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The Miracles Companion is a glossary for A Course in Miracles sprinkled with numerous ACIM quotations. However you do not have to be reading or studying the Course in order to use this Glossary. It contains mush valuable information and many definitions of words and terms used in this Website.

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To find the definition(s) of a word or phrase just click on the appropriate Page containing the initial letter in the Table below. For example, if you wish to read about the Holy Spirit click on N04  G-H below, and when that Page appears scroll down to H and find Holy Spirit -- just as you would in a conventional dictionary.


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N01 - A-B
N02 - C-D
N03 - E-F
N04 - G-H
N05 - I-J
N06 - K-L
N07 - M-N
N08 - O-P   (in preparation)
N09 - Q-R   (in preparation)
N10 - S-T   (in preparation)
N11 - U-V   (in preparation)
N12 - W-X   (in preparation)
N13 - Y-Z   (in preparation)


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