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This question has been partially answered by Raj/Jesus, even though it is true that he has, to date, refused to further elaborate in detail on these topics. However, we can elucidate a considerable amount of knowledge about the Great Rays and Seven Windows by tracing the key words and Ideas in the Raj transcripts. I should mention there is also a book entitled "The Seven Rays Made Visual" by Helen S. Burmester (DeVorss, 1986) in which Helen discusses the teachings on the Seven Great Rays of Djwhal Khul and Alice A. Bailey but the content of this book approaches the Rays using very different (but not necessarily incompatible) terminology.

Raj/Jesus is channeled by Paul Norman Tuttle, and the following transcript is the one in which Raj comments on both the Great Rays and Seven Windows.

Raj/Jesus Excerpt -- Montpelier, Vermont--1988   [Transcribed by Janis, Feb 2008]


QUESTION: Hello. I have a two part question that I'm going to give you both parts now. What are the Seven Soul Windows? And how does one go about opening these windows?

RAJ: The Seven Soul Windows, as you put it, can be described as Life, Truth, Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit, and Love--the seven quote "characteristics" unquote of God -- therefore, the seven quote "characteristics" unquote of Existence, of Being, of You, of everything.

How do you open them? By becoming defenseless. By not continuing to forcefully and adamantly identify yourself as a puny, little, limited, human organism. But by daring to allow that the Love that God is, the Life, the Truth, the Principle, the Mind, the Soul, the Spirit, is what constitutes the substance and actuality of You, and thereby putting you in a position of being able to invite the experience of What You Are into you as your conscious experience (rather than your unconscious experience) of Self.

The question has been asked in the past about the Seven Rays that are mentioned in A Course in Miracles, and the Seven Rays are the equivalent of the Seven Windows of Soul; the Seven Soul Windows. And it is still not appropriate for me to elaborate further on the Seven Rays, but I have said a little bit more today.

[Janis' Note: I believe these are the "Great Rays." The Course refers to the "Great Rays;" it does not mention "Seven Rays."]

When you become defenseless, when you are expressing Love, when you are acknowledging that which is Real in each and every thing, you are inviting in, allowing yourself to experience the Life, Truth, Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit, and Love, that finds expression in everything. And of course, as you let that in, you are letting in the clearer and clearer experience of Reality, or what has been called the Kingdom of Heaven.

But most important, you are going to have to stop holding yourself apart from those -- and this is not a good word for it -- Qualities of God. They are more than qualities. They are the Substance of God as the Substance of You. But you see, the moment you are willing to allow those seven constituent aspects of God in, as the constituent aspects of yourself, you are beginning to dare to be Christlike. And really that is why the windows don't tend to be opened. What is the saying? "Nobody likes a good guy."

That's the end of the answer.


From what Raj/Jesus has said above, it would seem that the Seven Soul-Windows are the receiving characteristics or "in-taking" receptive functions of all God's Creations, including humans. Although it is an unusual and peculiar use of the following words, we could say we "import" or "download" God's metaphorical Great Rays of Life, Truth, Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit, and Love through our metaphorical Soul-Windows. But, because, in Fact, we only have existence (Living Being) within the Absolute Mind-as-Such of God, it is an incorrect idea for us to think of ourselves as "importing" or "downloading" the Seven Great Rays from a God Who is separate from us. 

I have twice inserted the term "metaphorical" in the above sentence because I believe that Life, Truth, Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit, and Love, are not actual rays or windows; rather "Rays" and "Windows" are the best metaphors through which we separated humans can best image the Idea of Continuous Interactive Communion. In Fact, Primarily, all Mind-as-such Communication is timelessly, universally and instantly non-local.




But God is the Life Principle, the Movement of Creation. And Creation will continue as the evidence of the Self Expression of this infinite Life Principle. And you will experience the Movement of that Life Principle as the Movement of your Being. And so there will be eternal unfoldment, you might say, even though eternal is a time concept for you. It will be the Infinite Unfoldment of an Infinite Life Principle that will NOT in any way express a stuckness, a changelessness that constitutes immobility, the absence of Life.     (G-1987E/R-16) Raj Excerpt -- Tacoma, Arizona--1987


RAJ READING ACIM: However, the Holy Spirit will not fail to help you reinterpret everything that you perceive as fearful, and teach you that ONLY what is loving IS true.  (H-#112)

RAJ: Truth is forever with you. You, as an ego, did not create it. But You, not standing separate from God, letting the Mind Of God be in you, are the creator of Truth because God Is Truth Being and you are not separate from that Movement of Being. That's the Ultimate Truth.    (C-031019/R-73) Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2003-10-19


RAJ:  You must grasp that every specific aspect of the Universe is the individualization of God without any diminution of God. Three-dimensionally, it appears to be finite, but Fourth-dimensionally, every individuation of God is all of God, all of the Life/Principle, all of the Love, all of the All. Therefore, the One being Many, you could say the One is not alone.

Love, in Its infinite Self-expression, finds Itself infinitely loved--"loved" by the Love that It is, "supported" by the Life that It is, "strengthened" by the Principle that It is. It finds the I/Us forever developing and being seen as the inter-commingling of Its infinitude in harmonies upon harmonies, circles within circles, ages within ages, patterns within patterns, ad infinitum.

Be Conscious, open yourself up to the fact that not only are you faced with Your Self seen infinitely as your World, but catch the sense of the loving cooperation that your World is incapable of withholding from you.   (Raj Excerpt -- Book: You Are The Answer)

PAUL: How does Substance function?

RAJ: It functions by being the omnipresent omni-action of Being. The substance of Mind is Consciousness. The substance of Truth is Principle. The substance of Principle is Intelligence/Law. The substance of Soul is Love. The substance of Love is Life. And the substance of Life is Mind.

You are wondering what happened to Spirit.

PAUL: You are correct.

RAJ: Spirit is the substance of all of these, both non-dimensionally and dimensionally. It is the Light, Itself, which illuminates and is illumined. It is That which shines, and That which is shone upon. Spirit is, Itself, the Life Principle, the Life Force, the Initiator and Initiated, the Cause and the Effect.

Law is Intelligent Principle -- Principled Intelligence -- and this constitutes the omni-active Nature of Substance. The Light which is divine, intelligent Love is the means by which divine Mind reveals Itself to Itself infinitely as the omni-presently active Experience of Revelation. It allows Soul to respond. "And, behold, it was very good." [Raj Excerpt -- Book: You Are The Answer"]  

MIND:  [This is best understood as the Mind-as-Such of God which we share with Him as His Gift.]

RAJ:  The Ultimate is in your face today. And the Mind you are using is the Mind That Is God. The Mind That Is God what? Being your Consciousness, being your [Real] Mind [not the so-called ego-mind which is merely a set of false beliefs]. And so the answer lies not in finding another place to be where you could just as easily say, "Why am I here?" It lies in using your Mind differently right here and right now. Because the moment you move into a different thought system, you will see the Kingdom of Heaven in completely different form than the form you're seeing the Kingdom of Heaven in at this moment when you are preoccupied with your [ego's] definitions. Reality, the only thing that's confronting you, will look different to you when you shift to a different thought system from which to view the Kingdom of Heaven.  [Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2003-07-27]

RAJ:  One of the reasons it has never really entered your [ego-] mind to give up every idea you ever had that opposes Knowing is because you didn't know there was such a thing as Knowing. You didn't know that the Mind of God is your [Real] Mind to be experienced from God's Perspective. You thought that you had a mind like God which God gave you as a creation separate from Him and that you were to honor and use this mind on your own. So it was natural not to ever have the idea enter your [ego-] mind to give up all of your thoughts. [Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2003-08-03]


RAJ:  Soul. I know what everyone thinks the Soul is. It's something you have. It's something that survives death. It's something that came into your body when you were born. It's seen as an object, a thing. But I'm telling you that Soul is the sensing capacity of Mind. It is the Mind's capacity, with a capital "M", the Mind's capacity to sense/feel the capital "M" Meaning set in place by the Father in every Aspect of Creation. Soul is your capacity to recognize God in each and every thing [including your-Self].  [Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2004-06-27]


RAJ:  Spirit is Substance. Substance is Spirit. The Substance of everything you see in this room is Spirit. The Substance of You is Spirit. The Substance of your very Being is Spirit.  [Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2002-08-28]

RAJ:  What you call your physical eyes see only what you believe that you can see; only what you have determined there is for you to see. And so, you look at a leaf, or a table, and it doesn't occur to you that it's Spirit. And that because it's the Energy of Spirit, the Presence of God, it is Light. And therefore, there is Light emanating from it. And there is Light as the Substance of it. And not only that, the Light is Living Love, so it is Loving you, as I've said before; embracing you with an incredible Infinite, Divine Love. And so, because you haven't thought that that might be the possibility, your physical eyes see only what you believe there is there to see.

Now, I will tell you this. As Spiritual Sight, as the perception of things As They Really Are increases, because you are choosing to look at everything with your Guide, or with the Father, desiring to experience Their Perspective, your eyes, what you call your physical eyes, will begin to see Spirit. And you will also begin to realize that your very eyeballs, what you have called your eyeballs, are not matter, but are Spirit as well, and that they simply identify Consciousness in one aspect.  [Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2003-01-02]


RAJ:  The interplay of the Many is based in the Love that constitutes Its entire Substance. The One, being infinitely expressed, constitutes Love so powerful that it is Omnipotence.

All of your Being constitutes such Love that for you to overlook Its total loving-kindness towards you would be a pity.  (Raj Excerpt -- Book: You Are The Answer)

RAJ:  The flowers, right now you see the flowers, you see them sort of as an end product of a seed growing, and so you just appreciate the flowers. And that's beautiful, but it's far from Complete. What are the flowers the visibility and tangibility of? An Idea. A Divine Idea. An utterly creative and original Idea, the Nature and Substance of which are Love, Joy, Beauty, Harmony. And it's all Living Love, Living Joy, Living Beauty, Living Harmony. And that Love is Loving you. And that Love that's Loving you is you recognizing it Loving you, [turning to another in the group] and you recognizing it loving you, [turning to another in the group] and you recognizing it loving you, and all of you having the experience of all these recognitions occurring.  [Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2004-05-09]

RAJ:  How can a warrior [fighter] be happy with nothing to conquer? How can a warrior be Happy being Whole? The warrior can't. And so Waking up means that you're going to have to abandon the warrior-mentality, together with all of the aspects of the warrior- psychology that you were employing for the sole purpose of demonstrating your "worth" and your "validity."  And you're going to have to yield to, succumb to, having All -- without one iota of effort being put forth by you to have it.

And then you're going to have to let in the Idea that you have it because you are the Offspring of Love Itself. It is Gifted to you because it is the Nature of Love to not withhold any of What It Is from Its Self-Expression, and that this Love that you are Loved by is Itself the Ultimate Demonstration of your Worth, of the High Esteem in which you are held, because Love recognizes You for What You Are before you raise a little finger, or take one tiny step on your own. And so you will have to tough out the transition from warriorhood to the Real Conscious Experience of Being, of Wholeness, of Singularity, so that you can not only become familiar with it so that it no longer seems strange to you, but so that you might also have the realization that you are Whole because you are Loved because you are Ultimately Significant and Ultimately Worthy.  [Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2005-05-22]


You may also wish to read the revelatory paper by Raj/Jesus "God the Father" (P08) which further defines Life, Truth, Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit, and Love, even though the terms Great rays and Soul-Windows are not specifically used.


Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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