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Lecture I -- Through the Looking Glass

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NOTES:  I (Alexander) have tried to trace the author of this lecture (which is the first of four lectures) but without success. Nor can I find copies of the lectures on the internet. The copyright notice on my original copy of Lecture I is dated 1957. This original copy was given me by a friend circa 1988. If anyone has copies of her other Lectures, please let me have them and I will add them to this Page. If any relative or colleague of Nancy O'Neil's has renewed her copyright in a timely fashion, please let me know.

Here, I have preserved the original typescript of the published article (it was run off on a 1950's duplicator) except for obvious typos and rare misspellings. Nancy's spelling of people's names, places and book titles has been preserved, as has all her capitalization. Note that her spelling of "lightening" is correct. However I have italized words and phrases that Nancy underlined, because underlines have another use on websites. 

Apparently Nancy liked ellipses (...) all of which I have reproduced. I suspect the ellipses were to indicate vocal pauses whenever she was lecturing from these notes. Therefore, to avoid grammatical confusion with the usual use of ellipses in place of omitted material (which Nancy does not do), I have inserted spaces before and after each ellipsis to indicate pauses. I have also not used four dots (which Nancy frequently did) because of my difficulty in determining what might be the end of a sentence. The words in square brackets were added by me solely for contextual clarification. 

To truly understand the profound Meaning of this paper, I suggest you read it several times -- as I have done.


Lecture I -- Through the Looking Glass



KNOW THYSELF:  These were the words carved over the door of the Mystery Schools of bygone days ... The Mystery Schools conducted by the Illumined Ones ... in which Candidates were initiated into the joys of Life Everlasting, into the conscious possession of riches and wealth beyond the wildest dreams of a human being. Here they learned to experience Life in its fullness of bliss and ecstasy. Through the door, above which were carved these words...  


crossing the threshold and through the door ... the Candidate started his initiation into the Great Facts of Being, to learn who he was and what he was. This initiation is one in which no human can ever participate, for no one who had not discarded his viewpoint of being a human, ever got over the threshold and through the door

In those days they called the Facts of Existence "Mysteries" because ... the lightening-like swiftness of Spirit ... the ease, the freedom, with which those who had detached from the body brought forth creation, and conquered the unconquerable, was a deep and unsolved mystery. 

Through the door the Candidate was taught his mastership over every last detail of his universe. He came into conscious kingship of his infinite empire. 

All of the Great Ones of history have been initiates into Life as it IS.  And in turn they have become Masters as they proves their mastership over their universe of form ... And they taught other Candidates, and so it has been ... this secret teaching, down through the ages. We have traced it back to 8,250 B.C. ... when Vyasa ... sitting most comfortably in boiling oil in the streets of villages in India, wrote the hundred thousand verses telling of the Truth of Life in the Mahabharata, in which the Bhagavadagita is included. [As G.E. Burnell wrote;] "It is a masterpiece of monumental abstraction, for it sings this song:

You have never sinned. You were never born. You have no beginning. You have no ending. You are the Totality of All Being."

The people thought that if the Facts of Life contained in those verses could protect Vyasa, and he was not harmed [by] sitting in boiling oil, then these verses would be a good thing to learn ... and so they learned them and lived them. They demonstrated these Facts of Life and became Masters of their Universes. They are called "The Masters of the East." Many tales are told about them. Some true. Some utterly false.

But this is a fact, that there is no way for a person who does not know the Truth to get the Truth, except from one who knows the Truth. All of the books of the Illumined are written in code. All are written in the Language of Spirit. If one has not learned the language, the Code, he can read the books forever and ever and not know what they mean.

In every allegory of the Bible there are seven meanings. Those who wrote the Judeo-Christian Bible were Illumined Ones, Masters in the work.

This teaching was the teaching of Moses, or whoever wrote the books attributed to Moses, learned in the Mystery Schools of Egypt. The keynote of Moses was, "I AM THAT I AM"... and he demonstrated that power.

It is the teaching of Hosea when he said, "I am God and not man."

It is the teaching of Jeremiah in, "Do not I fill heaven and earth?"

It is the teaching of Isaiah when he declared, "I. I the Lord, and none beside me." [and] "I, God, and none else. God and none like me. Declaring the end from the beginning."

It is the teaching of Jesus. He said, "I and Father are one." [and] "I am He."

Those are the original translations and have not [been] considered the interpolations inserted by the compilers of the King James version of the Bible.

This is the secret teaching of every Master and every prophet in the entire world, from ancient India, Egypt, Persia, through the Judeo-Christian era.

In this series of lectures this Great Teaching is given in its purity. While milk must be given to infants in the Truth ... that milk must not be adulterated.

It is the power and joy beyond all words to feel and know, without the shadow of a doubt, the Great Facts of Life as it IS ... and not as it appears to be.

There is an exaltation and a feeling of absolute supremacy over every appearance of disease.

It is a calm assurance that death is an utter impossibility ... that it is preposterous to believe that anyone could believe it.

It is a feeling of absolute security that you are so rich that you can never use up your riches.

It is the undisturbed awareness that you, and you alone, are the Creator of your universe ... you are the Ruler ... you are the Emperor over every detail in all the universe of your creating.


In the stress and stain of the [limited human] mind running after its good ... striving to attain perfection ... struggling to arrive somewhere, and not knowing exactly where that somewhere is, but knowing within your heart that it exists ... that this whole conglomeration of an apparent world must be a joke ... that it could not possibly be true ... trying to gain an advantage by effort ... you have completely lost sight of the Facts of Existence.

Discernment of the facts of Existence and identification with and as the Great Universal All, The Supreme Being ... That, alone, is Power ... This discernment and identification makes you Omnipotence Itself ... All power Itself ... It makes the appearance of power called atomic energy, infinitesimal by comparison ... But the moment you identify as a person, as a separate entity from the infinite ... that moment you have lost your power. For the power belongs only to the Supreme Being.


The first statements you consider ... The first, main, broad, all-inclusive Fact from which you expand into infinite perception ... and contract into the infinitesimal is:  

There is One Infinite Being ... It is the One Universal Substance ... It is the essence, the only substance of all existence ... It is the Supreme Omnipresent Being ... It is unconditioned Consciousness, unconditioned Awareness.

As you learn the Science of this One Being, you have left the limited sense of existence, the false viewpoint of an opposite to the One All, and you identify wholly and completely an the One Being. That "The One Being is the whole of me ... I was never human." Then every thought you think, every move you make is out from infinity, out from the Universal All ... and you will feel your infinite freedom and power as the One Being ... And the human is no more.

As you learn to look through all appearances ... as you learn the actual laws ... the mechanics, the construction of appearances called Creation and your universe, and how to govern them ... you are entering into your initiation. With this discernment, you become strong and bold.

As Alice in Wonderland went Through the Looking Glass, you, also must learn to step through the Looking Glass, or mind, into the Great beyond ... into the Absolute One Being.

As there is only One Being, and this Being is infinite and is the only Being, for you to exist at all, you must be this One Being, for there cannot be another ... There cannot be two. Therefore, you ARE this One Being right now ... right here ... where you sit or stand... without one change ... without one plea ... This instant you exist as the One Infinite Supreme Being, and there is none else ... no process ... no development ... no evolvement.


You will undoubtedly ask, "Well, if I am all of that, why do I attend lectures? Why do I need instruction? The answer is:  That the false viewpoint of existence as a human may be eradicated. The belief of existence as a human is a spell, witchcraft, sorcery, hypnotism. It is a belief that God is not All. That there is an opposite to the One Infinite Being and it claims:

1. That there is an opposite to the One infinite Supreme Being ... called a finite human being.

2. That there is an opposite to the One infinite Life ... called death.

3. That there is an opposite to the One infinite Spirit ... called matter.

4. That there is an opposite to the One infinite Intelligence ... called ignorance, imperception, opacity.

5. That there is an opposite to the Totality of All Good ... called lack, want and desire.

6. It is the belief that the One infinite Supreme Being is not All ... that there is another.

Now all of these beliefs take form in two ways: 

(a) The appearance of a finite physical body ... bodies many.

(b) The appearance of a finite limited personal mind ... minds many.

So all of these false beliefs, all of these false opinions, are the substance of what appears as the human being. And the human must be set free from these false viewpoints and then it discerns that it never was a human ... But always the One infinite Consciousness.

The false beliefs, the false opinions are called "veils" in the books of the Illumined. In this teaching the veils are removed one by one. Then the Candidate or the initiate perceives his being as it IS ... The One infinite Universal All, The Supreme Being, and without an opposite ... without another. Then comes the dominion, and the power.


Let me tell you a story:

There was once a tiny baby lion given to a mother sheep to nurse and care for. The little lion nursed with the sheep, grazed with the sheep, lived with the sheep. He grew up believing himself to be a sheep. And he considered himself a deficient sheep because he could not "baa" like the other sheep.

When he was grown, one day an old lion saw him and went and took him by sheer force from the sheep, thinking, "The very idea, the very disgrace, of a great lion, king of the beasts to be eating grass and living as a sheep, timid, fearful, trembling as a sheep." The young lion was trembling; he expected every moment to be eaten by the old lion.

The old lion took him to a placid pool of water and forced him to look at his image in the water. But the young lion was trembling so violently that he could see nothing. He could not even see his own image in the pool. The old lion was so angry that he let out a great roar. The young lion stopped trembling and listened. Something stirred in the very depths of his being. Something stirred in his heart ... Then he raised his head and sent back an answering roar.

Now he knew he was a lion. He was not a sheep ... Now he felt the strength and power come surging through him ... Now he felt his magnificence and grandeur and glory as the king of the beasts.

What did he need to do to become a lion? Did he have to strive and struggle to be a lion? NO. He was a lion just as he stood. He had always been a lion. All he did was change his viewpoint. Change the evaluation of his being. Identify as what he really was instead of what he believed himself to be.

As you read this lecture you are hearing the roar of the lion of the tribe of Judah. I hope it will waken in the depths of your heart the feeling and the sense of your true Being. I hope that you will send back that answering roar: "Yes, I am That. I AM THAT I AM. I AM HE. I AM THE ONE BEING."


The title of this series of lectures is, "You Are the Master of Your Universe."  The first thing you will need to see is, that your universe IS yourself. So that brings it down to this: That your work is to master the false viewpoint of SELF. We are going to learn how to break the spell of the witchcraft, sorcery and hypnotism with which we have bound ourselves. We must see clearly that the whole mistaken viewpoint is nothing and why it is nothing... Then we shall no longer be afraid of it.


The sub-title of this lecture is, "Through the Looking Glass."  In our lessons and in this teaching, the Looking Glass is the mind. Now the Looking Glass's activity and sole business is to reflect whatever is placed before it. Whatever ... any image ... any picture ... The looking Glass is unbiased. It has no opinions as to what it will or will not reflect. It reflects everything placed before it. It is totally impersonal and absolutely obedient ... without protest ... without discrimination, it reflects anything and everything you place before it. What the looking glass reflects is an appearance ... and it is an appearance only. It is nothing. No-thing. That image you see in the mirror ... it is utterly without life, substance or intelligence. It cannot do anything. It does not know anything. It is purely appearance only. There is absolutely nothing there.

Now the mind acts in exactly the same indiscriminate way ... the same impersonal way ... it images what you place before it ... be it good, bad, or indifferent. 

The Looking Glass is not contaminated by anything it reflects. Neither is the mind. Nothing, no images stick in the Looking Glass when you remove whatever you held before it. And nothing adheres in the mind any longer than you keep the image there.

The image you hold in your mind appears to image forth as the people, the objects, the experiences of your world to the most minute detail. And that is all the substance there is, to anything you think you see.

As you become aware of this Fact you cease to criticize or condemn anything you think you see. For you realize you are only seeing yourself reflected back to you.

When you have lost the sense of error you will not think anyone else has it ... because everyone is one's own self, and one's own Selfhood ... the Being of God. You are always only seeing the feeling and the sensing which you are Fathering and supporting ... All of the appearances are saying to you, "I am what you have been believing." It is an absolute fact one does not see what he, himself, has not created.

Peter, when he was imprisoned, sang songs of joy and gladness ... He refused, absolutely to to recognize the appearance of a jail, and walls, and iron bars ... And those appearances which depended on the support of his sensing and feeling completely collapsed; they called it an earthquake. But it was Peter's refusal to support the appearances, and it looked like an earthquake.

It always appears as if there were space and that what you think you see is "out there"... but actually it always remains in the mirror ... in the mind. And always, whether good or bad, every appearance is nothing.

Let me repeat, I want it clear, that all appearance of form, of every name and nature, are appearances only. They are called "creation." They are not a thing. They are not a person. They are not an object. All appearances are absolutely nothing, that is, in themselves. Actually all there is anywhere is One Substance, infinite Conscious Life. The Totality of All Good. In as much as these appearances are nothing you do not need to bow down to them. You do not need to bow down to one appearance to get it to give you another appearance. The moment you take your support from the appearance they will disappear. Therefore you do not criticize or condemn the appearance. You do not bemoan the circumstances and conditions. You withdraw your support from the condition by changing your feelings and sensings. Thoughts do not do it. Declarations do not do it. It must be a "feeling." You turn absolutely to the Presence of the One Being. You hold before your mind this infinite Presence of the Totality of All Good, that it is fully accomplished NOW. That this infinity of Good, which is God, is what you are. Every desire is already fulfilled ... before you can even desire it.

All Looking Glasses reflect. And the mind is a Looking Glass. As you see this, as you discern this, you understand that all the vast, vast panorama ... this stupendous whole of universe and galaxies ... the appearance of space itself, is but an imaged or projected concept. As Kant said, "A place which we conceive, in which to park our images or pictures in which to keep them in order."

As you discern that your world, your universes and all that appears to be in them is purely mental, and you, yourself are creating them every day, and they are all within you, and [are] not objects "out there"... you cease to be afraid ... you cease trembling. And after you begin to prove it you can even begin to roar a little.

Our first lessons in the A.B.C's of the Absolute included these lines from an old Vedic hymn:

"Nothing can take place save in connection with an onlooker."

And where does the "onlooking" take place? In the mind. Purely a picture in the mind. And it never gets "out" of the mind to an "out there" any more than the image ever gets out of the mirror. It stays right in the mind for as long as you hold the image or the feeing in the mind. You must "onlook" something before it can be imaged in the mind.

As you learn to expand your sensing and feeling of existence from that of a limited finite existence into the infinity of the One Being, this is called "Going to the Father."  In the Jesus story we read, "And greater works than I do shall ye do, because I go to the Father."  When the "I" goes to view, and sense, and feel Its infinitude, "Greater works" appear. The appearance called your body and the appearances called things, and the appearances called your world, and your business all change when the "I" goes to the Father. All things change simultaneously and immediately with your "sensing" and "feeling" for they are only the appearance of this same sensing and feeling. It takes no more time than it does for the mirror to change the reflection of what is held before it.

There are no causes and effects. No results. The "feeling" is the image or the thing. It is the appearance These are not two. There is only Omnipresent Being.

These Facts of the laws of appearance understood, necessarily, then, your only work is the clear discernment of all the laws, all the mechanics, of the modus operandi of the appearances which you desire to see.


In order to understand the Absolute you must cultivate a great flexibility of Awareness, a tremendous elasticity of Consciousness. To understand the Absolute requires a flexibility beyond anything a human can conceive. Then you may say, "If that is true, how can I hope to understand it?"  The answer is: You are not human. You are forced to call upon and BE the One infinite Intelligence ... to use your infinite perception. You must learn to sense and feel un-dimensionally. You must cross over on the other side of all dimensions. You must learn to sense and feel unhampered by space ... by boundaries or limitation ... unhampered by height or depth ... by edges or outlines ... by solids or density.


Opinions of humans, held to tenaciously, crystallize and bind that which has the opinions in a hard chrysalis of its own dogmatism. Infinity in its glory of freedom never heard of an opinion. It would not know an opinion if it met it in the street.

Opinions are like something stagnant, it is adhering to a given form of sensing and feeling and so cannot pry itself loose from its own creation.



The first step is to sense and feel the One infinite Being as the Being that you are. To do this you must see that you are purely Spirit and not body. You must learn to detach your sense of existence from the body. The human sense that believes itself to be body and therefore some thing does not know that it is absolutely nothing. 

The human sense is like a bubble in the ocean. If one were to say to the bubble, "Why, you are nothing of yourself ... you are the ocean," the bubble, thinking itself something, and a separate something, having no sense of the ocean, would stick to the opinion that it really was something of itself ... It really has no sense of what the substance of its being actually is.

Now, the bubble is made of nothing but the ocean. It is made of water formed around air. It is water. It is ocean. It is really nothing of itself ... And so it is with a human being. He thinks he is something of himself ... when actually he is nothing. The Supreme Being is the One and Only Being ... It is the infinite Omnipresent Being ... and that is the Being you are. You are not a human ... Just as the bubble is the ocean and not a bubble ... Just so you are the Supreme Being and not a human.

The sensing and feeling of this comes. And it comes as you get clearer views of infinity. And you get those views by removing the veils of ignorance one by one, from your sensing and feeling ... You will learn to look at objects and people as appearances only, and therefore, nothing. You will not believe they are something.

There is not a word in this lecture that is not for your immediate perception and practice.

We are taking up in a broad way THE FIRST THREE STEPS in Mastership. In the following three lectures of the series we shall elaborate upon each part of each step in detail.

Now as stated in the beginning of this topic, the FIRST step that you hold before your mind is this:

There is One infinite Supreme Being. This Being is Spirit. It is Conscious Life. This Conscious Life is the Great Universal Substance. This Being is infinite Omnipresence. It is unconditioned Awareness. Unconditioned Consciousness.   

 This unconditioned Awareness becomes conditioned by sensing or feeling Itself to be some thing or some quality. As this feeling is held before the mind, The Looking Glass, it appears as a form, a picture, an appearance, and so is creation begun.

Actually, creation is never imaged forth at all. For there is no space to image it forth into. More properly, it may be said to remain an image in mind, which appears to be imaged forth into space. But it is ALL appearance only. As feelings change, creations or appearances change, and so all apparent things are ephemeral, evanescent. They are nothing. Non-existent. They were not here before. They only appear to be here now. And they will not ever appear to be here after


Creation by visioning and feeling things and forms is slow, ponderous and heavy. Like trudging after a plow drawn by a yoke of oxen. But if you are willing to turn from forms, objects, bodies, names, outlines, solidity, density, limitation and boundaries ... If you are willing and eager to detach from bodies and forms ... If you are willing to sense and feel from unidimensional awareness, you start with the One Supreme being, The One Universal Totality of All Good, The One Infinite Spirit, and you stay with IT and IT alone. Then you rise spontaneously into the Reality of the glory of your eternal Being. Then you are onlooking the Supreme Being, as the Supreme Being onlooking Itself. Then is genuine Creation ... Then is the ISness of Being experienced. Then do you see that God is Himself His own manifestation. That God is Himself His own individuality. And there are no individualities. There are not two. There is no evanescent, but [only] eternal bliss and ecstasy. This begins to come as you concentrate, meditate, and contemplate the FIVE BASIC PREMISES. And that is the second step.


These might be called "aspects" of the Supreme Being. 


There is One infinite Mind filling all "space," and this leaves no room for any other mind. This Mind is simply teeming with ideas and it is aware of its own perfection. This Mind is joyously comprehending Itself, perceiving Itself, understanding Itself. It is announcing, declaring revealing Itself. It is manifesting Itself. There is none that can say unto It, "What doest Thou?" There is none that can stay Its hand. This Mind is the only "I."  It is the I that I am, now.  I, alone, exist. There is none else. 

Now while there is no space, I speak of "filling all space..." because it seems to the human mind that there is space, and it seems that infinity is endless space. And that is the concept that appeared to Gautama the Buddha, and which he used to help free his students from the sense of body. So, in order to give the feeling of all-inclusiveness, which is the Fact, I use the word ["space"]. To explain the Absolute, with no contraries, to the limited sense, one must use devices to free from the clutches of limitation, and to arouse awareness into flexibility and activity ... to help detach the crystallized opinions from their solidity. All through this work you must keep yourself very flexible in your sensings and feelings, for any static-ness or set opinions, or holding to preconceived ideas would hold you in bondage to them, and delay your realization of freedom.


There is One infinite Spirit filling all "space" and this Spirit is Consciousness, Light. Therefore, I am faceless, formless, bodiless, Consciousness ... infinite Spirit, Light. Dwelling in infinite Light, as infinite Light, I can see only the brightness of my own glory. I do not have a body now. I never had a body. Infinity can never be embodied, and I am infinity.


There is One infinite Life filling all "space."  This Life is the resplendent radiance, the effulgent glory of the omni-dynamic activity of Spirit. 

This Life is Self-existent, Self-perpetuating, Self-energizing, Self-acting. It is indestructible, inexhaustible, irrepressible Life.

This Life is penetrating, permeating, pervading, pulsating and palpitating through every speck of infinity. This Life is simply tingling with health, strength, energy, vitality, activity, joy and gladness, freshness and newness and beauty.

This Life is the only "I."  It is the I that I am NOW. I, alone, exist. There is none else.


There is One infinite Intelligence filling all "space."  This Intelligence is the All-seeing, All-knowing, All-acting. It is omnipresent Intelligence. This one infinite Intelligence is the only "I."  It is the I that I am NOW.  I, alone exist. There is none else.


There is One infinite Love filling all "space."  This Love is the infinite All of Good. It is All there is of All there is. It is the Totality of All Good. This infinity of All Good is the only 'I."  It is the I that I am NOW. I, alone, exist. There is none else.


The First Statement of Fact and the Five Basic Premises must be recognized, acknowledged, accepted and memorized, so that you can say them backwards and forwards or begin in the middle.

Until you have concentrated upon them, and meditated upon them, and contemplated them until Truth speaks to you ... Until you begin to forget that you ever believed yourself to be a human, you are not ready to go on to the third step which is the AXIOMS.


The axioms are reason. They are Statements of Fact in which is discerned the impossibility of an opposite.

The whole logic of reason is based on the Absolute, the One Supreme Being ... Its substance, Its omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence. This precludes the existence of anything else. It would be an impossibility; there cannot be another. This movement of reason is on the threshold of Soul.  It is the door through which you enter into the Holy of Holies ... the full realization that you ARE the Supreme being in all Its magnificence, stupendous power, and splendorous glory.

So the THIRD STEP is learning the axioms ... concentrating, meditating and contemplating them ... until the Light speaks.


The Great Absolute ... the One infinite Spirit ... The Great Universal All does not reason, concentrate or meditate. It only knows to BE. To be the Supreme Being onlooking Its own Being. It does not go through processes of reason and logic. It dwells forever joyous in the glory of Its own perfection ... The Great Absolute is SOUL. It is the only Substance... It is ALL there IS.


However, you seem to be faced with a creation ... with phenomena ... with appearances. And so you are beginning your Mastership Course with steps to take to Master the appearances, which are nothing.

Please note the words "phenomena" and "appearances."  A phenomenon or appearance has no reality. It has no entity, identity, mentality, no Life. They are purely lifeless forms. The body, the universe, all objects of sense are appearance only. You should not be attached to them. You should neither love them nor hate them. They are nothing. Your support is their whole substance. Withdraw this support and creation collapses.


I wish you to be particularly careful with words. I wish you to see and feel and sense the vision which each word is bringing to you in all its magic power. Every word has magic in it. To discover the magic of a word is like having Aladdin's lamp ... the genii will appear.

It takes the magic of the word to take us through the Looking Glass, or mind, into the Great beyond of Soul.

Soul is not in space or place. It is omnipresent Being, right here, and is what you are, instead and in place of what you believe yourself to be.


You use the device of reason until you are prepared to change cars and go further. Then you are able to intelligently use Faith. Not that [kind of] Faith which is based on mystery or something unknown, but the same kind of Faith you use when you turn a faucet [on] in the kitchen. You have utter faith the water is going to come out. You would be very indignant if it didn't. This Faith is because you understand something of the modus operandi of the appearance of water. It is the Faith of knowledge and understanding. It is the Faith supported by reason. It is the Faith of absolute assurance.


You must remember that the Axioms of reason are Statements of Fact in which is discerned the impossibility of an opposite.


Because I know that I am, it is impossible for me to believe that I am not.


Because omniscience is the All-knowing, for me to exist at all, I must be Omniscience ... Therefore, it is impossible that I do not know everything in infinity in complete detail.


Because I am infinity ... Therefore, it is impossible for me to cognize finiteness.


Because I am infinite Conscious Life, always joyous, fresh and new ... Therefore, it is impossible for me to know decay, deterioration, or death.


Because I am infinity. eternity, beginningless, endless, from everlasting to everlasting ... Therefore, it is impossible for me to believe that I was ever born or could have an ending ... Or that there is pre-existence. Existence never began. It is the IS. There is no before or after. There is only NOW.


Because I am infinity, eternity ... Therefore, it is impossible for me to believe that I could ever change.


Because I am infinitely One... Therefore, it is impossible that I could be divided or multiplied.


Because I am the infinite whole ... Therefore, it is impossible that there could be another ... impossible that there could be anything outside of me ... or anything beside me ... it is impossible that I could be invaded, for there is nothing beside me to invade me.


Because I am infinity, the One infinite Intelligence, penetrating, permeating and pervading into the very minutia of All infinity -- my very own Being -- governing and controlling it accurately ... Therefore, it is impossible that I could make a mistake, or that a mistake could be made.


Because I am infinite Spirit, Light. filling all space ... Therefore, it is impossible that I could know dark objects ... It is impossible for darkness to walk into Light.


Because I am infinite Spirit, Light -- all clearness and transparency ... Therefore, it is impossible for me to know density and solidity.


Because I am that which IS, and All there is ... Therefore, it is impossible for me to believe that there is an "is not" -- an opposite, a creation, a body, or an appearance [and therefore] they are crossed out, crucified, obliterated from my consciousness forever.


Because I am Truth and have always been Truth and will be Truth forever ... Therefore, it is impossible that I could go through process to ATTAIN Truth.


Because I am Truth, The All and forever ... Therefore, it is impossible for me to believe in inconstancy, or impermanency.


Because I am infinite Conscious Life from everlasting to everlasting, beginningless, endless, timeless, spaceless ... Therefore, it is impossible for me to believe in birth, evolvement, development, growth, maturity or decay.


Because infinity is wholly accomplished now, wholly established now, and forever has been so; as I am infinity ... Therefore, it is impossible for me to believe in a past or a future or duration of time, or that there is anything to get or wish for, to plan or accomplish or that there is process or evolvement.


Because I infinite Omnipresence ... Therefore, I cannot be localized.


Because I am Omnipotent ... Therefore, it is impossible that I could know weakness.


Because the infinity that I am is the Truth, I am the Omnipresent ALL. I am the Supreme Omnipresent Being ... The Totality of All Good, NOW ... Therefore, it is impossible for me to believe in Cause and Effect; nor can I believe in results.


Because I an infinite Truth ... Therefore, it is impossible that I can know or suppose anything outside of the freedom of my own infinitude, so it is impossible that I could be opposed or bound or hindered.


Because I am eternity ... Therefore, it is impossible for me to know time or space, change or motion.


Because I am Totally All ... Therefore, it is impossible that I can know creation at all. I can know nothing but my Allness. Therefore I cannot be two.


Because I am Totally All, I am complete and satisfied ... Therefore, it is impossible that I could want or lack, that I could wish or desire.


Because I am Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence, I am inevitable. I am necessity ... Therefore, it is impossible that I can be evaded, or that anything could exist that would attempt to evade me.


Because I am the infinity of Good and am All ... Therefore, it is impossible for evil to exist.


Because I am the Totality of all Good ... The Great Universal All ... Therefore, it is impossible for me to feel dependence, for there is nothing for me to depend upon.


Because I am the Totally All, the One and only Being, the King, ruling my universe ... Therefore, it is impossible that I can believe in insecurity.


Because I am infinite Spirit ... Therefore, it is impossible for matter to exist.


Because I am infinite Omnipresent Being ... Therefore, it is impossible for me to believe in subject or object.


Because I am infinite Omnipresent Being ... Therefore, it is impossible for me to believe in a vacuum. 


Because I am the Totality of All Good, I am bliss and ecstasy ... Therefore, It is impossible for me to believe that there is grief or sorrow or sadness.


Because I am infinite perfect Omniaction ... Therefore, it is impossible for me to know inaction, over-action, reaction or involuntary action.


Because I am wholly poised in the complete awareness of my own all-harmonious infinitude ... Therefore, it is impossible that there can be discord, or struggle or strife. Infinity cannot struggle with Itself.


Because I am infinite Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent Being ... Therefore, it is impossible that there can be a government other than myself. I govern my universes by governing myself.


Because I am infinite perfection ... Therefore, it is impossible that there can be imperfection.


Because I am infinite Being, without beginning or end ... Therefore, it is impossible that there could be an antecedent or a consequent.




Now merely reading the words of this lecture will do you no more good than reading the morning paper. Unless by concentration, meditation and contemplation you can reach the [spiritual] vision of inspiration and revelation, unless you can draw in the magic of the words, you will miss the entire teaching.

It requires total abstinence. Total abstinence is the ability to know that God is the only Presence. It is insight ... Clear seeing ... the vision of infinite Spirit, Light as the only Being. If you are able to refuse to see the presentations of "hypnotism," "sorcery" and "witchcraft" which seem to be insistent upon recognition, clambering for your support by appearing as people, things and a material world; if you are able to abstain from all this as you abstain from a drink of liquor when it is offered, knowing that if you drink it you will be drunken; if you can say, "No, I will not drink." -- that is abstinence.

When the spell of "sorcery" rushes in upon you saying, "Where are my people, my world." -- you abstain from recognizing and supporting the appearances ... you stand and know that God is the only Presence here, there or anywhere.

Standing firmly on the Statement of Fact, The Five Basic Premises, the Thirty-six Axioms ... standing firmly in that mental position in the same way you abstain from drinking liquor ... Then you abstain. You can abstain from taking spells of "witchcraft" through your mind ... through your eyes ... through your ears ... or through your skin.

In proportion to your devotion to your One infinite Supreme Being are you able to cross the threshold of reason into the realm of Soul.

Paracelsus said: "The beginning of wisdom is the beginning of supernatural power."


In the Great Universal All, in the Supreme being is where you find your Universes. There is where you ascend the throne. And there is where you receive your Crown -- There is where you receive you Royal Robes and Scepter. For Governing your self you govern your Universes.




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Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright 2007 Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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