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The Fourth Millennium—Circa 3500 AD.



Captain Lynne Bonwave gazed at the green planet which lay directly below her vast, living, conscious starship. It was a scene she had witnessed a hundred times before while hovering over a hundred other T-type earth/water/air planets that would easily support human beings. Only a fortnight ago by Standard Terra Time (STT) some 950 human families of diverse genetic stock had teleported to the surface of the planet which the new colonists had named Athena. To honor Motherhood all T-type planets were given feminine names by their occupiers, all of whom recognized the full consciousness of their new home.

Usually Captain Bonwave remained in synchronous orbit over the initial site of colonization for two weeks, but, because this group had decided to go “the primitive route” she was staying for at least one month, STT. All the people intending to inhabit a specific planet had to agree on the level of technology they wished to adopt as their on-going lifestyle. The Federation of Worlds had ruled, “One planet, one lifestyle.” Actually, the rule applied to any one solar system in those rare instances when more than one planet was T-type. Whichever level of technology was selected by the new inhabitants the evolving ecological future of that planet had to be agreed to by all the colonists, as well as by the planetary consciousness, and the biocomputer’s projected modeling for the next 1,000 years. The pioneers settling Athena would live on simple farms, in villages, or forests, without recourse to electricity or heat engines of any kind. “Primitive” settlement was allowed only on non-seasonal warm planets where heating was unnecessary, and where edible, raw foods grew abundantly. Those electing this type of lifestyle renounced the use of physical manifestation, teleportation, etc., as soon as the mothership had left their area. Great care was taken over the introduction of any animals and other species from other planetary systems, many of which were carried on the starship. Mistakes were rare because, long since, computerized eco-programs had been perfected.

Uninhabited (by humanoids) T-type planets were so numerous in the Milky Way galaxy that terraforming was unnecessary. Most already had a unique, natural, ecological system of life up to a simple, animal stage.

Most human settlers, however, elected to live on their selected world without any physical or biological technology. They simply manifested any immediate needs, traveled distances only by teleportation, communicated telepathically, and used psychic bubble fields for warmth and shelter if necessary. This approach left the ecology of the home-planet relatively undisturbed so its wonders and beauty could be enjoyed naturally. Quite often this enjoyment took the form of projecting one’s Mind into another species’ body in order to share, and participate in, its activities. Terra, herself, was the only place in the galaxy where both “primitives” and “telepsychics” shared the surface after the “Healing” was completed by the year 2500. Each group voluntarily limited their numbers to roughly 50 million. Terra was now quite warm, making fuels unnecessary; all extraneous power for the “primitives” came from either water or happy domestic animals, especially horses and oxen.

Of course, other kinds of Mindkins had also settled on, or around, vast numbers of worlds in every galaxy, but as the cosmos contained some 60 billion or so galaxies, there was plenty of “real estate” for everyone.

In all but a few the “territorial imperative” was extinct, and all fear had disappeared when it was let go and replaced by Love. A mild, genetically modified, food chain still operated on earth, which, as a bio-planet, was almost unique in that respect. The ecology of almost all other bio-planets allowed their organisms to derive sustenance directly from water, soil, light and air——or, more rarely, by direct auto-manifestation. On some of these planets the essential, biological interrelationships and processes were totally consciously organized and coordinated by the Planetary Mind; sentient beings, such as humans, could not dwell on such planets because, to even some slight degree, such beings could never help interfering, even in benign ways, with the delicate pristine ecology.

Athena was not one of the planets totally directed by the Planetary Mind; she was only partially directed by her Planetary Mind allowing some of her maintenance to be initiated by the sentient beings inhabiting her. This enabled a “primitive” human culture to dwell there as co-partners with her and her natural environment.

Captain Lynne Bonwave left her suite and returned to the bridge where the primary mind/brain of the starship was located. Although she alone could operate the ship mentally from any location, on-board or off, she enjoyed the ancient tradition of using the bridge. The DNA of all such biological vehicles had been engineered (with a major contribution by the Captain in a previous lifetime) to constrain the vehicles to complete obedience to the one person in command unless, temporarily, that person had delegated his or her authority to one other. In addition to the Captain there were only eleven other command officers on board who worked, one at a time in shifts, to maintain overall command/control of the starship. At any time the Captain could override the decisions of these officers but they could only override hers if a quorum of five officers agreed unanimously. The ship itself, consciously and continuously, carried out all the remaining necessary functions including regeneration and self-repair. Technically the starship was the biological body of the most sophisticated “animal” in the universe——a superb, bio-engineered “horse,” if you like. This one carried in its “belly” some half-million Beings, almost all human. The resident non-humans were navigational advisors or ambassadors who knew the cosmos well. Although all cosmic travel was accomplished by instant teleportation of the ship and its contents, it and the officers had to know the precise coordinates of their intended destination. One did not want to “land” in the center of a black hole or nuclear furnace!

Almost all the planets inhabited by humans were Loving ones whatever level of technology had been adopted. The Galactic Federation of Worlds was also Loving and Peaceful and war was unknown except for a very few isolated planetary civilizations which still believed they were separated from God. Until they were ready for enlightenment such strife-torn, fear-ridden places were monitored “remotely” but without interference, except for those individual planets who asked for spiritual guidance——or who contemplated nuclear war.

Well before the end of the third millennium the human race had split into three sections. There were those who wished to remain in bodies in order to restore and enjoy the natural ecology of Terra. The second set, which included Captain Lynne Bonwave, had wished to explore and colonize the Milky Way. Consisting mostly of scientists, adventurers and engineers, this group developed enormous bio-starships like the TSS Camellia which were, in fact, self-contained, mobile mini-worlds. The other third of the human race chose to continue on their spiritual Paths with a single-minded goal of reuniting fully with the Reality of God’s Mind-as-such. This group had transcended all physicality and were now “working” their way “up” through the Causal Domain. This total relinquishment of all causality and effect, even in terms of spirituality, was the most difficult of all thresholds to transcend because it led to only the abstract Formlessness of pure Mind. After that NEXT, there were no more NEXTS and no identities. It was a state of Mind-as-such infinitely beyond Nirvana.

“The Federation of Worlds wishes to ask you if you would look in on a particular ‘Fear of God’, or ‘FOG’, planet?” said the Federation Ambassador who lived on board the Camellia. “The Higher Greys seeded it with un-enlightened humanoids over 1500 years ago. Its called ‘Terra Two.’”

The first officer, Commander Sandy Oval, who had grown up on the TSS Camellia with Lynne Bonwave, nodded his head. “I’ve heard of Terra Two. Didn’t those Greys transport many thousands of healthy human families there, mostly farmers, when Terra One was in jeopardy of nuclear extinction during the twentieth century? Do their descendants, who now inhabit Terra Two, still believe in the polarity of ‘good’ and ‘evil’——of the ‘good guys versus the bad guys’ who try perpetually to exterminate each other?”

“I’m afraid they do,” answered the Ambassador, “and the threat of nuclear war there is escalating rapidly.”

Lynne Bonwave looked puzzled. “I was given to understand that nuclear wars had never been permitted——anywhere in the universe.”

“That is true,” agreed the Federation Ambassador, “and that is where you two come in. FOW needs some enlightened physical humans, like yourselves, to evaluate the situation and to estimate the probability that those ICBM’s with multiple, nuclear warheads will be fired. It takes a species to know its own species, especially at the FOG level!”

“Agreed. Well, let’s find out, now. We can slip away from here for a day or two. Do you have the coordinates for the largest of Terra Two’s uninhabited moons? We don’t want to be seen or detected by these Terra Two humans.”

On the bridge the Captain and her First Officer melded telepathically with the mind of the Camellia and entered the name of Terra Two’s solar system in the Pleiades along with “Luna”, the name of the planet’s empty moon. At the same time they requested an orbit which would keep the ship hidden on the “far side” of that moon. Within moments after Captain Bonwave thought, “execute operation Terra Two, now” the Camellia was safely in orbit behind Luna and quite invisible from Terra Two. This transition was achieved by moving out of physical time and then through the Mutable Domain in a NEXT process of teleportation. The Camellia did this by first creating an isolation field (within 3-D physicality) by means of electromagnetic waves (1012 hertz) in a counter-spinning system of masses which were highly charged magnetically. This isolation enabled any starship to teleport instantly to and through the Mutable Domain to the physical coordinates associated with the astronomical number ID or names of stars, systems or planets. In non-technical language the ship spins its shells, thinks itself there as the observer, then stops the spinning, and it is there——in accordance with the final, quantum mind/matter NEXT theory elaborated by Wavell Nielson in 2137.

Commander Sandy Oval teleported himself to the surface of Terra Two after disguising himself in innocuous clothing. Three superpower governments each ruled one of the three continents on the planet. These governments were in constant political and verbal conflict, each seeing the others as enemies. International brinkmanship was a commonplace tactic, with the threat of nuclear war a regular occurrence. Frequent minor skirmishes took place. Because each superpower could obliterate the planet in seconds these endless gambits did not make any sense, but none of the leaders seemed the least bit interested in reconciling their differences peacefully. In their emotional attitudes they were like the numerous street gangs which plagued most of their large cities, the members of which enjoyed the thrills of macho confrontations. By teleporting from place to place, Sandy Oval was able to observe and listen-in to the thoughts of many citizens and their elected representatives in all three countries——mostly through telepathic eavesdropping. Fortunately for Sandy the inhabitants of the planet had not yet psychospiritually evolved beyond verbal communication so they were unable to detect his infiltration of their thoughts and feelings. As each power had an extensive counter-intelligence operation, this anonymity was crucial to his safety. He also timeshifted into various probable parallel futures for Terra Two and discovered the majority of them involved nuclear devastation. With all this information in Mind, Sandy returned to the Camellia to make his report and recommendations.

*   *   *

On the Earth itself Alicia, who had experienced several lifetimes since her life as Dr. Archer, was about to give birth. Her home during this first century of the fourth millennium was in Hawaii most of which was elevated enough to have escaped the lowland, global flooding which had occurred when the Antarctic ice cap had melted as a result of volcanic action not long after the beginning of the third millennium. Alicia (she always adopted the same first name) did not live in any specific location on the three main islands because no one bothered with houses any more. Anybody who needed temporary shelter created a force-field bubble of the required size and manifested within it any desired creature comforts. And this is what Alicia had done now in order to cope with the impending birth. Clothes were also unnecessary on Terra because all antiquated notions of prudery and cover-up-the-body modesty had long since disappeared, along with all those other naïve ego-polarities, such as “good and evil” and “success and failure.” Recreational sex, except during reproduction, was almost unknown because mind-melding ecstasies on this planet of Love were a thousand times more powerful and satisfying than the trifling orgasms of the body.

Three Beings had participated in the conception of the fetus, namely, Alicia, her friend, Archimedes, and the incoming Being who would possess the new human body. Alicia had tele-conversed with the baby throughout her nine-month pregnancy and they agreed she was now at term. Within her bubble-home, Alicia had manifested a large bathtub of warm water into which she lowered herself as soon as the contractions started. Archimedes climbed into the tub with her so he could share in the birth of his daughter, Janis. The whole twenty-minute process would be easy, quite painless and joyful.

For the final five minutes Alicia squatted in the water while Janis kept up a running commentary on her progress down the birth canal. In another moment Archimedes could feel the top of her head protruding until, with their smooth, combined effort, including a final push by Alicia, Janis slid free into her delighted father’s hands. He washed her gently under the water before presenting her to Alicia who cuddled her closely to her breast. And all three were overwhelmed with Love and Happiness.

The next day Alicia’s parents, Krystal Ring and William, teleported in to see their first grandchild. They had been busy introducing the last few compatible, arboreal species into the great Saharan forests of North Africa which had been seeded 1,300 years before. These forests had been built in a succession of transitional phases of species introduction after rising seas and world climate changes had stabilized.

Janis gurgled contentedly as she was passed from person to person for inspection and admiration. Even at this age she was regarded as an individual Being in her own right, and this without a hint of parental possession. Janis knew she was one of the last physical generations of humans to inhabit Terra because the natural restoration of the planet, after the desecrations of 1800 to 2050, was almost complete. Not only that, but most people still on earth were now more than ready to ascend to more spiritual realms in their Light bodies. As Light Beings they could visit Terra at any time in the future to commune Lovingly with the Living planet and the corporaminds (or elementals) which inhabited it——not to mention the Living Spirals of which it was composed. There would be no restriction on benign evolution on Terra so it was quite feasible that some other playful Mindkins might decide to evolve and enter into bodies of their own design in order to experience controlling matter and energy “from the inside.”

Janis had entered her body only a month before her birth mainly to experience fetal life. Even after the birth she had a full identity-consciousness of who she was, and knew of her previous existences.

“You are a beautiful baby,” announced Krystal in classic grandma fashion, “and I welcome you with great Love into our family.”

Janis returned the Love and soon all five had Mind-melded for a few moments into an ecstatic state of Joy. Then her father, Archimedes, always the artist and with tongue-in-cheek, took personal credit for her superb physical design.

“I labored many nights with your mother, Janis, just to conceive the perfect genetic pattern you had specified.”

“And I was there observing,” responded Janis gleefully, “just to be sure you got it right! Anyway, as I remember, on most occasions, Alicia was doing all the work while you lay back to enjoy yourself——Daddy!”

The banter continued over a manifested meal of mushroom pizza followed by frozen marionberry yogurt. Janis, of course, was now ready for breast milk which she asked for telepathically. Archimedes had decorated the six-meter bubble with two dozen manifested birthday balloons which held up multi-colored streamers and numerous shiny spangles. Janis, who was just becoming accustomed to gazing through her human eyes pronounced them, “Gorgeous, but a little blurry yet.”

That night they materialized a vast, comfortable bed that covered the entire floor of the bubble where they all slept well in a steady temperature of 80o F. Janis dreamed of the special task she had returned to Terra to do, one which Elohm personally had commissioned her to carry out during the 150 or so years her body would live.

*   *   *

Cone had come to an inevitable conclusion. “We four cannot go back all the way and wholly into God——it is impossible.”

“Why do you say that, Cone?” asked Apex. “We are truly spiritual beings now, in superfine Light ‘bodies’ who have found our way back this far——all the way to the upper Causal Domain.”

Ruth was also perplexed. “But we are right in front of the metaphorical Gates of Heaven, Cone,” she said telepathically as a thought without words. The four Beings, Cone, Apex, Cube and Ruth, had long since dispensed with the verbal languages of Material Plane Beings such as those used by humans on Terra Two who were still separated by ego from Spirit.

“Yes, let’s take the final steps,” agreed Cube. “I’m eager to reunite with our Father/Mother God for ever and ever in the NOW. What is your problem, Cone?”


“Love? Love is a problem?” the other three exclaimed in a unified thought transmission.

“Yep! It is very un-Loving for four of us to re-merge with God while trillions of Beings out there are still separated from God. We have to offer Loving help to those who are still struggling to find their own inner reunion with God.”

Apex communicated a feeling of dismay. “Are you suggesting we return to the Mutable Domain or even to the Material one to offer this guidance?”

“No! No! We are ‘Causal Beings’ now and that cannot be readily reversed,” explained Cone. “The Causal, Mutable and Material Domains are actually states of Mind, not Real places in time or space. The three Domains in a psychospiritual sense permeate and infiltrate each other but ‘lower’ Domain states of Mind are largely unaware of ‘higher’ ones because they have cut themselves off from them.”

“Then how can we help them if they are cut off by their own will?” inquired Apex who considered his logic was still impeccable.

Cone was patient. “Well, there are many in the universe who are in a state of spiritual readiness and they are praying for assistance. They envision us and others like us, as Angels, Masters, and Guides——and Higher Selves, too, if we are in the same Mindkin cluster of Beings. In a groping kind of way they look to us for spiritual help and guidance, and we must respond Lovingly. We cannot go Home without them.”

“This sounds something like the ancient Bodhisattva idea of the Buddha,” Ruth observed. “He said many enlightened Beings made the decision not to enter Nirvana, but to return to Earth to assist others in their spiritual quest.”

“I don’t think we have to go that far——I mean into physical human bodies——but let’s ask Elohm how best we can help. No one knows the Domains and Levels and needs of others as well as he does.”

Elohm instantly intuited their Mind contact and joined their discussion. Cone briefed him on their dilemma and asked for some kind of resolution.

“Okay, this is an inevitable predicament for all returning Homecomers,” Elohm laughed, but lightly. “Be not concerned, however, because this is one situation in which, as they used to say on Terra, ‘You can have your cake and eat it, too.’”

“We can?” asked Apex who, like a Prodigal Son, was keen to open the front door of his Original Home. Already he felt relieved.

“No problem, my friends, or, almost no problem. There is one tiny catch though!”

“There’s always a catch,” grumbled Cube whose hopes had just been rising.

“Well, it’s not too bad. There is a solution to your problem but it is like a Zen Buddhist koan and you have to work it out for yourselves. When you solve the koan all will be well.”

Ruth wanted clues. “So, Elohm, can you give us a tip-off about the answer, a teeny-weeny hint?”

Elohm grinned in his Mind. “Nope. Not allowed, amigos. When you discover the answer you will experience a spiritual Mind-shift which you now need at this threshold. I suggest you sit and gaze at the proverbial ‘Gates of Heaven’ until you solve the puzzle. But I will say the true solutions to problems are never on the level of the problem. Rather, the answer is always a higher synthesis——am I right, Apex?”

Apex mentally nodded as dim memories of Georg Hegel’s philosophies infiltrated his Mind. Then, because Elohm had left before another question could be asked, the group stared at “Heaven’s Gate” and pondered on the Answer.

*   *   *

The ambassador studied Sandy Oval’s face intently as the Commander briefed him and Captain Lynne Bonwave on the political and nuclear status of Terra Two.

“It is my opinion all three superpowers are itching to pull the trigger on their nuclear weapons as a first strike. The elected leaders on each continent have persuaded their citizens that they can get away with it, with minimum fallout in their own territory. For thirty years, at great cost, the three governments have been building hundreds of vast, underground, impermeable cities as shelters for their peoples, where they could live for decades out of harm’s way. This expense has deprived these peoples of many key benefits, such as enriched education, health, pensions, etc.”

Captain Lynne Bonwave was aghast. “That’s insane! How many bodies do you estimate would be murdered in the event of a nuclear war?”

“Well, there are approximately a billion people on each continent so if one of them hit the other two in a first strike there would be up to two billion dead bodies down there. But an undetected first strike is probably impossible and it is highly likely that the target nations would be able to release their own ICBM’s just before being hit——in which case all three continents might be obliterated. Perhaps a billion might survive a few decades in those underground rabbit warrens. As you both know the ego-mind always thinks its down-to-earth salvation, its happy survival as a body, depends on killing off the bodies of any serious opposition, through murder, execution or war.”

“What does the Galactic Federation of Worlds say about such shenanigans, Ambassador?” inquired the Captain.

“As you know any multiple nuclear detonations which will rent time and space to an extent that other worlds will be affected, even slightly, are banned by FOW. Therefore, we will need to deactivate the triggers of the nuclear warheads on all their ICBM’s, but in such a way that they will be unaware of it. We will deactivate the bombs when they are primed to explode——usually at the time of a launch. The Federation has done this once before, and not surprisingly, that was on Terra itself during the Twentieth Century. But that time we told the heads of state who kept it a secret from their populations.”

Sandy looked up from his personal thought-recorder. “Will you inform these Terra Two leaders as well?”

“No,” answered the Ambassador with a wry smile. “They are too immature yet to try peaceful problem-solving so we will let them think their weapons work until they prime them and launch them. At that time we’ll also drop their ICBM’s in the ocean just for good measure. In the meantime the Terra Two-ans may mature emotionally, and we have to give them that chance. Every planet has to find its own way to enlightenment, and normally FOW never interferes with that evolutionary process.”

“All right!” said Captain Bonwave. “Let’s get it done. Computer, find out the best way to immobilize those nuclear warheads at launch without their military experts ever knowing… Oh! And we want to alter all the ICBM guidance mechanisms for harmless mid-ocean destinations, but, again, we need to do it at launch so the changes cannot be detected. Please proceed, Computer.”

Sandy Oval said, “I presume we will have to dematerialize all those nuclear warheads on the ocean floor if this worst scenario should ever come to pass?”

“We will——definitely,” agreed the Ambassador. “We can’t leave that lethal stuff leaking into their oceans for centuries. Can the Computer devise a system for alerting us to ICBM launches on Terra Two? When it does we can return here.”

“I can,” replied the Computer, “and a Walnut Probe is almost ready to do all the tasks you asked for. On your command, Captain, I will put this undetectable mini-probe monitor in rapid, permanent orbit high above Terra Two. If a nuclear missile or any number of such missiles are launched from the surface this Walnut Probe will defuse their warheads automatically and alter their guidance systems so they fall into the sea. I cannot, however, dematerialize them as I am not a Being with that particular Authority over Devaminds, corporaminds and Living Spirals. Captain, do you wish me to put the Walnut Probe in a high, fast, variable orbit around Terra Two?”

“Make it so, Computer” ordered the Captain. “The Walnut Probe must alert you instantly, Computer, if and when any nuclear missiles are fired, and you will inform us of that event. Okay?”

The Computer was way ahead of Captain Bonwave. “I have already included that communication system so you and the Camellia will be able to return to the ‘scene of the crime’ should an attempt at a nuclear war be initiated on Terra Two. Will there be anything else you wish to add to it, Captain?”

“No, not for now, and thank you, Computer.”

“My pleasure,” the Computer murmured before busying itself placing the probe in orbit.

Sandy Oval leaned forward in his chair and placed his chin in his hands. This indirect contact with the humans of Terra Two had stirred ancient memories of a lifetime on Terra as Cloesha. Then a life with Cone, further back, as a Tripolyan female farmer came to mind, and for a vivid moment he saw himself being hacked to death by marauding horsemen. That all this human, or rather inhuman, hate, pain and devastation still existed on Terra Two depressed him.

“I’m aware God does not interfere with the lives of Beings in the Theater of the Dreamtime, but I always think it would be so much more humane if, in the NEXT moment, He would enlighten all the people still in darkness——like those on Terra Two.”

The Ambassador smiled wanly and ran his thin fingers over the top of his hairless head. “You know, Sandy, that every Prodigal Son has to want to return Home to God of his or her own free will. If God interfered actively with the free will He created as an attribute of all His Children it would destroy one of the most important Principles of Life-as-such. God wants free, autonomous Spiritual Beings, not robots or puppets. What would be the point in creating an almost infinite number of animated ‘toy dolls’? God could not relate to and Love automatons! No, they have to be as Free as He is——in His Own Image of Total Freedom. But because God’s Reality, which some call ‘Heaven,’ can never be destroyed, any unloving act or thought on the part of His Children can only take place in a world of illusion, a theater of dreams, a cosmic fantasy of forms, which is where all of us are right NOW! And, Sandy, we have to get this message out to all those people who, like those on Terra Two, still believe this universe of dreams with its pains and misery is reality.”

Sandy Oval stared morosely out of a bridge window at Luna, which blocked his view of the planet.

“Haven’t you just contradicted yourself, Ambassador?” he said. “You stated earlier that the Terra Two-ans must not be interfered with because of their free will to determine their own lives, and now you are saying we have to help them because they are living an illusory dream.”

The Ambassador smiled again at Sandy in appreciation of his astuteness. “It would seem so, but the solution to this apparent contradiction is to be found in the fact that the illusory beliefs of the population of Terra Two are many and varied. Furthermore, they are as distorted as those of the ancient peoples of the original Terra. This also means that a small percentage of the humans on Terra Two are disillusioned with the established belief systems there and are now struggling to find a better, more spiritual, way out of the political and religious impasses championed by their leaders. The spiritual seekers are the ones crying out for our help. They are the ones now demanding our help… of their own free will.”

“Do we deliver spiritual help and insights to only the seekers in some kind of cryptic packages the others cannot decipher——perhaps for their mutual protection?”

“We would do that if religious persecution was rampant on Terra Two. In the past on Earth we did do that with some harassed sects such the Albigensians in southern France around 1100 STT, but on this planet it is not needed.”

Lynne was the one who was puzzled this time. “Why is that? By going public won’t you be infringing on the free will of the traditionalists?”

“No, because most traditionalists are so touchy and so polarized in their entrenched beliefs that they will reject new spiritual insights out-of-hand. Also, there are many people on the planet so preoccupied with politics, competition and material possessions, that they won’t register our innovative spiritual transmissions in their restricted ego-minds. In other words, they couldn’t care less about spiritual ‘mumbo-jumbo.’ Therefore we are not infringing on their free will.”

The Captain was now curious about the method of transmission. “How do you go about downloading this new information to those who are wanting it?”

“We will channel it telepathically through a few hundred psychic individuals who, usually in a trance state, will speak to sympathetic audiences. Other more ‘conscious’ mediums will write books, make tapes, or communicate through their internetted computers. For a while the rest of the population will dismiss it as ‘fringe stuff’ but in time it will be more widely accepted, probably in distorted forms. Remember that Jesus’ work and words were considered fringe stuff until the Roman Empire officially adopted a garbled, heavily edited, version of his original ideas. Eventually, some two thousand years later when the time was right, he had to dictate a book in order to disseminate an authentic restatement of his teachings.”

“He waited two thousand years?” interjected Sandy.

“Yes, he had to wait until most humans had evolved to a state of spiritual tolerance and readiness, and until the days of book burning were over. This decline in bigotry did not occur until the late 1970’s when his A Course In Miracles was published.”

Lynne was wondering what was in store for Terra Two. “Ambassador, in the past, have they had any Masters or Avatars down there?” she asked, nodding her head in the direction of the planet.

“Yes, every planet populated by separated-from-God Beings has its Spiritual Teachers. God, while He respects free will, never leaves anyone without spiritual guidance——if they wish to find it. ‘Seek and you will find,’ is a valid maxim throughout the universe, and Knowledge is always there, waiting to be found by earnest seekers——even on Terra Two. Our transmissions telepathically are a part of God’s Plan. When they will wake up collectively is anyone’s guess, but eventually they all will.”

The Computer broke in. “Captain, the Walnut Probe is in place and fully operational. It will signal us instantly if any nuclear missile is launched from Terra Two. It will deactivate the missiles and drop them in the ocean. We are free to leave here at your discretion.”

“Thank you, Computer, and now you can return us to Athena so we can stand by there for another fortnight or so in case we are needed… engage.” Moments later the Camellia was in stationary orbit over the pioneers’ colony on Athena——a planet of Love.

*   *   *

Janis, daughter of Alicia and Archimedes, had grown to be a perfect young woman of twenty. Throughout her childhood and adolescence she had chosen her spiritual companions and teachers carefully because, even for an enlightened Being, there was always more to learn if one was going to help others along their Advanced Paths. Elohm was a great help, but he had never been human. Only those Masters and Teachers who had experienced many human lifetimes had sufficient detailed insights into the human mind to educate young people, and preferably those Masters and Teachers should be in physical bodies to demonstrate their lessons more graphically.

Now was the time for Janis to begin the mission for which she had come to Earth, one which would preoccupy her for the next hundred years.

“This segment of the human race which is still here on Terra has to be made ready for ascendance to the Causal Domain,” she explained to her parents and friends as they sat contentedly on a warm beach. “We Terrans are still over-attached to our bodies and physicality in general.”

“In what way, my dear?” asked her mother. “We do no harm to any living thing and the ecology of the planet is fully restored.”

“Well, we still enjoy romping with the dolphins and chatting to the trees. We still sit on tropical beaches and delight in seeing flaring, orange sunsets drop out of sight. We still love to hug bodies and while you are right to say these activities are harmless and only symbolic, they do indicate we are still attached to form. To put it another way we are more involved with external appearances than with Eternal Essences.”

Alicia was unconvinced. “But we all Love one another as Children of God, including the trees and dolphins. We all know that, in Essence, we are Minds within the Mind-of-God. Where’s the harm in seeing and touching beautiful forms as symbols of our Love and Essential Nature? Is not God being substantiated and expressed through physical forms? Is He not here, is He not Everywhere?”

Janis lifted her arms slightly in a gesture of helplessness; of not knowing the right approach to share her insights telepathically with her mother and the others.

“Yes, Mom, God is Everywhere, but Jesus, Elohm and the other Avatars all say God does not know anything of form, or appearances. He is Everywhere only in terms of the Reality of His Universal Mind-as-such, or Spirit, if you like which is in all of his Mind-Beings, even the Living Spirals. He knows nothing of illusions, of this dream theater we live in… you know that.”

“That is true, yes, I do. But God does not object to us being here on Terra amid all this apparent beauty, especially since we have nothing to fear anymore. In that sense our egos have disappeared. We are joyful, now.”

Janis decided to take a different tack. “But, can’t you see, Mom, we have one foot on Terra and only one in Heaven——or I should say, in the crack of Heaven’s door. We should go Home completely, and without any feet! We need to unite unequivocally and wholly with God.”

Alicia shifted her gaze to the horizon of the ocean and, for several seconds wondered what Cone, Cube, Apex and Ruth were doing on the Causal Domain. Alicia, Arch, Ring and all the other humans still on Earth had lost touch with the other two groups, except in the case of the Camellia when the ship returned for occasional brief visits to the Solar System. Not contacting the Camellia and her crew regularly was more a mutual lack of interest in each others’ activities than an inherent problem with Mutable Domain (subspace) communication. Alicia and her extended family Loved Terra partly because, without fear or having to work, life on Earth was an idyllic existence in a Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve and their relatives, Alicia realized, had been the first evolved homo sapiens, sapiens beings, much like herself and Archimedes, with the whole planet as their Garden. Now, it would be a soul-wrenching ordeal to leave this holographic Terran home for Home. She had been a human, or rather a humus-woman or -man, for eons, so-much-so it all seemed real.

“You are right,” she said to her daughter. “It is very difficult for me to let go of this world after billions of years of evolutionary effort to bring it to this ideal state. But then, that is always the outcome in this ‘Theater of Illusion’ which would be more aptly named, ‘Disillusion.’ We achieve each goal of perfection only to move on to the next canvas, another play. Janis, how long did it take the Prodigal Son to return Home?”

“A lot less time than it took him (in manifested imagination) to journey away from God. We do return in easy stages, however, so as not to experience transition-shock, but the time it takes depends on the degree of our willingness and wanting it.”

“I used to say that to people in a former lifetime,” mused Alicia. “Anyway, the amount of our wanting and willingness to go Home is inversely proportional to how much we want to stay here, with this.” She waved her hand to encompass the ruffled sea, saffron sand, palm trees and clear sunshine. “Isn’t that so?”

“Your math is accurate, Mom. We can dally here indefinitely but, while we do, we delay the return Home of other Beings, if only to the extent that it becomes more difficult for them when we drag our feet.”

“Giving me a guilt trip now, are you?” laughed Alicia. “It’s my fault everybody is stuck in this paradise?”

“Mine, too,” interjected Archimedes. “Heaven had better be pretty superb if it is to top this heaven on Earth. I know I helped design it so why would I want to abandon it?”

“I assure you, Dad, that the Mind of God, or Reality, is limitless and eternal, but this planet, this cosmos, is finite and temporal. Can you imagine a Life of infinite Love, endless Ecstasy? Anyway, it is God’s Will that eventually we will all return to complete Him, to be fully awake in His Mind-as-such——not half-awake as we are now.”

Alicia chimed in. “Is this our daughter, Arch, who now adds belittlement to her guilt-making? Are we a dozy, old couple, too sleepy to commune with the Almighty with all our marbles intact?”

“Stop it, Mother. You are putting me down, too, with all this banter. Please take me seriously.”

“All right, dear, but this is a good lesson for you because these are the kinds of arguments and attitudes you will encounter during your mission here so you will have to learn to handle them with more aplomb. And, yes, we will help you in your efforts to persuade Terrans to relinquish all this so as to have Everything. It will happen.

*   *   *

“I give up,” exclaimed Apex. “I may have been a philosopher in one or two of my former lives but this koan of Elohm’s is driving me nuts!” He and the others had been struggling to solve the riddle for a long time.

“Me, too,” sighed Cube as he stared morosely at Heaven’s Gate, a metaphorical image for anyone’s initial reunion with God’s Whole Mind-as-such. The problem was the Gate seemed to open only from the inside. A few weeks before Elohm had assured them it was quite possible to merge with God in Heaven and, at the same time, return to the “lower” Domains——including the physical——to help others along their Spiritual Paths. He had explained that the Buddhist idea of the Bodhisattva Master who refused to enter Nirvana in order to help other seekers reach it, was unnecessary. Elohm had teased them with a Zen koan, namely, how to find the key to Nirvana’s Gate and go inside while also returning to the Physical and Mutable Domains to assist in the Homecoming of others.

Cube was as perplexed as the others. “There is a whole Kingdom in there waiting for us, while, after billions of years absence, we finally stand here at the threshold quite unable to gain entrance. Is God judging us unworthy the way, once upon a time, I used to judge wrong-doers on Earth?”

Ruth disagreed. “You know God never judges anyone because He is only totally Loving and knows nothing of unworthiness, so that is not the reason. I think the explanation has to be somewhere inside our own minds. The key to that door is in us, not God… we’re missing something.”

Cone agreed. “Whatever that something is and whatever the key is we have not been able to find it. Perhaps we should give up.”

“Okay,” Ruth said, “but if God has Limitless Love as His only emotion shouldn’t we emulate Him and go back to the ‘lower’ planes to get the others and forget Heaven for the moment? Perhaps Elohm was wrong and we cannot have our cake and eat it too.”

Cube felt it was time for the group to come to a final decision. “Let’s put it to a vote. Do we all agree we should turn around and become Bodhisattvas thus devoting our time to bringing other separated ones Home? We will do this by teaching only Love, Light, Peace and Joy for everyone.”

“You have my vote,” answered Cone.

“And mine, too,” said Ruth.

“There’s no other solution,” Apex conceded reluctantly.

“Then we are all agreed we will be totally Loving to every Being everywhere?” Cube reaffirmed for good measure.

“Without a doubt,” they all assented with one Mind.

In that instant they found themselves inside the great “Gates of Heaven” while infinite Light and Love flooded their Beings and a Voice filled their Minds with these Thoughts: “I am extremely grateful to you, My Children, and I am well pleased with you and your decision to Be only Loving Oneness with Me. Please enter My Kingdom and again take up residence here in My Mind-as-such wherein you have the freedom to come and go into illusion as you please for the purpose of helping others Home. Your final decision to be only Loving has awakened you to Reality which in Truth you never left.”



The Homecoming



King Origin welcomed the whole of the human race, all of whom had now awakened consciously within his Mind-as-such. Billions upon billions of Mind Beings had returned Home from the Theater of the Dreamtime——at least in its human aspect. Most Beings created by God had always remained with Him and were fully awake as Minds within the Heaven of His limitless Mind-as-such. While it would be many millennia before every one of the Mindkin species of the Theater decided to break with illusions of separation and independence from their Creator, at least the humans were all Home, and of their own free will; God never coerced.

“Now we have Everything,” exclaimed Ring happily, “just as we did long, long ago before we ever left the Kingdom of God.”

“I confess I had forgotten how perfect the Realm of Reality is, how ideal Everything is,” Wave admitted.

Oval agreed wholeheartedly. “How could we ever have thought the Camellia was the ultimate home for us, Wave? It was as nothing compared with This.”

Although Cone, Apex, Cube and Ruth had been going in and out of Heaven as Avatars for more than a millennium, the rest of the group including their Mindkin friends, Alicia, Mary, Bill, Frank and Janis, had only just arrived with the rest of the human race. It had taken all that time to heal everyone on and off Terra; those humans on the Mutable and Causal Domains had also to be healed of the last vestiges of their ego-attachments to form, to appearances.

King Origin was overjoyed at the return of his human Children, and there was great rejoicing throughout the Realm of Reality. He asked the original team to visit with Him in a Mind-meld of exquisite Bliss after which He called for a God-level debriefing.

“When you first expressed a keen desire to investigate the fields of benign imagination and the manifestation of forms, I suggested you might like to volunteer to explore the dark side of unreality even though we did not know what the consequences might be. After all, imagination is both limitless and yet non-existent in Reality. You accepted that mission, so now I would like to know everything you experienced on the shadow side.”

“But, Sire,” Apex wanted to know, “are You not Perfect and only Loving? If You know not form and have no need of images, why would You want to know what happened in our Theater of the Dreamtime? We were only dreaming You know… nothing Really happened.”

“Yes, yes, that is all true,” acknowledged the King, “but we have to discriminate here between a theoretical knowledge about illusion, form and shadows, and the actual ‘living’ experience of them such as you underwent; I have the former but not the latter.”

“Do you have an abstract knowledge of bodies, m’Lord?” Cube enquired tentatively.

“I have an abstract Knowledge of everything that is Real or unreal. There is nothing I do not Know and I even Know no-thing. All-that-is exists inside My Mind-as-such including you, but as the First Creator I decreed that all my created Children would function within their allocated Minds-as-such as free Beings in their own right, and with all My Attributes. I would stress, however, that My Attributes of Love, Light, Peace, etc., do not include imaginary items, such as bodies or theaters-of-dreams, with which some of my Children are intrigued and love to invent. Now, please tell me all about your unique human experiences because, out of courtesy, even I would not probe your Minds within My Mind without your permission.”

Each member of the team, in turn, assembled into one comprehensive thought the entire accurate record of every personal experience starting from their “exit” from Heaven and ending with their “return.” Each composite record was transmitted telepathically in an instant to the Mind of His Omniscience where it was disassembled and reintegrated into already existing abstract wholes. The process was similar to, but infinitely more complex than, that of a Terran scientist who, on discovering a strange new species, such as a platypus, studies its characteristics and cross-files them away in terms of the taxonomy based on all other creatures. When the last member of the group had finished unfolding his story the King was silent for a few moments.

“Are you not Happy that none of that darkness and separation was, or is, Real? If it was Real you would never be able to return Home, because the Real is Eternal. All this ‘time’ you were just asleep Here in My Mind-as-such, experiencing graphic, lucid dreams in which you only seemed to be awake.”

“Sleeping and dreaming in Your Mind, Sire, certainly seems very realistic… were we Really alive in these holographic dreams?” Arch asked respectfully.

You, as a Mind-as-such in My Mind, are very Real but the characters, or roles, you play in your dreams and your ego-thoughts as humans are not Real. Even while in physical bodies on Terra you simulated this process of dreaming when asleep at night, but, when you awakened each morning, you dismissed your dream people as fiction, did you not?”

“We did, Sire,” Arch agreed, “without hesitation——even though those earthly dreams seemed real enough while we were in them. So, as humans, we were not Really Alive?” Arch murmured this last sentence as if denying the fact of having once existed as human beings was difficult to accept. After all, he had been a major player in the design of human beings.

His Happiness laughed in a kindly way. “That is why it is so difficult for sleeping Children to wake up to Reality. Your dreams of illusory bodies are hard to let go simply because you think of them as Real when they are not, and never will be. All bodies, whether physical, etheric, mutable-astral, causal, or light, because they are dream-images, have to be relinquished in order to return Home completely. Understand that, while there are many degrees of gradual awakening which embody lighter and lighter forms of identity (which some call ‘bodies’ or ‘sheaths,’) the Final Awakening by Me is always as formless as I Am. Pure Mind-as-such (which some call ‘Essence’ or ‘Spirit,’) if it wishes, can manifest forms, but It, Itself, is never form; as only Mind, I Am Formlessness.”

Cone then asked the King if His Attributes, such as Love and Reason, had any vestiges of form, or if they, too, were purely abstract.

“My Mind-as-such has the pure attributes of formless, limitless Love, formless, absolute Peace, formless, ecstatic Joy, formless Will and formless Reason, all of which have no opposites. I Know about forms, opposites, imagery and dreams as abstract concepts, but I do not experience any of them Myself, nor do I experience them through you. I am Perfect and I do not experience imperfection. Ego-love, ego-peace, ego-joy or pleasure, ego-willfulness and illogical ego-reasoning are ‘erroneous’ dream-forms all of which have opposites, and, while I know all about them in theory, I do not experience them. Our friend Plato, here, got it right with his ‘theoretical idealism’ and the analogy he used of a cave in which humans watched unreal shadows flickering on the wall. What he did not realize is that almost all the ideas causing the shadows are equally fictional, equally unreal. The Abstract has no shadows. If you want a very poor analogy consider this. An excellent architect, who designs the blueprints for a house, may never actually see (experience) the house and certainly may never see (experience) its eventual tumble-down state. Now, of course, in this analogy I am not saying I am the architect of your theater of the physical, mutable cosmos; you are.”

“But, Sire, are you not the Source of all Life in the universe of universes?” inquired Alicia.

“Only in the sense that Life is only Mind-as-such. The unreal, holographic manifestations of thought-images are occurring as illusions——such as, for example, your Theater of the Dreamtime. While the Living Spirals, are, in essence, also Mind-as-such, the imaged thought-forms they take in the Dreamtime upon your ‘commands,’ your wishes, are not real.”

Frank was puzzled. “Your Happiness, how can limitations, like those we experienced as ego-humans on Terra living in physical bodies made of Living Spirals, corporaminds, etc., be imposed on Limitless Mind-as-such? Are not such limits also restrictions on Your Perfect Mind-as-such?”

“It might seem so,” explained the King. “We must, however, distinguish between Real and unreal in this context. If I may say so, you keep thinking that forms, such as egos, are Real when they are not. No limitations of any kind are Real, be they manifested physical forms like bodies, or limited thoughts and restrictive belief systems such as the ego itself, or its beliefs. So, what is unreal cannot influence any pure Mind-as-such——neither yours nor Mine.”

This time it was Bill who was surprised. “You mean, Sire, that all the billions of years we spent on Terra, in and out of all kinds of evolving bodies with limited fearful egos, never altered or contaminated our Real Minds-as-such?”

Origin laughed. “What I create is forever unchangeable, immutable. Do not confuse WHAT thinks with what IT thinks. Mind-as-such thinks thoughts but IT is not a thought——IT IS ME-IN-YOU AND YOU-IN-ME! That is what Jesus meant when he said, ‘I and my Father are One.’”

“Then there is a clear distinction between Mind Itself and the thoughts IT is thinking?” Frank and Bill asked in unison.

“A clear distinction, My Dear Ones. In your debriefing both of you informed me that, once-upon-a-time, you were in the computer business. By another inadequate analogy, then, do not confuse the basic hardware of Mind-as-such with the changing software and data ‘floating around’ in it. The software and data entered into a computer are analogous to the thoughts, beliefs and ideas of the ego-mind——which, itself, is like a set of major, changeable, application software programs. To recapitulate, any Child’s God-given Mind-as-such ‘hardware computer’ is Perfect, but it can (in the dream worlds) be filled with ever-changing, imperfect ‘programs and data,’ i.e., imperfect thoughts, feelings, ideas and beliefs which are not Real.”

“Are any thoughts Real, Sire?” inquired Janis.

“You know the answer to that, My Child. My Thoughts, which are of two kinds, are Real. The first kind are My Creation Thoughts which maintain you as Mind-Beings within My Mind. To Create such Mind-Beings I encapsulate a piece of My Own Mind-as-such with Love and then give it freely to you, as YOU-in-ME. Included with that Mind are all My Attributes, which are the second type of Real Thoughts I have, namely, Love, Peace, Light, Joy, Knowledge, Will, Reason and so on. These Real Thoughts exist in all My Children, even those who, of their own free will, decide to separate from Me in their own unreal dream-imaginations. In these separated ones OUR mutual Real Thoughts become buried by a variety of self-manufactured, fearful ego-thoughts which are generated by the desire to separate. Fear always represses Our Love, usually to the point of total dissociation; nevertheless Our Love, which can never be destroyed, still exists deep within those Minds. This Real Love simply waits to resurface the moment all these illusory ego-based fears are relinquished. Love, by its inherent nature, can not fight fear, or anything else. As you learned on Terra, antagonistic love is a serious contradiction of ideas which is found in every separated mind. True Love, in Reality, has no opposite. Incidentally, now you are Home, you will want to remember you can Create the same way I do because I gave you all My Powers without exception or limitation. Any limits you may have experienced in your dreams of separation were imposed by yourselves, not Me. Any Child of Mine, in any situation, can perform miracles if they put their Real Mind to it. Anyway, miracles can only occur in dream worlds. They would be meaningless here in Reality where everything is already Perfect.”

“Your Serenity,” said Ruth, “do you have a Grand Design for Your Creations, Your Children?”

“I do, and that Design is simplicity itself. It is also voluntary. It is My Plan that We should All keep on Creating free Beings like Ourselves within Mind-as-such, in order to extend the Loving Oneness in the Evernow. Furthermore, by My Grace every Created Being will Live as an eternal Mind within My Mind.”

“Sire, it seems as if when we were humans we tried to mimic many aspects of this Reality,” said Mary, who was recalling her life on Terra as a pediatrician.

“Apparently so,” the King agreed. “You had children by passing on pieces of yourselves, the eggs and sperm just as I give you a piece of Myself. The fetus stays in the womb just as you stay in My Mind after I conceive you. All My Attributes are transferred to you at your Conception inside Me just as humans handed on parental characteristics in the form of DNA genes. The baby leaves the womb, usually for the life of hard knocks, much as some of My Children leave (in their imaginations) this Garden for dreams of an existence separate from Me.”

Elohm had returned to God’s Kingdom with the original group. “The Light, Your Majesty, the Light!” he prompted Origin.

“Ah, yes, the Light. That was your grandest and most eloquent imitation. You took the Light that is an attribute of My Mind-as-such which radiates Truth and mimicked it as electromagnetic wave/particles you called ‘light’ or ‘energy.’ Some of you even defined Me as ‘energy,’ as if I was composed only of photons which are made of Living Spirals. In addition you, as humans, chose to evolve on a rotating planet which would cause dark nights and bright days. This, symbolized the emotional polarity of depression and elation, which could be said to mimic your separation from Me as contrasted with the eternal Ecstasy of being Awake in the Light of My Mind. And, as you now know, this Light of Mine, in Reality, has no opposite.”

“Sire, did we not also turn Reality upside down?” Elohm hinted.

“You did. For many humans reality was identified as the physical world, while mind——any kind of mind——was judged a vague epiphenomenon, which, in that ‘reality,’ did not exist; mind was only an unreal ghost in the brain. Isn’t that so Wave——you were a scientist?”

“Yes, m’Lord. In the twentieth century Mind and matter were turned completely upside-down. Most scientists regarded You as mumbo-jumbo, as superstition. At best, You were seen by a few as some vague super-intelligence or cosmic designer.”

“Well, they got the bit about Super-intelligence right, but not the Designer part. I leave all form-designing fantasies to you, My Children. In Reality only My Mind-as-such, which We all share, exists, and that’s the Truth.”

“And Love, Your Happiness,” said Cone. “We concocted a parody of Real Love on Terra.”

“By your own account that is so. Actually, your so-called love was merely a ‘clinging-together’ antidote to fear. Fear was your main security-substitute for Love because in fear you saw your safety, your survival. What you called love, in any of its false forms, was an ego-based bonding of one kind or another which occasionally counteracted the stress of low-level fear through the distraction of pleasurable feelings. If that did not work, you used drugs and medications to dull the pain of fear. In essence all pain derives from fear or its counterpart, anger! And I would add here that your momentary sexual ecstasy was the pale human counterpart of the supreme Ecstatic Joy of Loving Union with Me.”

“Our dreams at night on Terra, didn’t they mimic the dreaming state we fell into when we separated our Minds from Yours, Sire?” asked Ring.

“Complete with all the nightmares and flights of fancy that occurred in everyday human existence——the wars, the terror, the running, and the fantasies,” added Origin emphatically. “Dreams within the dream. The dreaming of and in the actual Theater is the ultimate lucid dream in which you imagine you are awake, while all the time you are fast asleep in my Mind. Dreams of any kind are never Real; they merely reflect, in your imaginations, your desire to be separate from Me and to do your ‘own thing’ in your dreamworld apart from My Reality. They never Really happen… I would never allow that because you would be lost forever! And the Real Answer to all fears, conflicts, problems, sickness, pain and nightmares is very simple; just Wake Up to My Reality!”

“That’s quite difficult to do while we are immersed in the Theater of the Dreamtime, Your Happiness,” Cube remarked rather dolefully, remembering his life as Judge Joan Cubero.

“Not if you find it in your heart to forgive those whom you think have wronged you. Love your enemies and bless those whom you think hate you——as one of my Teachers told you. Forgiveness is the forerunner of Love, and only their own rediscovered Love can reawaken My sleeping Children to My Reality. Whenever you return to the Dreamtime Worlds as an Avatar give them My Message that forgiveness and Love are My Answer to all their prayers. Love the destroyers, abusers and tyrants because they are Really My Children who are merely dreaming they are (unreal) egos under contract with their victims——who are equally (unreal) ego dreamers.”

Everyone present remained silent in the Light of this pronouncement which in Reality seemed so obviously True. Only Love could Heal.

Then Apex had a thought. “Sire, should we, when human, forgive ourselves, too?”

“Yes. ‘To forgive yourselves for every human or inhuman thought or act you ever did in unreality,’ is an important part of My Message. Tell them to clear out all dreams of right and wrong and replace them, first with forgiveness, and then with My Love. If they wish they can transcend all their dreams, both good and bad, by letting go all fear and hate as they open up to My Love. In turn this will enable them to see, even in the dream, that in Reality, everyone is My eternal Child, Created by Me of Me. Then I can wake them up.”

Oval had a question which had come to the forefront of his Mind while the others were asking theirs.

“Your Grace, when we went into the dreamtime we imagined falsely that we usurped your ‘authority’ which, although You are Omnipotent, You never exercise over the wills of Your Children. Is that so?”

“That is True. Any authority I imposed would be a limitation on your divine Freedom and I never place restrictions on Anyone. What is your next question, Oval?” asked the King, reading Oval’s mind.

“In our Theater of the Dreamtime did we not take that false ‘authority’ we attributed to You as our Creator and project it out onto our earthly mothers and fathers as authorities over us? Wasn’t that a kind of distorted superego mimicry to keep the children in the family in line?”

“Apparently so, and not only to regulate family behavior. To ensure tribal obedience you gave your chiefs and kings ‘parental’ authority over you. The power to punish their subjects by attacking them for any deviation from established conformity to rules, the law, was based on subservient fear. ‘Off with their heads,’ became the byword of not only Lewis Carroll’s Queen of Hearts whom he deliberately named most inappropriately, but also of almost every Queen, King, President or other Leader who ever lived, even in the so-called democracies. But war and capital punishment was not limited to leaders; almost all revolutionaries promptly killed off their former authorities once they (the rebels) took power. However, do realize that the desire to punish, hurt and kill-off the opposition, even symbolically, is rooted in fear, not freedom, and is a universal trait in all separated ones. It is the fundamental truism behind all competition. In your games such as chess and football you delightedly decimated the opposition, symbolically ‘eliminated’ the king or captain along with his team of pawns, then happily declared yourselves victorious by conquest——unless it was you who lost the crown! Isn’t it wonderful that, in Reality, none of these illusory ‘games,’ whether of the family, politics, business, society or on the playing field are actually True. You were like children playing ‘cops and robbers’ in that the seeming dead (like the children) immediately rise up reincarnated, to live again so that, if they so wish, they may continue to fight another day! No separated one is exempt. Is not that setup truly bizarre? It is not mimicry, it’s insanity! Especially when, at any time every one of you could have chosen, instead, to be immersed in My infinite Love, Light, Peace and Joy.”

“Your Happiness,” said Ring, “when we were about to leave Reality to form the Theater of the Dreamtime you intimated there was a hidden purpose behind our mission, one which you could not tell us because that information would influence the outcome. What was that secret purpose?”

“You do have a perfect memory, Ring. My so-called ‘hidden purpose’ was to prove to all Beings for all eternity that My Spirit in My Children will eventually return Home to Me no matter how deeply It is buried in the veils of separation, ego-darkness and physical manifestation. You are the courageous pioneers who, in your imaginations, explored the unknown shadows of fear down into the depths of bottomless terror and, of your own free will, found the Way out. You humans who often thought you were worthless, ‘sinful,’ helpless fools were, in Reality, My brave explorers of the unknown, who were, and are, greatly honored by Me and by everyone who stayed behind in Heaven.”

“Your Serene Happiness,” intimated Ruth, “I wish to continue to be an Avatar in the theater and I know Janis does, too. So, if we have Your Blessing on this project, Sire, with what Messages of Yours should we counsel the many remaining, separated Beings who are still embroiled in the dreamtime. We would Love to bring all the Mindkins Home.”

“You have My everlasting Blessings and My Gratitude. I need Avatars and Teachers who will incarnate in the Material and Mutable Domains because most of My Children there are too cut off by ego-fears—especially fears of Me——to hear Me directly. Tell them all that Trust is the indispensable key to healing their separation from Me, because Trust in Me and My Beneficence counteracts the ego’s fears and angers during the return journey Home. Without implicit Trust that journey can be a tortuous maze made of thorny bushes, not because I have anything to do with it, but because the ego, which is responsible, must reap the effects of its own actions while it is in ego-darkness. As all My Teachers have said, ‘what one sows one will reap.’ This is not punishment, but a simple, circular, cause-and-effect consequence of living in a separated state of ego-fear and anger——without Real Love.”

“How will Trust benefit those who choose it?” asked Janis.

“I will guarantee those who Trust Me a gentle passage Home. Ego-conflicts and karma must be resolved, but Trust will allow this to be accomplished with fewer and milder traumas, especially if forgiveness and a willingness to heal all relationships are chosen as tools to undo the ego.”

Ruth wanted more. “Are there other desirable traits that will lead your Children Home, my King?”

“Several. Impeccability is one, especially when combined with consistency. But do not be bluntly honest so as to insult people at the ego-level. Consistent impeccability is always Loving and Kind, and never blames or judges; it only heals.”

“But, Sire,” interjected Janis, “how can we heal a person’s problems and karma without evaluating it or judging it in some way?”

Origin smiled telepathically. “It would seem to be a dilemma, one to which there are several answers. When speaking impersonally to more than one person or even to a large crowd emphasize the healing process, the undoing of the ego and its karma. Point out that every error and belief of the ego (there is no such thing as ‘sin’) can be corrected with understanding and willingness, and that those errors, once owned, can be released to My Spirit for dissolution. The other answer applies more to individual people you meet, or those with whom you are in a relationship; in these cases always wait until you are asked for help before proceeding with any healing of any kind. My Spirit will guide to you those persons in need of your help. Give them only the assistance they can handle at that time and My Spirit will always guide you in such circumstances whenever you ask Me. There is also a third way you can aid all the separated ones. Send them Love, Peace and Light through My Spirit directly to their Higher Selves so those Selves can be ‘charged up’ to help lighten their lives. They need not know you are doing this. That is the only effective way to pray for others through Me. In doing this we are not illegitimately interfering with them against their will because their Higher Selves want this Loving input——and they Really are their Higher Selves despite all ego-appearances to the contrary.”

“What about their erroneous beliefs, Sire,” inquired Alicia who was thinking of joining her two friends on this mission.

“Handle their beliefs gingerly, My Children,” replied King Origin with a laugh. “They identify very tenaciously with whatever they believe and, believe me, the separated ones have millions of beliefs. Most people even hold contradictory ones at the same time. It is better not to get into contention over any of their beliefs because this will only make them angry or fearful. Beliefs are all they have to support their egos which, without those beliefs, would collapse into insanity. Anyway, if you did manage to eliminate an existing set of ego-beliefs they would replace it immediately with another. So, you will have to explain that all their beliefs are merely substitutes for the very Real Experience of Me, of waking up in My Mind to the point of sharing all My Knowledge directly. Once that happens all beliefs are pointless.”

“What about guarding oneself against attack, Sire? Is defending oneself ever justifiable?”

“Never, because you would be defending yourself against illusions and making them ‘real.’ Love and Truth need no defenses. In fact, defenses are attack-in-disguise and contradict the essential nature of Love and Truth. How can ‘not-Love’ defend Love when Love is what it professes to cherish and to be? My Teachers have no defenses because their Safety lies only in Peace and Love, and in Trusting Me implicitly.”

“Are not altruism and an open-minded tolerance embedded in forgiveness and Love?” asked Janis.

“True. Love encompasses all openness and freedom from bigotry or prejudice. That is what all egos must come to understand. Any recognition of the presence of ‘sin’ or ‘evil’ as ‘real’ is an act of a fearful ego separated from Me, and is never Loving. All ego-acts and experiences are to be seen by all the separated, sleeping ones as appeals for healing and for Loving spiritual guidance. Help them understand that. Tell them first to forgive, and then to help those who would harm them in the dreamtime. Lead them all Home into the experience of My Loving Oneness.”

His Serene Happiness Whose only emotion is perfect Love, then asked all His Children in Reality to Mind-meld with Him in His Ecstatic Oneness. This was the second ultimate Divine Union or Com-union the group had experienced since its return Home. Every Being was transported into a state of Absolute Love in which all individual Being disappeared within the Mind of God. Here only Ecstatic, indivisible Oneness existed. While this State was always available to each of His Children individually at any Now-moment, the direct experience of All-in-One Union was ineffably exquisite….

*   *   *

This illumination within God’s Mind-as-such inspired the group to compose this Song of Exultation dedicated to His Loving Oneness.


Beloved Creator,

You are the Light in which we Live,

You are the Love in which we are immersed,

You are the Stillness in which we find Peace,

You are our Strength in all circumstances,

You are the Creator of our Limitless Lives,

You are our only Reality which is not found in dreams,

You are the Mind with which we Know,

You are the Absolute within which we are Free,

You are the Ceaseless Source from which we flow,

You are the Eternal Now in which we Are,

You are the Joy of our Loving Oneness,

                                    Forever and Forever…


*   *   *

In the Eternal Now, another group of His Children approached King Origin with a strange request.

“Sire, we have decided we need something to do. We realize we have Everything here in Reality, but we had in Mind a kind of Theater of the Dreamtime in which….”

His Serene Happiness broke gently into their communication. “Ah, yes!” he intimated. “But first I have a group I would like you to meet….”



Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright © 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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