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Raj/Jesus (as Jesus) originally "channeled" (spoke) through Helen Schucman, who was a professor of psychology at the Columbia School of Medicine in New York City. Raj/Jesus was the Voice who dictated the URTEXT of A Course In Miracles (ACIM) through Helen, who took it down in shorthand. Helen began taking this dictation in 1965. Her University boss, Professor Bill Thetford, first typed up the original URTEXT from Helen's shorthand. This URTEXT included three volumes: ACIM TEXT, ACIM WORKBOOK and ACIM MANUAL FOR TEACHERS. (The Clarification of Terms was dictated and typed much later, approximately in 1976.)

Then, on Jesus' instructions, Bill typed an edited HLC ("Hugh Lynn Cayce") version of the Course. In the Fall 1972, this version was given to Hugh Lynn Cayce (son of Edgar Cayce), who was Bill's friend, for his "evaluation."

In September 1975, a version called the Criswell Edition was widely distributed to hundreds of people. The Criswell Edition did not contain the Introduction or Clarification of Terms.

The HLC version, which included the Text, the Workbook and Manual for Teachers, was further edited by Helen Schucman and another psychologist, Kenneth Wapnick. The First Edition of ACIM was published in June 1976. The Second Edition of ACIM was published in 1985.

Late in 2004, the Criswell Edition of ACIM (which did not include the Introduction or Clarification of Terms) was declared (in New York by Judge Sweet) to be in the public domain because the original 1975 copyright was invalidated on the basis of extensive, prior-to-copyright, un-copyrighted, free distribution of the Criswell Edition.

By now (2007), millions of copies of A Course In Miracles (both First and Second Editions) have been sold around the world in lots of languages.

Helen died in 1981 and Bill in 1988.  

The HLC Text has now been included in two privately published versions of the Course:

(1) The Sparkly Book includes the ACIM HLC Text, ACIM Workbook and ACIM Teacher's Manual.

(2) Jesus' Course in Miracles (JCIM) contains only the HLC Text (not the Workbook or Manual for Teachers).



Since 1982 Jesus has "channeled" (spoken) through Paul Tuttle (who lives in Kingston, WA) because very, very few of us can communicate with Jesus directly, at least on an open two-way basis. Jesus initially called himself Rajpur because Paul would never have believed he was communicating with Jesus, and the name, which Paul had abbreviated to Raj, has stuck. However, Raj has identified himself as Jesus many times and he has given detailed accounts of his life on earth, including his birth 2000 years ago, the crucifixion and the resurrection.  This material from Jesus is spiritually profound.

Since 2002 Raj/Jesus, as the author of ACIM, has been illuminating and commenting on the Text of ACIM.  Known as the ACIM Study Group with Raj, these audio sessions are broadcast on the internet to people in 35 countries on Saturday or Sunday evenings, Pacific Time (go to:  www.nwffacim.org  ).  Most of this material is now also available (free) as audio MP3s, and/or as Transcripts from the NORTHWEST FOUNDATION FOR "A COURSE IN MIRACLES" website at:    www.nwffacim.org    or from www.rajdownloads.com  

Pamela Parnell (see below and Q3A), Sun-Rose, Janis and others have also helped with these Transcripts. 

Have you heard of Paul Norman Tuttle and Raj? Paul channels Raj who is actually Jesus, and this channeling has been in progress since 1982. The Organization is the Northwest Foundation for A Course in Miracles (NWFFACIM), located in Kingston, Washington. Once you hear this channeled information you will know it is every bit as profound as A Course in Miracles [ACIM].

There are hundreds of tapes of Raj/Jesus speaking, which are also available in the condensed MP3 audio CD format. Much of this audio material is also in transcript form.

Raj and Paul used to have two kinds of meetings. The RAJ GATHERINGS, which went on for about two decades, were always in a "Question and Answer" format. Both Janis and I have asked Raj/Jesus questions at Gatherings and received his answers. If you want to hear or download the pre-1997 Gatherings in MP3 audio format (MP3s made from audio tapes by Janis) visit Dave Angwin's Website (see below). Post 1997 Gatherings are available for listening or download on Paul Tuttle's NWFFACIM Website (see below).

The current kind of Raj Meetings are on the internet on Saturday or Sunday evenings. These are the A COURSE IN MIRACLES STUDY GROUPS during which Raj explains and interprets the TEXT of ACIM. You can listen to these ACIM Study Groups by joining the Raj-cast Live on the internet on Saturday or Sunday evenings beginning around 7—9pm Pacific time, at the NWFFACIM site listed below. There is also a video format for those with fast computers and DSL or Cable. A streamed audio recording of these ACIM TEXT Study Group Meetings can be found on the internet NWFFACIM Site all through the following week.

The MP3 files from the Foundation website (see next paragraph) can be downloaded and put on CDs. Sixty or so tapes fit on one MP3 CD-ROM, so there is a great economy of time and materials here if you play them on your computer and/or invest in an MP3 CD-ROM player available in many stores. On these tapes (done at Raj/Jesus Gatherings and Meetings since the 1980's) and in his "Raj" books, Raj/Jesus talks about everything under the sun from Atlantis to the crucifixion, from dinosaurs to dolphins!

Paul Tuttle's own site is: http://www.NWFFACIM.org Much of the material is only on audio, which means you have to sit at the computer to listen. Of course, you can download the audio and listen to it.

You can also download a selection of VIDEOS and Audios of the Raj ACIM Study Group Meetings at:    http://www.rajdownloads.com   This site belongs to Dave Angwin.  Dave also has all Janis's Audio MP3s of most of the pre-1997 Raj Gatherings available for listening or for downloading. Of course "dial-up" download is slow, so it is best with DSL or Cable connections. Janis's Digs (a wide variety of Raj transcript specific word searches) are also available on Dave's website.

Yet another website is:  http://pamelaparnell.homestead.com/index.html Pamela is a Raj/Tuttle fan and her website also has two Raj/Jesus/Paul books on it -- as well as many old Conversations, Newsletters and Gathering transcripts, etc.  

All this material is free and, although copyrighted to prevent alteration, anyone can copy it and distribute it without charge.

Important Note: If you use any of the Raj/Jesus materials it would be very kind to send a regular monthly donation to:

Paul Norman Tuttle, NWFFACIM, P.O. Box 1490, Kingston, WA 98346

The reason is that the Northwest Foundation for A Course in Miracles depends entirely on loving donations for all its income—which is needed to keep all the Raj/Jesus materials freely flowing to everyone.




Loving Oneness Now -- Copyright © 2007  Alexander Bannatyne, PhD

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