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ABUNDANCE and FULFILLMENT (Transcripts of Raj/Jesus talking at Gatherings - see P01 for explanation)


Ordinarily when one talks about abundance and when one hears about prosperity and “prosperity consciousness,” it refers to “temporal” things. It refers to “the world of form,” and learning the skills necessary to cause the form to reconfigure in what is conceived to be a desirable way. And you know, it doesn’t matter whether one is trying to manifest a million dollars or whether a slight variation of that is used where one tries to manifest a yacht or a tennis court or a mansion rather than the dollars that it takes, the point is that all of it is considered and dealt with at the point of effect. And always when it is dealt with at the point of effect, one is operating in a realm where gain and loss are forever partners.  

Now, abundance is an inadequate way to refer to fulfillment. Fulfillment is not something that occurs at the point of effects. Fulfillment is something that is experienced at the “level” of the Source of That which is Moving and which is seen at the level of effect or manifestation—form. I have spoken of the body as being the visibility and tangibility of each one’s Individuality, and Individuality is the formless. The visibility and tangibility is the identification or form.  

You will find that individuals who, through good psychological or business practices, are able to achieve significant wealth, are as subject as anyone else to sudden loss of what they have achieved because it’s something they can do “in the privacy of their mind.” Fulfillment, on the other hand, is inseparable from one’s abiding at the point of the Source, abiding at the level of the formless Movement, the Movement of essential Being, which is an experience available to everyone in the silence within them.  

You see, everyone is very occupied with sensory data. Most everyone’s life is primarily one of sensory data. And yet there is present with each individual an inner place. We’ve called it the Void, the not-knowing place, the silence, peace. And because everyone has devoted 99 and 99/100% of their lives occupied with visual and sensory data, when anyone says, “It is well for you to give attention to the Void, to the silence, to the peace that is within you,” it seems like an alternative to something major.  

If one begins to meditate, if one begins to value the silence, it begins to be a short time each day, or a couple of short times each day, not beginning in any way to equal the time or attention that is given to sensory data. And so, it isn’t really grasped that this experience of peace, this experience of the Void is meant to be 100% of one’s conscious experience of his days, and that this is what is divinely natural to him.  

So, one seems to shift back and forth from the “inner” to the “outer,” from the world of form to the level of Source, the level of essential Being. And as I said, the level of essential Being seems to be of minor importance compared to the majority of the time which is spent being preoccupied with sensory data.  

Nevertheless, as one begins to value this inner place enough to let it become a regular part of his experience, he begins to find that its qualities bleed over into the periods of time when he is dealing with sensory data—the level of effect—and he begins to find his experience at that level becoming more harmonious, less stressful, where there is less lack.  

Now, you asked for the truth about abundance, and so that is what I am telling you. At the level of Source, one of the first things you find is that you are not alone, whether it’s the Presence of God, or the Holy Spirit, or Guidance…or just the feeling of conscious Presence which is present with you on your behalf. You find that you are not alone.  

In other words, one of the first experiences that comes right in the middle of the silence is one of relationship. And this relationship begins to add color to all relationships with those in what I’m going to call “the world of effect”—your daily activities as you experience them from an uncentered place.  

Love begins to register with you as the fundamental of relationships, the real fundamental of relationships, and you begin to find yourself sharing Love which is arising from this centered place, this place of Source, rather than reacting to and manipulating at the level of effect which you had before.  

I am bringing this up because abundance or, more truly, fulfillment, comes into view as your conscious experience when the real meaning and function of relationships begins to be actively embodied from the level of Source—in other words, from that place of peace within you where the real meaning of Love begins to register with you and bleed over into your daily activities.  

When the Movement of Love which identifies communion with your brothers begins to dominate your behavior “in the world,” all that identifies fulfillment begins to manifest. However, unlike the manifesting of abundance which occurs at the level of form, you cannot take credit for it, because it isn’t the end result of steps you have specifically taken to create that result. It is, rather, a side-effect, you might say, of daring to make the gift of You, which you can only discover and let out from the level of Source, from the essential level of Being, your Being.  

This abundance, or fulfillment, cannot be achieved or taken away. In fact, it will never be accumulated, but will always be equal to whatever fulfillment of Purpose is at hand. And so, not only will you not feel personally responsible for having it, you will not be preoccupied with “having it,” because you will come to trust, from experience, the fact that more or less will be present depending upon whether more or less is needed to fulfill Purpose. And so the abundance, the joy of fulfillment, will be experienced, and measuring sticks of ability to create, measuring sticks of wealth, measuring sticks of personal competence, will have nothing to do with it.  

You see, fulfillment/abundance will always simply be the flow of the Movement of your Being, being always equal to the full identification of Purpose. And so, you could say that if you have a goal at all, it is a goal to be on Purpose rather than demonstrating or manifesting abundance. It is like being a boat, whose purpose is to float on water, and instead of trying to always ensure that there is enough water for it to float in, it stays where the current is. If it’s where the current is, it will always be where the water is. That is as specific as I can get.  

At the bottom line, fulfillment/abundance will always be what you experience when you dare to make the gift of who you Are—who you divinely Are—because in abandoning the vantage point of the tiny separated ego (no matter how many wonderful skills it has), you cease operating at the level of effect where it’s always polarized—give and take, get and lose, have and not have, rich and poor—and you begin to be in the world from the silence, the formless.  

Love is formless, and yet it is eternally identified in form. Learning to trust into the essential level of your Being means that you are dis-identifying with the level of form, where you can be not only in the flow of the Movement of Being, but you can discover that you aren’t something separate from It to be in It or out of It. And in letting that Movement be all there is of you, there simply is nothing present to hide the fact that it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.  

Everyone’s function is Love—the being of Love. And in being the Love that you Are, instead of a manipulator of effects, effects begin to fulfill their function, which is not to be the pawns of manipulators, but the visibility and tangibility of the Kingdom of Heaven evidencing the Father’s Will, evidencing the Movement of Love that each one of you is the presence of.  

Again, this is not a spiritual answer that doesn’t have much relevance to the world you’re going to go back to when you leave this house. When one asks about abundance, one is usually asking about a way to be in the world that can be abundant. And what I am saying is: The answer is to be in the world Awake—which means to be in your peace instead of being in the world, to be increasingly from the level of your essential Being. And when you’re being from there, the world of form, no longer being tinkered with by manipulators, will begin to identify Source.  

So, don’t leave here and go back into the world and try to cope with it. Leave here and stay in whatever peace you have allowed yourself to experience here, and be in your peace rather than in the world, so that you can make the gift of who you find yourself to be when you’re in your peace in the world. And then you can say you are in it but not of it.

That is the answer, and it is enough for now.  --  Excerpts from a Gathering with Raj/Jesus in Kingston, Washington, March 17, 1996


Understand that letting go of attachments, letting go of things and the control they seem to have over you, does not mean removing yourself from the world. It means allowing yourself to be in the world without being affected by it. It means being active in the world, not on the world’s terms, but on the basis of your own inner motivation.

It means having without possessing. Whatever you possess ends up possessing you. But whatever you have that you do not possess, you are free to enjoy. And you are free to enjoy it in its Divine Meaning as an experience of the infinitude of your Being, and therefore the manifestation of that which identifies your fulfillment.

Now, you are on the right track. And when you find yourself met with a tendency to become attached again, do not jump to the conclusion that you have lost ground. You are just coming up against subtler levels of attachment that you were not aware that you had, so that you may release them as well, and thereby become released from those things and the control they seem to exercise over you.

Understand that the reason you all have attachments is because you feel you need those things in order to identify you. But if you are beginning to recognize who you are from within yourself, you no longer need the things in the world to identify you and tell you and everyone else who you are. And you become free of the control, the imprisoning control, that the things have had over you.

It is very important not to deny the world. And letting go of attachment does not constitute denial of the world. It constitutes the release of a misuse of the world that you have been putting it to for the purpose of identifying you, giving you definition. How many of you define yourselves by means of your jobs? How many of you define yourselves by means of your children? How many of you define yourselves by means of your husbands or your wives? How many of you define yourselves by your house, or the neighborhood you live in, or the car you drive? How many of you say, “I can relax knowing that I am doing well because we have a beautiful car, and we’re able to wear beautiful clothes, and we’re able to have good food on the table”?

To the degree that you define your success by what you have, you have lost touch with the integrity that is yours before you have any of those things. And thus the security that you gather from the things you have around you is a false sense of security, and it is one which does not put you in a position of feeling invulnerable. It is a security in which vulnerability is an integral part, because the only time in which you are going to feel your security with INvulnerability is when you are gathering your definition of yourself from within, and literally on the basis of the Immaculate Conception we spoke about yesterday. Becoming unattached from the world, in it but not of it, is a matter of gathering the data about your Identity from within.

Now the development you are going through in this particular respect is the development that everyone goes through in the process of their awakening in one way or another. And you think you have let go of whatever it is that has been binding you, you think you have let go of control, and you experience a new level of peace, a new level of harmony, in many instances a reconfigured environment where your environment is identifying back to you or reflecting back to you greater harmony, greater organization, if I may put it that way, where everything is fitting together effortlessly, and then when you think you’ve got it down pat, boom. You find that you are faced with having to let go more. And as I said, it is as though you have gone back to step one.

And it is possible to think that you have lost ground. And I encourage you not to waste your time trying to find out what you did wrong, because you are simply at your leading edge and confronting a subtler level of attachment, a subtler level of the misuse of your world, or your concepts, to identify yourself. And it is time to let go of that subtler level of control. And so you are still moving forward. And when you let go of that one, it won’t be the last one. Once you have incorporated the learning, once you have come to a level of true comfort, you will find yourself coming up against a subtler level of control and attachment.

This will not go on indefinitely so you do not have to worry, but you need not to be surprised when you come up against a subtler level of attachment and control because you hadn’t expected to come up against one. And you need not to be thrown by it, to think that you have lost ground, or that all the progress you thought you had made had been lost. It hasn’t been.

I will describe it this way. If you will imagine that you are on a prairie and there is a fence, a circular fence five miles in diameter so that when you are standing at the center of the circle, you cannot see the fence, and you have had the experience of moving freely in this area without ever running into the fence, being unaware that there is a fence. And then in your process of claiming this territory by moving freely in all of it, you come upon the fence and realize that you are fenced in, blocked in, imprisoned, even though you hadn’t realized it up to this point. And if you will imagine that this fence is six feet high so that you are not able to see over it, you could be inclined to believe that there were nothing on the other side of the fence because you had never experienced the other side of the fence. In fact, you had never experienced the fence yet.

Now, as all of you know, there is something in each one of you that will not abide by fences. [audience laughter] And that something in you is Divine, and the fence is constituted of ego structures. And you do run into the ego structures until you have grown to point of coming up against their limits. And so coming up against their limits is a sign of your growth, not a sign that you have done something wrong. It is not a sign of the payment of a karmic debt from a past life. It is simply the fact that you have accessed the whole of the territory you are in to the point where you have come up to a limit that you didn’t know was there.

Now, because you cannot abide by fences, you one way or another break through or climb over, and you find that indeed on the other side of the fence is more of territory of your Being, more of the territory of Life. And so you begin to explore this territory, but five miles out there is another fence and it is four feet high. It is a subtler limit of the ego. Understand that as long as you were within the first fence which was six feet high, you had no means of seeing any subtler limits that might be there because the big one was right in front of you.

Almost all of you are involved in violating the first fence at this point, and discovering that indeed there is territory beyond your accepted limits. Many of you have indeed violated the first fence and have found that there is a second one. And that is what has surprised you. And because it is a fence and because it presents the insinuation of the same kind of limit that the first fence provided, it causes you to feel that maybe you just imagined that you grew and had made some progress.

Each successive fence is smaller, each is subtler, but the ego is never original. And so the fence, even though it is a subtler fence, presents to you the same feeling of disobedience and potential guilt for violating it that the first one did, and that is what causes you to feel as though you are back to square one. But if you have paid attention to what was happening as you violated the first fence, and the fact that in violating it, the wrath of God did not fall upon you and you did not die, and in fact you did increase the territory of your Being that you could access, if you’ve paid attention, you will have a confidence when you come up to the second fence that you did not have with the first fence, and this movement of violating the fence, this movement of breakthrough will occur more gracefully.

Again I am sharing this with you so that you will not be shocked to find that there is another fence, another breakthrough, another threshold over which to move, and so that you can approach it with intent and determination to violate it, rather than slipping into the feelings of guilt and failure, and that indeed you are assuming a capacity to grow… assuming a capacity to grow that you are not really capable of. The territory of your Being that you are incorporating by violating these ego limits is the accessing of your greater Capacity To Be Aware Divinely.

And so each boundary breaking experience constitutes a process of becoming unattached to the world, being willing to let go of it, and cease using it to define yourself to yourself and others, and finding Who You Are from the depths of your Being, so that instead of feeling like the worthless nothing that can only dare to have an unfurnished studio apartment in the worst part of town, you can dare to embrace the penthouse in the best part of town. You can dare to embrace your world as your kingdom and move freely in it, because you recognize that it is all you, and is incapable of functioning at odds with you, and that it is all yours because the Father has withheld nothing of Himself in His Self-expression that is called you.

So you will still be active, and you will still have things, but they will not have you, and they will not govern you. And social etiquette will not govern you. But coming from the center of your Being and expressing the Will of the Father will establish a new social etiquette that will not be governed by ego reactions. So as you can see, everything that is happening to you is absolutely in order. You simply needed to understand what it was that was happening. That’s the end of the answer.   -- Excerpt from a Gathering with Raj/Jesus in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, October 1988


Raj Excerpt -- Winter Park--1992

QUESTION: I've been told that the "Great White Brotherhood," the ideas of the 32 corona lessons, etc., are sort of the next step for understanding the universe and truth. And that if I want to progress spiritually, I will move on from the Course in Miracles to this. I'd like to know what you think of that.

RAJ: Indeed, you must understand that the Course in Miracles is not a step. It is not a technique in the world for advancing you spiritually. We are through with advancing spiritually. You have had centuries of religious teachings of one sort or another, and everyone has gotten into the habit, you could say, of enjoying the parade of spiritually advanced floats to entertain you, and to give you a feeling that something is really happening that is beyond entertainment.

Now, literally the presence of the Course in what you call your human experience is the way you are experiencing a fourth-dimensional. In other words, a Movement that is not originating within the three-dimensional time-space continuum that you all experience yourself as being in. The presence and movement of the meaning of the Course is a movement from, what I am going to call a dimension beyond the one you find yourself confined to. It is not there to help improve your dream. It is not here to help improve your human experience. But don't jump to conclusions. It is here to help you remember the infiniteness of your Self and your Divine status as that Conscious Awareness, which is God in the act of recognizing Himself/Herself in all that exists.

Now, indeed, there is much talk about what comes after A Course in Miracles. All you have to do is read the last lesson. And in effect the last lesson says--and I am quoting another lesson--"today I will make no decisions by myself." What comes after A Course in Miracles is leaning into the Divine Knowing and actually not exercising human will or human thinking or accomplishing of any kind, but rather being in that place where your true Conscious experience of Being as the Presence of the Mind of God being You can occur.

Because you see people pass on, you think there is a next step after this. But I will tell you something, if you pass on and you have not Awakened before you pass on, you are still experiencing the same degree of ignorance, you could say, in a new place, with the same opportunity to Awaken to who you Divinely Are. Because you can look back, and you have history books, and you have the family tree, and an apparent lengthy history, it appears to you as though progress occurs in time from past to present to future.

And thus, it can appear to you that the Course is just another set of books that can help you in this process. But the point is to wake up. The point is not to continue in a dream that has great longevity and just live the dream with more style.

I do not mean to minimize the value, and there really is value, of what is expressed in the "Magic Kingdom," where it is said that, "if you can imagine it, you can do it." But imagination is of the ego, at least in the manner that it is currently used. And the words truly need to be: "If you can Know it, with a capital 'K,' you can Be it."

Now, it is time to be through with doing. It is time to be through with accomplishing. It is time to be through with improving. And there is a way to do it.

Paul is doing it at this moment. Paul is being absolutely appropriate in this given moment. And to be absolutely appropriate does not mean an exclusive experience of sitting in front of other people saying words that are not one's own. Because it can occur just as easily on the freeway or in any other situation. When one is willing to relinquish self-assertion, with a small "s," and be in the Movement of God, one is utterly appropriate whether one is cooking dinner, or driving a car, or in a gathering.

And when one is being appropriate, the cooking of the meal becomes a Divine experience, not only for the cook, but for those who enjoy the meal. And driving on the freeway becomes a Divine experience, not only for the one who is willing to be in tune and be in the flow of the Movement of God, but everyone else on the freeway has the opportunity to have a new perception. As the bumper sticker out in the foyer says, "Shift happens."

All it takes is one individual being willing to say, "nothing that I see means anything." And then letting the Movement within him well up, or the Movement within her well up, that demands meaning. Not for any intellectual reason, but because there cannot be anything without meaning; there cannot be God without meaning.

Your question is a question that could be asked by a student in a university. A student, let us say, who has actually finished all four years of college, but has gotten into the swing of things, he's on a roll, taking classes. And while everyone else is getting ready for graduation, this one is looking at the catalog for the next year, because that's what one does at the end of one year; one get ready for the next class.

I'm telling you, all of you, that all of you are at the point of graduation. You're not a select group. Everyone on your planet who is not Awake, and everyone who is not currently incarnated but is not Awake, stands at the threshold of Awakening. Why? Because there are more who are Awake than are asleep, and there are rapidly becoming too few dreamers to join in the dream, and thus support the on-going experience of the illusion.

You know what? That means it's going to be easier for everyone than it has ever been before. You have heard, many of you, the parable of the person who comes to labor in the field, comes early in the morning, and is promised a certain amount of money for his labor. And then there is someone who comes at the end of the day, and only works fifteen minutes and gets paid an equal amount. Why, it was much easier for the person who came at the end to earn that amount than the one who came first. And everybody says, "unfair, unfair," except, I'm telling you, that you are the Johnny-come-latelies.

And thank God, that it's going to be easier for you. And it is going to be easier for you, because of the ones who did it when was harder. Because everyone who has Awakened already has lessened the density of the dream, therefore, has lessened it's seeming integrity so that it's able to come apart and dissolve with less stress and less effort. That's why it's so important to just bring curiosity into play. It is as though the stage is already set and all somebody has to do is peak under the curtain.

So please, let's get ready to leave school. And let's not be thinking about the next step and what comes after the Course. What comes after the Course is living the Course. Actually daring, moment by moment in your day, to stand at the edge of the unknown, as Paul is doing at this moment. It's nothing spectacular, nothing grossly out of the ordinary. And believe me, he hears what I am saying; he is the one who is moving his hands and his mouth. He is being utterly appropriate.

You will not appear to be abnormal. You will appear to be more and more meaningful, whether you are expressing Divine ideas, or whether you are expressing a poem that is coming off the end of your tongue without any conscious forethought, or cooking a dinner that you had no recipe for that turns out to be exquisitely delicious.

Unfortunately, for those of you whose egos have suggested that spiritual growth is going to bring about radical marvelous new ideas, it is a lot of the old ones that you're going to find really have the meaning, "put your hand in the hand of the man." You cannot wake up alone; joining must occur. You must take someone's hand and break the sense of separation and independence and of being a self-made-man, or becoming an emancipated woman who can be a self-made-woman.

You must be willing to say, "I fit in somewhere," and not be upset because you fit in and do not stand out. Because when you let yourself into the conscious experience of fitting in, you have the opportunity to make connection with All That Is, and you could say experience the infiniteness of you, the infinite Integrity of you as a consciously infinite experience. But to the ego this is very scary, to sacrifice your tiny independence, because it's all you have that seems to be meaningful. That which goes beyond the Course is that individual who gives up trying to be an independent soul.

Now, it is very difficult for any of you to join with each other unequivocally. And that is why you are invited to join with the Holy Spirit. First of all, you are enjoined to do that, because the Holy Spirit is Awake, and therefore utterly and absolutely dependable, calling for no fear on your part, but allowing for absolute trust.

And secondly, because as Paul brought out at the beginning, it is your Divinity held in trust while you dally with the ego. And your joining with it as a Conscious experience is the way you reunite with your Self and find your Sanity returning, and your faulty misperception yielding to the Conscious experience of the glory of God all around you.

You join with the Holy Spirit and discover that you are the Christ, and always have been, never stopped for a moment. And as the Christ, as the Conscious experience of Being what the Christ is, you experience your union with the Father. And your Conscious union with the Father means your Conscious experience of union with the infinite Movement of Creation, which has been carelessly expressed as co-creation. The ego likes that word.

Co-creation is a poor word for the experience of union with the Father, where claiming no other mind than the Mind of the Father you experience your birthright as the Conscious experience of the Totality of the Movement of Creation as your Self. But this is a new self that has no sense or experience of separateness. I want to be very clear on that.

Let's stop thinking in terms of what comes next in your spiritual growth. Spiritual growth must come to a stop. Why? For the same reason that Paul would not find any work. Because continued spiritual progress will not identify fulfillment of purpose for you. Why? Because in spite of your egos, you are waking up. Why? Because there are too few dreaming to support the on-goingness of the dream. And so here you are, whether you like it or not, waking up. And I'm not here to tell you to wake up; I'm here to tell you that you are waking up so that you might not misunderstand what is happening and rebel against it. And so, that you might actually consciously practice curiosity.

Waking up is going on all over the place, and I will tell you something; it's not happening within organizations. It's happening in the heart. People are beginning to feel their Soul again. Why? Because there isn't as much covering it up. The Course hasn't uncovered your Souls; your Soul is uncovering to you what's in the Course, or any "holy book" that you might pick up. The Course does not have a corner on the market, but it does happen to be the most current penetration of the human experience of a Divine event.

And indeed, I'm here to encourage each of you to let that Divine penetration occur within you directly every day. Because the clarification is already occurring, and your conscious intent to be curious will put you in such alignment with what is already happening, that it will make the happening more graceful. That is why. That's the end of the answer.   (G-1992D/Q-16) through (G-1992D/R-41)

Raj Excerpt -- RAJ NEWSLETTER Volume 8 Number Special--December 1993

I am going to suggest that the purpose of A Course in Miracles is to facilitate the transcending/overlooking of religions and religious beliefs, politics and political systems, nations and nationalism--indeed everything, which is used to divide the Brotherhood. And how will it facilitate this? Not by its words. Not by its teachings or philosophy. But by arousing and promoting individual commitment to seeing the face of Christ in every face that is seen--including the one you see in the mirror. Will that turn everyone into Christians? No! It will reveal everyone to be the already-unified expression--Son/Daughter--of God!

So, let's use the "special mirror" called the Course to polish the lens of Truth that is within each one of us so that we may see the undistorted image of God in everything we look at. And let us be ever watchful for the subtle emergence of old habits of thought, which might unintentionally promote a sense of "we've got the Truth." Well, if "we've got it," someone else doesn't, else we wouldn't try to share it. But if the Course succeeds in promoting the individual commitment to seeing the face of Christ in every face we see, our every act and thought will express, "You've got it! Even if you don't know it, you've got it!" We are One.     (N-08SD/R-296) through (N-08SD/R-298)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2003-10-12

I want to say something. We call this an ACIM Study Group and we have been for over a year discussing and moving through the Course. But you know what? I'm not really here trying to illuminate the words in a book. This isn't about quote "a course of study" unquote. At the bottom line, the Course is all about you. It's not about the Course.

My Function here is not to illuminate the Course but to illuminate you--Who You Divinely Are--to yourself, or shall I say, your Self, (with a capital "S") to you. You are the focal point because you are the ones having the dream, the nightmare. The book isn't having a dream. And the purpose of the book [ACIM] is to cause you to experience your Self more clearly. The purpose of the book is to give you language and concepts that will undo the [ego-] sense of yourself which you carry with you and reinforce and embody and actify, if I may put it that way, and undo it [your ego]. The book is not the focal point. Your Real Self is and your Divine potential is the focal point. Divine potential, not ego potential.   (C-031012/R-8) through (C-031012/R-9)



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