mary, was shocked, but immediately gave chase without a thought for her own bare feet. Deftly, Ruth eluded her mother’s grasp and marched to the far end of the pit where she sat, unperturbed on the grass. Mary, on joining her seconds later, seized her daughter’s feet and examined the soles minutely, but, apart from a few black smudges, could find no trace of heat or injury.

“They are okay, Mom,” smiled Ruth, “and so are yours. I’m sorry I caused you worry. I couldn’t wait and there’s no harm done.”

When Mary gave Gordon a thumbs-up signal to indicate they were all right, he stepped onto the live coals and sedately walked down the length of the fire pit and back again. Gordon had experienced a successful fire-walk the year previous, therefore he had no fear. The next person to venture forth was Alicia who, though quite scared, gave the outcome to the Holy Spirit. She then walked briskly to the far end where Dr. Mary Ringly looked at her feet and declared her unharmed.

Now that four people had accomplished the walk unhurt several others lined up, singly or in pairs, to dare the heat. Holding hands, Tel and Elizabeth went the distance together. Rob Ringly was right behind them and his stroll down the coals was followed by Frank and Cloesha who had Frances tucked safely between them. After that, confidence flooded most of the remainder of the group causing a steady stream of walkers to brave the red-hot embers. Only six people decided not to attempt it. The two firefighters were mesmerized by the “impossible event,” until suddenly one of them pulled off his work boots and socks, and marched the full length of the pit unharmed. It was a story he would recount to his colleagues for the rest of his life.

Joan Cubero had held back, mainly because she knew Sean was not keen to do the fire-walk. When there were only a few left, however, she moved alone to the edge of the pit and stood there for a few moments of silent meditation. Although Joan was quite apprehensive, she viewed this as a test of her faith in the Power of God and wanted to go through with it. Just as she was about to step onto the burning coals, she felt another person’s presence alongside her. It was Sean who winked at her and took her hand. Joan knew that this was a selfless act on Sean’s part, in that he was prepared to risk being burned just to be beside her during her cancer crisis. Sean’s unconstrained act kindled in Joan a great surge of Love, not only for him but for everyone in the world who cared.

They hugged tightly, turned back to the edge, took a deep breath, then stepped onto the live embers, which were still sparking in the soft night breeze. They had only covered a quarter of the distance when abruptly, Ruth sprang up and sprinted to meet them. Sean and Joan halted in surprise and forgot all about their feet as Ruth stopped in front of them, reached up and cupped Joan’s left breast firmly in her small hands.

“Love heals and Spirit cures, Joan. You are quite well now. Be at Peace.” Then the child placed her right hand over Sean’s heart and added, “It is opening. Anxiety is only a lack of Trust. Be Still, Sean, and Know your True Self.” Ruth then wriggled between them, took their hands, and lead them the rest of the way. Mary Ringly examined their feet (as she had done for everyone) but could find no burns, even though the three of them had stood quite still on the furnace-hot embers for some two minutes. Sean knew a miracle, when he finally experienced one.

In order to bring closure to the evening Gordon had the participants gather again in a circle under the stars for a silent prayer of thanks. Afterwards they hugged one another before going indoors for a peaceful night’s sleep.

The following morning, Sunday, the group met at 9 AM for the final two-part session, first questions and answers, and second, “an activity of Real Love.”

“I promise to keep the answers very short if you will keep the questions short. It is a good idea to write down your question on your pad then read it to us aloud, or you can give it to me to read if you wish. Okay, who’s first?”

Several hands went up so Gordon pointed to the woman who had been first.

“Can you tell us where we go when we die?”

“Yes. Where you expect to go according to your own afterlife belief systems. If you believe you will not exist, as an atheist might, then your Mind will probably select a long ‘sleep of nothing in nowhere.’ If you believe you deserve purgatory or hell you will manufacture (that is manifest) the appropriate punishment situation and scenery you think is your just dessert. If you imagine ‘heaven’ is like some scene you have already pictured, that is where you will find yourself. Those of us who are somewhat spiritual, but have no clear idea of what we will find, will likely finish up in a beautiful park-like area where normally dressed humans will guide us appropriately. If you know you want to be with Jesus or some other High Master, he or she will manifest for you in the guise you expect. Those who identify now with Loving Oneness, Peace, Light and Joy will experience just those Mind states——without scenery. The short answer is that your own state of Mind will manifest the kind of hereafter you believe in and expect. There is nothing outside your mind. For all of us there is a more or less short transition period after our physical death when we go ‘out-of-body.’ During that time we will usually hang around on the earth plane before exiting to the Mutable (astral) Domains or to higher levels of Being. Sorry that the answer took so long but it was a huge question. Many books have been written which address that very question, so please read them for further information.”

The next question came from an individual who had been much abused as a child. She asked, “If God is Good and Loving, how come He gave me tyrants as parents?”

“God had nothing to do with you choosing your parents. You, yourself, chose them long before you were conceived in order to manifest all the experiences you had with them in childhood. You had to acquire (again) the essential karma you must resolve in your current lifetime. Even regarding the experiences of terror and torture you had in childhood, you manifested every one in collusion with your parents so that now, in adult life, you can heal yourself, your parents and the human race through forgiveness and Love. Jesus forgave and Loved his torturers and murderers while he hung on the cross and we must do likewise. We must Love our ‘enemies’ as he did because they are Children of God. That is the message of his crucifixion——and our own.”

Another person picked up on the pain involved in torture, abuse and illness. “If God is omnipotent why did he cause or invent such a horrible thing as pain?”

“God knows nothing about pain because He is only Love, Joy, Peace and Light. We have free-will. We invented pain as a survival mechanism when we separated from God and created this insane Dreamworld as a physical, predatory realm which is based on fear and aggression, not Love. This pain-filled world is only a projected illusion of ours which is no more Real than your holographic dreams at night. In some ways this holographic physical world is less Real than your nightmares because it is one step further away (that is separated) from God than the mutable dream plane you enter while sleeping. If you go back through the dream plane and out the top side of it you will get closer and closer to God. You can achieve that transition through deep meditation of an alert kind.”

“You are talking about waking up to God, I presume,” Tel commented.” Can you explain how that Awakening will take place on earth?”

Waking up to God is the quickest and best solution to our problems of pain, illness, abuse, addiction, war, disaster and all the other sufferings that perennially plague this ego-ridden, human race. We will wake up one person at a time as soon as we want to do so. Ruth is already awake and the more of us who do awaken, the more will the awakening process of others accelerate and escalate. The Way out of illusion, the Tao, is not through science, medicine, ineffectual education, social activism or politics but through a widespread inner spiritual Awakening to God as Love. What use is science or education once we wake up to God’s True Knowledge? Who needs medicine when we are healed by Love and Trust, and rest in perfect health? Who needs Laws when everyone Loves one another to the God-maximum and no one would ever think selfishly? Who needs to earn money and possessions once anyone can easily manifest at will an abundance of anything that is not unloving? Who needs to use and abuse people to get pseudo-love when God’s Love pours through all of us day and night? Who needs to chase after temporary pleasures and fleeting fun when God’s Joy and Happiness flood all our Minds? When you look at Life this Way, we are all crazy not to want to Wake Up! Next question.”

A hand shot up and Gordon nodded to the owner to proceed. “Tell us about ‘good and evil.’ Why is there evil in this sinful world?”

“Well, we invented so-called ‘sin’ and ‘evil’ along with ‘good’ acts. All these negative/positive polarities emerge in our limited ego-minds because we chose deliberately to separate, to withdraw, from God and his Love, and manufacture a theatrical world of ego-dramas founded solely on fear along with its counterpart, aggression. Sin, bad, evil, wrongdoing, crime, and so on, are merely common forms of ego-selfishness which, in turn, is based on our fear of lack——a lack of everything. Because we believe there is a shortage of everything on this planet (including love) almost all of us, in our anxiety to get enough, grab what we can. If we cannot obtain something we want ‘legitimately’ most of us grab for it ‘illegitimately.’ Grabbing ‘legitimately’ is moral here, but grabbing ‘illegitimately’ is immoral or unethical——in other words ‘evil.’ Of course the laws defining both what is legitimate, and what is not, vary from country to country and even from community to community. For example, a man grabbing sexual satisfaction in the form of wife rape is a crime in some countries, but a conjugal right in others. We call legitimate grabbing ‘competition’ in which we ‘beat out’ rival competitors to grab the ‘goodies’ whether the ‘reward’ is money, a person we desire, or a gold medal. Furthermore, we have, at most, only a passing regard or tear for the three billion or more struggling ‘losers’ around the world who are very hungry, who suffer, live in misery, and die young. Don’t kid yourself. Grabbing ‘aggressively’ is the name of the human survival game on a competitive planet called Terra where fear and scarcity dictate the rules. There is little Love here, yet Love is the only Real answer. It is God’s Answer to our separation from Him. Next question.”

“Isn’t all this stuff you talk about merely brainwashing?” inquired a young man who was a student friend of Alicia’s.

“I’ve got news for you, my friend,” answered Gordon. “Everything that is said or done on this ego-ridden world is brainwashing. Everything we learn here, from conception onwards, comes under the heading of persuasive brainwashing and indoctrination, and that insidious process continues throughout our lives here.

“On another more constructive tack, however, let me hasten to add that all our brains need washing. They are so ego-befuddled and so full of crazy crap that we need to put them through the most powerful washing machine and old-fashioned wringer to clean them out. Only when we decide to make Minds totally transparent and tranquil, with a Zen-like clarity, can God re-enter and refill them with His Thoughts of Love, Light, Peace, Abundance, Knowledge and Eternal Happiness.”

“What about psychic powers like Ruth has?” a smiling woman asked. “Should we strive to develop those powers and use them if we have them?”

“As I once explained to a smaller group, who also happens to be here this morning, it is best to bypass all psychic powers if you want to stay on the fast track to full enlightenment. The ego loves psychic powers so it-as-you can identify with them and get off your straight Path to God. When Jesus said, ‘Get thee behind me, Ego,” he was referring to the temptation to use his psychic powers for ego-aggrandizement and personal power. If you are pleased with, or proud of, your psychic powers, or call yourself ‘a healer,’ or ‘reader,’ or a ‘spiritual whatever’ you are being tempted and sidetracked by your clever ego. The ego loves to climb on any seeker’s spiritual bandwagon and blow its trumpet and bang its drums——even quietly. False modesty often enters here. All miracles, psychic or not, should be left to the Holy Spirit who is the only Worker of Miracles——even through you. Before we are enlightened all miracles, even if frequent, should be involuntary on our part and left to the True Masters. Suffice it for us to Love one another and forgive every human being because the Christ is in them and us.

“Now we have time for one more question before our bathroom and coffee break.”

Before anyone else could speak Sean almost shouted, “How can we tell what is the Truth from what is false?”

Gordon looked surprised. “I thought you and I had previously clarified the meaning of Truth, Sean. Do you remember our discussion of Truth as a multidimensional jigsaw puzzle which each of us must assemble empirically?”

“I do remember, Gordon, but this time I was more concerned with any personal, psychological criteria for identifying what is false. Can you help us do that?”

“Okay. The main criterion for discerning the false from the True is this: Only if an act or thought is founded in Love is it True. If it is founded on fear, anger and separation in any form, it is not True. To do this you must be scrupulously honest with yourself and your motives. There must be no rationalizations, denials, displacements, repressions, euphemisms, projections, self-delusions, or deceits of any kind. ‘Is this act or thought Truly Loving,’ is all you need ask if you would be a Truthseeker.”

Another hand went up. “I know that was supposed to be the last question, Gordon,” exclaimed Joan, “but I need to know, what is the Void that some Eastern religions refer to?”

“Literally, in its dictionary meaning, a ‘void’ is defined as a specific volume of space which contains nothing, which is devoid of any content. A vacuum used to be considered void but nowadays we know it is full of virtual particles which appear and disappear instantly. Even around a tiny electron core there is an ocean of positively and negatively charged particles continuously manifesting and un-manifesting.

“When we are on any spiritual path which, by definition, must involve dismantling the ego, there is a time when there may be an emptiness, a void, between the loss of all ego and the ensuing influx of our remembered Self-in-God. It is a time of NO identity, a condition of non-being most of us fear greatly. In Judaism and Christianity that void is symbolized as the ‘Valley of the Shadow of Death.’

“A client of mine who was dying of AIDS——his name was Jose——experienced that Valley of the Void in a dream. In his nightmare Jose was wandering aimlessly around a rocky, desolate and dark plain, much like a moonscape except that it was raining lightly as thunder rolled and lightning repeatedly lit up the night sky. He was naked and very cold. Jose was terrified by several snakes, and by two tigers on the prowl nearby.

“So, with his permission, I took Jose back into this dream (in an altered state) where he was again roaming, naked and panic-stricken across that barren Valley of Death. I urged Jose to keep looking around and to tell me what he could see. After a few minutes he saw a wide, natural ‘mine shaft’ dropping straight down into the earth. He knew this intuitively because, at first, I could not get him to venture near this bottomless void. I urged him to approach closer and closer to the edge of the vast pit and each time he would proclaim I was crazy. Eventually when he was standing a foot from the hole, I asked him to sit on the rim and dangle his legs inside. ‘Now you are really insane,’ he growled shaking with fright, but finally he sat down and peered into the blackness. ‘I can’t see a thing down there,’ he said, his body trembling. ‘Jump!’ I commanded——but, not surprisingly, he did not move. ‘You’re stark, raving mad,’ he yelled at me. So  I just kept repeating the word ‘jump’ until, eventually, he did so. Then I inquired what was happening to him. ‘I’m falling rapidly into the blackness, straight down.’ I suggested he keep me informed of his circumstances and impressions. ‘Okay, I’m slowing down… and now I’m floating down… like a feather, from side to side… it’s not so fearful now… and it’s getting lighter.’ The sensation of gently floating down went on for some time as the light continued to glow much brighter. ‘Although there is nothing to see here the light has become extremely bright, quite blinding…. I feel very happy, even carefree, and… and, Oh, my God! I’ve fallen directly into the Loving Arms of God… what Bliss!’

“When Jose’s body died a few weeks later he went, as we planned, to find his Spiritual Guide, Michael——and God——in the Land of Light.”

After a coffee and bathroom break the group, under Alicia’s guidance, sat on chairs arranged in a huge circle. As soon as everyone was settled Gordon explained what they were to do.

“This activity involves you in a Love-commitment as profound as God’s. We hear a lot about commitment these days but almost all of them are merely ego love-bucket deals which exclude everyone else. As many of you have heard me say before, God must be the most unfaithful person around (by the standards of human ego-commitments) because He Loves everybody equally to the maximum. This morning we are going to join God in His Universal Love for every being. It has been said that, in the cold light of day, we humans find it much easier to say, ‘I dislike you,’ or even, ‘I hate you,’ than to declare openly to someone, ‘I love you, friend!’ And that, my friends, is exactly what we are going to do with great sincerity. Alicia will start. She will kneel on the carpet in front of the person to her right and taking both his or her hands in her own, and while making full eye contact, she will say ‘I Love you, Holy Child of God, Now and for all Eternity.’ Each person so addressed will then reply, ‘Thank you for your Love, because I Love you, too, and always will.’ Learn those sentences until you can say them, not automatically but with Real sincerity. When Alicia has reached the fifth person along the circle, the one whom she addressed first will then kneel in front of the neighbor to their right and duplicate Alicia’s words and actions. Eventually, everyone will have told all the others they are Loved eternally. When you have completed the circle sit back in your original seat. Some of you may be quite embarrassed to affirm to a stranger, or to a person of the same gender, that you really Love them. This Loving exercise, however, has nothing to do with bodies, sex or familiarity. So, override your ego-qualms and your warped human conditioning and learn how to Love Truly the way God does! Now go to it.”

Ruth was the one sitting on Alicia’s right so, following Alicia’s lead, she was the second person to move around the circle. As Ruth knelt in front of each one, holding their hands and gazing into their eyes, this Child of God poured His Love directly into their hearts and minds. This act opened everyone up to giving and receiving Love naturally so that, once each had taken a turn, the circle was immersed in the Infinite Love of God.

Later, after the Retreat had ended, one woman drove home rather reluctantly to her husband. Their marriage, originally quite successful and cozy, in ego terms, had gradually deteriorated over twenty years into an uncongenial aloofness which was now aggravated by her developing spiritual interests. That evening, while they were relaxing in their armchairs reading, she felt a deep urge to communicate with him Lovingly. Kneeling in front of him she looked into his eyes and said, “Holy Child of God, I Love you now, and I will Love you for all Eternity.” This stern man wept and embraced his wife tightly as he told her, “I Love too, my Darling, and I will always do so. You are very dear to me.” And from that time on their marriage became a union of Spirit.



The Twenty-First Century——Act Three



“Would you please delineate for me in detail how you consider the constitutional rights of the child in question are alleged to be impinged on by the school board in this case?” requested Justice Joan Cubero of the plaintiff’s attorney from her seat on the Bench of the United States Supreme Court. Joan was one of three women now appointed to the Supreme Court and was the first justice, ever, of Mexican-American descent. She had taken her seat five years before at the age of 58 and remembered very well the feast of celebration at The Inn at Little Washington to which all her close friends had been invited. The sumptuous dinner had included Chilled Grilled Black Mission Figs with Virginia Country Ham and Lime Cream, followed by a glorious dessert of Gateau de Deux Chocolats Glace——truly a meal to be savored in memory for a lifetime.

Some seven years before her appointment, Senator Rob Ringly had asked Joan to help draught a revolutionary Constitutional Amendment which spelled out the detailed Civil Rights of Children. This Amendment, which had been passed by Congress and ratified by the States declared that all children under 18 and all successful full-time students under 26, had the right to free maximal education, free healthcare and wellness from conception onwards, free financial support when circumstantially necessary, freedom from all abuse whether physical, social or psychological (including war and strife) and all the identical legal privileges and rights possessed by adults under Law. This work had propelled Joan into the public eye and when the President was looking for a new woman Justice she was the unanimous choice.

Joan and Sean were still not married but this was of no concern politically because in 2011 marriage as a federal or state regulated institution had been legally abolished. The legal commitments between parents and children, however, had been very much strengthened——and they were enforced when disregarded. Couples could still be married within the rites and doctrines of their religion of choice, but parenthood was defined by the names on the birth certificate which, of course, might not be those of the natural parents or even of the marriage partners. The vast majority of the people in the U.S. had long since realized that legal marriage was unrelated to family values and happy families; that legal marriage and divorce were often as much, if not more, damaging to family happiness as conducive to it. Freedom was always the key to contentment in any situation. With the abolition of “official marriage” and of all laws barring consensual adult sex when aged 16 or older, social and political scandals had disappeared much to the dismay of the tabloid press and a few diehard prudes. Everyone was at last free to love one another, how, when, and with whom they decided.

Sean was already home that Friday evening when Joan arrived at the same house in Columbia that they had shared for 16 years. At 63 years of age his naked body looked as trim and vigorous as on the day they had first met in Gordon’s flat. Their tradition of nudity at home continued and was now shared with like-minded friends such as Tel and Elizabeth. This was no big deal because, by now, bare breasts and even sometimes peoples' genitals were commonly seen on most beaches, public pools and regular television. “The U.S. has finally caught up with Europe,” Sean liked to proclaim to all in sundry. It had been mostly the women themselves who had liberated their bodies in the 21st century by refusing to keep their Mother Nature-made figures under wraps of false modesty.

Once, when visiting them Gordon had said, “You should know that your policy of nakedness was affirmed by Jesus in the Gospel of St. Thomas. His disciples had asked him, ‘When will you be revealed to us and when shall we perceive you truly?’ In answer Jesus smiled and said, ‘When you are able to take off all your clothes without being ashamed and can jump on them like little children, then will you see the Son of the Living One and you will have no fear.’”

Sean had been quick to reply to Gordon. “But surely Jesus was speaking symbolically about divesting ourselves of our egos, false modesty and shame and all that stuff, at which time we would see the Christ in him and ourselves and others?”

“I agree it was symbolic,” Gordon had replied, “but if you can not strip off and be naked in public like children, and rejoice in the open freedom of bare bodies, then you are still ashamed and in a state of warped ego. Go and look at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel some time!”

Sean Waverley, D.Sc., was now world renowned for his widely accepted Grand Unified Theory, or GUT, in physics, and had been nominated recently for a Nobel Prize. Tel Apex had several times managed to set Sean on the right track because, with Gordon Koan’s input, Tel had elaborated the Hegelian Universal Truth “Multidimensional Jigsaw Puzzle” Philosophy to the nth degree. Tel, Sean and sometimes Gordon had spent many hours together ferreting out key philosophical, mathematical and scientific “pieces” thus enabling Sean to publish his watertight GUT around 2013. Since its debut, other more empirical men of science had confirmed aspects of the theory experimentally, especially the existence of strings, or Living Spirals, along with their multidimensional subspace functions. David Bohm’s pioneering insights of the mid-twentieth century had finally been vindicated.

A public disclosure by the U.S. Government and a parallel declaration by the United Nations had been made in the year 2008 stating that Extraterrestrials had been secretly domiciled on Earth for half a century. This revelation had triggered a revolution in most human belief systems, especially religion and science. Long before 2008 Earthlings had known there must be “other Life out there.” Although the U.S. President had wanted, unilaterally, to inform the public some years earlier the Galactic Federation of Worlds had blocked it until, (a) the Earth’s population was more insightful and tolerant, and (b) the United Nations unanimously issued a Declaration of Welcome.

Rob Ringly, who was chosen to be Secretary of State in 2018, was now the chief US/ET liaison officer, but he did not have much to do in that regard because the whole process of integrating humanity, or any other kindergarten planet, into the Galactic Community was organized by the Federation in accordance with billion-year-old, finely honed protocols. The only “right” the new entrant had was to stop, slow down or accelerate the assimilation process, yet these options were seldom exercised.

The Federation of Worlds closely regulated the inward flow of new technology and information to those amounts and types any given undeveloped civilization could handle, mostly for reasons of peace. Placing immense new sources of power, whether physical or psychological, in the hands of people who killed, executed, or harmed others for any reason was out of the question. Therefore humanity would have to become much more enlightened before such innovative powers, materials and inventions could be revealed. Not that the galactic beings prevented humans from continuing their own pursuit of science, technology and knowledge; on the contrary this steady advancement was encouraged actively as advanced Masters fed snippets of key information to Earth’s leading thinkers——which was where individuals like Tel and Sean came in. They, and other pioneers in their respective fields, were now quite aware of the broad outlines of the ways in which the universe and Life worked. They now knew, for example, that there were three major planes or domains called the material-physical, the mutable and the causal existing within the illusion of form. From many higher sources they now knew each of these three domains was multi-layered and occupied by trillions upon trillions of Real Mindkins whose illusory forms were appropriate to, and congruent with, the particular domain and levels they occupied.

Sean now understood that the physical-material universe, including space, was made of holographically assembled Living Spirals or “strings” in hierarchical patternings. He also knew this was true of the forms, including any so-called “subtle bodies,” manifesting in the more rarefied domains, namely the mutable and causal. Tel explained that pure Minds-as-such could, if they wished, occupy those instantly manifested forms or “bodies” thus bringing them to Life in varying degrees. In fact all the Mindkins in the multi-level Theater of the universe occupied some kind of “form-body” even if it was only a bubble of radiant light-energy emitted by the Living Spirals forming it. Tel had also explained how the Devaminds and corporaminds organized any occupied “form-body” for its Mind-as-such Being owner. “Mindkins” was the generic term for those Mind-as-such Beings who were fully cognizant “pieces” of the Mind of God, and all beings, including humans, fell into that overall Mindkin category. “Another universal term for Mindkins,” Tel explained, “would be ‘Children of God’ who can live as Minds (sometimes inhabiting bodies) throughout the universe of forms. But Devaminds and corporaminds, as well as many other “form-facilitators” (along with the Living Spirals themselves) are not Mindkins.”

On that Friday evening Tel and Elizabeth had arrived for dinner with Joan and Sean a couple of hours before and now the four settled down to one of their frequent conversations about Life and the nature of the cosmos. Each now knew that Gordon had been right when, years before, he had told them that they were members of the original team who had helped co-create the universe and that during all their earthly lifetimes they were exploring the shadow side of life here. Much was still unclear because, as Spirad and Elohm made plain, veils of ignorance were necessary if the journey into darkness was to be experienced genuinely.

“Still, it’s very hard to believe we four, along with Gordon, Cloesha and Rob, exploded the Big Bang and supervised, with Elohm, the evolution of this cosmos and the biological life forms here,” said Sean. “That’s awesome!”

“It is incredible,” agreed Tel, “but a Higher Grey dropped in to see me the other night and when I asked her for confirmation she assured me it was true. She pointed out that only those actual Beings who made and developed the universe could know they were doing so for a specific purpose——one which only they could fulfill. She did add, however, that all Mind-as-such Beings were inherently identical pieces of the Mind of God and quite equal in His Sight. Therefore we should not get swelled-headed over our original co-creator roles, but rather, concentrate on fulfilling the function we came here for.”

“Haven’t we done that to some extent in our past lives?” asked Joan.

“True, as well as during this one,” replied Sean. “Remember Rob and Mary lost a child and you had breast cancer which Ruth cured. We’ve all had our ups and downs in this lifetime. What is there left to do? Does this human ‘trip’ last forever?”

Elizabeth looked up at him quickly as if to see whether or not his question was rhetorical. She decided it wasn’t. “Spirad says the human race mostly bottomed out during the 20th century in terms of darkness and that now in this century we are on the long haul out of the shadows into the Light——most of us that is. Look at Ruth and Gordon and Alicia, all of whom are now en-Light-ened. Like them, we also, have to help others out of the ‘dark night of the soul’——inasmuch as we can, while we are each also in the process of extracting ourselves from it spiritually. Does that make sense?”

“Sure,” Tel assured her. “Lots of sense, and yet there are many ways we can help people find their own path out of their ego-mess. More than half the human race is still searching for the initial exit door which will lead them away from their own ego-made nightmares. You do that Elizabeth with your holographic walk-in Archer Art.”

Nine years earlier Bill Ovalton and his father, Frank, had developed and marketed the first true three-dimensional holographic computer (the 3-DHC) which would create realistic, Holodeck-type, solid, moving images in anyone’s living room. Elizabeth’s 3-DHC art programs were very popular because each could create a specific ambiance for any desired feeling state or mood. If one wanted to be peaceful one could sit in the Archer Art “Peace” program. To be joyful one could laugh and dance in the “Joy” program. For sexual arousal one would switch on the “Erotic-sensual” program. These were true, subtle art, not just realistic holograms of moving scenes such as beaches, forests, mountains, or sexual activities. Elizabeth’s 3-DHC art was primarily abstract and it was always accompanied by harmonious music and tonalities which, in part, Spirad had contributed. Elizabeth and the computer’s own MIDI system had provided the rest, because the 3-DHC came with infinite Lorenz-Dobby chaotic-theory variations on any musical piece or theme. The “Meditation Stillness” Archer Art Program was of great benefit to those whose noisy egos got in the way of peaceful meditation.

Although both couples, by the time they reached their sixties, had experienced a less frequent desire for sexual intercourse there was no decline in the intensity of their mutual orgasms. If anything, by using the Tantric kundalini technique of shooting the orgasmic climax up their spines into their empty minds they had learned to heighten and extend the ecstasy a hundredfold. Nevertheless all four were much less preoccupied with sexual activity even though their Love had matured and magnified. Each pair had resolved or avoided the ego power-plays which bedogged most couples after their initial animus/anima infatuation projections had worn thin and their shadow-sides erupted. The shared desire to be happy rather than right had fostered this growth. All four had learned to back off peacefully when contention and confrontation reached modest levels of escalation. “Winning” and “being right” were not worth the ego-damage they inflicted on Loving relationships. This conscious policy had nurtured tolerance and patience into a way of life.

“I like the methods for smoothing out relationship tangles which Gordon taught us long ago,” remarked Joan as she refilled everyone’s miniature cup with espresso.

“You mean the idea that whoever is doing the task or chore is the one who decides how they are going to do it, or write it, or say it?” asked Elizabeth as she picked up her coffee.

“That’s right. And the other person can only offer the ‘doer’ advice or other input which it is the decision of the ‘doer’ to accept or reject,” added Joan.

Tel smiled. “But what if two people are sharing the ‘doing’ of the job and they disagree and argue? Who is the ‘doer’ then?”

“Well, in that case it is wise to appoint a ‘foreman’ before the task is started. The ‘foreman’ is not the one who may (or may not) know most, but the one who is doing most of the ‘doing.’ If we are hanging wallpaper on the wall it is the one on the ladder who is the ‘doer.’”

“What about teaching children or even older students how to do things?” Sean asked, thinking of his own work. “Who’s the ‘doer’ then?”

“I once put that same question to Cloesha,” Joan replied, “and she maintained that it is the student who is the ‘doer.’ It is the willing student who determines whether or not some piece of information has been truly learned and if not, it is the teacher who must try to understand the student and strive to find innovative ways to teach him. But no pressure must be used for lasting learning. The whole purpose of education and its central focus is the students’ acquisition of genuine knowledge, not rote memorizing. Unfortunately, quite a few  teachers still adopt a policy that says, ‘We would have a perfect school if it wasn’t for the students!’”

*   *   *

By 2020 Cloesha Ovalton had a network of over 100 comprehensive K-12 schools both nationwide and abroad. Her second son, Jeff Ovalton, now aged 35, was the Executive Director of all the Ovalton Campus Schools worldwide while his younger sister, Athena, who was 30, was the Supervising Counselor. Twelve years previously Cloesha had decided something revolutionary needed to be done to demonstrate to the world what enlightened education should be like. She had discussed this with Frank who, with the burgeoning success of his first holographic computer, was well on his way to becoming a billionaire. Frank had proposed that he and Bill set up a unique Ovalton Foundation which would kick-start each school and take up any financial slack as it was becoming established.

Bill, Jeff and Cloesha then drew up detailed plans for the first school and modeled the development and construction sequence in a computerized lattice, the kind they used in ship building.

Cloesha remembered the fun they had had back in 2008 planning their first school which would cater for 1400 children ranging in age from daycare through grade 12. Sitting around the kitchen table they had recorded Cloesha’s long monologue which delineated her specifications for her initial Campus School.

“I want infants, children and teenagers to be in it and they will interact and work together,” she had explained, “and we must include and integrate the ‘handicapped’ and ‘disadvantaged’ (or whatever the latest words are) in the same proportions as they occur in the general population.

“Almost all the curricula will consist of projects and activities with a hands-on approach. The classrooms will be laboratories, studios, workshops, a library, a theater, media stations, a mini-farm, a gymnasium, a sports arena, a nursery and a medical clinic. Even the administration section and cafeteria/kitchens will be invaded by students eager to learn-by-doing.”

“Mom, are you going to try to pack all that into one humongous building?” asked Jeff who as 23 was now in the first year of his M Ed degree.

“No, lots of buildings. That is why I call it a Campus School. Each student activity building will be in the form of a huge plus sign which will have four very large rooms as its arms, together with a two-story pair of ‘rooms’ at its center. The downstairs central area will be student restrooms, locker rooms and common rooms while upstairs will be the offices and lounge for four gifted teachers and their many enthusiastic aides. This campus school will have no depressing corridors, elevators or student staircases.”

Frank had a question. “Those four very large rooms——what’s in them?”

“Student labs, workshops, studios, etc. For example, the Shakespeare Center for the Performing Arts will consist of a Drama Studio, Music Studio, Dance Studio and Cinema/Video Studio. You can install that last one, Frank. The Darwin Laboratories Building will contain one lab for zoology and evolution, a second lab for the human body and physiology, a third lab for ecology, botany and forestry and a fourth lab for geology, geography, chemistry and archeology. The Socrates House of the Human Mind will have its four integrated learning units as well, one to each large room. They are first civics, history and philosophy, second, sociology and anthropology, third, economics and planning, and fourth, family science, psychology and sex/gender education. The Einstein Labs will be computer science/mathematics, physics, space sciences and electronics. The Edison Workshops will have one large room for metalwork, a second for woodwork and plastics, a third will be for electric, hybrid and heat engines, and the fourth will be the Project Shop for major assembly. You get the idea I think. Forgive the trite names for the Buildings——Shakespeare, Darwin, Socrates, etc.——I want young students to become familiar with them. They are only corny to adults.”

“Will there be other buildings, Mom, apart from these hands-on learning units,” asked Bill, now 24, who was just completing his MBA degree.

“Yep. The gymnasium, swimming pool and medical clinic will be built near the track and games fields. Close by these we will place the cafeteria and administrations buildings. The large theater and assembly hall will be attached to the Shakespeare Center for the Performing Arts. The Hemingway Multimedia Library will stand alone at the center of the campus but it will be surrounded by thirty small multipurpose classrooms each with direct access to the library. These classrooms will be used to teach some younger students the three R’s (using Ovalton programs) only during the first two hours of the school day. For the remainder of the day the rooms will be used for library-associated classes, personal study, clubs, study groups, novel and play writing, meditation…”

“Meditation?” Frank interjected.

“Of course. All the children in my schools will be introduced to the study of comparative religion, especially the spiritual versions such as Zen, Yoga, Sufi, Tao, Huna and A Course In Miracles. But from the earliest age they will also be taught to meditate peacefully without associating it with any particular belief, creed or religion. They can even meditate on their own higher self! Incidentally, we will also teach compassion by having students help those who are less fortunate.”

This caused Jeff to think of a potential difficulty. “What will you do about problem children?”

“We will lay on all the necessary psychological and social services for ameliorating their condition.”

“Will the school have residential students?” Frank wanted to know.

“Usually, but that would depend on the location. Our inner suburban schools would accept only day students. Schools on the outskirts of cities would be both residential and day whereas those in rural areas would be almost entirely residential.”

“Explain to me, Mom, how students would work on or carry out a specific curriculum project?” asked Jeff.

Cloesha laughed. “You penetrate right to the heart of an issue, don’t you? Okay. Say an eleventh grader wrote a fine play with a dozen characters in it, some of them smaller children. Kids of all the appropriate ages would volunteer or, with their permission, be selected to take these parts. Initially the cast, along with a drama aide, could read their parts in a library room, then move later to the drama studio to rehearse. From there they would transfer to the O’Neill Theater for dress rehearsals and performances. The costumes would be made by students in the Textile Studio of the Betsy Ross Crafts Center. The scenery and props would be manufactured in the Project Shop. A twelfth grade drama student might direct the play.”

Jeff wanted more. “How about other kinds of major projects?”

“Every school subject would be broken down into thousands of ‘hands-on’ projects arranged in the central computer in numerous orders of ascending levels of difficulty and complexity. There would be no set patterns of student involvement in that some might be solo projects while others would involve several students of similar levels of ability. The central computer would also keep track of each student so that all would receive a rich, very well rounded education by 12th grade. Community enthusiasm is a marvelous motivator. Building a large telescope would be of interest to a group of older students. Other projects like that play, or building a bark canoe, could involve students of several ages, skills and abilities. Building a bark canoe, for example, would involve studying a variety of indigenous peoples, drawing up the required blueprints, calculating the stresses and dimensions, studying buoyancy factors from Archimedes onwards, deciding which of many possible tree barks to use (although they would actually use rubberized felt), evaluating which paddle shapes work best in water, carving those paddles in the woodwork shop, and so on and on. A seven-year-old student, or an older retarded one, could be taught how to tie the knots in the fiber cords used to construct the frame. The computer printout delineating any given project such as ‘a play’ or ‘bark canoe’ would not be rigidly set in stone. Rather the printouts would be very flexible, modifiable and adaptable, in all kinds of ways.”

Over the succeeding months Cloesha and Frank had huddled with their company accountants, with lawyers and factory architects (deliberately chosen because they had never built a school) to hammer out the first phases of developmental action.

When Bill graduated he went on a month long vacation exploring Europe with his blonde girlfriend, Elizabeth, to whom he proposed as they stood on top of the Eiffel Tower surveying Paris in the late springtime. She accepted, but only on condition their symbolic marriage by Ruth Ringly wait until she (Elizabeth) had completed her doctoral dissertation in anthropology on the hot topic of ET cultures.

Looking back on those pioneering days, Cloesha, who was around 60 (circa 2020), marveled that the Ovalton Campus Schools had multiplied so rapidly. It seemed the demand for student places always outstripped their ability to build. Cloesha had inaugurated a teacher/aide program which included several talent scouts who searched colleges and schools for “keen, topnotch naturals” as she put it. Her idea of using a single ace master teacher in any one lab or studio along with several, smart, paraprofessional aides saved pots of money. So did the modular, manufactured construction of the cross-shaped buildings which had multi-celled, vacuumized walls, roofs, windows and doors to conserve the solar-generated heat or cooling.

With Jeff as her executive director and highly competent individual school managers——not principals——the Ovalton organization now ran so smoothly that Cloesha could relax happily and watch her Campus Schools spring up all around the planet. Cloesha’s finest hour came when the Government of India, after a two-year investigation, contracted with her organization to help them replace all their schools over a period of twenty years. By 2020 enlightened education was already the primary concern of most countries. Its positive effects slashed the need for prisons, courts, law enforcement, hospitals, healthcare, national defense and environmental protection. Graduates from Campus Schools loved everyone, lived healthy lives, worked harmoniously, created wholesome abundance and cherished their home planet. The resulting national savings paid for the schools many times over.

*   *   *

Although still in private practice Dr. Mary Ringly, who was also a member of Cloesha’s Board of Directors, was very active in several healing programs including Joan’s Abuse Prevention Network. One of Mary’s pet projects was her nationwide Healing Hands training for all healthcare professionals which had grown out of therapeutic touch methods developed in the twentieth century. Her daughter, Ruth, had established permanent healing channels with interested Guides and Masters who would work directly through any Healing Hands doctor, nurse or aide to clear patients’ egos and bring about rapid physical cures. Yet another area of endeavor for Mary and Ruth was the establishment worldwide of one million deep meditators who were mutually motivating the DNA’s Living Spirals and Devaminds to restructure human DNA into beneficial patterns which would exclude many virulent viruses and genetic disorders. Certain Masters had indicated this intensive DNA re-patterning was beginning to pay off. It could, however, only be done by enlightened human beings in bodies on the physical plane.

Mary saw little of Rob at this time because his work as Secretary of State was a seven-day, round-the-clock job. Much of it was concerned with establishing a true World Government of Federated Nations which was destined to replace the outdated United Nations. Every nation had agreed a world constitution was needed and Rob was perennially busy striving to reconcile everyone’s requirements and objections. Even selecting a name for the new international currency caused considerable disagreement. The FOW had insisted that Terra (as they called earth) must have a planetary government operating for a decade before it could be granted full membership in their Federation of Galactic Worlds. They also stipulated that Terra had to operate as a democratic parliament, its representatives being elected on a per capita basis. Furthermore there were to be no official blocs or political parties in the system. No military or militia forces would be allowed and the unarmed civil police were to be patterned on the 1960 British model.

These innovations along with many other ET instigated reforms had whipped up much international consternation causing Rob Ringly many headaches which he refused to bring home to Mary.

Both of them were pleased that their son, Bruce, now 35, had fallen in love with Frances Ovalton five years before and now shared his life with her. Like Frances’ brother Bill, Bruce had an MBA which he put to good use managing the Loving Oneness Trust for Dr. Gordon Koan. Frances, now 26, assisted Bruce with this work which required them to do so much traveling, they felt they lived out their lives in hotels and airplanes. This they enjoyed because, being young, they were excited emotionally and physically by fresh surroundings, cities and countries. Frances and Bruce were a passionate couple with a zest for new experiences in every aspect of their lives from skiing to scuba diving, from reading to each other aloud to experiencing the new interactive holographic movies together.

Bruce loved Frances’ lithe, firm, brown body which never failed to arouse him when he saw it, which was often. Having been brought up in the large Ovalton family Frances was a bit of a tease, a trait which excited him even more because he knew it would end up with wild love-making. One of their favorite games was for Frances to escape from his arms during foreplay so Bruce, with penis bobbing, could chase her across bed and armchairs until he caught her, threw her on the bed and took her as she melted in surrender. By 2020 all hotel rooms had her father’s holographic TV computers installed complete with hundreds of environmental programs. Thus, one night they could make love on a white sand island beach, while the next night they could be deep in a forest of giant trees or rolling among wildflowers in a mountain meadow. One of their favorites was to have other solid holographic couples making love all around them until, interactively, everyone had synchronized frenzied orgasms.

The Mutable Domain had finally been transferred artificially to the physical plane. One of Frank’s subsidiary companies was now working on “fantasy-realism” hardware that would allow any person to interact instantly and physically with their own projected imaginings. The prototype transmitter, about the size of a large button, was stuck over the third eye area on the forehead. Favorite fantasies could be stored for future reenactment. This “fantasy realism” holography would have beneficial therapeutic effects because, as when a person watched the same movie many times, he or she soon became bored by fantasy repetitions. Sooner or later, in one lifetime or another, all fantasies would become boring.

*   *   *

The huge Hilton ballroom was jammed with eager, expectant faces as the audience of 1800 waited for the three principal speakers to appear on stage. When they did, continuous clapping and cheering burst out until Gordon Koan held up his hands for silence. Ruth Ringly stood at his right; Alicia Archer to his left. Then all three sat in identical, white cane armchairs on a flower-filled stage at the back of which, Hilton style, stood a line of potted areca palms.

“We will begin the evening with a 20-minute meditation,” announced Gordon who, now in his early 60’s, was fully enlightened. “Please sit comfortably with a straight back and your feet on the floor while you listen to the soft music and let it quieten down your everyday ego-mind. You may choose to close your eyes, but if you keep them open you should stare at us to receive Love and Light.” In the front right corner of the room Bruce, with Frances sitting beside him, increased the volume of the gentle music so it filled the room with soothing flute and woodwind sounds that evoked images of placid waters and serene skies. Once the audio level on the book-sized player system was exactly right for meditation Bruce fixated on his 22-year old baby sister, Ruth, whom he had always revered with affectionate awe. From his point of view their childhood relationship had been both remarkable and odd. At one moment she was his little sister who might need her big brother for his physical strength or practical knowledge, while the next she would heal his cuts and bruises or massage his ego into new insights. He was aware that, although Ruth had always known, quite intimately, his every thought, feeling and fantasy, she was never apprehensive, embarrassed or upset. Usually she just smiled and said, “Relax,” or, “Enjoy yourself,” or, “There’s nothing to fear,” and went on her happy way. Ruth had grown to be a slim young woman spilling over with effervescent Light and Joy, a Complete Being, a transparent Ray of God.

Dr. Alicia Archer had also been touched by God’s Grace. After years of devoted meditation during which she wanted nothing other than the Divine Presence to awaken in her, eventually she had experienced That in full consciousness as Loving Oneness. At first It came in short wisps which would disappear whenever her thinning ego butted in, then, sometimes, It stayed for days until finally, on the eve of her 33rd birthday, ecstatic Loving Oneness pervaded her Mind and Heart permanently. This was not an experience unique to Alicia. By this time, in 2020, some two million enlightened individuals walked the Earth and the number was now growing exponentially. She knew it was highly likely that, on this very night, one or two in their audience might leave with God-opened Minds while many others would move significantly closer to a full Realization of Him. Alicia’s gift from God was His pure Limitless Love which she would transmit freely to all who wished to receive It.

When the music for the introductory meditation ended there was a palpable feeling of Love and Lightness in the room. Gordon was the first of the trio to speak.

“There is a profound secret I would like to share with you this evening, one which is affirmed by all the Guides, Masters, Avatars and by God, Himself. It is this: Your past experiences of any kind, right up to this moment, have NO causal connection with your present condition, state, or situation, NOW. The only real cause of what happens to you in the present moment is that it is how you ARE CHOOSING to experience your life right NOW in this present instant. Karma is an illusion, too; it is as much an illusion as anything else in this Theater of Manifested Dreams. The ultimate Truth is that each Mind-Being in the Mind of God manifests its NEXT MOMENT exactly how it WANTS that moment to BE. In a sense you are an instant camera and you have chosen to take your pictures in an arbitrary continuing sequence, but at any moment, you can choose to break that artificial sequence, and change to photographing completely new, more spiritual scenes. Let us say, symbolically, that up until tonight you liked to snap cars, clothes and houses, but from here on out you will focus on sunrises, flowers and laughing faces.

“Cause and effect, even in the so-called scientific sense, do not exist. The ‘natural’ 3-D universe is RE-manifested by myriads of Mind-Beings, instant by instant exactly as they WANT it to be. Each of those instants is a QUANTUM  of TIME so infinitesimally tiny as to be immeasurable, if only because all measurements take place within time.

“If, just for a brief instant, you can relinquish all your beliefs about cause and effect, past influences and linear, sequential events in time, you will leap into a new dimension of Spiritual Knowing, a new overview of continuous, moment-by-moment creation. Not only will you become an every-instant, co-creating manifestor of your NOW universe (in quantum time utilizing quantum energy) but you will also be able to access infinite Knowledge in each of those NOW moments. You will tap into whatever it is you wish to Know, NOW——which is, by the way, what I am doing right NOW. You will never again need to learn anything the hard, ego-minded way. All Knowledge is available instantly on the Universal Mind ‘Internet’, NOW. Our lives on this planet are not determined by the past; they are a multi-level HABIT, an on-going ADDICTION in the present that needs breaking NOW. Questions anyone?”

A young woman stood up and Bruce focused his remote range-finder microphone on her face so her voice would be amplified throughout the room.

“Gordon, are not all habits and addictions, (even this one we call ‘human’) determined by past events which cause them to manifest as they appear to be in the present?”

Gordon noticed several other heads nodding in sympathy with this point of view. “Only if you believe that that specific cause and effect relationship exists, and believe that the past is predetermined and unalterable, will that be ‘true’ for you. The Real Truth is that the so-called past——all past events——only exist in your ego-mind NOW, in this present instant. There is NO past, not even in the unreliable, habitual memories you have selected and are CHOOSING to live out in their present moment versions, NOW.”

An older man stood to ask a question. “Isn’t the brain hard-wired to retain those ‘grooved-in’ habitual memories?”

“No, it is not,” Gordon explained. “The brain is, by analogy, like a computer’s main memory on which any thoughts or emotions can be written, overwritten, or erased by the operator at any moment he or she decides to do so. None of it is Read Only Memory. Memories change all the time and habits can be eradicated overnight by going ‘cold turkey.’ Even cancers can be healed overnight. Even your DNA can be overwritten if you put your Mind to it. Always remember people with multiple personalities can rewire their brains and bodies in one second whenever they switch from one ego to another. If they can do it so can you, but you will switch to your Higher Self state and let the lower ego-children go. You do not realize how powerful you are as a co-creator of the cosmos. We all believe we are little ego-ridden humans, limited and lost in a vast, physical universe and, while we believe that scenario, we are. When we wake up completely, however, to our True Reality as co-creators in the Mind of God we will realize our limitless ability to manifest in the present everything and anything——including our brains, just the way we want them to be, NOW! As I said, the whole physical universe is being manifested moment-by-moment by all Mind Beings both collectively and individually, NOW!”

A silence filled the room as everyone there digested the implications of a cosmos which was re-manifested by an almost infinite bunch of independent co-creators operating in a Unified Mind Field during each tick of quantum time.

As the silence deepened Gordon announced a second meditation, this time without music. To those having difficulty because of noisy interference from their egos he suggested they slowly repeat the mantra, “Be still and Know I AM God; be still and Know I AM Love.” He explained that “Be still” was a command to the ego to be quiet, while “God” referred to the Christ-Self which, Gordon said, “…is One with God.”  During this meditation Alicia flooded the room with ecstatic Love while Ruth, overflowing with God’s Light, melted down all those ego-minds who gave her telepathic permission to do so. These dissolved egos would be reassembled in more right-minded ways during the coming days and weeks. For his part Gordon spread a “Peace beyond understanding” until every noisy ego had been stilled at least to the point of being able to soak up the unconditional Love and Light Ruth and Alicia were transmitting. Within minutes many of the minds there had opened to receive the deep Spiritual Healing bestowed by God’s Peace, Love and Light until, slowly, an ecstatic bliss melded all present into Oneness. Many Guides, Masters, Avatars and Angels also irradiated the room with Love adding to the sheer Joy of actually Being-in-God.

Alicia was the next to speak. After graduating as a clinical psychologist she had joined Gordon’s practice to help him expand his work in psychospiritual therapy. Usually their clients were severe cases with schizophrenic symptoms, multiple personalities, or bipolar disorders. Almost all these and many others with regular neuroses were healed rapidly by means of their advanced techniques which were often utilized in the Land of Light where the therapists could easily access Higher Help.

At these public meetings Alicia always left most of the discussion of the theoretical philosophy of enlightenment to Gordon. Her talks with audiences were more oriented to laying out precise practical methods which would assist all seekers of God to grow spiritually.

“Here are the ten essential keys which will unlock the ego’s doors and open the gates of God’s Kingdom within you.

“One, dismantle your own ego continuously using the method on the hand-out sheet we gave you. Take your ego apart piece by piece and give it to Spirit. Seek to uncover the Pearl of the Self underneath all your ego-garbage.

“Two, read spiritual books daily, but not superficially or critically. Absorb and digest their essential messages for you. Listen to spiritual recordings at home and in the car.

“Three, meditate, while sitting up, at least twice a day preferably in the early morning and late evening. Silence your ego-mind and relax into God’s Mind within you. Go to sleep with God in mind.

“Four, try to get in direct touch with your personal Guides. Listen inwardly for their advice and help which they will communicate to you intuitively, telepathically or in words.

“Five, know that this ego-world is a temporary, nonsensical illusion, a dream, a soap opera which is not Real. Know, also, that your ego is not Real.

“Six, drop any preoccupation or fascination ‘idols’ such as money, possessions, food, family, special relationships, etc. It is all right to have these things, but be sure to turn all of them to your spiritual advantage.

“Seven, left go of all past events, beliefs and ideas. Nothing this ego-world believes is True so release the past and be free, now. Also, release the future by placing it in the hands of God.

“Eight, stop judging yourself and others. Do not blame anyone. Ego attack, fear, blame, separation, defense and punishment ARE the human problem, not the Answer——which is only Love. Forgive everyone and release them to their own Guidance and Path. All you need do is Love them as Children of God. Realize every human being is a Child of God in an ego-disguise.

“Nine, hand over your life for God to unfold through His Spirit moment by moment. Live only in the NOW. As an ego you need do nothing.

“Ten, know that all you ever want or need is God and His Love which, in Reality, you have in infinite abundance——right NOW.”

Alicia sat down to a sustained outpouring of delighted applause immediately after which Ruth rose to take her turn.

“There are several in the audience who came here tonight hoping to be healed. I not only know who you are, but also that you have decided to lift your sicknesses out of your bodies and place them back into your minds so they can be psychospiritually relinquished to Spirit. I am here to help you with that whole healing process during our next meditation. The rest of you can assist in this by first charging yourselves with Love and Light and then radiating it to everyone here. True healing is accomplished when Light reorganizes biological matter in an atmosphere of pure Love, and we will do that now. I will communicate telepathically with each person in turn to ascertain if you need healing which will then be done instantly by Spirit if it is necessary. All this will take place in silence and you may look directly at me if you wish. Okay, so here we go.”

It took Ruth only one second to make contact with any one person’s mind, while the process of physical healing for those needing it and requesting it, took about five seconds. In all, some 200 individuals were biologically cured that evening, but after the meditation had ended, Ruth had some more to say to them.

“The physical illness you had dropped into your body as a symbol for your psychological conflict, has been eradicated successfully by Spirit. It is still in your mind, however, as an ego-problem which you must now resolve personally. Even this resolution has been made easy for you to do because of the ego melt down which we three have brought about in your minds, tonight. If you will meditate for at least an hour a day Spirit will assist you in your endeavors to take apart your ego and to reorganize your minds, brains and bodies in spiritual configurations. Strive to achieve a total emptiness of mind and ask God to enter and flood you with His Presence. Let your fears go by releasing them to Spirit. Say, ‘I do not need these fears any longer, Holy Spirit, so I am releasing them to you forever. I now trust God, therefore I need fear nothing. I place my present and my future in His Hands now.’ Your journey back to God does not have to be long or difficult if you allow His Spirit to lead the way.”

Ruth noticed a hotel clerk hurrying down the center aisle toward her so she knelt down at the front edge of the elevated platform to receive his handwritten message. Although she knew what it contained she read it carefully even as, simultaneously, she transmitted the words telepathically to Frances and Bruce. Frances looked shocked then doubled over to place her face in her hands. Bruce put his arms around her and held her close. Ruth passed the note to Gordon who stood up and took over as Ruth returned to her chair.

“Most of you know,” he announced slowly, “that Frank Ovalton is the wonderful benefactor who has made these spiritual meetings possible so that all of you can be here without needing any admission fee or donation to pay for this ballroom or our modest living and traveling expenses. Several years ago Frank insisted on endowing the Loving Oneness Trust with 200 million dollars, the interest from which is more than enough to keep this organization operating in all its aspects, worldwide. His personal generosity has helped raise the spiritual consciousness of this planet by enabling dozens of enlightened individuals in lots of countries to spread Light and Love and Self-Realization to many, many millions of people. I often point out that, on Earth, money is ‘solidified Love’ and, if that is true, then Frank Ovalton has given us all tremendous Love directly from his heart.

“Tonight I have the cheerless task of letting you know that, under an hour ago, Frank Ovalton left his body permanently after suffering a fatal stroke at the comparatively young age of 68. His physical death was quick and painless, and he is now in the Light with his Guides and Masters. Frances Ovalton, who is with us here tonight, is sitting over there with Bruce. Frances is shattered by her father’s death so let us all sit with her in a Loving meditation to reassure her that Frank is already in the Light.”

*   *   *

Cloesha, after the initial shock had subsided, felt quite calm. She also felt grateful that Frank had suffered neither pain nor the drawn-out, debilitating paralysis that, even in 2020, sometimes accompanied severe strokes. Within several minutes of his death she felt Frank’s luminous presence beside her while he comforted her telepathically by saying he was still very much alive and free. Within 36 hours all five grown children, including Frances, had flown home to Potomac for their father’s funeral service and cremation which was restricted to family and intimate friends. Cloesha asked Gordon and Ruth to explain to everyone present why they need not grieve because Frank had not really died. Gordon spoke first.

“By all means work through your grief and release it to Spirit if it overwhelms you, but remember it is the love-seeking ego-child within us who experiences loss when someone close to us dies. We are weeping for our own sense of loss and deprivation, not for the imagined plight of the person who has left the physical body. Ruth will tell you where Frank is now and what he is doing, so dry your tears and be happy that he is happy!”

Ruth came forward and took stock of the forty or so faces looking at her intently. The group, who were sitting or standing in the large Ovalton living room, knew that Ruth was communicating directly with Frank.

“He wishes me to tell you he is now with many Spiritual Beings in the Land of Light and that he is enjoying himself immensely. Nothing ever dies, he says; it only leaves behind its physical form which disintegrates after a being leaves it whether it is a bee, a tree, an animal or a human being. Frank’s Masters have let him know he is now able to progress spiritually on the higher Mutable planes. Frank is one of several Beings within a large Oversoul cluster-group. Collectively, they are exploring a linked variety of ‘learning knowledge’ experiences across several layers within each of the Physical, Mutable and Causal Domains. This acquisition of ‘knowledge’ by the Oversoul Group is multifaceted and includes all possible emotional experiences as well as those involving sensing, reasoning and all kinds of motivation. As I indicated, this exploration all takes place, not only on the more physical Material plane, but also on many layers of the Mutable and Causal Domains. Anyway, you do not need to understand all that in order to know that Frank is delighted to be where he is now and that he is beginning to work on interweaving the loose ends and other strands from his most recent life into both his own Higher Self and his Oversoul. Incidentally, he is a Mindkin creation of that Oversoul Being.”

“Does Dad miss us here like we miss him?” asked Cloe.

“He says he doesn’t miss you because he’s never separated from you. In fact his Higher Self and our Higher Selves are in constant touch——just as I am communicating with him now.” Ruth noticed that some of the people there did not comprehend this type of Mind communion and she felt a twinge of empathetic sadness on their behalf.

“Try to understand that all Minds are joined in Oneness. Know that it is only our earth-bound egos’ fearful beliefs which raise barriers to instant telepathic conversation and gestalt thought-transference between Beings anywhere in the Universe. Always remember Love is the medium of Mind-communication, whereas fear blocks it like a concrete dam.”

“Why would we fear Dad?” Athena wanted to know. “We all Love him, desperately, as he Loved us.”

“Yes, I know,” agreed Ruth who saw immediately the ego’s security-related fears embedded in the word “desperately.” “I have not made myself clear on this one so let me expand on it some more. Our loving relationships on this planet mostly stem from the ego in order to compensate for our fears of isolation and loneliness, which, in turn result from our seeming separation from God. To put it the other way around we could say our imagined fearful estrangement from God causes us to cling to one another in all kinds of compensatory ways including family ego-bonding through affection. Once we divest ourselves of ego-bonding and let go all our fears about God we can come to Him with wholly empty Loving minds which will open us up to direct communion with God and all other Beings——including Frank. Okay?”

“What else is Frank up to?” inquired Bruce whose left arm held Frances closely.

“He says not to be afraid of Real Love; that he sees now the greatest problem we humans have is to Love everyone unconditionally. Yet that is the key fear we must overcome to heal all human problems; to forgive everyone unequivocally and to Love them all as Children of God. He says Jesus is ‘nodding his head’ even though he’s made of Mind-Light.” Ruth smiled softly at the incongruity of the metaphor.

Cloesha’s face lit up. “Frank’s with Jesus?”

“Yes, of course. You know all Minds are joined on the higher planes if they wish to be. They are all in One Mind and so is Jesus. Didn’t Jesus say the Kingdom of God is within us? And is not God in his Kingdom of Mind-as-such? We have to stop thinking in terms of matter, space and time which are only imaginary, science fictions created by Minds, collectively. Frank is with Elohm, too,” added Ruth who then burst into delighted laughter. “Elohm just made the point that the cosmos, the earth and physical bodies are the real science fiction, and that we humans, even as egos, are about as far as one can get into ultimate science fiction!”

“Can Dad describe his surroundings to us so we can picture him there?” asked Jeff. He was the only one of the Ovalton children who had not felt sad even though he was fond of his father.

Although Ruth could have given her own account of the borderland between the upper Mutable and Causal Domains she decided to relay Frank’s description.

“He is telling me you only have to think of an environment, any environment, and it appears around you holographically in perfect detail. He admits it is far superior to, and much more impressive than, his latest line of holographic TV computers. It is, however, still an illusion of form and just as we have to outgrow our collective, projected scenarios on the earth plane, so do we have to relinquish any attachment to these ‘instant’ forms we manifest on any level of the Mutable Domains. An earth plane equivalent of these would be any pleasant visual fantasy we temporarily pretend is ‘real.’”

Sean was among those present, along with Joan, Tel, Elizabeth, Alicia and the Ringlys. He wanted to know more about how an Oversoul functioned and its relationship to the individual “souls” within its Being.

“An Oversoul,” Ruth explained, “is a Mindkin on the lower Causal planes who has decided to extend itself as a multiplicity of individual Mind-Beings. These Beings, simultaneously, will probe and explore many aspects of the Causal, Mutable and Material Domains. This is a difficult concept to elucidate to humans on earth where every-body seems discrete. The best analogy might be a Professional Scientific and Geographic Society who sends out its numerous members, in ones or twos, to investigate and experience every nuance of life on Earth from geology to anthropology, from arctic to tropical, from the center of the Earth to (using instruments) the farthest galaxy. All these members glean experiential knowledge from their explorations and communicate it back to Central Headquarters where it is sifted, collated, evaluated and integrated. When any one or more investigators finish up their current project they return to HQ to study all the integrated knowledge there——which may take some time——before sallying forth again on some new adventure. Eventually these scientists each become experienced enough and wise enough to set up their own Society and they each then extend themselves, so to speak, on many more explorations. Nevertheless, all of them will continue to maintain full communication with their original Society and share their newfound knowledge with it. The acquired experiential knowledge is freely shared on all ‘levels’ because this whole hierarchical relationship of Spiritual Beings right up to God is always among equals.”

Bill Ovalton, who missed his father deeply, felt dismayed by this news. “Well, I certainly don’t feel I share any divine knowledge with any kind of Oversoul,” he complained. Bill, now 36, also felt burdened by the awesome responsibility of running his father’s vast business empire on behalf of the Ovalton family.

“I sympathize Bill,” agreed Ruth who had read his mind, “but we humans are a special case in which the ‘scientists’ are exploring the facets, fears and fallout of being ‘divorced’ from both God and each other’s True Identity. We are like deep cave explorers who have become lost in the darkness when our Lights seemed to have failed. In the cave our ‘electronic’ communicators are too garbled to understand. So most of us are disoriented and amnesic in the Labyrinth of Shadows. In short, temporarily, we have disconnected ourselves from our Oversouls to explore what that feels like.”

“Can we have several lives at the same time through our Oversoul?” Athena wanted to know.

“In a sense, yes, we can, but they can be both parallel lives and successive lives because our Oversoul is outside time as we know it. To change our analogy it’s like having numerous movie theaters operating at the same time and the Oversoul is the central projectionist and coordinator. One of those movies could be the sequel of one of the others but they are being shown in two different theaters at the same ‘time.’ It’s the ‘time’ concept of ‘NOW’ and ‘NEXT’ which is difficult for us humans to grasp until we realize that the entire physical universe is quantum-observer manifested in quantum time through imagination.”

Bill had perked up a little as a result of understanding some of what Ruth was saying. “Is our Oversoul the same entity as our Higher Self?” he asked.

“The best way to understand that distinction is to regard your Higher Self as that part of your own Mind which connects with your Oversoul——the interface, so to speak. If and when you set yourself up as an Oversoul your Higher Self becomes the core Mind of that semi-independent new Oversoul. For example, when two biological cells divide in the same organ the new one has a nucleus to take with it——it’s something like that.”

“Does everyone have an Oversoul?” It was Bill’s wife, Elizabeth, who asked this question.

“Yes, in a way but the ‘form’ the Oversoul takes varies widely. There are several in this room who are part of an Oversoul group with Elohm who acts as the manager. That particular Oversoul group was and is directly created by God. Most Oversoul groups are collectives originating from one or more Mindkins who themselves once originated in other Mindkins. It all functions, of course, within the Mind of God. To change our analogy yet again it is all something like generations of extended human families. The children grow up, do different things, leave, and start their own families. In the case of Minds, Mindkins, and Mind ‘offspring’ all are equal in every way, and all contain all the attributes of God.”

Cloe had been waiting for an opportunity to ask Ruth if she could converse directly with Jesus.

“Yes, and I do often. Some 2,000 years ago I was his sister and I had the same name. I was then a part of his Oversoul group but he, too, was created directly by God, not by other Mindkins. God is his only Oversoul and he, like all Avatars, no longer participates directly in Oversoul activities. He is the Master for anyone and everyone who wishes to find enlightenment through him as their Teacher. Jesus is happy to talk with anyone.”

*   *   *

Thirty years later around 2050, when they were all in their nineties, the seven-member team decided it was time to leave the earth plane together. Mary Ringly had already made a conscious decision to go with them. By this time the whole group was enlightened, as were most people on the planet. The seven had held a meeting to discuss the ramifications of their joint departure.

“Elohm thinks it is timely,” announced Gordon.

“Me, too,” agreed Joan Cubero. She still held her seat on the bench of the Supreme Court but there was not much for the Honorable Justices to do in these days of brotherly/sisterly Love.

Sean Waverley felt the same way. Human science was becoming a relic of history now that the resident Extraterrestrial Mindkins had revealed the theoretical secrets of the cosmos to the human race. Besides, most people could manifest directly whatever they needed including food, transportation and shelter. Already many were able to teleport from one location to another on the planet without recourse to vehicles. Therefore, even most applied science was not now needed.

“My work is finished here as well,” said Elizabeth Archer-Apex. “In this day and age almost anyone can tap into Universal Beauty and produce what the connoisseurs are calling the ‘Art of the Absolute’——whatever that means. More and more of our diverse human specializations are becoming common capabilities, which is as it should be, even if it does mean no one has any need to hire my talent anymore. What do you think, Tel?”

Tel smiled into Elizabeth’s tranquil eyes, lovingly. Over the past 46 years their relationship had become very holy, especially during their meditations when the Light they shared was a hundred times more charged and brighter than Tel’s original flooding with Light. “Human philosophies are obsolete, too,” he said. “All our torturous tautologies have been swept away by God’s Supreme Knowledge which He will reveal directly to anyone who Really wants it without contention. One does not argue with God!”

Cloesha was the next to speak. “Ninety-nine percent of Earth’s schools are now patterned on the latest version of the Ovalton Campus Schools. Anyway most children are born enlightened so there is really no need to educate them in predetermined ways. All we do is to provide a broad, multifaceted environment within which even thee-year-olds can begin, intuitively, to choose their curriculum, their teachers and a personal mode of effortless learning. Nearly all these children incarnated either to help with the ongoing, natural restoration of Terra or to assist a section of the human race with its goal of populating many of the inhabitable planets in this galaxy. Aren’t you interested in that, Sean?”

“Yes, I am, but I am physically old and the new starships are to be biological which is not my present field. Even though we have ET-Mindkin input these future living starships have to be a human environment so we humans have to ‘evolve’ them from their DNA up——not a simple task. I may come back as a physiologist and give a hand——these starships will need hands,” he joked.

“What about you, Rob?” Cloesha asked the ex-President of the United States, who, during his double term from 2029 to 2037, had rescinded numerous obsolete laws and regulations. As compassionate Love had slowly suffused through the planetary population President Ringly had had the spiritual vision to realize that Loving people did not take from others what was not freely given. Nor did they harm anyone or anything. God’s Loving Will replaced governmental legislation. Obedient conformity by citizens resulting from indoctrinated fears of punishment by authority (or from ridicule) was a thing of the past. The repeal of antiquated laws prevented the few remaining diehard traditionalists from harassing any members of the “Love one another” majority in the courts. Justice Joan Cubero, for one, had been grateful for what had become known as the “Ringly Reforms.” As President Ringly he had negotiated several exchange agreements and treaties with certain extraterrestrials. In one of these treaties he had exchanged specific, Terran, genetic codes for anti-gravity power systems, a step which had revolutionized everyday life on Terra. Rob was able, now, to look back on a lifetime of inspired, statesmanlike leadership which gave him the satisfaction of feeling he had, indeed, fulfilled his personal destiny.

“I’m ready,” said Rob. “Recently Mary and I agreed it is time for us to move on.”

Gordon Koan, who had initiated the idea that it was time for the group to transcend the physical plane, also knew that his destiny had been fulfilled.

“Hardly anyone needs psychospiritual therapy anymore, and any spiritual teaching to large groups is like sowing seeds at harvest time. Even Ruth and Alicia have given up on that one and now confine their efforts to assisting those who have just become enlightened to even greater insights and new directions because the spiritual choices never cease. The cosmic Theater we are said to have built with Elohm has become incredibly complex since the Mindkins proliferated and filled every last corner of every plane on every Domain. Even Elohm says he has long since lost track of much of what is happening everywhere, ‘out there.’ He maintains there are no central Akashic records because each Mindkin Oversoul is responsible for its own record keeping. Admittedly all non-physical Mindkins have access to each others’ records because there is nothing to hide, but almost no one is interested in meaningless ‘dreams’ of the past. Who needs to review ego-garbage once it has been relinquished? Neither nostalgia nor narcissism are known in the spiritual realms above the Mutable Domain. Our memories are only useful for avoiding any recurrence of past errors and for bypassing bygone bullshit. We only live ‘NOW’ and all our past Loving relationships still exist now, everywhere, as well as forever in the NEXT NOW——because Love, being in the Mind of God, is indestructible. Love, Light, Peace and Joy are eternal NOW attributes of God’s Mind-as-such, and therefore of ours as well. I think I will team up with Elohm again in the Causal Domain so I can spread God’s Love and Light to more lost Mindkins across the firmament. It is not unusual, Elohm says, for some of them to become mesmerized by the material enchantments of the maya, the Theater of Illusions, and then give only lip-service to God.”

Rob estimated that the members of the groups would need about 60 days to wrap up their business and personal affairs so they agreed to meet again in two months time for “lift-out.”

*   *   *

“Mom, why do you have to participate in this… I mean, isn’t it suicide?” asked Jeff, now aged 55. He was puzzled and slightly depressed by the group’s decision to depart together.

“No, Jeff. It’s called ‘mahasamadhi’ in India where it is a time-honored tradition for enlightened saints. Although many humans do not know it, everyone’s Higher Self more or less determines when their body will die. Usually this occurs when there is little more to learn in terms of spiritual advancement, or when one’s spiritual work is done. In the latter case the body is laid aside like a discarded vehicle whose usefulness is done. That is what we are going to do.”

“But this group thing, Mom. It’s seems more like a mutual cult suicide right out of twentieth century!” Jeff was upset.

“We are not a cult, Jeff. We have no leader, no finances, no membership, no exclusions, no dogma, no loyalties——other than Love——and no recruitment. Anyway we as Beings do not die. We cannot die. You know that.”

“Well, we’ll miss you. Even if I am 55 I want to cry like a kid. I haven’t learned to channel yet, but Josie and the children can, so will you communicate through them? Alicia taught them when they were little.”

“All right. For a while I’ll keep in touch and act as a Guide but eventually I will have to get on with my Father’s business… whatever that may be.”

Jeff grinned. “The work goes on and on, I guess, even on the Higher Planes! I’ll continue to look after the Ovalton Schools here.”

When the day for their mahasamadhi arrived the group, including Mary, met in a forest clearing at noon. Only Ruth and Alicia, now 68 herself, accompanied them as observers. The eight sat in a peaceful circle on the grass holding hands quite happily. Then, without ceremony, they joined a Mind-meld of increasing intensity. Ruth and Alicia saw rings of colored light form around the team until one by one a bright oval white light ascended from each body. These glowing lights came over to Ruth and Alicia, touched them lightly, then disappeared into another dimension. Half-an-hour later Ruth dematerialized the seven bodies. “The cycle is complete,” she murmured to Alicia just before they teleported home.


Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright © 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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