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Raj Excerpt -- Book: Graduation (1991)

You must understand that what is happening here in our connection partakes in no way of belief, and that is a very important point. When we are connected, you are not standing back, separate and apart, observing, analyzing, and grasping intellectually what is happening. Therefore, there can be no belief associated with it. You see, what you have in the past wanted was a break to get back to the familiarity of belief--of your beliefs, of your protocols, your so-called orderly structures of dreaming. You have wanted relief from unfamiliarity, relief from having to pay attention, relief from being vital.   (B-GRAD/R-208)

Raj Excerpt -- Book: You Are The Answer (1985)

Paul, you and Susan have to understand that Life does not unfold Itself according to your beliefs about how things ought to be, no matter how well-intentioned those thought systems were developed by either one of you. Life is not here to please you. In fact, it is not outside of you at all for you to either accept or reject, or to feel good or bad about.

I am speaking to both of you right now. You must realize that the Life which is God is Your Being. What is happening is not external to You. It constitutes Your Being, as well as the Being of every other being. It is not happening to you. It is You. You are growing your Self Infinitely. But, because it is Being with a capital "B" which is unfolding Itself, it is not going to bandy around with some personally developed concepts of what is true and what is right. These are the limiting concepts which are being exploded at the moment. You are experiencing this as tension, fear, and sadness.

I will say this as many times as I have to, but try and make it as easy on yourself as you can by grasping it the first time. You will save yourself a lot of grief. THERE IS NO "OUT THERE" WHERE ANYTHING IS HAPPENING. There are no dark forces. There is no mortal mind. There is no devil. There is no evil power.

There is a three-dimensional frame of reference, but it is not evil. It is just that when one's consciousness is placed within that frame of reference and sees that frame of reference as the center and circumference of his experience, he is in error. The experience is not evil. It is just that a mistake has been made.

Now, even though one has believed that the three-dimensional frame of reference constitutes his boundaries, such a belief cannot change the fact that the one who is seeing himself that way is Infinite Being. He is not limited or bound by the way he sees himself. The infinitude of One's Being, which has become disowned by virtue of the three-dimensional frame of reference, must somehow be accounted for within the three-dimensional range of consciousness.

So, that portion of one's Self, which he has disowned by claiming he is finite, becomes an intuitive perception of potential of unattained good, or unattained life, but nevertheless attainable through some path or other.

So, while that one identifies himself three-dimensionally, he is constantly reminded, goaded, pushed by his Actual Oneness and Universality to give up his finite view as fact. This whole process has nothing to do with evil, error (as power) the dark forces, evil powers, or the devil.    (B-YATA/R-534) through (B-YATA/R-540)

Raj Excerpt -- Lake Morey, Vermont--1992--Part 1

I will tell you something: Your ego is cracking up--cracking up, which your ego tells you is you going crazy. But really what it is, is the cracking up of a seeming you that seems to have a great deal of integrity, because you have such a monumental structure and complicated structure of ideas and beliefs about yourself that make it seem that there is a great deal of rigidity to you. I mean by that, that there is to your presence that which cannot easily be broken apart. This is what is cracking up: the seeming integrity of the complexity of your beliefs about yourself are not being able to hold themselves together. And this is wonderful.

I encourage you again to let it fall apart. I encourage you to let go. Because as this sort of fabulous deck of cards of ego beliefs falls, it stops blocking you from experiencing the you that you really Are. You have the opportunity to do this and find yourself and be able to make the gift of this Self to everyone else in the group with tears of joy.   (G-1992I/R-634) through (G-1992I/R-635)


Atonement [At-One-ment] remedies the strange idea that it is possible to doubt yourself, and be unsure of what you really are. This is the depth of madness. Yet it is the universal question of the world. What does this mean except the world is mad? Why share its madness in the sad belief that what is universal here is true?

Nothing the world believes is true. It is a place whose purpose is to be a home where those who claim they do not know themselves can come to question what it is they are. And they will come again until the time Atonement is accepted, and they learn it is impossible to doubt yourself, and not to be aware of what you are.

Only acceptance can be asked of you, for what you are is certain. It is set forever in the holy Mind of God, and in your own. It is so far beyond all doubt and question that to ask what it must be is all the proof you need to show that you believe the contradiction that you know not what you cannot fail to know. Is this a question, or a statement which denies itself in statement? Let us not allow our holy minds to occupy themselves with senseless musings such as this.

We have a mission here. We did not come to reinforce the madness that we once believed in. Let us not forget the goal that we accepted. It is more than just our happiness alone we came to gain. What we accept as what we are proclaims what everyone must be, along with us. Fail not your brothers, or you fail yourself. Look lovingly on them, that they may know that they are part of you, and you of them.

This does Atonement teach, and demonstrates the oneness of God's Son is unassailed by his belief he knows not what he is. Today accept Atonement, not to change reality, but merely to accept the truth about yourself, and go your way rejoicing in the endless Love of God. It is but this that we are asked to do. It is but this that we will do today.

(W-#260/267-pI.139.6:all) & (W-#261/268-pI.139.7:all) & (W-#261/268-pI.139.8:all) & (W-#261/268-pI.139.9:all) & (W-#261/268-pI.139.10:all)


Raj Excerpt -- Book: Graduation

I will tell you, the great joy, the great fulfillment that comes from being pure Awareness is constituted of the direct experience of Reality, because no interposing activity of the mind comes into play. Pure Awareness is, as you will find, Mind Knowing. Knowing what? Knowing what God is Knowing. And what is God Knowing? Himself/Herself. And what does that Knowing appear to be? Creation; the infinite visibility and tangibility of the Father/Mother, the First Cause, Knowing Himself/Herself. It is everything you are already aware of and infinitely more, experienced from God's perspective. But, that perspective will not be available to you to experience directly and undistortedly until the busy-ness of thinking is released so that the underlying Ground of Being called pure Awareness may be discovered to be the constituting presence of conscious Individuality--Self.

The experience of this Self is the experience of God's perspective. And thus the word Self no longer connotes separated identity, but infinite conscious Being. The meaning of the infinite conscious experience of Being will not be experienced until you dare to stop thinking all the time!

Now, let us consider the meaning of Awareness, of being Aware. Does it mean studying everything? Hardly. You see, being Aware is not an activity you engage in. It is what is unavoidably occurring when no thinking is going on. It isn't something you do. It is something you Are. Now, you have heard those words before. They are not new. But, you are, if you are willing, at the threshold of experiencing the meaning of those words by virtue of vacating the imaginary position of being a thinker. I will say again, the time for thinkers has come and gone!  (B-GRAD/R-399) through (B-GRAD/R-401)

Raj Excerpt -- Book: You Are The Answer

Again, do not let your experience of being as Conscious Being become divided into many beings, externalized, "out there," separate and apart from You. That is the illusion. The fact is that everything you see is going on as You, and you must understand that the You that you experience as "being alive," "being conscious," is the I that is Mind, God. The realization of this fact is what is called the Christ, the True Perception of Your Being. It is this True Perception of your Being which is dawning in your thoughts more forcibly than ever before.  (B-YATA/R-541)

Mrs. Eddy said, "All consciousness is Mind; and Mind is God--an infinite and not a finite consciousness."  Now, if there is no other might nor Mind but God, then there is no other consciousness of things to be experienced than that one conscious experience of Being, which is God's. (B-YATA/R-1509)

To be Alone with one's Being is to be totally Present, Universally Present, without one iota projected "out there." It is to have no other Mind but God. Notice that Its intent is not directed at you. Notice that It does not try to coerce you. Notice that you are not aware of a separate selfhood upon which It can act. (B-YATA/R-2061)

You are at a point where you need to see that there is only One Cause, only One Action, only One Life, Mind, Being, Consciousness. This does not mean that everything you seem to experience is included in that One Mind, Being, Consciousness, but it means that the step that needs to be taken here is to not deal with specific little "causes." It means that it is time to have no other gods but God. (B-YATA/R-2126)

Supply is an Omnipresencing of That Which Is: God, the Life Principle, Divine Mind, Fourth-dimensional Being as Conscious Being. You must remember that Substance is Activity, not a static lump of stuff. We have already spoken in regard to the fact that It has intent or purpose. (B-YATA/R-2270)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2002-08-07

RAJ: I want you to keep this in mind, that a miracle is a shift in consciousness in your consciousness that occurs as a result of being defenseless against, having no defenses against the Experience of God's Point Of View. This can happen on purpose as a result of becoming still, as a result of meditating, as a result of consciously setting aside your best ideas, your best opinions, and so on, and consciously listening for clarity. Or it can happen spontaneously in what would be called an unguarded moment, which again is one of those moments when there is no defense present, and then you have a sudden inspiration, a sudden insight, a sudden shift of perception. And it is that shift of perception that changes the way you see things that is the miracle. (C-020807/R-27)


Not only does each one of you have a Guide, one who is totally Awake, standing at your service, you also have me standing with you at your service. And then in addition to your Guide, there are those Awakened Individualities who work in conjunction with your Guide on your behalf—I’m going to say—relative to your physical well-being. They do not manipulate the body, but they stand helping to uncover whatever beliefs are blocking the normal function of your body and facilitating their release. And so what I encourage you to do every night when you go to bed is to just say: “Will my healing team please address this digestive problem. I would like a healing session and I would like it to be maximal.” Not that the support that is given is less than maximal, but by saying, “and let it be maximal,” it is a matter of your giving permission consciously for the healing to be maximal.

Now in addition to this, when you eat and before you put a bite of anything into your mouth, I want you to bless it. I want you to thank God for this bite to eat. I want you to thank it for whatever its Real Meaning is. And I want you to remember that I am telling you that: Because God is indivisible, God cannot be conflicted. And therefore, the Kingdom of Heaven which is the only thing you are experiencing at this moment, even if you believe otherwise, because this is the Kingdom of Heaven, there is nothing in it that can have a conflicted effect. And therefore, this food that you are going to be putting in your mouth and swallowing has not the capacity, truly, divinely to conflict in any way with your body.

So I want you to express gratitude for the bite of food that’s on the fork. I want you to thank God for it. And I want you to remember consciously that it has not the capacity to act at odds with you in any way, because if it exists at all and if your body exists at all, it exists as the unconflicted presence or manifestation of an undivided God.

Psychologically you could say that this will reduce fear, which will make it more easily digestible, but this is not psychology that I’m talking about. The more you can dare to look at your world—even as specifically as the bite of food on your fork—with the curiosity to experience what of God is expressed here, that is the way you can get past medical definitions of it, scientific definitions of it, and false beliefs that you have acquired about what it must be, and in that way begin to experience the harmony that all of this is expressing. You see?

Now I don’t care how many years this has been going on. As I’ve used the example before: If you have a bomb shelter that had a light bulb in it, but it had been closed up for 20 years, and you finally went down for some reason and opened the door and turn on the light, it would take but a fraction of a second for the darkness to disappear. Twenty years of darkness has not built up a strength of presence that would hold back the light when the light went on. And six years of the presence of some condition does not acquire substance and therefore some permanence of presence that will be difficult to dissolve in the presence of clarity of mind and conscious expressions of appreciation which are forms of love.

So it doesn’t have to take a year to get over this. It doesn’t have to take three weeks. What I am saying is: Do not say, “Well, this has been going on for so long that it really is going to take a while to go away.” When the light of truth goes on, that which had no substance—true substance—must end up not being anywhere to be found. You see?

Your body is your friend. Your body has a function, and that is to identify the presence of your Individuality perfectly, and your Individuality is the Presence of God. So at the bottom line, the function of your body is to identify the Presence and Movement and Meaning that God is, right there, perfectly.

So don’t hate your body, and don’t try to rise above it, and don’t try to get beyond it. You see?  It must be brought right into the middle of the Presence of God. It must be equated with God, not left on the outside. And then the same thing with anything you put in your mouth. And I do mean anything, including poison. That is an extreme, but I do not suggest that you try [it], because the clarity needed for that—because of the beliefs about it—is great. But my point is that there is no substance that you can find anywhere that can act in conflict with your body, because either it’s all God perceived clearly or through a glass darkly, or it’s God seen clearly or seen through a glass darkly. There is no other choice, you see!

You see, your body has no capacity to act independently because its whole function is to identify the presence of your Individuality perfectly. It’s incapable of doing anything else. But all of you can by means of fear and worry, I’m going to say, you can seem to bias the function. You can’t truly, totally override it, but you can bias your experience of it so that you experience distress. And what we’re talking about is getting rid of this tendency to bias, so that the divine intent can reemerge because you’re not interfering with it anymore. So it’s important for you to understand that your body is your ally because it has only one purpose—to identify You perfectly.

If you will get out of the way and let it do that, you will find it returning to its normal function. In other cases, you will find healing occurring—shortened limbs becoming extended, blemishes disappearing, enlarged breast for small busted women—(someone giggles)—did I get you?—so that symmetry and balance and the beauty that’s inherent in the Movement of Love that God Is, is embodied.

So there’s great benefit in having a new sense of what the body is and what its function is, and who this You is that it is identifying perfectly, because it’s not just a puny little human being that it’s identifying perfectly; it’s the Presence of what God Is, being right there, that it is identifying perfectly.

So you are embracing a new concept of body and a clearer idea of what you Are. And when your thought is in alignment with Truth, with what is Really going on, as I said before, it will seem to you that the Universe conspires to conform to that evidence, or that manifestation. It isn’t that you have exercised power, but by getting your beliefs out of the way, there is nothing distorting your experience of what’s Really going on.        --Excerpt from a Gathering with Raj/Jesus in Inverness, Scotland—October 1996


Be very, very clear to make a distinction between your body and the disease. Your body is not an illusion; the disease is. Body as capable of being diseased, which is the way most everybody interprets the body, is a false sense of body, but the body isn’t false. Your body has its direct Source in the Father.

The disease is an illusion and has no source at all, and therefore nothing to maintain it, nothing to substantiate it, nothing to keep it going, except your fear. But you see, as you are able to make a distinction between your body and the disease, and recognize that the disease is illusion and your body is not, your reason for fear diminishes.

Your body has a reason for existing and that is to identify the Presence of your Individuality perfectly. Your Individuality is the direct expression of the Father. This means, and I am spelling this out so you will be very clear on it, this means that at the bottom line your body’s intent to identify your Individuality perfectly is the Intent to identify the Father.

How can disease find a resting place, or a nook, or a cranny, in the Presence of the Father to be? It cannot. The Presence of the Father would have to constitute the absence of the disease. And that is what you must remember. Identify your body with the Father and it will become obviously clear that illusion cannot even claim to be present in the middle of Reality, in the middle of the Father. On this basis you can expect the illusion to fade and disappear. You can see that we are once again utilizing the Immaculate Conception as the basis for dismissing and releasing disease from one’s experience.

That which is an assumption to place and presence, which disease is, is nothing more than an assumption. An assumption has no substance or validity to it, and it cannot successfully remain in the Presence of that which is Real. It cannot remain in the Presence of the Father’s Self-Expression. If it could, it means it could get a foothold in God, which is absurd. I want you to begin to see that where the disease seems to claim to have gotten a foothold in you, and it is therefore an attack on your personal integrity which maybe you will or will not be able to defend well, rather than that, it is a claim of having attached itself to the Presence of God. It is a claim against the Father.

Now, it is absurd to think of anything making a claim against Omnipotence. When you stop taking it personally and see that it is the, shall I say, ego’s attack on God, you will see just how absurd it is and you will be able to recognize that the Presence of God being Omnipotent must in actuality constitute the absence of or apparently the complete annihilation of the disease. Even better, the complete eradication of any suggestion of disease.

To be aware of what I have shared in addition to what you are already doing is all you need to do. And do not imagine that it is going to take something of real power to get rid of this, because in saying that you are saying the disease is really powerfully, just as others have said their egos are really strong. And they are just words you are giving to an illusion that seem to make it more real, when it is from first to last, a big fat zero.    -- Excerpt from a Gathering with Raj/Jesus in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, October 1988


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