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Raj Excerpt -- Book: Graduation (1991)

I will tell you something: The birth never happened! And the attending circumstances never happened! And thus, the belief that you are not able to look life squarely in the face is false, and supposed guilt is false. You will find when you finally come around totally, and find yourself present Here with me [Jesus], that this birth process and the attending circumstances were part of the misperception.

Birth and death have never happened to anyone. It is time to release this sense of birth and the seeming proof of the physical formation of a physical body. The hurts or disappointments, the inevitable misunderstandings attending the so-called event of birth are nonexistent and therefore absolutely incapable of governing your ongoing experience of Conscious Being--and apparently holding that experience to a physical interpretation, even a physical experience of body--because body is not physical, and never has been.

That is exactly why it is necessary, now, to release this physical sense of birth and blame. It must be forgiven. Judgment must be withdrawn, from it, and from you, and from everyone involved, because it simply didn't happen that way. Birth didn't happen at all. The initiation of a new physical life simply is not what occurred.

It is time to release the beliefs and the seeming physical manifestations of the stress of that so-called birth.,,, It is very important for you to know that self-judgment, self-criticism, self-doubt, at this point, are inappropriate.

How could you possibly bring your definition of body with you into your realization of Who You Are and Where You Are? You cannot. And so, you will have to watch your definitions disappear, literally! Your definitions of your body have in great part been evolved from this experience of "trauma" at the time of this so-called birth which you never, ever went through. So, I encourage you to be still curious and still willing and still allowing of the inevitable dissolving of illusion, of definitions.  (B-GRAD/R-527) through (B-GRAD/R-531)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2004-05-09

You are Mind right now in which everything is occurring as a Conscious Experience. And everything that you are experiencing are Ideas which this Singular Mind has formed. Because none of it is matter, none of it is subject to the laws of matter, the laws of physics. This means that any experience of pain, disease, death, any experience of inharmony, dissonance, stress, isn't a fact, but is a misperception of something that is Indivisibly Single, Singular, and therefore the Expression of Perfect Integrity. And because laws of physics, or matter, do not govern it, you can have instantaneous shifts of perception that constitute the experience of new evidence, if you will--[of] healing. And remember that the subject of this portion of the Course that we're reading is about healing. (C-040509/R-37)


Raj Excerpt -- Book: Graduation (1991)

In the absence of the definitions, in the absence of any means to identify yourself, Reality, the Kingdom of Heaven, and your Self as the Christ, the direct expression of God, experiencing everything from God's point of view, will begin to be available to you. If you will just pay attention, and not try to hold it all in the grasp of concepts, or the grasp of a thinker, and know that whether or not you, as a sense of identity, are doing well or not, whether you are being able to hold onto your definitions or not, this movement of Awakening is proceeding, and the undoing will be complete. I encourage you to be curious without preconceptions as this image overlaying Reality fades, and Reality is revealed, clear and perfect.  (B-GRAD/R-451)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2004-02-22

In this Peace, there is not the clutter of thoughts and concepts and mutually-agreed-upon definitions. And as I said, it seems to you in that experience that your focus has been narrowed down from the multiplicity of things that you've given your attention to, to silence or nothing. And it seems to you to be like an infinitesimal spotlight that is excluding everything. And yet, where you are when you're attention is given there is at the threshold of experiencing your Wholeness because Peace is Infinite. The Fundamental Ground of your Being, which is Peace, is Infinite. Nothing else is present but it. And when you access it and you allow yourself to abide in it, what are you doing? You are embodying it.

There is no private experience of Peace. It's an all-inclusive, Infinite Presence of Pure Integrity, Pure Being. And when you choose to give your attention to it and make commitment to being with it, you are being Peace. More properly, you are allowing the Peace of your Being to be all there is to you. You are letting what God set in place be all there is to you. And because you're always teaching whether you are awake or dreaming dreams, because you are always teaching, you are now teaching Peace.  (C-040222/R-14) through (C-040222/R-15)

Raj Excerpt -- Course Study with Raj/Jesus -- 2004-09-05

Now, what causes you to see the Kingdom of Heaven as a material world and the human condition are the mutual agreements that you have all made with each other and the definitions that were given by the voice for fear. You need to challenge these. And you especially need to challenge them when you are dealing with mutually-agreed-upon definitions that have become institutionalized--health care and all of the concepts associated with health care--that are absolutely based upon the belief that you exist in a human condition in a material world; [these definitions] absolutely blind you to your opportunity to experience health.

Oh, I know. Wonderful things are being done. And I'm not challenging the wonderful things that are being done that make those of you who are experiencing limitations… that are providing those of you who are experiencing limitations a better experience. But God isn't in the picture anywhere. It's not part of the theory. It's not part of the definition of you. And therefore, your association with institutionalized healthcare concepts, definitions and mutual agreements do not lead to correction, do not lead to healing, do not lead to the eradication of what? The liability to be ill. And you must be awake enough to not just treat the medical profession as though it's "God," even though it speaks with the "authority of God."

There are, of course, other institutionalized areas of mutual agreements. And what I want to point out to you today is that if you're going to break the old habits, you're going to have to start disagreeing with the institutionalized concepts and agreed-upon definitions.    (C-040905/R-15) through (C-040905/R-17)



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